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  1. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Not many new players feel immediately comfortable jumping right into full towns and existing groups, a lot of people like to start off with a small shack in the wilds until they get confident enough, have some loot to their name & learn about the current map and it's factions. (especially those who may be new to roleplaying.) While they might not initially roleplay with you it's worth giving them a familiar platform to grow, the more players LoTC can attract the more alive the world is going to feel (ontop of all the other positives) "Griefing" would help because people would be too worried about everything being torndown to build anything other than small hovels, nomadic tents, etc until they obtain protected land
  2. Freebuild tile rules poll

    It certainly is different though if everyone knows that building in freebuild means it could be dismantled at anytime and would expedite the process knowing so. It definitely didn't work in Anthos but that was under different circumstances (the sarcasm is cringy btw) Aslong as "Griefing" is allowed with freebuild then it shouldn't spread players out.
  3. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Having freebuild allows players to create events and things for themselves or their friends. It allows players to plop down some tents when it gets dark and stay the night, to build defenses during a skirmish, terraform an area without the help of staff and most importantly it makes the world feel so much more tangible even if subconsciously. Not many new players feel immediately comfortable jumping right into full towns and existing groups, many people like start off with a small shack in the wilds until they get confident enough, have some loot to their name & learn about the current map and it's factions. (Happened a ton in Aegis and I bet there are people who joined in 2011 still playing who started off in the wilds) As for the eyesores, id bet players could make modreq's for stuff they didn't want to break down themselves and the GM's could help. IMO the good outweighs the bad with freebuild..!
  4. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure what the devs have decided on rule-wise for building within the next maps freebuild tiles and I'm very curious to see what everyone else thinks about unprotected builds/how they should be handled. Why I voted Yes, I personally would like to see the return of a truly lawless wilds, where players can break others blocks that are unprotected and not feel like they're walking on eggshells. Having this freedom again not only makes the world feel more tangible but also completely rules out so many grey areas in the rules regarding interacting with other player's builds. Find protection under a nation tile or tough it out in the wilds and share your characters story. I do understand this means small cottages and things in the wilds could very well be destroyed in the middle of the night but as-long as they know that's a possibility from the beginning I feel as though it is worth the sacrifice.
  5. wtb more 6.0 builders pst

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. im_a_psychopath


      as an expert builder from PMC I am not impressed sorry. I can give you info on what i think could be done better if you like.

    3. AmK


      i applied didnt hear anything back

    4. Cloakedsphere


      you already know i excel at terrain

  6. Conquest Reforged :truestory:

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    2. Tox


      @shiftnative did they update it to 1.12 yet

      or w.e the current version is

    3. Jacko


      we updated to 1.12 awhile ago @Tox

    4. Tox


      ima download that **** when I get home then I love conquest

  7. Singleplayer build

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    2. shiftnative
    3. 501warhead


      Idk native that looks awfully like Aegis Alras. You stealing ideas? ;)

    4. shiftnative


      @501warheadDidn't think about that but i see the similarities ;p

  8. What should the next map be like?

    @Racker / Lefty Hopefully then this post atleast makes them second guess what they've made and be sure that what they put out works
  9. What should the next map be like?

    Remember to draw a map idea if you one, if we do commission a map it certainly would help them give us what we want if we have a rough idea. Even if it's just the shape of the continent(s)/island(s) or placement of biomes. ALSO, if you know anyone that can use worldmachine well let me know
  10. What should the next map be like?

    @JuliusAakerlund Yeah! worldmachine maps are the best, I have used it too but never could manage to figure out how to make a continent with many varying biomes using it myself - some of those guys on PMC.. insane
  11. I think it would be smart to have a explanation in the post as to what World Machine is and how maps made in it looks, it is very unlikely that all people know what it is. Basically people that potentially would had voted for it would not as they are unaware of what it is.

    1. shiftnative


      Smart idea, I edited the post o7

  12. What should the next map be like?

    Let's talk about what kind of map you want for "6.0" Although I have no authority over the server, a thread like this could help show the Dev's what kind of world the players want and hopefully we can avoid some reoccurring problems with recent maps. Minecraft Generated: A world generated by minecraft's vanilla world generation. Worldpainter: A lightweight worldbuilding tool that allows you to be very precise about making a world, but it's more difficult to make look extremely realistic. Worldmachine: A powerful program that has very strong weathering tools and terrain generation to create minecraft's most detailed/realistic worlds but it can be tough to make smaller scale changes. (Will most likely cost $200-300 to commission) Free-to-Use: A map found online that is free for us to use but may have been played by thousands of other players already. If you think a custom map is in-order then draw up a crude map-blueprint to better specify how the world should be laid out! (I will add your blueprint into a spoiler on this post) BLUEPRINTS: Here's my attempt, basically a larger Anthos.
  13. Anthos's evil twin vol.2

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    2. Aelsioln


      Alchemists need swamps and marshlands to find certain herbs plus you'd be surprised how many players actually like to live in such areas.

    3. simp


      Looks really excellent. Have you considered adding more small bodies of water and river tributaries?

    4. shiftnative


      @Tavern_Roleplay Yeah! Sorry this blueprint is still WIP but you're 100% correct, needs more water