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  1. Carlos sits in the clinic staring at the space where his left leg had been, He frowns wondering how he was supposed to tend to the cattle now. "Well at least I managed to Protect The people I care about" Carlos looks to Renata smiling as she looks over his injuries "I'm ok Mi Amor, I promise"
  2. Carlos Salazar smiles upon reading the missive, before eagerly starting to Prepare wedding gifts for his brother Joaquin and his soon to be sister-in-law Gabriela. "I'm sure this will be a Joyous Occasion!" He then stands up to go check on the cattle to make sure none of them escaped as that seems to be happening a lot lately. "The cattle better not escape during the wedding; I don't want to miss anything"
  3. A BROKEN EMERALD [PK] ____________________________________________________________________________ Crera Mossborn [1828-1972] ____________________________________________________________________________ Crera Mossborn laid broken and bleeding at the bottom of a cliff. Time seemed to move in slow motion as she waited for death to come and wondered how long she had been there. …Hours? …. Minutes? she honestly had no clue. Crera weakly slid another letter into her messenger bird’s bag, she knew by the time they got to their destination she’d be dead but at least this way she could say goodbye to those she cared for. “I’m sorry…. Everyone…..” Tears streamed down her cheeks, was this really it? Was this really how she’d die? Alone, afraid, at the bottom of a cliff. Crera’s arm slumped to her side. “Huh?... I can't move my arm anymore…” Crera couldn't move anymore all she could do was cry, she had more letters she needed to write but just couldn't anymore. The world spun around her as she thought of her husband Lurdoic, her children Renny and Aedan, her nieces and nephews, her sister-in-law, she wanted these last moments to be thoughts of family. “I’m coming to see you Big Brother….” Crera smiled weakly at the thought of seeing Garedyn again, she closed her eyes listening to the sounds of rushing water and began to hum before it all stopped. Crera Mossborn was dead, a broken emerald.
  4. 12th of Carlos Strength, 97 D.R. A depiction of Mona de Hyspia. Come to Hyspia and celebrate the Quinceanera of Mona de Hyspia! The forbidden color is yellow, as only Mona will wear it and the theme is ‘All Things Musical’! Mona enjoys music, snacks, and pretty things for those wishing to bring a gift - alongside anything green and yellow. Musical Chairs The musical themed Quinceanera will open with a game of musical chairs! Freeze Dance Following the end of the game, a game of freeze dance will take place till the last is dancing! Pinata As is with tradition, a pinata will be strung up to be destroyed and candy to fall out! Allies of Hyspia and all of Mona's friends and family are invited! [Tuesday the 9th, 5pm EST, Hyspia palace] Signed, Mona de Princesa of Dúnfarthing, de Coin, de Orphanage Caretaker, de Honk, de Hyspia
  5. 5th of Javier’s Justice, 96 D.R. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage, inspired by the finding of the baby Hugo at the Hyspian church of Blessed Francisco. Left upon the church's doorstep, he was found and cared for - provided home and warmth. But it begs the question, what of those orphaned? Without families? In the Hugo’s initiative, the unused Rivera circle will be transformed into a home and orphanage to bring up the next generation of Hyspia, leaving none forgotten. This will begin with the fixing of the square in the new orphanage's alcove, in which a community garden will be planted. We encourage the donation of seeds and gardening supplies to help make this a reality. Before the orphanage opens officially, we extend our hopes and dreams to you - the people - to volunteer your time and efforts in providing for those less fortunate. Contact the orphanage caretaker, Mona de Hyspia, if there is interest. The Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage will be located within Hyspia, at the right after you enter the city. ____________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Mona de Princesa of Dúnfarthing, de Coin, de Orphanage Caretaker, de Honk, de Hyspia
  6. Nevio sat at his desk most of his books scattered across the floor of his room, he held tightly onto the note in his hand as he sobbed. Nevio continued to sit there at his desk for a few minutes before speaking. "Haelun.... I'll never forget you...." He then stood up moving to knock on the door to his roommate's room "H-hey Leo.... can we talk please?." he asks before just going to sit at the kitchen table. Nevio reads the letter again and again before folding it up as small as he can and placing it within the locket on his necklace. He leans back in his chair before dozing off tears still streaming down his cheeks.
  7. The beginning of a generation “Acciones, No Palabras” Issued by Lord Josef Denodado & Lady Elaina Denodado En 14th de Francisco's Resolve, en el año de Nuestro Señor, 86 D.R. With the recent marriage of Josef and Elaina Denodado, their union has proven fruitful. Such that three Blessings have made their way into this world. The newly blessed couple, keeping this in mind, alongside the traditions of their families, have thus given their children these names: Lady Leticia Helin Lazuli Denodado @SethWasTaken A baby girl with brunette hair, green eyes, and tan skin like her father and younger identical twin. Lady Luciana Milaya Citrine Denodado @CelestialBoba A baby girl with brunette hair, green eyes, and tan skin like her father and older identical twin. Lord Luis Ivan Alabaster Denodado @Kushina__ A baby boy with brunette hair like his father as well as pale green eyes and pale skin like his mother. Though born early, the triplets are very healthy. We ask the Hyspian people and Familia Denodado to extend a warm welcome to the young lord and ladies, Leticia Helin Lazuli Denodado, Luciana Milaya Citrine Denodado, and Luis Ivan Alabaster Denodado. Signed, Josef Karl Denodado Josef Karl Denodado Lord of Banderas Elaina Denodado Elaina Denodado Lady of Banderas, Maestra de Musica
  8. SCRAP 1902 - 1945 (43 years) Abandoned at the age of 4, thought to be too weak for an Ork she was left on the side of a road, by a stroke of luck or by GOD’s will she was found shortly after by her Human parents. They raised her until they passed away from old age during their continental voyage to Aevos. When she finally reached land, it took some time to get accustomed to her new surroundings, during this time she put into use her survival lessons passed down by her father. As time went by suddenly an unexpected growth spurt occurred during her early 20’s, a strange but a welcomed omen. She then wandered around the lands until she arrived at the Kingdom of Haense. Shortly after her arrival to the kingdom she met the reinmaren people of House Barclay. It was there where she found camaraderie with the Landers - the House Guards of the ruling family of Reinmar. She spent the next 18 years with the guard force. Defending the lands of Barclay and keeping the peace, none could match her strength except for the few exceptional humans within the warrior class. Her most notable act of valor was being a part of the rescue guard force that helped defeat cultists who had kidnapped a royal of the Haeseni Kingdom. She found herself on her downtime honing her craft in the exquisite arts of baking pie, the warrior class of Reinmar and the civilian populace would occasionally smell the delicious scent of pie coming from the main kitchen within the guard house near the square. Throughout the years she grew fond of birds during her patrols,and marches. They reminded her of her caring parents after all these years. One could find her home to be a hot spot for viewing peaceful birds eating and drinking on a makeshift bird feeder. During her time in Haense she met an orc named Grog. He was determined to take her to the Horde - the main conglomerate of Orcs - seeing as Scrap had never been there. From there she met her first child Cob'Lur, a goblin child. A mischievous young goblin, always causing chaos and getting into trouble with her mother, but she was loved and cared for nonetheless. On occasion she would visit the Horde thereafter, she found herself wanting to understand more of her people, her culture, what she could have been raised in if she was taken in since birth. She found love during that time, an 8 foot Ork named Varn’Gorkil, reddish in color, it was love at first sight. After a year of courting, becoming life mates, she gave birth to the three beautiful ork children in the Kingdom of Haense. First came their oldest, Mudd, then a few years after came the twins Bink and Bonk. They were all raised by the love of Varn & Scrap, until one day Scrap gathered their children one night telling them the news that their mother will be leaving for a year. It would be the last time the Scrap family would commune together, the memory of that night will forevermore be burned into the children’s mind once the dreadful news reached them. On a quiet and peaceful night, Scrap bid her farewell to her friends and family as she announced the day before that she was heading off to explore and travel the lands of Aevos for a year. After almost an hour of goodbyes and “be safe”, she finally set off into the night following the paved road. After traveling a good distance away from the Kingdom she decided to find a spot to set up camp. In the span of a second, Scrap halted, she became tense, the air began to smell a most putrid stench of death. Her heart began to race as she slowly grabbed the pommel of her slayer steel sword as she eyed the path before her, the familiar sound of an armored retinue began to get louder, but the other sounds that came with it. . .sounded unnatural. .. it sounded undead. “THERE! CAPTURE THAT ORK NOW!” A familiar dark voice boomed, she squinted as she unsheathed her sword, what was before her was an armed retinue of undead. Scrap cursed under her breath before she prepared for battle, but she understood that this possibly might be her final stand. She gritted her teeth, cursing her luck as she dug her feet into the ground preparing for the incoming assault. Two undead warriors quickly bursted into a sprint running to her left and right while the dark undead knight approached from the front. From her point of view she witnessed the rest of the undead securing the flank, there was no hope of escaping, it was too late to run at that point they’d be able to easily catch up. She stepped forth shifting her weight as he began to swing towards one of the undead. “MI WILL RIP OUT LAT’Z THROATZ WITH MI TUZKZ” Her slayer steel sword would cleave and crack one of the undead’s shields, staggering him on his arse before another wild swing went for the undead to her right. “HURRY YOU FOOLS. WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE. BREAK THE ORK’S LEGS!” The short battle happened in a matter of minutes. Scrap managed to critically injure one of the undead but she soon was quickly overwhelmed by the combined attacks. Eventually the towering Ork Landser fell to her knees before being quickly chained.The dark armored undead approached her and reached out to grab her head with its decrepit skeletal hand, in a last ditch effort, Scrap would bite the hand of the darkstalker breaking off two fingers. The undead simply looked upon his now three fingers, before knocking her out with the pommel of its morning-star in prompt retaliation. For what seemed like moments for Scrap, a journey was made across Aevos to the presumably undead’s lair. The pungent smell of rotten flesh, the sound of screams and groans echoing the cave, the sinister feeling the area gave off that this place is not where the living should be. Scrap awoke tied next to a frantic maid, her clothes ripped and tattered, the young maid’s face bruised and an overwhelming amount of fear was displayed upon her face. Scrap looked around, she was surrounded by skeletal robbed things, there were monsters around her she could not describe, a caged seemingly demonic being hanging above them, trapped. She awoke to dark chanting, a ritual, and it seemed that the two were in the middle of a blood pentagram. Scrap understood what was going to happen, what her fate was, she turned to the young maid attempting to comfort her as she whispered to stay close. The horrified maid could only nod before understanding that these most likely will be her last moments in this world. Then it began. Scorching needle-like pain coursing throughout their bodies as three skeletal figures seemingly began to suck the life out of the two. The three decrepit hands smoldered in black smog, continuously draining the two. Their cheeks began to sink into their face, their skin becoming paler by the minute, they felt a sense of dread and tiredness. Scrap looked around one last time as the terrified maid was clinging to her. “Wub da Zkah……” The ork faintly said before falling unconscious due to the pain as their very life essence was drained from them in a steady stream of black magik. After a while a giant green orb floated above the two. The dark undead knight eyed it before a voice finally boomed throughout the cave. “RISE MY GENERAL, TAKE IT. ASCENSION IS UPON YOU!” [End] [!] A blood stained chest could be found at the front gates of Reinmar. [OOC] @Ramon @Irishmanmichael @Digit_005 @BlauRps @milkyi @Petsch2k
  9. minarichankun


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) Scrap made her way over to the cushion struggling a bit because of her height "hmm... where should I start..." she brought her hand to her chin as she thought "I'm not very familiar with other orcs as I was kicked out of my clan as a child, the only thing I was able to keep from them was my name...." she pauses for a second before continuing "a human couple took me in upon finding me, they were always kind and patient with me despite me having trouble with learning, as well as trouble with aggression..." Scrap looks quite upset upon mentioning the aggression "they tried to help me on that front by teaching me to hunt early on but that never really helped much, so instead I started training in swordsmanship which helped quite a lot, and it gave me the ability to protect my human family" she smiles upon reaching those words, The old hag then looked curiously with a raised brow asking Scrap why she has come alone and not with her family "My human family's home was destroyed by the Mori, when we were making the journey to Savoy, my mother and father sadly passed away from their old age...." The orc answered, closing her eyes to pay respects to those that had raised her to what she is now before standing up "I feel that I must continue my journey, Savoy is not too far from here now" She spoke giving a gentle dip of her head to the hag before she walked out of the tent and onward to a brighter tomorrow.
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