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  1. EINE WEINREICHE NACHT! A WINEFUL NIGHT! Issued by the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft in the year of our Lord 1977 "Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser, To all who read this missive, thou art cordially invited to partake in a TAVERN NIGHT! This revel shall be hosted at Reinmar’s cherished Drunken Maiden Tavern. A Tavern night was dealt requested by a Barclay herself saints days ago and thust we shall deliver one to be done! As is our custom, the night shall bear a theme, and this occasion's theme is none other than WINE! Behold, the Drunken Maiden doth find itself blessed with an overabundance of wine from the far reaches of Aevos. Verily, it hath become quite the vexation to store such a plethora of bottles. Therefore, we declare this Tavern Night to be dedicated to Wine, Wine, and yet more Wine! All who attend shall be entreated to purchase and savor at least one varietal of wine. There shall be Red Wines, Pink Wines, Purple, White, Off-White, Dark Blue – a veritable rainbow of wines to delight thy senses! Moreover, there shall be a blind wine tasting competition of three rounds! He or she who doth guess the most wines correctly shall be bestowed with a mysterious prize! Though wine shall be the star of the evening, fear not, for all other libations shall be readily available for those who desire them. Come, let us make merry and toast to the bounty of the vine! Drinks in attendance include, but are not limited to: Beer, Ale, Cider, Wine, Whiskey, Mead, Vodka, Rum, Elixir, Cocktails, & Various Nonalcohol beverages” Gute Reise, HERRIN DER GASTFREUNDSCHAFT of The Princess's Noble Council, TAVERN OWNER of the Drunken Maiden, 'Ms. E'
  2. IGN: AllenBUwURP NAME: Emma BuzhuizenPERSONA ID: 84927
  3. TAVERNENABEND: BLINDE VERKOSTUNG! TAVERN NIGHT: BLIND TASTE TESTING! Issued by the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft in the year of our Lord 1959 "Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser, Greetings to thee, the loyal readers! This missive heralds the forthcoming tavern night to be held at the esteemed Drunken Maiden in Minitz! However, mark ye well, for this tavern eve shall be centered around a special event. In brief, I find myself blessed with an abundance of ale in my newfound stock. Verily, I possess many duplicates that I am disposed to part with! Hence, I have devised a contest of blind tasting, wherein those who can discern the alcohol's type and its components shall sup for naught! There will be Seven rounds! Yet, for those who err in their judgement... they shall pay full fare for their libations. Yet, fear not, for 'tis not mandatory to partake in such revels to attend the tavern night! The tasting contest shall unfold upstairs, whilst the customary revelry of the tavern night shall thrive downstairs at the bar! As customary, younglings are welcome, as we boast an ample selection of non-inebriating beverages! All are bid to attend, and thou, dear reader, art encouraged to extend thine invitations! I eagerly await thy presence at this festive gathering! This shall take place on the Sun's smile of 17th, 1959." Gute Reise, HERRIN DER GASTFREUNDSCHAFT of The Noble Council, 'Ms. E'

  5. EIN WEITERER AUFSTOCK, EIN WEITERER TAVERNENABEND! ANOTHER RESTOCK, ANOTHER TAVERN NIGHT! Issued by the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft in the year of our Lord 1958 "Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser, Hail and well met! As the Owner of the Drunken Maiden, 'tis my great pleasure to proclaim a grand restocking of sundry Alcohol, libations, and victuals hailing from both the homely crafts of Minitz and the far-flung lands beyond! An anonymous benefactor hath graced the Drunken Maiden with a bounty of stock surpassing any aforeseen, coupled with barter and trade, thus swelling the Tavern of goods! Yet, amidst the mirth, I am mindful of the recent, sorrowful plights that hath befallen Kanunsberg and her environs. 'Tis in such times of woe that I deem it meet to offer some semblance of joy to the folk. Hence, I extend an invitation to all who readeth these words, yea, and to those specially bidden, to partake in an informal gathering at the Drunken Maiden. This event is no formal affair, nay, but a night of revelry amidst familiar company... and libations aplenty. Mayhap this missive findeth thee in good stead! To all who peruse these lines, thou art most welcome. Yet, I extend a personal summons to the following, for I am one true to my word and mindful of past commitments: -Elijah I of House Alessandria, And The Republic of Valenza -The House of Whitewood, Lord of the Marchdom of Lotusgrad The event shall be heald at The Drunken Maiden Tavern in Minitz, on the 18th of Sun's Smile! Drinks include, but are not limited too: Whiskey, Wine, Ale, Beer, Mead, Rum, Cider, Vodka, Mimosa, Coffee, Latte, Sparkling, Water, Lemonade, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Hot Coco, etc. Foods include but are not limited too: Laugenbrezeln Pretzels, Schweinshaxe Pork Knuckles, Bratwurst Sausages, Various Pie Types, Varuous Types of Breads, Various Types of Cakes, Fat Minitz Steak, Stew, Minitz Sandwich Supreme, Kringles, etc." Gute Reise, HERRIN DER GASTFREUNDSCHAFT of The Noble Council, 'Ms. E'
  6. -=- Let's be real .. we're all adults here, right? So .. We surely have had years of experience building little forts and fake houses outside as kids! So why not put that talent to good use and try to make the ultimate snow fort!? A competition will be held to figure out who is truly the best at manufacturing the best outcome in the snow! Once we figure out a champion .. We must test out for forts, yes? A snow ball fight will be held! If you get hit THREE times - you're out! Last person standing will win! Or if you're on a team, your team wins! How fun is that!?!? -=- MINITZ SNOW FORT MAKING! "Hallo Minitz .. Sooo .. I know we like just got raided and all .. And we like got Mass planned the same day as this but like.. Gott totally wants us to do this event! So let's do this! It'll be the ultimate snow fort competition! But those battle and building skills to good use in teams of two or more!!" Any times listed are in Saint's Time! December 8st 6 PM EST | Team Forging! There will be three teams participating in this event, who are on those teams are up to those who arrive! The minimum is two people per team .. no maximum! 6:30 PM EST | The Preparations.. Teams will go to their assigned territories and will be given their fort making supplies ... 6:40 PM EST | The Build Begins The teams begin constructing their domains ... 7:00 PM EST | The Judgening Three judges will judge each fort and vote on who they believe is best! 7:20 PM EST | The battle begins.. You may have won best fort.. but will you win in the snowball battle? A snowball fight will commence, and you may use your base as shelter! You may also raid and sneak into other bases! If you get hit with a snowball three time, you're out! Throwing snowballs will use basic combat rules, so focus on who you wanna hit and go for it! Last team standing WINS! .. yes you may use shields and other stuff to block the (snow)balls -=- REWARDS! "Okay so I know you men don't like to do things unless rewarded so yes yes there is like... rewards! Winners of the best fort will get 3 free drinks at the Drunken Maiden of their choice! and the uhhhmmm winners of the snowball fight get uhmmmm ... Bragging rights? I don't know.. maybe a house renovation? Maybe some Mina? I don't know okay!? Be grateful I'm even doing this for you guys!" - Planned and Organized by Lady "Miss. E"! Also known as the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft for the Princess's Council, Steward, Minitz Designer & Tavern-Owner!
  7. -=- As you enter the Drunken Maiden Tavern .. You can't help but see that some stools were missing! In addition, it appears some of the drinks were removed .. Where did they go!? While exploring, trying to find the answer to the situation, you eventually make your way downstairs. There, you see the drunken dispute resolution center (The fighting pit) was renovated to be a festive ice-skating rink that provided skates, drinks and even first-aid to those who need it! -=- MINITZ ICE-SKATING! "Hallo Minitz!! As stated on the calendar .. the first event of this month shall be ice-skating!! Stop by the tavern and come down stairs - there is where the fun will be happening!!" Any times listed are in Saint's Time! December 1st 6 PM EST | Ice-skating! The skating on ice will surely be a sight to see! The event will start at 6 PM EST 6:30 PM EST | The eating-contest! The pie-eating contest was quite popular at Herbstfest! Why not have another? The food of choice will be announced at the event! 7:30 | Finale The end of the event! A small wrap up of things and perhaps an announcement of what's to come! -=- ICE-SKATES! "You ... uhm, didn't expect me NOT to provide ice-skates, right? Since when the hell does- sorry i shouldn't use that word! Since when in the.. WORLD does Minitz go ice-skating?! OBVIOUSLY I have ice-skates to give you guys.. yeesh, here!" Skates are below! - Planned and Organized by Lady "Miss. E"! Also known as the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft for the Princess's Council, Steward, Minitz Designer & Tavern-Owner!
  8. -=- As you exit your residency within the Minitz gates .. You seem to be hit with a cold chill. One worse than the former autumn breeze, no, this was .. Different? As you step outside, your step is cushioned. Curious to what it is, you look down only to see a cold white powder below your feet. Stunned, you slowly crouch down .. Placing a hand into the substance- before you know it, it began to melt in the warmth of your hand. As if overnight .. There is no doubt as to what happened! An odd snow fall has come over Minitz! One that covered majority of region inside the gates .. But how could this be? Minitz has never been one to get snow, let alone to this degree! Not to mention .. it should not even be this season yet .. And why only did it only snow within the gates? One could only marvel at the cold whiteness covering Minitz, and wonder how this could have happened to begin with! Nonetheless, there is no point of complaining .. As what has come upon Minitz is surely there to stay til' the next spring to come! Or .. will it stay for that long? Only time can tell! Time to make the best of it while you can! -=- EVENT CALENDAR! "Hello - HALLO!! HALLO PEOPLE OF MINITZ!! It's me .. your Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft! - or.. Mistress of Hospitality! Let's make the best of this random and freak of nature of snow fall, yes? All events I have come up and or planned for this upcoming Saint's month are listed below! The exact times will be announced or added in once discussed! Thereeee's onnnnne event I'm going to have to speak to Roland about ..... So I'll have to get back to you guys on a date for that .. BUT THE REST SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO!! Any changes or well, erm, scratch that.. IF something is postponed.. Don't worry! You'll totally be announced specifically WHEN the event if happening!! Does - that make sense to everyone? Yes? SPLENDID!" Any times listed are in Saint's Time! December 1rd | Ice-skating! The skating on ice will surely be a sight to see! The people of Minitz will gather at Plaza to be brought to a certain location shown in person .. at said location a small event of interaction, ice-skating and hot cocoa will be served! A medic will also be on standby for anyone who gets injured! December 8th | The Ultimate Snow Fort Competiton ... And Snow Ball Fight Let's be real .. we're all adults here, right? So .. We surely have had years of experience building little forts and fake houses outside as kids! So why not put that talent to good use and try to make the ultimate snow fort!? A competition will be held to figure out who is truly the best at manufacturing the best outcome in the snow! Once we figure out a champion .. We must test out for forts, yes? A snow ball fight will be held! If you get hit THREE times - you're out! Last person standing will win! Or if you're on a team, your team wins! How fun is that!?!? TBD | Winter Training .. Put the snow to good use! A training day out in the snow and at the snowy workout training area will be held! You never know when skills learned during such will come to good use in battle! December 29th | An Exhange Of.. Gifts? Have any loved ones? Friends? Companions? Excellent! You may do your own private exchanges .. HOWEVER! Together as Minitz there will be an exchange in plaza hosted! But not just any exchange ,, A RANDOM EXCHANGE! THATS RIGHT!!! You thought this would be a sweet interaction? NO! THIS exchange will be one of chance!! How will this work you may ask? Everyone will bring ONE special item that's deemed wantable .. and not something stupid. Unless its stupidly wanted. This will go into a chest that is unlabeled! Then everyone will be given a number at random .. The person with number one gets to pick a chest at random first and will receive the item inside! Then number two will go, and so on. BUT THERES A TWIST! Let's say number two REALLY wants what number one just got ..? Instead of picking from a random chest, Number Two can steal Number One's gift, and Number One will have to pick a new gift! then Number Three will go.. | YOU MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IF YOU BROUGHT SOMETHING! N/A TBD - Whatever else is come up with! - Planned and Organized by Lady "Miss. E"! Also known as the Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft for the Princess's Council, Steward, & Tavern-Owner!
  9. THE AUTUMN FESTIVAL -=- As seasons change, and the trees start to turn .., a small chill and husk to the air falls upon Kanunsberg. To celebrate the new plaza and renovations brought to Minitz, along with the beautiful season of Autumn, the council’s new Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft has planned a Herbstfest full of activities, decor and moments to share for those who reside inside the Principality. -=- HERBSTFEST! All events will be taking place inside the Principality of Minitz, focusing around the vocal points of Plaza, The Drunken Maiden and back gate. (Times listed MAY change if need be!) (ALL DATES LISTED ARE IN SAINTS TIME!) Sun. Oct 22 Herbstfest beginning! | Reveal of decorations, Speech announcing the new Herrin Der Gastfreundschaft, speech announcing the festival, what it'll intel, etc | @ 6:00 PM EST, Minitz Capital - Plaza Stage Mon. Oct 23 - Tues. Oct 24 N/A | getting settled and used to the decor and upgrades Wed. Oct 25 Herbstfest Game Day | Activities such as Tug of war, Head dunking / get the apple and a Race will take place | @ 6:00 PM EST, Minitz Captain & Plaza Thur. Oct 26 N/A Fri. Oct 27 Herbstfest x Tavern Night! | Introducing the start of weekly Friday Tavern Nights. A pie eating competition, drinking contest and spar matches in the ‘Drunken Dispute Resolution Pit’ to finish the night off with | @ 6:00 PM EST, The Drunken Maiden Sat. Oct 28 The Conclusion of Herbstfest | End of Festival Speech, live (drunken) performances - volunteer based (drunken pure pressure), general gathering | @ 6:00 PM EST, Minitz Capital - Plaza Stage Wed. Oct 25 Herbstfest Game Day: Game workings & Explanation TUG OF WAR: Multiple rounds can happen! Depends on how well it goes. Two teams will be established, one on one side of the roleplayed out rope, one on the other. An order will them be established and rolls will be done. This is how that'll work: The first person on both sides will roll 20, whoever rolls higher - the rope will be pulled their way. Then the next two will roll, if the other team rolls higher, the rope will move back. And so on. If one side rolls higher consistently four times in a row, they win. Ms. E will be keeping track of who wins, and looses rolls, and will announce if one side wins or not (OPTIONAL) If the game grows long, and everyone has rolled. A final roll match will happen. First everyone on ONE team will rolls out of 20, and their rolls will be added up, then the other team will roll, theirs will be added. Whichever team rolls the highest - wins If this was confusing.. DON'T WORRY!! Ms. will be doing narration actions to assist the process APPLE BOBBING: Again, Ms. E will be supervising .. the way this works is simple! This will be seen as an easy game as it is not mandatory for others to participate, instead this will be apart of a break / chill time between the two majors games - The Tug Of War and The Race! Three people are needed to play this game. There are 20 apples in each barrel, you will roll out of 20 to see how many you get, then so will the others. Whoever rolls the highest wins, keeps the apples and gets free beer. The looser .. gets to be thrown inside of icey water filled barrel by the other two! Fun silly interaction after a game. If this was confusing.. DON'T WORRY!! Ms. E will be doing narration actions to assist the process RACE: A race around Minitz .. This will be the final event of the night! A path of redstone and signs will mark the course of with the race wil take through Minitz! Those participating will start at the front gate, a count down will ensue .. once its announced to go and a crossbow is fired, the race begins! Yes people can race dirty.. Punching people off route, hitting them, firing stuff, etc! Have fun with it! Whoever makes it around back to the front gate via following the course,, WINS! Fri. Oct 27 Herbstfest x Tavern Night! | Game Workings and Explanation PIE EATING COMPETITION: Multiple rounds can happen! People will line up at the bar counter, pie in front of them They can rp out getting ready, then roll out of 20. This will just to see how well they start off. After some more rp, they'll roll for the second time, again out of 20. Lastly, approaching the end, will be a final roll out of 20. Whoever’s three rolls adds the closest to 60, wins! The losers? Will be laughed. If this was confusing.. DON'T WORRY!! Ms. E will be doing narration actions to assist the process DRINKING COMPETITION: ONE LARGE BIG ASS ROUND! Everyone will be given glasses of beer (One item, you'll rp out drinking multiple) This isn't a matter of how much you can drink, its how much you can UNTIL you throw up or pass out! This will be a mix of RP and rolls, its up to you to realistically portray your character and how much they'll be able to handle.. However rolls will still be required. The rolls will be out of 10, and will happen at the start, middle and end of the drinking. It'll be how well they're taking the alcohol, and then up to you to determine how they're reacting and how much your character is being a trooper through it. If your character is to the point of like, throwing up / passing out, you may roll out of 10 to see if they're out or you may just rp it out. When we get to last final two people, it'll then be a roll off per drink .. The medic Ms. Violet Tea will be there to assist those who get a little too drunk or sick .. If this was confusing.. DON'T WORRY!! Ms. E will be doing narration actions to assist the process DRUNKEN DISPUTE RESOLUTION SPAR!: This will go on as long as those involved want Everyone will be drunk at this point, so why not end the night with some old fashion fighting? Those who want to participate will go downstairs to the bottom of the tavern to what Ms. E has titled the ‘The Drunken Dispute Resolution Center’.. Which is just a fighting pit. You'll fight in there, basic normal drunken spar! The medic Ms. Violet Tea will be there to assist those who get hurt .. she ALSO has the authority to stop a fight if it gets too intense.
  10. ayoooo welcome to lotc!

  11. AllenBUwU


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) Emma fluttered her eyelashes generously towards the older woman, then down at the cushion ahead of her. "..expecting me?" she questioned curiously, slowly taking a seat. She sat down on her side, hard to sit any other way with the dress and heels she was in. She's a high elf anyway! Must dress to impress, dress to show .. who she is, right? her left gloved hand laid flat on the floor, helping support herself up as she raised her free hand to her mouth. "My story .. my.. story?" Emma seemed quite confused by the question, actually she seemed confused overall by the situation she was in as a whole! "... Well I suppose an introduction wouldn't hurt no body, hm? My name is- Miss E. You may call me Miss E .. oh I suppose I'm not too old, perhaps young to some! I - .. fifty, I'm fifty years old now, gosh i feel like I could be ancient! isn't it funny, someone like myself so scared of aging? Despite it likely to not happen? Oh .. i know it technically can but for an elf like myself - .. gosh, I must be rambling, aren't I?" She waved her hand dismissively, it seems like this is the first time someone would fully listen to her in quite some time. the strawberry blonde pressed her lips together as she raised a hand to her necklace, fidgeting with it in her hand as she continued to speak, "My story.." - she repeated again, "I've always had quite the kick for music. Back home .. i began singing at a young age. I did well for myself based off that, in my little area some considered me perhaps a local celebrity!" Emma smiled as she thought about it, "I have an older brother, he'd always look out for me.. now in days I believe he runs some sort of - mm.. I want to say a tavern? A tavern ,.. something of the sorts. I'd sing sometimes for him at his little establishments when he was first starting off .. it was quite sweet actually-" She paused, looking up at the 'old hag' with a blank expression momentarily. "I don't have a normal story ma'am ill tell you that, if you're looking for me to tell you how great I am, how superior I am to .. some woof elf by a tree or - .. something! That isn't what you'll get! you hear me?! I'm - I'm my own living being! I don't ... mm .. my apologies. I don't know why I get like this .. I swear I've just been through my good fair share of experiences - many made me grateful for what I have as a high elf.. perhaps some that made me sympathize with those who are meant to be seen as below me." - "I met a boy when I was younger, when I was singing .. I thought he was quite handsome. We spoke for quite some time .. we got married young. Thats the quick version of it all anyway .. we were blessed! We were amazing for the first 'few' years or so! . . . I don't know how my parents let me marry that man so young. I don't know why no one saw the red flags or warning signs .. if a high elf, Youd never talk bad about another as they're the same species.. we're meant to be the higher species but oh, oh! How wrong could that be!? Every .. every mistake he made, no matter how awful and clearly intentional it was, everyone chalked it up to something else! something lighthearted! ANYTHING to make their fellow high elf to look great to keep the species reputation up!" It was blatantly obvious at this point Miss E. was getting riled up, rambling and ranting to this stranger .. perhaps it was something she just needed to do. "Young love .. I envy and am jealous of those who have it good .. those who marry young and meet their soulmate .. those who age far beyond fifty with their partner and have a family.. I wish I had that fantasy, but I didn't. My husband at the time was so protective of me in the wrong ways .. he assumed any male of any race, even one of our own, who spoke to me .. wanted me. it was a slow transition. Too me it was slow, anyway. After marrying him, after the first couple years I grew in popularity with my music. Humans seemed the most interested, so I preformed for such! My husband didn't like that. He'd show up to every concert, every venue .. every establishment and would cause some drama afterwards .. somehow I'd also be at fault at the end of it. It got worse with time, his behaviors shifted at home as well. Soon it wasn't just outbursts in public when i tried to preform, no,, no now it was random, constant, un .. un- what's the word? I .. you get it, don't you?" she looked up at the hag, a small huff escaped her lips. "I only recently escaped, ma'am. You'd think for an elf.. fifty years is young, isn't it? Yet, I feel like I could be in my three-hundreds.. those years with my husband were the longest years of my life.. and it scares me I still have so much more to live, as I fear it'll be just as long and straining as the ones I've had now already been. Being practically locked away, disconnected with it all .. before fifty? God. I hate how easy it is to pull a race card, how easy it is for people to look over the serious concerns just because they'd rather the majority too stay looking good." She balled her fists, biting the bottom portion of her lip. "I escaped at random, I couldn't do it anymore. Now that I was fifty .. I feared the worse. I'm at the age where I could start a family, and I wasn't going to start one locked away with that .. awful man. I'd never put no one in that position .. nor would I want a child to be in that life. So i left .. I ran, I ran all the way to my real home only to see my parents - oh my parents, they looked the same. They seemed - god! they seemed so un .. surprsed to see me!? They acted like I just saw them yesterday! I KNOW twenty years isn't a lot, I know for a fact it isnt. However it was so long for me .. and it hurt so bad seeing how everone was living their best lives, acting like I was gone for such a short amount of time .." Her eyes began to swell with tears, she adjusted herself to be sitting on her legs.. her hands clenching the dress fabric in her lap. "I'll admit, I yelled at my parents.. I sobbed, screamed and ranted and vented and blabbed in rage and emotion to them .. they looked horrified. not horrified of what I went through, more horrified of my appearance and tone I was using. I wasn't being very 'high elf like' if you could imagine .. tch! screw them! screw it all! I hate them for not knowing! I hate them for not caring more! I .. Hate that they genuinely were clueless.. I hate how they didn't question it .. I hate how it was nothing to them .. the time passed - I hate how long we live.. how I just started life technically yet my largest experience been this! God .. I remember when I left,. I rushed for hours trying to find my other brother. I missed him. He upgraded his little business .. he was so successful.. humans took quite a liking to his work, his food, his drinks.. I was proud of him. When I walked in the whole room froze, he was at the bar-like area cleaning a glass.. I watched him freeze, i watched the glass slowly slip from his hand and shatter on the floor as he stared at me. I then watched him jump the counter and hug me .. mm. everything from that point on was a blur, I fell asleep soon after. I was exhausted.. and relieved how my brother seemed to be the main one who cared. He knew me best, and he knew I wouldn't just casually go a some of twenty years no contact after i made a point to try to see him daily the years leading up to it!" She smiled as she got to this point, the near end of her story. "When I woke up .. a little boy stood over my bed. I knew who he was in an instant, he was a spitting image of my brother when he was a child. I don't know but I began to cry, I sat up and hugged my nephew so, so tightly. My brother must've heard my cries as he rushed in worried - then just stood in the doorway for a moment, babbling through tears to this little kid .. eventually my brother walked to the bed, sitting beside me as he began to introduce us properly. Gilbert - I laughed, that was the boys name. He was mixed .. I didn't care what other race he was mixed with at the time, nor do I care now. I love gilbert with all my heart, he's precious. I love his name as well, i love names that are just so .. human! I think my brother named him such because of me, as I too have a decently.. Human name. Emma. Emma Bukhuizen. I don't know ... why the name is this, actually. My parents CLEARLY being so high and mighty with their elf names.. yet they name me Emma? and where did we get Bukhuizen? Actually, pretend I didn't question that. I don't care, nor do I feel the need to know." She sighed, slowly starting to lift herself up from the cushion. "My apologies if this wasn't the story you wanted to hear, and my apologies if it wasn't very indepth .. But I feel as you got the story enough, yes?" She smiled, "Oh.. and please, don't tell others my name .. I like to go by Miss E. now. It gives me some .. security. Also hides the human-ish name, doesn't it?" Now fully standing, she patted off her green dress.
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