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  1. Does anyone know how to get the first forum post? I have this one..


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      this is the oldest piece posted by Availer

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      I don't have the perms to see it

  2. so maybe a system where hunger is only lost if you're hit by a weapon - I'm sure the techies could figure something out I don't think I've ever seen a city conflict where it wasn't locked after ten minutes lol, people are afraid of being swarmed even though they're attacking a city Didn't your char get their face burned yesterday by a group of spooks in Haense very silly, though I can understand that excessive raiding can lead to cities dying.. out.. Rozania.......... ah good point yes, I've been in extensive contact with @Werew0lf seems that it's only locked if both parties agree to it surely that's.. fair like if you're going to attack a city where a large number of people live, you can expect to be swarmed - removing it would force people to actually be intelligent about how they do things instead of kidnapping someone right in the main square tho that's just my perspective you're making far too much sense for a boomer - also thx for explaining a few of em it is 12:49 PM, you will not gaslight me into sleeping Wasn't around back then lol, I wouldn't know - but if it did happen, it's a shame it doesn't happen anymore
  3. I've noticed that there's a couple of cities where you can't hear people shouting from the gates at the main RP hub, e.g square - please don't design the city like that also why does hunger exist, please do away with it unless you take damage from a sword - it makes traversing mountains difficult and I don't want to have to do /vote because I'm lazy. what purpose does it even serve lol no one rp's starving to death on their own on a far out road only made so people could spend 10 minutes getting to inactive RP hugbox #91 without getting lost because the map is too big also why can't screamingdingo do my mom - yet conversely, why is he constantly doing her why do I travel for ten minutes without finding anyone or any sort of interaction site or any kind of RP at all, what even is the Almaris road design why is CRP locked after ten minutes wtf why can't guards join in that makes no sense why is it that spooks and CA's do almost all of the villainy rp?? there shouldn't be such a stigma around creating good villainy roleplay like fr I want to see some psychopath rp - though I could be missing it since I avoid cities also why are all the NL's really good rulers irply? (or at least act like it) like that's low-key uninteresting, give me a fat king who neglects the kingdom - oh wait, we can't neglect the kingdom because activity numbers ahahaha also what happened to all the raids also like uh why is there an attachment limit on the forums, I want to paste in fancy images without having to do it in some roundabout way
  4. The Page wandered the hollow, hearing of the news through a drunken pair who had been kicked out of the nearby tavern. I will say… that, I did not expect - though I have been out of the loop.
  5. The Page wandered the Hollow; drawing, searching, exploring. He knew little of the blighted lands to the East, but.. no doubt he would show up sooner or later.
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