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  1. Minto reads over the missive atop the rex rock in confusion after stepping down voluntarily as Dominus, wondering where people think he's fled to.
  2. Location: Kae’thul within their arena. CRP Event Date: Saturday March 9th 6PM EST Rules: No killing. Magics, Constructs, and everything else is allowed. KLOMP NIGHT will be hosted within Kae’thul to facilitate a clash of champions from lands of those friendly with the horde. Those invited are asked to bring up to 4 warriors to represent their prowess. These warriors will be split into 2 different teams to fight against each other for a mixed, thrilling competition. THE FOLLOWING PEOPLES ARE INVITED: Kaethul - @WhatASithuation Kwee - @Ibn Khaldun Vale - @FloralHedgehog Lurin - @ECS1999 Amathine - @JJosey Caelia - @TheShinyHodzic Qalasheen - @Chrisoulis777 Let us come together beneath the stars and amidst the cheers of the crowd, to showcase our skills, honor our traditions, and celebrate the spirit of battle that binds us all. Prepare yourselves, sharpen your blades, and may the best warriors emerge victorious!
  3. is this an out of season april fool's joke?
  4. Just get Aether VIP bwo
  5. Dominus Minto’Lur The call to a Klamor has arrived, and as such the fourth Klamor under Rex Grommash will be held later this cactus week. [[Friday, Feb 9th 6pm EST]] Those of the Horde - its tribes, clans, and lodges - are summoned by word of the Rex to our next Klamor. It is here that those of the Horde will be updated on current ongoings of the Horde and speak their minds on various topics. The meeting will be held around the fire beneath the Rex Rock. Friends and Enemies of the Horde are welcome to send observers. Foreigners may not speak during the Klamor unless they are invited to speak by the Rex, Leadership, or a Lodgemaster. KLAMOR AGENDA We will welcome in the new vassals of the horde and those who choose to break bread with Urukim. Quick updates on the Lodges of the NEW HORDE ORCDER Rukahai report from a Rukagoth or Dominus, as well as updates on building projects We will be discussing the topic of whitewashes within the horde, if an orc lives outside the city, should they be automatically whitewashed? Orcish foreign policy and the confederation of the South. Report from the Targoth and Warbosses regarding the state of the Krughai. Recent training, patrols, raids. Plans for future raids. Any other concerns or topics members of the horde would like to bring.
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  7. The Dominus scribbles down a copy to sing proudly on his upcoming pirate ventures!
  8. Dominus Minto’Lur A CALL FOR NEW YAZGURTAN A new Yazgurtan is to be chosen soon which will embrace the new duties described later in this missive. Those that wish to embrace this position are to contact myself, Dominus Minto’Lur, or Rex Grommash about your interest in taking the title. YAZGURTAN UPDATES As the New Horde Orcder grows, so does our need to continue in expanding our ranks. Yazgurtan will be granted more responsibilities and duties outside of their previously known place within the Horde. Set forth here will be an updated list of all their responsibilities. Yazgurtan has been and will remain to be akin to the head steward of the horde. The Yazgurtan will be expected to oversee taxes, vassals, and stalls within the horde; as well as help with any Rex approved construction. It is part of the Yazgurtan’s duties to ensure no unapproved construction or building happens, and as such will be given access to any and all important areas within the City (i.e. Gobbotown, Shomotown) to ensure the building standards of the city are upheld. Yazgurtan will also now serve as a primary overseer of the Horde’s vassals alongside the Dominus and Rex. They are to ensure our relations with our Vassals remain in good standing, and take care of any worries or issues that are not intended to be brought up at Klamor. Yazgurtan will be a position appointed and decided by the Rex, although those that wish to challenge for the title may bring their case to the Rex for their decision on it. The Yazgutan has authority and is encouraged to acquire and maintain their own assistants to help them in their duties as they see fit.
  9. LODGES OF THE NEW HORDE ORCDER LODGES IN A NUTSHELL Lodges are specialized guilds or organizations within The New Horde Orcder that focus on specific aspects of orcish culture and skills. These lodges serve as communities where individuals with shared interests and expertise can gather to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the overall strength of The Iron Horde. Each lodge typically has its own unique purpose and activities, catering to a diverse range of talents and passions. ACADEMY OF ORCSEARCH & ORCHEMY The Academy of Orcsearch and Orchemy is one of the most encompassing lodges within the Iron Horde. They focus upon the realms of medicine, science, alchemy, and various other intellectual pursuits. By contributing to this lodge you will be instrumental in shaping the intellectual legacy of the Iron Horde, collaborating with other like-minded peoples to contribute to the long-term prosperity of the nation. Medicine and Healing The research lodge will share its building with our medical facility. Medics and those who are dedicated to advancing their understanding of healing techniques, both spiritual and practical, contribute to the well-being of the Iron Horde's members. Alchemy Alchemists find a home within this research lodge. Here, they delve into the secrets of potion-making, crafting elixirs that possess healing properties, enhance capabilities, and offer strategic advantages on the battlefield. Scientific Inquiry Scholars and scientists are encouraged to explore the scientific wonders of the world. From studying flora, fauna, and the elements to delving into new and unique inventions of various kinds. Boomclangers The various clanks, clings, and booms resound from within this lodge’s building. Canonmakers, explosion enthusiasts, and various noises of oddities are frequent as tinkerers create and experiment on the best new thing since sliced bread. A missive concerning more details and the future of the research lodge will be coming soon. Current leaders to get involved: Slith’Ungri (IGN _Helmet_) Minto’Lur (IGN Hermit_Jack) WARFORGE The Warforge makes use of our public warforge and is focused on the art of blacksmithing and crafting of various other utilities. It is often that the Warforge is called for commissions to help in various ventures of the Horde. As members of this smithing lodge, individuals contribute to the creation of weapons, armor, and various tools that become the backbone of the Iron Horde's strength. Seasoned blacksmiths serve as mentors, passing down traditional techniques and fostering the development of new and innovative methods. Members can hone their skills, from basic metalworking to the creation of intricate and wondrous weapons beyond just the mundane. Current leaders to get involved: Zabub’Lur (IGN Astrophysical) Brunle (IGN Bigblu_42) Minto’Lur (IGN Hermit_Jack) THE HUNGRY HOWLER The Hungry Howler within the Iron Horde is a communal tavern that embodies the spirit of fellowship and celebration. Unlike other lodges focused on specific crafts or skills, the Hungry Howler centers around creating an atmosphere of orcish culture, storytelling, and shared experiences. Members of this lodge are expected to contribute to the ongoing development of the tavern's menu and coordinate various events. These efforts aim to solidify the Tavern Lodge's role as an entertainment center and social hub within the Horde. Being part of the tavern lodge comes with the responsibility of being representatives of the Horde’s culture to those visitors who wish to embrace us, even for just the moment. Current leaders to get involved: Twiggs (IGN rathat) Cob’Lur (IGN Dellrosa) Ghoraz’Vuhk (IGN Cactus_Tophat) Minto’Lur (IGN Hermit_Jack) THE BEASTSLAYERS The Beastslayers hunting lodge stands as a haven for those who thrive in the untamed wilderness, a sanctuary for trackers, hunters, and tamers within the Iron Horde. As the sun sets over the horizon, members of the Hunting Lodge routinely embark on expeditions into the dense forests, rocky cliffs, and vast sacred deserts that surround the Iron Horde's stronghold. A fundamental aspect of the Hunting Lodge is the active involvement of its members in scouting and pinpointing various degrees of animal activity. These skilled individuals not only lend their expertise to identify potential hunting grounds but also take on the responsibility of leading hunting groups into the wilderness. Additionally, a core element of their duties involves sharing their extensive knowledge of the diverse array of beasts with fellow lodge members. This knowledge exchange ensures that hunts are not only well-coordinated but also frequent, providing valuable resources and experiences for the broader Iron Horde community. Current leaders to get involved: Minto’Lur (IGN Hermit_Jack) SPIRIT LODGE is expected to release a public missive soon.
  10. THE DOMINUS DECLARATION - ON KRIMPGOTH AND KRUGHAI Dominus Minto’Lur ON KRIMPGOTH Stagnation will never be tolerated within the Horde, and as such, a new Krimpgoth is to be called forth within the next year. Should one wish to fulfill this title, let your name be known to myself within the next 3 months, for a decision will be made between myself and the Rex for whom we deem fit. As our numbers grow within the New Horde Orcder, so does a need for more of us to exemplify our ideals and culture as Uruks become more apparent. Many new orcs have come to join our ranks by right of their blood, many whitewashed orcs roam freely without followthrough, and many lessers have approached to follow the path of Honorary and leave behind their old lives entirely. With this, the Krimpgoth’s responsibilities will be expanded. As more orcs enter within our midst, many of whom have been raised or born in other lands, I am calling upon the role of Krimpgoth to help welcome in these new orcs. The Krimpgoth is to give them trials or lessons to help acclimate new orcs smoothly into our society, though only for those new orcs that they deem necessary or new orcs who wish to do so. This change is to build upon the past duties of Krimpgoth, in which they have historically worked in their duties to help relieve the Rex and Dominus. I have a document to highlight an example of this to give to those who are willing to step up into this role, though the Krimpgoth will have the power to change and adapt these as they see fit. Whitewashes have also been an issue upon which more action is to be taken. For you to become whitewash is for you to directly backstab your own blood, to prove yourself as lesser amongst the continents, equal in worth to that of mere dirt. Those labeled whitewash, whether or not honorary, show no honor, no truth, and no loyalty. It will be the job of the Krimpgoth to spearhead the finding of these whitewashes. To work with the Krughai and others within the Horde at their discretion to carry out punishment, or, a second chance to integrate back into orcish society Under the ruling of former Krimpgoth Grimruk’Lur, many changes were made and many old titles stripped to ensure its sacredness. The title of Honorary is to be upheld as a praised title and decision to not be taken lightly. While I encourage the new Krimpgoth to hold true to the trials dictated by Grimruk’Lur, they are welcome to change and adapt them as they see fit, as long as it stays in accordance with the values we have held unto them. As such, as Rex’s approval has already been granted, I would like to repeat here that the only Honoraries acknowledged by the Horde are the following: Minto’Lur Obok’Ugluk Slith’Ungri If your name is not listed here, then your title was wholly stripped many years ago now. If you are currently undergoing the trials to become Honorary, this bears no weighting upon you. Those that wish to regain their title of Honorary are to approach myself or the Krimpgoth, once they are appointed, to redo their trials from scratch. Should anyone knowingly claim Honorary status without being among those listed here, action WILL be taken upon you, with force, if deemed necessary. ON KRUGHAI Our Krughai is both strong and growing, having potential unforeseen in many decades. With Targoth Apek’Gorkil leading our military, is it clear our peoples have been a force to be reckoned with. However, with my recent appointment to Dominus, I call upon our Targoth to focus within ourselves more and to help develop the skills and strengths of our own. Stagnation in this area creates a road down which will weaken our peoples. I am calling for the Targoth to put in place a complete Krughai reform, to appoint those who he deems good leaders and warriors by his side, and help raise all our peoples to see their fullest potentials as warriors.
  11. At the very least mana obelisks should be able to be destroyed in a heist. It's a bit powerful to have them specifically under RO/raid protection when other things aren't.
  12. MINTO'LUR releases a loud huff as he becomes aware of the incident "Do they have nub honor? Zurely di zame onez dat wizh tu blah peace ahm nub di zame dat have done diz... zurely..."
  13. Minto'lur lets out a hearty wheeze of laughter after reading over the missive, having just helped defeat an actual spawn of Iblees. "Clearly deze peoplez ahm deluzional."
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