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  1. A strong eastern wind tore across the landscape, trees creaking and bending beneath its force. The vessel collided with the soft sand with a deep thump, burying its prow deep into the shoreline. Beyond the limestone cliffs, thick plumes of smoke ascended into the sky, only to be taken away by the winds. A horn echoes across the bay, piercing the ears of many with its ominous whine. The cries and moans of the dying were plentiful across the devastated village, though quickly silenced by the chitters and clicks of foreign tongues and the swift thrusts of spears. What was not consumed in flames, smoldered, throwing great plumes of embers and ash into the air.. Terror consumes the coast. --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 879 Lord Tarbus continues his devastating campaigns in the name of King Savos. Following his victory over Osmund within Krolestwo, his army has marched into the Empire itself, putting much to the torch, and beating back yet another imperial army. Most notably, the city of Ceske is taken and then promptly sacked and massacred. Rumors say that the viscious lord completely joined in the act himself, and specifically ordered his cavalry to run down any who escaped from the walls. This year, the war in Chtor is mostly quiet, apart from an Aldemaric victory at Myrtos. Aeton, successful in bringing his army south across the strait, and beginning to feel the economic pressure comes to the table with Aldemar and Wyom. Though nothing has come from the negotiations as of yet, their existence has further prolonged the war. Crimson Order Seeking opportunity, Aldemar is no doubt the best option for a man in Wilfried’s position. In the city, he finds the pristine blocks of the greatest economic power in Chtor since Atem, there is much to steal, and he steals much. He finds less luck with the children, who are not often far from their parents, as is Aldemaric custom. However a man such as himself should remain vigilant, for the within the wealthiest city in the world, is also the best paid city watch… The printing press leaves many ordermen with blackened clothing and destroyed fingers, it will not be ready until 872 Though they are masters of their craft, there is little to improve in the current steel producing techniques. The smiths and forgemasters scratch their heads in confusion before they get to work, maybe something will reveal itself? They will hopefully have a marginally improved (t3.5) alloy for 875 The thunderbow is a complete waste of time, mainly because the rune intended to make it function is not ready. The propulsion rune, though an interesting idea, proves unfeasible for the men of the order. The runemasters weave and etch, and meet only dead ends, perhaps this is punishment from the divine? Chicahtoc Empire The Chicahtoc shaman once more begin to weave the forces of the universe, bending it to their will. They predict such a spell (t2) will be prepared for 871. The pain-wave will affect all within its path, even those the caster do not intend to inflict. Kingdom of Rhorric The feast and tournament proves to the be a major success. Many delegates, lords, knights, and even the king ride from Khrav to attend. Their stay is long and hearty, despite the Rhorrics performing far better in the primary focus of the tournament, riding related activities. Rhydia does not explicitly reject, but they do not send any competitors, only a few representatives and their gratitude. Kingdom of Krolestwo Another peaceful and prosperous year passes in Krolestwo where they peasants thank the gods they do not live in Orev just to the north. Kingdom of Kastovia Early mixtures of the Volatile mix prove not only to be too volatile, but too dangerous! They quickly melt through and explode prematurely within any casing the Kastovians come up with. There is no doubt, however, that such a mixture will be prepared for 871 Kurausahr Expedition up the Olkvein runs into no serious obstacles, spending a large majority of the year making their way up river. By late summer, they reach the periphery of the Graveyard of Stars and are greeted by the beauty of a meteor burning through the firmament. Kingdom of Ardes Another year of peace and prosperity, another year where the Kingdom of Ardes seems to sit perfectly still, the world moving around them Pachaqui Kingdom The Pachaqui are successful in their venture south. A small settlement being established at a bend in the river late in the year. The land is rich in soil, and easy to cultivate. Despite this, something seems amis, it is simply too empty.. The Amarantic Dominion Antathek Ra, Master of the Fathomless Void opens his mind, and Oblivion speaks (Discord) The wagies should be working double- no triple time! Restless Miners will largely replace regular miners by 870 The human body is as interesting as it is confusing, and much work will need to be done in order to bring the arrays of herbs, tonics, and medicines onto a new level. The scholars predict improved medicine will be readied by 872 To scry into a realm beyond our own is not an easily accomplished task, though it is certainly achievable (t3) “Dark Scrying” will be prepared for 873 “Invisibility” (t3) will be prepared for 872 Grand Principality of Rostukhov The many smiths of the principality report that t3.5 equipment will be ready for large scale production by the year 876 Crossbows will be prepared for the year 701 Trebuchets capable of hurling mighty stones at stout fortresses will be ready by 702 From the east, many hear whispers of an expedition launched by the Eylic Chapter into the Shield, the Knights of Anvil scantily leave their fortress, and only for truly important matters, perhaps it constitutes an investigation? Perasmani League A foothold abroad is successfully established Raids bring profits (+5000g) Mitrovic Empire Orolian sends many raids against the ascendancy to varying degrees of success. HOwever, these people are of the simple variety, and own little of value. The raids destroy much, but find little to plunder. Samalstraza “Ereshtera Shastamas” (T2) will be prepared for usage by the aspirants of darkness by the year 700 Both sides firmly reject the offer of Quill, none wishing to have any part in her “foul sorcery.” The Samalstrazi courtiers within Orev and Antramar both suffer minor setbacks for this perceived slight. The gorul truly are strange folk Ishikawa Shogunate YOOOOOOOOO Throughout the year, a Perasmani Fortress-ship takes full advantage of the Ishikawan fleet being confined to harbor for repairs. It travels through the archipelago launching countless raids against the people of the various islands (-10,000 population) (-7,500g) Whispers tug at the ears of the Shogun (discord)
  2. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 867 The Warlord Aeton’s blockade meets almost complete condemnation throughout the Sea of Chtor. Aldemaric, Wyomian, and Dohocan fleets are quickly marshaled and begin to sail for the straits to meet the Atemic fleet. Though battle is had between the two forces, it proves not to be decisive, and slightly in favor of the Atemic as far as casualties go. At the Siege of Myrtos, which has been raging for now over a decade, action once more ramps up. Atemic forces attempt to break the siege and are remarkably lucky, managing to beat back the Aldemarics from the city and into the countryside. Across western Chtor echoes the call of a Crusade. From the capital of the universally outraged Holy Nation, Dalis, marches an army of holy crusaders, intent on destroying the lands of Kemet once and for all. At the armies’ head is the Magistrate Heroch of Dalis himself. Across the devastated Midlands, a legend spreads, reaching the ears of many. Throughout the numerous battlefields left behind by the Orevian-Antramarian conflict, it is said spectre lurks consuming the souls of the dead and dying. Many men believe this to be a sign from Volek, the Herald, a commonly worshipped deity. Pachaqui Kingdom The weavers of the earth report that such a spell will be prepared for use by the year 868 (t2 spell) (sorry for missing this the first time round) The king has many visions, what they mean is up for interpretation, if such things will come to pass remains to be seen.. Crimson Order To the city of Aldemar they go, they arrive easy enough, Point of Interest: Aldemar, a city without equal. A sprawling metropolis positioned on the coast. It is the largest city in the entire region. Several million people inhabiting the city and it’s surrounding area. It was founded as a minor fort by the fledgling Atemic Empire. In tone with the militarism of its founders. The city has not one but 3 layers of perfectly circular, thick, white walls, as well as a large perfectly cut and symmetrical moat which rings the entirety of the city. There are few entrances to the city the main ones being across three large and elaborately decorated stone bridges. Behind these defenses is the most advanced, and richest city in the world. A myriad of libraries, hospitals, plazas, fountains, theaters, palaces, and other such buildings. In the city one can find temples to every god worth worshiping. While the rest of the so-called civilized world also has them, no place but Aldemar has as many. The city has been besieged many times, though it has never fallen. This is partially due to the fact that its walls are tremendously thick and well built, and because the first ring protects a vast amount of highly advanced, irrigated, and well tended to farmland which can feed a fair amount of the city alone. The people of Mer’ak are a strange one, the city has the constant smell of rot and decay present within it, and black seems to be the chief color of choice for most apparel, the focal point of the city is a large shrine, paying homage to the ancestors of the Mer’akian people. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Vladimir Vasilyevich finds many duelists in Wyom, all of them are sons of nobles, and none are particularly outstanding, he is beaten a couple times, and wins a couple more. Most, however, tell him that if he wishes to pursue such a hobby, he should make his way to the legendary fighting pits of Antramar. Yithic moss, though extraordinary in its healing capabilities, is largely a dormant and very slow growing moss, it would be impractical to attempt to equip the entire Rostukhovan army with it. Similarly, the moss is far from fire resistant, in fact it seems to be extremely susceptible to it, burning wildly and with a thick tar-like smell. Kingdom of Kastovia Another year without disturbance passes within the Kingdom/ Mitrovic Empire Im not scrolling back and looking at your ******* predicted finish time, include it next time. Talk to me in the discord for this response. Kingdom of Ardes Another year of prosperity and peace passes within the Kingdom, truly a blessed ruler Sigmund is! Kurausahr The Olk-Wood looms over the Empire, though ominous, nothing out of ordinary comes from its trees, and life is as usual within the Empire. Chicahtoc Empire Following the breaking of the siege in the south, the Eagles find the peninsula to be in shambles, with the Atemic forces on a wild and daring offense. Kemet Behind the walls of the Temple, the Magi get right to work, conjuring and weaving new spells to better aide in the development of further magical advancements. -INVOCATION OF SEKHMUT (T4)- Sharpen the mind of affected persons, enhancing their focus for long durations, improves the speed at which magic and tech is researched. It will be ready for 872. To the north, the Holy Nation mobilizes, and prepares to march upon the lands of Kemet! Perasmani League The explorers find no resources of note in their brief survey of the coast. Fydor’s Bastion, for the most part in good enough condition, is speedily repaired and brought back up to proper working order. Urgent news on the capital island, off the coast two Ishikawan vessels have been spotted, laden with troops! They prepare to land! (Discord) The spell will complete by the year 870 (For Samalstraza too) Ishikawa Shogunate YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Samalstraza The Courtiers arrive unobstructed. They make steady progress through the ranks of the Court, but are nowhere near the chief advisors of the target monarchs, especially more so in Antramar. Magma whip will be prepared for year 869 The Explorers depart, and find themselves en route to the beating heart of the Empire itself (Discord) The envoy and gold is turned away
  3. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 866 South of the Elector states, Antramar continues to campaign against their Orevian foes. Though, most of the year is spent maneuvering the two forces, small battles break out around the area, mostly resulting in Antramarian victories. Furthermore, the region itself is completely decimated by two large hosts occupying it for most of the year and razing most of the countryside. By the year’s end, Emperor Osmund is in no position to contest his opponents advance and takes flight west across the river- and into Krolestwo... At the turn of the year, news comes to many from the lands of the Warlord Aeton. Apparently, something has upset the now aging man enough to throw him into a terrible rage. His fleet sails into the straight of Umeso completely cutting it. All trade following through the strait between the Sea of Chtor and Fydor is halted, hefty amounts of goods, profits, and ships are simply outright stolen by the Atemic fleet. [All Trade through the Straight of Umeso is blocked] Pachaqui Kingdom The mountains and earth are quiet, the year uneventful. Time passes as it always has within the Kingdom. With every day, the realm grows in wealth.. Crimson Order Into the Wulff swamps captain Viermetz and his company go.. (Discord) Techniques capable of forging heavier armor and stronger material for Infantry, Crossbows, and Cavalry will be available in 867 Chicahtoc Empire The scouts tear through the Wyomian country side and find very little of note. Almost the entirety of the landscape is made of vast tracts of farmlands. Horsemen with wicked blades and stout hammers cutting off access to any potential sacrifice. Apart from the lords, most Wyomians live in massive fortress-like barracks positioned in various locations within the massive estates. The Shaman weave and bend the forces of magik, however it is a lengthy process indeed. The Ritual of Regeneration will be ready to perform by 867 (t2), The ritual of Acid will be prepared by 868 (t2). Kingdom of Kastovia The site of a great battle, only mere traces of the titanic event remains.. (discord) Proper technique to forge quality and lasting heavy armor will be widespread enough for mass production by 868. Likewise, designs for a crossbow capable of firing projectiles at suitable speeds and distances will be prepared for 868. Kingdom of Rhorric Ancient ruins, filled with mystery and adventure, there is much to explore… (discord) Efforts to design a suitable crossbow and produce horse and rider armor of significant quality are well underway. The various smiths and armourers of the kingdom state such goods will be available by 868. The various magik users of the kingdom get right to work, bending the wild and mysterious force, channeling it for new uses. They predict that a spell capable of using the forces of nature to mend wounds will be prepared by 867 (t1) Perasmani League The expedition along the river of the Cradle finds little of note. The landscape is ancient and vast, among the harsh snows and brilliant summers, one feels a small tug on the edge of their mind, a sense of belonging. The small keep is constructed without issue, cementing Perasmani control over a another small sliver of the world. Out they sail, and safely they arrive, the lands of Khrav offer to sell the Perasmani a sufficient amount of steel for 2,000g. Within the ancient bastion of Fydor, there is much to see. (Discord) Alloys and techniques capable of producing a usable and protective suit of heavy armor will be prepared for 868. From the We- no.. East!? Come a number of ships flying none other than the banners of the Shogunate! The eastern island is subject to countless attacks, where many are killed and much destroyed. Luckily, the local garrison manages to see the raiders off! (1 dock destroyed during construction, 5,000g recovered from the project) (-2,500g)(5,000 killed/captured) Kingdom of Ardes At the site of such a monolithic battle, there is much to discover.. (Discord) The Knights of the chapter scarcely leave their walls, and a reply to His Majesty states they see no reason to now. Samalstraza On the northern coast lies a small ruin, long abandoned.. (Discord) Both Orev and Antramar accept a Samalstrazi embassy within their lands, and both would be open to a courtier. In regards to the origin of the conflict, it seems to have begun within the Empire itself. Initially a small dispute between two elector states, Telc and Opavo, however the conflict soon escalated when Prince Armon, a great-cousin of Antramarian King Savos and a retainer to the Opavan Magistrate was allegedly dishonorably murdered in his sleep. On the justification of bringing justice to his late great-cousin, King Savos took up arms and began an invasion of the north, which has so far leaned into Antramar’s favor. Masters of Magik, the men of Ninur begin to weave the mysterious forces of reality into new applications.. --The Blood of Nashorazipal, capable of granting a passive and permanent regeneration to any blessed with it will be ready for 868. It is, however, predicted to be an expensive process to perform (1,500g per ritual) --Ring of a Hundred Voices, a novel enchantment, with no doubt many applications, such a spell is a painfully tedious process to fabricate. Ready for 870 --Orli iss Atrapur, a mighty tool for the men of the Ninur indeed. Ready for 866 --Em-Kashig is Bellet Ill- I cant be assed.. Ready for 867 --Su Shastur Iss Ninur- A truly monolithic task, for those intent on such a journey, there is no end in sight… A capable telescope, large and carried in a small cart, or by a number of servants will be prepared for 869. Ishikawa Shogunate Katsumi’s raiders strike the League with great efficiency and surprise, launching a daring raid on the city itself. Several the raiders make good fun of ransacking and terrorizing the countryside, taking many slaves and slaughtering many more. (1,000g) (500 captured) (1 frigates worth of Wokou +1 veterancy lvl)(+1 martial for Katsumi) Another wagie strikes a vein of green rock, another wagie vaporized.. City-State of Salvus A delegation was sent, and they arrived safely… (discord) Heavy Infantry and Crossbows will be prepared for manufacturing by 867 Little progress is made on the development of a proper military academy, such an organization would probably require funding rather than a team of researchers.. With great enthusiasm the wielders of Magik within Salvus begin to work on further improved spells -An improvement onto the existing spell will be ready for consistent use by 870 -Large and mighty runes, hewn upon stone and earth for the purpose of summoning mighty barriers should the need arise, the mages begin to work most diligently, they will be prepared by 870 The Grand Principality of Rostukhov The serfs were correct in their assessment, it is indeed something new. This moss is a bluish-green-purple in color, with few small bioluminescent buds sprouting from them. The moss itself is incredibly tough, hard to pierce or cut, while still being flexible. Researchers are baffled by what applications it may have, and they almost abandon the project entirely. Thankfully, the Dvoryanin returns with news, apparently the local serfs took to making clothing out of it, and when one suffered a cut on the farm, the moss instantly took to imbedding itself within his skin, repairing the wound in a matter of minutes. Remarkable.. (Yithic Moss discovered) Heavy cavalry will be available by 867 Unfortunately, making farmsteads any cheaper would result in the serfs having nowhere to live, compared to their 10ft squared housing as it is already.. Glorious Kemet (Mechanical actions included) From the north come more defilers! A single envoy bearing the same symbol as the rest of them arrives at the capital city. He lays heaping loads of insults upon the Eye of Kemet, claiming that his soldiers slaughtered a host of pilgrims and desecrated the TOMB OF THE MOST HOLY PROPHET YARRIN the holiest site in all of the Holy Nation! Kemet will return the beloved prophets burial rites, and hand over the men responsible, or be subject to CRUSADE. 4,000 t2 Medjay Foot Soldiers are recruited throughout the countryside! -2500g saved A TOTAL OF 1,975,000 LIVES ARE EXPENDED FOR THE GLORY OF KEMET - 4 labour districts - 32 slaver districts - 9 Heavy industry buildings - 9 Mines Among those in the temple, voices are heard, fleeting visions of a sprawling gardens and flowing streams, whispers tugging at the periphery of their minds. They can only assume the Pyramid is the source of these events, but have made no headway into unlocking its secrets.. RAMUS’ WEIGHING-OF-THE-HEART! (t2)- A mighty spell, truly, the outsiders should be bent to the will of Kemet, the priesthood declares a spell will be sufficiently woven by 868 THE GRASP OF IP (t3)- Confusion, terror, paranoia, madness, dissarray, disobedience, the punishment of the gods shall be sent against the outsiders! The priesthood declares it will be ready by 870 The Mitrovic Empire The twins are missing!? Where are they going?? Who knows, surely not I? Definitely not the Crown Prince… Suits of armor suitable for the ‘Heavy Infantry’ classification will be prepared as early as 870.
  4. Long has it been since the Legions of Atem have swept across the realms of the Far East. From the Gray mountains to the Dnedic Coast, they leveled every fortress, besieged every city, salted every land which dared to resist. Upon the fields of Mercath, where Prince Orin fell, the final embers of resistance were extinguished. But behind conquest’s iron boot, came civilization the likes of which had never graced the Far East before. Great roads, monolithic temples, and sprawling libraries took root, spreading rapidly across the region. Yet in adherence to the laws of the universe, nothing is destined to last forever. The rule of Atem, like all things, crumbled beneath the weight of its own power. Hundreds of years of conquest, washed away in mere decades. That which exists now is naught but a shadow of what once was, marauding warlords, jockeying for power over the decaying corpse of an empire. New states and peoples, long since oppressed, enslaved or, perhaps in positions of power, the sole guides of their own destiny. Upon which paths they will tread, none can say.. ---------------- “To those who dwell within the space between spaces, there is nothing... Eons evaporate in mere minutes. The inevitable march of time, it devours all…” An orb of pristine blue shone towards the heavens as the snow fell to the earth, accumulating around it. In the distance, the calls of wild beasts, snow crunching beneath boots, shouts ring out. The wind howls, biting into the skin of men like daggers. The orb flickers and dims.. “I have observed much. Nature here.. is vile. There is much misery. The trees cry out. The birds do not sing, they screech out in pain...” Reflected within the orb is an ocean of stars. An unseen cosmos, the heavens themselves pouring down. A comet glistening across the midnight sky. “A wretched curse weighing on the entirety of the landscape. All who venture upon it are doomed to reap his share. A land created in anger, born of spite. Even the stars within the firmament are chaotic in nature, they are disarrayed, disorganized. I have observed much. Among all things, perhaps unseen.. There is a certain harmony which exists...” Then, Darkness. ---- The Year is 865 of the 14th Age, According to the Calendar of Atem Crimson Order From all corners of the Sea of Chtor, the Order has drawn from and consolidated. Rid of any foreign influence, the red men now look outwards, seeking blood and bounty. Within the Wulff swamps, disturbances reverberate, and whispers reach the Order’s ears.. Kingdom of Kastovia Through blood and steel the realm of Kastovia was once more unified. The traitorous uncle and his followers dispatched of. Now more centralized than ever, Kastovia’s path is unclear. To the west, the banners of Antramar march north as King Savos lays waste to large swathes of the Midlands, one of the numerous side effects of the Orevian-Antramarian war.. Point of Interest: Upon the coast of the Wine Sea, many a fishermen have sworn they saw the water pouring from an unseen source.. Point of Interest: Among a series of rolling hills, the site of a great battle continues to burn, metaphorically of course.... Mitrovic Empire From humble beginnings, the Empire has risen. West, east, into the sea of Chtor, there are many directions for which the emperor to channel his ambitions. Resources: From the southern stretches of the empire word filters of an undocumented weed. It grows in great stalks, capped with numerous red-orange buds, perhaps further study is in order? Kingdom of Krolestwo The Treaty of the Thousand, an event which will no doubt live on in historical records till the end of time. Here, men will say, began the birth of a most righteous and glorious kingdom... League of Perasma It has been long since the Perasmians set out on their great expedition. As news from the west dwindled, so too did opposition to independence. Separated from the empire, and within the ambitious hands of the newly appointed Archon, who is to stop the League now? Point of Interest: Fydor’s Bastion- Built upon rough cliffs of the wind blasted isle stands a great fortress. Built from black stone, and clearly weathered through dozens of sieges, a stout keep surrounded by two layers of walls dominates the natural harbor positioned just south of it. Pachaqui Kingdom Curators of the Mantle, isolated from the great turbulence and destruction of the Atemic Collapse, the people of Pachaqui now emerge. Seeking new riches, upon which path will they travel, war or diplomacy? Perhaps both, perhaps neither, nonetheless, the Earth guides them.. Grand Principality of Rostukhov A land of endless bounty, vibrant culture, and ancient history. For centuries a vassal underneath their Atemic overlords, Rostukhov now stands as presumptive masters of the Vestvelt. Where the house of Ademichev will lead the Principality, remains to be seen.. Resources: Much talk fills the ears of a local Dvoryanin, apparently the local serfs have stumbled upon a plant not yet encountered in this region. Surely they would know, their families have been living there for since.. well .. uh.. Forever? Perhaps it is worth looking into. Chicahtoc Empire Born from blood and fear, the nine tribes are unified, submissive before the grandeur of Emperor Chicahtoc! Still, the shaman read omens, they proclaim that the gods look favorably upon the empire, and there is still much to do… Kingdom of Ardes Beloved by all, wise, and cautious, His Royal Majesty has guided Ardes into a period of unprecedented prosperity. No doubt, the coming years will bring many trials and much turbulence, will Ardes summon the strength to forge ahead? Point of Interest: Upon the mouth of Arles, a great site stands, unperturbed by the passing of time. It is said that a great battle was once fought here.. Kingdom of Rhorric Masters of horse, bane of Atem, never have the lands of Rhorric been subject to foreign rule, protected by the vast Rhydian marshes to the west, and Darkwood to the east, from here, their path is uncertain.. Point of Interest: Many speak of a ruin, peaking through the edge of the Darkwood, dominating its surroundings. Ishikawa Shogunate Long has the House of Ishikawa ruled over their isles, ever watchful of the Sea of Fydor in service to the Eternal Emperor’s final command. Here, time slows to a crawl, and life is slow.. But yet the priests report, great winds blow from the east, in the ears of the Shogun spirits whisper that they herald a great task.. Resources: On the isle of Kurosima, among the sprawling terraces of the south, a wagie’s hoe strikes a something hard, and a terrible explosion rips his surroundings apart, vaporizing him instantly. At its center is a pale green stone, how curious… City-State of Salvus Emergent from the trials of the past, Salvus is one of the largest cities to exist within the continent, rivaling even the Great Aldemar in size- though not in majesty, surely, there is much work yet to be done… Kemet Solitude and service to the gods, such has been the way of Kemet for aeons. When the vile legions of Atem tore through the continent, trampling over the faithful, disrupting the very nature of existence, the gods were patient in their retribution! In time, their will delivered, and the men of Atem struck down, and with them the old ways! Venerate the Eye of Kemet, for the gods would see the endless nation grow beyond its river! Resources: On the northern reaches of the Jade Sea, many have come across a strange weed, it grows in great stalks, with buds of red-orange hue. Point of Interest: They say a great man was once laid to rest here, once master of all creation, many claim that great gatherings of unknown folk accompanied by great blasts of light occur often at such a place, but slaves see many things… Samalstraza Samalstraza, a great beacon of enlightenment within a sea of darkness! Masters of the Arcane, and seekers of knowledge. Many a scholar and king alike travel upon the Runeway, to the ancient fortress in search of knowledge and council. The path ahead is shrouded in shadows, perhaps only the men of Ninur are capable of peeling them away… Choranic Empire Servants of the creator, heir to the heavens, the Choranic Empire dominates both wood and prairie, though none exist to directly challenge them, their path will no doubt be filled with numerous obstacles... Go.
  5. Long has it been since the Legions of Atem have swept across the realms of the Far East. From the Gray mountains to the Dnedic Coast, they leveled every fortress, besieged every city, salted every land which dared to resist. Upon the fields of Mercath, where Prince Orin fell, the final embers of resistance were extinguished. But behind conquest’s iron boot, came civilization the likes of which had never graced the Far East before. Great roads, monolithic temples, and sprawling libraries took root, spreading rapidly across the region. Yet in adherence to the laws of the universe, nothing is destined to last forever. The rule of Atem, like all things, crumbled beneath the weight of its own power. Hundreds of years of conquest, washed away in mere decades. That which exists now is naught but a shadow of what once was, marauding warlords, jockeying for power over the decaying corpse of an empire. New states and peoples, long since oppressed, enslaved or, perhaps in positions of power, the sole guides of their own destiny. Upon which paths they will tread, none can say… Relevant Links: Restricted Spawning Area Rules Setting Keep your eyes peeled.. Ater: The far east, a continent as old as the mantle itself, as long as history has existed, so too has Ater. Home to staggering wealth, vast empires, and countless points of interest. Though it may be home to many millions, great secrets still remain to be unlocked. The far east is best described as temperate, many regions benefit from long summers, others, harsh winters, though most of it is habitable to some degree. Technology: The golden age of technology and science has long since past, its innovations faded into obscurity, though its remnants still remain scattered across the vast continent. The inhabitants battle with spear and shield as they have since the beginning of time. Magic: A wild, untamed, and barely understood art. Very few are blessed with the ability to tap into the mysterious force known as magik, and even fewer to spend countless years studying and perfecting such a practice. As old as the mantle itself magik, though powerful, is unpredictable and above all else, dangerous. Unexpected outcomes are an ever present reality. Food Nodes: Scattered across the map are numerous nodes, represented by a simple black dot. These nodes represent the land’s fertility and the population it is capable of supporting. Such nodes can be portrayed as anything from livestock, to sprawling fields, or large fishing industries. Points of Interest: Denoted on the map with a black-red dot, Points of interest represent a large variety of things, such as ruins, geographical wonders, great buildings, etc. Many of these locations are treacherous, others may provide great boons. These will be hidden during the application phase, as to not influence decisions. Humanity: The most plentiful race by far. Men have existed for as long as time itself, and populate nearly every corner of the world, including Ater. However, the origins of these peoples are ancient and how they are affected by the great passing of time is unknown. Variations of the standard man are known to exist, and inhabit several sections of the continent. Characters: Unlike other RPs, you will have 12 starting points to assign to your characters in one of the five categories: Leadership, Martial Skill, Charisma, Arcane Skill, & Agility. Throughout the course of the rp, these individual skills can improve. Nation Customization Races: Humans: Unaltered by the forces of magik, these humans are plentiful across the sphere. Traits: -Obtain an additional point to add to point allocations -Characters begin with a base of 1 point in Martial Skill Deviants: Changed by the great passing of time, or perhaps the forces of magik, these races, though once human are human no longer. My favorite color is white. These deviants vary wildly depending on the landscape in which they live or the communities they dwell within. Traits: -Characters begin with a base of 1 point in Arcane Skill -A racial trait of your choice, to be discussed with the moderator Categories: Please visit the rules sheet for a more in depth description of these categories and the bonuses associated. These categories have more than a mechanical affect, for example, a Military 10 nation’s army will be far more organized than a Military 0. You have 30 points to distribute between all these categories, a maximum of 10 points can be invested in size and economy collectively. Loyalty Magical Knowledge Technological Expertise Size Economy Sea-Faring Military Application: 15 spots available. No reservations, I judge based on application quality. Discord Name; Nation Name: Government Type: Magic Type: Leader: Culture: History: Groups or places of interest: Key Figures (3 people with points): Point Distribution: Nat Idea: Unique Units (3): Starting Location: What is my Favorite color?:
  6. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1897 _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic development (10,000) -A new town, Vellki, springs up (5,500) -8 commercial districts (80,000) --- -Two steel mills are built (5,000) -Four new vitramite facilities are built (40,000) -A single heavy industry facility is built (7,500) -Six new Airshipyards (60,000) --- -Three new Dreadnoughts (108,000) -Five new Destroyers (15,000) --- -100,000 Colonial troops are raised (100,000) (20 AP) -Airfields… (15,000) -800 tanks are built (56,000) -100 Field guns are built (6,000) Mod/RP Actions: -Continued ‘Valdenization’ of Koibita (20,000) -Massive strides in protecting the county begin. Large arrays of AA batteries, increase of military infrastructure, and rearmament of Fort Pracht begin (30,000) Research: -Both the navy and army are in dire need of new armor. Contracts are handed out to numerous companies, giving large benefits for any which can produce superior armor. [Passive] -Project Market [Active] (10,000)
  7. Ar’gakari Star Empire Year 2201 ___________________________________________ A fourth of a cycle, by the arbitrary Solarin system. For a fourth of a cycle- three months, Dak’Voljk’s invasion fleet had been suspended like constellations among the ocean of stars. Waiting for the remnants of an Armada which would never arrive. Lost to space- millions of soldiers, hundreds of ships, a fraction of a fraction of the vanguard remained. The lesser commanders and ship masters clamored for a retreat, a withdrawal to the Homeworlds, anything to spare them from their supposedly doomed fate! With less than twenty ships and no communication arrays, how were they to conquer an entire galaxy? The cowards wished to abandon their righteous mission before it had even begun. In this arena, their weight was dangerous, furious debate threatened to splinter an already broken fleet. Only the wise oversight of the Oracle, Dak’Voljk, kept in check the treasonous plots of many. They carried their protests and dissatisfaction with them into the vacuum.. But still, unknown to even him, there were many among the fleet who did not fully accept the Oracle’s judgement. What would become of such beings is not yet known. As of now, the fleet stands, united, ready to brave any threat this foreign galaxy may throw at them. “Oracle.. the final remnants of the Armada have left light speed, no more vessels traverse the void. All have been lost. This is all that remains.” “Begin to spool the drives...” Financial Actions -The last of the Vanguard escapes the perils of the void, an additional Heavy Cruiser and four wings of fighters (120) join the fleet. [Free] -Additional loading bays are constructed aboard the Worldship Tek’Marak, allowing for a greater influx of supplies from the Homeworlds. [Business x3] [45,000] Mod Actions -The Ar’gakari invasion fleet begins to carve its way south across the periphery of the galaxy, travelling across the very strings of the universe! A single exploration ship strays not far from the fleet, in the neighboring sectors, gathering information about anything of note such as ruins or rare material, reporting back periodically. The obvious goal being to locate some other form of intelligent life.. (T1 Ar’gakari String-drive) Research -The void is endless, its distances incredibly vast! Standard methods of communication are far from efficient. The brightest minds of the Worldfleet begin to toil vigorously work to repair the previously damaged Communication arrays aboard the Worldships. (Quantum Comms) [Passive Slot] -It won’t be long until the Worldfleet encounters their first foes, greater weapons will be needed to cement Ar’gakari advantages, work begins at once on more advanced weapon technology. (T1 Plasma) [Passive Slot]
  8. Nation: Ar’gakari Star Empire (subject to change, can’t think of anything good rn) Race: Ar’gakari Background: MUSIC Through the endless, all accompassing, silent, void, the vessels drifted. Surrounded in darkness, occasionally an asteroid or some chunk of cosmic material would crash into the ships’ hull, splintering and exploding on the strength of the shields. Apart from the faint glow of the pulsing engines, The skyline of lights dotting the vessels, the light glow of seas of stars and nebulae, all was dark, all was quiet. Faulty navigation systems and mutiny had seen the Ar’gakari expedition thrown completely off course, communications non-existent, banished into the endless expanse of space. Suddenly, the engines disengage, the fleet slowing rapidly, a huge blast echoing through the nothingness of space as the ships are yanked violently from lightspeed. Within the bridge of Kel’Vorak, the blast shields retract, Dak’Voljk gazes upon the infinite horizon, the sea of stars. A grueling journey, finished at long last. Transmissions flashed across the various consoles and panels as numerous other ships pulled out of light speed. Only but a fragment of a Grand Fleet had weathered the void, passed its infinite hardships, naught but the mighty have strewn their gaze upon their promised destination. Nonetheless, they had arrived.. Start: Size- 10 Eco- 0 Tech- 5 -Deflectors → T1 Phased Army- 0 Space- 10 -1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers, 8 Frigate, 1 exploration ship, 1 mining ship Place me on the edge of the galaxy, close to the main cluster though.
  9. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1896 _________________________________________________ 01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110100 01100001 01110010 01100100 00101100 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01100011 01110100 01110101 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110100 01110010 01100001 01101110 01110011 01101100 01100001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00111111 00100000 01000111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110100 01110101 01110000 01101001 01100100 00100001 00100000 01001110 01101111 00101100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100100 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01110111 01110010 01101001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01010010 01010000 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01111001 01100101 01100001 01110010 00101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110100 01100001 01110010 01100100 00100000 01001100 01001111 01001100 00100001 _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic development (10,000) -Nine depots are built in the colonies (90,000) --- -Eight Vitramite mines (40,000) -Eight Vitramite refineries (40,000) -Five Airshipyards are constructed (50,000) --- -Two dreadnoughts are laid down (72,000) -Eight Destroyers are constructed (24,000) --- -300 Tanks are ordered (24,000) (9 AP) -50,000 more mechanized troops are raised across the Empire (100,000)(40 AP) 800 saved Mod/RP Actions: -The Valdenian Stock Market receives heaps of funding! (40,000) -Emperor Valen somewhat aggressively orders the establishment of military facilities in the contested areas between Valdek and Modevia! To lock down the whole CSAC border of course! … The IVA, IVAF, and IVN are on high alert for any responses to this chadly foreign policy (2 outposts 5,000) -Even more of the Koibitanese Emperor’s territory is brought under Valdenian jurisdiction... Research:
  10. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1895 _________________________________________________ **** I keep forgetting to do this, sorry retards. _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Regular economic growth (10,000) -Commercial district in Veiken (10,000) -Trade depot in Veiken (10,000) -Four trade depots and four commercial districts are built across the colonies (80,000) -Foreign aid to Aurelia (30,000) --- -Five more steel mills are subsidized by the government (12,500) -Six new vitramite facilities are built across the empire (60,000) -Four more heavy industrial facilities are financed (30,000) --- -Another Dreadnought is laid down (36,000) -A half finished Klendari BC is finished (15,000) -Two more cruisers are laid down (22,000) -Nine more destroyers are laid down (27,000) --- -An order is placed to Vuot for four hundred more tanks (32,000) (12 ap) -A thousand Power armor suits are produced (16,000) (8 ap) -25,000 More mechanized troops fill out the ranks of Yoeck’s Corp (50,000) (20 ap) -15,000 More mechanized troops fill out the ranks of Yoeck’s Corp, with production bought from Gallian (42,000) (12 ap) Mod/RP Actions: -Programs begin in Koibita aiming to slowly and peacefully integrate the country, now firmly under Valdenian influence, directly into the Empire. This is done with the help of the Koibitanese Emperor and his rapidly centralizing nation (10,000) -Conquests in Koibita! (Plans are already in the encounter) -Concerned with the financial situation in Volta-Solvan, and what it could mean for many Valdenian Companies, efforts are begun to grow a competing stock market/stock market exchange; based in the capital, the venture would seek to use the Empire’s large economy, and somewhat central Old World position to foster growth (10,000) Research: - [Passive] Vuot Armaments, the primary producer and designer of much of the IVA’s heavy machinery once more sets out to improve on their previous work. After the massive armored fighting in Baresh, the need for a fast, well armed, and well armored medium tank had become apparent, and Vuot is contracted to produce just that! - [Passive] A new naval arms race on the horizon, the Empire’s economy was far from optimal for such a venture. Instead of raw numbers, the IVN decides to shift focus to improving the quality of their ships. Contracts are handed out to design a completely modern, next generation dreadnought. Ideally, the ship being equipped with the latest and greatest instruments and equipment, as well as being capable of far greater speeds. - [Passive] So much love for the army this year! Very much interested in the newest addition to the IVA, known as Power Armor, or Heavy infantry in certain circles. The technology is extremely promising. Many contracts are handed out to various companies, hoping to improve the suits in general.
  11. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1894 _________________________________________________ Maybe next time. Sorry. Working on other projects. _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic development (10,000) -The colonial economy grows, six new trade depots are constructed, along with two commercial districts (80,000) -Veiken becomes a city (12,500) -A loan is given to Bellica (15,000) -Chucho and his crew aboard The Lizard join the GREAT TIERRA ROJA AIR RACE! (2,000) --- -Two steel mills are constructed (5,000) -Five new vitramite extraction and refinement centres are created. (40,000) -Seven heavy industry facilities are constructed (52,500) -Six new airship yards are built across the nation (60,000) --- -One dreadnought, Votjek, Is laid down (36,000) -Seven destroyers are commissioned (21,000) --- -900 GfR-92 air superiority fighters are produced (54,000) -Two divisions of regular infantry are raised in Valdek (70,000) -Twenty thousand conscripts are raised (6,000) Mod/RP Actions: -Officers from Volta-Solvan arrive in Valdenian training camps, instructing the newest batch of 30,000 soldiers. During their stay, many Valdenian officers fivorsly study their methods and take notes, some even attempting to procure guides and manuals from them (5,000) -Rigorous trials are performed between the UAM, P-22, GfR-89, GfR-92 (if possible), and the current Valdenian fighter, the V-87, in order to assist with V&M F-94 research, and to overall evaluate the pros and cons of each fighter, and how they stack up to each other. -Continued assistance of the Koibitanese Emperor -Work on the railroads continue, this time including general infrastructure as well (15,000) (35,000 total) (Originally 96) -Gas masks continue to roll out, hopefully sooner than projected (5,000) (20,000 total) (Originally 97) Research: -[Funded] In collaboration with the Praharavkan government, a new initiative to create a next generation, next generation fighter is begun. The planned fighter would combine elements from examples of the P-22, as well as the UAM 89, GfR-89, and Lienska Li-3. Creating an aircraft which is both fast and nimble, exceeding in air superiority operations. The new fighter is designated the V&M F-94 (20,000) + (11,000 from Praha) -[Funded] Along with the V&M F-94, both Praharavka and Valdek eagerly begin to work on wing mounted rockets, to improve the effectiveness of their fighters against ground targets. Additionally, the rockets are planned to be able to function with timed fuzes, allowing more effective air-to-air usage. Seeing as they are just down scaled torpedos, it shouldn't be too hard, right? … (5,000) -[Passive] Project Eagle
  12. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1893 _________________________________________________ Not vibin wit it _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic development (10,000) -The colonial economy grows, four new trade depots are constructed (40,000) -A new town is settled (5,500) --- -Six new vitramite extraction and refinement centres are created. (60,000) -Six new airship yards are built across the nation (60,000) --- -Three new dreadnoughts are laid down (63,000) -Four new destroyers are laid down (12,000) -Three new freighters are laid down (1,000) --- -400 new UAMs are ordered (21,000) -300 GfR-89 air superiority fighters are ordered (18,000) -40,000 new Colonial soldiers are raised in Koibita (40,000) -30,000 conscripts join the IVA (9,000) -A purchase is made from Erdemir industries (8,000) -Following the murder of the brutal murder of the Perzahan Shah, Valen orders the creation of a 5,000 strong Royal Guard, composed of the finest Stormtroopers (11,000) Mod/RP Actions: -A massive drive is initiated to supply every major population center with a sufficient and quickly accessible supply of gas protection equipment. (15,000) -Finally, Valdenian infrastructure is given much needed attention, two short new rail lines are constructed, finally connecting the eastern and western portions of the Empire. (20,000) Research: -Passive: Much like Venza, work begins on an armored infantryman sized suit, powered by vitramite, capable of a low constant hover and periods of brief flight. Ideally, the suit would be equipped with heavier infantry armament such as AT rifles or LMGs. The possibility of arming such the suit with melee weapons is even discussed. (20,000)
  13. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1892 _________________________________________________ [No RP, encounters yet to be resolved] _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic Investment (10,000) -Two new commercial districts spring up in Tianqin and Heifei (20,000) -Six new vitramite facilities are opened (60,000) -Four new airshipyards are opened (40,000) -A vitramite node is claimed on the Volta-Solvanese border (2,500) --- -Two Eliskan (Randgritz) Class Battlecruisers are ordered (40,000) + (10,000) -A single dreadnought is commissioned (21,000) -Two destroyers, and one cruiser are constructed (18,000) --- -300 of the latest medium tank models are ordered from Vuot Armaments. (24,000) -A division of Mountaineers are raised, along with all the accompanying support equipment. (32,000) -Eight brigades of native infantry are raised throughout the colonies. (40,000) --- 1k into the treasury Mod Actions: -A vast portion of the White Fleet continues its anti-piracy operations against the Karakhwa raiders, additional material is also brought forth to aid in these efforts. Additionally, due to the vast surplus of material, efforts are made to defend the channel as well, attacking Karakhwa ships on sight, no matter their destination, before they arrive, or after they leave laden with loot. [175 Howitzers, 795 UAM 89s, 3 Fast Dreadnoughts, 2 Dreadnoughts, 3 cruisers, 16 destroyers] -The Valdenian West Koibita Company passes a number of reforms, officially creating a Colonial Army. Included in this is legislation regarding ‘Sepoys.’ Native soldiers are treated significantly better than their counterparts. Given standard shelter, amenities, food, leisure, pay, as well as many rights not afforded to other colonial subjects in a bid to decrease the chance of future revolts. - Research: -Project Holster begins (27,000)
  14. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1891 _________________________________________________ The Gunship’s vitarium core hummed as the light vessel tore through the weathered mountains west of Pracht. A thick fog, penetrated only by the intense beam of a single light, originating just below the cockpit of the vessel. Within, silence. The crew, woefully understaffed by normal standards, performed their various duties. A green light accompanied by a short transmission from the site signaled they were cleared for landing. The Kell slowed, descending, before coming to a complete halt. The sound of hydraulic landing struts being deployed, followed by an abrupt landing. Yovek flipped an array of switches, levers, and dials, before finally the hum of the Vitarium Core subsided and eventually stopped. He rose, walking through the bridge. “Torek, come.” the Ship-Master called to one of his crew members as he retrieved a large pistol and a stout ‘Kevik’ rifle. As he stepped onto the landing platform, the thick smell of smoke hung in the cool, misty evening. Scattered throughout the platform, members of Yovek’s crew had begun to unload cargo, perform much needed maintenance, purchase supplies. The complex surrounding the ship was built mostly of white and grayish stone, in a traditional Valdenian style, the roofs were mostly flat, and the buildings much wider than tall. Slim and narrow windows jutted out seemingly at random, adding to the run-down appearance of the complex. Above the roofs, faint pillars of smoke rose from the east end of the complex. While the crew slowly filtered out, three Yetsin officials approached the platform, the lead figure flanked by two others bearing a pistol and crude sub-machine gun respectively. The official approached Yovek, his hands stuffed into a thick jacket, bearing the easily recognizable insignia of the Yetsin. “I was told, that you had a variety of deliveries for Perak?” Yovek nodded, “I will have them unloaded shortly. These individuals are rather nasty. The ordeal caused my ship extensive damages…” He turned to one of the crew members with a nod, before pressing onward with Torek, leaving the officials to return to their posts, and his crew to finish their jobs. ---- The ceiling lights hummed obnoxiously as the two men sat. The room itself of oval in shape, worn stone walls marked with bullet holes and gashes surrounded them. A large, oval desk sat square in the middle, with a large tower of safes and other assorted lock boxes rising behind it. The man sitting at the desk was clad in common attire, aside for the large Yetsin insignia often seems throughout the complex. “They’ve all been gathered?” He asked, in a hoarse voice. “Indeed, troublesome, but complete… I have heard rumors that the Yetsin have been lacking in revenue?” Yovek replied, as he sat in the squat chair, cradling his longrifle on his lap. “This is true.. Business has been, slow, since the Restoration. Smugglers disappear, strange men with even stranger rumors accompanying them..” “The Ketch-Master, is not pleased with these state of affairs. He has ordered me to collect overdue payments…” “I.. You will not find any here, but assure Kovik he will be paid! A contact has obtained the location of an Old War storehouse, untouched.. You know as well as I d-“ “where is it?” _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard economic Investment (5,000) -Three new steel mills are opened for business! (7,500) -Two new Depots are constructed in Tianqin and Heifei (20,000) -Six new vitramite facilities are opened (60,000) --- -Two new dreadnoughts are laid down (42,000) -Four new destroyers are laid down (12,000) -A new cruiser is laid down (11,000) -Two new Corvettes (2,000) --- -Three new wings of UAMs are ordered (21,000) -Two Infantry divisions are raised (70,000) --(30,000 Regular Infantry, 200 Field Guns, 50 Howitzers) -Colonial Forces are raised (23,000) --(20,000 Conscripts, 5,000 Light inf (mech), 25 Howitzers) --- Mod Actions: -The Kelsar squadron continues to relentless campaign against the Karakhwa raiders. Using their speedy planes, and fast ships, they hope to destroy and dissuade as many as possible, constantly adapting and learning from their mistakes. Many excess howitzers are towed into likely target areas to deter or destroy the raiders. Additionally, Karakhwan ships are forbidden to land in Valdenian ports, all known Karakhwan are arrested immediately, local authorities are on high alert for any spies which may seek to undermine the Squadron’s defense of the country. (1 Fast Dreadnought, 6 Destroyers, 200 UAM 89s, 100 Howitzers total) -The VOK relentlessly pursues greater profits, greadily expanding into the newly obtained cities of Tianqin and Hefei. Additionally, they begin prospecting for Vitramite, and other rare and possibly unknown minerals throughout Koibita. -The Emperor calls an international conference at Ceylon, inviting all nations (even communists) to discuss humane warfare, and the standards of armed conflict. [Everyone] Research: -Project Monitor begins
  15. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Year 1890 _________________________________________________ Savik pushed through the crowded and winding streets of Ceylon. An ancient city built long before the arrival of cars or trucks, it’s roads and streets were narrow, cramped and disorganized. Few knew how to get around, and even fewer knew the city well, mostly natives. Savik simply strode through the crowd, with the flow of traffic as a slight drizzle accumulated onto his cloak. Finally, he reached his destination. A small, run down looking building on the western section of the city. He slipped through the mass of bodies, finding himself on one of the few open ways, he knocked. Seconds past, tens of seconds, then a minute. He did not have time for this, Kovik’s words were precise, and clear. Just as he considered letting himself in, the door opened inward. A thin, starved looking man stood where the door once was, a pistol raised to Savik’s chest. Savik simply stepped through, ignoring the man. “He is here, I presume?” Savik inquired as he looked down at the man, his eyes peering through the slits of his helmet. “Upstairs” the man responded quickly, he lowered the shoddy pistol and closed the door, peering through a small hole, no doubt making sure the unexpected guest wasn’t followed. He ascended the stairs slowly, each step creaking and bending the boards as if they were about to snap. As he reached the top, he entered into a small hallway, pushing the only door not boarded up wide open. Inside, a small room. Directly in the middle, a large desk was placed, with many bookshelves and filing boxes obscuring the wall behind them. A middle aged man sat behind it, buried deep in a book, he spun in the chair, observing him. A scraggly gray beard consumed the entirety of his face below his nose, creeping around even the sides of his head. “I don’t believe I arranged to meet anyone” he snapped at Savik, closing his tome with a light boom. “The Ketch-Master doesn’t have time for arrangements” Savik replied calmly as he withdrew a charred and burned book of his own from his satchel, dropping it onto the desk, “He’s quite spontaneous.” The man’s eyes widened at the book, he looked up to Savik then down once more, before cracking it open. “It is known that spiders like you hear whispers better than most.” Savik gestured toward the book, “Tell me what you know....” ----------- The Western Bloc Before a large crowd in Cesan, the Emperor Valen III announced a major diplomatic achievement. For too long the threat of communism and the red tide had threatened to consume the whole continent, even Valdek had seen civil war and strife involving the communists. Her eastern neighbor had only just fallen to communism, and the threat is presented was far too great to ignore. Such a mutual threat could not be allowed to fester un-opposed any longer. In coordination with the Grand Duchy of Prahavaka, a major conference held in Cesan invited Western Leaders to discuss and consolidate a uniform, organized, and coordinated defense against the Reds. To even the Emperor's surprise, it had resulted in a tremendous success, with every invitee agreeing to the creation of the Bloc. In this regard the Emperor offers his thanks to Major General Sergov Bendarik, and the Grand Duke Anatoly Ehrenkov for their backing in such negotiations. No longer would the Empire of Valdek face the tide alone. If the Red Menace would continue its aggressive expansion, it would be met with the unanimous and total effort of the following nations: -The Empire is Valdek -The Grand Duchy of Prahavaka -Greater Modevia -The Republic of Volta-Solvan -The Republic of Tormina -The Republic of Sorent -The Tsardom of Pozharin -The Vost Confederacy _________________________________________________ Actions Financial Actions: -Standard investments into the civilian sector (10,000) -2 New Steel Mill (5,000) -4 new refineries and mines are constructed (40,000) -4 Airshipyards (40,000) -8 Heavy industrial plants (60,000) -Two more infantry divisions are raised (60,000) --Mechanizing 3 brigades (9k) -Two orders of Mk1 Spider tanks are ordered from the Vaut Armaments (16,000) -Two hundred UAM fighters are built (14,000) -10,000 Landwehr are organized abroad (3,000) -A single Battlecruiser, and an accompanying ‘freighter’ is commissioned.. by a private individual? How curious, but the Valdenians are never one to turn down some coin! (19,000) -6 New destroyers are laid down (18,000) -5 New destroyers are laid down in Cumberlandic shipyards (15,000) -The Emperor begrudgingly lessens the burden upon his Cumberlandic peer’s shoulders (5,000) -1000 Gold is Saved Mod Actions: -Operation Phage (5,000) -Following close behind Volta-Solvan, the Valdenian West Koibita Company (VOK) is established. They are given exclusive trading rights in Koibita and aggressively begin to expand into these foreign markets! In this regard, they are not beyond cruelty. Vast fields and deep mines are erected, employing native labour to extract resources in vast quantities and export them to the Old World for huge profits! (5,000) -The Emperor orders a diplomatic outreach towards Volta-Solvan. A request to establish proper relations, and establish and embassy in their capital is sent Research: -All projects continue as projected
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