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  1. Report None Minecraft Name ElfeyBro Rule Broken Placing 1 dirt block in the wild, breaking through windows to get through LWC'ed doors, and breaking walls of a developing town I was told we could get resources from. Witnesses Edward Talbot was with me and we were doing it together. Event Details For the dirt block I don't know because I cannot remember. For the windows I was told we were able to get through them because it was in the wilderness. And for the walls, I was also told we could do it because it wasn't allowed or supposed to be there in the first place. This is my first and hopefully my last ban. I'm very sorry for breaking the rules unintentionally. I really hope I can be forgiven so I may play with my friends once again on this great server. Screenshots No screens or video. (P.S. I was banned on TeamSpeak awhile ago but it was never resolved because they couldn't figure out how to unban me and it would be great if that could get fixed.)
  2. There is no report because this is a TeamSpeak ban Shoi requested. TeamSpeak Name: At the time was Connor Broken Rule/ Dispute: No rules broken as far as I know. Just personal aggravation for no reason. Character Witnesses None, I don't think Event Details What happened was I got bored on another friends TS and ended up looking for some old friends to talk to on the Lord of the Craft TS. So I was just going into random channels saying hey what's up and stuff, looking for my friends, and moving on to the next one. And so I join one channel saying hey and everything, as I explained, and in mid-channel-switching was banned by someone with GM power and it says "SPAMMER BE GONE" and I kinda just shrugged it off. But now my friends are playing LOTC again and they really want me on the TS and I can't do anything about the weird ban. So here I am making my first "Ban Appeal", if you can even call it that, hoping Shoi sees this and helps me. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi Conner <3

  4. If people are adding opinions then I must say for the most part I've RPed with Tentoa was when he was RPing a man named Sunbi then I was happy RPing with him now that Tentoa is RPing a woman he has become more villain -like and I very much so hate having to deal with and RP with him, which I am very sorry to say but still.
  5. Hey whats up they took the Temp Server down =(

  6. Found you! :o Sorry I logged off; I passed out. -.-

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