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  1. T H E O A S I S “Little time Hannibal, war-leaders seek blood. We must act” “Perhaps we can find reason?” “They do not reason. Cannot deny tribes any longer, or they will not follow Hannibal. Must act” “Truly?” “Yes.” “Summon spirit-speaker. We move.” The fire crackled, collapsing in on itself and sending a great plume of embers and sparks into the air. A black banner twisted and snapped in the frigid winter air. Mortar grunted, beating his hands together and signing. A nearby soldier nodded, and swung off through the trees. “How did we come to this point, Mo
  2. T H E O A S I S Statpost cause im rushed sorry losers :^) -------- Actions -------- - 1 Scrapyard [7,500 C + 1B] - 5 levels of fortification [2500 C + 5B] - 88 sets of T2 armor is fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [4 M] - 165 melee weapons (T2) are fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [1 M] - 55 Longbows (T3) are hewn for Hannibal’s war party [1 M] - t3 Armor :wagie: [2/25] -One Dev point is invested into “Strength in numbers” [3 total]
  3. T H E O A S I S The dust settles on Chicago's thick blanket of snow. The ground is littered with corpses and abandoned weaponry; much of it is stained red. Apart from the crows, picking on the flesh of the dead and dying, there is quiet. Hannibal’s Warparty has won a great battle at the cost of many lives.. but it would not be the last. One fact had become clear: In order to secure their survival blood must be spilled... -------- Actions -------- -Three new banana plantations are opened by the growing banana tycoon, Lord Horatio Cavendish [15000 + 6B] - 2 levels of
  4. T H E O A S I S -------- Actions -------- -A new banana plantation is opened by the growing banana tycoon, sir chimp [5000 + 2B] -Construction yard [7500 C] -T2 Armor [6/10] -300 Weapons (T2) and 100 bows (T3) hewn for Hannibal’s war parties [4 M] -One Dev point is invested into “Simple Minded” [2 total] -3,250 C and 1 B is saved
  5. T H E O A S I S Crow fluttered down and landed on the branch of the tall, mutated, and snow covered tree. The landscape was gray and white, far in the distance, great plumes of smoke billowed out of one of Chicago’s long dormant skyscrapers. Perhaps Crow wondered where Eagle was, maybe not. Regardless, it missed having readily available food, especially during the winter. Without a second thought, Crow dropped the small shiny object he had found, letting it fall to the forest floor before flapping away.. -------- Actions -------- -One additional plot of banana trees is t
  6. T H E O A S I S A pillar of smoke rose high above the Oasis’ canopy, trailing off and sputtering out some distance away above what was once known as Lake Michigan. On the edge of the Oasis, at the source of the smoke, a small collection of huts and other buildings lay devastated, ruined, and smoking. The corpses of their previous inhabitants littering the area around them. It had been several days since the last raid, and the chimps had renewed their security on the border, a number of watchmen now scanning for attackers from high in the trees. On the densely planted jungle fl
  7. The Oasis It was dusk, the sun had half dipped below Chicago’s ruined and crumbling skyline, falling further out of sight with every second. For the most part, it was quiet, the small patch of nature within the barren landscape began to slow down, the animals returning to their nests, burrows, and hideouts. This tranquility however, was suddenly interrupted by the creaking and groaning of branches, created by a single figure swinging from limb to limb before finally stopping to examine its surroundings. Eagle came to this tree every night. He enjoyed the view of the fi
  8. M O N K E Y Faction Type: TRIBAL :CHAD: Faction Starting Bonus: +750 t2 Melee weapons, mostly spears, clubs, or crude swords. Starting Points: - 5B [1 point] - 13 Tier 2 Fire arms [1 point] - T3 bows researched [3 points] - 1 Extra Pop stack [5 points] Backstory: When the bombs fell, civilization ended. Great states across the world, which had existed for millennia were suddenly and violently destroyed. Millions were killed with a snap of a finger, and millions of more would perish in the days, weeks, and months following, when the world was thrust into
  9. سيوف إلهية Year 2090 The colony ship, Frontier V, was violently yanked out of warp speed. In the command center, a group of Mujahideen and their subordinates were thrown forward, tumbling over railings, across the floor, or into monitors. “Wa- 93=2-581203498fml;aksmv…. Prep- Fpoaopawk35980vvms…. In-foinfoaiwm...” one of the shoddily modified onboard computers announced, alerting the crew of their arrival at their destination. Throughout the ship’s interior, sparks flew and cables groaned as the power was gradually rerouted through the various systems. “Aladeen, bring us
  10. Name: UNKNOWN Archetype: Religious Community Mother Nation: Syria Sponsoring Space Agency: MESA Colonial Leadership: Autocratic Mission Classification: Military Starting Points: 8,000 Colonists, 10 Materials Background: >Automated Report 8017c1acgb790ab861n3998078vs has been received from site record: Frontier V >Please refer to record log DAMCUS for additional details. >Report Type: Automated Update & Diagnostics >Source: 180845hj709asg79as61n [Automated Transmitter] >Report Content: -- Beginning of Flagged Excerpt -- COMMUNICATIONS >
  11. Name: Afdal ash-Shuhada Age 51 Gender Male Description Afdal is a squat, rotund man, who stands no taller than 5’5”. He has deep brown eyes, jet black hair, and rich brown skin. His face, however, is rather ugly (3) it's smooshed and weathered, making him appear older than he is, and his nose and ears are grossly out of proportion. An impressive pube-beard sprouts from his jawline, but any mustache to speak of is diligently removed by the Imam. His eyesight being less than perfect, a pair of wiry spectacles are found on his large nose. While he is often seen in his flo
  12. Third Empire - The Decline 10,369 AE "Submit now- and I shall only take your ships, dreg." -Erasmis, The Mind Bender --- Events While the Irik, led by Erasmis, have mostly ground to a halt, reports filter in of a portion of the invasion fleet moving to besiege the now fortress world of Vaka. Aokigahara’s period of silence is suddenly broken. Via psykic communication, he announces to the galaxy that he will be aiding the Loyalist cause- and one of his fleets will be joining with Admiral Rakena. The Grand Admiral detects a sudden hyperspace jump, and before he c
  13. Third Empire - The Decline 10,368 AE "Empty things with dead souls-- watch them tremble, watch them writhe! Their ships will shatter, as will their spirits!" -Erasmis, The Mind Bender --- Events Political tensions finally boil over into open civil war, as Emperor Rän-ji dissolves the Senate after a coup. Arakatera and Panayiotou lead the Senate east, to exile, where they begin to muster arms, to set about restoring the Senate to full authority over the Third Empire. The first shots are fired by the Loyalists, when the Emperor sends Kawhena a direct order to atta
  14. Third Empire - The Decline 10,367 AE "A hundred years from now they will say, here began the fall! For I have seen the End of Days!" -Aokigahara --- Events In the quieter, lesser frequented corners of the Senate, rumours abound of major capital ship construction, illegal of course, done in absolute secret around the Imperial base in system in 16B. --- Nalani is raised to Archon by order of the Emperor. Rän-ji's oldest and most loyal supporter is rewarded for his faith by his elevation to the great ranks of the Peerage. The second Archon to be made, Na
  15. Third Empire - The Decline 10,366 AE "I serve no Emperor, there is no God but Allah!" -General Mujari ibn Joas --- Events At last, There is progress on Buath! Not gained through Imperial blood, however. General Matareka receives word during the start of summer that several sections of Buath, as well as even entire districts of Buathi cities, previously under brutal Irik occupation have risen in revolt! Using vast quantities of unregistered firearms, including heavy military equipment covertly smuggled in or captured! The leader of this widespread rebel movement
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