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  1. Divinus

    Auv's Ban Appeal..

    SHUT DOWN BY TYRION, HE NOT TELLIN HOW LONG HES IN GERMANY FOR. In other news, I support his unbanning.
  2. Divinus

    Ts Ban Appeal

    * motions for Rocco to get in the car with drelik, coaster, pugsy and himself... *
  3. Divinus

    Ts Ban Appeal

    If they get banned as a group, why am I the only one who got slapped across the face with the ban hammer?
  4. Divinus

    Ts Ban Appeal

    Chuckaboo's a mute...
  5. Divinus

    Csalz96 Ban Appeal

    My post may be a little out of place but, I'm rather..Shocked. I don't know what to say, Charles, I'm fairly confused right now. I'm aware that what Drelik had said may, or may have been wrong, but you broke a literal agreement that ALL of House Flay had, that being trust. We were friends man, we were all friends, I don't understand why that simple, simple rule could have never been followed. The rule being what you hear in House Flay, stays in House Flay, its been like that since the start of House Flay. You didn't break just Drelik's trust, but you broke all of the trust, us not only as House Flay members, but also our friendship in a way. I'm not angry that you had done this, but I can't see why you had to ruin not one, but multiple friendships, that is what confuses me in your actions. That being said, I think that Drelik was just being what House Flay is, a bunch of thugs from Eastern United States that like to talk and speak knowing that there privacy will never be invaded. We love the freedom to talk and know that we have a trust between each other, for as I said, what happens in House Flay, stays in House Flay. Unban Drelik.
  6. Divinus

    Divinusxiphias's Ban Appeal

    Since I'm trying, reeaallly trying not to troll and embarrass, I'll say that I get your point, and I'll see what I can do.
  7. Divinus

    Divinusxiphias's Ban Appeal

    I'm changing it when I get home, I personally don't see anything wrong with it, but this is not the time and place to discuss my opinions, I'll make a post in the off topic forum section later for you. I would just like to make something clear, all my trolling was to make the people of the community laugh and have a good time on the server. My enjoyment out of this server is seeing others have fun and an enjoyable time off of the things I do, just this time I took it to far. I hope that if I am to be unbanned, that I can correct the mistakes I've created, and make people laugh and have an enjoyable time through rp, rather then trolling.
  8. Divinus

    Divinusxiphias's Ban Appeal

    Blasphemy, I have no friends.
  9. Divinus

    Divinusxiphias's Ban Appeal

    Paying me 10 diamonds to get your VA accepted by Zezimus through me is not what I consider a joke. And if it was a joke, you wouldn't have gone to three staff members, including Zezimus for some reason, asking to get the diamonds back. but I'm here to rejoin, not return to what I use to be. I respect your opinion regardless.
  10. Report: [Link to your Ban Report] No link. Minecraft Name: DivinusXiphias Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Trolling to an extent where it lead to an ingame ban. Character Witnesses: [Name(s)] Valtaro, all the FMs that have added to my warn status. Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.] My ban could have been an easily avoided case, but sadly, I decided to be immature about the forums, and did not take my actions seriously enough. Over the past month for which I have been banned for, I believe I have matured enough to where I can play once again on LoTc, and will ensure that I will not make the same mistakes that lead to this ban. I say this confidently, as before I took the server rules and warnings as a joke in a way, but now it has been made clear to me that this is not the case, and the server moderators will not stand for it. I hope to rejoin the LoTc community as a new, more mature person that can create conflict in Rp rather then on the forums. Screenshots/Vids: [Link]
  11. Divinus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    5/10 Seen you around the Cloud Temple a few times.
  12. Divinus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 Think I mugged you once..
  13. Divinus

    Va Ideas And Suggestions

    Take this into perspective. When you just get lets say sliced to bits and then respawn at the cloud temple, you just go about your merry way and say that the monks revived you, right? Well, you could also have an epic permakill death, where you make an Rp post about it where the death shows up in obituaries with pictures of the killers and what not, and may possibly lead the friends of your character to rise up and try to bring the killers to justice, thus creating much Rp. Just my thoughts.
  14. Divinus


    (( Thats why I told Pheonix to delete like half of the reasoning. If there is going to be meta'ing, I expect it to be some rogue guard following us around while buildings are burning down haha. Perhaps Pheonix should delete my name from this, but we also didn't put up who is in, so it could go either way. ))
  15. Divinus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 saw you yesterday at the fail of a battle