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  1. Feanor Kaeronin would have watched some of the sad moments from afar, having not know him well he stayed back, though he now regrets that choice, sitting in the Kaeronin manor, Feanor would pour himself a glass of hard brandy, he would raise it “To Benedict” he says to himself as he would take a sip, a grimace on his normally plain expression
  2. -===========- [MC Name] : Titanium430 RP Name : Belgrum Race : Cave dwed Why do you desire to join? : to kill heretics ofc -===========-
  3. Feanor Kaeronin Would be drinking a glass of Tea, seated in the Kaeronin manor. The young mali thinking upon many subjects, among them The Oathblades, “I will serve Almenor as well as I can and as long as I live “ He mutters mindlessly to himself. looking out onto the ocean
  4. Hello, my name is Titanium and I make skins, I recently started to make a few skins for sale and am making a post for commissions. here it is! Discord:Titanium430#8450 Prices: 4 to 8 usd depending on complexity and time it takes. I can take mina but it is not preferred and i would discuss the price with you. Generally Armour skins would be more then outfits and full outfits with heads would be in between the two. skins I can do: I can do Armour, outfits, full body and outfit. I do not really want to do Hou-zi or Kha but it all depends I know im not the best at skinning on the whole server. but my friends say im good so i want to try out this page. Thanks for reading and have a good day Gallery Skin Photos
  5. I think this is a decent lore piece, but what about it’s rusting and dulling problem. “ which was prone to rusting in damp air and becoming dull, making it a high maintenance weapon.“ in real life pattern welded steel was used all across the old world, even europe, it was abandoned around 1000 CE (europe) because it was hard to make right and it did rust slightly quicker. that was just steel and steel, imagine if it was steel and something other then it. the micro fissures that cause the rust would be even greater. thanks for reading my contribution.
  6. RP Name:: Feanor Kaeronin MC Username: Titanium430 Discord: Titanium430#8450 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Aegrothond Why Do You Wish To Come?: To gain knowledge and protect and be with the sea prince feanor sylvaeri. What Skills Can You Bring?: Apprentice smith, shipbuilding and repairing. Navigation at sea. Fighting. Cooking and baking
  7. Feanor Kaeronin would walk though the halfling village of brandybrook and smell the sent of burned fish “What in Malin’s name is that smell” he says looking around, after he finds the group of dead fish he would stand by the shore, seemingly confused “whatever caused this must be remedied” he shakes his head before making his way out off the village back home
  8. a confused, drunk, depressed Mali’fenn wanders by the gates and eyes the letter “wha...” he says in confusion before walking back off into the cliffs and tundra, bottle of whiskey in hand
  9. Sorley smiles at the treaty “This is a great idea, i am interested in those ruins that were mentioned though.
  10. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  11. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  12. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  13. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  14. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  15. The Orrar “At the extent of our Princedom, the wind is cold, trees are bare and all lies in stillness beneath blankets of snow.” - Snow Elven Proverb The desolate frontier of the Princedom of Fenn, untouched by both the Mali’fenn and other prospective settlers, has historically held great interest for hunters, adventurers, and even the common citizen.. Detached from the bustling urban life that holds a profound influence within Fennic society, the wildlands are a relic of times past, an age where the Mali’fenn had neither a state nor as much as a town to call their own. It is not unusual for snow elves to take pilgrimatic excursions into the wildlands, for the tranquility of the rustic lands provide a unique opportunity for the brooding Mali’fenn to reflect in serenity. However, not all is peaceful in the wildlands. Due to the uncivilized nature of the Fennic frontier, many wild beasts and animals lurk about. Petty brigands, poachers, and wildmen also call this wild, lawless region home. In years past, it has often fallen to the Ivae’fenn to deal with any dangers of the frontier, but in more recent times the Princedom’s military has often found itself embroiled in more pressing affairs- both external and internal. To combat this issue, Somhairle Sylric has decided to train a new generation of frontiersmen. The Orrar, the name of the guild operating inside Tahu’Lareh, with the purpose of training hunters and scouts who will scout the tundra around Fenn and slay any wildlife that may bring harm to travelers. Due to the harsh environment of the areas of operation, it is advised that only the toughest of young Mali’fenn tempt fate by joining the guild. However, the guild is also accepting other races as long as they can tolerate the cold climate of Fenn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranks Headmaster The headmaster is the leader of the guild. He handles all new recruits and gives out the tasks to the rest of the members. He is responsible for all the equipment. He answers directly to the Grand Prince. Leading Huntsman The veteran members of the guild, they have the best equipment the guild has to offer. They handle all special cases and they usually lead the rest of the members during a scouting mission or a hunt. They are tasked with overseeing the rest of the members and making sure that all are trained and ready to march out at any times given. Huntsman The main force of the Orrar. They are the average hunters, well trained and well equipped to be able to handle most cases. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [!] There is a small paper nailed to the wall which reads as thus: “Do you want to experience the thrill of the hunt in a way that does not harm the sanctity of the Fennic frontier? Do you wish to develop deep, everlasting friendships with your fellow hunters? If so, then what you seek is what the Orrar provides. Come visit us for a day out, or stay a night in the local tavern to experience more that we have to offer.. We are keeping the people of Arcas safe from beasts of all kinds.” Contact Headmaster Somhairle Sylric ((Titaniumlord430)) for more info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Place of residence: Race/Subrace/Culture: Do you swear to follow the laws of fenn while in fennic land?:
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