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  1. URGUAN-OREN WAR JAN. 2ND WARZONE INFO Coming January 2nd, Lord of the Craft will see its first warzone with a brand new War Plugin made by myself. Combined with a new set of War Rules fashioned by the Mod Team (and flemish), Urguan and Oren will settle their ongoing conflict in a series of two fights. HOW WILL THE WARZONE WORK? The Warzone will be on January 2nd as previously stated and will be quite familiar to those who have played on /beta recently. There will be three Capture Points stringed through the main Tile_93 road in which Urguan will be attempting to take. Each of the Capture Points will require a set amount of people on top and around them in order to capture for your side, each captured point will grant a few points every few seconds to the holding team. Kills are equally important to garner, as killing an opponent will gain you 10 points for your team. Deaths will result in a loss of 5 points. The warclaim will last from 4PM to 7PM EST, in which there will be no cap on points. Rather, the party that comes out with the higher number of points within the timeframe will win. The margin of victory will be +/- 5%. AKA, if both teams have similar points, it will result in a draw. Contingency Plan In the event that the war server cannot handle a full warzone, we will immediately resort to plan B. If the war server crashes then each side will have their numbers reduced proportionate to their original rally size. If Oren initially has 180 people rallied and Urguan has 120 people rallied, both sides may have their rallies reduced by a certain percentage. For example, if we set a cap on the server to 200, we would proportionally limit each side’s roster. Therefore, in this example, we would reduce each rally by 33.33333%. Oren would be able to bring 120 people, and Urguan would be able to bring 80. PRIORITY ROSTER SYSTEM Nation leaders will be able to set the priority of each participant in the roster list. If there are people above the threshold in an arbitrarily set proportion, they will be excluded according to their priority on the roster. Example: 1. Terry_123 2. GandalfDahWhite 3. Orlanth 4. mkBudaq 5. etc. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Inventories will not be ported over. Instead, NLs will be able to transfer items in bulk before the start of the warclaim. @itdontmatta will copy chests of gear and armor over to the war server. Gear that is used will be expended from the main server. Surplus will be brought back to main. Inventories will not sync. Keep Inventory will be enabled, note that gear will still take durability damage. There will be a 5 minute cooldown window on respawns. Every five minutes all the players who have recently died will be put back into the fight. This is subject to change. Also, shoutout Kowaman for fixing the network ping.
  2. LOTC Server-Wide Warzone Test Hello minecrafters! This is my second post regarding the state of SURGE PVP on The Lord of the Craft and I'm incredibly happy with the place it’s gotten to. Over the course of a few months it’s gone from a complicated and confusing system to a more simple and rudimentary style of PVP while keeping it’s uniqueness. Thanks to all of your feedback and constructive complaining it’s gotten to the state it is now which I'm highly appreciative and proud of. With this though, I still believe there are improvements to be made and tests to be run, therefore we will be hosting the FIRST Server-Wide Warzone Test on December 11th at 3PM EST. The test will take place on the /war server which should be fully set up to accompany a smooth sailing event. We encourage anybody who is interested in PVP or learning the system to clear up their schedule for attendance. Expect a SURGE PVP change log post to be coming out in the near future. A few more changes to our beloved system before it’s perfect. CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES! BE THERE DECEMBER 11th @3PM EST!
  3. Andronikos Mareno scoffs softly as he reviews the letter sent out by the high pontiff before questioning out loud to his friend Obasi "Strange is it not? That once Orenian lands fall under threat the Imperial lapdogs of the church come quick to action. Shall we not look backwards in our own history within Savoy where-upon we took up arms against the foul evils of Rozania. Where our Cannonist brothers within princedom of southern sedan fought and died side-by-side with us against the evil Wiliam Buckfort. Yet where was the wise wisdom of the church to give us guidance in those dark days? Where-upon the man that was but dark-spawn once again walked the earth after being foul of Savoyard steel. Where was the church to decry his sins and actions? The answer is simple because in those days the church unbuckled its belt and sought to use it as a weapon to chastise us of merit and heart." @googoogawwa As the man finishes speaking to his dear friend Obasi, he turns around strolling across the room to an old friend "HIS GRACE, Lukas Castile, Duke of Sunholdt, Count of Castile, Destroyer of Rozanians, Procreator of Orenian Bastards, Seducer of the Imperial Cattle, Adopter of Orenian Orphans. Have you seen the news? It seems once again the church calls upon the heartstrings of mankind, but it calls not for noble matters but to remind the world that they are little more than lap dogs to the Imperial fist. For shall we not forget the day we marched upon the walled den of the city known as Rozania? Where was the church when we needed its help against evils of the unnatural kind? They did nothing but proclaim a false-hood as a true canonist man." @aiden0023@Dogged@GhostSHTR (A copy of the letter was included to the fellow lords of Sedan as well.) As he lays down the quill finishing his letter to Lukas he turns to a new page writing another short letter: "Dear Father Paul, It seems the church is but as you thought Imperial lapdogs, as I can never truly understand your failing out with our Lord Oliver Renault. Perhaps the faith shall shine true to us in the future, for it seems the current church is but sick of mind and sick of soul." @Narthok
  4. Full Name: Andronikos Mareno Age: 30 Residence Address: Full time soldier. ((OOC)) IGN: The60th
  5. Surge 1.3.0: Horses and Balancing Hello minecrafters, this is my first update post regarding SURGE PVP. I’ve been quite busy with touching up a bunch of things to add more flavor to mechanics combat and patching up anything that might make pvp unbearable. My general goal is to bring strategy back to pvp. So I’ve finally chosen to give bows and horses the attention they deserve. This will help with the general flow of pvp. Changes have also been made to boats to avoid infinite running during pvp. Horses : [+] Added the horse whistle that allows you to right click a horse and place the horse inside the item. You can then summon the horse from the whistle by right clicking again. [+] Added iron horse armor to increase horse survivability. [+] Made improvements to horse breeding so bred horses have a higher max than natural spawning horses. [~] Increased max horse speed, jump and health. Horse combat : [+] Added pikes to counter horses as a footman. They have a % chance to dismount the rider upon hitting the rider or the horse. Dismounting someone also deals massive damage to them and prevents them from getting back on a horse for a couple of seconds.. [+] Added lances to counter horses while on a horse yourself. They have a % chance to dismount the rider upon hitting the rider or the horse. Dismounting someone deals massive damage to them and prevents them from getting back on a horse for a couple of seconds. Archery : [+] Bows have a chance to cause bleeding, disable health regen for ten seconds. [~] Increased bow and crossbow damage across the board. [-] Bows no longer have a chance to deal extra durability damage to armor. Melee Weapons : [+] Added Spears, a melee weapon represented by a trident. This weapon has a chance of disabling health regeneration for a couple of seconds. [~] Increased the chance for all surge weaponry to apply their effects (ex. Warhammer stun). [~] Increased durability damage done by great axes against shields. Armor [~] Armor pieces now provide 5% resistance to a given Surge effect applied by a specific weapon, for a total of 20% which can be mixed and matched with armor sets. [!] Old armor pieces will still have the 5% resistance internally, but the item description will still show the old value. This is only a visual bug, not mechanical. [-] Pieces of armor no no longer have weaknesses. [-] Armor can no longer be worn in a boat.
  6. The60th

    A Long Flight

    "A man who disrespects the faith once again claims the crown." Remarked Andronikos The Butcher Of Rozania spoke to Vadik "Shall we once again ride to the north?"@googoogawwa
  7. @Mio Mechanical gun PvP lore addon when? @Werew0lf https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/crackshot
  8. Name: Gaelaine Faelachme Race: Snow Elf Age: 60? Gender: Male [[OOC]] Username: The60th Discord: The60th#5206 Timezone: EST
  9. How is it that we predicted , A the crash, B inventory wipes, C entity cramming but we failed to predict the 1.8 war server? @Orlanth
  10. Jon'as Castile would dance along with his brother Lukas as they read the missive, thinking only. "Respect upon thy' name"
  11. How did it feel to loose to sutica? Also how did it feel to get blueball'd cause you were afraid of Alexa the other night?
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