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  1. Ibun Starbreaker read over the missive that had been pinned about the city, a rare look of contempt and anger coming across the young dwarf as he pondered what was actually happening - though deep down he knew this meant trouble "By Lord Dungrimm weh will put yeh in ah grave yeh can nae escape, undying one." he mumbled to himself, before going back to his daily studies and stone-carving.
  2. Soon the news reached Father Rhodri, the monastic-priest reading over the final will with a deep look of regret on his face, regret that he did not spend more time with his teacher. He knelt down in silent prayer for Wert's soul
  3. Father Rhodri smiled as he went about gathering up construction materials "At last, it draws closer and closer - verily, we are blessed." The priest said happily.
  4. Brother Rhodri smiled as he went about farming the vast wheat fields of humanity "The people are generous and good of heart, I am sure we will be constructing the monastery in no time" he spoke as he brought a bundle of wheat over his shoulder.
  5. * The Spirit Grugnar within his Cave. The rocky and cave-like shrine of Grugnar stood at the end of a small and otherwise empty alleyway, three seekers approached with reverence, kneeling before the shrine as one offered a humble clay totem in sacrifice to the mighty spirit. Rhythmic chanting was lead in the elder tongue of the spirits, one master and one acolyte spoke in unison as they called forth the primal energies of the spirits – soon the group began to feel drowsy, and they awoke to find themselves hurtling through the comic void. All was black, yet there was a distinct smell of mud and earth in the distance as the trio fell into a large canyon of red rock, in front of them was the legendary cave of Grugnar. Soon they entered the cave, and heard the sounds of the primordial past echo throughout the cavern. The smell of salt and water hit them as they went deeper, conversing of what to do in this situation, it was then decided that they would call out to the Spirit in the elder language. One by the name of Bjarg’Duhr stepped forward, echoing forth as he called upon the spirit, who soon echoed back from all around, asking of intentions and wishes. Bjarg soon responded, asking to be the spirits servant, their agent in the mortal world… This was accepted, and the pact was made as Bjarg lowered his head – various cave paintings about the cavern lit up, and grew ever brighter, blinding those travellers as they soon returned to their bodies, awaking nearby the shrine. Bjarg knew this was just the beginning of his journey to serve Grugnar, and with humble words did he thank the shamanic master for their wisdom and guidance, before setting off to contemplate what to do next.
  6. Dealing with The Mountain [!] The Mountainous Peaks of Kromdar The isolated cave stood nestled amongst the desolate valley as three uruks approached it, looking deep into the dark depths as they stood ready to embark on a once in a lifetime journey. They entered the cave with reverence, menacing spikes of stone hung from the craggy ceiling as the faint sound of dripping water echoed throughout the chamber, ceremonial drugs were prepared, and soon hazy smoke began to fill the stagnant air of the cave – it numbed the senses as shaman amongst them spoke out in the elder tongue, calling out to begin a walk amongst the stars! Darkness, all was darkness as the three uruks were sent hurdling throughout the cosmic void, before they found themselves falling onto the plateaued peak of a great mountain. They looked around in confusion, searching for any signs of life or activity, but all they saw was endless mountains, stretching to the edge of the world. The shaman once more spoke in the elder langage – the earth rumbled and quaked as something did answer, and it was deeply understood by the spiritual guide, who brokered a transaction or deal between the two other uruks and the mighty Ilzgul, and as it was agreed the very earth split open, swallowing the two orcs into the depths of the mountain itself. Pain, it was painful, yet soon they were spit out by the great mountain. An eternal deal had been signed by the wandering souls, and it was time to start on their part of the bargain… with the sacred words did the world begin to shift, back into darkness as the group began to fall, fall back to the prime reality. They awoke with no wounds or physical trauma, but with a newfound reverence and purpose in life, to serve the spirits, to serve Kromdar in all things…
  7. Edict of Regency Lawfully Issued on The 10th of Horen’s Calling, 1910. With the unfortunate and untimely passing of Ser Robert Lynde, former Baron of Rulund - the burden of leadership falls to his one and only heir, Wymond Lynde. Being a child of insufficient age, it has been decided that a regent will rule in his name and in assistance to him until he is of age to take full command of the Barony of Rulund. The late Robert’s good friend - Rogwal takes upon this mantle, as both guardian of the child-baron, and as regent of Rulund. The regency shall last till the child-baron is of the Canonist age of majority, that being sixteen years of age. So it is declared, Deus magnus est. SIGNED, - Rogwal, Regent of Rulund. - Wymond Lynde, Baron of Rulund.
  8. Full Name of Man - Helwig Von Bardenwig Date of Birth of Man - 1849 Name of Woman - Mathilda Christina Von Alstreim Date of Birth of Woman - 1854 Location of Ceremony - Basilica of Saint Alexander of Furnstock - Joannesport, Sedan Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1888 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Lector/Father Mathurin
  9. Rodrik Eiriksson nods with a smile as he reads the lease to his uncle "A good home, a good profession." he says as he placed the parchment aside, going to stand and make his way to the exit of the building, out to do some now daily chores.
  10. -=[𝅘𝅥𝅰 ]=- “Great fortune awaits those who brave the wastes” PREFACE Out across the vast oceans of the mortal plane lies a strange place of conflicting ideas and goods being traded from across the world and far beyond. Taking the form of an island continent of smaller size, one might assume it to be just another barren rock peeking up from the salty brine, yet this is farthest from the truth. Christened Kaldor by its earliest inhabitants, this land serves as a hub of fabulous wealth and knowledge, being visited by a multitude of cultures and peoples from the farthest stretches of reality. It also serves as a hub of wayfinding sailors, aiding those travellers in navigating the lands of Aos and Eos. LANDSCAPE The surface of Kaldor has almost entirely been settled and exploited, stacked shacks and high rising towers placed at every available place, all the while vast merchant bazaars bustle below. What was originally a barren and desolate rock has been transformed into a venerable cityscape, what land reserved for farming or cultivation of Kaldori Flowers, Saltcorn, and Stone-Faced Ram is used most efficiently, with these small plots exploited for the large profits they make. In fact, land and space are considered the most expensive thing on Kaldor, with fabulously rich merchants giving elaborate dowries of but a ten-metre square plot. The cityscape of Kaldor is divided into 3 segments, that being the north and south, with a central meeting area & bazaar positioned in the middle of the island. The more rocky north is primarily home to the dwarven populations, and the flatter southern portion is mainly home to humanity. At least, that is what was historical, the war having dramatically changed demographics and large portions of the city. A multitude of smaller islands surrounds the main island of Kaldor, serving as receiving and exporting ports as well as residential for the more rural populations. Though still heavily exploited, this is where one might find the personal estate of a wealthy merchant-lord, or a saltcorn and kaldori flower plantation. Due to its strange origins and the remaining energy from its creation, Kaldor itself bears a few strange properties of the metaphysical and mystical variety. Interplanar travellers of all sorts are attracted to it and seemingly bound to it, unable to easily leave until they escape the island by whatever means. This most often occurs on return trips to the material realm by planewalking entities. This is what has allowed the native residents to so thoroughly exploit the travellers, them restricting access off the island in exchange for goods and knowledge. INHABITANTS Kaldor is inhabited by a large variety of peoples and cultures in search of trade and knowledge, but the most permanent inhabitants consist of a smattering of Dwarven and Human families, vying for power and control of the landmass. These families and their resident peoples hold a certain understanding with each other, but conflict still occasionally flares in the form of brutal street warfare waged in the name of coin and glory. Dwarven Peoples The first people to settle Kaldor. The dwarven population traces its origins to an early golden-age exploration ship, which crash-landed on the island and whose hull was salvaged to form the first rudimentary dwellings upon the rock. Bolstered throughout the centuries by lost sailors and merchants, the dwarven population has grown large and wealthy, conducting trade and commerce in the name of Armakak and Grimdugan. Petty feuds have been formed between competing families and guilds, yet they are united by their intense rivalry with the human population of the island. Human Peoples The second population to settle Kaldor, Humanity stumbled across the island some 100 years after the dwarves. Yet with ingenuity and the strong ability to adapt, they grew to quickly rival the dwarves for control of the strange island. This angered the dwarven population, who attempted a cull on the settling humanity, this failed horrendously, and further balanced the scales between the two races. Humanity has not forgotten this slight, and tensions are still dangerously high with the dwarves and their client populations. FLORA AND FAUNA Kaldori Flower An odd climbing flower which bears bright cyan petals, it was originally being grown in a far-off realm, but was imported to Kaldor at an early date. Kaldori Flower petals bear a strange property when dried and ground, acting as a stimulant akin to strong coffee or tea. Often mixed into hot water to make a drink or just consumed outright to give the user a wake-me-up. Saltcorn A native of Kaldor’s rocky northern shores, the saltcorn plant takes the form of a small low-lying bush. It produces a dark green berry, which when dried and ground has a taste similar to black pepper. In addition to this, it contains an unusual amount of salt, absorbing it from the salty air and brine of the nearby sea. A popular spice and seasoning upon the island, it being traded long distances to far-away lands. Emerald Flyers A form of unusually large hummingbird native to Kaldor, Emerald Flyers sport bright green feathers and black beaks. These hummingbirds fly about the gardens and arboretums of Kaldor, feasting upon nectar and bugs while delighting the rich residents. A popular icon upon the island, with several families incorporating them into their symbols and heraldry. Stone-Faced Ram A small and feisty mammal, related closely to the sheep or ram of other lands. Stone-Faced Rams have angular and rock-like faces, giving them their name. Originally considered a pest by the early settlers, it was soon found that their tough wool gave way to a fine and soft fabric when pounded and carded, taking dye and other additives very well. This wool and its fabric soon became one of the principal exports of the early history of Kaldor. HISTORY The Beginning The history of Kaldor begins when the island itself was raised from the sea by a powerful entity of unknown origin, whatever it was soon left for other lands, but its latent energy remained and acts as a form of comic beacon, beckoning travellers from other realms of reality. The island however remained barren for centuries, before a dwarvish exploration ship crash-landed upon its shores - with no way of escape, the dwarves used the remainders of their ship to build the first buildings on the island, them unknowing of the future that awaited them, or the distant past that lay behind. The Golden Age - The Age of War Some one hundred years passed as the dwarves built their civilization upon the rock named Kaldor, growing from humble origins to be a centre of local trade and commerce. Human traders took note of this and began to settle the remaining area of the island, this angered the dwarven population, who attempted to cull and drive humanity from the island - this ended horribly, the dwarven attack being driven back. When the dwarves returned home however, they found a group of strange-robed men wandering about the local market, picking up and examining objects, this marked the beginning of interplanar trade on Kaldor, with travellers trickling in to exchange goods and knowledge with each other and the resident population. Both peoples prospered, Human and Dwarf growing fabulously wealthy from the exotic goods and knowledge landing upon their shores. It was a golden age of prosperity as the coffers grew, and grew, with gold comes power, and with power comes conflict… A conflict broke out between human and dwarf, with such small fire growing to an enormous bonfire of war, each side using the powerful weapons and knowledge gathered from the interplanar trade. The war dragged on, as the population of the island was depleted and the vast knowledge and technology lost to the sands of time, no end was in sight. Modern Age Seemingly after a millennium of war, an uneasy peace was signed between the two peoples, them recognizing that only ruin and death would come from a continued conflict. People began rebuilding as trade once more picked up. Some old families exhausted from the war gave way to burgeoning new guilds and institutions, while others dusted themselves off and continued their prosperous existence. It was at this point that many trade routes were reopened with the outside world, people and ideas once more beginning to flow to and from Kaldor. This is the modern era of Kaldor, a time of rebuilding and change, deposed members of old families may leave for distant shores and merchants spread forth from the island to the world beyond. The vast wealth of knowledge and technology has been lost aside from a few relics, yet all know a new age of prosperity will come upon Kaldor in due time. PURPOSE I wanted to try my hand at writing a piece of world lore that I go through with, I thought that location lore would be a good place to start and it is something that I am interested in. I’m hoping other people see the merit in the over-the-top merchantry aesthetic, and the creative potential that can be built atop it. Players could of course use this as background for their character, and ET could do events incorporating it, from treasures that have fallen to the ocean far away from this origin, to caravans and traders originating from Kaldor, or even bringing players to an event site on the island itself. CREDITS Writer : Titanium430 General Help and Consultation: Noobliusfourtythree Name: Norgeth
  11. Lothgar Grandaxe smiles upon seeing the announcement, the dwarf starting the drafting process for several buildings and constructions! "Tis es ah gran' moment fer dah werkers o our people" he says out as he puts pen to paper.
  12. Svuli Metalfist sighs, the dwarf thinking back just as Morul did, to the time when his friend was a kind and hopeful dwed - He went to sit down as a strong migraine came about him. "Per'aps weh all delved too deep fer knowledge an power..." He said out, the dwarf slumping back into the chair, trying to relax.
  13. Auction is OVER, I will contact everyone who got a skin soon. Thanks for participating
  14. Lothgar looks over the declaration! the young dwarf calling out "Narvak oz Urguan!, Narvak oz Brathmordakin, Narvak oz Tripartite" he smiles brightly at that, as he makes his way to the tavern for a good dwarven ale.
  15. Titanium’s Armour-Skin Auction Rules 1:Bids will be in mina. 2: Bids start at 200 mina 3:Minimum bid raise is 50 mina 4:Follow the bid format at the end of the post 5:Bidding starts at time of post, approximately 2:10 AM EST on April 10th. 6:Bidding ends abruptly at April 14, 10 PM EST, bids placed after this time will not be counted. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Format: Skin Number: Bidders MC name: Bidders Discord: Bid:
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