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  1. Zurk was an Orc who was known for getting in trouble. He was banned from many places, he even got in trouble with Krugmar at one point and was forced to become a snaga for a short period of time. He discoverd the lovely place of Talons. Zurk got addopted into the Majin family and was liked a lot in Talons. He eventually got into a fight with his life mate Ezra, his good friend Cillo also had killed him self and so he decided his life a to take his life by stabing himself with a glass. shard
  2. Cillo Scath was not a remarkable individual by any meaning of the term. He was a simple wanderer who got in way over his head in the city of Talons. He believed he was in the right to the very end. He simply wanted a home, and thought he had found one. For this he died, banished from his home and alone, as he began. In his disgrace, he jumped from a high cliff, ending his miserable existence. Before he did, he sent a letter to an old friend, passing on his most valuable possessions to that friend. His half brother, Brawly the fist would continue the Scath legacy. Cillo’s body was buried by Bra
  3. Beneath the stars, in the wastes beyond the druid’s grove, an aging man stood. Ornately carved wooden crutches were propped beneath his arms, and the pastel purple shirt he wore caked with red sand from his tiresome journey. His mustache was still trimmed in the same fashion as ever, though seemed to be less full. Twisted, gray-barked trees stood silently around a motionless pond, and the signs of a makeshift structure sat up ahead. Gail Cordius, the retired sixth sovereign of Talon's Port limped through the tall grass, having reached the small, red marking on the map he had been summoned to.
  4. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The moon was emitting it's light upon the city of Providence, many were loudly cheering for the recent victory in the war, but one particular was simply at home - frail and sick. The once tall and strong Valent was nothing compared to now, the barely functioning body of his was laying in bed. With a cough that came from his lungs, the little life which was left in him died. The man simply felt asleep, his soul leaving for the Seven Skies. Many would question the disease, but few will know that there wasn't such. He simply secluded himse
  5. Xo'Tletl dove off of the ship Eos into the warm, murky waters of the swamp before popping back up to look back at his comrades and friends to make sure they were following with the previously prepared molotovs. The mission was clear: sneak around the enemy camp and climb the nearby trees to gain the highground and wait for the signal. They were going to save the captured Troll Boss from the undead swampies and their giant crabs. The Kharajyr and their molotovs were to be the distraction. The party was small and moved quickly in the night. The Kharajyr were naturally stealthy and th
  6. Braun's Farewell Within the halls of the Augustine, servants would be rushing around to give off scrolls tied green ribbons- all the way to the simple lower nobility of Oren to the Emperor himself. To the courtiers of the Augustine, I do not have long till I depart from illness which god has so cruelly given me. I only wish I could have done more in life, maybe my successor shall overpass my failure of a Seneschal to you all. Sometimes I think what if I had stayed in the streets, denied the de Joannes before they had rebelled. I quest
  7. Jackson Porter b. 323 ES | d. 372 ES The Rimeveld Jackson was undisputedly tired, for the last few years barely a day went by when he wasn’t battling the elements of the Rimeveld, whether it was the cold sweeping winds, that felt as if pure ice had settled beneath your skin, or the beasts that prowl the deep cold tundra, and yet here he was still enduring the seemingly tortured existence, that had been so gratefully bestowed upon him, his sharp blue eyes stared out into the snow white landscape the woods that surround him hiding the majority of anything in i
  8. "H-He.. We were together, but your haelun disowned him for it.. And then I ended it so she wouldn't kill him." "He killed himself, Veren." Everything came to a halting stop as those words left her cousin's lips, who might've even been her sister-in-law one day. Her feet refused to move, and she was unable to open her mouth as golden eyes gaped at the table ahead of her. The Asul'onn House that usually felt warm and inviting instantly grew cold and dark. Ringing assaulted Verendus' ears and a screen flew over her eyes; she was barely able to feel the arms that wrapped ar
  9. The last things you think about on your death bed are the things that you hold dearest to your heart. Those fond memories that sometimes you forget, but never seem to forget you. They haunted me as I was in and out of the fever that I knew would come to take my life, so these dear reader, are the final words I have ever written before my sickness took me down with it. My first memory was of my mother, the mother that I used to know before she became cold and unloving as she is now. She had a smile on her face, beautiful gray eyes that warmed your soul, and a heart bigger than anyon
  10. “I will love you, always and forever.” As one goes through their years, they grow attachments to the many people around them. People come and go, relationships do the same. The blonde hair and blue eyed, aged Brashton has done the same as every descendant before her- foster relationships, learn to love those relationships, and eventually watch some take their final breaths. Jorden had never claimed to live an easy life, it was something she always had to gain throughout the years. Fighting; through the war with the Inferi and the countl
  11. RETURNING TO THE WIND (If you meta any of this information I will take your kneecaps and then your liver.) An illustration Sohoro made of himself, long ago. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sohoro Mochizuki, or, as many knew him, Solomon Takezo, would say that he had been two different people in his life. Firstly, a monster, living by the blade, mastering the hunt, and truly alone. Secondly, a man. Struggling to be so, but learning to overcome his madness and be human, more than he was.
  12. Ashes to the Wind [!] Passed to the citizens of Yong Ping, and other select people across Almaris, was an invitation, the event in question seeming to be somewhat of a funeral. Details were written on rice paper, with a traditional Oyashiman ink painting depicted above it. (Weeping, Matsuda Saiko, 1812) At the request of his closest family, this invitation asks the presence of it’s recipients to attend the memorial procession of the late Solomon Takezo. In remembering his life and guiding his soul to his next life, the service will follow some Oyashim
  13. On the 12th of Harren's Folly Father Alfonso Altamirano was beheaded by the, to him, unknown and unfamiliar kidnappers of the Pontifix Maximus. As the weapon swung towards his neck he was praying, for forgiveness and mercy to be given to all the men in the room, and for justice to be delivered upon their arrival to Godani's realm. He also thought of how he could see his dear brother again in the Seven Skies, and found amusement in the irony of their similar deaths. He also thought about how his sons would be without a father and shed a tear for his favorite son, Leopold, but he als
  14. The sing-song voices of nature would seem to grow hush. To all those attuned to the Aspects, a tug would be felt deep within their very soul. Of loss, of pain, and sorrow.. yet clear within- peace and relief. A fellow Brother or Sister was now no more, and had passed into the Eternal Forest At first, there was darkness. Then, from the infinite, black expanse, a light of emerald shone. It pulled that disembodied spirit forward, into warmth and safety. The feet of the Elder Ame landed on solid ground, and she felt soft grass fill the space between her toes. Finally her e
  15. Sir Edvard Amador HKML Fmr. Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska THE DEATH OF THE TAXMAN The radiant sun would rise, marking a new day in the bustling city of Karosgrad. Edvard Amador got up and approached the window in his house overlooking the Haeseni city. “Hmmmm,” the man muttered as he looked to the sky as the sun peeked out from behind the palace. “Did I do a good job looking after the family, father?” he’d call out, “Did I meet your expectations? Are vy proud of me?” The man would continue, starting to shout out in frustration. “I tried my very hardest to
  16. [!] On the 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1806, Ademar Castelo died due to frail heart at the age of 71 [!] The sky was clear and the air was crisp; the sun had just made its way up over the horizon. In the forests of Providentia, birds were chirping, wind was whizzing and the water in the river was rippling. The body of a man clad in simple brown robes, floated along with the stream face down in the water. With a thud the lifeless man got caught by a rock and stopped in place. A letter would be on his person, tucked in the rustic fabric of his robes. The letter read as follows:
  17. Eoghan would take one last look out onto the ocean, a warm summer's sunset lit the water with a orange gold tint, some would say it was rather beautiful, a lovely day to pass on to the next realm. With a final whistle, an elegant falcon would come to his arm "Hello girl" he’d say with a tearfully happy tone "I’m not gonna be around to send anymore messages ok?" he’d say the bird nuzzling into his hand "One last round okay?" he’d say in an uplifting tone He would send off the falcon with one last round of messages he’d write for the afternoon, so that everyone was notified. After a
  18. Her Last Feather PK of Marcella Avern-Barclay Born in 1688, Marcella Baruch was the daughter of Richard Baruch and an unnamed woman from Curon. Her father was a known necromancer in his past and the woman was unknown but to a select few. However, under the custody of her father, he aimed to improve upon his ways and took up an alchemist stand within the city of Sutica. When Marcella was just shy of one her father was arrested and executed for his past crimes, abandoning her in the basement of Richard’s shop. Her adoptive brother Hiren had found her some time later an
  19. “You don’t always have to be strong, but you always have to keep fighting.” Solenne tightly clutched the letters in her hands as she wandered the quiet streets of Providence. That night, the only sounds being made were by her own dragging footsteps. Bittersweet, she thought. She found herself at the doorstep of Pompourelia Street 8, lifting a shaky hand to stuff the letters between the double doors. She wanted to go in. She wanted to see Anduin, listen to him talk all high and mighty while sharing a cup of coffee with him. She wished to share stories with Alicjo, someone who never
  20. There was nothing like reliving the old memories on their death bed, the soft gravely voices of poems and songs retold—the little strength to knead and bake bread. These few motions in life truly made her happy, from her secluded life in the manor to their small home within hanese. Nothing and she meant nothing made her happier than to share her little time left on the land with her husband. They have survived so much together, and each day another bond stronger. Though they wed on strange terms, Katharina’s heart will always hold steady in pride and honour to call the Poet hers’. She knew dee
  21. The Sturmholm Folio The works of Vorloin Baruch Vorloin Baruch, shortly after the Athera Expedition Vorloin Baruch, practicing a stage-play With the recent death of poet Vorloin Baruch, it has been requested by his will that his folio be published to the world at large. All that follows is the work of poet, who used the pen-name of Vorloin Sturmholm Editor’s note: For some reason, all of Mr Baruch’s writings refer to himself as ‘Vorion’, instead of ‘Vorloin’. Regardless of whatever caused this error, it has been corrected. ‘Almost all of these
  22. The Final Prince’s Calling The Duke and Family amidst the Augustine Gardens by Margaux Renée Helvets, 1797 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1800 Obituary On this day in the year of Our Lord, 1800, Henry Frederick Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, has passed into the Seven Skies at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife Blanche Thérèse, Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon, and their children, Margaux Renée Helvets (Age 10) and Thomas Andrew Helvets (Age 7). Born to the King of Kaedrin, Adrian I, and Queen-Consort Annabelle Castor in 1734, Henry Frederick was the last of the
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImutnoiBixY Death of the Silver Owl It was a beautiful evening in the city, the beautiful but frail woman named Sabrina Kovachev would walk around the new house bought by her husband, George Kovachev. She’d walk on the hardwood floor as she walked upon her beautiful daughter. The young director and playwright looked up to her mother with a smile, Sabrina then would kneel to her darling sunshine, telling her in her calm and motherly words, that after her evening prayers in the beautiful cathedral they would go shopping. The mother promised h
  24. A Young Araminta d’Emyth with her favorite pet [CIRCA 1799] The young child of only ten winters frolicked around the d’Emyth estate in Providence, excited as any child could be about their new surroundings. Whilst her siblings were with their Tudor, Araminta Elouise stayed outside playing and dancing around the luxurious gardens and scenery with her loyal companion that was her pet cat Molly. She tossed a ball towards her pet, watching with pure joy as the feline leaped up repeatedly, again and again. Squeak! The ball dropped towards the cool grass as the ca
  25. Talo Song eyes burst open suddenly at the sound of a knocking door. He sighed as he slowly crept towards the entrance of his small home. He opened it up to see some friends of his, Eoghan O'Cathain and Vivian Maelstrom. As Talo watched them, fear and agitation was present on their faces. As he scanned the streets, there seemed to be a climate of hysteria in town. Something was wrong. "Talo! Have you seen Eliott?" Vivian exclaimed. Talo shook his head calmly with an aura of confusion "No. I haven't seen Eliott before." With frustration, the couple stumbled o
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