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  1. Zachary Calding II raises an eyebrow. "Did.. Did the Irehearts just call Du Loc warmongering?"
  2. Can't wait for self teaching altars, seeing as I've found four of them. What are you going to do to prevent these mechanics being weaponised, basically? I can't imagine a gang of peasants who'd all used the self teaching altar simultaneously beaning me with fireballs. There has to be a level of difficulty and danger beyond parkour.
  3. A Reunion With Blood The Boy sat in the darkness of the cave, water slowly dripping next to him. He had a lot to think about. He could hear the chaos above, people screaming and staggering, collapsing.. he could hear Delra and Patricia leaving the cells, scampering up the staircase to freedom. And somewhere.. somewhere, Tirilith lurked. That one was someone to keep an eye on. Not that he could be manipulated, or anything.. but he was far too good at combat to be left alone. He had to be dealt with.. because the plan was moving ahead, except now there was a poltergeist and the entire underground except for him seemed to be pitch drunk. He had no idea if Zach was being brought back to Rozania, or if Eliza, or Brawly or anyone. All he had in his grasp was Delra. And that, he thought, was enough. @Pinks + @ohbother1 Delra ran out into the sunlight, Patricia following, invisible. They came across the crowd, stumbling, seemingly pitch drunk. Nadia emerges from the cave, looking upon the same thing. . till a voice called out from the roof. Personally, I prefer them this way. Shows them for what they truly are. Tirilith hopped down from the roof, grinning ear to ear. Delra, you're going to kill every single one of them, or I'll kill Patricia. WHAT- Shut UP, Patricia. You have no say in this, you never did. But just then, Dante seemingly appears from no where, tapping Tirilith lightly on the shoulder. Where's the party? Taevas whips around, staring at Dante. You.. you're dead! As are you, it seems. But I'm glad you're holding a party. Didn't realise we could do that. Why are you so happy? You're.. when I last met you, you were chasing that cult near Sedan. Dante, they flayed you alive, I saw, I WATCHED YOU DIE in Peralien's arms. Then, something quite unexpected happened. Tirilith started to cry, and hugged Dante with tears in his eyes. You were always the over-achiever, you little bastard. Welcome back. @gurlpirate + @Tk4522 Eliza clung on, swinging herself onto the ledge. Behind the slug, she could see outside light.. but there was a more immediate problem, namely a giant slug. Brawly leapt down, striking true and firm- but his weapon was grabbed by something obscured in the darkness. A horrible buzzing sound filled the air, as Brawly was carried away by the giant insect! Meanwhile, The Slug leapt at Eliza, seeking to grab her arm. She turns around, too late- but The Girl shoves her out of the way, giving her an annoyed look. She then jumps onto the back of the thing, seeking to stab at the thing. There's a horrible crunch as the monster slams backwards, causing The Girl to quite literally splat again the wall, her blood and guts flying across the room. . . .Oh. Brawly's spear falls to her feet with a clatter. She can hear the buzzing of the insect far off in the distance. The Slug turns to face her, baring it's teeth.. until five men, bearing large Warhammers, slide into the cave. Roaring, they set upon the slug. And all but one fall to it. One has his head bitten off. The other is also crushed against a wall. One lands a hit, but is flung against the side of the wall by it's powerful tail. One's arm is crushed by the creature's maw, blood spurting everywhere, some flecking across Eliza's face. The final one brings down his hammer with a mighty yell upon the creatures head. It screams, devastatingly loud.. but it falls all the same. Blood trickles from Eliza's and the man's ears. She can't hear a thing. Neither can the man. It seems that the screech has rendered them both temporarily deaf. Brawly looked up at the creature, shoving his spear.. but seemingly unable to move it. The creature's grip is too strong. He looks down, seeing the cold water below.. He pulls out his shield. He bashes the things legs with it, and it drops him with a screech. He tumbles into the river, and is soon swept away. Brawly is almost instantly swept out into the cold air. It seems that he was nearing the end of the cave system, anyways. He looks around, seeing only the white slate. Trying to re enter the cave would be.. difficult, to say the least. He can see smoke, far off in the distance. Eliza has his spear. It'd be around.. a days walk to the nearest city. His instinct would be to save Eliza, but in all probability, she's likely already dead. What now?
  4. Taevas slams his hands against the arm rests of his wheelchair, causing several people to glance over concernedly. "I'VE TOLD EVERYONE! EVERYONE WHO ASKS! I'M NOT A FUC- flipping SLAVE! HOW MANY TIMES!" He wheels out of the tavern in quite a state, resolving to listen to a music disc to calm him down.
  5. Taevas squints. "Wait. So Ivarielle never actually contradicted Braxus.. what is this council doing? I'm not a bloody slave."
  6. Beast Hear me now, all those of Rozania! The crowd turned away from the wreckage of the gate, looking for the source of the call. You have suffered because of your lack of religion. How can anything thrive without a GOD? Several people chuckled. Religion caused more problems then it solved. Canonism was the wrong choice to make. A quick pause. See now, your King. The Boy was thrown forward from a rooftop. He fell onto the ground with a thump, unconscious, not reacting to his fall. Hisses. How dare you? We'll make you pay for this! A resounding chuckle rolled through Rozania. Not a shred of aurum, slayersteel.. anything. How will you do that? One of the folk suddenly screamed, stumbling to the side, clutching his head. Defy me, and that is the fate of every single person here. Every one of you. No exceptions. Now, there was silence.. until The Steward chuckled. You sound confident, yet you forget that I possess an aurum weapon. What will you do? Tirilith shrugged. Like this. And the whole of Rozania, all those who lived underground, suddenly lost their balance.. strange visions plagued their vision, and they groaned. I feel.. ill. The Boy woke, sneaking off. @Pinks Patricia sat with Delra in the cold, dark cell. A blue hue surrounded Patricia, her gaze still saddened by the actions of her brother. A clang by the entrance signalled The Boy's entrance. He glanced outside, before quickly unsheathing Delra's slayersteel dagger, slashing the lock to pieces. The door swung open, and he tossed Delra's dagger back to her. He gave Patricia a glance, before sprinting out. What does he want? He confuses me.. so much. @gurlpirate Eliza soon clung onto a jagged rock. She managed to pull herself onto a ledge, The Girl clinging onto her leg, also being pulled up. Both of them could see rotting corpses all around them, strange.. holes in them, areas where they'd clearly been stabbed by something. Arms were crushed, and chests were simply.. gone - A horrific screeching deafened the pair, as a giant, disgusting looking slug glided down to the pair, maw filled with sharp teeth agape! The Girl covered her ears, trickles of blood leaking from both of their ears.. @Tk4522 Brawly was soon distracted by the horrific screeching coming from the cavern. If he'd encountered one before, he'd recognise the scream as a Cave Leech! The men quickly rose. The hell was that? They all clung to their furs, jumping straight into the river, seemingly forgetting their own safety! Zach groaned, stumbling to his feet. . . .You should probably help Eliza. I'm certainly not going anywhere. @ohbother1 Nadia slides into the tunnel, Peralien closely following. Upon inspection, they find the hole blocked with corpses. After shifting them to the side, they see sunlight.. They climb into the city, and come across The Boy who stares at them, before motioning to follow, leaping across rooftops. Do they follow? Dante taps Tirilith on the shoulder. Happy Birthday- Then silence.
  7. [!] Below, a sloppily written note in Nor'Asath, in hopes that it reaches Ilira! Dear mom, I have to leave the family. I'm really sorry. I'm really, really, really sorry. I feel like I've just been a thorn in your side for too long. I keep on getting myself injured, and giving you panic attacks. I lost my legs; I don't want it to be on your shoulders when I lose my head somehow. You adopted me when I thought that my mom was dead, but now she's not, so I'm going back to her. I'm sorry. Also the fact that I like Haelun'or leads to constant arguments in Nor'Asath, so I'm not going back. I don't like it there. It's annoying, and Sevrel is an.. idiot. Don't tell Netseth. I hate him, and he hates me. He's an annoying person. Or Sevrel. I hate him too. I'm going to find a dragon. I'll come back with one, I promise. I'll fly back with a dragon and I'll let you ride on it as well. It'll be called Mushroom, since I like mushrooms. (You owe me a flower crown.) -Taevas/Yavonna/ChildTea
  8. This is incredibly based, love it
  9. A cynical cripple inspects the missive, mouth drawn into a saddened frown. "And then they wonder why Haelun'or dislikes outsiders."
  10. The Flow He's left us to die! Ay, I always knew he would. Tricksy little bastard.. it was a mistake to make a boy king. The crowd murmured in agreement. It's been days! Where's the food he promised? He said he'd bring us Zach's head! Where's the King? The Steward tried to speak over. HE'LL BE BACK. HE ALWAYS IS! YOU SAID THAT LAST TIME! What if he's dead? WHERE'S MY SON? He promised food! Food! There was a loud rumbling overhead as the cleared away rocks fell from the net, completely blocking the exit out of Rozania. What was that? What's going on? Was that the net gates? The Steward glanced at the crowd, before rushing out of the underground, the crowd following.. @Tk4522 The Men regarded Brawly. So be it. The leader sat down, coughing into his arm slightly. He pulled out a pack of playing cards, tossing them to the others. He observed Zach. Zach's arm had been bitten out of, the blood seeping out of his arm rapidly. Will he survive? How long will you take? But the group hears a horrific screeching coming from down the cave.. and oddly, the sound of gushing water. @gurlpirate Eliza opens her mouth, but no words come out. Instead, she sees a crack behind the girl in the wall, water starting to pour through. The cave wall breaks, and water flows out.. there must be a river behind it of some sort. Water openly flows through, washing Eliza and The Girl down, down, deeper into the cave tunnels.. @ohbother1 + @LemonsMyth Dante runs towards the fighting pair, but the gate collapses, sealing off the only obvious entrance to Rozania! He glances back to Peralien and Nadia. . . .what now?
  11. The Boy yelps as the knife grazes his throat, drawing a small amount of blood. He scampers back, retreating. Ow! He staggers slightly, groaning. For Trigon's sake.. He shakes himself slightly, before lunging at Delra. But as she slashes at his approaching figure, a hand seemingly.. grows from the air, grabbing her arm weakly, pulling it away just long enough for The Boy to slam into her! Patricia Calding reveals herself. Ectoplasm moves through her arm, before she slams her hand into Delra's head. Everything goes black. Who are you?
  12. The Poor The Boy lies in the dungeon, mumbling incoherently to himself. I don't want to be here. There's no lock on the door, I could just leave.. He stares at the unlocked door. But I'd die. I'd be killed by Zach, Brawly, whoever.. Tirilith floats down the staircase, eyeing The Boy with.. apprehension. Delra is at the gate. The Boy does not respond. She killed Nathaniel, according to you. No response. You're going to kill her for me. The Boy finally looks at Tirilith's now red visage, a savage disdain on his face. How old are you? I'm not going to tell you. I can find out, you know. I can do what I did before, so many times. It's why you're still here. The Boy says nothing. You're afraid of death. A light snarl. A warning. Tirilith plows on, regardless, smirking. You're so afraid of death that you'd kill for it.. which is what got you into your seat of power, isn't it? The Boy stands. You murdered your political opponents all to become the King of Rozania, and yet here you are. Not very befitting for a King. The Boy walks to the bars. Stop talking, you waste of luck. Can't believe that out of everyone who died, it was you and one other who survived. Tirilith grabs The Boy's head, a savage look upon his visage. You're going to kill Delra. The Boy giggles. Not likely. Ectoplasm starts to shift through Tirilith's arm, slowly seeping into The Boy's head. He screams, trying to wrench away, but Tirilith holds firm. And The Boy sees illusions, horrific visions of himself dying over, and over, and over again. His liver ripped out.. he sees his organs spilling onto the floor. He stumbles away, only to fall into a pit of vipers. He watches as his arms are torn to shreds, red hot poison seemingly filling his body.. he screams, and all the while, a statement is repeated in a horrific, savage way. It sounds more like a demon then Tirilith. Y̵̧̡̦̬̮̥̰͙͇̖͚̲̳̫̩̠̖̣̫͉͈̥͖͖̥̥̯̯͖̣̫̻̠̮͖̟̝̼̤̠̯̻̘̻͚̓̈́̈̊͆͐̀͗͐̋̊͊͗̏͐̒̑͂̋͗̇͜͝͠͝ͅͅő̶̡̢̨̡̞̱̱̙͓͖͖͚̺̝͍̦̖̘̙̹̩͇́̌̋̌͛͌̾͒͊̍̋̋͊̔̃̊̇͋̾̐̏̑̓͒̎̄̌̊̀̚̚̚͝͝͝ư̴̢̡̢̡̨͈̞͉͚̩̬̭͇̪̱̦̖̥̞̭͉̼̲̜̙̮͚̫̙͇͍̝̩̩͕͔̥̭̳̻͈̬͚̗̅͐͗͊̈̾̑́͑̃̓͗̀̒̉̽͋̾̑̄̈́̊̓̀͗̓͛̊̌̆̆̓̅̂̆͒̿́̎̆̿͋͌̕͜͜͠͝͝͝ͅ'̵̨̧̢̘͖̮̖̳̤͎͕͉̳̬̜̯̥͙̞̻͉̳͖͎̙̉̃̈́̂̈́́̍̌̑̄̽͂̌̑͛̋͆͐͑͑͗̓̈̇̽͌̑̄̑͝͠r̵̢̢̨̢̞͓̙̹̞̝̼̣͈̺̣̻̞͙̙͖̓̏̊̓̌͝ͅḙ̴̡̢̛̛̛̛̜̜͚̹̎̊̋̏̀͂̀̋̿̑̈̽͒̇̑́̀̈̉̆̃͂͛͐́͘͠͝͝͝͠͝ ̵̢̛̯͍̻̠͇̩̱͓̟̓͛́̍̀͑̄̉̃͛͂̓̅̓͝g̴̛̛̜̘̫̥̱͇̦̹͕͔̬̬̩̼͇͍̯͔̼̹͍̮̲͙̩̠̠̺̮͖̥͙̤͕̯̱̱̞͒̂̐̊̈́̅͂̽̒̋̄̆̐̄̈̀͌͒̎͒̅̏̑̎̊̌̊̒̋̐́̂͋̓͒̂̈̓͛̾̕̚͝͝͠͝͝ǫ̴̡̛̟͎̱̟͚͓̳̲͎̲͙̩̘̞̳̩̣̥̦̦̱̱̬̣͕̣͔͎̍̿̀́̈͆̐͊͊̿̂͋̚ͅȉ̸̧̡̨̢̢̢̡̨̼̮͕̥̙͚͙͕̹͙̱͈̼̥̘̻̲̹̙̞͉̹̪̺͈̲̹̘̙͔̻̐̆̉̾̊̈́͘͘n̸̛̤̪̻̪͙̻̄̓̀͗̒̽̈́͑̋̓̈̿̐̊̐̅̏̽̀́̀̿̔͗̇͊͆̐̀̏̐̌̔̕͘̕̚͘͝͝͠͠g̶̨̛͍͍̦̘̥̠̬̰̭͖̮̼̓͒̔͑́͑̅͜ ̷̡̡̢̫̰̻̖̗̟̞͔̘̺̹̩̲͉̲͓̤̜̟̞͚͈͙̻͈͈̠̣̹̬̻̲̻̰͎̹͉̯̫̯͓̼̙̀̏̑͗̓͐̈̿̍̀͜͜ͅẗ̶̡̧̢͖̗͇̬͎̭̫͕̜̜̞͔̹͔̼̲͚̬̬̼͚̪̮̺̺̯̺̘̩͚̗̰̫͔͈̮̬̮͔́͑͆̋̚͜͜͝o̸̡̧̡͓̙̫͍͖̳̞̜̬̖̹̩̲͚̜̭̮̬̬͖̺̹̠͚̤̲͙̒͆̅̃̂͊͆̾̐̉̂͑͌̎̎̈́̔̀̂͌̾̈́̓̄͒̆̉͋̄͗̐̌̏̚̚͘͝͝͝͝ͅͅ ̶̧̰̩͚̭̙͍͔̬̖̫̩̦̲̺͑̓̀̓̈́̊́̒̽̌͊͆̄̄̈́̑́͗̆̉͗͆̿͒̓̈́̿̎̈͆̒̏̒͘͘̕͝͝͠͝k̶̢̨̡̢̨̻͇̹̻͓͔̙̭̻̦̪̰̮̥̝̱̺͍̹̲̟͖͍̞̰̯͇̚í̴̛̮̫͓̼̥͎̖̗̀͛̂̓̓͋͊̓͐̉̔̆͌͂͂̈́̄͐̀̋̈͗̾͆̄̋̿̌̑͑͛̎̑̋̾̋̽̋̌̔̆͐̚͝͝ľ̵̛̛̜̞͍̱̠͕̟̓̏̑̆̈́̆̎̈́̍́̽̀̈́̉̌̀̇̌̈̎̀̀͑̽̄́̌͋̇̇̎̍̅̓̊̒͘͘̕͝͝ļ̵̢̨̡̮̯̣͔̱̘̖͉̘͎͓̮̲͍̠̮̪͓̼͉̹͇̥̙͍͕̬̝͈̻̲͍̻̬͂̈́̎͌͒̅̐̇̆͆͂̐̚͜ͅͅ ̸̧̧̪̲̦̬͕͍̙͉̫̦̘̪͎̜͕̞̺͖̹̳̎̍̽͂̽̾̏̍́͗͋͜͜͜͝͠Ḑ̵̧̢̨̨̛̤͖͕̩̹̗̼͎̘̪͉̬̩̣̮̳͙͓̹͖̭̪̭̬̣͉͍̜̳̟̲̔̉̈́̂́̒́̑̈́̓́̒́̑̔̄̐̅́͂̄̿̊̅̄̃̋͌̓̐̋̍̋̍̈̓͗͌̅̆̀̐̈́̕̚͘̕͜͝ͅę̸̗̺̺͚̝̲̫̤͉̤̳̱̱̱̙͕̟͇̝̹̦͇͒̂̉l̵̡̛̠͈̺̮̲̰͓̬̤̥̤͉̟͍̳͕͔̙͗͑̉̅̊͊͒͂̽̈́͊̿̎̿̽͒͆̇̾̐̎̄̐̐̄̉̏̋̆͒̓̆͂̂̃͗̚̚͘̕͜͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅr̷̡̡̙̻̺̤̰̤̞̙̰̫̦͙͍͈̫̜̺̣̄̓͘͜ͅa̷̡̧̧̢̩͎͎̲̳̫̠̪̰̲̝̰̹͙͍̟̣̞͇̫̦̞̹͛́̿͒̃̔͛̈́͗̒̊͂͊͂̆̊̽͐͂̿̔̒̃͛́́͆͗̄̕͝.̸̨̢̨̛̛̭̦̻̪͍͉̯͍̥͎̘̭̗̮̤̟͎͙͙͖̜͕̆͌͗̄̽͐̿̔̾̓̒̌̈́̏͋̿̆͆̌̌̿͛́̓̚͘͝͝ͅ The illusions finally cease, and as he's released, The Boy tumbles to the ground, sobbing. All right.. All right.. I'll kill her.. Tirilith looks contemptuously at him. Just a boy. You will kill her, or you'll die instead. He throws the gate door open, leaving The Boy to complete his task. The Boy stumbles to his feet, staggering out of the room, a headache causing him considerable pain. @Pinks Delra stands at the entrance to Rozania. The rocks blocking the way in have seemingly been moved by something. Memories flood through her head; the good times, and the bad. But the bad times aren't over for Delra, as The Boy jumps down from a rooftop, moving towards Delra, shaking. Gotta kill you. I have to, otherwise I'll die. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry, actually. I have to do this. You don't understand. And he leaps at her, daemonsteel shortsword in hand, aiming for a swipe down Delra's shoulder. If successful, it'd cleave her arm clean off! @gurlpirate Eliza watched as The Girl tried to formulate a response.. it seemed that she could only speak in a whisper. She crawled towards Eliza, wincing as she did so . . .The Boy. The Boy, he did this to me.. I want to see him killed. Forever. A crazed look entered The Girl's face. Him and his Rozania.. I'll burn it, just like Xerxes did. You'll see. I'll eat everyone there. I'll rip off his fingers and make him watch as I eat them... @Tk4522 The men watched Brawly with some trepidation, two of them backing away until the leader decided to answer Brawly. You must be Brawly. Well, I'll tell you, Brawly. The poor folk in Rozania weren't affected by the fire.. at all. It couldn't spread through the cave entrance, see? So we poured into the city. We still live in Rozania, we've got our self our own King and everything.. The Boy. And our King views Eliza, the old Rozanians, as a threat.. if they were ever to discover what's happened to Rozania. So he wants to see Zach. And you're not going to stop us. @ohbother1 + @LemonsMyth The trio arrived at Rozania, but they did not see a blocked off exit.. they saw The Boy, a lithe figure, scruffy white hair and a thin look about him, engaging in combat with Delra! What did they do? Humours
  13. Arrival The Boy slept. Zach nodded weakly, staggering to his feet. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the flesh was partly hanging off his arm. The Girl made no movement. Zach gave The Girl an odd look. She was.. savage. Like those undead you read about in the stories. He staggered out. Brawly gave the girl one last look, before also taking his leave. Eliza narrowed her eyes at the girl, thoughts racing through her head, before turning to leave. There was a quiet scraping behind her. She whirled round, but The Girl had not moved. A finger was slowly scraping against the floor, the poor girl looking at Eliza with a pleading look in her one remaining eye. Her hand reached out to Eliza.. Brawly and Zach got to the cave exit, but found it blocked by five figures in furs, immense ferrum warhammers in hand. Are you Zach Calding? Zach weakly chuckled. Which one? Whichever one THIS - They held up the letter sent to Zach. - Was sent to. . . .Who's asking? The biggest of the lot, seemingly the leader, growled with impatience. Enough, boy. We trekked from Rozania to here just to retrieve who we're looking for. Are. You. That. Person. Boy? Zach coughed slightly, stumbling backwards, collapsing against the cave wall - the blood loss from his arm seemingly getting to him. The men turned to Brawly. We'll be taking the lad, unless you want to stop us. If that's the case, we'll take you too. @ohbother1 Dante nodded at the pair, before enthusiastically running off, forcing Peralien and Nadia to hurry to keep up. The trio set off to Rozania at a proper pace, eager to arrive.. Upon arriving, the three looked at the seemingly empty city from the gate. ANYONE HERE? The Boy woke.
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