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  1. The Remnant Cycle 30.411 ——-——-————-——-——=0=——-——-————-——-—— Still, more defenses are required. The servitors never rest, their inexhaustible figures continue to toil for yet another year. Prime directive must be maintained.. ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Government Production: +2L per Billion Balanced: +1k C per Billion Network: +1R per Billion Efficiency: +1 M/S/A per Industry ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Actions Available Funds: 66,000 Population: 11,160,000,000 units Production: 2S / 10M / 30A / 13R Financial Actions -Further fortification efforts: AUTHORIZED Chance of further hostile Incursion.. 75% (x6 SF) (60.000) -6.000 Energy units saved. (6.000 Total) Mod Actions: -Chance of further hostile incursion.. 75%. Further defensive measures: AUTHORIZED. Development oriented to ship based ‘deflectors’ (13 R) -Seeker#001 continues evaluation of unknown space. Region with previously encountered hostile organic to be avoided. FTL & Quantum Comms Seeker#001 is expected to cover far more ground.
  2. Holy Kingdom of Elea 1526 ----------------------------------=0=---------------------------------- Koros missed the grounds of his family’s estate. The rough stone walls that had just begun to show signs of wear, the simple furniture, the rolling hills of Averos, the view out into The Expanse where the stars shone differently, where great whales occasionally burst from the sea, showering nearby fishermen or merchants in a cloud of water. Surprisingly, he missed the portraits of his lineage that hung on the walls. They were all the same, some depiction of a lord from millennia ago constantly bearing down on him with stony, disapproving faces. Koros had always hated those paintings, and had implored his father, the ever rigid Lord of Delos, to remove them several times, always to be met with the same stalwart response as he performed one task or another, “You will not hide nor forget our past, for It decides where you are going.Your duty, Koros, do not forget” But still, now that he was so far from home, he missed them. More than the estate, he missed his mother and his brother. Without them, the days seemed so long, and so much more uneventful. However, this was not to say he did not enjoy every aspect of the Royal Capital. As much as Koros missed his home, he enjoyed the sights and the experiences of Pelos. The capital was truly a sight to behold. Huge temples, villas, and buildings sprung from the smooth, perfectly cut and polished roads hewn from white stone. Massive arches and domes inlaid with gold and silver, marvelous feats of construction adorned the cityscape. The markets were full of exotic beasts and goods that he had never even dreamed of. Dyes of every color and hue, huge felines with stripes as black as night, and even large gray behemoths with long trunks and tusks as long as his arm. But most of all, Koros the awed the great fortress temple that had began to take shape atop a large hill overlooking the city. Its great white body dominated the city, the reflections from the silver or gold that covered the pillars, statues, or other sections of the buildings flashed in the Elean sun, temporarily blinding anyone who was transfixed by its majesty for too long. The High Archon had told him numerous times that the initial section would soon be complete, and that they could be relocated. He longed for the day. Many times, Koros would simply find himself imagining the view from such a commanding location. It must be breathtaking. While Koros waited for the High Archon to finish whatever business he was doing, his mind once more drifted back to his family. A part of him wished he was still in Delos with them. He wished that his father never pressed him into this boring apprenticeship, no matter how prestigious it was. He wondered if they were safe, surely if something had happened, news would’ve reached him, Right? The war had been raging for almost two years, and though his father told him little of the front, he had heard while in the Capital that the Eadni had raided the Elean coastlines several times now. Despite his worries, he was also very, very excited. His family in general did not care much for the worship of the Ancient One, apart from him of course. Studying under a mind like Aleuas was all that he could ask for and more. But, it hadn’t been as interesting as he thought it would be. For most of the few days in the capital, he had simply been running errands with the High Archon, when he asked about them the man, as kind as he was would simply tell him to have patience. What could the High Archon possibly be doing that his apprentice couldn't know about? Koros simply wondered as he turned a small, smooth stone over and over again in his hand. However, his thoughts were cut short. The door across the courtyard opened and the murmur of conversation could be heard. No doubt Aleuas had finally emerged from whatever he needed to attend to this time. Koros tucked the stone he had been turning over in his hand for the last hour into his pocket. He looked over his shoulder to see the High Archon Aleaus just now passing the courtyard fountain, next to him was a gruff, but younger looking man; he wore the standard Purple-Blue-White attire of the Royal Army, and a stout breastplate was strapped across his chest. An elaborate sword hung from the man's waist. As the two men grew closer he could overhear bits and pieces of the conversation. “Yes of course..” “And the supplies?” “I’ve already had funds allocated for next year. Everything has been arranged.” By the time the pair had come any closer, and Koros has risen from his spot on the ledge, there was nothing more to be heard. The strange man gave a quick bow to the High Archon before adjusting the deep purple sash around his waist, and setting off to some other part of the grounds. “Thank you for waiting, Koros. I know your stay hasn’t been particularly eventful. But the last of the preparations are finished. Tomorrow, your apprenticeship will begin in full.” Aleuas spoke in his same, calm and friendly voice as he approached Koros. As the two walked, Koros, filled with excitement at the news he had just heard asks the same question he asked the Archon after every meeting. “Preparations for what, Archon?” To his surprise, the man clears his throat and begins to answer. “A ship is being constructed. A ship that will take us north, to the Fortress Libraries, to Hardshore specifically. From there, a long journey across Naros to the Chapel of Knauledge.” the Archon folded his hands as he walked through the Pelosi streets “And why are we going all the way there?” The ever curious Koros probed, hoping the Archon would spill more information. “Because, Koros. The Kingdom of Elea, as beautiful as it is, holds no relics of the past, no records that might indicate to the path we must take to stir the Sleeping God. As far as I know, the Chapel, a derelict order of Ancient One worshippers does. I have also heard rumors, rumors of a sky hazed in purple. Such things require investigation, for all we know, they may be signs. As my faithful apprentice, I assumed you would be joining me?” Without a second thought, the boy answered “Of course, Archon, why would I not?” With that, silence fell over Koros as he listened to the Archon. Aleuas went on and on about the various reasons for the journey, and Koros listened, every word committed to memory. In the days following, his tutoring would begin in full. All in preparation for the journey west. ----------------------=0=---------------------- Actions & Spending Available Funds: 150,500 Royal Denarii Financial Actions: -Elean Smiths and Craftsmen continue to toil in their shops, They are given more space. (15,000) -More tracts of farmland are worked (5,000) -Construction of yet another great site within the Royal Capital of Pelos begins (⅓). A vast temple complex, that could also double as a fortress in times of war. Made from the finest stone in the land and decorated in silver and gold, it will overlook the whole city from a large hill. It would be the largest project in Elean history, with the planned bill racking up to an astounding 300,000 Royal Denarii. The scent of holy incense already lingered on the site, cleansing the ground before the temple had even been finished! Construction would be divided into three phases. (50,000) (Hermitage) -Another year of war, another massive increase in the size of the Royal Army! 2000 Silver Legionnaires, 3000 Arcane Knights, and 100 Leytouched drill. (64,000) -Using funds that had somehow appeared from the heavens, Asterion receives low stone walls (T2) and Dytikos receives tall stone walls (T3) (22,500) -Due to the loss of trade, only a small portion of the budget may be allocated to the Scholar’s league and their current projects. They are sent the Lord-Governor’s best wishes though! (12,500) -A caravel, The Exerevnitis, enters construction at the port of Asterion, far away from the war. It is prepared for Ser Edrich Palgos and the High Archon, and a special mission to the west. (4,000) Mod Actions: -The Shrapnel bolts & the reinforced ballista to accompany them continue development. Though the Lord-Governor knows little on these matters, it is suggested that the bolts undergo several more heat treatment processes in order to increase their strength. Additionally, ballista strings using higher quality material from the Morning Kingdom & the Fortress Libraries are tests. (Education: 7 | 2,500 Invested) (12,250 Total) -The telescope project picks up again. In cooperation with the Ulyadi, Elean Scientists are sent north to assist in their research. At home, the work continues with the equipment that cannot so easily be transported. (Education: 7 | 10,000 Invested) (10,000 Total + Whatever Ulyadar invests)
  3. World Events With a newly reinforced army, Duke Sigismund Arduin once more embarks on another campaign against the Leonese. His army departs from Leon early in the year, at least 7,000 strong. The King of Persia finds great success in the subjugation of the Anatolian tribes, though his conquest of the region are far from over... Kingdom of Epirus The Kingdom continues along her muddy, confusing, and difficult trail out of Macedonian hegemony. Who knows when their once overlords would turn west? The Kingdom must be prepared Kingdom of Byzantium An envoy from Ionia arrives in the capital, he seems to be quite impatient for the money the Byzantines promised. He states that if they are not paid, King Orodes might hear of this treachery.. Despotate of Tarentum Troubling times for the Despotate, a war for their very survival with the Romans. Certainly Alexandros’ wise council and rule would lead them through the storm. THE SCOURGE OF GOD Praise the great big blue sky! Once more the Khaganate rides, this time to the south. Their journey is slightly more troublesome than the previous one, but they manage to penetrate the lands of the Macedonians. The foreigners, embroiled in their own wars can do little to stop the Avar raiders. However, rumors of a possible Macedonian march north causes the horde to ride north preemptively. (+5000 gold) His Holiness The training of missionaries in Britain does indeed go well. Familiar with the administration Urban II helps push the process along. The first of these Missionaries will be able to depart for Scandinavia and Germania by 703 SPQR Tarentum Delenda Est Kingdom of Mercia The army continues to grow, more peasants grumble as they are pressed into service. But, what can they do? A letter is received from the Imperial Governor of London. He seems most concerned about this rapid, unprecedented buildup. Kingdom of Denmark And so war would soon be upon the Kingdom of the Danes. Late in the year, the Swedish fleet sails to meet them in Aross as promised. They can only wonder what awaits them on Norwegian shores. Imperial Province of Egypt Libya accepts The Greeks deny this full military alliance The Legions sailed north instead of west. What an unfortunate and unforeseeable mistake! At Least they’ll make themselves useful in Greece while they’re there. Late in the year light Arab raids eat away at the Imperial frontier. Probably just another overzealous tribe, the Sultan will surely reign in his dogs (-1500 Gold) Highland Confederacy The King’s army easily subdues the smaller, far more unorganized Dalriadans. Most of the major population centers have quieted, but scattered resistance remains in the highlands and more rural areas. (Map Update to be done) The army appreciates the expansion, but they would like the new recruits, and themselves to at least be armed properly first. Clan O'Neill Once again, the army demands some actual equipment, and proper training! The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Leon The Crown Prince Juan and his friend Pollos’ interactions have been deemed a wholesome and good story by God. A single, extra, gold coin is found on the floor of the palace, it’s not accounted for in the budget. What a lucky find (+1 Gold) Construction on the Monastary is slow and tedious. But, as the first year of its construction is finished, the initial expenses are paid, a design is chosen, and the beginnings of foundations are laid. Progress. A barrel floats downstream (Discord) Kingdom of Macedon Reports of barbarian horsemen from the steppe, their ferocity unmatched, trickle to the King’s person. Sadly, his army is in no position to stop them at present, however it seems they have run off for now. (-3000 Gold) The troops are trained, though not on the march. They meet up with the Kings host early in the year. Kingdom of Judea All is well in the Kingdom of the Jews, the Persians occupied elsewhere, the Egyptians embroiled in Greece... Kingdom of Wales The King is praised across the Kingdom for his wise judgement. Finally! A Celtic ruler who outfits his troops properly… Besides that, another uneventful year passes in the Kingdom of the Welshmen
  4. The Remnant Cycle 30.410 ——-——-————-——-——=0=——-——-————-——-—— Only the muted sounds of the birds chirping, a small stream running, the occasional servitor gathering ecological data or performing some sort of maintenance can be heard. Though none of it matters, they all fall upon deaf, soulless ears. All is Quiet... Encounter Evaluation#002 Status: Initiated Status: Complete Results: Hostile Vessel detected. Make Unknown. Presumably Organic.. Defense Evaluation#458 Status: Initiated Status: Complete Results: Further organic intrusion… 75% probable. Further Expansion: AUTHORIZED Ecological Evaluation#60.820 Subject: Homeworld Status: Initiated Status: Completed Results: Ecological Imbalance.. detected. Organism#1140261 in abundance Stimulated Organism#156312 Growth: AUTHORIZED Maintenance Evaluation#60.821 Subject: Facility#003-A Status: Initied Status: Completed Results: Further Maintenance.. Required Allocation of further processing power: AUTHORIZED Across the lush surface of Homeworld, activity buzzed at a level not seen for over 20,000 Cycles. Worker units and large construction machinery worked in perfect tandem, their minds one. Great weapons of war that had laid dormant, or had been removed millennia ago were refurbished. Huge construction sites dotted the landscape as ancient and newly produced defensive armaments were installed, all the same. Though such measures were expensive, and inefficient, they were necessary. Census had calculated that the probability of further organic intrusion into the exclusion zone at least a 75% chance. Further fortification was necessary If Prime Directive was to be carried out. ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Government Production: +2L per Billion Balanced: +1k C per Billion Network: +1R per Billion Efficiency: +1 M/S/A per Industry ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Actions Available Funds: 63,000 Population: 10,110,000,000 units Production: 2S / 10M / 30A / 12R Stockpiles: 18S / 22M / 0A / 0R Financial Actions: -Protocol demands more fortification.. Probability of further incursion 75%.. (3 SF, 30k) -More Generators are constructed across Facility#003-A (3 CL, 30k) -4 Destroyers are constructed (24M) -More Robotniks.. (30 A) -3,000 Energy Credits saved (8,000 total) Mod Actions: -Development of FTL communication continued (12 RP) (18 RP Invested Total)
  5. Antigonid Dynasty 1525 ----------------------------------=0=---------------------------------- “Indeed, The Ancient One is truly a cryptic being, Your Grace..” “What else could the surge of power I, We all experienced on that night last year have meant? If not sail north, to seek the source of this light?” “Your guess is as good as mine, your Grace. All that matters to me is that we will not have to bury ourselves in furs much longer. As much as I hate the tropical heat, it would be welcomed with open arms at present.” “Still, I question the nature of the Ancient One. Perhaps, he is not as forthcoming as Aleuas believes. Perhaps, the texts which detail his sentience is a mere explanation for the inexplicable. Yes, I believe I have uncovered the purpose of our Voyage, the revelation we were destined to make, Alcides. The eye of the Great Titan is not as vigilant as those of his creations. His is far more… ancient, more, dormant, unfocused, primordial. The Ancient One is not the Great overseer that Aleuas believes, instead, he is the latent power of the universe, the source of all magic and divinity. But still, a proper answer only raises many more questions. If the Ancient One is purely dormant, essence of our universe, what could we possibly conjure to stir him? What is our purpose if our efforts to stir our god is pointless, Alcides?” “Save it for the High Priest, Your Grace. You are weary from our journey from Ulya. The ship will sail fine without you. Rest, recollect your thoughts, and inform the council upon your arrival. There will be much to be done when we return. No doubt, the drums of war already beat across our homeland as Lord Aristaeus leads the legions west.” “Your council is wise beyond your years” The King remarks with a small laugh as he takes his captain’s advice and steps away from the deck to his own quarters. As he walks across the wooden deck, he looks to the stars, the celestial bodies shone so brightly.. Perhaps, his answers hung above his very head... ------------------------=0=------------------------ Heavy clouds hung in the sky, so large as if they were about to burst. A thick fog blanketed the Mongerellian countryside, and the city of Koribalis, the provincial capital. The distinctive clank of the heavy armor echoed across the abandoned countryside streets as they grew nearer and nearer to their destination. The scene was illuminated by only the strongest of the Moon’s rays and the light of the lantern in Priam’s hand. As he strode down the Mongerellian road, two more men at his side, a few dozen or so more behind him, the thought of what was about to happen clawed at the back of his mind; What if the insurgents were expecting them, what if they were walking into their hand.. He pushed the thoughts away, the terrified Mongerellian peasant had said enough after they started removing fingers. The Mongerellians knew what they were doing when they chose to organize their pathetic resistance.. Now they would be crushed under the Great Titan’s banner. The company of some fifty men now stood only several tens of meters from the estate when Priam raises his hand halting them all. “The Insurgents are to be butchered, no quarter given. Lord Leontius wants the leadership taken alive, so they may be publicly executed. I expect this to be quick, I would very much like to make it to my wife tonight.” With that, subtle nods and murmur escape the Leytouched as they slowly fan out, just another day’s work... The main contingent, ten men including Priam himself approach the gate where several mongerellian soldiers stood watch, talking among themselves. One of them, a short man with an unkempt face steps forward, the moonlight reflecting off his billhook. “What business do Antigonid men have with the Lord Vormak at this hour?” As Priam produces a scroll and begins to unfurl it, his retinue begins to draw their blades. This garners the attention of the rest of the guards who slowly come too. “Lord Vormak has refused the Lord-Governor’s summons to the Royal Capital, and his levies have been found organizing with mongerellian resistance organizations. By order of the King, Lord Vormak is to be brought to the Royal Capital, alive or dead. Step aside and no harm will come to your men, Mongerellian.” A moment of hesitation and alarm washes over the captains face as his eyes widen and he scrambles for the horn strapped around his person. However, he doesn't get far. One of the Leytouched steps forward, expertly cutting the man across the chest and sending him tumbling towards the dirt. All around Priam, half asleep Mongerellian guards are quickly cut to pieces, left dying on the ground... “Sound the horn, get this door open, I want the Lord alive.” Priam commands as he withdraws his own blade and sinks it into the back of the dying captain, who was now struggling in the dirt. The horn blasts from a man to his right, a few seconds pass and several more blare out from the rest of the estate. Then, the stout wooden gates begin to open, heaved aside by Priam’s men. Over the course of the next hours, the Leytouched, supplemented by Latesian Infantrymen stormed the Vormak estate from all sides. Fierce resistance offered by the household guard was quickly brushed aside, and the halls were stained red with blood. The treasonous Lord along with his conspirators were detained, the treachery snuffed out in its cradle as soon as it had begun. ----------------------=0=---------------------- To the Eadni, It saddens me to bring such an event to your attention, however my King and God will it so. Within the nominally peaceful province of Voreia Mongerellia, disturbances and unrest have inexplicably began to pick up once more. Upon further investigation, and the interrogation of Lord Vormak and his conspirators, It has been revealed that such actions have been propped up by funding from what we believe to be your own state. Obviously, a foreign power which actively funds unrest within our own state cannot be tolerated, nor continue to exist. As a reasonable and kind peoples, we present you with the following demands. -The Eadni Nation will fully convert to worship of Voleus, the God of Magic, The Great Titan. -The Eadni Nation will swear absolute fealty to King Aegos VII, The Titan’s Chosen, Redeemer of the East, Hegemon of the Latesian Freehold, Triumpher of Mongerellia, and Upholder of House Antigos. -The Eadni Nation will surrender to the Antigonid Dynasty all of its active warships -The Eadni Nation will surrender command of all of her regular troops to the Antigonid Dynasty in order to combat the growing bloated throat horde. If such demands are not met immediately, then I regret to inform you that our two peoples have entered a state of war. Lord-Governor Leontius Miros ----------------------=0=---------------------- Actions & Spending Gross Income + Treasury: 129,150 Net Income: 120,150 Financial Actions: -Routine Farm expansion (10,000) -Routine Industrial expansion (37,500) -A Great Shrine is built to the Ancient One within the Royal Capital (20,000) -A Merchant Guild & Port are constructed in Dytikos (22,500) -A Great Machine emerges from the foundries of Pelos, capable of spitting great streams of fire (5,000) -2,500 T3 Silver Legionnaires, and 500 T3 Light cavalrymen are raised in Pelos (30,000) -Some Ordermen are hired (2,000) Mod Actions: -The King returns south, landing in Asterion due to the expected circumstances, from a mildly unproductive trip to Ulyadar -The King, without answers, looks to the heavens for perhaps they hold the key he seeks. However, funds are tight. Study of the stars with whatever equipment they have for now will have to do.. (Education 7) -In an act of peace, All formerly Mongerellian citizens are elevated to citizen status on the condition this rebellion ends at once. This is made clear across all of Mongerellia -The King continues his worship, albeit far less frequently than before. Still, offerings of incense are brought to honor and recognize the Ancient One. Aegos continues to look for the latent power of the earth, though only to feel it, to make sure he does not miss anything.. (500)
  6. accepted, you’ve been invited
  7. World Events After a surprising defeat during the approach to Leon, the Duke Sigismund Arudin is surprisingly left with his head, and his command. Rumours have begun to filter that the remains of his forces are being supplemented with a second, full legion. In Andalusia, the Imperials win yet another victory later in the year. After hearing about the Battle outside of Leon, the Governor orders every captured rebel to crucified upside down, and left to rot in the Mediterranean sun on the Leonese border. Across the Adriatic coast, death and dying is plentiful. Word of the ferocity inflicted by Avar horsemen spreads far and fast, many call them the Scourge of God King Orodes III of Persia embarks on a campaign to the north. A host of 15,000 strong at his back, he plans to subjugate the tribes and peoples of Anatolia. The Kingdom of Mercia Villages begin to pop up across Merica, opening hundreds of tracts of potential farmland, and thousands of more people to tax! The construction of the new fort goes well, and is completed by next year. Truly, it will serve as a bulwark against the all too troublesome hordes of northmen to the east and north. The men rejoice at the newly forged armor, and morale sees a sharp increase. Surely, our king is a glorious one.. The fellow Angloids accept the trade agreements... The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Leon The major victory over Duke Sigismund’s force on the approaches to Leon resonates throughout the Peninsula. Envoys congratulating Lord Teodoro on his clever strategy arrive from both Iberia and Andaluasia. The request to hold a council is denied by the Iberians. Though, it is accepted by the Andaluasians, who suffered a crushing defeat in the south against an Imperial army. The offer to arrange a marriage apparently peaks an interest with the King of Andalusia, who states he is open to discuss it further. After many weeks, a response from Duke Baudry of Aragon arrives. The letter is addressed to King Bartolome himself, and stamped with Baudry’s seal. (discord) Despotate of Tarentum The refurbishment of the nation’s roads is hailed as a masterful decision on Aleksandro’s part. Troops move much faster and tolls can extracted on merchants much more efficiently, bringing more wealth to the people. Truly, a wise decision. Kingdom of Macedon The overhaul of the Macedonian army is well received among the nobility and peasants alike. Macedon has stagnated for too long, and bent to too many foreign kings. Perhaps the time to reclaim her rightful place is soon upon us? SPQR The military expansion is praised by many senators and plebs alike. The Roman legions will drive back the Greeks, Barbarians, and Venetians as they had defeated the Franks decades earlier! Both Venice and Syracuse, always eager to make some extra coin, accept the trade agreement. Epirus Construction across the kingdom goes well, and many are optimistic about the reign of the young King Phyrrus VI. Despite the size of his realm, and the potential enemies which surround him on all sides, Epirotes are a tough people who will not so easily accept foreign reign. Imperial Province of Egypt The Sultanate of Arabia accepts the request to begin trading. Legions gather in the desert and in the Nile. A numerous force, headed by a strong man. Where could they be preparing to march? Clan O’Neill Aodh Mor O'Neill’s claim to High King of Ireland is met with thousands oaths of fealty, and many more praises. Still, he is not yet king of the Whole Island. To the west, the Thomonds muster as they always do, and to the south, the Imperials cling to the city of Cork. The last bastion of Imperial rule remains, untouched. Kingdom of Denmark The offer of trade agreements are accepted across the board. An Envoy returns from Sweden (Discord) The scouting of Norwegian Sjaelland and the Lowcountries can only go so well as scouts are unable to penetrate too deeply into Norwegian territory. However, it seems the Norwegian King is rallying just like the Danish one.A larger part of his forces seemed to have gathered in Sjaelland, and only an auxiliary detachment in the Lowcountries. Scourge of God The Crimeans, Scirii, Saxons, & Vandals all accept the offer of trade. The Khaganate rides once more, in search of loot and plunder, and they find it in abundance. The wealthy, and largely unguarded coastal regions of Venice make for easy pickings for the Khagan’s riders. For several months they rape, pillage, and slave their way across the coast before the Venetians come forward with an offer. Though, the envoy is clearly in visible pain as he discusses giving away money to some animal skin wearing ooga boogas. (+30,000 Gold from raids), (Offer of 5,000 yearly from Venice) Kingdom of Byzantium Construction proceeds without issue. Besides that, nothing much of note transpires within the Kingdom of the Byzantines. The newly recruited men cause some minor unrest within the existing military units. They haven't even been trained properly!
  8. Shadow of the Empire The Year 700 AD Across most of the known world, there is peace. At least officially... -------------------------=0=------------------------- Events In the far east, King Orodes III of Persia hosts grand festivities within the Imperial capital at Ctesiphon. For months, attendees speak of the outrageous grandeur of the event. Allegedly, the now rallying Persian army was paraded through the streets, at least 10,000 strong and accompanied by as many as 40 elephants. The Frankish Empire inches ever closer to further civil war with the ascension of Charles III. In a controversial political move and an effort to raise more funds for the rebellion in Iberia, taxes on Frankish nobility sees a sharp spike. How such a move sits with the nobility has yet to be seen.. Barbarian incursions into the Frankish frontier continue as usual, by land and by sea. Many villages and monasteries in the northeast are razed. On the Emerald Isle, whispers of finally expelling the Franks can be heard. A Minor border fort in Andalusia is seized by Imperial forces isolated in Portugal. The fighting is extremely ferocious. After the fort surrendered, the Imperial Governor had every one of the newly captured prisoners flayed one by one in front of a nearby village populace. Tensions between the Empire and Syracuse reach an all time peak. Apparently the Imperial Governor felt that barring Syracusan merchants from the city in Tunisia was just retaliation for some minor offense. It can be said that the Despot of Syracuse, a man many have wisely decided not to cross, doesn't feel the same way.. -------------------------=0=------------------------- You may post your RP and Actions at your leisure, Modposts will be every Sunday/Monday. Make sure your posts have a clearly defined Actions section. Remember that you have an extra 50,000 Gold for your first turn. All of your starting villages (can be found in rules) must be placed turn 1.
  9. Antigonid Dynasty 1524 ----------------------------------=0=---------------------------------- The small vessel rocked gently as the icy waves washed over its hull. Its Bow cut through the arctic water, brushing aside small icebergs, propelled by a chilling wind and the many oars from the lower deck. King Aegos stood up the deck, wrapped in layers of fur, gazing out into the misty waters ahead of him. Beside him, Alcides, the commander of his guard and one of the only men to set food in the land of Ulyadar stood. “The ice is beginning to clear, We’ll be making landfall soon, your grace.” Alcides points out as he readjusts the sword on his hip “Good, get the men ready. Have the boat stop. There must be prayer before we dock. The Great Titan continues to merely acknowledge my presence, I will not risk angering him..” The King says sharply as another sharp gust win tears across the deck. “At once, your Grace..” The man nods, turning to one of the other sailors on the deck, holding up his fist. After a quick nod, from the man, a horn sounds across the ship. The sail begins to close, and the oars fall silent. “I hope Voleus’ summons to this place are exactly that, It would be unfortunate for us to have sailed this far north for nothing. Especially while banners raise to the south. Oh, and have the brazier lit…” “Of course, your grace…” ---------------------=0=--------------------- The sun beat down harder than it had all week. Priam’s sword felt heavier than he could remember. All around him, the yard was filled with the sound of sparing men. From the walls, banners flying the Great Titan’s standard snapped in the wind. White pillars adorned in gold trim and religious symbols surrounded the courtyard on all sides, leading to the barracks, kitchens, as well as other facilities. The humid tropical air stuck to his skin like another layer of skin, and the heavy armor wasn’t helping. All Priam could do was think of how much he hated the local climate, he longed for the temperate plains and forests of elsewhere. He quickly wiped his face of sweat and moisture with his arm before raising his sword again as the man across from him raised his own, preparing to spar once more. “There’s no time to dwell on the heat in the thick of battle, Priam. It is as annoying to you as it is to every other man in this courtyard.. Don’t think about it and it’s almost like you’re in the cooler lands of our ancestors..” The man across from him instructed as he slowly moved towards Priam, his sword readied. “Yes, of course ser” Priam responded to the grizzled veteran as he blinked several times, clearing the sweat from his eyes. He tried to push the heat to the back of his mind and focus on what was about to ensue, but it was just unbearable. However, before he could dwell on it any longer, his instructor was upon him. The two swords clashed in a flurry of motion. Try as he might, he couldn’t break the old commander’s defense. His opponent’s sword seemed to be everywhere at once, to the point where it was almost spectacular that the old teacher could even move that fast. Priam’s awe turned to struggle as he was quickly forced onto the back foot. Within a matter of seconds, it was over… again. Several sharp cracks from the blade dented his training armor more than it already was, and sent him tumbling onto the dirt for the fifth time today. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me as of late, sir” Priam stated as he rose up from the dirt, propping himself up with his blade. Once on his feet, he let out several hearty coughs, removing the unintentionally inhaled dust from his tired lungs. “Let’s go again” he states with an exhausted voice, readying his sword. “You’ve had enough for now Priam. You must rest, and I’m tired. You think too much of the Archons’ judgement, and the battles to come.” The instructor stated calmly as he stuck his own training sword into the dirt and turned to the sheltered section of the yard. He climbed several steps and began to pour himself a large glass of water. He took a large drink before pouring a second glass and it extending to Priam as he followed the man. “And the heat, sir” Priam replied with a small laugh that the old man returned. “Yes, the heat too” the old man laughed as he took another sip. He looked around the yard, examining the other soldiers, before starting yet another lecture “It is a great honor to serve as part of the Ley Touched, Priam. You should take more pride in your position. Your deeds bring great honor to both yourself, and your family. You will carry the Great Titan’s banners into the thick of battle. You know, your training will soon be complete. Your unit has shaped up to be one of my finests..” “I have not forgotten that ser! The King honors me more than I deserve with this position. I intend to serve both his Grace and the Great Titan to the best of my abilities. Now, let’s go again!” Priam says eagerly as he drains the glass of water and returns to the ring, readying his sword again. The veteran grumbled and set down his beverage as he descended the steps back into the yard. “Are you sure Priam?” The man jokes as he pulls the blade from the dirt. “Of course” The young man smiles back, knowing full well that he was not ready to lose again, as he surely would... ---------------------=0=--------------------- “You’re sure this is even possible?” “Yes, Leontius, I’m fairly certain. The Galaharian made many mentions of the bolts. He commented on their particularly destructive nature many times.. I see no reason to doubt them. Why would he lie about a battle he lost anyways? Even if he did, the concept is promising..” “No doubt about that, I’ll agree there. However, Is it even possible? I wonder if Royal funds could be better spent elsewhere.” “Just launch some exploratory research, It’s not like the dynasty is tight on funds in recent years anyways..” Actions & Spending Gross Income + Treasury: 121,500 Net Income: 114,500 Financial Actions: -Dytikos is given full city status, as well as all the accompanying infrastructure. (15,000) -1 Factory is constructed in Pelos (7,500) -Routine farm expansion (5,000) -Holy Legions finally begin to gather en Masse. 1500 Arcane Knights (Hvy Inf), 2000 Silver Legionnaires, and 1000 Royal Peltasts (Light Inf) flock to Holy banners. (56,000) -12 Ballistae are constructed in various workshops, holds, and factories throughout the Kingdom. (9,000) -100 Ley Touched are raised to act as the Dynasty’s most elite and prestigious fighting force. (8000) -On the King’s orders, offerings are still given while he is north. Additionally, offerings are purchased/made with whatever funds were brought along (7,500) -The Scholar’s league is tasked with another exciting research project! (7,500) -0 Gold remaining Mod Actions: -After the events of the previous year, the King’s worship continues, now emboldened... Aegos attempts to reach out to the Ancient One. He attempts to tap into the power buried deep within the earth, an attempt to communicate, to stir the Sleeping God... (7,500) -After hearing of the great battle at the Field of Tears, The Scholar’s League is tasked with developing a new type of ammunition for the common Ballista. A bolt that could discharge a cloud of metal projectiles upon impact, like the one they heard of.. (7,500) -Scouts under the guise of traders or diplomats are sent into Eadni territory to gather information about the size of the armies, their locations, the locations of forts, etc. Specific attention is paid to the strip of land along the coast suitable for marching discovered in 1514, ie. making sure its still open and not blocked by any fortifications
  10. Shadow of the Empire The Known World, Year 700 (zooming in may be required to view cities) ----------------------------------------------=0=---------------------------------------------- Music Brief Summary The last centuries have not been kind to the Imperial state. A once mighty and indomitable force that stretched from Mesopotamia to the northern shores of the Emerald Isle has been reduced far from its former glory. Decades of stagnation, mismanagement, invasion, corruption, and plague has taken its toll on the state. The first of the dominoes fell in Italy. In 642, an amalgamation of Italian senators, natives, and generals orchestrated one of the first Imperial civil wars. In a matter of years, Imperial armies were dealt crushing defeats, and forced to largely abandon the province. Following the withdrawal, the unified coalition splintered, leaving the peninsula divided. In the British Isles continuous pressure from both Highlanders and Seakings alike has slowly eroded Imperial authority. Weakening garrisons, destroying outposts, Imperial control of the region slowly slipped. By 653, British officials could no longer tolerate the stagnant Imperial rule, and cast off their rule. Egypt, by far the most profitable Imperial province was thrown into a state of confusion by mid 660. A terrible defeat inflicted by invading Persians opened the door into the entirety of Imperial north africa. Persian armies penetrated deep into Egypt, leaving a large trail of death and destruction in their wake. The regional capital at Alexandria was even sacked towards the end of campaign. Following the humiliating defeats in Egypt and Judea, Imperial forces were unable to stop the separation of the provinces of Libya and Judea. The most recent string of shortcomings to strike the Imperial realm have sprouted up in Iberia. Only four years ago, the rebellions in Iberia begun in full swing. Self proclaimed kingdoms and empires alike on the peninsula continue to wage war against Imperial forces, though no decisive confrontation has been made yet. Now, with the assassination of the old Emperor Louis X. His son, the ambitious Charles III ascends to the Imperial throne, vowing to reclaim the lost territories and restore Imperial prestige. The future of the Empire, and the Mediterranean world as a whole hangs in the balance.. ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ OOC The rules/mechanics can be found here [Click Me], Any questions can be brought up with me. There will be a cap of 15 players this time around, more if I feel like it. Due to the limited player cap, it will come down to the quality of the application should the cap be met. So make sure your application is not bad... Playable factions this time around have been somewhat reduced. Persia and the Empire are no longer playable. However, the following are: Celtic States -Highland Confederacy -Clan Thomond -Clan O’Neil British States -Kingdom of Sumerset -Kingdom of Mercia -Kingdom of Wales Sea Kingdoms -Kingdom of Denmark -Kingdom of Norway -Kingdom of Sweden Iberian States -Iberian Empire -Kingdom of Leon -Kingdom of Andalusia Italian States -Republic of Venice -Kingdom of the Lombards -Roman Republic -Despotate of Syracuse -Despotate of Tarentum Greek States -Byzantium -Ionia -Macedon -Athens -Epirus North Africa & The Middle East -Kingdom of Judea -Kingdom of Libya -Sultanate of Arabia -Imperial Province of Egypt Tribes -Khanate of Crimea -Magyars -Saxons -Sicrii -Vandals ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ Application Nation applying for: BREIF History of your Nation: Must confine with stated above, you have some creative freedom Leader(s): Discord:
  11. The Remnant Cycle 30,409 ——-——-————-——-——=0=——-——-————-——-—— Prime Directive: Protect & Maintain Core. Prime Directive Status: Operating at 100% Efficiency. ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Government Production: +2L per Billion Balanced: +1k C per Billion Network: +1R per Billion Efficiency: +1 M/S/A per Industry ——-——-——-=0=——-——-——- Actions Available Funds: 65,375 Population: 9,060,000,000 units Financial Actions: -CCC on homeworld is completed (50,000 C) -5,375 credits are saved.. -A sector fortification is constructed on Homeworld (x1 SF for 10,000) -30 Alloy units are allocated to further unit production (30 x 35mil) -Facility#001-B Is established North West of the Homeworld Mod Actions: -Seeker#001 continues exploration around Remnant Space -A majority of Remnant processing power is devoted to developing FTL communication capabilities (6 R) -Secondary processing drives are devoted to developing better ship based armor systems (5 R)
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