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  1. Love the idea! I’ve signed up as a keeper. Encouraging others to become a keeper or monster to help the event!
  2. [ ! ] Upon Brandybrook's already messy noticeboard was tacked multiple hastily written notes stacked on top of each other. Minto's Manifesto I, Minto Townsend, write this in response and in addition to Greta's open letter of apology. It's become clear that perhaps I am the only person left with the fervor to stand up for my beliefs in recent events. I'd like to support what's stated in Greta's letter. Everything that was said about me is true. It was my intention to bolster the Halfling Liberty Association with ideals more tame than what Greta had intended, and to some degree it was successful. Furthermore, It is my belief that the appointment of Andon as Elder and Filibert as Sheriff was a blatant attack to squash the HLA before it could gain more support. It's my claim that Isalie had full knowledge that something was happening and gaining support against her, though she may not have known the name or the leaders of it. I personally stood there by the docks as The Warden told Isalie about this a month before the wedding and speech. Soon after is when the appointments were made. I take full responsibility in my influence and radicalization of Greta's goals and beliefs, and in addition to this I refuse to take back any sentiments I've stated. It's my only hope that none of this is held against her. With all this in mind, I am willing to concede to the current government and follow its wishes in the name of peace and order. I will also gladly accept any consequences or punishments. [ ! ] a series of open letters would be superglued together, addressing specific people, but for all to read To Greta, I apologize for dragging you into a mess that has overwhelmed you. You have a tender soul and a good heart for the things you support. You have my full respect. To Filibert, It's clear that Isalie appointing you for sheriff had worked. You became distracted by your duties under the current regime instead of the bigger picture. I believe you only backed the HLA to please your new wife. To Andon, You were appeased by your appointment as Elder, and had no backbone to stand for the things that you originally joined the HLA for. This is backed by you telling me you "had picked the right side." Your pursuit for power corrupted you. To Isalie, I hope that this has brought the issues of Brandybrook to your attention. It's my hope that you will be the leader you should, and enact what is right for the people. Nevertheless, I am doubtful of change. Minto Townsend - The True Local Halfling Revolutionary
  3. A silent Minto would approach the entrance to the Applefoot burrow, cigar in his mouth while both his hands caressed his pockets. Upon seeing the the notice he would promptly shake his head in disbelief “T’is will be interestin’”
  4. a tattered, battered, and bruised minto would unravel a copy of the news in front of him, smiling as he read the paper. His new prized druidic dagger would sit in his lap.
  5. Oi nay believe Mr.Detective is gone! T’eres no way t’is is so! I don’ t’ink ‘e ever found Andon’s stuff!! Mr detective would nay do t’at! O’ why do t’ese t’ings ‘appen O’ Great Knox?! [ ! ] In the faint distance, a voice can be heard saying, “FeelsBadMan”
  6. Hermit_Jack


    Born in Dunshire, he spent his time as a kid helping to work his parent's land and developing his love of dirt, shovels, and simple living (as a halfling should). His life was fairly simple and happy during this time. When Minto turned 25, his dad went through a Halfling "mid life crisis" and made the decision to move the family to the wildlands - hoping to combine the lax, merry life of a halfling while getting the excitement of the interaction with other races. This was considered a radical decision by his mom and other village members – as Halflings have an innate love of tradition, large families, and being together. Life in The Wildlands came as a culture shock for many years - Minto's small size and age made him a target of many. Having resented his father's decision to move into The Wildlands, his relationship with his family became tainted. This relationship would never truly be patched back up. Minto was headed down a road of immense anger and frustration at the world and those around him. He soon would come to find solace and understanding in a wise, older Human named Erik Gibson. Erik was a farfolk human who lived life in The WIldlands as mostly a hermit in pursuit of self growth. Erik saw the hatred and evil gathering in Minto’s heart, and attempted to guide the Halfling. Erik became a mentor and fatherly figure for Minto, ensuring his heart would remain gentle and trusting. Minto would would develop his sense of humor based on these values. Now at the age of 45, He has learned to love and embrace the culture of others.Because of Erik, his speech mimics more that of a human than a Halfling. He hasn't traveled much outside of Dunshire and The Wildlands, but with the recent passing of Erik, he now hopes to move to the Halfling village of Brandybrook for a new start and connection with his culture.
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