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  1. got the building bug again..


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    2. shiftnative


      Thanks! Yeah I've always wanted to make a fully realized city (other than Laurelin in Aegis) and after playing this game for 12 years I finally did it.. lol

    3. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      The fields are so nice!

    4. Lirinya


      ALAN, NATIVE omg hon I was talking about you the other day after going for a visit to Malinor on the Aegis map! How are you?!

  2. Can't help but build stuff.. 👀 WcQeNGG.png



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  3. I'm a simple man, people talk about maps - I show up.. if you really want the map you want, draw some ideas like this and help them out..
  4. Haven't played in ages so can't speak on the OP but here's some more old map ideas that might help your imagination.. edit: yes i know rivers don't split IRL and whatnot ty
  5. New Conquest reforged tree blocks are nuts.. https://i.imgur.com/2JzjjvE.jpg

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    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. squakhawk


      all my friends roast me for using conquest :(

    4. Viltaren


      I cannot wrap my head around how they have done this. Making the logs circles is easy but that's just actually a tree.

  6. Making a map I drew ages ago just for fun.. https://i.imgur.com/FlV6CGq.png




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    2. cappor


      so sick! it's always good to have rivers accessible by both mechanical and irp boats. thick and flat rivers best 

    3. shiftnative


      @monkee doesn't show it on the drawing but the two northern points are both going to be separate snowy mountain ranges at y150+ (not making this for LoTC but noted!)

    4. Rilath


      dang havent seen a shift post in a while

  7. Missed when you were an admin and heavily involved on this project!

    1. shiftnative


      Hey I really appreciate hearing that, it's been a long time.. 💕

  8. Native, my man! It’s been too long.
    Had a question for you, I don’t suppose you’ve got the Enter Drauchreim livestream saved somewhere?

    1. shiftnative


      Hey! afraid I don’t, I’ve never seen a recording of it now that I think about it..

  9. Well, well, well! Look what the cat dragged in.

    1. shiftnative


      Hey hey! I was lurking all my old topics n whatnot ?

  10. Found this save of Anthos, Salvus still stands and includes many player-made settlements. Enjoy!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      @shiftnative have you seen the partial save of Asulon that @Hobbs_Burrows accidentally preserved when he saved a copy of Branborough for himself? It has quite a few settlements on it, including the Mori, Humans, High and Wood Elves, part of the Dwarves, and the Halflings.

    3. John Ivory

      John Ivory

      iirc mirtok was banned originally for uploading this hahahaha

    4. 1_Language_1


      @Tofuus You’re literally amazing :’> I will download Vailor right away. I hadn’t seen this the last time I checked the website.

  11. Hey friend! Hope all is well!!

  12. My heart can only take so much..!
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