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  1. Leitseig von Arichsdorf looks up from his desk after reviewing the freshest paper that was passed upon it. "Strange" he mutters as he struggles to recall seeing any of the faces that were elected... With a shrug he returns to his writings, "I'm sure this magical man Ser Luc Halcourt must be well known" he spoke to his scribe.
  2. "May the host of Manfred bring justice to this unrighteous King!" spoke Leitsieg, as he raised his blade to call of Acre!
  3. What a handsome fellow 

  4. Its very telling that when the defender calls CRP in such situations its often then followed by snarky comment such as; "I took tomorrow off I can waste six hours" "I don't have school/work tomorrow" In situations like that how is it not obvious that one side is calling CRP for no reason other then to "get back" at the other side for putting them in a disadvantaged situation. No one is ever calling CRP in a 40v40 in good faith but merely to push staff to intervene in some way.
  5. ━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━ NPC’s (and more) UPDATE JULY 2022 ━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━ Hello hello! Third time's the charm! One thing of high importance to the Technical Team is listening to the players feedback and requests. After the Horse Update was deployed NPC’s were requested to be fixed – then after the High Skies update – NPC’s were still requested by the players to be fixed once more. After roughly a year and a half in maintenance and stagnancy in the road map we can finally present to you the new and improved NPC plugin implemented now on main. It works exactly as it had before for any of you who remember! Hookah recipes! If you hadn’t noticed there were forms sent around to players allowing them to submit custom recipes and names for Hookah contraband they’d like to see on main. Well all those have been added and implemented! Hurrah. Lastly, for all your bottle-making and item-stacking needs. Features have been added to allow players to do this themselves without the need of a modreq. All players now have access to /stack and can also customize the color code of bottles using /color (you can make it a custom RGB color value as well!) Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for those broken RP items in your storage or all those armor sets at red durability sitting collecting dust in armories as they will see the light once more very soon! We’re in the process of fixing the repairing plugin and it will be easier than it once was! Stay tuned! After all this waiting, what are you doing? Still reading? Go test them out! CHANGELOG: [~] NPC Plugin fixed and reimplemented onto main. [+] Players now have access to /stack and /color, without the need of modreqing. [+] Hookah Plugin: 15+ community submitted custom recipes implemented. [!] Want your own recipe? Fill out this form. COMING SOON: [~] Item and Armor Repair [~] Heads request fix [~] Showitem fix [~] Fast travel creation automation Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Cheers, Tech Team
  6. In no way am I saying that this was targeted towards Twi by the administration just making a simple remark on the surrounding circumstances. But feel free to hold your own conspiracy theories.
  7. when warzone

  8. @itdontmatta @Lionhz @DrunkPapaBear @GMRO @Elite Snipes Hi To bring some quick clarification on the technical side of why we want to host a temporary warzone. If we review the past several war claims, we can see two results more or less from them, in smaller fighters I.e Malinor vs Krugmar, Krugmar vs Elysium we have seen the server performance is quite steady and is able to handle the number of players present. Yet if we look at several other war claims such as the Oren vs Hasene and Urguan series of conflicts. In all cases, we saw that the server performance is not satisfactory resulting in the battle being nothing more than running circles around a center point and fighting for a drawn-out period without serious damage dealt. During these fights, we have also seen that once the number of players reaches a critical turning point the server lag clears up and lets the battle function to a reasonable standard. While these war claims are "runnable" they are very far from the experience we wish to provide, because of this we have looked at and weighted different solutions from technical approaches to rules, such as caps on rally size. Why does this matter? The technical approach and solution we have settled on using is a fork of the spigot software called multi-paper which allows multiple Minecraft servers to process and handle the same world at once. The hope for this is that this will allow us to split the load of the war claim across smaller server shards, which helps us bypass performance bottlenecks within Minecraft. But due to the software architecture of this software, it requires a rear rewrite of all plugins that would be needed for the server. This is one of the blocking reasons why deploying on either beta or main is not feasible. In short due to the number of plugins that have either undergone full rewrites or modifications to them be compatible we would like the chance to test the system in full in our ideal production setup. While many if not all of the subsystems have been tested independently we still want the chance to identify any major issues that may arise.
  9. DRINKS & DISHES Plugin Preview and Cooking Announcement ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ Brewing? Cooking? Community Feedback? We’ve got it all. With brewing nearing completion and more ideas in the works we’re happy to present to you a progress and concept post yet again. We hope to make these types of posts more common so the Tech Team and the community can be on the same page about changes! Buckle up! This is a good one. ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ BREWING PREVIEW! What’s Cooking? [Plugin Concept] If you watched the video there was a quick teaser which reveals what our vision with the brewing plugin would ultimately be. We wish to continue the theme of creating these QOL plugins which merely enhance the players experience on LOTC. Here’s some idea’s we’ve had for it so far. Comparable to the brewing plugin. GOAL While still keeping the idea of freeform creation and roleplay centric focus, our current plans with a cooking plugin would be more static then the very freeflow brewery plugin. The general idea is that you would be able to select from a list of preselected recipes that cover all default minecraft food items. Cooking The process of cooking it would involve a basic task of ordering the ingredients into the stove correctly, as well as timing the dish to ensure you don't overcook it Quality / Benefits Some of the benefits for using the cooking plugin compared to normal /edit usage of RP items are threefold, first it allows players to save edit tokens, provides a more interesting experience, as well as we plan to have food created via the plugin to have enhanced saturation. For example food made via the plugin might provide saturation for 10-30 minutes compared to standard minecraft food, allowing for a bigger focus on roleplay, rather than carrying stacks of bread. This additional effects will be removed during PvP, as the goal of these plugins are to simply support and flesh out the roleplay experience rather then adding more gimmicks to conflict. Showcase [Subject to change] [Concept of how the cooking plugin may function with the player selecting ingredients in the correct order] [Changing food texture as it cooks] Food For Thought Similarly to the previous post about the Brewing Plugin, if there were a cooking plugin on LOTC how would you like to see it play out? What quirks / mechanics would you like to see it have? What processes would you put behind it? What changes would you make to the aforementioned concept? We found community feedback to help tremendously with finishing the Brewing plugins concept and get it into work. We ask for your help once again. FAQ - Brewing Plugin & More Some commonly asked questions about the Brewing Plugin & other questions. How will potion effects work with Brewing? What benefits will aging a drink have? Potion effects will only be applied to a drink after the aging process. Each custom type of drink has a specific type of potion effect applied to it, while Vodka will give you Nausea, Blindness, and Weakness – Rum will give you Nausea, Blindness – and Weakness. The benefit of aging your drinks will be purely mechanical and kind of to brag so that waiting out a large period of time is not a necessity to your RP. If you age your drink longer it will get a better star value which really just makes the item look cooler, possibly worth more. Aging your drink will also increase the amount of time you have a potion effect for, the lowest tier star will give some potion effects for 8 seconds – while the highest level will give the same effect for 30 seconds. Can we make our own custom recipes and drinks? Unfortunately this will not be possible to have custom recipes. You will be able to modify the name and description of one of the base drinks (Beer, Mead, Rum, Vodka, etc.) to change it to your liking. Tentatively we are thinking about opening it up to significant cultures and reaching out to RP group leaders so similarly to the Hookah Plugin they can submit their own ‘staple drinks’. We do not want to over complicate the plugin with repetitiveness and wish to keep it very simple. Won’t this Brewing Plugin kill Roleplay? People will use massive spaces for distilleries! In short; no. The entire focus of this plugin has been to focus and adding a mechanical aid to roleplay which furthers the players immersion. Obviously some can take this extremely seriously and grind out making the highest tier drinks – but that’s not a necessity for all players, and if you wish to take the grind route by all means go ahead. Regarding distilleries, we do not plan for the creation part of drinks to take long, and equally the aging part is optional. Bottom line for both of those parts in the process they are single block instances so they take up minimal space – you could do the whole process in your kitchen! Will / can the Tech Team begin focusing on more RP oriented plugins which bring more mechanical support to RP? We hope so! It was said in the previous post that more and more broken plugins and outstanding plugins are fixed by the week – not to stroke our own ego – but Tech Team has been on quite the grind recently. This has always been the goal and the difficult part was getting all those broken-buggy plugins out of the way, but here we are now! Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Cheers, Tech Team
  10. Yeah I can answer this easily, 1) We're going to have a base of roughly 12~ potion types which each give different effects of nausea, slowness, etc. This is also answered in the second part, 2)Aging a drink at the moment will increase the star level and also (double?) increase the amount of time a drink has it's potion effects. Not much change other than flair to flex that you aged your drink longer than the competitors. @Hephaestus
  11. Just to add without drawing attention away from the point of the post, NPC's and the Head's plugin are fixed and just awaiting approval and to be put in with the next push. Likewise, Limited Creative and Purchase Fly are also in the works and hopefully should be done soon!
  12. BREWING PLUGIN Concept Feedback & Your View ━━━━━━┛✠┗━━━━━━ New plugins and ideas are constantly proposed and tossed around by the player base and if proposed and thought out thoroughly sometimes will come to fruition. This post serves to share a popular plugin proposal going around recently and open up a medium for player feedback and constructive criticism. It has always been a priority of the Tech Team to create these plugins that enhance the user experience while staying true to the LOTC mission statement and goal… Roleplay. ━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━ More than a bottle. [Plugin Concept] Since LOTC’s creation, taverns, brewing and drink serving have always been a popular choice of roleplay among players. It is undoubtedly one of the largest niche’s on LOTC which typically goes overlooked on a daily basis. After a large proposal was made by some players, we concluded it needed a major upgrade – so working alongside some of these people and staff we bring you this concept: Recipe to success. [Plugin Mechanics] Preparing The player will have to put specific items into a cauldron (following a server-provided recipe), this mix will have to sit there and cook for a set time depending on the type of beverage. Once the cauldron is done cooking, the player may transfer the basic brew to an aging cask using a bucket so the aging process may start. Aging During the aging process the player will be able to customize their beverage to the fullest (similar to the current /edit) method. They will be provided a GUI similar to this: The Book: Players can assign the cask a description and name, the result of this will be a permanent tag on the cask (unless changed) which eventually further down the process will output exactly into your Keg / Bottle. Renaming an item through this method will not ask for a rename token to be consumed. The Barrel: Information about the barrel (Cask name preview, Cask description preview, time aged, beverage type, potion effects) The Dye: Color of drink once a bottle is used on it. Quality The quality of the batch is determined by how well the player followed the recipe in regards to time aged and ingredients. It will also determine the duration of added effects such as blindness, slowness or nausea. The quality of a batch is one of the following: [★☆☆] [★★☆] [★★★] Serving The aged beverage can be taken out of the aging barrel using a serving keg. A keg will take all of the contents out of the cask and at which point all previous data which could’ve been altered (name, desc, color, etc.) can NO LONGER be changed. Instead, that information is imprinted onto the Keg permanently. Upon being placed down, the keg allows any player to right click the tap (tripwire hook) with a glass bottle to take out a single serving (1 bottle [1/64]). This bottle will have the exact data the player imprinted on the cask previously: changed name, description, color, and all. GOAL Overall the goal of this plugin will be to enhance Roleplay from the players perspective by making an interactive and immersive tavern environment. Being able to sit on the other side of a bar while the tavernkeep hand pours your drink is the vision of this future QOL plugin. It has been recognized that the folly of past plugins is that they create these mandatory systems that players must abide by – yet we’re deciding to take a different approach. Making drinks the current way will still be entirely possible with /edit and the cost of an edit token. Albeit you will miss out on the brewing mechanics, potion effects, the possibility to store it in a Keg, and hand pour the item. So for those who want a quick drink, /edit will be your friend. For those who wish for some deep immersion and neat mechanics – we hope you’ll like this plugin. ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE What’s next? As an individual on LOTC what plugins could help enhance your roleplay experience and overall quality of life while playing the server. The replies below are your stage and we only ask that you thoroughly think through and develop an idea before suggesting it so it is possible that more plugins like the Brewing Plugin above may come to light. If you have a plugin idea / concept, fully think out the complexities and functionalities of it – even if you’re questioning its possibility. We should all collectively aim to work together to make LOTC a better roleplaying environment and we hope this platform can help inspire some people with some creativity to do so. Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Happy drinking, Tech Team
  13. I think the current map is too big
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