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  1. Love to hear that! LoTC has always lacked promotion..
  2. A huge benefit to starting off modest is that other/new players see the potential for growth and/or refinement, inspiring them to potentially make their mark. Seeing the world and it's settlements evolve also is a huge component of immersion for me. I understand that starting with nothing can change how people roleplay considerably but there's gotta be a happy medium to starting with a huge city that will only change slightly over the length of the map. Those hashtags tho..
  3. Looking great..! From what I've seen this is one of LoTC's most promising maps. I'm personally interested to see how the main road will be laid out and land is distributed. I REALLY hope y'all make a proper, cheesy video like this one (shout out Alectriciti) to post around online and spread the LoTC gospel - something like this taking off on reddit could attract a ton of new players..
  4. December 2011


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    2. gusano


      why did the forum lowkey look cooler back then lmao

    3. squakhawk


      bro enjin brings me the FUCK Back 

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      wny did we ever switch to this modern forum format if the old one is so much cooler

  5. More rules, more problems.. combat on this server has needed to be simplified for over a decade. The more you add to the list of rules, the more often players will have to break character to acknowledge them. (Or get into disputes over them.) The rules should be clear, concise and at most 15-20 lines long. If people can't come to a conclusion in combat they should leave eachother be. If a player routinely becomes a problem or uses this policy to avoid conflict at the benefit of their character that would fall under power-gaming. Make things clear, give players some autonomy and lead by example. (Please!)
  6. got the building bug again..


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    2. shiftnative


      Thanks! Yeah I've always wanted to make a fully realized city (other than Laurelin in Aegis) and after playing this game for 12 years I finally did it.. lol

    3. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      The fields are so nice!

    4. Lirinya


      ALAN, NATIVE omg hon I was talking about you the other day after going for a visit to Malinor on the Aegis map! How are you?!

  7. Can't help but build stuff.. 👀 WcQeNGG.png



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  8. I'm a simple man, people talk about maps - I show up.. if you really want the map you want, draw some ideas like this and help them out..
  9. Haven't played in ages so can't speak on the OP but here's some more old map ideas that might help your imagination.. edit: yes i know rivers don't split IRL and whatnot ty
  10. New Conquest reforged tree blocks are nuts.. https://i.imgur.com/2JzjjvE.jpg

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    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. squakhawk


      all my friends roast me for using conquest :(

    4. Viltaren


      I cannot wrap my head around how they have done this. Making the logs circles is easy but that's just actually a tree.

  11. Making a map I drew ages ago just for fun.. https://i.imgur.com/FlV6CGq.png




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    2. cappor


      so sick! it's always good to have rivers accessible by both mechanical and irp boats. thick and flat rivers best 

    3. shiftnative


      @monkee doesn't show it on the drawing but the two northern points are both going to be separate snowy mountain ranges at y150+ (not making this for LoTC but noted!)

    4. Rilath


      dang havent seen a shift post in a while

  12. Missed when you were an admin and heavily involved on this project!

    1. shiftnative


      Hey I really appreciate hearing that, it's been a long time.. 💕

  13. Native, my man! It’s been too long.
    Had a question for you, I don’t suppose you’ve got the Enter Drauchreim livestream saved somewhere?

    1. shiftnative


      Hey! afraid I don’t, I’ve never seen a recording of it now that I think about it..

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