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Found 13 results

  1. Sir Edvard Amador HKML Fmr. Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska THE DEATH OF THE TAXMAN The radiant sun would rise, marking a new day in the bustling city of Karosgrad. Edvard Amador got up and approached the window in his house overlooking the Haeseni city. “Hmmmm,” the man muttered as he looked to the sky as the sun peeked out from behind the palace. “Did I do a good job looking after the family, father?” he’d call out, “Did I meet your expectations? Are vy proud of me?” The man would continue, starting to shout out in frustration. “I tried my very hardest to
  2. [!] On the 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1806, Ademar Castelo died due to frail heart at the age of 71 [!] The sky was clear and the air was crisp; the sun had just made its way up over the horizon. In the forests of Providentia, birds were chirping, wind was whizzing and the water in the river was rippling. The body of a man clad in simple brown robes, floated along with the stream face down in the water. With a thud the lifeless man got caught by a rock and stopped in place. A letter would be on his person, tucked in the rustic fabric of his robes. The letter read as follows:
  3. Eoghan would take one last look out onto the ocean, a warm summer's sunset lit the water with a orange gold tint, some would say it was rather beautiful, a lovely day to pass on to the next realm. With a final whistle, an elegant falcon would come to his arm "Hello girl" he’d say with a tearfully happy tone "I’m not gonna be around to send anymore messages ok?" he’d say the bird nuzzling into his hand "One last round okay?" he’d say in an uplifting tone He would send off the falcon with one last round of messages he’d write for the afternoon, so that everyone was notified. After a
  4. Her Last Feather PK of Marcella Avern-Barclay Born in 1688, Marcella Baruch was the daughter of Richard Baruch and an unnamed woman from Curon. Her father was a known necromancer in his past and the woman was unknown but to a select few. However, under the custody of her father, he aimed to improve upon his ways and took up an alchemist stand within the city of Sutica. When Marcella was just shy of one her father was arrested and executed for his past crimes, abandoning her in the basement of Richard’s shop. Her adoptive brother Hiren had found her some time later an
  5. “You don’t always have to be strong, but you always have to keep fighting.” Solenne tightly clutched the letters in her hands as she wandered the quiet streets of Providence. That night, the only sounds being made were by her own dragging footsteps. Bittersweet, she thought. She found herself at the doorstep of Pompourelia Street 8, lifting a shaky hand to stuff the letters between the double doors. She wanted to go in. She wanted to see Anduin, listen to him talk all high and mighty while sharing a cup of coffee with him. She wished to share stories with Alicjo, someone who never
  6. There was nothing like reliving the old memories on their death bed, the soft gravely voices of poems and songs retold—the little strength to knead and bake bread. These few motions in life truly made her happy, from her secluded life in the manor to their small home within hanese. Nothing and she meant nothing made her happier than to share her little time left on the land with her husband. They have survived so much together, and each day another bond stronger. Though they wed on strange terms, Katharina’s heart will always hold steady in pride and honour to call the Poet hers’. She knew dee
  7. The Sturmholm Folio The works of Vorloin Baruch Vorloin Baruch, shortly after the Athera Expedition Vorloin Baruch, practicing a stage-play With the recent death of poet Vorloin Baruch, it has been requested by his will that his folio be published to the world at large. All that follows is the work of poet, who used the pen-name of Vorloin Sturmholm Editor’s note: For some reason, all of Mr Baruch’s writings refer to himself as ‘Vorion’, instead of ‘Vorloin’. Regardless of whatever caused this error, it has been corrected. ‘Almost all of these
  8. The Final Prince’s Calling The Duke and Family amidst the Augustine Gardens by Margaux Renée Helvets, 1797 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1800 Obituary On this day in the year of Our Lord, 1800, Henry Frederick Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, has passed into the Seven Skies at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife Blanche Thérèse, Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon, and their children, Margaux Renée Helvets (Age 10) and Thomas Andrew Helvets (Age 7). Born to the King of Kaedrin, Adrian I, and Queen-Consort Annabelle Castor in 1734, Henry Frederick was the last of the
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImutnoiBixY Death of the Silver Owl It was a beautiful evening in the city, the beautiful but frail woman named Sabrina Kovachev would walk around the new house bought by her husband, George Kovachev. She’d walk on the hardwood floor as she walked upon her beautiful daughter. The young director and playwright looked up to her mother with a smile, Sabrina then would kneel to her darling sunshine, telling her in her calm and motherly words, that after her evening prayers in the beautiful cathedral they would go shopping. The mother promised h
  10. A Young Araminta d’Emyth with her favorite pet [CIRCA 1799] The young child of only ten winters frolicked around the d’Emyth estate in Providence, excited as any child could be about their new surroundings. Whilst her siblings were with their Tudor, Araminta Elouise stayed outside playing and dancing around the luxurious gardens and scenery with her loyal companion that was her pet cat Molly. She tossed a ball towards her pet, watching with pure joy as the feline leaped up repeatedly, again and again. Squeak! The ball dropped towards the cool grass as the ca
  11. Talo Song eyes burst open suddenly at the sound of a knocking door. He sighed as he slowly crept towards the entrance of his small home. He opened it up to see some friends of his, Eoghan O'Cathain and Vivian Maelstrom. As Talo watched them, fear and agitation was present on their faces. As he scanned the streets, there seemed to be a climate of hysteria in town. Something was wrong. "Talo! Have you seen Eliott?" Vivian exclaimed. Talo shook his head calmly with an aura of confusion "No. I haven't seen Eliott before." With frustration, the couple stumbled o
  12. T H E E N D O F A R I V A L R Y 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1791 Viktoriya DeNurem marched at the fore of a proud Orenian rally, a cart secured behind her as the men, clad in red, tangled through the undergrowth. Recruit Neldor, Recruit Jacker Gendik, Recruit Maglure Varak, & Recruit Merlin Forrester trudged on behind her, having come to her call amidst the sudden chaos that’d broken out minutes prior. At the very centre of the city, a commotion had stirred – a silhouette spotted upon the roofs. Jamila Al-Nabeel stood upon the crook o
  13. The faces that surrounded Garret Palmer Junior at the family gathering were familiar ones, and perhaps that’s what made it all the more frightening. His attempts to bring together the Palmer family together once more were futile at best, and completely useless at worst. His siblings rebuked every effort at his attempts to recentralize the family, and others, such as Merith, argued against his every word. The table was full of both the Palmer Family and the Morgaine Family alike-- some chatted amongst themselves, while others argued amongst themselves. The roasted chicken, potatoes,
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