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  1. A Wanderer stirs, as she remarks "Blessed are we." She runs a hand over the Lorraine Cross that Mattia gifted to them, for a moment, before she falls back into slumber.
  2. A Wanderer remains unaware of this letter, as it was only addressed and sent to the Pontiff and her best friend Mattia.
  3. I think they should still be included on the Seer page, there is no reason not to, as it makes it easier for players to double check if they are compatible, rather than having to go back to Epiphyte page. All good gamer, pays to make sure everything is all in order.
  4. "Surely them being given the moniker The Scholar is a grand jest, given they were unable to read through the Celia'norian records and deduce that a 'Jylie' is not an official Representative of the Celia'nor Government." A Wanderer remarks "More idiots blabbing on and complaining because they're incapable of any meaningful action, I hope they're swallowed by the Chaos that is unleashed upon the word." She then puts on some googles over her eyes, as she goes back to Alchemy in a private location
  5. A Wanderer was pushed to breaking..
  6. A Wanderer already struggling to sleep awakens in terror from this vision once it pasts, her breathing quickens as tears stream down her features in cut off sobs, a book finds itself in hand, as she tortures her waking with the drawings she once made, something she found eerily familiar...
  7. A Wanderer could not help be amused at what she read, her worn mind thinking of all that will unfold, from the chaos invited into the world, and so she sung in private.. "The world of Descendants is etched with silent deceit, Whipsers of forgotten falsehoods sow discord among kin, And yet the Wheel keeps turning~"
  8. A Blackened Orb vanishes from her grasp, as she comes to a stand..
  9. "Penance through Purity.." Muttered a Wanderer when she was struck in catatonic state
  10. Music She couldn’t bear it, all that happened over the last weeks of her life, she was pushed to breaking point. A Demon set out for her, born of an old friend with memories robbed, twisted into a vile beast, determined for whatever suffering it had in store for her. A failed attempt to save Luthien trapped in the Frozen North as she attempted to contend against unnatural forces beyond her. This past Elven week has been naught but running, and running because she was simply cowardly, weak, broken, tired, lost. She wandered between destinations aimlessly, within the Southern Lands, as she stewed in thought. She saw it, didn’t she, or did she? She knows certain revealed in her attempt to determine who or what this Harrower was, and a terrible voice spoke, ringing through her ears “I.. will.. Come.. for all..” Then following was that terrible flurry of Black Hands that reached out, in an attempt to rend the flesh from her face before she awoken from the vision. All she could think about was what she was writing when Aeolus came to her a long time ago.. The amalgamation of voices spoke to me, as a wave of black hands rushed to me in that horrible dark.. You will hear a song so loud, that silence is all you will perceive, You will listen to the sentence already passed upon you, You will see an account of your darkest moments, You will witness the wound that bleeds darkness, You will feel the ruinous dark lay stain on your soul, You will experience the sorrow of those you failed to save. A Stranger Watches all. The Wheel keeps turning. Death will not spare you. YOUR FATE IS SEALED ONE QUESTION REMAINS YOU’VE ONE FUTURE ONE QUESTION REMAINS CAN YOU REALLY SAVE THEM ALL? Her breathing quickens, within the woods of Urguan, she fell to her hands and knees in a panic attack, her eyes well and that right hand of her trembles so terribly, but the fear was overwhelming.. Fear of what was to come.. The banners looked so oddly familiar, to something she tried to draw, her greatest fear of being left alone when everything around her crumbled.. THE END OF ALL The woman cradled herself in her sorrow, as a light rain patters down upon her form, as she prays to the Beyond, prays to whatever might hear her, whatever granted her to be among the Blessed Blind “I submit myself to you again.. Let death overtake this self, and allow me to be reborn once more, with grand revelation so I might fight back this terrible darkness.” And so once more, despite how difficult it was with a trembling hand, she veiled her eyes again with fabric..
  11. A Wanderer took comfort in the South, after a failed attempt of saving the woman in question, teary eyes from her own unfortunate circumstances that had unfolded, but she felt one good action deserved another.. She knelt upon the ground, and out from the thin air, a blacken orb formed.. A dream was sent forth to that unfortunate soul, entrapped in the frozen North.. In that Limbo between dreams a voice echoes as it spoke "Child of the Stars, who is ensnared by vile shadows. Fear not, for I am watchful. I offer this comfort, to set ease to your torment, remain steadfast." Vivid dream was followed by the silencing of the voice.. Luthien then felt herself against a field of grass, their blades comforting and soft against her form, as a gentle breeze rolls over, as a sun rests on the horizon to set, its warm light beams down upon where she found herself, an endless Meadow. Few clouds dotted that sky, as it was painted a warm orange. A peaceful haven in this dreaming, compared to her waking. Clear warm air fills her lungs, as she could dwell in this dream, until she next awoken.. And when that happened, the smell of Embers fill her nostrils, to herald what would come.. Then that Wanderer let that Blacken Orb fade into nothingness as she took heavy breaths like instructed before.. She had to remain steadfast herself, to endure the suffering she would face ahead and pray she was strong enough to save them all..
  12. A Mali's Silver Hair whips in the air as a horse's hooves beat against the ground carrying her off, a hand nursing a wound as she thinks how to free those captured.. If circumstance would permit..
  13. Made the color changes, also leaving the changes bold too. Honestly, I was just reading Sunlit Spear because it is the only spell Paladins exist for :3 (We stan rukio13) One day :)
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