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  1. IGN: Titanium430 RP NAME: Svuli Metalfist AGE: 127 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Clan Metalfist - Somewhat clergy and legion help CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  2. Titanium's Skin Auction May 17 - 7pm est TO May 20 - 7 PM EST All skins made my myself, 2 of them are older but most are my most recent work. BIDS START AT 300 MINA. Minimum bid raise is 30 mina Skin 1: Skin 2: Skin 3: Skin 4: Skin 5: Skin 6:
  3. Svuli Metalfist Pats Morul on the back, a brief nod given to his old friend "You don't need eh name o old teh have claim to the knowledge o tha elders - You did deh right thang leavin deh pas' behind yeh en lookin teh eh brightah en greener pasture." he says, walking off with him to a nearby library.
  4. Otho de Vaisery looks over the missive with a wide smile. The human dragging his blade across a whetstone as he speaks to himself "Perhaps I could recreate the acts of my father and uncle, what a glorious moment it would be" Otho then moves to his feet with a loud clank of the metal plates on his frame, moving off.
  5. Feanor Kaeronin chuckles as he takes a sip of his brandy, a sick look across his face "Good, Nevah liked that one, Adopted this, Adopted that. You were never my blood, so my heart does not weep." With the speaking of those words, Feanor pockets his flask and hops to his feet, swiftly making his way off from where he might be.
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