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  1. Verónica, having been woken up and told what happened. Penned a letter to Ravn, Haus's wife. She made sure the blonde Weiss was taken care of while within the keep, making sure he went along when the family made their way to Savoy.. Whenever that ended up happening
  2. Verónica had just seen Felix before the battle.. At Haus’s wedding, she didn’t say anything to him as he was over by Audo. She did flash him a smile as the boat racing started.. But went back into the city as soon as it was over without another word... GODAN only knew how she regretted it now. Once the household was quiet, Verónica made her way to Felix’s bedroom. Gingerly opened the door, and made her way over to his nightstand to pull a box of cigarettes out. She pulled out two, placed the box back, and left. Her footsteps were soft as she made her way up the keep, onto the roof, and took a seat on one of the sloped peeks. Placing down an ashtray “Felix?..” she said to the clear, night sky. “Ea hope tu went out peacefully, y that tu end was quick.. Niet painful” She withdrew her lighter from her pocket. Lighting both cigarettes, placing one on the tray for the man that wasn’t next to her “Ea wish, tu y Ea could have spoken before GODAN called tu back to the seven skies. Ea had questions, that Ea won’t get the answers to till Ea auwn day join tu.” She took a drag of her cig “Tu children are going to miss tu. Yam going to miss tu as well… Tu already know that though. Don’t tu” she chuckled to herself sadly, twirling the tobacco tube in her gloved fingers. It was finally setting in that the mighty white lion had been slain “Tu y Audo missed the ceremony. Haus looked so happy, he dip-kissed his bride y everything. Really shew those elves up-” she sniffled “Would have done tu proud” she leaned her head back, looking up to the stars above, searching them for an answer as the cigarette lit for Felix in the ashtray went out. Her body started to shake slightly as tears welled in her eyes “Why did he have to take tu now?” The Hyspian woman took a deep breath as she ended up sharing her thoughts with the wind. Smoking her cig till it almost burnt her fingers. “Alright.. That’s it for me.. Ea should head in” Verónica left the tray, mostly in-tact smoke, and the lighter on the roof as she made her way carefully back down with puffy eyes… Looking back up to her spot she said “Va Ve Maan” closing the window
  3. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Image: Description of Image: A larger Portait of the 10th Soveregin of the depths Dimensions: Three Tall, Two Wide
  4. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Image: Description of Image: Sofia and Georh Dimensions: 3x3
  5. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Image: Description of Image: Verónica, Laurelie, and Sofia Dimensions: Three Tall, Two Wide
  6. Verónica was over the moon excited for her sister!
  7. Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Skins Mango Maid: $6 Spiders Shadow: $6 Lavender Dreams: $8
  8. Verónica couldn't wait to spoiler her son. Hoping the day would go as well, if not better than it did for her other boys
  9. [!] A missive is distributed announcing the fifth birthday of Karl Weiss KARL WEISS’S SIEG BIRTHDAY Issued by the Viscounty of Novkursain Naf zwy hag 24th i Jula ag Piov i 475 ES [!] A depiction of the Walter, Stanislaw, and Karl at five and three Vikomit Audo Weiss and Princess Verónica Weiss are ecstatic to invite you to an event celebrating their third born son, Karl. The gathering of spirits and merriment is intended not only to give their young son a jovial day but to introduce him to the wider community which he will be serving diligently for the foreseeable future in the name of King and GOD. Let us come together to wish this young lad wellness and happiness, and solidify his communal bonds to set them on the right path as he begins his walk in life. Food and drinks will be provided that celebrate the heritage of their son Karl at the moment enjoys fish, learning, and creating Military ware will also be received with high regard. Itinerary: Music Games (Apple bobbing, musical chairs, and a pinata) Gifting (should you be so inclined) [!] A depiction of a white lion cub is on the missive Krusae zwy kongzem; Va Ve Maan Invites His Royal Majesty, King Georg, his esteemed Pedigree and his citizenry of the Dual Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska Her Grace, Roslin Baruch and her esteemed Pedigree His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree His Grace, Wilheim Barclay and his esteemed Pedigree The Right Honourable, Henrik Ludovar and his esteemed Pedigree The Right Honourable, Ileana Kortrevich and her esteemed Pedigree The Honourable, Carolus Colborn and his esteemed Pedigree His Highness, Francisco de Pelear and his esteemed Pedigree Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov her esteemed Pedigree Firr Mira’Roui and his esteemed Pedigree Date, Time, and Location Iv Joveo Mann, His Honourable Lordship, Ser Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Custodian of Staalgrav, Sergeant and Military Tribune of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl Her Highness, Verónica Isabella Weiss, Princess of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia, Viscountess-Consort of Novkursain, Baroness-Consort of Zvaervauld, and Member of the Weiss Council
  10. Verónica got the news when the news was shared outside the palace.. She was shocked and headed straight home. Only to see the missive had been printed and shared rather quickly Verónica, now being home with her family sighed as Felix spoke "Don't insult a plucked chicken like that.. Ea just am in disbelief that someone would do something like this.. It's so close to home too" she shuttered at the thought of her children potentially having gone over to the cart at the wrong time.. She watched her father-in-law tossing the page into the fire. . Saying a silent prayer that the Adrians wouldn't be sniffing around Novkursain anytime soon
  11. MC Name: Bethinwonderland Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Image: Description of Image: A framed drawing of Ram Battleborn Dimensions: 1x1
  12. 1. What's it like being the Smartest Doctor in the North? 2. What is your favorite rp moment 3. What do you think about black holes? (Seven words or less)
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