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  1. Ornella smiled to herself as she read the invitation "I'll do my best to make it"
  2. You're a good person for this! Mainly getting this on the second page so the people who read comments first and might have missed this
  3. That is something they said they are working on in the last update post, baby steps! Did you say Pastels? Pastel Orange #FFAE7C
  4. Adore the colors we now have! Thank you for the hard work you put into them. I love that Dark Blue is readable now, however, it's shame we "lost" the color people loved to hate and hate to love 😅 I'd love to see a true orange color in the upcoming line up. We have 4/5 blues, 1 teal, 3 greens, 2.5 Purples, 1.5 Pinks (Light Purple could be either or). In regards to Gold, and Pastel Gold my brain reads them as a yellows when I see them on there own. Compared to other colors, they are very much in the orange family. I'm still calling them yellows though Here are my orange suggestions If none of the oranges make it in, my vote is for either Violet or Champagne Pink! I think all the colors are amazing though and am looking forward to all of them. Thank you tech team for all the hard work that you put into the server
  5. Verónica looked on from the seven skies at the insult made to her sister and the Hyspian people "The Sapphire, would have been fine. Sofia The Beautiful would have been great. Sofia was SOUGHT after by countless people for her looks, she was and is gorgeous both inside and out. She looked 20 years old for her whole life due to how well she took care of herself. Surely the 'Forever Youthful' would also work." "As for Amaya, she was the people's Queen! Not the Pure, unless they mean of heart! Do these Hanseti know nothing of the last few generations?" The dead Hyspia Princess Scoffed to herself
  6. Treaty of Shores As agreed upon on the 10th of The First Seed, year 180 of the Second Age Between the Unified Domain of Vortice and the Kingdom of Balian With the signing and promulgation of this document, the Kingdom of Balian and the Unified Domain of Vortice, henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories‘, do agree on their honour to the terms laid forth hereafter. ARTICLE I: SOVEREIGNTY I. The signatories hereby concur to acknowledge the autonomy and sovereign status of each of their respective realms. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION I. The signatories hereby pledge to refrain from engaging in any acts of aggression or military hostilities against one another in any manner. II. The signatories pledge that citizens of either party shall refrain from accepting military commissions or engaging in mercenary employment from any state with which the other party is involved within a state of war. III. In addition, this commitment encompasses the preservation of the right to unrestricted movement of their respective citizens between the signatory nations. IV. The signatories pledge that citizens from either realm are protected while in their respective territories so long as they act within the laws of the respective realms. ARTICLE III: EXTRADITION I. The signatories hereby consent to a reciprocal extradition provision, whereby a citizen of either nation, provided there is justifiable cause for their arrest, may be apprehended and subsequently transferred to the jurisdiction of the courts in the territory where their alleged crime transpired. II. In such instances, an Extradition Request must be formally submitted by the judicial authorities of the first party's state to the Monarch or Sovereign of the second party for approval. III. Legal representation for the defendant may be provided by the judicial representatives of the nation from which the citizen or subject originates. ARTICLE IV: DIPLOMATIC EXCHANGE I. The signatories collectively affirm the principle of diplomatic exchange between their respective governments, aimed at fostering dialogue and mutual understanding. In accordance with this, the Kingdom of Balian shall dispatch a temporary envoy to the Unified Domain of Vortice, and reciprocally, the other party stands ready to attend diplomatic meetings at the behest of The Royal Majesty's Government. II. The signatories jointly endorse the principle of diplomatic freedom, emphasizing the inviolability and immutability thereof. This entails that envoys and government messengers shall enjoy unrestricted movement within the territory of each party. Furthermore, they shall not be subject to prosecution by local or national authorities for any civil or criminal proceedings unless their home country explicitly waives their entitlement to such immunity. III. The signatories retain the prerogative to formally expel a diplomat whose actions are deemed to have substantially undermined the national integrity and order of either party's realm. ARTICLE V: DURATION I. The duration of this pact shall be held for 15 years. During the tail end of the duration, a meeting shall be scheduled to determine whether both parties wish to renew or extend the existing treaty. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena, Reutov, Sunholdt and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia and Barçevina, Viscountess of Renduzzo, Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfeld, Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Montcoure and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. Her Majesty, Lenora Jusmia, The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice
  7. In regards to Hex codes!!! I have some ideas Please know this is not all the custom colors I have mind. I can think of at least a dozen or so more
  8. I'd like to see the pastel color previews shown be available for all players. Maybe Coal VIPs could have a larger range of chat colors, say three extra? While Iron VIPs could have the custom chat colors? I understand adding things to the higher VIP tiers is important, however, asking your arrange player to spend close to $300 USD for custom hex codes feels absurd. I know that it is just an example though it still feels like a really steep price tag. Having played the server for five and a half years, I notice people slowly make their way up the VIP tiers in time, starting with Coal VIP because they want the ability to use bold and italics in their emotes. Keep the chat settings low VIP ranks, please? Would love to see more skin slots and NPCs. What is the cool down for? Name changing, skin swapping, persona swapping? All of the above? I don't really think there is a need for the halt feature to come back? Maybe having it as a ping would be better? So it's more versatile.
  9. Ornella picked up her quill, dipping it into the ink-well on her desk. "It's not like I'm old enough for the one Balian is hosting. It'll be nice to make some more friends" Once the sign up sheet was attached to a bird, she made her way to her closet- throwing open the doors "Now, what to wear?" within the wooden walls hung mostly pink. Surely something new was needed!
  10. Can't believe this. I watched him grow up What the heck
  11. Lenora worriedly read the missive, should she find anything. She'd let him know right away
  12. I expanded the lower limit to allow for more heights options, much like with the taller options I know people that have shorter elves. Those people could just be grandfathered in as a 5'2 Proto Elf I guess? Thank you so much for the feedback. Do you have any ideas on the ideal height range? What would tower over them without placing them into Uruk territory?
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