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  1. I'm sorry everyone, my phone was seized by aggressive frogs so I won't be on discord for a day or two

    1. satinkira


      I lied, the frogs were very pleasant and politely apologised

  2. A worn-out sigil was picked up, and compared to the one he had in his hand. No. Not the same. A worn sigh of relief, and Ash slumped into his chair. He had to be certain. Still, though, the unease remained. There was certainly more to these papers, but they weren't his circus, and he had other, more important things to be thinking about. And, though there was no-one in the room, he asked the question anyways. Do you know of this? There was no response, however, so he soon lapsed into silence. Perhaps he could ask the Raevir.
  3. Unease. Why.. ascend..? Why not.. try to.. The paper was dropped, his mind resolved. Talk? The unease did not fade, though.
  4. Look, Malta, it's public knowledge what happened on the 17th November, 1992. No point trying to hide it, may as well resign buddy.
  5. Hmm. Ash pondered. Well, I am not a Herald, nor a Nephilim, and I do not worship Azdromoth, so.. am I still allowed in?
  6. So, he knew. He'd know, or at least suspected all along. Why hadn't he gotten angry? Why, Remon asked himself, had he not gotten angry with Alucard? Not once? Because, Alucard, you were my son. That was always the simple truth. Perhaps not biologically, but.. informally. I would have died for you, Alucard, and you think to die for me? He sobbed, collapsing to his knees, shakily picking up and looking at the second letter. . . . A shudder. Fear, anger, frustration, tragedy, all sparked a piece of paper. Also consideration. Suspicion. If Bezaleel could control bodies, then the 'suicide' of Alucard, the notes, the manipulation.. This. . .felt planned. And his anger, his desire for revenge grew.
  7. Remon stared at the note in his hand. Also, Remon is locked in my basement. Sorry. Well, not anymore. Alucard, in his final moments, had been extremely foolish if he had thought that mere chains would keep him locked away. But what point was there in escaping now? What had he gained? All that was left in the outside world was his trials, Bezaleel, the disappointment and anger of the An-Gho, and the knowledge that he had not succeeded. No, he had failed quite miserably in the task the An-Gho had set him.. Keep Alucard safe. Do not let him die, and do not let him fall to Oblivion. But Alucard was not safe. He'd been damned to a fate worse then death, and he'd now spend an eternity in Oblivion, leaving Remon with no room for redemption. And without redemption, there could be no salvation. No. He would not accept this. There were means, ways, methods of reviving people. The same had been done to him.. Only this time, there was a condition. It would be done without Bezaleel. And, though he feared the punishment he could face, he knew that spurning the being was not enough. Bezaleel had to die. He would have his revenge. That was his promise.
  8. How.. interesting. The elf tore the missive into pieces, grinding the forbidden paper into the dirt, fearful glances cast about him. But not important, of course! He laughed nervously to the wind, but it gave no answer, so he continued on his way.
  9. Mostly, I'm thankful for the experience, for the story and for the friends. I've met some wonderful people here and had tons of fun, and I am looking forwards to next year. Especially the new map :)
  10. opinions on pumpkin pie?
  11. satinkira

    A Warning

    Remon stumbled from town to town, demonic teeth tearing at him with his every waking move. The contract had been a mistake, he saw that now, but how to reverse it? No path that HE would permit, certainly. No possible path lay before him, and all he was confronted with was failure and servitude. Though, when had Salvation ever been achievable?
  12. post it? yes or no

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