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  1. I agree with the fact that vastly different races/cultures should be able have their own city(realm if they don't have cities as vassals), but there should be activity requirements, and we don't need a separate realm for races, subraces, and cultures that aren't too different from each other. I can count 11 human cities if you include Lurin. I don't really see why Waldenians and Reinmarens need to separate from Aaun, as felt as if Aaun was either miscellaneous or primarily Waldenian to begin with. I also wouldn't understand why subraces of orcs would need to separate, though I'm not familiar enough with those to say with 100% certainty that they shouldn't be separated. Oyashiman are a lot different from Waldenians and most other human cultures though, so I believe they should be able to have their own city. These are just some examples though. If we gave every race and culture, even the ones that are similar, their own claim, we'd only make the problem worse. A live dynmap that gives us the locations of players who aren't using the /hide command would make this much more viable though. It would get rid of the need for centralized RP and make it much easier to find people to RP with. Those are just my thoughts though.
  2. Regardless of your stances on whether or not people should be able to keep making human settlements though, I still don't see why a dynmap people can use to find RP would be a bad idea if the /hide feature is enabled. It would solve the issue of RP being difficult to find while at the same time avoid removing the ability to form new settlements. The closest thing you can do is make an srequest and ask for realm activity, but that's not even that accurate(I was told Haelu'nor and Celia'nor had the most activity, went to both via ss pillars to find out Celia'nor had 2 people and Haelu'nor was completely empty at a time when there were 80 people on the server). And yes, it might be possible to centralize through RP, but hardly anyone is willing to try. This post isn't entirely focused on staff intervention(even though most of my solutions revolve around that). The goal was just to convince people to start making human RP much denser on Aevos instead of waiting until the next continent like they always do. My "solutions" were genuine suggestions on how to solve the issue based on my own thoughts, but they were mostly there so this didn't turn into another complaint without substance and would instead spark an actual discussion on how to deal with the issue. I do hope people leading human nations start keeping their vassals within sight though, as it would definitely somewhat help the issue if you didn't need to spend an hour traveling to only half of the human settlements. And if you guys have better solutions, it'd probably be a good idea to mention and discuss them.
  3. Hello. I don't make these types of posts often, but after seeing the difference between human nations and elven nations, I figured I should bring this up. The elves have 3 settlements, and two of them are primarily for an elven sub-race with a high population. It is incredibly easy to find RP in these nations given you log on at a good time. The people are active, and the population is dense. On the other hand, humans have an absurd number of settlements that I won't even try to count(a lot of them aren't even on the CT pillar list), and their population is spread thin across these. Despite this, we still have humans trying to build new settlements *cough* Reinmar *cough*. No hate to them(I play one of them), they just make a good example. Wouldn't it be smarter to instead merge for the sake of RP? Or maybe staff can add a limit to the number of settlements per race? Another potential solution would be to create a public map that displays the locations of players in order to make finding RP easier, with an option to opt out of it if you don't want your location to be made public for the sake of avoiding metagamers. We had this issue on a few other continents as well, and it only seems to be getting worse. The end of the pandemic is definitely a huge part of this, but 150 players is still a lot. There is no reason for you to have trouble finding people to RP with when 150 players are on the server. If we don't do anything to fix this, it will persist into the next continent as well. There's no point in waiting until then to fix these issues if doing so hasn't helped us in the past. I just feel like making all of these human nations, most of which aren't even that different from one another, creates an unhealthy environment that makes it much harder to find RP. And even with different cultures, its always possible to have different communities within a nation/city. With the option to form new realms taken away, internal conflicts and coups would be encouraged. This might also help newer players who haven't yet joined a community. If you can't find RP after traveling to 6-7 cities, why would you stay on the server? Obviously this isn't exclusive to humans, but the issue is most evident with them. Sorry for the rant. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this as well, whether they agree or disagree.
  4. Fliers have been posted in various settlements. (IGN: MythicalAxolotl) Feel free to DM lordofhindsight for more info! Apologies if the formatting is strange, I had some trouble sleeping.
  5. Crude, low-effort fliers could be seen posted around various cities.
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