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  1. All 7,535 books from Aegis - https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6157z00oxx8cor/BookWorm.rar?dl=0

    (Some are NSFW..)

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    2. Liam Kneeson

      Liam Kneeson

      @cablam I feel like this is the kind of thing that'd give you a boner 

    3. cablam


      Ikr Liam, its a good thing we already have that though.

    4. Sir K Andruske
  2. rzJuDTP.jpg

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    2. VonEbs


      We are not worthy.

    3. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      heil mon fuher, let me serve you ig

    4. Kinslayer


      my first skin... Gee. Lets see I'll get the first two actual chars

      (beginning of Vailor : http://imgur.com/fd4klhs )

      (late Athera : http://imgur.com/tdkhFrZ )

  3. Hope all is well, I thought about ya

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    2. shiftnative


      Yer a dweeb ;^P

    3. SaintPaint


      Turn off shaders and texturepack you sinner. 

    4. Genevieve-Chan


      Reminds me of the Wilds Inn (sob)

  4. I think in the render of the world - Tahn might not be to scale, It looks 20-25% larger than the other islands (probably from being zoomed in a tick more on dynmap?) If I'm wrong then Tahn is probably 8,500+ blocks from end to end
  5. You're in luck, I really don't want to make one (Nor do I plan to)
  6. Agreed, I hope they don't use the rough map I made (It was pretty much just terrain, "Why" added foliage/etc) - The community should create a blueprint and have someone from PMC produce some gold
  7. Sat and read your status thread and the old links from old times. Good old memories. I know we never saw eye to eye much but it was a good run and Ill always remember this as my first and most epic adventure in the scope of roleplay and making memories with others from around the world. I thank you for the time you put into this server and I understand the sacrifice some did (like you) to allow others to have a better experience at the cost of your personal life at times.


    Thanks again,


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    2. InfamousGerman



    3. Potts244


      And instantly reported.

    4. Space


      i mean wasn't the shot more luck than anything


      that's why you need to play a real competitive game like Starcraft :)

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    2. KarmaDelta


      If only I was not as lazy as many to continue making stuff in World Machine.

    3. Geo


      You magnificent bastard.

    4. shiftnative


      @Geo <3
      Scaled the map up from 2.5k x 2.5k to 3.5k x 3.5k to make the ridges less sheer, remember you can't see the biome colors in these renders. (Will add the rivers/lakes in-game)


  8. Really hard to hear, from what I knew of watyll he was a very intelligent and thoughtful person - always very polite and patient. Much love to his friends & family =[