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  1. u got a reputation of 4 bro

    u not making it out of the hood, slums, nothin 

    1. certi


      was gonna give u an upvote but if u hatin, keep it that way.. I PUT THE NEW FORGIS ON THE JEEP

  2. Leon gazes up into the sky, shouting from the top of his lungs "OORAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"
  3. Leon salutes his comrades, a proud smile on his face showing that he is passionate to serve for the North Commando.
  4. certi


    In the Hanseti-Ruska Kingdom's forests, a forester's home is where Eardwulf Edwardsone and his brother were born. He shared a home there with his parents, helping them cut wood and go on wild game hunts. These natural items' profits helped them get through their early years. The father of the children left the home to increase their family's income in the city, but one day he disappeared without a trace, and no one ever heard from him again. One day the mother began to cough and collapsed. It was discovered that she had a terrible illness. The siblings had to sell some of their resources to pay for medicine in the nearby town. They encountered a fictitious doctor who gave them medication. They were initially apprehensive, but necessity forced them to buy. They went back home and gave their mother the medication, but she did not get better, and a few weeks later, she passed away. The two left the jungle with their remaining possessions in hopes of a better future because they were now by themselves and had nothing to keep them there.
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