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  1. Lector Mathurin looks upon the paper, reading it, and re-reading it a few times over. "Its longer then mine, thats for sure" he says, going off to show his brothers the paper, as to garner a collective opinion.
  2. [!] A small booklet, crafted from a rough paper with blue-black ink scrawled across it - it reads thusly ALCHEMY Under the view of an Owynist. Written by Mathurin Sartre, Lector of The Owynist Rite -=[=]=- From the Temple of Kaer’Lassar, Du Loc, Almaris [!] A small image of Exalted Owyn Alchemy, The learned art of skillfully rearranging the basic and fundamental building blocks of GOD’s world into various useful and wondrous things, while this could be compared to simple cookery or even a complex and extensive extension of herbology - and while this is technically correct in some ways, It is so much more than that when looked at from a religious perspective. The fact that more lies under the surface of the world, the visible realm is a well-known fact to those who have more than an inkling of life experience. Miracles are well attested, as are profane magicks practiced by Magi, Alchemy is similar, using the basic building blocks, the innate language of creation in the artform. You can not see such at glance, but everything is made from it and all is bound by it, even our mortal bodies that GOD has given us. And just as GOD’s eternal grace infuses and is in all things, so are these symbols derived from his almighty glory. The creations allowed by the rearranging of such symbols is a potent tool for the fight against the unholy blights on GOD’s realm, and while these creations may be used by those blights, does being used by such make them any less wondrous, created from the earth and sea’s that GOD has given us mortals. In my experience, more good has come from the artform than profanity. Numerous times my own life has been saved from such horrors by concoctions of alchemy. My own eye was taken by Daemonic Fire, spurned forth from an Inferi’s horrid devilry, yet it was ‘replaced’ by the art of alchemical tinkering, this has allowed me to continue my martial service to the Lectorate of Exalted Owyn, and having such has truly been a helpful boon in my daily life. I consider it a blessing of GOD, that such craft exists, and is able to be accessed in a way not tainted by Dark Magicks, as it seems more and more is corrupted by such in this dawning age. And while one could view Alchemy under the gaze of a faithful man, one could also look upon it with a twisted view, some years ago I met a man who was an ‘expert’ in the art, yet he was heretical in his teachings and claimed to be a prophet of sorts, ‘enlightened’ in a way most profane. One must be watchful for those who attempt to mix such Alchemical Arts with profane teachings and unholy magicks and rituals. GOD has given us free will, and just as we must choose to remain faithful, we must use the world’s basic elements around us for good, and in a just way. On that, I will end this script, for I have said all I wish to say. Farewell and GOD bless.
  3. IGN: Titanium430 RP NAME: Svuli Metalfist AGE: 141 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Clan Metalfist. (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  4. Thank you for your response, I will see if I can rework the scribe spell or replace it entirely. As for the reason I kept it quite short. its because thats what i've seen be accepted recently, short additions with one or two spells. But I will see if I can add a bit more - Thank you once more for your feedback.
  5. Thaumaturgy A Housemagery Addition. Spells Modify Voice - T3 [Non-Combative] A housemage may influence the volume and tone of their own voice, it booming across a valley or growing soft and floral. These number amongst other flavorful options that are up to the player. [Limited to #S range mechanically.] REDLINES Can not deafen or harm anyone with your voice Scribe’s Pen - T2 [Non-Combative] A housemage may pull mana from themselves, focusing it onto a writing implement within their hand to generate ink or charcoal for writing, directly within the reservoir or pencil. Used mostly by scribes and monastics for ease and speed of writing. REDLINES The ink or charcoal generated by the spell may not leave the reservoir of the pen or pencil other than by being deposited onto the page - you may NOT squirt ink onto someone. This spell must be taught by a tutor or learned from a book. [OOC REASONING] This is somewhat of a recycling and simplification of ideas from my justly denied lore piece. I thought that some things in it were still interesting ideas. This lore piece somewhat expands housemagery’s span, growing to include generals shouting orders to soldiers, or priests preaching mass to a group of peasants. I feel as though this is a good thing, though others may disagree. If this gets accepted, I request it gets edited into the main housemagery page for ease of access and viewage. Thanks for reading and looking it over - Titanium430.
  6. You’ve been selected for the interview process.

    Please have an outline of what you wish to do on the team. Prepare event scenarios or talk about things that you are passionate about during the interview.


    To confirm your interest, contact the ST management and you’ll be given a link to the Story Team interview Discord.

  7. This was a concern when I started writing the lore, but I thought this was thematically different enough to be its own thing.
  8. Feat Lore “The path to power is within… The mind.” PREFACE Long ago, tales speak of cloistered scholars and wisemen who believed in the power of words. Them hiding in grand monasteries at the peaks of mountains, and deep under the earth. This is the origin of Thaumaturgy, an art of bending reality to one’s will via words. Long since has the potency failed and been drained from the art, yet it persists amongst wandering hermits, monks, alchemists and preachers in this neutered form. Explanation The power of thought, one’s very will being able to change the material seems at first a strange concept, yet this is the source of Thaumturgy’s meagre power. Words and phrases can direct this will, focus it, amplify it to affect the material in a minor yet meaningful way. Long ago when the first wisemen studied this art, more people in the realm believed in these words, and the power they held. Yet no longer, in this new world, the faith in words has failed to all but aged philosophers and learned hermits. This has diminished the power of the arts, the collective thought and will no longer consider it legitimate, and it is left to draw upon those few who practice and believe. One must have true intent when speaking the words, lest their will and thought falter. One must truly believe for the power to take effect. The acts allowed by this will are albeit minor and insignificant, yet it brings hope for more. “Will that to be, and it will be.” Abilities/Spells MINOR THAUMATURGY [1 Emote] The staple ability of Thaumaturgists. The ability to manipulate and change reality on a minor level with the power of will and words. One may only manipulate things they can see, and are limited to doing so within a 5 block radius around them. This can come in many forms, but a few are listed below By whispering into a lit candle, the caster may snuff out its flame with the a word, such as “Darkness” The user may amplify their voice to booming levels, or simply have it travel throughout a room at a normal volume. This ability is often used by preachers and the like who need to speak to a large crowd. [Flavorful way of #shout] The Caster may for instance, call sunlight down through windows, it streaming down through clouds or other disturbances, this would be invoked with the the phrase “Let there be light!” or something similar. This is but a snippet of the power’s and minor tricks one is able to accomplish, but all must be minor, flavorful, and not used for harm. REDLINES 1: May not be used to harm another, and is limited to minor acts like those listed above. 2: The examples above are just that, examples. Other uses may be made at the player’s discretion, though they must follow all rules of the spell, that being that they must be minor, flavorful, and not used for harm. 3: The caster may not in any circumstances create something out of thin air. They may not light a candle aflame, merely set it out, they may not create light, but cause it to come through the windows from outside and so on and so forth. 4: One may only use minor thaumaturgy within a 5 block radius around one’s self, it requires direct line of sight to the object to be manipulated. WHISPERS OF THE WISEMAN [3 Emotes] By whispering to oneself twice over a short period of time, then whispering a final time directed towards a single target. The Thaumaturgist is able to project a maximum of 10 words to said target within 15 meters, then receiving the message as if it were whispered into their ear by the caster regardless of if they would understand the language of the Thaumaturgist. This requires intense concentration and direct line of sight, the caster not being able to react to others less they break the spell. If one were to be distracted in some way, such as being attacked or even simply touched, the spell would break and leave the caster in a daze for [1] Emote, their mind overloaded as they simply stand still for said duration, unable to act or move. REDLINES 1: This spell may NOT be used in combat or to even indirectly cause harm to another. 2: A limit of 10 words may be sent to the target of the spell. 3: A range of 15 meters is the limit of distance one may cast the spell. STRENGTHENED MIND [Passive] The mind of one who draws upon such power is strained, and like a man who works upon his body, this strengthens and fortifies it. Yet one who treads the boundary between the real and unreal risks falling into the mind, forever trapped within one’s own thoughts. The mind naturally fights this off however, with the side effect of occasional migraines and headaches. This strengthening gifts one the ability to focus almost super-naturally on tasks, multitasking comes easily to such a practitioner, and they might be over-perceptive, noticing things of unimportance regularly. This strengthening also serves to ward the mind against acts of intrusion, if one were to have their mind intruded upon by an outside source, the intruder may have a troubling time navigating and entering the thoughts of the Thaumaturgist. Examples of what a strengthened mind can do are things such as, reading two books at once, doing two mundane tasks, switching between the two rapidly and not getting confused or keeping track of two conversations at once. REDLINES: 1: Strengthened Mind is not an excuse to metagame any information, it is simply a flavorful way to focus and complete tasks or situations with high accuracy and or speed. 2: Any ways of accessing the mind of the Thaumaturgist will be met with restrictions, like that of winding tunnels and mazes. This does not mean that accessing the mind is impossible, just harder to accomplish. “The natural world holds far more than meets the eye.” Teaching There are two ‘tiers’ of Thaumaturgy, Lesser and Greater, once the student is taught the spells, how they work and how to do them, along with making the FA and having it accepted by the ST, they achieve lesser tier and they stay at that state for 12 OOC weeks, after such advancing to greater tier. Greater tier gives one the ability to teach others, at a rate of 3 students per every 3 OOC months. One of the greater tier may write a single ST signed self teach book instead of being able to teach students for those months if they wish, it having to have proper contents and the like. A Student who learns from a self teach book must have the book hoarded within their possession, and not given out to others for the duration of the 12 OOC weeks it takes to reach greater tier, after such they may give the book to another. Students who learn from a self-teaching book learn at the same rate as one taught normally, otherwise the process follows all current self-teaching rules. Compatibility Thaumaturgy has few requirements, that being of the ability of self-aware thought and understanding of the material world in some depth, and the ability to speak. A few other restrictions apply Thaumaturgy is limited to being learned and casted by Descendent and Descendent-equivalent races, such as the 4 main races, along with Kha, Musin, anything that’s not drastically different to a descendant, so no spectre's and or phantasmal beings or animati constructs or machine spirits. Credits Written by Titanium430 OG Idea Maker was Norgeth_ Reviewed/looked over by Nivndil, DrHope, Xx_BloodStalk_xX, Spoons, Sorcerio, RiftBlade, Firespirit44. Thank you all for your help! Citations https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193166-%E2%9C%93-world-lore-the-power-of-thought/ [OOC reasoning for making this lore.] I made this lore because I wanted to try my hand at creating something that could be used by other players, something I thought would add to the server and the RP Landscape, perhaps an ET could run an event with a more powerful version of it used by an enemy or friendly NPC. I’m not very confident that this will pass MAG and come to pending/have a chance to be accepted since it's my first ever lore piece, but I thought it would be a waste not to try my hand at it. If anything I will have learned from this for my future writings, perhaps this concept was flawed, or perhaps how I went about implementing it was. What matters in the end is that I tried. - Titanium430 ChangeLog: 2021-06-28: Added clarifications on Self Teaching
  9. IGN: Titanium430 Category: Skinning Artwork: Fisherman Skin, thought it fit the theme.
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