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  1. Rip... I should have helped pep as well... Can’t save them all
  2. As the letter came through the open window, Lenora would have been doing the dishes. Drying off her hands and placing the plates away and putting the bucket of water to the side. She thanked the bird and sent it on it’s way. Once Lenora opened up the letter and seeing Xinan’s penmanship smiled, however that smile quickly turned into a frown the more she read on.. Tears starting to well in her eyes as she read on, trying to hold them back as she knew bad news would be coming towards the end of it. Thoughts starting to race around her head, her son. The boy she had known for years... Gone, she could feel her heart break a little. A very small smile tugging at her lips with the fact she read she was able to help him, a tear rolling off her face as she did so. She turned her back to the counter she was standing next to and slumping to the floor, softly saying “May Kor let you past the gates Kha’mal..” re-reading the letter, over, and over, and over again. Till Gusiam walked into the room, handing him the page and hugging her knees “He shouldn’t have left this realm so soon...”
  3. All I am going to say is. I am getting flash backs to the mystery Athera ending from this post. It definitely gives off that vibe
  4. This is an ooc response I think it’s pretty clear what happened here. Rip the false king though, it was a good run
  5. Can’t wait to be able to see it irp!
  6. Lenora snarled having met this man before. Cursing him under her breath, hoping to deck him in the face next time she had to face him. “How could a place that calls themselves ‘ker defile such a Sacred thing... pathetic“ she muttered under her breath
  7. “It’s good to have you back Archon” Lenora cheered, gently placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort. The Mali’Ker woman was relieved he had awoken OOC comment: Really glad we didn’t unplug his life support guys!
  8. Welcome to LoTC, I can’t wait to see you around. If you need any help message me on discord Bethinwonderland#3240 Renelia is the dark elven state, so if you wish to find us I can be your guide! The sever commands are really easy to use once you get the hang of it. Please reach out if you need anything, rply or oocly
  9. Smh, this is a pk post! No time for MEMES lmao
  10. Lenora having heard the news of yet another Ashwood death, made her way to the tavern in Renelia. “I told myself I would stop drinking..” She sighed going behind the bar “But... one drink wouldn’t hurt” Her hand reached in the cabinet pulling out the first bottle she got her hands on. A bottle of ale, she didn’t put any mina down on the corner as she took a seat in the booth closest to the window “To you... Mar’maln..” she uncorked the liquor container “ To your not so perfect life... Your beautiful children and grandchildren. May you be at peace... wherever you end up in your after life, if one even awaits you” she gave a small clink to the bottle as if she was drinking with someone and downed half of the bottle in a manner of seconds. Tears starting to well in her eyes wishing that things could be different
  11. Lenora having heard the news of her sister's passing. Tears welling in her eyes "N-no... You have to be joking." she almost choked "You-You're going right?" The tears starting to passively make their way down her face "You have to be... S-she wouldn't do something like this!?!" The maii'ker wouldn't didn't believe her own words. Mourning the loss of her sister and one of her best friends... Wondering how she could leave everyone behind
  12. +1 from me. I LOVE this kind of thing and defiantly would love to use it. Everything seems well thought out and it doesn’t seem to complicated
  13. Discord: Bethinwonderland#3240 Purple gold: 1,700 Kha clothing: 1,200
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