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  1. That Wanderer made her way into a private room, as a bag followed behind her. Ideas ruminate in her mind, of all the experiences she stood witness to, how strange and humorous existence was to her. The bag thumped onto the floor, as she looked idly over the empty room. An avid imagination, clashed with vivid imagery she has watched or divined by choice or by happenstance. She begins to set up an easel, in the private abode, so no mortal eyes might pry. She removes her gloves, and stains the side of her hand in ink, as paper made its way onto the easel's rest. She begins to pat the paper canvas, as her tired eyes stare. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to laugh, she wanted to love, she wanted to hate. Such a paradox she'd managed to let fester in her thoughts and soul. She looks over what she done so far, and found it acceptable, as she takes a pencil in hand and begin to put lines to the canvas, swiftly done, as she desperately pushes dark reflections aside, a single question protruding her thoughts "Where does the material and immaterial truths begin, where does the dreams begin, where was the line, where did it end?" The Sketch was finished, and so she began the final stretch of her creation, and applied thin layers of a dark oil paint over her sketch, and it was finished. Her clean hand reaches up, as it began to uncurl fingers to fervently scratch and scratch at her eyes, until that arm grew tired and dropped to her side, idle eyes over the canvas, her expression blank until tiredness overcame her, and simply slept on the floorboards below.. Her last lingering thought was of that subject of her drawing, was it a lie? or was it truth.. THE UNRAVELER?
  2. The Wanderer from Afar gazed over the paper hidden away, searching to see if her name was included, she was safe.. For now.. Though the introduction of the paper for Celia'nor brought her some spark of joy, one of the many steps to further Celia'nor she thought.
  3. The Wanderer from Afar wanders past the missive, though happy for the Celian people to have more housing.
  4. Laerdya after reading the missive in private remarks "Can't be Kin slaying if you aren't our Kin, 'Aheral would never submit their freedoms and themselves to any other race. Ironic that they say all rise for the Motherland, when they barely can, I recall how our numbers far out weight theirs, though I might wonder where those that resisted Ivarielle in the past are now? Or perhaps they realized how foolish the Republic movement was after they willingly submitted to the Uruks. I might add that the insults are well earned, given Haelun'or has seeming done nothing with some of the degenerate members that dwell within their city, I can only see this as endorsement for the behavior they constantly rally against to those outside their circles, yet when it happens in their own ranks they turn a blind eye because of how desperate they are.." "Irrelevant, pathetic, and impotent.. Seems to be how Haelun'or is these days, while we constantly grow and grow, they still can't let us go despite the fact we left them to their own fate and doing, obsessed with us because we are everything they wish to be. Perhaps.." she trails off into her thoughts.
  5. An Elf from the time around Arcas happened upon the missive in her travels, a cheeky smirk upon her features as the name brought back good, bad, and painful memories.
  6. "If only they could fight at least as well as they can.." she trails off, reading over some parts of the missive "Lie, it would seem. Though the Horde likely doesn't understand our pragmatic approach, what is there to gain by warring Krugmar, when they were the ones who attacked us first? Though ironic they call us those who associate with the dark, when a curse spread through Krugmar in which causes the Descendants to turn to Blood.." she pauses before simply commenting "Insignificant, as usual from these half-wits who don't even take time to learn the basics of what they talk about." and with that, she carried on to Court in Celia'nor.
  7. A white haired woman sharpening a blade comments "Funny that they were the ones to attack us and all we merely did was defend our homeland as they attempted to break into our city, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that those who claim to be the pinnacle of honor are in fact honourless given our interactions with the pinnacle of purity being Haelun'or that easily bent the knee when it suits them despite their prior resistance to other leadership, suppose maybe that is why they're good allies? But curious the Orcs 'left' when most of them are feeding the Woodlands around Celia'nor." she then remarked with a smirk.
  8. "Perhaps she ought to actually speak with Ivarielle than run her mouth on topics she clearly knows nothing about, guessing the reasoning behind certain actions or words, though it is so much easier to make up lies to tear down others, constantly have we in Celia'nor toiled away at building our homeland up, and progress more and more, compared to those degenerate, impotent Republicans." A woman bitterly comments
  9. "It is interesting to hear those Uruks who dabble in dark attempt to fight against us, Celia'nor, a burning light. We will guide the way, and carve it through the broken bodies of degenerates, scum, and those who heed the heels of darkness." A blind woman comments with a short lived smirk at the news.
  10. Laerdya could only let out malicious laugh upon hearing the news "Serves them right for their inability to listen to anyone else, I knew Haelun'or would suffer, but they refused my grace." The woman would proceed to rant on before going about her business in the warm lands of Celia'nor.
  11. I feel like the only suggestion is maybe getting a friend to tag along or introduce you to new groups IRP, hopefully that helps.
  12. Alternative titles to this thread are.. Why LotCers are all on watchlists for engaging this server for more than a week Proof why LotCers should be locked up Reasons why LotCers should be told to face a wall
  13. Along with everything else you've stated, I've seen how you've acted behind closed doors, you give Kiwi shit for being a OOC plotter, yet I've seen DMs of you whining OOCly because you weren't getting what you wanted IRPly. We IRPly tried to adapt our ideas to better suit what you and the old player base wanted, however, you kicked a good chunk of the newly founded Celia'nor community out and basically tried labeling us all trolls who only wanted to destroy Haelun'or and basically try and misinform older players who only became active because you were telling them over Discord that Haelun'or was under threat. You actively took OOC steps in order to prevent an IRP take over. You tried to say you saved Haelun'or but you actively ignored the Ivarielle conflict and tried to hide behind rules that frankly didn't exist, I don't see how you saved it if you left it entirely vulnerable to being attacked by a threat that you tried to pass off as a 'bandit princess'. Not to mention you keep saying OOCly that this entire conflict is OOCly driven all because of one individual, Kiwi, you try also claiming it is also a Fennic plot, in an attempt to try box everyone into a singular group so you can justify not having to actually argue facts. I was one of the players involved at the end of Iverach's NL rule of Hnor, my main goal was to assist Haelun'or so my character could do w/e she felt fit and be protected, in something in a symbiote like relationship. I ended up leaving when I realized that Hnor was not going to survive under Iverach's helm as by pure inactivity and lack of caring of the active player base was the Nation suffering, thinking he was going to bring back all the old players for a new golden age of Haelun'or or something. I realized as a 'newer' player to the Hnor community and having zero connection to this older community I was going to have zero place in his idea so I left for Fenn to see what RP I could find, I encountered Ivarielle who had plans for Haelun'or before you even became NL. Unfortunately, given how the Haelun'or conflict unfolded, we correctly assumed that no one in Haelun'or was going to OOCly give up the city when you had become NL, which is why it started off hostile, I should also note you keep saying she had no involvement in Hnor but iirc she was involved during Caelria's era of Hnor. At no point, was my OOC intention to destroy Haelun'or's community, the way I saw it is given my character's development, she felt scorned, she tried offering your character advice, telling you to forgive Orinmon for example because she felt you would need fighters to defend Haelun'or, though you ignored her, and you also during a public meeting she attended called every Nation a snake. She thinks that Braxus is so stupid that it is dangerous for him to be left alive and in control of Haelun'or, given how a lot of the races are reflected by their Nation, if the High Elven Nation ends up getting hated for poor choice of words or is seen as week, it reflects on her, even if she wasn't going to be in Haelun'or. I had made a an IRP attempt to spy on Haelun'or to feed information to Ivarielle, but I ended up giving up as one day, me and many other supporters of Ivarielle were suddenly removed from the citizen doors and region from Haelun'or, and all I know from the situation was that the Discord that we were using at the time had the member list leaked, there was no IRP discovery at that time who and who wasn't loyal to Haelun'or or Ivarielle, just straight up metagaming. It is instances like these that I say encourage the very behavior you try and condemn of OOC plotting, as I mentioned in another post, there is no way to fight OOC interference IRPly, if you meta game me being a spy there is nothing I can do IRPly because you had gone out of your way to discover through OOC means IRP information and as I result I frankly do not trust you to act accordingly to RP. I also don't see your point regarding people not being involved with Haelun'or, this is basically a made up metric you came up with to determine if people are legitimate or not, as I said before to box people so you don't have to properly address the situation, if 'outsider' High Elves rallied behind Ivarielle/anyone else, it doesn't matter if they were in the past involved with Hnor or not, given that in a realistic situation, your character would had been executed along with many others when we first stormed Hnor in a warclaim and we likely could have held the city because you decided to not prepare for the conflict. Kiwi frankly wanted to remove some of the more nastier elements of the Haelun'or community, which you can not deny exist, yourself have essentially bullied Kiwi, trying to accuse her of being a cause of factionalism that was a threat to Hnor, yet you have the gall to go around DMing her friends to tell them not to be her minions and how you were going to wait until her and those associated to do something 'realllllly fucked' for great screenshot material so you could coup, and cementing that #girlboss was something that was happening IRP. I also don't see how Kiwi is relevant to the entire conflict being OOCly motivated, as she joined later on, I also don't see how in some regards the new Celia'nor group wanted to destroy the Hnor community, as you admitted yourself, Hnor was at 0.5% and dropping, when Ivarielle started her movement which would had been around this time, there frankly wasn't a community to destroy, only an inactive Nation, I just feel this is merely an attempt as I said, to box people into certain categories so you don't have to actually defend your position and to misinform people who weren't involved in the situation that had been going on for months and was relatively unknown up until Kiwi made her post and Haelun'or was stormed for control. Myself and many others haven't had great interactions with the Hnor playerbase, yourself have constantly engaged with Kiwi when she told you to stop, yet you kept going and start shit talking her in DMs, literally disgusting behavior you've accused her of, you're no better. I brought you a screenshot of one of your community members calling me mentally ill for zero reason and you've done nothing about it, I've IRPly come to you about a certain group/individual telling my character various times telling my female persona shouldn't wear clothing/pants as she shouldn't be ashamed to hide her form or something along those lines, you character refused to do anything IRP which I can understand, you needed their support, but I am unsure if any OOC action was taken regarding this behavior, as you opted to ignore my complaints in the past, you may clarify with me (or over this forum post) if any action was taken, but I can't tell given I was banned from the Hnor Discord. There is frankly so much to unpack with you and some members of the Hnor community it isn't funny and frankly it is tiring seeing you constantly try slander a new community and punish those who went against Haelun'or. I will agree with Rukio, and given my own experiences with you and Hnor, with what I've seen you say and do behind close doors, you are incredibly hateful, petty, and extremely toxic, you and others have a weird obsession with Kiwi being some evil master mind and saying some of the most bizarre things I could ever hear on LotC regarding a single individual, it is akin to the fringe political conspiracy theories about political figures, it is extremely unhealthy for this kind of thinking to take place over a Minecraft Roleplay server and only serves to generate more toxicity in the long run and further divide the player bases. It feels like your entire position and what you want the Hnor community to focus around is based hating on Kiwi at this point which is just dumb given you've already removed her from your community and she has moved on from Hnor along with many others. You couldn't do anything IRP about Ivarielle/Kiiwi/Celia'nor so I feel you've resorted to OOC means to destroy the Celia'nor Community. I will be refraining from any interaction if I can help it with you and Haelun'or as it stands, this entire conflict has been incredibly draining due to the amount of OOC that had been introduced by yourself in an attempt to OOCly protect Haelun'or from IRP consequence, be it from Iverach or prior leadership, or your own actions. I'd say good luck in what you do, but frankly I hope you step on a Lego with bare feet with how horrid you've been acting.
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