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  1. Conquest Reforged :truestory:


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    2. Tox


      @shiftnative did they update it to 1.12 yet

      or w.e the current version is

    3. Jacko


      we updated to 1.12 awhile ago @Tox

    4. Tox


      ima download that **** when I get home then I love conquest

  2. Singleplayer build


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    2. shiftnative
    3. 501warhead


      Idk native that looks awfully like Aegis Alras. You stealing ideas? ;)

    4. shiftnative


      @501warheadDidn't think about that but i see the similarities ;p

  3. @Racker / Lefty Hopefully then this post atleast makes them second guess what they've made and be sure that what they put out works
  4. Remember to draw a map idea if you one, if we do commission a map it certainly would help them give us what we want if we have a rough idea. Even if it's just the shape of the continent(s)/island(s) or placement of biomes. ALSO, if you know anyone that can use worldmachine well let me know
  5. @JuliusAakerlund Yeah! worldmachine maps are the best, I have used it too but never could manage to figure out how to make a continent with many varying biomes using it myself - some of those guys on PMC.. insane
  6. I think it would be smart to have a explanation in the post as to what World Machine is and how maps made in it looks, it is very unlikely that all people know what it is. Basically people that potentially would had voted for it would not as they are unaware of what it is.

    1. shiftnative


      Smart idea, I edited the post o7

  7. Let's talk about what kind of map you want for "6.0" Although I have no authority over the server, a thread like this could help show the Dev's what kind of world the players want and hopefully we can avoid some reoccurring problems with recent maps. Minecraft Generated: A world generated by minecraft's vanilla world generation. Worldpainter: A lightweight worldbuilding tool that allows you to be very precise about making a world, but it's more difficult to make look extremely realistic. Worldmachine: A powerful program that has very strong weathering tools and terrain generation to create minecraft's most detailed/realistic worlds but it can be tough to make smaller scale changes. (Will most likely cost $200-300 to commission) Free-to-Use: A map found online that is free for us to use but may have been played by thousands of other players already. If you think a custom map is in-order then draw up a crude map-blueprint to better specify how the world should be laid out! (I will add your blueprint into a spoiler on this post) BLUEPRINTS: Here's my attempt, basically a larger Anthos.
  8. @Evocress Not really sure about the whole floating islands, skyrealm thing - I'll leave that up to the lore gods And yeah totally, my drawing really just gives the barebones. It absolutely should be diverse and full of things to find o7
  9. Decided to draw a map for luls, basically a slightly larger Anthos with spawn much closer to the middle. (Still a WIP) What do you guys think? Too small? Too big? What would you change? #bringbackfreebuild
  10. Anthos's evil twin vol.2 http://i.imgur.com/6WFemv2.png

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    2. Aelsioln


      Alchemists need swamps and marshlands to find certain herbs plus you'd be surprised how many players actually like to live in such areas.

    3. char-char~


      Looks really excellent. Have you considered adding more small bodies of water and river tributaries?

    4. shiftnative


      @Tavern_Roleplay Yeah! Sorry this blueprint is still WIP but you're 100% correct, needs more water

  11. snip
  12. http://i.imgur.com/m4DzCHz.jpg
    Aegis Trivia: Which group owned & operated this structure?

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    2. Leafwind


      Native! You're alive :D

    3. shiftnative


      @Leafwind Long time no see!

    4. ski_king3


      Well ****, it's Native.