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  1. satinkira


    I can agree with this, but it isn't always unhealthy to have an idea of where the eventline is on course to go - allowing at the same, of course, for change via interaction.
  2. satinkira


    Just for clarification - You'd put in place PK clauses in events? Do you refer to soft PKs (Where players are unable to return to the eventzone after dying) , or hard PKs?
  3. satinkira


    Just to preface, I'm not an ET member. This is by no means an official thread - it's just me being curious as to what people want. Hey. I'm currently working with a few friends on the creation of an eventline/evensite. I won't reveal much for now (schizo paranoia), but I just thought it worth asking - what do you want from event sites? What biomes do you want them in? Is there a specific genre of events you want to see more of? Do you prefer CRP or PvE? Do you prefer malleable eventlines or pre-determined storylines? Do you prefer Dungeon Quests, DND, or Grimdarkesque things? Do you prefer eventlines where singular players are singled out to be 'special', or ones where everyone is on about the same level? All of this is meant to provoke thought, and some feedback on what aesthetics/mechanics/storylines you want for events would certainly be helpful. Thanks. also, dear god, if anyone can worldpaint, please, please, DM me. god. I need someone who can worldpaint and is willing to work for free on a passion project. I'm poor, I don't have any money.
  4. [!] On noticeboards, walls, windowsills, doorsteps - a missive was left. To those who would steal the tome of the Prophet from Tor-Azdroth; You've a day to return the book. No punishment will be exacted upon you - IF you return the book. I hope, whoever you are, that have no ill-will. Promptly give back the book, and learn the lesson - not all things of mystery are to be retrieved, examined upon. Permit this book to collect dust. However, if you intend to keep the book despite our warning, know this; you steal from the dead. You desecrate a memorial, a place of solemn remembrance. This injustice will not go unchecked, whether it take a day, a year, or a millenia. We will punish you for this sin. I serve to protect the Descendants, but for you, thief - I will break my oath. This is a warning. Heed it. Return the Book.
  5. "Prophet of flame.." An elf pondered over a stone idol. "Even in Sleep, you command us."
  6. "Ahh. . ." Weary hands brushed over the parchment, and the voice of the Ash-Knight rung out across empty forest. "Tricked the Pontiff? Perhaps I was mistaken.. perhaps the Pontiff is just another man, for he seems capable of lies and deceit despite his Holy nature." A wheezed chuckle, and then - a small admission. "But that men should be persecuted for their belief in our Father is distressing. Most vain of those of Horen, who even now, we battle to protect.." "For they worship God, and expect Salvation in return - an entirely foolish form of worship, not least because in worshipping God, they worship themselves and each other. For all are God. Especially those of Horen." "But I ramble."
  7. changes that are made are listed here sorta monthly - but people aren't obligated to keep up with them to do magic rp. barely anyone who rps magic or supernatural shit keeps up with all of the changes. not that they can't, but it's just that they aren't bothered. people can give a shit abt lore without keeping up with the changes I fear I may be shadowboxing
  8. this simply isn't true though, it's an incorrect stereotype if you don't read lore how can you tell when it changes
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