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  1. Third Empire - The Decline 10,361 AE "The one thing I shall say for the Accursed, is that they are masterful soldiers. For all our efforts, we rarely match their talents." --- Events For two years now, Stellarch Netana’s beleaguered forces have continued to resist FWA pressure following their shattering defeat and scrambled reorganization across the previously held province. This year, it seems, is no different. Reports from the theatre are scarce, given Netana has only a single Psykic at his disposal. His tattered fleet meets FWA forces under the command of Admiral Jelavic over the surface of Ivani. With only a single dreadnought still operational, along with a handful of supporting vessels, his defense proves to be sufficient enough to drive Jelavic from the system, but he has made it apparent that his ships are in critical condition, and he will soon run out of ammunition. --- The Hunt for Aokigahara continues, as Stellarch Rahn's ships continues to comb a trillion miles of hyperlanes, searching for the elusive Dread Pirate. Though he has traveled the Galaxy for nearly a decade, Rahn is no closer to apprehending the Pirate King, and the operation has become the longest running and most expensive manhunt in Imperial history, for though the Stellarch has destroyed a dozen of Aokigahara's ship in recent months, the man himself slips the noose every time it tightens around his neck. --- Political violence is on the rise across dozens of Imperial worlds. The People's Liberation Front and the Interstellar Republican Alliance, inspired by the victories of the Free Workers' Assembly, begin a series of mass strikes. Both organisations announce their "Long War" policies, and they commence a remarkably organised and well supplied guerilla campaign against Imperial authority. The first attack by the IRA is a major car bomb attack outside an Imperial military base. Public support for both organisations is remarkably high. The Province of Altaire Pytyl’s largest hurdle is obtaining permission to build such a monument, which he manages to do, helped on by him being elected as the Kavan He-ai. While the commoners don’t quite appreciate the monument any differently than they would any others, the gesture puts Naei in a good light. (+ 1 Influence) Nalani is more than grateful for the additional funds, and he promises to repay such support against the alien menace, some time or another. (+ 1 Influence) The Stellarch’s bounty brings in plenty of unwashed peasants, offering up some trinket or another as a ‘rare and priceless artifact’ almost all of which prove to be fakes, or completely worthless. However, among the mountain of garbage, authorities have recovered at least one object of note. A small, metallic and spherical trinket, which is clearly quite dated, and no doubt authentic. The Stellarch’s staff is unable to discern what it is, Mr. Green, however, believes he knows someone who would. (Discord) Raetia For two hundred and thirty years, Stellarch Rankor has spent his time bedding every woman he can lay his greasy hands upon. This year is no different, as Rankor finds little to do but bed ladies and shout at his sons. Dominion of Badab The reinstating of Admiral Iosefa Tenadi is almost universally well received across the Stellarchy. His previous career by no means being dull or unreputable. Many welcome the aging Admiral back to his post as well as his strong reputation (+1 Prestige for Tenadi) The Vara Directorate The Emperor is delighted to allow such a talented child to study under his own personal Psykics on Kaumai. Sunny Sal receives a letter, written in the Emperor's own hand, expressing Rän-ji's admiration for Vernazza's loyalty. (+1 Influence) Four freighters worth of food supplies from Qahtan are captured by Aokigahara’s fleet. Emirate of Qahtan An enormous year of shipping for the Emir, as food flows from his systems out across the length and breadth of the Empire. Grand Duchy of Alamar An Interplanetary Republican Alliance car bomb goes off outside of the Ducal palaces, killing dozens of officials, and causing a vast amount of damage. (-5000 credits.) Mandate of Vennendal Late in the year, the Stellarch of Vennendal is instructed to attend the Emperor. Personally. (Discord) A unit of components bound for Vennendal are captured by Aokigahara’s fleet. Despotate of Oberstein People's Liberation Front sponsored riots spring up across the Despotate, causing intense disruption in the province. (-1000 credits) Holy Order of Hyperboreia The zealots of the Holy Order rejoice, as one of their members attains a position of crucial military importance. Hyperboreia has never been as prominent as it is now. (+1 Influence) Thankfully, the Western Rim is largely untouched by Aokigahara’s fleets, and the Order’s shipping is untouched. Stellarchy of Matene Even by the standards of the Outer Rim, the Matenese are a strange bunch. They are largely distrusted outside of their homeworlds, and many incorrectly believe the race of purple skinned humans to be aliens. That does not change this year. Three units of food from Vennendal and two from Qahtan are sunk by Aokigahara’s fleet. House Matareka Across the Galaxy, Lord Matareka flies, his ogre daughter in the simultaneous embrace of Tyrone and Jemal for the entirety of the journey. Kingdom of Orteau Five freighters bound to Orteau are sunk or captured by Aokigahara’s fleet as they travel through the mid-rim. Orteau once more finds itself in a position of power in the Imperial government, what they shall do with it this time, remains to be seen. Sky will cover response to final action.
  2. Third Empire - The Decline 10,361 AE ---------- "The Galaxy is changing, comrades. The tumour that is the Empire is slowly turning upon itself, devouring itself from within. This is our time, brother and sisters, this is the great era of our liberation - some nay sayers would tell you that we must have peace, that we must beg the Empire to leave us be, that we must beg for concessions! But know this, comrades! Change! Will not! Come from above! They may offer as many concessions as they like - but we have seen into their dark hearts and we see them for what they are - liars! The may offer us concessions, but change will not come from above! We are the instruments that will guide the Proletariat to liberation, comrades! But to have freedom, we must first spend blood to defend the sanctity of our nation, and the liberty of our people!" -Chairman Dmitri Radtskevsky, addressing the nation. ----- Water. Blood. Lead. These are the three things that await a newly dropped infantry trooper on the jungle planet of Buath, where Imperial forces under Stellarch Nalani Itamere battle through thick flora, braving Irik guerillas, Irearchy regulars and savage fauna, in a grim attempt to bring the brutal Siege of Buath to an end. The Siege of Buath has lasted nearly two years, and around four million Imperial soldiers have been dropped to the hostile surface. Most of these forces are clustered in the same, small area - the only major gap in the planetary shield. Several legions have been stacked on top of each other, pinned by enemy forced on all sides. As a result, combat on the planet surface is slow and grinding, as Imperial troops are forced to clear out the jungle section by section. Nalani Itamere, though weary, is guaranteed several more years of campaign in the area, until his forces manage to shut down the shields that prevent additional troops landing on the planet. But even as he makes his preparations, the Senate is breathing down his neck, and constant, incessant demands are being placed upon him to end the campaign quickly. --- Scandal erupts in the Senate! The Tanu Kāvan, along with all of his senior ministers, are caught in a major sex scandal. After being discovered hosting a massive orgy, involving men, women and animals, the Tanu Kāvan is forced to resign from his office, while he retreats to an estate in the far off Outer Rim, while a proxy performs his duties. Tanu Kāvan Arakatera, Kāvan Te Eriki and Arēro Wirimu are the three most prominent resignations. As a result, the Emperor dismisses the rest of the cabinet, and instructs elections to be held for the now vacant Government posts. --- War rages in the Outer Rim, as recently appointed Stellarch Ekutu Nettana musters his beleaguered forces and attempts to stop the ceaseless Free Workers' Assembly advance into the last remnants of Imperial Space in the region. Nettana received his appointment following the execution of Stellarch Matī Timane at the hands of Syndicalist forces. With two Hyperlanes leading into the region, Nettana is stretched thin as he attempts to defend the planets Danare and Ivani, the gateways into the remnants of the sector. Dmitri Radtskevsky, Chairman of the FWA has appointed Admirals Chekov and Jelavic to lead the assaults. Though Nettana resists for now, it is only a matter of time before he runs out of fuel and ammunition, and his resistance is quashed. --- Aokigahara, the self styled Pirate King, rampages across the Galaxy, burning and capturing shipping in all corners of the Empire. The pirate, though a major threat, has been largely ignored, and as a result he has evolved from a minor nuisance to a serious threat. In his stolen Battlecruiser, The Horseman, he leads his squadrons of raiders to victory, time and time again. Finally convinced of his menace, the Senate have appointed Stellarch Rahn, one of their closest allies and an old veteran, to hunt for Aokigahara, to bring him to justice. But though Rahn scours the Hyperlanes for the Pirate King, Aokigahara evades him, disappearing in one place and then appearing a Galaxy away, as if by magic.
  3. Third Empire - The Decline ---------- "The stars seemed brighter, long ago, before the accursed ascended to the emptiness of the inky, black void. They are a savage people, badly designed for violence, and yet so prone to it. Each day, I stare out across the darkness and the stars seem darker - a foolish thought perhaps, but each moment of their rule feels as if it bleeds the Galaxy of a little more life. I would weep, but such tears would be wasted, and I have greater regrets - for which I shall reserve my sorrows." The year is 10'360AE. A shroud of darkness has fallen across the Third Empire. On Kaumai, the Imperial Capital, the newly coronated Emperor Rän-ji rules from his palace-moon, high above the heads of the commoners where his influence seems to wane by the day, and the senate is consumed by a state of constant deadlock. He has come to the throne of a bitterly divided and stagnating Empire, where far off Stellarchs rule as Warlords, the Senate plots against his rule and the military is the weakest it has ever been. Worse still, his power is even more eroded by the loss of much of the Empire's Psykics, who were once the arteries that allowed fast communication to every corner of the Galaxy, allowing for instant communication, and enforcing the Imperial will wherever they were present. This Great Decline has lasted five hundred years, and the effects are becoming only more prominent, with every passing cycle, more and more cracks spread across the Empire’s foundations. A great era of decadence has rotted away the heart of the Third Empire, while the brutally oppressed commoners have raised their heads, determined to improve the conditions of their lives. Meanwhile, the fighting around Buath continues unabated, as the Irearch lurks, waiting for his chance to crush the Empire, once and for all. Psykics: The Psykic Arts were once the foundation upon which the Empire was built. Psykics were once incredibly common - they served as interrogators, officials, communicators and more. That day has long passed, for now Psykics are perhaps the rarest caste that can be found in the Galaxy. The few that remain are almost exclusively reserved by the Emperor, the Senate or the Stellarchs - where they provide key lines of communication, and skilled secret agents. There are many aspects to Psykic powers - most of which are long lost. The most used, and the few remembered, Psykic abilities include long range instantaneous communication, the ability to search a person's mind, the power to inflict terrible pain without touch, and other such skills. Application: Starting Systems: All Stellarchs appointed by the Empire are given charge of a certain handful systems to administer and enforce Imperial law throughout. You are allowed to select no more than 10 systems (You can have less, I guess..), they must all be connected. Point Distributions (21 Total): Loyalty: Influence: Military: Leadership: Infrastructure: Your Stellarch (Their name + Personal backstory): Additional Characters?: Provincial Culture: All corners of the Empire, however isolated or sparsely populated- were all conquered or colonized by Humans, and more importantly, the Empire. Imperial culture itself varies across the galaxy, however, certain aspects of it, more specifically, naming conventions are based around the Maori / Polynesians of our world. While it is not mandatory to adhere to such naming conventions, we would greatly appreciate it. Human Variants?: For thousands of years humans have inhabited most corners of the galaxy. During such a vast amount of time, certain populations have began to offshoot from the main branch of humanity to better suit their environment, usually mainly in the form of visual differences, but other adaptations have been noted. You are allowed to choose such a variant, so long as you are positioned within the Mid-Outer Rims. Note, this is mainly for RP purposes. Unique Military Units (Two): Pick a number between 1-10:
  4. Xi’an Provinces 41 P.D. - Year of the Ox --- ---------------- No RP because its 1;45 am and ,pdpost is suppoed rto be tomorrow and im tired thanks /. SENT FROM MY IPHONE EDIT: WOW! Gold, thanks for the gold king stranger! :steamhappy: ---Actions--- Financial Actions: -The civilian sector continues to receive an influx of cash infusions (40,000) -The Farming districts are expanded to account for increased demands (5,000) -Mines are established, producing raw steel for the Provinces (5,000) -The first true munitions plant comes online (7,500) -Excess funds are saved for next year (1,900) Mod // Diplomatic Actions: -A symbolic and annual ‘tribute’ is paid to the Fujianese Emperor
  5. Xi’an Provinces 40 P.D. - Year of the Rat --- ---------------- The Korolov Investigation The mysterious death of Professor Korolov caught the world by surprise, more importantly, it caught the city of Tian’an by surprise! Unaware of the scientist’s presence in the city, the discovery of the man’s corpse has shaken local authorities, dumbfounded at how such an infamous man could remain hidden for so long. Regardless, numerous media outlets throughout the city quickly jump on the story as local authorities diligently begin their work. As quickly as Tian’an authorities begin, they realize what a curious crime it is. Having been found several blocks away from his residence, Korolov’s body is riddled with broken bones and lacerations, the largest one being found on his throat. The body, along with several security tapes confirm a drawn out chase between Korolov and his assailant, ultimately ending with the scientist's death. In terms of evidence, provincial authorities find great heaps of it, including countless video recordings, the murder weapon (left at the scene, no identifiable fingerprints found), and even an eye witness, who observed the murder itself. After countless hours of investigative work, the suspect is identified as an employee of one of The Corporation’s numerous subsidies, apparently within the city for some business matter or another. The witness claims to have seen the main wielding the knife while wearing a glove of some kind, explaining the lack of fingerprints. The Identity of the murderer remains unknown. The Corporation’s government’s involvement in the murder of Professor Korolov is unknown. In an international announcement early in the year, said details of the murder as well as the Corporation’s possible involvement are revealed to global community by the wise Hegemon Zhao Hai. Following up on this, he makes a public request to dispatch a purely investigative unit into The Corporation in order to further look into this terrible crime committed against a citizen of the Provinces. Rest assured, citizens, Provincial Authorities will continue to investigate the matter. ---Actions--- Financial Actions: -The Hegemon orders the construction of infrastructure to better facilitate commerce throughout Tian’an (40,000 for 4 Trade Depots) -Furthermore, the civilian sectors receive funding. (5,000 for 1 Civ industry) -The sprawling agricultural district is expanded upon (5,000 for 1 Farm) -200 is saved Research Actions (Passive): -A kaiju’s hide is thick and tough, resilient against even modern weaponry, and the Provinces lack mobile equipment to deal with such threats. Using the numerous kaiju corpses accumulated at the Graveyard, scientists begin devising a toxic gas which could be deployed from artillery, bombs, or missiles, which could quickly neutralize Kaiju. Ideally, such a weapon would not affect human targets, but if it must, so be it. [NEW] -Work begins on an advanced anti-missile // anti-air system, such would hopefully be an improvement on previous models, employing large caliber repeating auto-cannons or longer range missiles of their own to quickly intercept missiles, jets, and icarus suits. [NEW] -While the Dragon guns already pack a significant punch, there are always things to be improved. Jade Corp is given significant funding, as well a contract to design and produce a railgun. Given the size of Dragon guns, its assumed they should have little issue fitting such a mechanism in the package, and making sure it packs a MASSIVE punch [NEW] Mod // Diplomatic Actions: -The Corporation is requested to allow Provincial personnel within the city so that they may continue to investigate the mysterious death of Anton Korolov. -Sumiyoshi’s invitation is accepted. -A diplomatic mission is sent to Emiritia and Yashida, hoping to better relations between the two countries. (MOD) -A symbolic and annual ‘tribute’ is paid to the Fujianese Emperor (MOD)
  6. Nation Name: Xi’an Provinces (might alter slightly) Government Type: Federal Autocracy Leader: Hegemon Zhao Hai Culture: Fujianese, distinctly detached from the Federation. Focused more around authoritarianism/nationalism and distanced from Monarchists, religious sects, and communists. History: Originally discovered and settled by Fujianese explorers many centuries ago, the Xi’an Provinces provided the burgeoning state with both ample land for settlement, a growing issue due to the increasingly overpopulated mainland, and key islands and ports, necessary to exert influence in the Sea of Xi’an and lower Emiritia. By the time the Great Ideological war had broken out, the region was one of the most valuable in the Federation, but one of the most die-hard Federation strongholds, having an intense sense of nationalism and national pride. The colonies themselves provided excellent bases close to the Emiritian homeland, and thus were heavily staffed and protected by Federation troops during the war. Still, Xi’an would see its fair share of war, its many islands and coastlines being subject to numerous Emiritian Invasions. By the war's end, a massive operation to conquer the colonies had begun and been mostly contained by Fujianese troops. Following the Devastation and the end of the Great Ideological war, the ensuing Kaiju onslaught would prove a definitive moment in the colonies’ history. With the Federation’s resources thoroughly depleted by the war, and the remaining forces stretched extremely thin, the central government could offer little in regards to assistance to areas other than the mainland. Discontent with mainland strife and inaction, and under constant attack from the seemingly unstoppable Kaiju, the various colonial entities formed the League of Tian’an. Centered around the capital city of Tian’an, the League collectively agreed to temporarily act against Federation restrictions and regulations in order to better protect their lands. The establishment of independent military formations and bases, as well as the opening of new diplomatic lines allowed the Colonies to survive through this turbulent period, though as it dragged on, many within the ruling caste became less and less inclined to return to a subservient position in the Federation government. Besides the devastation and distancing from the Federation government, the numerous Kaiju attacks had laid waste to many of the colonial cities, forcing many millions of inhabitants towards perhaps the most secure city on the planet, Tian’an. A glorious work of modern engineering, Tian’an is one of the largest cities on the planet home to almost 70 million people in the greater urban area, roughly 70% of the province’s population, and protected by thousands of conventional defenses, several rings of Great Kaiju walls, and enormous gun positions capable of eliminating Kaiju alone, Tian’an stood as the colony’s sole bastion against the Kaiju onslaught, and a resilient headquarters for the Order of Draken for countless years. In recent times, the Xi’an Provinces have continued to drift away from the Fujian Federation, being almost completely independent from the Federation, in all but a symbolic or traditional sense. The government of the provinces itself has also begun to become incredibly corrupt and authoritarian. Lacking any central authority to coordinate the defense and reconstruction of the nation, the position of Bazhu (Hegemon) rapidly grew in importance, having numerous privileges and authorities granted to it by the colonies until the point it had essentially become a dictator in all but name. Because of this rapid degradation of democracy, the government has become extremely fractured, akin to that of a monarch and his vassals, with clear factions and interest groups separating the country’s leadership. However, the Hegemon still remains incredibly powerful.. Groups or places of Interest: Tian’an, The Unbreakable City: -Serving as the nation’s capital and administrative center, as well as the center of basically all other industries in the country aside from agriculture. Tian’an is a massive city, grown to such ridiculous sizes by the Kaiju crisis, home to nearly 70 million people, more than two thirds of the country’s population. The city itself is protected by four layers of Great Kaiju walls, the first protecting a massive agricultural zone, and the remaining three dividing the city into circular sections decreasing in size. In addition to its massive walls, the city is protected by miles of above ground and subterranean defenses, as well as a massive array of giant cannons originally built to kill kaiju, but fit for bombardment on ground, air, and sea targets. Jade Corp: -One of the many companies operating within the colonies, Jade Corp has found particular favor within the sitting government, paying massive sums to lobbyists and politicians in order to continuously land large contracts arming the PDA. Despite their rampant backdoor dealings, the company produces and designs top of the line armaments. The Jinyi wei -Sometimes referred to as the Hegemon’s Fist, the Jinyi wei is are both a secret police, and a special forces unit which serves the Hegemon exclusively, and is charged with his protection. Key Figures: Hegemon Zhao Hai: The reigning Hegemon for nearly twenty years now, Hai wields what are essentially dictatorial powers across the colonies. Despite his authoritarianism, he is well respected by the population, many believing his leadership was essential for pulling the colonies out of the crises following immediately after the Great Ideological War. He is the main proponent of the Anti-Federation movement, strongly advocating for Colonial independence. (4 Charisma, 7 Leadership, 1 Martial) Field Marshal Han Xin: Supreme commander of the Provincial Defense Army, Xin’s experience begun during the Great Ideological War, where he was responsible for the defense of the far western colonies. His leadership playing a vital role in containing the initial Emiritan Landings (3 Charisma, 7 Leadership, 2 Martial) Captain Yue Fei: One of the country's only two “Aces”, Fei is a massively popular figure and a rising star within the military, his unit being responsible for countless victories against Kaijus. Point Distribution: Size: 10 Military: 10 Tech: 6 Loyalty: 4 Nat Idea: [NAME]: Civilian Manufacturing produces 2,000g and costs 5,000g Unique Units: -Provincial Regulars: Mechanized Troops widely recruited across the colonies, extremely efficient PDF training regimes allow classes to be far larger, allowing troops to be deployed on a much larger scale. (Regular Mechanized Inf, but recruited in 3x as large unit sizes) -T-40 Jet Fighter: Designed by Jade Corp, the T-40 is a top of the line Jet fighter, more than capable of both air superiority operations, as well as providing support for ground forces. (Jet Fighter) -Dragon Gun: A massive ******* cannon, usually transported to battlefields in multiple pieces by rail and assembled on site, or mounted in fixed positions within or ontop fortifications. The ordinance fired by a single Dragon Gun is enough to crack open the thickest of defenses, or destroy the largest of Kaiju in a single shot. (BFG) Starting Location: Are Mechs superior to Tanks?: Do I have to say it?
  7. Conclusion Hundreds of years spent in darkness, finally, the Far East was reborn with the construction of new states, and the collapse of old ones. Into the 14th Age and beyond, there would be conquest, war, bloodshed, and strife. Yet, there would also be agreements, peace, and unity. As these nations forged through the seas of uncertainty, they began to stumble upon the remains of what once was, behind it all, cogs turned.. What follows is a summarization of the many events, discoveries, and stories of the various nations and peoples of Iter... The Dol Varuk, the scourge of Fydor and the eastern coastlines. Strange beings from a land beyond our own, their arrival was sudden and unannounced. While it was not the first time such creatures had set food upon Iter’s soil, it would certainly be the last for many many ages to come. The Houses, as they are called in their own tongue, were drawn to the east like moths before a great light, urged on by faith and tradition. Like many others from across the world, they came in search of ancient artifacts, The Keys, the Garden. 883 saw the first actual footholds established, more would follow in 887, and again in 889. By 890, The main body of the Dol Varuk fleets had exited the Great Sea, and entered Fydor’s shivering waters. In 893, the eastern Perasmani Isle would be claimed, and in 896, Awashima itself was attacked. A pivotal point in the war, the combined fleets of Fydor, as well as countless mages from Samalstraza would see The House’s fleets laid to waste in a clash of truly epic proportions. From there, the alliance would fight numerous battles at many locations, on land, and at sea, from the Cradle to the Midlands, driving the invaders back into the Great Sea once and for all.. -- In Orev, the civil war would be officially ended by Clade Rellin and his Choranic Allies. After countless battles, and seemingly endless months of besieging republican strongholds, Marduniya’s troops would be the first to overcome Eyowith’s walls, capturing several gatehouses, and the Senate house itself. Despite his at first unlikely victory, Clade’s iron will and strong leadership would soon begin to fade. Distressed at the death of his brother, Oros, and later the death of his wife, the Emperor was never truly himself again. -- The realm of the risen sorcerer, The Servant Ghor would ultimately be short-lived. Following his defeat at the walls of Krolestwo’s capital, a coalition of Krolestwoian, Kastovian, Rhydian, Rhorric, Khrav, and Antramarian troops would see the sorcerer’s forces pushed back all the way to Ralok Mus, where his form was dismantled by the hands of a party of Kindly Ones and Choranic adepts and mages. -- The Mitrovic Empire, beset on all sides by Kemet and the riders of Tomorbataar, would ultimately weather the vicious storm. The early war was marked with terrible setbacks, Lichtenfels forces overrun in Avon, and the Ascendancy soon followed suit, the capital of Verdova was sacked, and the Oge Khan’s horde pressed deeper into the Empire. As everything seemed to begin to crumble, Mitrovic forces would soon be relieved by Alexandra’s skill and position. Antramarian legions reigned in and defeated the rampaging horde, and with the southern wall secured, Orolian turned west. Numerous campaigns were fought between the Kemetese and the Mitrovic-Dohocan-Aldemaric coalition, which saw the state contained. Despite Dohoca itself and Aldemar’s western lands being overtaken by the Kemetese, Kemet was ultimately boxed in, but still remains one of the great powers of Chtor.. ------- In the years after the Dol Varuk invasion, total Ishikawan hegemony over the Sea of Fydor quickly became a reality. Wars against the Atemic Warlords, Adozarans, Amarantic, Khravic, and Perasmani, as well as large settlements in the Cradle saw the establishment of vast colonies. Colonies which enriched the Shogun beyond measure, allowing him to fulfill the Eternal’s command beyond the fullest extent, and usher in an era of total Ishikawan supremacy on the waves. The Perasmani League suffered greatly at the hands of the Dol Varuk, yet in a sense shielded many more from such a terrible fate. In the years following the disaster, great strides would be taken to rebuild the league’s eastern outpost (again), and settle large swathes of the Cradle. Though the league would clash numerous times with the Shogun on Awashima, the League would at least remain a strong force in Fydor, and establish one of if not the most dominant and widespread network of trading outposts, and merchant companies. Isolated from most rivals, the Choranic Empire was allowed to grow and flourish in relative comfort. Despite its isolation, The King of King’s fleets would be summoned to fight in the Battle of Awashima, where they would play a pivotal role in defeating the Dol Varuk armada. In the years after, the Empire would expand and reach levels unseen during even the reign of Atem. Wars against Ascalon and Aeton would see the two realms mostly conquered and integrated in Kurasahr. Great settlement efforts also saw the Empire’s borders reach the shores of the Sea of Metar, and the Great Olk-Wood conquered by vast canals, massive roads, and other glorious and complex works. Already at odds with the Ishikawan Shogunate, the Kingdom of Adozar would ultimately be forced into a humiliating settlement, surrendering portions of its eastern coastline and population centers. King Santiago, a charismatic monarch and tireless ruler would make up for such losses with dozens campaigns against the Atemic warlord Arnun, and the newly reformed Orevian Empire. During these conquests, Adozar would display its leadership and soldiery to be some of the best in the Midlands, and they would be often sought after for mercenary work in all corners of the world. The defeat of Ghor would not prove to be the worst of things for the Amarantic Dominion, allowing enough time for the expansion into much of the eastern midlands to be complete, as well as the conquest of Rhorric. However, despite its secure borders, it would be almost universally shunned and ostracized by its neighbors for its involvement with Ghor. Years following the conquest of Rhorric would be plagued with endless wars between Amarant and its neighbors, resulting in many victories, and many defeats. Notably, aside from Shisima, the Dominion was not forced to cede any land to the Ishikawans. While Arakelgurdin may have never reached the influence of its Samalstrazan cousins, the state would go on to become deeply entrenched in Chtoric affairs. Influencing and pulling strings everywhere from the Choranic Empire’s southern holdings, to the Mitrovic Empire, to the Pachaqui Kingdom. In the years following the failed conquest of Wyom, the Chicahtoc would be given a window of opportunity. Having returned to the mainland during the first war, Mol Kjaro incited civil war throughout the pact, allowing Chicahtoc armies to sweep across the western regions and conquer them with little opposition. This first conquest lead to another, and another, in a matter of years, the empire had overran Aldemar and Dohoca’s footholds, and conquered swathes of southern Rostukhov, establishing itself as the dominant power in the immediate area. Occupying a key island in Chtor, Anaxes quickly became renowned masters of trade and development, with the capital of Lyffneveld being the hub of these institutions and a worldwide center of commerce. Along with their Mitrovic allies, the Principality established themselves as a strong power in Chtor, its trade rivaled only by Perasma and Dohoca. Its fleets played a major role in the Siege of Aldemar, which sought to finally conquer the seemingly impenetrable city. Assaulted from all sides, the Mitrovic Empire managed to weather the storm, emerging from the numerous conflicts of the 880s and 890s still intact. Orolian would spend the final years of his reign rebuilding the capital of Verdova with the aide of Samalstrazan and Anaxes architects, establishing it as one of the world’s greatest cities. Conflict with Aldemar, likewise, began to erupt during this period, leading to territory changing hands numerous times, and the Empire ultimately unseating the League from its extremely dominant position in Chtor after the grueling Siege of Aldemar, which is recorded as the longest and most complex siege ever to take place. To this day, the Empire remains the primary bulwark against the Kemetese and Oburakai hordes. Unfortunately, the Kingdom of the Glade emerged a little late to have any major influence on the 14th Age. Still, the land and its people remained a prevalent force within the Olk-Wood, attending to its needs and adhering to tradition as they had for many ages past, far from the reach of any major power. However, its wines did eventually become known as some of the best in the world, rivaled by only Hatra, a large Antramarian company. Alike the Kingdom of the Glade, the Isle de Fae emerged onto the world scene a little late to have any major influence on it. The Isle remained largely unknown to much of the world, apart from the uncommon traveler or merchant. The isle of myst, and all who dwell on it exist as they always have.. Nestled deep within the mountains, the Pachaqui Kingdom remains as serene as ever, under the steady hand of the now aging King Thonaqan. Since the completion of the wall, the Pachaqui have seen steady expansion, growing to occupy much of the coast of the Wine Sea, as well as much of the basin to the south. Today, the realm is one of the most prosperous and peaceful in Iter. To Summarize all of Samalstraza’s endeavors in such a short paragraph would be unreasonable. The impact of the institution during the time period is not to be understated. Many nations of today exist only through the careful and delicate work of Samalstraza, who still remains as undoubtedly the most influential nation on the world stage, as well as the universally recognized hub of knowledge and learning. Of the world’s many characters, these are some resolutions.. The Shogun Kais would be remembered as one of the islands’ most ambitious rulers, propelling the nation into Hegemony of Fydor and beyond. Admiral Katsumi’s record at sea remained spotless throughout the duration of the Dol Varuk invasion, and his leadership proved to be decisive during the Battle of Awashima. His bird, key in many of his victories, was buried within him, after it ceased to function following his death. Unlucky enough to have been roped into something greater than himself, Capitan Inari would be dispatched in search of the keys, a mission in which he would not succeed, ultimately sacrificing himself for his crew’s survival in a battle against “a specter” as they recount. Though Miyata’s adventures in Eyowith were not successful, she would hoor herself into considerable influence under Clade’s new government. Salazar the :Goyim: died as he lived, aboard a ship and in hopes of enriching himself and his country, the specifics of which are unknown. Regardless, the man would be remembered as one of the most influential figures in Chtor, running a massive criminal empire across most of Iter, and making Perasmani pockets some of the fattest in the world. The explorer Pytheas became one of the most renowned of his day, exploring and excavating numerous sites within the Cradle. His work, published and distributed across much of the world detailed his findings in regards to the emergence of mankind, the first nations and cities, and a massive conflict between early man and the ancestors of the Dol Varuk, which he dubbed “The Separation.” Only recently, he discovered what he believes to be his “Magnum Opus” a monolithic ‘Garden’ ringed by impassable and pure white walls, to this day, he studies the site in hope of being able to find a way in... After many years on the brink of insanity, Gaumata’s mind was finally cleansed upon the completion of the Oromires Terminalus. On its completion around the man, he was struck with a pillar of “pure starlight” in which he disappeared for seven days. On his mysterious return, he claims to have conversed with Ahura Mihr himself, and bestowed the gift of true enlightenment, as well as a new righteous purpose. In the following years, he would depart alone in search of ‘the keys’, so that Aura Mihr’s work would be made final.. The Acolyte Rib emerged from the cavern altered. Throughout his journey, he would encounter numerous foes, an Ishikawan Captain, a Chicahtoc Emperor, a Pachaqui Sorceress, a Choranic Magi, and his once ally, Antathek Ra. While many obstacles may have been overcome, but many still stand before the level 80 chad his destiny still eludes his grasp, barely.. Following her marriage to Lord Tarbus, Runivera’s influence only grew. With Tarbus’ weight, Hatra Wineries were able to absorb or out compete all of their major competitors within the decade, establishing itself as the dominant company in regards to high grade wine. On top of her monopoly, her relationship with both Tarbus and Alexandra allowed the cunning Samasltrazan to greatly influence Antramarian politics for many many years.. Ala, All Mother of the Order of the Kindly, spent the remainder of her days spreading her creed, and helping those she could throughout the world, apart from her brief involvement in aiding the coalition forces against the Servant Ghor. Shortly after her death, a peaceful passing in her sleep, much turmoil broke out within the Order leading to numerous ‘heretical’ sects which begun to sprout up.. Acid’s reputation continued to grow as her completely healthy and legitimate business begun to take root all over Iter, by the time of her passing, she had most certainly not made the world a better place, her vast distribution network ruining countless lives.. It is a dark night when the Lord of the Unfathomable is visited, and made aware his peers no longer challenge him. In a matter of minutes, the Dominion falls under the command of one man, Anathek Ra. The Underking sends him to all corners of Iter in search of the artifacts, still, he has not yet succeeded.. Emperor Chicahtoc is not yet free from the voice, since the night the Key and Orb vanished, it is relentless in its directions, forcing him to all corners of Iter. His reign is remembered in a much better light, one of rapid expansion and conquest, and plentiful sacrifices. The Archpriest Solameqan, old mentor to Thonaqan, is a mentor once more, training the princess Chimiqua to be the most powerful magi he had ever witnessed. He passes peacefully in his sleep, and is remembered fondly across the kingdom. Like his old mentor, the remainder of Thonaqan’s life is tranquil, spent administering his sprawling kingdom from the City of the Skies, and raising his children. His reign is remembered as one of the nation’s greatest, and he is titled “The Great” Under the tutelage of Solameqan, Chimiqua grows to be the most powerful mage ever recorded. As she grows older, she begins to hear the world more clearly, and eventually, Mama-Pacha itself. Under its direction, she departs into lands unknown, on a journey to “fulfill her purpose” as she says. Emperor Orolian’s reign proves to have been perhaps the greatest in Mitrovic history. The Emperor passes in his sleep within his tent, located beyond the walls of Aldemar itself, where his army lays siege to the city. He is titled “The Conqueror” :chad: ------------------ I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the game. It was truly an enjoyable five or so months spent modding, I loved reading about your nations, conflicts, and various exploits every week, and I hope you all had just as good a time fleshing them out yourselves. Though I was perhaps not the best mod in many ways, I hope you were all satisfied and enjoyed yourselves. While I'm sorry to cut it off where I am, I just don’t have the drive to continue, and I don't want the previous months to be soured by a noticeably degrading performance. Once more, I really do appreciate everyone who participated, as it truly was a really fun time and I sincerely enjoyed every minute of it. A special thanks to Eric, Sky, Czar, and Hary, in particular, who all helped in writing/devising the really excellent set of rules as well as various other aspects of modding. Thanks 🙂 –Supreme
  8. “Ah yes, Lord of War, his reign was violent and ceaseless, it spread to every corner of the land. Aun did not care for his defiant sibling’s tendencies. The Shapers never intended for such needless violence, Aun split Aast in two, discarding the second half, and imprisoning the first within lands unknown.” -Recollections of The Eye, the 7th Age --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 883 Another year of war in the midlands, Ghor’s legions are surprisingly repulsed from the Krolestwoian capital by the defenders. The Council of Three is held between the Tetrarch Aeton, as well as the warlords Alean and Arnun to further discuss the state of the Empire in the far east. Civil War continues in Orev. Clashes between Oros and the Republic reach a climax which culminates at the Battle of the Sheer. With over 25,000 troops present on both sides, its one of the largest battles of the war. In the midst of the fighting, Oros is struck with a crossbow bolt below his collar bone. He survives the fighting, but dies later in the year, causing the remainder of his supporters to flee to Clade’s banners. --- Battles/Campaigns: Westward: The engagement off the Cradle’s coast is fierce, marking the first time since the invasion had begun where Fydoran troops had wanted to meet the Dol Varuk in close combat. Thankfully, the Perasmani are well suited for this task, their flamethrowers, anti-sail bolts, and plentiful infantry do well to even the playing field. Even still, they suffer greatly in terms of both men and material against the fearsome four-armed warriors. The battle proves to be at least partially decisive, seeing the Dol Varuk fleet break out of the entrapment and flee south then east. Mongol War: The year ends with Orolian and his allies relatively unassailed on the Steppe. The Khan’s horde which stayed on the Jade Sea launches no true assault other than the occasional raid and harrying attack on construction crews, still this does little but slow construction. On the homefront, the Empire’s reserve army fortifies itself in the city of Tridava, which appears to be the next target for the Oge Khan. Upon reaching the city, however, and viewing its well staffed fortifications, the Khan turns north with great speed. They cross the unguarded river and fall upon the capital’s walls. The garrison resists several assaults, but is ultimately overwhelmed before the reserve army can reach it. Verdova is sacked. Following his victory, Odgerel’s army crosses through the ruins of the city and deeper into the Empire.. (75% of Verdova’s buildings lost, 60,000 deaths) Calamity in Chtor!: The Kemetese Hordes overwhelm the Avonic border defenses and strongholds before the coalition can truly react. Lichtenfel’s forces arrive to a somber scene. Avon is besieged by land, and the countryside almost totally occupied. Over the course of the year, they repulse numerous assaults, but sections of the walls face heavy bombardment, and several breaches open. Chronic Expeditionary Force: After the Battle of the Sheer, Clade’s army explodes in numbers, and he is able to scoop up vast areas of territory. The year is mostly spent campaigning against the Republic in the south, several strongholds are overrun, no decisive battle is met. (casualties for all in discord) --- Kingdom of Adozar Though Adozar’s position on the world stage may be insignificant for now, the realm prospers, and the queen has indeed given birth to a handsome baby boy. (+2 Charisma for Lorenco) Crossbows prepared for 86 Chicahtoc Empire Another year passes within the Empire Isle De Fae Truly mysterious is the Isle De Fae, strange stories leave its shores.. The Living Myst (T4) will be prepared for 89 Create Chimera (T3) ready for 86 T4 Equipment ready for 87 The Amarantic Dominion While poison is readily available, the kind which the Amarantic desire is far beyond what they possess. Still, the acolytes toil and wagie across the Dominion in an attempt to please their masters. They find, however, that creation of and then subsequent containment of toxic vapours proves to be impossible with what they have. Pachaqui Kingdom Mama-Pacha weeps, her children’s blood waters the earth, the war drags on. At least the homeland remains at peace. As the rain falls, Chimiqua feels and overwhelming rush of energy, and pulls a vast wave of water seemingly from the ground, temporarily flooding several lower sections of the palace in the process. The Perasmani League The construct appears to function identically to Katsumi’s Arnun is the strongest of the scouted states, while the other two appear to be small, peaceful realms. The boom in trade through the clever use of the printing press has already increased Perasmani presence in the region, and muscling any more seems to be ineffective. Runemancy can’t spawn debris out of thin air, and thus the Igni Bolt see little progress. The Ishikawan Shogunate The settlement is established Crossbows will be ready for 86, at current rate of investment Principality of Anaxes After many years of labour, great sums of money, and sweeping government plans, Lyffneveld truly is a Great City. Trade from Chtor and beyond pours into the city’s harbours, and men flock from around the world to view the various works of art, or enroll in the prestigious naval academy. (Lyffneveld’s Base income doubled, +5% trade bonus, +6 SP & Metal production).
  9. He wakes again, the third time this night. His mind is strained, his body fatigued, still he crawls to the wall. The visions call to him, they tempt him. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. These things, they must be documented! Yes, They may prove to be useful against the darkness! The paper- where is the paper, the wall it will do. He scribes, he carves, he toils, he remembers, he must remember. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. The visions are lies... World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 882 In Antramar, the reputable and infamous Lord Tarbus finalizes his marriage with the Lady Runivera, the event is relatively major, and a large celebration is held in the capital. Following his victory last year, Krolestwo itself suffers Ghor’s wrath. His legions sweep across the country, slaughtering everything in their path before simply raising them to serve Ghor instead. Sigismund’s coalition meets them in battle again, yet once more he is repulsed, and the horde now converges on the Krolestwoian capital. On Shisima, the lengthy siege begins to culminate with a final assault on the beleaguered defenders. Well over five thousand soldiers charge up the ancient and treacherous cliffs (or rather the newly constructed ramp :neet:) and meet the stalwart defenders. While the battle weighs heavily in favor of the attackers, the defenders manage to repulse the first few assaults before the hastily created barricades are overcome, though at a heavy price. In the castle itself, they face not only terrible wraith warriors, but walls of thick blackness and horrible visions. The Amarantic mages also constantly raise the fallen in an attempt to resist as long as possible. Still, their strength is not unlimited, nor unopposed, and their numbers are dwindling. After many hours, the last of the defenders fall, taking many Chicahtoc mercenaries with them with walls of lightning. The Samurai actually suffer the heaviest casualties, despite being the best trained and equipped, the steep and exposed stairs make them vulnerable to marksmen and projectiles. --- Principality of Anaxes The Anaxes navy strikes at many Kemetese supply lines, attacking them while they are crossing, or disembarking and striking them as they pass through the area near the rivers. The Eastern district sees an influx of refugees from across areas affected by the Kemetese hordes (+50,000 pop) The city continues to grow, but it has not yet become a Great City The Amarantic Dominion Poison is already more than readily available, more specification required. Trebs prepared for 84 Leech, t3 ready for 85 Chicahtoc Empire Both infrastructure and techniques capable of supplying / employing heavier armor will be ready for 884 with the continued rate of investment. Kurausahr Gaumata’s visions persist, causing a great strain on his health and well being. Try as he might, the man simply cannot rid himself of what he found within the Olk-Wood. He finds himself carving strange revelations on the walls of his quarters, or tearing out pages in tomes. The voice does not relent. Arakelgurdin While it is widely believed that the strongest steel easily obtainable has already been forged, the forgemasters and scholars of Arakelgurdin set out to prove them wrong. Using both Elemental and Alchemic magic, they receive their first promising results. T5 prepared for 886 War Caravels are finished within the year Telescopes will be prepared for the year 884 Whispers of strange figures doing strange business reach the ears of the Five Families. Such reports coincide with an overall rise in “strange” activity all around Chtor. Samalstraza So Acid’s henchmen go, and so her empire begins to grow. By the years end, they have both established minor footholds in the two cities, and have begun distribution. Runiveroid’s engagement to Tarbus is solidified, and then finalized in the same year. With his weighty influence in the kingdom, she makes major strides in establishing Hatra Wineries as the dominant force in the market. Ala’s decrees are dutitifullied obeyed, and the Order, which has now grown to cover basically all of Iter, is divided into respective Alaces. The Good Writings follow the newly appointed Mothers or Fathers, and its teachings enlighten many. Rib goes, he arrives. Magma Rock - T3, prepared for 85 The Perasmani League Pytheas’ expedition will take a great deal of time to reach its final destination, but will visit numerous points of interest along the way. Perasmani attempts to animate the construct meet a dead end, however, the Samalstrazans, who have by now a better understanding of golemancy, figure it out quite easily. A simple channeling of energy as well as focus sees the large raven-shaped bird spring to life. Cormac and the teams are by now certain they have retrieved all of the tablets that are to be found at the site. Deciphering the tablets proves to be well beyond Cormac’s skill level, and his team meets only dead ends throughout the year. The dust is perplexing, as it doesnt seem to belong to a single “magic group” aside from that, no other strange properties are noted. Salazar is perhaps the first to employ the printing press in such a manner, and it leads to the growth of many Perasmani networks. (+5% bonus to trade income) (+3 Charisma) Volatile materials makes little progress The Ishikawa Shogunate The Frigate Kaga never returns from its expedition to Maeya, for reasons unknown. Musashi’s ships rejoin the blockade (need total numbers for full ramifications) Aiko’s paper, The Friend of the People continues to receive backlash not only from senators and military men, but revolutionaries as well. For too long have they been oppressed by the Rellins and other royals, there will be no negotiation, they will not rest until Orev is freed! Greater Mist (t4) will be ready for 87 at continued rate of investment Treated Lenses will be capable of loosely penetrating Greater Mist, and other natural fogs/mists, but it remains unknown if it will be effective on magical darknesses. The process of making such lenses is not exactly simple, however, as it involves enchantments rather than treating the lenses. Ready for 86 Kingdom of Adozar The kingdom celebrates the King’s wedding! Pachaqui Kingdom The war in the Jade Sea continues, with little sign of an end in sight. Chimiqua continues to grow in strength in regards to magical ability. As she becomes older, she is more able to more precisely manipulate her powers.
  10. He wakes, thick beads of sweat forming on his brow. His sleep was troubled and fleeting, as he attempts to drift away once more, the whispers gnaw on the periphery of his hearing. They tempt him, offering great power, vast riches, revenge for his ancestors, he remains undaunted. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. “And for his betrayal- his acts against his kin, N’kuhana was exiled, buried deep within the mantle. Never was he to observe the light firmament again. Yet still, he stirs, he reaches out. Even I cannot escape his influence...” -Recollections of The Eye, The 14th Age --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 881 Curious news from Antramar. While preparing for a hunt, the esteemed Lord Tarbus falls from his horse, suffering a terrible blow to his head. For many days the man is unconscious, when he does awake, he remembers little that he once did. Many report a clear change in the man’s normally blunt, and cruel behavior. Nevertheless, a notable figure in Antramarian politics, the advisor Runivera has diligently taken to helping the lord recover from his injuries. Awoken and established, the Realm of Ghor lashes out against the central Midlands. Vast and ancient legions take up arms once more, and continue their vicious expansion to the west. This year, their advance overtakes the Kastovian borders. In response, King Sigismund along with his allies in Krolestwo and Rhorric rally against the undead menace. The two proper forces clash just east of the Krolestwoian border, where the allies are totally overran, and driven back into the country. The false idols and prophets of the Holy Nation have long since been sent tumbling to the earth, or smashed to pieces. The entire temple district devoted to the prophet is said to have burnt for months. In its wake, a truly massive statue of the god Soth rises, built on the back of slaves. Despite its cruel construction, one cannot help but marvel at its construction. Towering far above the earth at an imposing 200’, it is a marvel of engineering. Their expansion now unchecked, and their armies swelling in numbers, the Pharaohs of Kemet once more decree that there must be war, as it was commanded by the gods. Kemetese hordes pour from the eastern portions of the country, in a matter of months they swiftly conquer all but the most resilient of the Aldemaric fortresses and cities in the region, all while another force marches on Avon to the south. Defiant and appalled at the attempt on his life, Mol Kjaro’s base within Wyom continues to grow, especially within the heartlands where the success of the Oligarchs on the warfront is less obvious. There are even whispers of the man departing his island stronghold to organize a proper invasion, what with the blockade of his only real territory being lifted. --- Kingdom of Adozar There are more than a handful of powerful noblemen with daughters across the realm, however, none of these will add to the nation’s strength as said noble’s forces already exist within the standing army. Pachaqui Kingdom The spell (t3) will be prepared for 883 The princess’s gifts continue to grow in complexity and power as she ages, the priests and shaman remain ever confused as to the purpose of such a blessing, yet they cannot help but be amazed at its power. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Another year.. Kurausahr Gaumata sees the world more clearly- yet he sleeps less, hours where he onced studied, he is now troubled. His dreams are now perverted, and he can tell they are not his own. Against his will, he grows to crave utter and complete silence, where the faintest of whispers can be heard, occupying and reverberating within his mind, “You.. will see reason…” Clade Rellin naturally accepts such a generous gift. Kassandane’s plan sees mildling success. Her acquiring and flipping of several properties is of little issue, and many Orevian nobles highly value the thought behind such actions. Many of the rebuilt properties are sold within the year, and Kassandane herself begins to worm her way into the Emperor’s court. Perasmani League The goyim has been trying to peddle Ironleaf for several years now, and he finds no new buyers beyond what he already has. Pytheas’ party needs to be more specific in where it is going This new and more powerful ballista will certainly not be sinking ships on its own, but the design is notably stronger than its in-use counterpart. These new heavy duty artillery pieces will totally phase out the old models throughout the navy and army, as well as establish infrastructure for further production by 885, as long as the project receives at least 80k in funding between then and now. Principality of Anaxes Anaxes, what a wholesome land with wholesome people :happy: More investment pours into the city, and it continues to grow as a hub for both culture and trade. Someone better make sure to keep track of how much money they’re dumping into this thing! Teykh Syndicate Just like the Persamani, the attempt to stabilize ship weaponry is unsuccessful, and quickly dropped. While the various scientists do enjoy tinkering with steam and its properties, they find little in the way of real or applicable discoveries. One researcher develops a sort of sphere set on a single axle, which shoots out two jets of steam and spins, how novel! No actual use for the machine is found, however, and its forgotten before the year even ends. Need to be more specific on spell Samalstraza Runivera’s war against the wine moguls continue, after her minor victories last year, there is little in the way of new developments, especially with much of her attention being given to Tarbus. Acid’s little operation begins in the peaceful lands of Khrav, and kickstarts with little issue. By the years end, ‘Turquoise Dream’ is being sent as far as Orev and Kastovia, with her henchmen working diligently to expand such an operation. (+20,000g) Rings of Power will be prepared for 85 Advanced sewer systems will be ready for implementation by 84 The Amarantic Dominion Dark Resurrection (t4), ready for 85 Dark Maw goes nowhere Ishikawan Goyimunate The Hoor’s actions this year do not go unnoticed. The Friend of the People is openly criticized for being anti-republican, or royalist propaganda, slews of senators and military men openly defend conscription, citing it as the sole way for the Republic to deal with the well trained and professional armies of their enemies. Several of the “authors” of these articles are even imprisoned or executed by Republican authorities. Still, Eyowith cannot help but read Aiko’s works, due to the sheer amount of them drowning out the competition. The keep is established [THIS IS FOR SAMO TOO] Throughout the year, the besiegers, more specifically the Choranic mages pummel the island’s castle relentlessly. Though nova bolts are not exactly ideal for cracking such walls, several portions have collapsed partially, leaving imposing mounds of half-rubble, still protected by the terrible cliffs. The alchemists agree that making wood heavily resistant to fire would definitely be possible, totally immune to fire is a different question. They busy bees get right to work, and say that they will have a usable concoction in 3 years time, given they continue to receive the same levels of funding every year.
  11. “Unlike his siblings, Ryhassharauch was born twisted and deformed, with three faces instead of one. He never awoke, instead his contributions are spawned from his terrible nightmares and endless dreams...” -Recollections of The Eye, The 1st Age --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 880 The eastern Midlands roars with a foul presence. long dead, and mysteriously reawoken, legions of undead pour out from the ancient city of Ralok Mus, devouring much of the area around them. Whispers and rumors quickly take root, some speculate such a pestilence had been raised to punish the Midlands for their constant warring, others claim it is but the first step in a battle between the gods. Still, the undead dominion is undisturbed by any powers thus far, their expansion in every direction is quick and unchecked. Once more, a Dol Varuk fleet is sighted, sailing into Fydor from the east. This fleet bears the same Crimson-Gold sails that were experienced earlier. In regards to movement, the formation swiftly moves towards the eastern most Perasmani island. With their first conquest complete, Kemet begins yet another rapid wave of expansion, colonizing vast plains, as well as establishing outposts and settlements along the long and winding rivers of western Chtor. --- Mitrovic Empire The efforts to repulse the raiders from the south end largely in failure. Not only outnumbered, but outclassed by the savage horsemen, many villages are put to the torch, and numerous contingents of riders are decimated (-500 Retainers, 2 Border towns) Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Indeed, the Grandmaster Ser Godfrey had not failed to disappoint the pontiff, his most recent class is among the best in the kingdom, and all of the initiates show great deals of promise. These will be the men who carry GOD’s banner to every corner of the globe! (+2 leadership for Godfrey, +1 vet level for 1 unit of Templars) Principality of Anaxes Crossbows ready for 83 at continued rate of investment Void Blast T3 ready for 84 Luffneveld sees a period of rapid growth, spurred on by funding, and a good year for trading. The Naval Academy also shows a promising future, with many across the nation and Chtor flocking to the Academy in pursuit of a career in the Anaxese fleet. Teykh Syndicate Infrastructure, doctrine, and organization proper for the production of crossbows will be prepared for 83 at current rate of investment (10k yearly) The Printing press proves to be simple enough to replicate, with models having quickly spread across Chtor following the collapse of the Order. Ready for 84 More efficient steel refining processes hit a dead end. Surveyors on the Wyomian borders find a string of forts along with their garrisons, no other force is detected. The Perasmani League Untapped lands, untapped riches (+15,000g) The Wyomian fleet does not sit idly by, and engages their counterparts numerous times with their nimble galleys, no blockade is cemented, and losses are suffered (in channel) The goyim begins to establish a base in Aldemar itself. Crossbows ready for 83 @ 10k per turn The Stabilized Gunning Platforms prove to be an advanced and complex creation, which far exceeds Parasmani capabilities, the research hits a dead end late into the year. T3 - Calming Tides, calms the seas around the caster. 10k per turn, ready for 85 Pachaqui Kingdom Chimiqua, the Princess, still exhibits her strange gifts. Even at only two years old, the child is able to pull chunks of earth and rock from the ground without touching them, one day while playing in one of the palaces many gardens, she pulls a large and deep blue sapphire from the earth. Furthermore, while alone, she has been observed “playing” with the earth, as it bends and flows around her like water, much to her amusement. No word, nor action comes from the Khanate Kingdom of Adozar No responses are received in regards to a potential marriage with King Santiago This year, the coast along with its numerous trade routes are ravaged by unknown pirates! They arrive in unmarked ships, ceaselessly plundering the coastline, and sink every ship they get their hands on, the damages! (-25,000g) Samalstraza The great statue of Ashornazirpal is indeed glorious. Architects, craftsmen, and engineers from all over the Midlands travel to see the work, which is completed near the year’s end. The Kindly Ones grow The planned expedition will take a full year to reach its destination. Runivera hosts her parties, Tarbus attends, many end the same as that one, but her own lady in waiting keeps her in line, and her body healthy. The Wine war now begins to flare up, with Runivera’s own loyal and influential court members taking her up on her offer, the streets of Antramar become a figurative battleground. Some wineries are vandalized, others burnt, there are numerous scuffles in the streets. Towards the end of the year, she succeeds in flipping one of their larger establishments (+1 charisma) Vapor Bomb prepared for 85 Phase 2 ready for 87
  12. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 879 Besieged at Tolz, Clade Rellin and his Choranic allies are determined to defend the newly captured capital against the much larger army of Oros Rellin, which has quickly moved to encircle the city and cut it off from resupply. Further south, the Republic once more moves again. With the support of several Elector States, they capitalize on Oros current state of affairs by campaigning in the western regions of the country. In the night sky, a comet can be observed by all. It at first a glows a sapphire blue, with a white trail. As its journey across the Firmament continues, it becomes red, then yellow, until it disappears into the Sea of Stars. For the first time in many ages, the riders of Tomak Oburakai ride against the mud-people. The Great Khan orders no prisoners to be taken. They have embarked on but the first step of their glorious path to rebuild the Empire of Oburai. A chilling peace falls over the far east of Chtor. After many years of war, Kemet stands victorious against the Holy Nation. The capital, after being totally overrun by a wave of bodies, burned for a week. It is said the Acolytes and Honorguard held against the Kemetese horde within the Fortress Temple for almost a year, resorting to cannibalism and the eating of boiled wallpaper rather than surrendering the holiest of points to the savages beyond their walls. --- Chicahtoc Empire While the Emperor’s journey is completed, his mind is still filled with desires, and he feels its pull towards other corners of the world. The Mitrovic Empire Finally, there is peace. While the Emperor may be impatient or even bored with the new state of existence, the common man breathes a sigh of relief, thankful of the fact he doesn’t have to worry about his home being torched or him being thrusted into service for at least some time. Arcane Destruction will be prepared for the year 886, the mages and those working on such a spell claim that what the Emperor desires is beyond energy intensive, and will no doubt exhaust at least two of even the most seasoned casters with a single go. The Empire’s great deal of expansion is quickly soured. After claiming such a vast territory with few troops or fortifications to properly protect it, it quickly falls victim to raiders, namely those of the Supreme Khan Tomorbataar. Steppe raiders ravage the lands in droves, plundering traders and towns alike in great infernos. (-2 Towns, -10,000g) Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Another year passes within the Kingdom. It is accompanied by the good news, with the envoy in Arkopolis, a trade agreement has been arranged by him with the knights. More wealth flows into the kingdom, much to the joy of the common man. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Paper is already in great enough availability, that many question why they must make it even more available. Heavy infantry will be prepared for 883 The engineers are hard at work designing and building a crossbow capable of firing several bolts in a quick amount of time. They run into trouble mainly with the mechanism and the feeding system, which jams up constantly, or fails to set the next bolt properly. While they haven’t broke through yet, one thing is for certain. In order to achieve the rate of fire, they will have to make considerable trade offs with range and power. Ready for 883 The Amarantic Dominion Ghost binding for 880 The Ishikawan blockade begins to set in, sapping away much of the Dominion’s trade income. While land routes are still available, sea is by far the fastest mode of transportation, and it hits the coffers hard! (-55% Trade income) Ishikawa Shogunate The Ishikawans flee from the mainland, broken and battered, and by walking corpses no less! How humiliating! Katsumi’s fleet quickly sets about strangling the life out of the Amarantic, his ships ruthlessly patrol the waters sinking any vessel destined for the Dominion’s ports! Pachaqui Kingdom The Kingdom is in jubilation at the arrival of the prince and princess, many only wishing to set their eyes upon the blessed children. Gifts from within the kingdom and beyond it flow towards the King and Queen, sent from Nobles, Basin rulers, and even the Grand Empire, who sends a large cart of solid gold bars for the kingdom, a well decorated circlet for the princess, and a sword made of a silvery-gold material etched with many designs for the prince. (+20,000 gold) When the princess is lined with Lapis Lazuli, and handed the sapphire, both begin to faintly glow. When she plays, the very ground beneath her seems to shift, as to not do her harm. Holes she might’ve stepped in fill, and rocks she might’ve tripped on move aside. All are in agreement that these are indeed very strange signs. The Perasmani League The six galleys laid in the capital are beyond useless in most people eyes, and it is abundantly clear that they will be unable to sail anywhere beyond the island’s coastal waters. A prolonged journey to Chtor would no doubt see them destroyed. Roddy trains (+1 martial) Salazar finds himself a number of buyers around the region, and establishes several arrangements for prolonged payments (+5,000g per year, +1 Charisma) Up they go Kingdom of Adozar Training. Samalgoy The wine moguls care little for Runivera’s charm and beauty, and more about business. They take a hard stance against Hatra wines, and many begin to fiercely attempt to drive her from the Antramarian markets. Paid shills can be found in the streets of the capital, spouting on about how Hatra mixes Serpent’s tongue into their foul foreign brews and uses it to pry secrets and favors from the queen and whoever else is unfortunate enough to drink it. While Hatra remains of quality is still prefered by many, the Moguls have their own connections, and Runivera begins to experience a decline in business. Runivera’s parties continue, and Tarbus attends. Later into the year, following one of the many events, she is approached by the man. Chambers are shared, Tabus later leaves, his desires satisfied. Runivera is left slightly broken and with many bruises. The Kindly Ones begin to spread far and wide. While they have trouble taking root in the lands of Antramar and the Atemic, many halls are established across eastern Chtor, and the Pachaqui Kingdom. The Samalstrazans do indeed find a way to preserve the blue liquid for longer periods of time, namly by keeping it extremely cold with large quantities of ice. however, it still gradually degrades over time. The Ishikawans drop off a traveler at the Fortress of Samalstraza. Taruv and his thrice chosen are not heard from for some time, soon enough, the Samalstrazans in the Mitrovic empire are presented with his head, and warned not to insult the Great Khan with their presence again. The mans head is left throughly disfigured, as if he was tortured. Kurausahr The Olk-Wood calls.
  13. Among the blind, the one-eyed man is king --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 878 In Orev, Clade Rellin and his Choranic allies emerge victorious, though at a steep price. Much of the city is destroyed, and the ranks of his seasoned army are beyond ruined. To make matters worse, his brother Oros marches on the capital, intent on reclaiming it from Clade’s swift assault. Further south, the Republic remains unmoving, marshalling its strength as it politiks its way into dominating the smaller elector states in the regions around its borders. 877 proves to be an eventful year for the self-proclaimed Great Thede of Wyom, Mol Kjaro. After hearing of the devastating raids on the western portions of the country, he proclaims to his council that he will reduce the Chicahtoc Empire to a land of ash. Support for the man also seems to grow on the mainland, especially amongst those discontent with the Pact’s inability to defend the borders. --- Chicahtoc Empire This year, the raids are far less successful. The Wyomian armies and patrols, now prepared for possible Chicahtoc incursions, always meet the invaders quickly and send them back across the border often. Still, some groups manage to penetrate the Wyomian network of small border forts. (+10,000g) Amarantic Dominion Heavy cav due for 881 Need description of spell No I don’t. :chad: Grand Pricipality of Rostukhov Attempts at creating an alloy superior to the current t4 (check announcements), is totally unsuccessful. The various smiths, engineers, and craftsmen seem to have reached the conclusion that the metal is as good as it will get, with the equipment they have available. No. Sewers, are already a well known system, at least to the educated in Rostukhov., a group of engineers claims they’ll have devised methods to properly make such devices in the Principalities cities. Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Missionaries in far off lands, burgeoning towns, a delicate balance of power. For another year, the Ascalonians remain unbothered by the world around them, for GOD smiles upon their lands. When the time of action is to come, however, is a hotly debated topic among many circles of peasants to nobles. KEMET The righteous war against the filthy Outsiders, for everyday it drags on, the faithful send more prayers to the god’s, pleading for the destruction of those who would DARE intrude upon the ruins of Sothra Tut. Pachaqui Kingdom Peace and Prosperity, two worlds the Mountain Kingdom knows well. For now at least, the Pachaqui remain untroubled within their borders, the world marches on around them, and none seem to mind too much. Countless years of training and drilling does seem to pay off, at least in certain areas. (+3 Martial for Theaqui) The kingdom is prosperous, and at peace, not entirely the work of Thonaqan, but without him, things would surely be worse (+3 Leadership) Perasmani League Reeling from the battle off the Amarantic coast, the Dol Varuk stop by their favorite double wide surprise, burning several portions of the island in a quick string of raids before disappearing into the East as quickly as they had come. (-5000g ) The Perasmani ships are of standard designs. Refined across the world through hundreds of years of experience, they can find no visible or glaring flaws, and certainly not anything that would make wooden ships resistant to fire. Kingdom of Adozar Trebuchets for 882 T4 Equipment for 884 Ishikawa Shogunate The Repulsor Bolts are considered to be a novel idea, and one which should by all means be very effective. Habu begins his work at once, beginning the lengthy process of weaving the fabrics of magic in order to bend it to its will. The rune will be prepared for 880, how it will function is unknown until then.. Samalstraza Her dominance over the wine markets of Antramar continues to grow, now catching the attention of many patricians and merchants who have equally impressive empires. (+1 Leadership) Runivera’s feast is organized with little issue, but it is indeed an expensive affair that she is expected to finance (-5,000). Her attempts to woo Tarbus go slightly better, and it is clear the man enjoys the large celebration about himself, as well as the many tapestries detailing his incredible acts. Runivera certainly catches the man’s eye, for who could resist the beautiful and charismatic blackoid? The Order continues to grow,. Many of the wounded soldiers, do accept Ala’s offer, and she soon gathers some 500 soldiers to protect her various establishments. Pestranivar arrives at the hall of Tomorbaatar with little issue, and immediately begins his work documenting his various feats. Late in the year, however, word no longer comes from the man. The Gloam - Ready for 880 Reliquary of the Mind - Need to discuss Golemic Sciences - ready for 883
  14. “For his betrayal, they will suffer- suffer! His crown is brittle! I will have silence!” --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 876 In Orev, there is a brief respite from the fighting which continues to tear the country apart. The Republic, long pressed on all fronts, is given time to reorganize, and prepare for further campaigns. In the north, Oros’ loyalists, likewise spend the year reorganizing and licking their wounds. Their situation, however, is less stable, as whispers spread of Clade Rellin preparing to march on the capital itself. In the southern reaches of Orev, Antramar’s presence also begins to further consolidate as isolated electors, still defiant, fall to Lord Tarbus’ army. Far to the east, the war between the Holy Nation and Kemet continues to develop. Still locked in combat, the past several years have seen the scales continue to tip in favor of the Kemetese hordes, which after being repelled from the capital several years ago, has continued to sweep over the western and southern portions of the Holy Nation, overwhelming defenders and garrisons wherever they find them, and contesting their attempts to meet them on the field and many occasions. --- The Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Rumors are rumors, they spread often, the Templars trains, preparing for if they are true… Pirates from the east! Throughout the year, numerous ships flying Ishikawan flags terrorize the Kingdom’s coastline, sowing terror wherever they disembark. Their raids are quick, and strike unexpectedly, frequently torching coastal merchant vessels and isolated villages. (-5,000g in damages) The Amarantic Dominion Visions of the Beyond - Momentarily expose a target to visions of the Dark Beyond and its innumerable horrors. (t3) (Ready for 879) T4 equipment will be prepared for as early as 880 Chicahtoc Ritual of Strength - A several hour long ritual demanding the sacrifice of other beings, depending on said sacrifice, those put through the ritual experience varying increases of strength for a week following its completion. (t3) (879) Adozar Business as usual Mitrovic Empire War, and more war. Kurausahr Hand of Mihr (T4) - With a tremendous burst of holy power, a mage is capable of calling forth the power of the heavens, rapidly healing and re-energizing the bodies and spirit of up to 250 men around him, though it is extremely taxing. (Ready for 880) Ishikawa Shogunate Now in the service of the Shogunate, the legendary blacksmith Faren demonstrates his widely renowned skills. A true master of his craft, the man and his small staff is capable of producing up to 100 sets of T6 equipment every year, though of course the material must be paid for on top of his regular salary :goyim: Commodore Musashi and his fleet spend much of the year raiding vast portions of Ascalon’s coast. The small nation, though, is not particularly wealthy, and there is little of value to be stolen from the mainlanders. (+2,000g) The ***** continues to grow in comfort and influence within the Republic’s capital. However, a year of little fighting provides her with few opportunities to keep her momentum rolling. These so called “Cannons” prove to be of extreme difficulty not entirely in practice, but mostly in concept. Firstly, Ishikawan miners and prospectors estimate that such stones only exist in very very small quantities on the island, and there simply aren’t enough of them to continuously extract and supply the entire fleet with ammunition. The cannons prove to be of no difficulty to construct, especially with such a masterful metalworker in their service. The true problem lies in the sustainability of the cannons, despite being able to direct the explosions easily enough, it seems that the Quaerdite propellant eats through the material extremely quickly. After only half a dozen tests, the cannon is unusable. Furthermore, the channeled explosion oftentimes damages the projectiles, poorly affecting accuracy or damage. Pachaqui Kingdom The proper facilities and techniques for producing heavy arms and armor are completed within the year, and readied for operation next year. Perasmani League The new material, dubbed “Ironleaf” is most curious. Harvested and supplied by few traders in the cradle, it is a seemingly magical blend between organic materials and metal. Though slightly weaker than the average steel, the large pieces of metal apparently grow from a tree-like plant. When harvested, they have only durable leaves and vines sprouting from the plates. In the sun, the metal strengthens, while in darkness it weakens. Testing also shows that the plates have the ability to repair themselves after little more than a week. Due to its organic-esc nature, the metal is susceptible to fire, and burning/removal of the plant projections means it will be months before the material is fit for use again. Forging it into weapons appears to be impractical, however it could be useful in the production of armor. Samalstraza Runivera’s business and social network continues to grow, slowly expanding across more and more of Antramar, as well as netting herself a suitable income. Ala’s “Hall of Healing” proves to be a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Within its walls many are tended to, and injured from across the Empire come to seek her aid. Furthermore, as her reputation grows across Orev, so to does her following, and move of those trained by her found their own halls across the empire.
  15. And atop his head sat a brittle crown --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 875 Another year of war in Orev. The biggest of the years’ conflicts take place outside of the city of Arensch, where, following a popular revolt against Oros, Imperial troops rapidly marched to secure it. Senator Christoph Liebes, once baron of the city took command of nearby Republican forces and the Arensch’s own garrison. Arensch’s siege, lasting several months saw numerous failed escalades, sallies, and the first recent employment of “Hard Light Projectors” a piece of artillery employing techniques thought to have been lost several hundred years ago. Though Arensch did eventually fall to Oros’ forces, Liebes army managed to escape the area and return to the republic. On the eastern edges of Orev, Clade Rellin’s army, emboldened and growing in number, strikes deep into the lands of his younger brother, Oros Rellin. He captures numerous forts, most notably those within striking distance of the Imperial capital itself. In southern Orev, Aeton’s armies keep a faint presence, garrisoning a number of fortifications and cities, the bulk of it, however, continues on land to the east. A short confrontation with several Rhydian lords leads to them being granted passage through the vast marsh lands. By the end of the year they have reached the shores of the Sea of Fydor. Mol Kjaro, ever confident, and still triumphant proclaims that all who come to relieve his army in Eorealsey will be given vast estates and holdings within his empire, when he inevitably “reclaims” Wyom from the tyrannical oligarchs and aristocrats. In the meantime, his forces remain stuck on Eorealsey, and show no sign of giving up anytime soon. Mercenaries from across the Sea of Chtor flock to the banners of the Black Guard and Stoltenburg, who offers enormous payments, unrestricted looting, land, and most importantly, a stable place to conduct all their business, illegal or otherwise for the foreseeable future. ----- Pachaqui Kingdom The techniques and infrastructure for properly producing, maintaining, and employing heavy arms and armor will be in place by the year 877. Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Whispers of war and crusades, much talk, little action.. Chicahtoc Empire Arrival. Blood clot, t2, will be prepared for 876 Kurausahr Heavenly Ward (t3): Casted in a designated area, size scaling with the energy requirements, it protects those within it from both magical and physical attacks when levied by creatures or beings of darkness or evil. Each attack absorbed drains further energy until the spell is broken or the caster is exhausted. Perasmani League A sigh of relief, the Dol Varuk sail east, their ships laden with loot, slaves, and glory. Though Salazar goyims his way into several potential offers, few apart from obscure scholars are interested in some psuedo organic mystery metal. Perhaps it better to actually know what you’re selling.. (+1 Charisma, +2,000g) Amarantic Dominion Ra is compelled, nay commanded to move at once Curse of Weakness (T2): Cast upon a target within their sight, or more ideally their grasp, this curse weighs heavily upon both their spirit and body, constantly eating away, never truly harming them. Will be prepared for 876 Kingdom of Adozar Arnun declines. Heavy Cav + Heavy inf will be prepared for 877 Ishikawa Shogunate Thw *****’s notes and fliers are not instant successes, with the help of her beta orbiters and simps she does get them distributed. Though they do rile up some of the more hardline or radical republicans, they are mostly ignored by the other portions of the populace who already have numerous papers vying for their attention. She does garner the attention of Senator Blucher, who utterly rejects these claims, and states that he helped organize the defense of the city! Faren’s attention is indeed gained, he demands a sum of 30,000 up front and 10,000 yearly, claiming to already have received equally exorbitant offers from Orevian and Antramarian nobles. Samalstraza Hatra wine becomes an instant success, even if the people don’t like it. Runivera’s reputation and existing network allow her to pull strings and sell more than she can produce. Likewise, her base begins to grow, with the aid of many friends and connections. (+10,000g) Ala’s work continues, with no end in sight. She begins to amass a small army of aspiring physicians and healers, eager to learn from her. An expedition departs.. Kingdom of Kastovia WHERE IS SIGISMUND !!! Also that Ahsoka arc blew ass Ship-Based Fire Projection Device will be prepared for 878, costing 10,000g per unit!
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