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  1. Lenora having heard the news of her sister's passing. Tears welling in her eyes "N-no... You have to be joking." she almost choked "You-You're going right?" The tears starting to passively make their way down her face "You have to be... S-she wouldn't do something like this!?!" The maii'ker wouldn't didn't believe her own words. Mourning the loss of her sister and one of her best friends... Wondering how she could leave everyone behind
  2. +1 from me. I LOVE this kind of thing and defiantly would love to use it. Everything seems well thought out and it doesn’t seem to complicated
  3. Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Purple gold: 1,700 Kha clothing: 1,200
  4. Discord: Bethinwonderland Bid: Royal red, 1.5k
  5. The community within these walls is one of the best I have played with. 10/10
  6. Lenora Jusmia would miss Dalyor. “You better say hello to Daichia...” she thought to herself a few days later as she sat in the tavern like they had so many times before taking a swig of brandy as she drank alone thinking back to Athera, after everything that could have killed him there... It was something in Arcas to deliver his finishing blow. Something that they could have prevented had they planned a little more. Had they actually been able to get him out of the maw of the wyvern. Would it have been better if they split up? Or was staying as a group the best thing they could have done? These thoughts filled her head, same with each different out come now that she knew the one that transpired. The ‘ker woman shook her head getting all the negative thoughts out as tears started to roll down her face, she wiped her tears off with her sleeve knowing the best thing to do was to keep moving on and not forget those that have died up to this point in her life. To keep sharing their memory and use them as stepping stones to keep going Oocly: going to miss Dalyor, he was a great character and will truly be missed. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future for your personas and glad he got a death better than Rythers ❤️
  7. Artemis hearing the news would break the closet mug to her “Why do we keep coming back!” she screamed within her room dumbfounded at this “Couldn’t they just die off yet?!?” Can’t wait for this rp xD
  8. Lenora mourned over the lose of the great man You will be missed very much
  9. Artemis would have received her “father’s” ashes from the lord marshal shortly after his death. Once Agni left she sat at cloud temple looking over the urn. She wondered what life could have been if things didn’t play out how they did. She was happy in life. However something was different, she didn’t feel like jumping for joy like she did when he was pronounced dead over 70 years ago. She felt nothing as she made her way to the Queens Island to get to the ocean; once there she opened the urn and dumped the ashes, the mans final wish. She left his urn and went about her day not thinking about it anymore OOC: William was a TERRIBLE father and had a lot of flaws, however the one thing he did get right was be a fun persona to interact with, RIP
  10. These would be AWSOME to have, I really hope that it is accepted
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