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  1. Personally, the stupid "memes" that keep happening is just tiring. The recent MRP thing where the response was basically "it was just a joke bro," that somehow passed a commit, came off in very bad taste. Made it feel like it was a jab to make fun of the RPers. Overall, small things are adding up and it just makes it feel like no one is taking things seriously.
  2. This entire discussion is so stupid. Itdontmatta's response to the report is spot on. They are appropriate phrases to use in roleplay when done in taste. Goalpost will just keep moving otherwise. Call someone a worm and next thing you know that was an insult to a native tribe in the 1800s and isn't allowed. If it's really so bad that the community can't handle that then may as well put strict rules on insults. Only allow insults on features that can change, like hair color/style.
  3. Minto gives an affirmative nod after reading over the missive, happy to hear of the Lur wargoth's ambitions.
  4. Minto'lur gets wind of the missive, speaking some words to himself "T'eres nae honor ien slavery.... Wonda ief t'ey'd take 60 minas instead."
  5. Don't really see a need for this. Blooming can be aesthetic in some circumstances, but not every case. Fertilizing and Singing are NOT aesthetic and shouldn't have ST tags removed. Get more druids to help with the infusion. If you're teaching someone, you should be helping so the cooldown goes to 1.5 days anyway. You still get passive communion in the meantime.
  6. No crazy changes, everything seems pretty reasonable and moreso just a simple update off the back of the Raider's post to get Druidism up to date. Decay is a great idea for an add-on. Regeneration is long awaited, being able to actually heal animals in some way. I also assume Epiphytes will not be able to be healed with regeneration nor any other blight healing ability, then? ' Great job, May!
  7. Alright, I can respect the realism aspect of it since beastspeak is currently just an animal summon for most Druids. I've seen quite a few druids summoning roots where there's no trees around, which I take in a similar light. However, I don't think it's too messy, if anything it's on par with your iteration of entling creation in a combat scenario. It just follows the current ST guidelines for combat companions, which limits its size and any other concerns. The whole summoning out of nowhere thing would just need to be looked at, if changed. So, I can understand not wanting to have the whole summoning an animal out of nowhere thing. That being said, animal companions are still a large part of my RP as a Druid. Because of that, I want to ensure that a Druid's animal companions that they form a bond with will still be usable for combat (this is also currently in line with the ST guidelines for combat companions). For example, I currently use beastspeak with Minto's two hamsters if I want them to attack someone in the distance. I think an amendment or add-on to clarify/allow something like this still would be great.
  8. Druidism's last lore was never meant to be combat focused, so even back it was written for a Druid to be better off using a sword in combat. Everyone can agree the lack of exhaustion system is a definitely the biggest sign of being outdated. However, as the server's lore has become more refined and detailed, it's nice seeing a lot of different unique utilizations that come with this submission. I didn't like the other submission being everything combined, and I found it just generally a lot more confusing than this one. It also had less elements that I was excited about. Here's some of my questions and thoughts on some specific things. Beastspeak: I think Pacify is a cool idea being able to work with other player's animals. However, I'd like for Druids to still be able to entice animals to attack. It makes sense, for example, that a Druid may let at least a territorial animal know their home is threatened and gain their help (at the very least in a event scenario). Greensight: So if a seeing Druid closes their eyes/blindfolds themselves and casts greensight, can they passively use it for days/weeks at time without having to recast then? Assuming their eyes stay closed. Entangle: So the idea of this is to be an AOE trap. Instead of actively casting surge to bind someone, with enough time you could cast entangle as a trap and it would stay there by itself without you having to actively cast to keep it up? Nature infusion: Since singing would no longer linger in an area on its own, I like the idea of it being a small totem or item that you can enchant to leave behind in an area. That's something I was worried about when reading the non-infusion originally. Entling Creation: A love of mine even in the current lore. It's very cool to see it refined for crp without taking away from the fact its an epic, fiercesome entling meant to protect... and not just a pet. That said, I could see an add-on that specifies its use needing a reason to protect the balance, and maybe even a "lifespan" so it's not a constant summon. Overall, really great work to everyone who contributed. I've generally enjoyed the lore you've had input on, raider, so it's nice to see another submission. The new things like tree stride, shillelagh, twilights shroud, and deep stride are just cool as hell and makes me excited.
  9. Why do you always have based takes i agree with

  10. nub wae

  11. Minto curls into a ball of depression amongst the trees of the place they had moved to.
  12. nub wae

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