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  1. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1889 _________________________________________________ The large cargo bay doors to The Golden Horn sputtered and creaked, before giving away to the mechanism and sliding open. A single figure stepped through the large opening, wasting no time to enter through the space which would normally be overflowing with crates and shipping containers. As he stepped through, the doors once more begun creak and sputter, sending a crackle and flash of sparks from one of the exposed panels through the air, before finally closing behind him. The space was littered with scattered crates and improvised quarters. Tables strewn throughout the space seated a variety of characters, talking among themselves, eating, or pouring over maps. Along the west wall, several men had constructed a basic firing range, shooting at cans and thick target plates. “Savik!” A voice called from the eastern portion of the bay. The voice’s owner stood, a ragged man with a thick gray beard which spilled over a bulbous and weather breastplate. He swayed a bottle in his hand and beckoned towards him. “Join us!” He pushed through miscellaneous bags and past scattered beds as he approached the man. Pulling out a chair he sat. “I did not expect to find you here, friend. We believed you’d been pushing up the daisies for years now!” “Not yet! And who am I to complain? Kovik has called for the Ketch to gather, who am I to refuse!” “Have we yet learned the purpose of this gathering?” “No.. but I do not expect good news, friend, Kovik did not sound pleased..” the statement was followed by a steady increase of murmurs and whispers, not only at the table, but at the surrounding ones. Savik rose from his seat, draining the last of the glass he had only just received. “Let us then discover!” He swiped up the rifle resting along the edge of the table, marching off towards the stairway leading further up into The Golden Horn. The freighter lurched and shuttered as Savik climbed the stairs. The engines roared outside the bay as the vessel slowly lifted into the air… ____________________ Following the humiliating terms agreed to with the CSAC, the political situation within the Commonwealth had deteriorated rapidly. The current, moderate government attempted to, but could not hope to contain the overflow of radicalism which spilled out. In streets all across the nation, thousands took to protesting. Demanding reform, retaliation, violence, the resignation of the Campbell administration and everything in between. Where the protest and insurrection sprouted, mass violence followed. In only several days hundreds of counts murders, arson, assault, etc were documented. In only a few days, the country had become bloated with radicalism. The streets filled with Fascists, Royalists, and Communist movements alike, hacking each other to pieces. In an attempt to calm the violence, the government ordered the military deployed across the entire country. The city of Ceylon, in particular, where monarchist presence was almost absolute… The I Mechanized Corp, under the command of L.G. Acton Moore, deployed to stabilize the city. They were to swiftly take positions, and move to contain the protests and separate violent groups. However, it was not to be. The Commonwealths most elite and prestigious troops were welcomed with cheering crowds into the city. Only hours would pass until the government in Cesan was alerted. Fed up with the weakness of the administration, the entire Corp has defected to the Royalist cause, inviting the exiled Emperor to the city, and proclaiming the restoration of the Empire. Before a proper response had even been organized, the vast majority of the army had mutinied in support of the royalists, including the recently returned VEF which currently occupied the capital of Cesan. In order to prevent a second civil war, and further devastation, the government in Cesan almost entirely resigned. In the weeks following, the formation of a Royalist-Fascist coalition solidified the position of the restoration. Certain coercions brought upon by other parties greatly assisted in the acceptance of Royalist rule in many of the other cities of the Commonwealth. The Emperor returned to the country shortly after, assuming the throne with an elaborate parade and accompanying ceremony in the capital. A ‘National Assembly’ was created in order to perform legislative duties, and assist in the management of the Empire. The winds of change had roared through Valdek, and its future is uncertain... _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -2 new sectors of Civilian Industry spring up, the economy has finally returned to pre-war levels! (10,000) -A proper Commercial District and Trade Depot are constructed within the city of Vossos (20,000) -4 new steel mills are approved for construction. (10,000) -3 of each Vitramite facility are constructed (30,000) -2 New Airshipyards are constructed (20,000) -4 New Heavy Industry facilities are constructed (30,000) -The third and final Reyter-Class Super Dreadnought is laid down in Pracht (23,000) -Four new Destroyers are laid down (12,000) -Two new infantry divisions are raised in Vamark and Williamsburg (30,000 men, 200 field guns, 50 Howitzers) (70,000) -30,000 men are conscripted (9,000) -200 of the latest UAM 89s roll off of the production lines (14,000) -[ R E D A C T E D ] (8,000) -Two outposts are established in Koibita (5,000) Mod Actions: -Despite the regime change, the CSAC and Internationale are assured the previously agreed terms will be complied with. -Stuff and things Research: -Project Rotor -V&R is contracted to develop a line of handheld and infantry operated anti-tank weapons to be issued to the average infantryman. Such weapons have drawn inspiration from the Carnelian FFAR and would ideally be rocket projectiles, in order to increase damage and range. -Hagen is contracted to develop a “submachine gun” for the army
  2. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1888 _________________________________________________ “Ah yes, our dinner. Finally arrived..” Kovik said, a slight tinge of excitement in his voice as he watched the waited set the large platter onto the small, worn table before him. A well cooked, and exotic bird, a Velksi. Common on the western islands of the Commonwealth, it was a luxury few this far east could afford. The man across from Kovik, appeared equally intimidating, although far better dressed. He gingerly cut a portion of the bird. “I am glad” Morzen said, as he lay the portion onto his plate. “That we could once again meet under such amicable terms, the rivalry is.. bad for business.” The dimly lit dining quarters lurched slightly as turbulence rocked the vessel. “Of course” Kovik replied, a large smile upon his face, perhaps too large, as he cut his own slice of the exotic bird and began to eat. “You know what we are dining on, this fine night, I presume?” “Surely, it is Velksi. I have had it only a few times, but I could not forget. Especially one cooked as well as this!” Morzen replied, a mouth full of bird. “Yes Yes, the pleasure is all mine.” Kovik took another bite of his meal before returning his silverware to the table. “It is an interesting state of affairs that has brought us here. Only months ago, my good partner, Siras, was telling me you had failed to pay him for a run.” Morzen’s face soured. He wiped his mouth with one of the napkins, before beginning to cut another portion. “Well- yes, that is an interesting predicament. Siras was paid in full, I was.. Mistaken on the scope of his work” “Is that so?” “It is..” “Two months ago, Siras was due back from a run in Klendar, yet he is unaccounted for, and his clients have not been served. Perhaps you can enlighten me of his fate, Morzen. You were, the last to do business with him...” Kovik spoke, his previous excitement gone, now replaced with a tinge of fury. “A reliable smuggler, Morzen, my best smuggler, Morzen. Enlighten me..” Kovik repeated, slamming the small table with his fist. “I-I had nothing to do with his disappearance! Our debt was settled! Speak with Henson, he will tell you as much!” The man stuttered, now setting down his utensils and reaching for his waist, only to be interrupted. The door to the small cabin burst open and two men burst through. The first clad in a thick jacket and wielding an infamous and deadly Cesani longrifle. The muzzle erupted with a bright flash and accompanying bang before the Di Loren could draw his own gun, burying a bullet into his shoulder and prompting a shrill scream from the man. Kovik rose from his seat, righting his own jacket. “I hope you enjoyed your meal, Morzen. It seems, there can only be one Ketch, and I’m afraid it will be mine.” He pushed through the doors of the cabin, then further onto the deck of the vessel, littered with the corpses of Morzen’s former constituents. “Bring him to the railing” The two men complied, already following behind him with Morzen dragging on the deck, leaving a small trail of blood. Kovik leaned down to the man, currently consumed by pain. “The Ovek isles are not a forgiving habitat. I wish you luck- if you survive your arrival.” He spit into Morzen’s face before nodding to his men. They happily obliged, lifting the man and throwing him down to the craggy island below. “Now clean up this mess, this ship reeks of Di Loren. We have work to do” _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -17 new sectors of Civilian industry spring up across the country (85,000) -Vossos sees a rapid influx of settlers following the recapture of the island, it is deemed a fully fledged City by 1889 (12,500) -A new Commercial District and a new Trade Depot are constructed in Fort Kjell (20,000) -A new Commercial District and a new Trade Depot are constructed in Altmark (20,000) -A New Vitramite mine and Refinery are constructed (10,000) -1 New Airshipyard and 8 new Heavy Industrial facilities are subsidized by the Congress (70,000) -Always hoping to gain an edge, the Congress authorizes and funds the construction of an entirely new class of Dreadnought. Dubbed the Reyter-Class Super Dreadnought. Two are laid down to be completed by next year, along with 6 new freighters (44,000) -Two Brigades are Mechanized, and two Mechanized Stormtrooper brigades are raised (28,000) -A mysterious and strange land is discovered. Settlers, Capitalists, and Soldiers alike flock to the frontier. Port Hellik is officially founded. (2,500) Mod Actions: -Though there is no brutal crackdown on Communists within the Commonwealth (yet), the Congress realizes the basic rights of workers must be protected. A number of laws are passed, granting some basic protections as well as the 8-hour work day. -An attempt is made by both capitalists and the government to penetrate the markets of “Koibita” -A fort and a small airstrip are constructed at Port Hellik. (4,500) -Shadows Congeal Research: -Project Rotor begins -All other projects proceed as usual
  3. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1887 _________________________________________________ “And you completed this job, that they contracted you for?” “That is correct..” “So why have you come to me then, Outlaw? It seems your problem lies with Morzen” “You say that as if you weren’t one yourself. I did my work, I wasn’t paid. I will extract payment. I assume you know of what I speak of?” He flicked the safety of his Orston 50 on an off, a chronic habit. Old Henson’s house was dark, almost completely black actually, on account of the man going blind several years ago; Though, the old man still lit a candle on the dining room table, out of habit one might guess. The wind whistled through the house, the whole structure groaning and creaking, as if it was about to collapse in on itself. “Splitting open Morzen’s man’s skull wasn't exac-” “Quiet, answer.” Henson paused for a long time, scratching his short, white beard as he did. He was wearing a simple white shirt, the top few buttons were left undone, revealing his bare old chest, covered in a thin layer of equally white hair. “Well… A good idea” “I’m not paying for a.. ‘Good idea”’ He pushed the chair back, preparing to stand before Henson stopped him. Henson sat up in his chair and brought both of his hand to the table “well- hold on now..” He drew a small booklet from his pocket and handed it across the table. “He will be there. An important shipment is arriving in two days. Th-The Lieutenant-Governor will be there as well- In on it, I hear. You’ll make up more than what you’re due.” Beneath the table, he nervously tapped his cane on the cement floor, over and over. He picked it up, flipping through its pages briefly, A full list of the Di Loren’s transactions, schedule, assets, etc. “Where did you get this? You can’t even see, old man” He probed, raising the booklet in the air. Henson replied, waving his hand away, “No questions, I don’t ask you any, do I?… I take it this is sufficient?” “It is.” The Outlaw replied, stuffing the booklet into one of the bags around his waist. “Payment then?” He tossed a sizeable sack of coins onto the table as he stood, which was eagerly snatched up by the old man. “If this is even a fraction of a portion short.. I’ll make sure you pay for it? You hear? Be on your way now..” “The money is all there, Henson.. Don’t stress yourself.” He walked out of the decaying old house as the blind man dug through the bag, meticulously counting his payment. _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -The Economy continues its steady and astounding growth (100,000) -Fort Kjell has grown significantly, and is considered to be a fully fledged city (12,500) -Two shipyards, and a new Steel Mill are subsidized by the government (22,500) -3 Freighters are constructed, one of them unfortunately is lost, and unaccounted for (1,000) -A new Interdictor-Class Dreadnought and two destroyers are laid down (27,000) -A new Stormtrooper brigade is raised in Pracht (8,000) -1,000 coins are saved Mod Actions: -The usual anti-piracy operations -Owls hunt at night (PMs) Research: -The Battle of Anarak has proven the UAM’s previous superiority no longer exists. The original designer, United Aviation Manufacturers is contracted to create an entirely new, up to date model, dubbed the UAM 87. Such a model is planned to upgrade the current model’s armament, instead mounting heavier machine guns and 15-20mm cannons. Additionally, a stronger, more powerful engine is to be fitted into the craft, making it capable of greater speeds and higher maneuverability. All around, every aspect of the plane is to be improved. (Better UAM 82) -Work begins on developing tank designs, using captured ACP examples, Corvinst knowledge, and battlefield obersvations (Tanks)
  4. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1886 _________________________________________________ The streetlight beyond the alleyway flickered, the lightbulb emitting a low hum. Overhead the stars shone brightly, in the puddles’ reflection, the masked figure saw a meteor streak overhead, temporarily diverting his eyes towards the heavens. He fastened the chestpiece; the H/70’s breach closed with its iconic clack, the figure slung the rifle towards his side. He stood silently, only a ripple within the puddle announcing the man’s departure. “Everything is ready?” The man’s voice asked, quiet, obscured by the mask, eventually reaching the door to a large truck “Of course.. He’ll be there, at the port..” The voice from within the truck answered. “My payment?” He inquired further, the man’s hand gripped the handle of his pistol, out of view of his associate. Bakker’s breath smelled like death. He was a fat man, greedy, always eating, never one to be trusted, nor his employers.. always scheming.. “I…” Bakker paused “was never informed in regards to your payment, you’ll ha-” “You seem.. nervous, Bakker. Why is that..” ”I-of course not... I was simply not Informed, speak to Wh-“ Bakker’s excuse was cut off by a soft crack as the man raised his pistol, and coated the truck’s cabin with Bakker’s brains. He holstered the pistol, and dumped Bakker’s pathetic corpse onto the pavement, rummaging through his bags and the truck’s compartments. The man found little of value, only the orders, not even his payment, which was mildly surprising… He drew down his mask for a brief moment, if only to spit on Bakker, who was quickly filling the narrow street with blood. Someone was bound to arrive sooner or later, Bakker’s unfortunate end was regrettable, but ultimately a net positive. He stood, glacing once more at the truck before walking off. There was yet work to be done. _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -The Economy continues its steady and astounding growth (100,000) -A new town, named fort Kjell springs up along the rails (5,500) -Shipyards (30,000) -Steel mill!!! (5,000) -Project Kell (22,000) Mod Actions: -Infrastructure development continues, off the back of skilled, professional, cheap, ex-communist penal labor! (1,800) (11,000 Total) (T2 Infrastructure) -The usual anti-piracy operations, with more emphasis placed on the Solvan lanes. -Hoch’s airgroup receives 100 additional UAM 82s to aid in the battle over anaeria. His forces number 160 planes in total, with 23 of his pilots being considered ‘veteran’ Research: -Aestas is given its subsidies, and once more given a crack at radios, though the President’s letter is rather, harsh ... (radar, again) -Many smaller independent firms as well as the larger more noteworthy are universally contracted to further study the properties of Vitramite and Vitraium. The metal is already of great use, perhaps there is more yet to be discovered. (Further studying properties of Vitraium) -A contract is granted to Hagen Metal Works to design and manufacture an armored fighting vehicle, capable of mounting heavier machine guns and light field artillery, as well as carrying and protecting infantry. (Mechanized)
  5. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1885 _________________________________________________ “In other news, the results of the most recent election have recently been counted, with the final outcome sweeping across the country.” The man cleared his throat, flipping through his stack of papers. “The overall winner, the incumbent President Campbell wins his 3rd term leading his United Front, with a narrow plurality… 37.5% of the vote. Followed by the…..” The voice of the large radio near the store front drowned out as a column of trucks rolled through the city street, coming to an abrupt halt. The passengers quickly pouring out, their boots ringing out on the pavement. Down the street, shouts could be heard. The men rushed forward quickly. A whistle blasted and orders rang out. — “Across the Ostrava, unrest has boiled over. VCA units in the area have contained it expertly, but riots and protests continue to ripple across the city. In the deeper areas, we’ve received reports there have even been looting.” “I see..” “What would you have us do, Mr. President?” “Make sure the situation is contained. Deploy a whole division if need be. Get the major papers in here, I won’t have this getting out. Understand?” “Yes, Mr. President...” — Hammers rung out all around, as the dark sky above poured down upon him. The dirt had turned to a thick mud, but nonetheless, they pressed on. The men beside him hammered away at the rails, as men further down the line laid the ties. Their old and tattered clothing or uniforms stuck to them like a second layer of skin in the downpour. Behind the line of workers, a Landwehr soldier inspected, slowing moving down the line, a cigarette in his mouth, the rain glancing off his uniform helmet, and a bayonet fixed to his rifle. He looked to him, walking over. The man raised his sledgehammer, moving forward to bring it down on the soldiers head, but before he could, a crack rang out and the man found himself laying across the track, staring up into the sky. “Anyone else care to join him!?” …. “Good! Get him off the rails and into a pit! Back to work, slags!” _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -The Economy booms! More and more civilian-owned factories and infrastructure litter the cities and countryside alike! (55,000) -Federally owned Steel Mills and Vitramite facilities open this year (15,000) -Airshipyards! (30,000) -Heavy Industry! (15,000) -1 new Destroyer and 2 Corvettes pad the fleet’s losses (5,000) Mod Actions: -Infrastructure development continues, off the back of skilled cheap, ex-communist penal labor! (9,300) (T2 Infrastructure) -What remains of the White Fleet and the Solvan squadron return to policing the Valdenian and Solvan trade lanes, and protecting convoys. The VCF tirelessly hunts down pirating vessels with its squadrons of UAM 82s. Research: -Aestas is contracted to begin development of a detection system. Such a system would use well known radio waves in order to determine the range, angle, velocity, etc of airborne objects such as planes, and airships. It is planned to be mounted on both airships and ground-based facilities. (RADAR)
  6. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1884 Actions Financial Actions: -Colossal amounts of Civilian Industry spring up following this relatively unpredicted economic boom! (60,000) -The Grand Admiral Karl Weber’s demands are finally taken seriously. Congress authorizes the beginning of a relatively moderate sized naval expansion in order to combat piracy (30,000) -100 UAM 82s roll off the production lines, additionally, Acton Moore officially forms the 6th Cesan Infantry Brigade. (15,000) Mod Actions: -Anti-Piracy operations continue in full force. The Grand Admiral Karl Weber marshals his whole fleet, assisted by the Solvan squadron, in order to directly attack the pirate territories in the west. -1st Air-Marshal Simon Hoch and the II Air Corp continue their support of the Corvinst government -A single corvette, crewed by VCF volunteers is dispatched to compete in the Tjerra Rojo Airrace (1,000) Research: -Work on all projects continues unimpeded
  7. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1883 _________________________________________________ February, 1883 “To where!?” “I believe you heard me quite clearly, Representative Anderson. Do I have to repeat myself?” The President stated calmly from his desk. Behind him, a view of the vast grounds surrounding the President’s Home, and the complex of administrative buildings within the capital. Campbell continued to look down at the paper, continuing to write. “Why am I being sent there of all places. Surely there are more fitting assignments..” “Your instructions will be delivered shortly. A corvette is awaiting you within the shipyards, prepared for the journey of course.” He finished writing, folding the paper before sealing it and stamping it. The president outstretched the paper to the representative. “Do not, open this. Just deliver it. This is to remain completely secret, Anderson, do you understand?” “Yes, sir” Anderson said quietly, as he took the letter out of Campbell’s hands “Then go” The man turned on his feet, leaving the President’s office, and house as quickly as was respectful. He walked through the administrative grounds, and through the gates where his transport awaited him. The now-pale man quickly boarded the truck, unusually silent. As it moved through the various streets and roads of Cesan towards the docks, Anderson could feel the letter burning in his coat pocket. Like a hot iron. It wasn’t until the airship was boarded, and the information stored away safely was he able to calm down... _________________________________________________ The Deployment of the II ‘Hoch’ Air Corp Over the skies of the Anareia, the recently deployed Valdenian II Air Corp has been making quite a name for itself through its almost year of sustained and constant combat against the communists. Utterly outclassing their communist foes’ air forces, UAM 82 fighters have become the terror of the skies, and one of the Corvinists’ most useful assets. At home, certain members of the Corp have become well known and celebrated national heroes. The most notable of these is Frederick Van Alkmaar, the most decorated pilot in the VCAF thus far. Throughout his year deployment, he has been credited with downing or destroying 18 communist fighters in the air, and many more on the ground. The president of the Commonwealth, Benjamin Campbell even publicly congratulated the pilot at Cesan, and awarded him several decorations. Air-Marshal Simon Hoch has also become quite celebrated as well, though not as widely within the public. Many officers and staff members within and outside of the VCAF have formally congratulated him on his victories, and he was promoted to 1st Air-Marshal in late December, 1883. Despite the closure of 1883, the Commonwealth has remained committed to aiding in the war against the communists in Anareia. Encouraged by their victories, Campbell publicly announced the governments’ ambition to deploy VCA forces to the area, and pledged increased reinforcements to the II Air Corp. (Two UAM 82 fighters perform combat operations against ACP forces) _________________________________________________ The 1883 International Arms Expo In this age of rapidly advancing technology and innovation, the Commonwealth was not keen on being left behind. Both the army lacked the contracts and funding to adequately and continuously develop enough new equipment. As such, after a quick congressional vote, the hosting of the First International Arms Expo was arranged for. The exposition would invite private companies from across the world to display and present the latest in armor, aviation, infantry equipment, etc technology. At the exposition, teams from every branch of the Commonwealth Military would go about evaluating projects, those deemed effective would receive Commonwealth funding, and be granted contracts to produce the equipment of the Commonwealth Military. (A VCA inspector evaluates a slew of V&R weapons presented at the Expo) _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -A large purchase arms purchase is made with the Carnelian Sultanate (2,000) -Civilian industries spring up around Cesan, fueling the economy (10,000) -Two more Trade Depots are constructed in the cities of Delft and Vamark. (20,000) -The deterioration of the political situation in the neighboring Anareaia has caused much concern within not only the VCA, but within the Commonwealth’s public and Congress aswell. This prompts the construction of 6 new V&R Steelworks Facilities throughout the country (45,000) Mod Actions: -The Commonwealth hosts the 1883 International Arms Expo (IAE), companies and manufacturers are invited from across the world to present the newest innovations, from guns, to tanks, to planes. The most promising are promised Government grants and contracts. -The grueling expansion of railways, roads, and communication lines across the Commonwealth continues with increased government funding (7,800) (13,400 total) -Ships fly -Anti-piracy continues Research -The state of the Anareian civil war to the east is troubling, especially their fearsome Armored Corps. Maelson is granted a contract to design and manufacture both handheld, and carriage mounted Anti-Tank weaponry. (6 Edu) -The contract for Project Wire is revoked, and is instead granted to Orstol & Co. (6 EDU)
  8. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK Year 1882 _____________________________________________________ The Northern Frontier, August, 1882 General Moore walked along the hastily dug mountain trenchline. The gravel and rocks crunching beneath his boots. The air still stunk of the communists who had occupied the position hours earlier. Craters from the preliminary bombardment still smoked, and the fallen soldiers were in the process of being buried by many around him. The wind howled above him, whispering chilling words into the mens’ ears. Occasionally, one of the howitzers rang out, bringing support to some battle off in the hills. Towards him, one of his junior officers approached. Stopping to give a brief salute before he spoke. “General Moore, you’ve finally arrived.” The officer fumbled as he spoke, unfurling a map onto a nearby rock. “We’ve just received reports. The last of the Communist X rifles surrendered a few miles northeast our position. Though the remnants of the III Infantry has continued to resist” He gestured to the map with his finger, dragging it across the many hills towards the north. “... Here.” The man paused, looking his commander before picking up on his words. “But it’s of no concern, Sir, reports indicate good progress. They’ll be rooted out before the week’s end.” The General studied the map for a few brief seconds. “Good, Major General Brown’s formations have reported similar progress. It seems the last of this cursed insurrection will finally be put down. Confined to the highlands, and pressed against Fort Pracht, it will be only a matter months- weeks even until they surrender in full.. Excellent work, Colonel, I’ll have these advances reported to the General Staff shortly…” (Valdenian Infantrymen advance through a bombed out Communist storehouse) _____________________________________________________ The Civil War finishes, The War on Piracy begins In the wake of the Civil War, and the absence of the White Fleet, piracy is on the rise. To the west of the Commonwealth, and over its plentiful airspace, emboldened Tsornloft pirates has begun to ravage not only the Commonwealth’s many trade routes, but the routes of many others. In opposition to the pirate efforts, the Congress has ordered Grand Admiral Grant Weber and the White Fleet to crack down on the blaring issue, despite the severe lack of Vitramite fuel for the Fleet’s vessels. As such, a delegations are dispatched to the following nations, The Republic of Volta-Solvan, The Free Provinces, The Gwangnan Dominion, The Grand Duchy of Praharavka, The Grand Principality of Cumberland, The Klendari Sultanate, as well as the numerous smaller states, inviting them to participate in the War on Piracy. In the meantime, Admiral Weber’s fleets and air wings maintain a protective stance on Valdenian trade and airspace, not yet numerous nor supplied enough to act offensively against the pirates. _____________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -2 Trade Depots are constructed in the cities of Ostrava and Williamsburg (20,000) -Congress subsidizes the construction of 3 Hagen Metalworks Steel Mills in Cesan (7,500) -South of Vamark, Federally owned facilities for Vitramite production & extraction are built (10,000) Mod Actions: -Invitations are dispatched to numerous nations, proposing a joint effort to clamp down on piracy -Delegations are dispatched to a slew of both small and large states, with a goal of establishing trade (trade invites to everyone, smaller states aswell) -Grand Admiral Weber deploys 3 Cruisers, 6 Corvettes, and 100 UAM 82s to the protection of Valdenian trade against pirates -Phase I of a massive infrastructure project begins, focused on the construction of rail lines, telegraph lines, and roads (5,600) Research: -Vymen & Rolf Steelworks is contracted to develop a far more refined machine gun model for the Valdenian Army. -Projects Wire & Horseshoe begin
  9. THE COMMONWEALTH OF VALDEK ---------------------------------- Government Type: Federal Republic Current Chief Executive: President Benjamin Campbell Unique Units: TBA National Idea: TBA Proof you’ve read intro: **** you Notable Characters: -Chief of Army Staff, General Acton Moore. - Chief of Aviation, General William Vren - More to come, in a time crunch History // Culture: Valdek is a region which occupies the western, mountainous, coastal, and island areas of the continent. Its many mountains and coastal plains have offered the people who occupy the region both abundant food and material throughout the histories. Through the center of the region, runs the Altraen Mountain region, rich in steel, and recently discovered Vitramite. Historically, geographic features such as mountains and seas provided barriers to unification, and the Valdenian people remained largely divided. Even since mid Antiquity, the region was largely governed by a slew of city states and kingdoms, constantly battling for supremacy over the region. It wasn’t until well into the 18th century, just in time for the Great War, that Valdek was fully united. It’s participation in the Great War was standard. Many destructive battles raged across Valdek’s eastern and northern border as her armies advanced forward, suffering heavy casualties. At the peace conference, the Empire was awarded many territories to her north and east. Despite this, they would never be solidified. Empire of Valdek’s borders, Pre-War Following the immense price of victory in the Great War, the Imperial homefront was devastated beyond comprehension, riddled with poverty, destruction, resent, and depopulation.. Unrest in the north and eastern lands, as well as a general disagreement on policy following the war quickly led to internal cracks and then onto total disintegration. In the heavily industrial North-east, Communist uprisings racked the country, leading to full blown civil war. Years of fighting left the Royalist army consistently defeated and disorganized. Defections were widespread as many ‘Free Corps’ formed which acted independently from High Command, and usually in their own interest. The first stage of the civil war ended with Rebel-Communist forces besieging the capital of Cesan, where the Emperor was forced to abdicate before the city was captured. Following the Emperor’s abdication, a provisional government was hastily cobbled together by counter-revolutionary and what remained of Royalist elements. The capital of the new provisional government, Cesan, was only narrowly saved from capture by the swift arrival of reinforcements from General Acton Moore’s recently consolidated III Army. The Rebel defeat at Cesan would carry on as Provisional forces managed to repel them out of the Valdenian heartlands. The war would drag on for several more months before both sides became too exhausted to continue the fighting. Soon after the end to the fighting, as the dust began to settle, the provisional government set about drafting the framework of an official government. Several years of tense argument resulted in the adoption of an official Constitutional, accepted universally by the several Valdenian states within the Commonwealth. It explicitly guarantees several rights to the citizenry, as well as lays out the powers of each of the three government branches. Current borders of the Commonwealth of Valdek Point Allocation: -6 Size -4 Army/Navy -6 Aviation -0 Industry -8 Economy -6 Education -0 Development
  10. The Orani Khanate Year 983 Pop: 612,000 ------------ Actions -The efforts of holymen and Rune-worked continue to go towards the continued development of a set of Runes which would increase the power of the standard Orani bow. (2 turns total) -With the rapid escalation of the war, The Khan summons more riders to his banner.
  11. The Orani Khanate Spring, Year 982 ------------ Within one of the countless pavilions scattered throughout the Palace of the Sun, the aging Bataar Khan sat. Before him, the greatest achievement of the Orani people stood, a titanic monument to the divine right of the Great Khan and his people. The old man breathed in deeply, inhaling the cool spring air of the Nergui steppe. As he sipped his agrai, the sun had begun to crest the horizon, casting golden beams of light across the city of Or’Khotyn. Below the Khan, the city had only just started to wake. Citizens rose and attended to their various jobs, chores, and whatnots. Merchants entered the city in the great number, preparing their stalls within the vast markets, and many of the Khan’s soldiers began their patrols, replacing their comrades who had stood on watch throughout the night. His realm prospered, and the Khan sat. No Khan before him ever dwelling in a single place for so long, Bataar felt shameful in this respect, dishonor. Surely, he had conquered more than any before him, but at what cost? The Eternal Sun & Sky no longer smiled upon him as it had before, no longer the wind blew across his face, he longed to feel the saddle beneath him, and the stirrups around his feet. Instead, he dined and grew fat, akin to the insolent lords of the Joqin who he had so easily toppled those many years before. Was the Mandate of Tsi’bri even his to bear anymore? He wondered, torturing himself as what he had become. His image, his face fermented and twisted in his mind, resembling a foul, disgusting and repulsive demon as his ancestors spit upon him, and cast him from heaven. The Great Khan rose, far quicker than his aging body should have allowed, infuriated by his own thoughts. He threw his cup to the stone floor, emitting an echo across the empty, silent, pavillion. He drew his blade, hacking it into the ornate table infront of him, sending shards of wood, china, and food flying in all directions in a fit of blind rage as he screamed out, insulting the spirits with their mad games and trickery. His mind seething at the very thought of becoming what he hated so, of disrespecting the ancestors so. Around him shadows converged, and though the sun was shining, it was dark as night. He swiped at the astral figures, whatever they were, hiding at the end of his vision. Voices of the Khan’s surged within his mind, akin to a typhoon. Berating him, him! The khan who had conquered more than any! How dare they question his right, his nature, his mandate!? Then it vanished, and he was alone once more. Clarity As the Khan’s mind calmed, he sheathed the simple blade once more, breathing heavily and bathed in sweat, he turned about the room. Two servants had entered silently, awaiting the Khan’s more and more frequently occurring fits of madness to subside before attending to his mess. Still recovering from so much physical exhilaration for an old man, he beckoned one of the servants forward. The young man approached, eyes cast to the floor, looking a figure of such greater stature in the eyes was considered rude. In his anger, only brief words escaped the Khan’s lips. “Call for Oktai, bring my horse, summon my banner..” ------------ Across the Khanate, a thunder of hooves could be heard. Once more, after years of peace, the Great Khan had summoned the banners. No longer would he govern from the Palaces of Or’Khoytn, his empire would be ruled from horseback, as it was conquered. Bataar would not die as Joqin scum, on a bed, weak and surrounded by doctors. He would die as the Khan’s before him, on the back of a horse, with Tsi’bri smiling upon him From across the realm, his summon was answered. Horsemen, seeking glory, gold, and the admiration of god and ancestors flocked to the capital in great numbers. Khan’s brought their entire forces to bear. All for the Kurultai. The time for inaction is over, Bataar would discuss his next moves before the Burg Khan, with all his vassals as witness. ------------ Actions -The Great Khan calls for a Kurultai to be held in early Autumn of 982. All vassals, as well as the Khan’s warparty are summoned to Or’Khotyn to stand witness. (Assembling the army, and recruiting more horsemen, essentially.) -Under the advice of the Shur’lat, an expansive census of the empire is ordered. The wealth of individual estates, and more importantly the number of people and which wealth category they fit in is to be tallied. More accurate information in these fields is hoped to increase tax efficiency. -Lastly, The Holymen and Rune Workers of Or’Khoytn are diligently put to work developing a rune which would increase the strength of the standard Orani bow. Such a breakthrough would allow the firing of heavier arrows suited to armor piercing, or increased range when firing a regular arrow. Stats + Info → here
  12. Orani Khanate Discord: You got it Civilization (Name): The Oran Khanate Capital (Name): Kar’Khorum Government: An absolute monarchy. The Great Khan hold supreme authority in all matters of state, however, the authority to govern certain regions of his domain are delegated to lesser Khans an Administrators. Racial Distribution: The Orani heartlands are extremely homogeneous, composed of almost entirely ethnically Orani. The conquered region of Lianqing is less so, being made of natives and foreigners aplenty. Religion: The Khanate is moderately religious society. State religion revolves around the worship of Tsi’bri, the Infinite Sun & Sky and of the Khans of the past. It’s importance is relatively so. Khans frequently seek out Shamans and other religious figures in order to attain blessings for conquests or to read fortunes. To the average citizen, religion is far less important. Festivals and celebrations are held seasonally, as well as upon the death of family members. Rituals such as daily prayer are a rarity. Technology & Arcana: The Khanate has pursued magic throughout its existence. Most notably in the form of Runemancy. Spiritual runes are engraved and/or burned onto objects and even limbs in order to enhance them, or provide the user with some sort of ability. Most famously, the legendary sword of Monkhiin Khan, which was so heavily inscribed with runes that it was said to be cut through steel as if it was paper. Another common rune is a single inscription branded upon the palm of the user, which, when activated creates a brief ‘field’ that slows or redirects incoming projectiles. Due to the Khanate’s pursuit of runes and the accompanying magic, they suffer from a relative lack of technology, and much more so the institutions which would be used to advance technology. Geography: The Oran Khanate’s heartland occupies a portion the vast Nergui steppe. It is sparsely populated, and completely un notable apart from the scattered religious sites as well as the newly constructed capital of Kar’Khorum. The western portions are far more densely populated. They are temperate in climate, and geographically many hills and small mountains blanket the area. Description: The Khanate was founded in the year 859, by the Legendary Monkhiin Khan, or the Eternal Khan, who took great strides in uniting the scattered Orani peoples and clans of the Nergui steppe throughout over 60 years of perpetual warfare. Though Monkiin would not live to see his united Khanate, his descendants would carry on his mission, fullying uniting the last of the ethnically Orani by the year 921 and proclaiming the Great Khan, Bataar. Bataar Khan would, after several years of consolidation and obtained a blessing from Tsi’bri, turn the united peoples of the steppe northwest towards the prosperous and numerous cities of Lianqing who had often extracted tribute from and campaigned against the Orani with impunity. Bataar’s conquest would be destructive and brutal on a scale not yet seen before on the Nergui steppe. Cities and forts which did not submit to the Khan’s demands would face his wrath, often almost all the inhabitants being put to the sword. After fifteen years of brutal warfare which saw Orani hordes sack dozens of settlements and capture the capital of Lianqing itself, the conquest had finally finished. In recent years, the Khanate has experienced a level of relative peace. In the heartlands, all was well and prosperous, the Great Khan ruled with absolute authority from the capital of Kar’Khorum. In the regions once known as Lianqing, the Khan’s rule is benevolent, and continues to see a rapid recovery from the brutal conquest. Despite its state, and due to the nomadic nature of the Orani, the region is the most fruitful, populace, the largest provider of steel, and foot soldiers. His realm blossoms, and the Khans conquer, yet within the walls of Khar’Khorum the Great Khan grows old... See more Info here → https://docs.google.com/document/d/11d7Lk-ITiN43FOewHzNMks9kNFMDOIJ7r8ebT3Qs5Cg/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Krefarus

    Klagenfurt RP

    THE DUCHY OF VALDEK Spring, 1381 ---------------- From the main gate of the castle Alkmaar, a long column departed. At its head a vast contingent of knights and retainers, gleaming in the midmorning sun as banners from all across the Duchy flew overhead. Among them, contingents’ of Charles’ own army, wagons filled with provisions, wives, cooks, and civilians. The column passed out across the bridge which provided access over the vast mottes encircling the castle. To the columns’ rear, the garrison overlooked the whole ordeal. Men gathering in a camp outside the castle itself to join the main column, more parties arriving from the south, all with the backdrop of the beautiful Valdenian countryside. The Queen-Regent’s summon had arrived weeks ago, and the young Duke Charles had finally deemed it fit to depart for the capital. The last 4 years, the Duchy had been inward focused, untroubled with the happenings of the outside world, and unbothered by the presence of other nobles. It was finally time for the Duke to introduce meet his peers, establish relations, and more importantly establish that the Duchy of Valdek would once more take a forward role in the workings of the Kingdom. At the head of the column the Duke himself rode. Behind him, a retainer bearing his flag. To his right, the short though stout Count William Van Albret. His face looked older than Charles remembered. More weathered, his wrinkles were more defined, despite the man hardly being considered old. For the last four years he had been charged with raising and mentoring the young Duke. He knew the weathered and veteran Count did not approve of his personal retinue consisting of 200 knights, nor his initial disregarding of the Queen-regents summons, but for once he disagreed with his most trusted advisor. Only once would he get the opportunity to make an impression on the whole Realm, he would do it how he saw fit. Besides, it’s not as if they would start without him.... ---------------- Despite the commotion revolving around the springs’ events and festivities, the whole Duchy was not consumed with the matter. The young Duke Charles X had spent considerable time focused on the internal workings of his holdings, and the Duchy as a whole. With his growing age, this energy turned towards matters of military, and the defense of his realm. Curiously, it had become apparent that no quick route to the southern portion of his holdings existed. Both merchants and militaries would be forced to travel long roads through his neighbors, smaller and less guarded roads, or by water. The last of which which could be unreliable or treacherous at times. Additionally, the improved route would no doubt allow commerce to flow more quickly and be of great benefit to the Duchy. To remedy this blaring issue, the Duke orders a one-off tax be raised across the whole duchy in order to help pay for the construction of the road and the accompanying bridge. Additionally, the Duke’s vassals are all asked to contribute a small sum as the project would benefit the whole realm. Furthermore, the vassal where the road runs through is granted a slight increase to the size of his estate in order to compensate him for allowing the Duke to build through his lands. The Mercantilist Confederation is invited to contribute to the project. (The planned road + the increase of said vassal’s holdings) ---------------- Actions -The Duke begins work on a road which would allow for the movement of troops and goods from both the northern and southern portions of the realm far more easily. Details above. -The Duke Charles X van Alkmaar departs for the capital of Klagenfurt with his personal retinue of 200 knights, a contingent of the Royal Valdenian Army, and a vast majority of his vassals. His departure is rather late. -Messengers ride
  14. THE DUCHY OF VALDEK BLUE The Duchy of Valdek, or the Land of Rivers is one of the largest and most populous within the Kingdom of Klagenfurt. Rolling hills and fertile soil constitute much of the terrain, provided by the Selle river and its many tributaries, which divides the Duchy in two and characterizes the landscape. Valdek is mostly low lying, and floods frequently which has been dealt with through the construction of many dykes across the area. These not only help to reduce the occasional flooding, but also act as a defensive measure should the need arise. To the North, the Pannan mountains provide a boundary to both the Kingdom, and the Duchy. In the west, the Crownlands. The lands of Valdek, naturally fractured by the numerous rivers, have always been hard for any of the native Valdenian lords, princes, or barons to dominate for any meaningful period of time. Occasionally, the area would see eras of fleeting unity, bound together only by the will of one man. The most meaningful of these periods came in the year 1123 when Valdek was, though rather loosely, united by the ingenious work of Lord Aldert II. This period, referred to as ‘Aldert’s Peace’ saw unprecedented growth and prosperity. Throughout Aldert’s Peace, the beginnings of what would become a somewhat unified Valdenian state emerged. However, Aldert’s Peace would not last, and his united realm would collapse upon his death in 1145. By 1157, and the arrival of Prince Rupert of Styria, The Valdenian states had become embroiled in yet another internal conflict, this more destructive than any before. Known as the Tulip Wars, much of the region’s infrastructure, population, and capacity to wage war were destroyed or expended. Rupert masterfully rolled over the area, turning many of the lords feuds on each other in order to further stabilize and control the area. The last of the Valdenian states and principalities were conquered by Rupert II in the years following. Newly inducted into the Kingdom of Klagenfurt, the Duke Coen VII van Arensch was invited to rule the new Duchy. His rule was quick and efficient. The internal leadership of the Duchy was largely preserved, and order largely maintained. Throughout the reign of Charles, trade was emphasized, and Valdek once more prospered. The core of nobility and knights which were largely decimated in the Tulip Wars, and the conquests of Valdek, slowly begun replenish. The Great Plague ravaged the Duchy of Valdek, which had only begun to eclipse the levels of population from the era of Aldert’s Peace. Huge swaths of the Valdenian population either died or fled from the Duchy, and even the reigning Duke and his wife succumbed to the Plague, leaving the then only 12 year old Charles as the Duchy’s ruler. The newly orphaned Duke, tutored by a trusted companion of his father’s, the Count William Van Albret, has grown into both an intelligent and ambitious man. He has become fascinated with the region’s history, and seeks to restore Valdek to the prestige once wielded by figures such as Aldert II. The Valdenian army, is one of the largest in the Kingdoms. Overall command of the professional troops rests with the Count Van Albret, while the levies are entrusted to the command of their various Viscounts, Barons, and Knights. The core of Valdenian army is composed of sturdy and (atleast) internally distinguished Pikemen, who are rigorously drilled and trained. The Royal Valdenian Army emphasizes the importance of Infantry on the field, and flexibility in movements. Valdenian Pikemen following a hard fought victory, illustrated by the renowned Valdenian painter, Alexsander Duyn.
  15. The Holy Nation Year 2076 ——————————————————— Shitpost.jpg ——————————————————— Actions Population: 3,702 Available Resources: 3M / 6F / 11S / 6E / 3AE / 12R Available Funds: 30,000 Financial Actions -50 pipe rifles, to issue to the masses (2M) -The surplus is used to feed the masses (11S) -Facilities adequate to replace those lost to the Acid Dogs are constructed (30,000C) Mod Actions -The Magistrates order the newly captured provinces to be combed through. Any available piece of usable scrap is to be collected or broken down, the Faithful are in DIRE need of material. The highway is the main subject of this search. The High Acolyte leads the operation (Luck 7, Perception 3) -The Zealot Amos Troyer leads small parties to the west in order to scout out and if empty, claim those blocks. (Perception 7, Strength 2) -The Holy Scribes look into even BETTER slug throwers (12 R)(T3 guns)(4 intelligence) -Joseph Halleck collects any helpful pieces of literature available in the Holy Nation, intent on improving his brains (4 intelligence)
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