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  1. Hey friend! Hope all is well!!

  2. shiftnative

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    I agree, conflict should be done on a case by case basis where the players decide by agreeing upon a scenario that gives both parties the opportunity to enjoy themselves – nothing less, nothing more. LoTC is cooperative story-telling, not a tabletop game.. !
  3. shiftnative

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    I fixed my map and removed forms of travel aside from the two portals. I feel the shaman portal doesn’t need to be included because we had that frame of reference being that we were in one of the brothers lands and visibly on the edge of the Aegis collapse – thanks for the insight!
  4. shiftnative

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    I made these graphics and the reason for placing them in different boxes is because in-character we don’t know where these places are in relation to one another – some characters might assume that it’s on the same plane, but they have zero frame of reference when stepping through a portal (It’s not like when traveling via boats where you can say “Oh we traveled west” etc) you just end up somewhere. I often preferred to leave some things up to perspective to allow for more variance for in-character ideas and because defining some things as law/canon often just leads to less room for imagination. I knew i forgot something! Damn them.. another portal!? I was so adamant about ONLY having portals take us between these two places so that we wouldn’t have this disorienting problem.. that’s what I get for leaving the team I guess.. 🙍‍♂️
  5. shiftnative

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    I for one feel that the races of Aegis have already had too many enemies – there is still plenty room to expand on past foes especially considering where these past few maps are located in the story. I was very saddened to see so much of stuff rewritten and/or outright changed during my absence from the server. I hope that those in charge of lore will return to the meat of our story and the early happenings of the four brothers.
  6. THIS – Ive only been back a month or so but if they really didn’t make any posts beckoning blueprints (like this) or ideas before making this map then.. I just don’t know what to say, especially with so many failed maps in LoTC’s history.. If nothing else, involve the community to save your own skin so the entire weight of failure isn’t just on your shoulders – There’s still plenty of time to make this work for the better, should we allow it.
  7. Thank you for all the wisdom, I’ll be pushing this idea in the 7.0 discord until they respond here with a proper rebuttal, implement the idea or kick me off the team. 👌
  8. First off, excellent reply and concerns. The banditry thing is what Is most concerning to me too – it certainly would be awkward to be slain in a dark alley of a settlement only to return a moment later just down the street. (Even though this vary thing can happen right now by using your soulstone to return after being defeated.) I wonder if it would be possible to give players a “debuff” that impedes them from using their soulstone or taking a fast-travel after taking lethal damage for x amount of time. I was made aware that during war-time scenarios, a separate server is used to help curb lag and so people trying to return to battle wouldn’t be able to. (Not sure if this is still a thing though) I really love the cloud temple and have fought hard to ensure that it has looked very similar to the original every map that I have had the pleasure of help create (hell, Ive build a majority of the cloud temples on the server – including 7.0’s) so I do really respect that you understand (and note) that it is a safe/familiar setting-off point for new players. My only problem is that with so much of the world protected these days, the journey has often felt more like a theme park ride then a world of your shaping and I’d hate for new players to get that same vibe. (Or just log out before making it to a place that has enough players around to roleplay with) I supported racial/nation spawns here because with how widely spread out the server often is map to map, it would be nice for new players to feel that kind of hustle and bustle that only a popular settlement can offer and be reminded by the fact that they are playing alongside many other players in a evolving world (right at the get go) This was easier to see in Aegis because spawn was only a few hundred blocks from two nations and the main-road passed right by the temple. An alternative could be that all players start at the temple but have the option of taking a means of fast travel to these nations should they wish to. This could mean completely skipping over the journey over beautiful terrain, coming into contact with roadside settlements or players and the wonder of finally arriving at the front gates of a beautiful capital city but it would be your choice depending on how you prefer to play. It’s a tough call and thank you for making me think harder about it.
  9. I support this completely, new players might stay longer if they are thrown into the busy hubs of their kin instead of forced to wander along long winding roads to what they hope is the right place. (And now that there is a separate server for wars, it won’t get weird.) The CT could still stand where it is and be used as a place to honor time’s past (7.0 temple currently has a room the names of previous maps, another with relics of old, the graveyard of fallen players and other lore related things.) Unless of course we can think of a better way to use the center of the map. Thanks for posting
  10. shiftnative

    Unwritten Rules

    I think this server desperately needs to focus on ways of reducing the absurd amount of rules and necessity of GM’s.
  11. shiftnative


    You could have some kind of “debuff” for slaying another player and/or being slayed so that people put a bit more thought/be more choosy when killing another player. (Death weighs heavily on your soulstone, impeding your movement and making you more susceptible to death..etc) The main problem with this is how it would effect wars/skirmishes and deciding on what the debuffs would be/how long it would last.. It’s difficult to enforce RP consequences because GM’s would then have to spend A LOT of their time reading through logs, screenshots and forum rants to decide weather or not someone deserved to be PK’d then deal with the wrath of making that choice. (I have personally been subjected to this MANY times and good god is it tiresome) Being forced to PK is often a convenient time for that player (and their cronies) to just up and leave the server (Which can be argued that if they can’t handle consequence then they shouldn’t play but we all know how nasty people can be toward each-other here as well.) Ideally people would be cooperative, realize that we’re basically all writing a book together and understand that the story comes first. It’s such a slippery slope, there’s a reason a game like this has never been done. Consequence is what makes things exciting – no consequence, no excitement..
  12. shiftnative

    yeah so remake anthos rn

    Spawn in Anthos needed to be closer to the crossroads and there should’ve been more explorable land beyond the nations. Wars got awkward with how cramped the terrain was, the mountains were ugly and land on the road was given out too frivolously.. but I did really enjoy how you could come across other players and settlements easily and frequently – good times.
  13. shiftnative


    My heart can only take so much..!
  14. History as the Pathmaker has known it


    1. NotEvilAtAll



      So basically, we’ve been exploring ancient Aegis ruins this whole time?

    2. shiftnative


      @NotEvilAtAll Correct! Each of the Kingdoms of the four brothers

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      That is some very good lore there. Certainly connects a lot of what we’ve been doing very nicely