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  1. ~Otterville Arcade~ Play Games, Earn Tickets, Win Prizes! What is Otterville Arcade? A fully automated Redstone Arcade featuring 3 unique games and automatic ticket redemption! Owned, operated, and maintained by Otter! Location Currently spanning across Joseph's Gate 7, 9, and 11 in New Providence City! Game Showcase/Tutorials Claw Machine [[Tutorial below]] Desert Skeeball [[Tutorial below]] Haybale Archery Challenge [[Tutorial below]] Ticket Redemption Area [[Tutorial below on how to redeem tickets for prizes]] OOC Remarks
  2. Minto receives the missive from atop his mushroom home in Pinemaw "Oi'll have ta bring somet'in special meself ta trade!" the halfling exclaims as he hops off the rooftop to search through his belongings.
  3. In the upstairs 'Creation Station' workshop of Axilya's Artisan Emporium, a painting was created during a burst of creativity from a certain halfling. The same masterpiece painting now hangs on the walls of the Emporium-Teashop combo for all to see the awe of its glory.
  4. Otter reads the missive with much delight, happy the sister shop is finally officially opened. He looked forward to the many crafts and arts workshops that would be held, thinking of where he could showcase some of the visitor's works.
  5. A certain halfling frolics in the streets where dead bodies of innocent people once lay slain "Ta war ies ova! Ta war ies ova!" he cheers, diving straight into the fountain in celebration. He just wanted to live his life peacefully.
  6. ~Nature's Way Teashop~ ~About Us~ Nature’s Way Tea House is owned and operated by Otter. We specialize in diverse and flavorful varieties of tea and pastries, complete with the world's best tea noises around! Our sister shop in the same location is Axilya’s Artisan Emporium, complete with the world’s best crafting noises! see here. ~Directions~ Nature’s Way Tea House is the second shop on the left in the shopping district, located at Sigrunn Square 2 in Rozania. ((OOC coordinates for front of tea shop: -885, -416 Take the road towards Yong Ping then head onto the north road)) ~Menu~ Drinks Name of Item Description Price Triple Berry Tea A blue-purple tea that swirls with a strong scent of berries! The tea is made with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries foraged from around Rozania. The berries are juiced and infused into Earl Grey tea to create a truly berry beverage! This tea is bold with it’s fruity taste and has hints of honey to sweeten it even more! The tea is known to boost your immune system and even calm anxiety. When served cold, try adding some orange liqueur to make an interesting berry tea cocktail. 2 Mina Name of Item Description Price Apple-Cinnamon Milk Tea A creamy coloured tea infused with cinnamon sticks harvested from the bark of local Rozanian cinnamon trees! Slices of dried apple are added to the tea to add a sweet tartness. This tea is perfect for relaxation, mood enhancement, and muscle cramps. The infused cinnamon leaves a sweet yet earthy taste in your mouth, accompanied by the suavity of maple syrup and some hints of vanilla. The cinnamon and dried apple slices have been infused with black tea and the milk is fresh and creamy! 2 Mina Name of Item Description Price Traditional Black Tea A rather quaint black tea that seems to swirl in a dark amber red color and is served hot. Certainly a classical tea found in almost all tea shops, however, this specific brew has been crafted to be a perfect balance between smooth and flavorful, and yet, it’s bold enough to help with alertness This tea has the aroma of nutmeg mixed with just a tinge of oak wood creating an overall earthy flavor profile that’s melded with a caramel adding sweetness to the overall palate. There are, however, hints of a subtle spice that lingers in the aftertaste... 2 Mina Name of Item Description Price Cactus Tea This magenta tinted herbal tea has the smell of a hibiscus base with added rose, forming a natural scent that emanates from the bottle. One may describe such a drink as unique with a sour or bitter aftertaste that bears a dash of saltiness. Despite all this, to most, it goes down smooth and sits softly upon the tongue. This tea may be used for antiviral and anti-inflammatory purposes, especially perfect to lessen the effects of a hangover.The tea can also be known to assist with skin rashes and bug bites! Most find that It takes a while to get used to the 'prickly' taste this drink causes upon the tongue but find it’s effects fruitful in the end. This is the only tea from Nature’s Way that uses imported ingredients. 2 Mina Name of Item Description Price Strawberry-Vanilla Tea Inside of this bottle rests a liquid of a light golden-amber color, tinted with a tinge of red. The tea itself has a very strong aroma of strawberries that causes an almost overbearing sweetness. The aftertaste seems to smack upon the tongue due to the added vanilla within and gives the breath a lovely scent. This tea is sweetened with an absurd amount of honey and as such it’s been mixed slowly, leaving swirls of the amber incredient’s tendrils that are left untouched. As a final touch, a slice of lemon had been tucked atop the rim of the bottle as a nice garnish. This would allow one to add a tart-sourness that lessens the sweetness should one desire. This tea is served hot and made to order. 2 Mina Name of Item Description Price Lemongrass Green Tea A bottle of Green Tea sweetened with just a touch of honey. A singular, small sprig of lemongrass left whole leans against the side. The leaves of this green tea has been processed and pan-fired shortly after it is picked. It gives off a strong scent of a buttery hay, the entire aroma reeking with an air of freshness. The first sip of this drink comes to awaken the mouth. The body a noticeable, subtly sweet, and buttery combination. The pale yellow-green stalk of the lemongrass gives a subtle hint of tart lemon with the brightness of mint. One would really feel the body swirl in between their cheeks and tongue while the aroma fills the nose. After a swallow, the taste lingers on, slowly dissolving until the next sip. 2 Mina Foods Name of Item Description Price Nature’s Way Choccy-Chip Cookie A big choccy-chip cookie wrapped in a green napkin. It showcases large bits of chocolate baked into the innards of a golden brown, chewy cookie! Atop the cookie rests small, sugary icing that says "Nature's Way" in green lettering. 1 Mina
  7. A certain halfling goes into his house, closing his doors only to open a lone window. With a flop of his nose atop the windowsill, he peers outside to await until all this drama was over.
  8. A special halfling gets the missive, releasing a curious hum "Maybeh Rozania ies nae ta bad aft all"
  9. Otter swiftly pens back a response "To William Buckfort, I see Sarissa as a newfound hearth for a halfling whose days have long drawn in the mists of uncertainty. I appreciate the kindness and openness that you yourself and others of Sarissa have shown to me, and hope to continue that myself. With that said, I excitedly accept what's offered, and am excited to move into the house and teashop. Thank you for everything. - Otter"
  10. A certain snaga releases a grunt to the news, going to his room to withdraw the flail he had stolen from a previous kill. He releases a snarl accompanied by a devilish grin as he looks over his perch. Finally the opportunity had come for him to honorably protect the balance.
  11. A certain halfing would be relaxing atop a bale of hay in his burrow "T'ese bigguns sure do 'ave some fanceh wordin'" seems he was either oblivious to the meaning, or was too care-free to worry about it.
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