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  1. Imi


    ~*~ Posters are spread about the land of Axios, depicting a drawing of a crippled halfling and a brief message ~*~ WANTED: A halfling known to associate with the names "Hiro" and "Lady Crips". She was originally found in an outfit similar to this: A hefty REWARD will be offered upon her LIVE capture. Contact Pyria of Blackwater with information of her whereabouts.
  2. Imi

    In Need of New Robes (Skin Request)

    Helawise smiled, before scribbling out a letter!
  3. Since everyone has a daily reminder: Please do not make r-a-p-e 'jokes' or comments about raping members of this community, particularly female members who deal with enough creepy ****. This seems to be a recent trend.

    1. DarkElfs


      That really an actual trend of recent? If so wth is going on any more with this community... I get doing some pretty ugh jokes at times but not that type yikes. 

    2. roseways


      Someone has done that?! That's absolutely disgusting, what is the staff doing, oh my gosh...

    3. Evangelli
  4. Imi

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    -1 Incredibly corrupt when in staff leadership roles, and given responsibility. This is something the admin team had to deal with previously. You need a prolonged break from any staff roles.
  5. Why is everyone being so horrible to @Lark ? All you're going to do is scare off one of the GM's who interacts with the community the most and one of the most kind-hearted people I know. Direct your anger at the problem, not the people trying to help and address it.
  6. Imi

    Macecatcher in memoriam

    ty for your service
  7. +1 Hard working, conscientious and always has the server's best interest in mind.
  8. Honestly, nothing but respect for you right now. Hope you got a girl at pride. 10/10

    1. Skale
    2. Imi


      Thank you! I had to work that day, but it was on right outside so I was technically there??? ?

  9. Imi

    Goodbye, for now.

    I hope you are able to mature as a person during your break from staff. Good luck, Chorale. Take care.
  10. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    sadly I didn't go, I'm too poor for train tickets ): one day Salvo
  11. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    My bad! Sorry, didn't realise this wasn't addressed to me
  12. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    I'm failing to see how the screenshots and context have given are anything but cohesive.
  13. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    what a babe ❤️
  14. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    look how good my eyeliner is tho
  15. Imi

    Poor Leadership

    You think this is better? You think this justifies what you said? This is worse.