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  1. Is there a list of banned word's that we can't say anymore? Because some people get offended by different words.
  2. Pegleg_Bob Marcus Ramneseii Scipio #81155
  3. Scipio would cast his vote
  4. Discordtag :Pegleg Bob#4347 MC Name :Pegleg_Bob RP Name :Marcus Ramneseii Scipi RP Age : 21
  5. Pegleg_Bob


    Roberto Gomez was born in Sutica to a merchant Father name Bartalomé Gomez and his mother Isabella Scano. His parents died from drowning when he was six and my uncle Marco took all of his father money and ran off to Providence leave from. He was sent to an orphanage but was kicked out at fourteen for being to old. After that he live on the streets stealing what he needed he joined a few gangs. But one day he got a lucky break and started working for a group of arm dealers who paid a lot more than the other groups. He live Fernando de Gadea in his attic helping him with Pascual de Gadea.
  6. Pegleg_Bob


    Dimitri Kirshenberg i an 21 year old goblin man born by the Holy Orenian Empire. He kick out at the age 10 for being to kind and after living in for 11 year he was kidnaped by a group from San Martin. He now lives as a pet for there king. He lives in the basement and bugs to eat because they dont know what goblins eat. He has been planning an escape for a well now. We is hoping to start a slave rebellion where he lives
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