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  1. Princess Verónica Weiss cheered with pride! "KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM! VIVA HYSPIA! VA VE MAAN!"
  2. Lenora had been talking with her husband- Gusiam when she was "granted" the vision. She used the "Vortice Cheap Goods" cart next to her so she could remain upright as it played out, her husband before her now leaning on the wall as he was granted the same one. After which, they looked to each other as if asking if the other if they were okay after such a sight. Talking about its meaning afterwards. Verónica woke up from the vision with a gasp, however she did not sit up right away. She had been plagued with nightmares since she was a little girl. This one felt different though.. She eventually sat up, placing her head in her good hand after pulling the covers closer around herself for a brief moment. Once she had processed everything, she got up and struggled to dress herself in her armor and its warm lining with her broken arm. At the door, she took a deep breath before setting out, making sure to lock it behind her.
  3. Verónica beamed with pride as the invitations were sent out. She set to work on making her wedding gift to Aurelia
  4. Verónica smiled brightly at the missive. She was so happy that Mikhail had grown to be such an upstanding young man, and her darling Rosalind had as well. She couldn't wait for them to start their next chapter in life together
  5. Verónica looked to the invitation with a small smile, she always knew her daughter would get married.. But she couldn't fathom the fact that her husband.. the Bride's father had not met the groom-to-be yet. She was slightly nerves about this and she prayed that things would go well on Martina and Leutwin's special day
  6. RP Name: Verónica Weiss Discord: bethinwonderland MINA Amount: 150 Mina Skin: Raspberries and Cream
  7. MC NAME: Bethinwonderland Rp name: Verónica Isabella Weiss PERSONA ID: 70063
  8. Verónica smiles from her home "VIVA HYSPIA!!" she shouted with a smile
  9. Thank you everyone for your input! Glow ink is at CT now, but I have no clue if it because of this!
  10. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland Image: Description of Image: A small framed portait of a teenage Verónica and Audo Dimensions: 1x1
  11. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland Image: Description of Image: A framed drawing of Ram Battleborn Dimensions: 1x1
  12. I have heard several players ask over the past few months "How do I get glow ink?", and within the current server economy, unfortunately, unless you were able to kill glow squids by the dozen when we still had them spawning into the realm. You are most likely going to be giving an arm and a leg for some if you don't know someone that has it stored away. I know that not all the options here are easy solutions- at least three of them would require some amount of work from our already overworked tech team. While I know not everyone likes glow ink, other people can't get enough and for those that might want to make their signs glow for the spooky season ahead, it is the perfect time for a thought experiment on this! I don't know if staff will take any note of this, however, maybe we can get a small ball rolling and see what comes happens. Thoughts behind Night Glow
  13. Verónica felt slightly conflicted at the news, due to plans she had wanted to make with Audo, but those would once more take a back seat. Regardless of everything she was thinking, above it all, she felt joy as she read the missive. She recalled a few times telling her husband how he would one day become the Knight Paramount and every time he would just grumble in disbelief. She was glad she was correct and looked forward to what lay ahead
  14. Beneath the karsts of Talon’s Roost a rumbling was heard, followed by a great crack in Yumegatari. When a party went to investigate we found what appeared to be a baby mountain lizard. Two ashen days later; it’s mother reared her stoney head and partially destroyed Yumegatari in her wake. We want to say thank you to those who helped slay the beast and thank you for helping make the city a safer place. Once the dust had settled and the monster lay dead, crushed under a building,the passageway it carved was open to be explored. There we found a great cavern that seemed to stretch endlessly with all sorts of exotic flora and fauna around. We have sent a small team in to help set up bare-bone structures to make the cave system more explorable. For would-be adventures, be warned there are other creatures and wildlife unknown to us that lurk within. [We do not take any responsibility for any injury or traumas that has taken place within the caverns]
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