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  1. Anthos was about 4,000 blocks blocks tall and 3,200 blocks wide for reference ?
  2. How long would you fellas expect it to take to sprint from edge to edge? 30 minutes? (10-12k width) And fast travels, where would they take you? Directly to the settlement? Or some neutral place nearby?
  3. I've been making maps for all sorts of servers over the past few years and I've been racking my brain around what the perfect size map is. (for 150-250 players online) How long do you think it should take to sprint from east to west, north to south on your ideal map? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 20? (assuming the map is surrounded by water) **5k blocks takes roughly 12 minutes to sprint across** Obviously people like to explore things but at one point is there so much to explore that people are too spread out? Or how many blocks do you think a map should be? (Example: 4k x 5k, 2.5k x 2k, etc.) Thanks and look forward to some discussion ?
  4. You're in luck, I really don't want to make one (Nor do I plan to)