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  1. He wakes, thick beads of sweat forming on his brow. His sleep was troubled and fleeting, as he attempts to drift away once more, the whispers gnaw on the periphery of his hearing. They tempt him, offering great power, vast riches, revenge for his ancestors, he remains undaunted. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. The visions are lies. “And for his betrayal- his acts against his kin, N’kuhana was exiled, buried deep within the mantle. Never was he to observe the light firmament again. Yet still, he stirs, he reaches out. Even I cannot escape his influence...” -Recollections of The Eye, The 14th Age --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 881 Curious news from Antramar. While preparing for a hunt, the esteemed Lord Tarbus falls from his horse, suffering a terrible blow to his head. For many days the man is unconscious, when he does awake, he remembers little that he once did. Many report a clear change in the man’s normally blunt, and cruel behavior. Nevertheless, a notable figure in Antramarian politics, the advisor Runivera has diligently taken to helping the lord recover from his injuries. Awoken and established, the Realm of Ghor lashes out against the central Midlands. Vast and ancient legions take up arms once more, and continue their vicious expansion to the west. This year, their advance overtakes the Kastovian borders. In response, King Sigismund along with his allies in Krolestwo and Rhorric rally against the undead menace. The two proper forces clash just east of the Krolestwoian border, where the allies are totally overran, and driven back into the country. The false idols and prophets of the Holy Nation have long since been sent tumbling to the earth, or smashed to pieces. The entire temple district devoted to the prophet is said to have burnt for months. In its wake, a truly massive statue of the god Soth rises, built on the back of slaves. Despite its cruel construction, one cannot help but marvel at its construction. Towering far above the earth at an imposing 200’, it is a marvel of engineering. Their expansion now unchecked, and their armies swelling in numbers, the Pharaohs of Kemet once more decree that there must be war, as it was commanded by the gods. Kemetese hordes pour from the eastern portions of the country, in a matter of months they swiftly conquer all but the most resilient of the Aldemaric fortresses and cities in the region, all while another force marches on Avon to the south. Defiant and appalled at the attempt on his life, Mol Kjaro’s base within Wyom continues to grow, especially within the heartlands where the success of the Oligarchs on the warfront is less obvious. There are even whispers of the man departing his island stronghold to organize a proper invasion, what with the blockade of his only real territory being lifted. --- Kingdom of Adozar There are more than a handful of powerful noblemen with daughters across the realm, however, none of these will add to the nation’s strength as said noble’s forces already exist within the standing army. Pachaqui Kingdom The spell (t3) will be prepared for 883 The princess’s gifts continue to grow in complexity and power as she ages, the priests and shaman remain ever confused as to the purpose of such a blessing, yet they cannot help but be amazed at its power. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Another year.. Kurausahr Gaumata sees the world more clearly- yet he sleeps less, hours where he onced studied, he is now troubled. His dreams are now perverted, and he can tell they are not his own. Against his will, he grows to crave utter and complete silence, where the faintest of whispers can be heard, occupying and reverberating within his mind, “You.. will see reason…” Clade Rellin naturally accepts such a generous gift. Kassandane’s plan sees mildling success. Her acquiring and flipping of several properties is of little issue, and many Orevian nobles highly value the thought behind such actions. Many of the rebuilt properties are sold within the year, and Kassandane herself begins to worm her way into the Emperor’s court. Perasmani League The goyim has been trying to peddle Ironleaf for several years now, and he finds no new buyers beyond what he already has. Pytheas’ party needs to be more specific in where it is going This new and more powerful ballista will certainly not be sinking ships on its own, but the design is notably stronger than its in-use counterpart. These new heavy duty artillery pieces will totally phase out the old models throughout the navy and army, as well as establish infrastructure for further production by 885, as long as the project receives at least 80k in funding between then and now. Principality of Anaxes Anaxes, what a wholesome land with wholesome people :happy: More investment pours into the city, and it continues to grow as a hub for both culture and trade. Someone better make sure to keep track of how much money they’re dumping into this thing! Teykh Syndicate Just like the Persamani, the attempt to stabilize ship weaponry is unsuccessful, and quickly dropped. While the various scientists do enjoy tinkering with steam and its properties, they find little in the way of real or applicable discoveries. One researcher develops a sort of sphere set on a single axle, which shoots out two jets of steam and spins, how novel! No actual use for the machine is found, however, and its forgotten before the year even ends. Need to be more specific on spell Samalstraza Runivera’s war against the wine moguls continue, after her minor victories last year, there is little in the way of new developments, especially with much of her attention being given to Tarbus. Acid’s little operation begins in the peaceful lands of Khrav, and kickstarts with little issue. By the years end, ‘Turquoise Dream’ is being sent as far as Orev and Kastovia, with her henchmen working diligently to expand such an operation. (+20,000g) Rings of Power will be prepared for 85 Advanced sewer systems will be ready for implementation by 84 The Amarantic Dominion Dark Resurrection (t4), ready for 85 Dark Maw goes nowhere Ishikawan Goyimunate The Hoor’s actions this year do not go unnoticed. The Friend of the People is openly criticized for being anti-republican, or royalist propaganda, slews of senators and military men openly defend conscription, citing it as the sole way for the Republic to deal with the well trained and professional armies of their enemies. Several of the “authors” of these articles are even imprisoned or executed by Republican authorities. Still, Eyowith cannot help but read Aiko’s works, due to the sheer amount of them drowning out the competition. The keep is established [THIS IS FOR SAMO TOO] Throughout the year, the besiegers, more specifically the Choranic mages pummel the island’s castle relentlessly. Though nova bolts are not exactly ideal for cracking such walls, several portions have collapsed partially, leaving imposing mounds of half-rubble, still protected by the terrible cliffs. The alchemists agree that making wood heavily resistant to fire would definitely be possible, totally immune to fire is a different question. They busy bees get right to work, and say that they will have a usable concoction in 3 years time, given they continue to receive the same levels of funding every year.
  2. “Unlike his siblings, Ryhassharauch was born twisted and deformed, with three faces instead of one. He never awoke, instead his contributions are spawned from his terrible nightmares and endless dreams...” -Recollections of The Eye, The 1st Age --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 880 The eastern Midlands roars with a foul presence. long dead, and mysteriously reawoken, legions of undead pour out from the ancient city of Ralok Mus, devouring much of the area around them. Whispers and rumors quickly take root, some speculate such a pestilence had been raised to punish the Midlands for their constant warring, others claim it is but the first step in a battle between the gods. Still, the undead dominion is undisturbed by any powers thus far, their expansion in every direction is quick and unchecked. Once more, a Dol Varuk fleet is sighted, sailing into Fydor from the east. This fleet bears the same Crimson-Gold sails that were experienced earlier. In regards to movement, the formation swiftly moves towards the eastern most Perasmani island. With their first conquest complete, Kemet begins yet another rapid wave of expansion, colonizing vast plains, as well as establishing outposts and settlements along the long and winding rivers of western Chtor. --- Mitrovic Empire The efforts to repulse the raiders from the south end largely in failure. Not only outnumbered, but outclassed by the savage horsemen, many villages are put to the torch, and numerous contingents of riders are decimated (-500 Retainers, 2 Border towns) Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Indeed, the Grandmaster Ser Godfrey had not failed to disappoint the pontiff, his most recent class is among the best in the kingdom, and all of the initiates show great deals of promise. These will be the men who carry GOD’s banner to every corner of the globe! (+2 leadership for Godfrey, +1 vet level for 1 unit of Templars) Principality of Anaxes Crossbows ready for 83 at continued rate of investment Void Blast T3 ready for 84 Luffneveld sees a period of rapid growth, spurred on by funding, and a good year for trading. The Naval Academy also shows a promising future, with many across the nation and Chtor flocking to the Academy in pursuit of a career in the Anaxese fleet. Teykh Syndicate Infrastructure, doctrine, and organization proper for the production of crossbows will be prepared for 83 at current rate of investment (10k yearly) The Printing press proves to be simple enough to replicate, with models having quickly spread across Chtor following the collapse of the Order. Ready for 84 More efficient steel refining processes hit a dead end. Surveyors on the Wyomian borders find a string of forts along with their garrisons, no other force is detected. The Perasmani League Untapped lands, untapped riches (+15,000g) The Wyomian fleet does not sit idly by, and engages their counterparts numerous times with their nimble galleys, no blockade is cemented, and losses are suffered (in channel) The goyim begins to establish a base in Aldemar itself. Crossbows ready for 83 @ 10k per turn The Stabilized Gunning Platforms prove to be an advanced and complex creation, which far exceeds Parasmani capabilities, the research hits a dead end late into the year. T3 - Calming Tides, calms the seas around the caster. 10k per turn, ready for 85 Pachaqui Kingdom Chimiqua, the Princess, still exhibits her strange gifts. Even at only two years old, the child is able to pull chunks of earth and rock from the ground without touching them, one day while playing in one of the palaces many gardens, she pulls a large and deep blue sapphire from the earth. Furthermore, while alone, she has been observed “playing” with the earth, as it bends and flows around her like water, much to her amusement. No word, nor action comes from the Khanate Kingdom of Adozar No responses are received in regards to a potential marriage with King Santiago This year, the coast along with its numerous trade routes are ravaged by unknown pirates! They arrive in unmarked ships, ceaselessly plundering the coastline, and sink every ship they get their hands on, the damages! (-25,000g) Samalstraza The great statue of Ashornazirpal is indeed glorious. Architects, craftsmen, and engineers from all over the Midlands travel to see the work, which is completed near the year’s end. The Kindly Ones grow The planned expedition will take a full year to reach its destination. Runivera hosts her parties, Tarbus attends, many end the same as that one, but her own lady in waiting keeps her in line, and her body healthy. The Wine war now begins to flare up, with Runivera’s own loyal and influential court members taking her up on her offer, the streets of Antramar become a figurative battleground. Some wineries are vandalized, others burnt, there are numerous scuffles in the streets. Towards the end of the year, she succeeds in flipping one of their larger establishments (+1 charisma) Vapor Bomb prepared for 85 Phase 2 ready for 87
  3. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 879 Besieged at Tolz, Clade Rellin and his Choranic allies are determined to defend the newly captured capital against the much larger army of Oros Rellin, which has quickly moved to encircle the city and cut it off from resupply. Further south, the Republic once more moves again. With the support of several Elector States, they capitalize on Oros current state of affairs by campaigning in the western regions of the country. In the night sky, a comet can be observed by all. It at first a glows a sapphire blue, with a white trail. As its journey across the Firmament continues, it becomes red, then yellow, until it disappears into the Sea of Stars. For the first time in many ages, the riders of Tomak Oburakai ride against the mud-people. The Great Khan orders no prisoners to be taken. They have embarked on but the first step of their glorious path to rebuild the Empire of Oburai. A chilling peace falls over the far east of Chtor. After many years of war, Kemet stands victorious against the Holy Nation. The capital, after being totally overrun by a wave of bodies, burned for a week. It is said the Acolytes and Honorguard held against the Kemetese horde within the Fortress Temple for almost a year, resorting to cannibalism and the eating of boiled wallpaper rather than surrendering the holiest of points to the savages beyond their walls. --- Chicahtoc Empire While the Emperor’s journey is completed, his mind is still filled with desires, and he feels its pull towards other corners of the world. The Mitrovic Empire Finally, there is peace. While the Emperor may be impatient or even bored with the new state of existence, the common man breathes a sigh of relief, thankful of the fact he doesn’t have to worry about his home being torched or him being thrusted into service for at least some time. Arcane Destruction will be prepared for the year 886, the mages and those working on such a spell claim that what the Emperor desires is beyond energy intensive, and will no doubt exhaust at least two of even the most seasoned casters with a single go. The Empire’s great deal of expansion is quickly soured. After claiming such a vast territory with few troops or fortifications to properly protect it, it quickly falls victim to raiders, namely those of the Supreme Khan Tomorbataar. Steppe raiders ravage the lands in droves, plundering traders and towns alike in great infernos. (-2 Towns, -10,000g) Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Another year passes within the Kingdom. It is accompanied by the good news, with the envoy in Arkopolis, a trade agreement has been arranged by him with the knights. More wealth flows into the kingdom, much to the joy of the common man. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Paper is already in great enough availability, that many question why they must make it even more available. Heavy infantry will be prepared for 883 The engineers are hard at work designing and building a crossbow capable of firing several bolts in a quick amount of time. They run into trouble mainly with the mechanism and the feeding system, which jams up constantly, or fails to set the next bolt properly. While they haven’t broke through yet, one thing is for certain. In order to achieve the rate of fire, they will have to make considerable trade offs with range and power. Ready for 883 The Amarantic Dominion Ghost binding for 880 The Ishikawan blockade begins to set in, sapping away much of the Dominion’s trade income. While land routes are still available, sea is by far the fastest mode of transportation, and it hits the coffers hard! (-55% Trade income) Ishikawa Shogunate The Ishikawans flee from the mainland, broken and battered, and by walking corpses no less! How humiliating! Katsumi’s fleet quickly sets about strangling the life out of the Amarantic, his ships ruthlessly patrol the waters sinking any vessel destined for the Dominion’s ports! Pachaqui Kingdom The Kingdom is in jubilation at the arrival of the prince and princess, many only wishing to set their eyes upon the blessed children. Gifts from within the kingdom and beyond it flow towards the King and Queen, sent from Nobles, Basin rulers, and even the Grand Empire, who sends a large cart of solid gold bars for the kingdom, a well decorated circlet for the princess, and a sword made of a silvery-gold material etched with many designs for the prince. (+20,000 gold) When the princess is lined with Lapis Lazuli, and handed the sapphire, both begin to faintly glow. When she plays, the very ground beneath her seems to shift, as to not do her harm. Holes she might’ve stepped in fill, and rocks she might’ve tripped on move aside. All are in agreement that these are indeed very strange signs. The Perasmani League The six galleys laid in the capital are beyond useless in most people eyes, and it is abundantly clear that they will be unable to sail anywhere beyond the island’s coastal waters. A prolonged journey to Chtor would no doubt see them destroyed. Roddy trains (+1 martial) Salazar finds himself a number of buyers around the region, and establishes several arrangements for prolonged payments (+5,000g per year, +1 Charisma) Up they go Kingdom of Adozar Training. Samalgoy The wine moguls care little for Runivera’s charm and beauty, and more about business. They take a hard stance against Hatra wines, and many begin to fiercely attempt to drive her from the Antramarian markets. Paid shills can be found in the streets of the capital, spouting on about how Hatra mixes Serpent’s tongue into their foul foreign brews and uses it to pry secrets and favors from the queen and whoever else is unfortunate enough to drink it. While Hatra remains of quality is still prefered by many, the Moguls have their own connections, and Runivera begins to experience a decline in business. Runivera’s parties continue, and Tarbus attends. Later into the year, following one of the many events, she is approached by the man. Chambers are shared, Tabus later leaves, his desires satisfied. Runivera is left slightly broken and with many bruises. The Kindly Ones begin to spread far and wide. While they have trouble taking root in the lands of Antramar and the Atemic, many halls are established across eastern Chtor, and the Pachaqui Kingdom. The Samalstrazans do indeed find a way to preserve the blue liquid for longer periods of time, namly by keeping it extremely cold with large quantities of ice. however, it still gradually degrades over time. The Ishikawans drop off a traveler at the Fortress of Samalstraza. Taruv and his thrice chosen are not heard from for some time, soon enough, the Samalstrazans in the Mitrovic empire are presented with his head, and warned not to insult the Great Khan with their presence again. The mans head is left throughly disfigured, as if he was tortured. Kurausahr The Olk-Wood calls.
  4. Among the blind, the one-eyed man is king --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 878 In Orev, Clade Rellin and his Choranic allies emerge victorious, though at a steep price. Much of the city is destroyed, and the ranks of his seasoned army are beyond ruined. To make matters worse, his brother Oros marches on the capital, intent on reclaiming it from Clade’s swift assault. Further south, the Republic remains unmoving, marshalling its strength as it politiks its way into dominating the smaller elector states in the regions around its borders. 877 proves to be an eventful year for the self-proclaimed Great Thede of Wyom, Mol Kjaro. After hearing of the devastating raids on the western portions of the country, he proclaims to his council that he will reduce the Chicahtoc Empire to a land of ash. Support for the man also seems to grow on the mainland, especially amongst those discontent with the Pact’s inability to defend the borders. --- Chicahtoc Empire This year, the raids are far less successful. The Wyomian armies and patrols, now prepared for possible Chicahtoc incursions, always meet the invaders quickly and send them back across the border often. Still, some groups manage to penetrate the Wyomian network of small border forts. (+10,000g) Amarantic Dominion Heavy cav due for 881 Need description of spell No I don’t. :chad: Grand Pricipality of Rostukhov Attempts at creating an alloy superior to the current t4 (check announcements), is totally unsuccessful. The various smiths, engineers, and craftsmen seem to have reached the conclusion that the metal is as good as it will get, with the equipment they have available. No. Sewers, are already a well known system, at least to the educated in Rostukhov., a group of engineers claims they’ll have devised methods to properly make such devices in the Principalities cities. Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Missionaries in far off lands, burgeoning towns, a delicate balance of power. For another year, the Ascalonians remain unbothered by the world around them, for GOD smiles upon their lands. When the time of action is to come, however, is a hotly debated topic among many circles of peasants to nobles. KEMET The righteous war against the filthy Outsiders, for everyday it drags on, the faithful send more prayers to the god’s, pleading for the destruction of those who would DARE intrude upon the ruins of Sothra Tut. Pachaqui Kingdom Peace and Prosperity, two worlds the Mountain Kingdom knows well. For now at least, the Pachaqui remain untroubled within their borders, the world marches on around them, and none seem to mind too much. Countless years of training and drilling does seem to pay off, at least in certain areas. (+3 Martial for Theaqui) The kingdom is prosperous, and at peace, not entirely the work of Thonaqan, but without him, things would surely be worse (+3 Leadership) Perasmani League Reeling from the battle off the Amarantic coast, the Dol Varuk stop by their favorite double wide surprise, burning several portions of the island in a quick string of raids before disappearing into the East as quickly as they had come. (-5000g ) The Perasmani ships are of standard designs. Refined across the world through hundreds of years of experience, they can find no visible or glaring flaws, and certainly not anything that would make wooden ships resistant to fire. Kingdom of Adozar Trebuchets for 882 T4 Equipment for 884 Ishikawa Shogunate The Repulsor Bolts are considered to be a novel idea, and one which should by all means be very effective. Habu begins his work at once, beginning the lengthy process of weaving the fabrics of magic in order to bend it to its will. The rune will be prepared for 880, how it will function is unknown until then.. Samalstraza Her dominance over the wine markets of Antramar continues to grow, now catching the attention of many patricians and merchants who have equally impressive empires. (+1 Leadership) Runivera’s feast is organized with little issue, but it is indeed an expensive affair that she is expected to finance (-5,000). Her attempts to woo Tarbus go slightly better, and it is clear the man enjoys the large celebration about himself, as well as the many tapestries detailing his incredible acts. Runivera certainly catches the man’s eye, for who could resist the beautiful and charismatic blackoid? The Order continues to grow,. Many of the wounded soldiers, do accept Ala’s offer, and she soon gathers some 500 soldiers to protect her various establishments. Pestranivar arrives at the hall of Tomorbaatar with little issue, and immediately begins his work documenting his various feats. Late in the year, however, word no longer comes from the man. The Gloam - Ready for 880 Reliquary of the Mind - Need to discuss Golemic Sciences - ready for 883
  5. “For his betrayal, they will suffer- suffer! His crown is brittle! I will have silence!” --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 876 In Orev, there is a brief respite from the fighting which continues to tear the country apart. The Republic, long pressed on all fronts, is given time to reorganize, and prepare for further campaigns. In the north, Oros’ loyalists, likewise spend the year reorganizing and licking their wounds. Their situation, however, is less stable, as whispers spread of Clade Rellin preparing to march on the capital itself. In the southern reaches of Orev, Antramar’s presence also begins to further consolidate as isolated electors, still defiant, fall to Lord Tarbus’ army. Far to the east, the war between the Holy Nation and Kemet continues to develop. Still locked in combat, the past several years have seen the scales continue to tip in favor of the Kemetese hordes, which after being repelled from the capital several years ago, has continued to sweep over the western and southern portions of the Holy Nation, overwhelming defenders and garrisons wherever they find them, and contesting their attempts to meet them on the field and many occasions. --- The Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Rumors are rumors, they spread often, the Templars trains, preparing for if they are true… Pirates from the east! Throughout the year, numerous ships flying Ishikawan flags terrorize the Kingdom’s coastline, sowing terror wherever they disembark. Their raids are quick, and strike unexpectedly, frequently torching coastal merchant vessels and isolated villages. (-5,000g in damages) The Amarantic Dominion Visions of the Beyond - Momentarily expose a target to visions of the Dark Beyond and its innumerable horrors. (t3) (Ready for 879) T4 equipment will be prepared for as early as 880 Chicahtoc Ritual of Strength - A several hour long ritual demanding the sacrifice of other beings, depending on said sacrifice, those put through the ritual experience varying increases of strength for a week following its completion. (t3) (879) Adozar Business as usual Mitrovic Empire War, and more war. Kurausahr Hand of Mihr (T4) - With a tremendous burst of holy power, a mage is capable of calling forth the power of the heavens, rapidly healing and re-energizing the bodies and spirit of up to 250 men around him, though it is extremely taxing. (Ready for 880) Ishikawa Shogunate Now in the service of the Shogunate, the legendary blacksmith Faren demonstrates his widely renowned skills. A true master of his craft, the man and his small staff is capable of producing up to 100 sets of T6 equipment every year, though of course the material must be paid for on top of his regular salary :goyim: Commodore Musashi and his fleet spend much of the year raiding vast portions of Ascalon’s coast. The small nation, though, is not particularly wealthy, and there is little of value to be stolen from the mainlanders. (+2,000g) The ***** continues to grow in comfort and influence within the Republic’s capital. However, a year of little fighting provides her with few opportunities to keep her momentum rolling. These so called “Cannons” prove to be of extreme difficulty not entirely in practice, but mostly in concept. Firstly, Ishikawan miners and prospectors estimate that such stones only exist in very very small quantities on the island, and there simply aren’t enough of them to continuously extract and supply the entire fleet with ammunition. The cannons prove to be of no difficulty to construct, especially with such a masterful metalworker in their service. The true problem lies in the sustainability of the cannons, despite being able to direct the explosions easily enough, it seems that the Quaerdite propellant eats through the material extremely quickly. After only half a dozen tests, the cannon is unusable. Furthermore, the channeled explosion oftentimes damages the projectiles, poorly affecting accuracy or damage. Pachaqui Kingdom The proper facilities and techniques for producing heavy arms and armor are completed within the year, and readied for operation next year. Perasmani League The new material, dubbed “Ironleaf” is most curious. Harvested and supplied by few traders in the cradle, it is a seemingly magical blend between organic materials and metal. Though slightly weaker than the average steel, the large pieces of metal apparently grow from a tree-like plant. When harvested, they have only durable leaves and vines sprouting from the plates. In the sun, the metal strengthens, while in darkness it weakens. Testing also shows that the plates have the ability to repair themselves after little more than a week. Due to its organic-esc nature, the metal is susceptible to fire, and burning/removal of the plant projections means it will be months before the material is fit for use again. Forging it into weapons appears to be impractical, however it could be useful in the production of armor. Samalstraza Runivera’s business and social network continues to grow, slowly expanding across more and more of Antramar, as well as netting herself a suitable income. Ala’s “Hall of Healing” proves to be a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Within its walls many are tended to, and injured from across the Empire come to seek her aid. Furthermore, as her reputation grows across Orev, so to does her following, and move of those trained by her found their own halls across the empire.
  6. And atop his head sat a brittle crown --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 875 Another year of war in Orev. The biggest of the years’ conflicts take place outside of the city of Arensch, where, following a popular revolt against Oros, Imperial troops rapidly marched to secure it. Senator Christoph Liebes, once baron of the city took command of nearby Republican forces and the Arensch’s own garrison. Arensch’s siege, lasting several months saw numerous failed escalades, sallies, and the first recent employment of “Hard Light Projectors” a piece of artillery employing techniques thought to have been lost several hundred years ago. Though Arensch did eventually fall to Oros’ forces, Liebes army managed to escape the area and return to the republic. On the eastern edges of Orev, Clade Rellin’s army, emboldened and growing in number, strikes deep into the lands of his younger brother, Oros Rellin. He captures numerous forts, most notably those within striking distance of the Imperial capital itself. In southern Orev, Aeton’s armies keep a faint presence, garrisoning a number of fortifications and cities, the bulk of it, however, continues on land to the east. A short confrontation with several Rhydian lords leads to them being granted passage through the vast marsh lands. By the end of the year they have reached the shores of the Sea of Fydor. Mol Kjaro, ever confident, and still triumphant proclaims that all who come to relieve his army in Eorealsey will be given vast estates and holdings within his empire, when he inevitably “reclaims” Wyom from the tyrannical oligarchs and aristocrats. In the meantime, his forces remain stuck on Eorealsey, and show no sign of giving up anytime soon. Mercenaries from across the Sea of Chtor flock to the banners of the Black Guard and Stoltenburg, who offers enormous payments, unrestricted looting, land, and most importantly, a stable place to conduct all their business, illegal or otherwise for the foreseeable future. ----- Pachaqui Kingdom The techniques and infrastructure for properly producing, maintaining, and employing heavy arms and armor will be in place by the year 877. Holy Kingdom of Ascalon Whispers of war and crusades, much talk, little action.. Chicahtoc Empire Arrival. Blood clot, t2, will be prepared for 876 Kurausahr Heavenly Ward (t3): Casted in a designated area, size scaling with the energy requirements, it protects those within it from both magical and physical attacks when levied by creatures or beings of darkness or evil. Each attack absorbed drains further energy until the spell is broken or the caster is exhausted. Perasmani League A sigh of relief, the Dol Varuk sail east, their ships laden with loot, slaves, and glory. Though Salazar goyims his way into several potential offers, few apart from obscure scholars are interested in some psuedo organic mystery metal. Perhaps it better to actually know what you’re selling.. (+1 Charisma, +2,000g) Amarantic Dominion Ra is compelled, nay commanded to move at once Curse of Weakness (T2): Cast upon a target within their sight, or more ideally their grasp, this curse weighs heavily upon both their spirit and body, constantly eating away, never truly harming them. Will be prepared for 876 Kingdom of Adozar Arnun declines. Heavy Cav + Heavy inf will be prepared for 877 Ishikawa Shogunate Thw *****’s notes and fliers are not instant successes, with the help of her beta orbiters and simps she does get them distributed. Though they do rile up some of the more hardline or radical republicans, they are mostly ignored by the other portions of the populace who already have numerous papers vying for their attention. She does garner the attention of Senator Blucher, who utterly rejects these claims, and states that he helped organize the defense of the city! Faren’s attention is indeed gained, he demands a sum of 30,000 up front and 10,000 yearly, claiming to already have received equally exorbitant offers from Orevian and Antramarian nobles. Samalstraza Hatra wine becomes an instant success, even if the people don’t like it. Runivera’s reputation and existing network allow her to pull strings and sell more than she can produce. Likewise, her base begins to grow, with the aid of many friends and connections. (+10,000g) Ala’s work continues, with no end in sight. She begins to amass a small army of aspiring physicians and healers, eager to learn from her. An expedition departs.. Kingdom of Kastovia WHERE IS SIGISMUND !!! Also that Ahsoka arc blew ass Ship-Based Fire Projection Device will be prepared for 878, costing 10,000g per unit!
  7. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 874 In Orev, the civil war continues to rage. The warlord Aeton’s armies continue their relentless push east, setting vast portions of the country on fire, and cross the border into the republic in mid summer. By winter, his army has reached the Electors, and has apparently coerced them to allow his forces to winter there. Clade Rellin also devotes his focus to the Empire’s eastern territories rather than Oros or the Republic. His small army fights a small series of battles, claiming several key forts in the process. In central Orev, the Republic begins to take advantage of their recent victory, marching throughout the western sections of the country, capturing cities and forts as they do. The horde of Tomak Orburakai rides west to the Nasurakai, with them a declaration of war. The self proclaimed Great Thede of Wyom, Mol Kjaro, endures harsh reprisals from the Wyomian Oligarchs and governors. The fortress of Eorealsey is put under naval blockade by what seems to be the entirety of the Wyomian navy. Furthermore, countless assault are launched upon the fortress, all of which are repelled by Kjaro’s forces. These successes, he proclaims, is only further proof of his divine right to restore the Empire of Havernopole A renowned blacksmith, once in service to the various chieftains and lords of Maeya, and thought to be dead, washes up on the shores of the Midlands. Known simply as Faren, he advertises his services far and wide, for a price of course… ----- Pachaqui Kingdom The world moves around them, and the children of the earth ready themselves.. Chicahtoc Empire To the east… pt 2 What? Holy Kingdom of Ascalon The kingdom stirs, whispers of another Crusade spreading far and wide.. Kurausahr The expedition into the Olk-Wood, finally to be resolved.. Chitiki Chitiki hellspawn, tunneling in search of new deposits breach into an already existing section of tunnels, not made by them. They come upon many fresh corpses- human corpses, clearly belonging to the Knights of the Elyic Chapter. In a matter of minutes after their discovery, they are swarmed by unknown creatures, few of the party escapes, they are not pursued. Dark things, it seems, stir within the shield.. Amarantic Dominion The gladiators die in droves, only to be consumed by the great beyond. Antathek feels a great sense of content throughout the battles. Despite this, there is a constant pull, a constant desire for more. The expedition finds little of note, other than a once rundown castle, and several other structures which have mostly been repaired by the Dominion. Dark scrying!? (Discord) Ishikawa Shogunate The “Boom Rocks” prove to be somewhat difficult to extract. Rather than large veins, they are found in small clusters of perfectly spherical, glassy stones. Investigations of their properties yield numerous results. The stones prove to be extremely brittle and delicate, even the slightest fall or bump causing them to violently explode, though, since the stones are all relatively palm sized, it isn’t extremely destructive. One engineer accidentally crushes one of the stones in his hands, his veins rapidly flared with a green-white light, and he reports an unreal sense of energy rush throughout his body. The *****’s claws continue to dig deeper, familiarizing herself with her new environment. In regards to her host, her various rumours and falsehoods begin to spread to the higher-ups of the republic, and the man receives numerous accolades, bonuses, and promotions Perasmani League The few traders which sail down the Cradle’s rivers, and into Perasmani ports bring with them a strange material which they call Ironleaf. (+4000g per turn, +Ironleaf income) The expedition into the Cradle comes upon the site of what they believe to be a battlefield, on the southern banks of the river. Vomva will be prepared by 79 Mitrovic Empire Dohocan representatives come Defoliation will be prepared by 76 The philosophers find the weed to be extremely puzzling, its properties a mystery, until much like their peers in Kemet, they force a servant to eat the strange plant. He feels a strange tingling across his body as he does, and is of course subjected to a number of tests. These seem to show that after consuming the plant, the user gains a brief period of total resistance to fire. They feel no heat, and suffer no burns. (Fireweed discovered, +2000g yearly) Kingdom of Kastovia The King and his companions enjoy several sessions of Donjons and Wyverrns throughout the year.. Barowitz continues to grow in size, grandeur, and cleanliness. While no doubt the most developed city within the Kingdom, there is still much to be done if it wishes to rival the magnificence of Ak, Antramar, and Aldemar. Likewise, the King’s League continues to grow at its alarming rate, wilding spreading in popularity across the country. Can’t remember specifics of Volatile mix, pm me Samalstraza A rider, from the Warlord Aeton’s army arrives in Samalstraza
  8. “She should have died for me! Her gift was wasted on you!” --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 873 Another year of war and turmoil within the Midlands, and especially the Empire. In the west, the Warlord Aeton’s legions tear apart the country, steadily moving east, their destination is unclear. In the south, Lord Tarbus’ host also fights no major battles against either the Republic, or the contenders to the throne. Instead, the year is spent consolidating the southern portions of the Empire, and driving any Orevian loyalist formations back north. The lion’s share of the conflict takes place in the center of the country, between the Republic and its two largest neighbors. Oros Rellin, intent on crushing the Republican upstarts, marches straight to the capital of Eyowith. His imminent arrival creates panic and confusion in the infant republic, which has only barely begun to organize itself. However, in nothing short of a miracle, Senator Fredrick von Okarstadt, a leading figure of the Republican movement, organizes nothing short of a Corps of infantry, mostly composed of conscripts or his own personal retinue to defend the capital. The battle on its outskirts, is the largest of the war so far, and sees the Republican host decisively beat Oros’ host, sending him limping back to the capital. In the eastern hinterlands, Clade’s army is equally active, storming and seizing the fortress of Varnhold, one of the largest on the continent in only a day. Far to the south, in the lands of Tomak Oburakai, the Kurultai is finally concluded. Tomorbaatar, the former Oge Khan, and the murderer of Yul, the Great Khan, is almost unanimously elected by his contemporaries. The ascension of Tomorbaatar sees a radical shift in the clans’ lifestyle and the Great Khan proclaims he will restore to the Tomak their ancestral glory, claiming vast swathes of the Jade sea in the process. Claimed by some to be a revolution in military doctrine and organization, and a desperate attempt to match their foes on the field by others, the Republic of Eyowith implements the first ever instance of mandatory conscription. An extravagant wedding ceremony and celebration is held in Antramar by the King Savos, solidifying his marriage with the Mitrovic Princess Alexandra, who is now known as Queen Alexandra. The new alliance also sees the Antramarian realm dispatch a sizable host led by Lord Barbus to aid their new Mitrovic allies. After being refused a governorship, a Wyomian aristocrat by the name of Mol Kjaro unexpectedly seizes an island fortress by the name of Eorealsey and shortly after proclaims himself the Great Thede of Wyom. Despite having no real resources, the island is well known for its resilience. The fortress is one of the largest in the country, and the island itself possesses no suitable terrain for any sort of amphibious landing. ---- Chicahtoc Empire To the east… Pachaqui Kingdom The day to day work and concerns which come with the position of King weigh heavily on the Archpreiest Solameqan, through these trials, however, come revelations. Occasionally, as Solameqan sleeps, or mediates in the quiet mountains, he sees visions of grandeur. Boundless tracts of nature, great trees, unseen beasts, harmony, tranquility.. (+5 Arcane) Kingdom of Kastovia Improvement of infrastructure and public works within Barowitz, is met especially well by the people of the city, especially new fans of “The King’s League” as the projects include many proper facilities to observe the popular sport other than the basements of inns. Monuments, sewers, and other things simply enhancing the city are planned, underway, or desired, but they simply lack funding to truly overhaul the city on a meaningful scale. Likewise, additions and renovations of the Royal Palace are completed in some areas, but overall suffer from a lack of funds. The King’s League continues to spread across the Kingdom while other smaller leagues begin to pop up in Ustau, Kropiec, and Turek. Overall, boxing has at least touched every corner of the country, and its following grows by the day. Amarantic Dominion Minor Summoning (T3) - The caster summons a minor horror from the Darkn Beyond, its general form is flexible and can be decided by the caster pre-summoning. The horrors are capable of obeying simple commands. Energy requirements dictated by form/size of the horrors. Ready for 875 Ishikawan Shogunate The *****, Miyata Aiko, arrives in Eyowith without issue and finds it to be a city ripe with passion and turmoil. The rapidly approaching Royalist army throws the city into disarray, many senators and statesmen sent fleeing elsewhere. A perfect set of conditions for one such as her. Quickly, the ***** amasses a crowd of Simps. The greatest catch, however, is not caught until after Fredrick’s victory, where there is great means for celebration, especially among the army. Miyata eagerly and opportunistically digs her claws into Colonel Yannik Bruhns, a commander of nearly 1,000 men. Heavy armor will be prepared for 876 at current investment Samalstraza Runivera’s influence continues to grow in the Antramarian courts, especially with the help of the new Queen Alexandra. With this influence, she actually secures funds necessary to begin/purchase a winery, if she chooses, despite women owning businesses being a rarity in Antramar. Furthermore, her integration into Antramarian factions grows so much so that she actually discovers a plot against the King’s life, quickly alerting him of it. Ala’s presence in the Midlands is not unfelt, and a reputation quickly begins to form around her with the local peasantry, some even creating cult-like followings praising her as a diety. It seems the Tomak follow a set of beliefs revolving around worship of Tsi’bri, the Endless Sky, the Infinite Horizon. They wield the elements. Samalstraza charts the stars, pioneers in recent years, they are not the first to gaze into the Firmament’s vastness. Their careful observation charts patterns and “constellations” one researcher names such formations of stars according to their general shape. Mitrovic Empire War. Kurausahr Bedguva Kenad will be ready for 875 Chiefs and petty kings within the Olk-Wood and on its periphery are few in number, many having already assimilated into the Empire itself over the years. The nobles reach those which exist anyhow, and are accepted as permanent envoys, mostly because the tribes have no way to decline. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Draining of the bioluminescent liquid into jars or other containers proves to be easy enough, though tedious. Preliminary tests show that such firebombs are indeed hard to quench, though they still have trouble with arranging production, and several mechanical issues in the bombs themselves. Ready for 876 Crimson Order War. Ardes The Eylic Chapter staunchly refuses the offer, stating it is absolutely essential for them to have access to the Great Sea unimpeded by the straits. Perasmani League Salazar finds numerous bankers in Aldemar and Dohoca willing to give loans for as much as 40,000g with an interest rate of 10% :goyim:
  9. Cowards die many times before their death --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 872 It is a cool winter night, when the Emperor Osmund finally succumbs to his illnesses, injuries, and age. A strong unifying figure many decades prior, without his leadership many doubt the Empire would have remained intact as long as it had. The same is true for the present. With the power vacuum left by the death of the emperor, the empire begins to fracture repaidly. The charismatic prince Oros Rellin, Osmund’s second born son finds support with much of the nobility, and quickly seizes control of the capital along with fragments of the Imperial Army and noble retinues. To the east, prince Clade Rellin, eldest son of Osmund, quickly snatches up the more veteran portions of the Imperial Army, and takes control of several castles and forts along with the former emperor’s chief advisor, Baron Conrad von Augsdorf. While Orev itself it most greatly fractured, many of the elector states also begin to splinter in the wake of a supposed ‘Republic’ forming around the city of Eyowith. With the Empire in shambles, the Atemic warlord Aeton rallies his legions, and launches an invasion into northern Orev on the justification of reclaiming lands once held by the Atemic Empire many years prior. The invasion does not progress far, however, and only sees a Atemic armies clash minorly with loyalists of Oros Rellin several times. An Antramarian host under the command of Lord Tarbus once more departs from the capital of Antramar, intent on continuing the war against the Orevian Empire, despite its current condition. A year for internal turmoil it seems, the clans of Tomak Oburakai, descendants of the legendary Khan Oburai, Scourge of the Jade Sea, face internal troubles of their own. Discontent with the ways of the reigning Khan, Yul, the Oge Khan, a man by the name of Tomorbaatar murdered Yul while he slept. Usually a heinous crime by the clans’ standards, Tomorbaatar’s deeds are largely overlooked, many of the lesser Khans even celebrating it. No Kurultai is held at the site of Yul’s death, and no rites performed, instead, one is held with Tomorbaatar’s horde. Crimson Order The Order’s forces march into the Mitrovic empire, laying waste to whatever they lay their hands on. A fortified base to allow for a continued campaign has been constructed, what will follow, who can say? Amarantic Dominion The Unfathomable’s patron visits once more… (discord) Chicahtoc Empire The ability to bend the blood of others, reducing them to but a vessel for the Chicahtoc to use is appealing to many within the empire. The Shaman get to work at once, and predict they will have a spell capable of controlling individuals or small groups by 874 (T3) The Grand Principality of Rostukhov The artificers nearly tear out their hair in pursuit of a more optimized Trebuchet, but they find the design is already suitable and performs its function well. Samalstraza While Ala’s services are perhaps desperately accepted by the late emperor Osmund, even she is powerless to stop his rapid decline in health. In fact, her magic appears to do little if anything, even ease his pain. Ala is present when the man finally dies, he croaks about finally embracing the twins and then he dies.. In the after math of the Emperor’s death, Ala and her retinue are not harmed, and the newly proclaimed Emperor Oros offers Abanesh a position within his court, and Ala’s protection, so long as they stay within the capital. Ala does much good, and heals many in the midlands afflicted with all manner of injuries and illnesses. Runi Abda finds the most prestigious bachelor within Antramar would be none other than Lord Tarbus himself, though many describe him as a violent and brutal man, there is no contesting the fact that the King Savos has granted the man much favor within his court. Megura and her exiles find little notable work in the lands of Alean, apart from acting as guards for small merchant caravans, if they wish Spells: Light (T3) Judgement - While one of the desired aspects of the spell proves to be possible, the other does not. ‘It can be used in long duration to see any who may bear the caster ill-will, even through solid objects, however, the nature of such objects may reduces this effect, or cause it to be more energy-demanding’ (874) The ‘Hex-Flect’ Barrier (T2) will be prepared for 873 Ley bomb (T3) - the caster generates a plsing ball of magical energy within his hands, channelling as much power as they desire into it. They can then “throw” the ball in whichever direction they choose, detonating it on command. (874) Pachaqui Kingdom The King and his retinue arrive at the great capital of Ak.. (discord) Mitrovic Empire The war rages… The Kingdom of Kastovia The wedding between Prince John and Princess Milena is held in Barowitz, however the Krolestwoans seem slightly insulted by the Kastovian lack of funding, and instead pitch in a hefty sum of coin to make the occasion more fitting for someone of their princess’ standing. Infrastructure within the city of Barowitz sees a great deal of improvement, by the year’s end, most of the roads within the city’s walls have been properly paved, or repaved, as well as many of the roads in the immediate vicinity of the city The King’s League, already very popular, continues to grow outside of Barowitz itself. Perasmani League While the expeditions do not meet any resistance, they do not uncover anything especially significant either. The ships and their explorers sail along the wide rivers, observing the natural beauty of the land. The Perasmani also produce several maps of the regions, which are the first of their kind, as far as they know. Salazar’s campaign is largely successful. While journeying through the Sea of Chtor, he makes numerous contacts and meets many of the most influential merchants and producers within the region. Overall, he is less lucky in Aeton, where much of the populace looks down on him. (+1 Charisma) To the east, many more reports of the infamous purple-sailed ships reach the League’s ears. In fact, it seems apparent a fleet, presumably belonging to the allegeded pirates which have devastated Maeya, is amassing, or even sailing directly towards the League’s eastern most isle.. (discord) Ishikawan Shogunate :neet: Kingdom of Ardes Another year passes… Kurausahr Another year passes...
  10. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 871 With the Atemic-Aldemaric war finished, the Aldemaric position within the Sea of Chtor is somewhat weakened, and they lose portions of their extreme economic stranglehold of the region. The Atemic, on the other hand, begin to construct many keeps on the southern frontier. Their armies drive out bandits, and other settlers, claiming vast swathes of territory. Lord Tarbus’ army remains in Antramar for the year, conflict between Antramar and Orev does not progress this year. In Orev, there are whispers that the Emperor’s health continues to decline. Certain versions of the story even claim that he fell from his horse while marching and is now in critical condition at the Imperial Capital. Amarantic Dominion Techniques and organization capable of fielding units of heavy infantry will be ready by the year 874 Kingdom of Kastovia The revitalized sport quickly takes hold in the City of Barowitz as well as much of the surrounding area. Everyone enjoys a good game, especially violent ones, and the implementation of a clear set of rules on Sigisimund’s part has done a great deal to standardize it’s practice. Despite its growing popularity, it is still an inkling compared to the massive wealth and renown of the Antramarian fighting pits. Sigismund’s lack of presence in Antramar has been duly noted.. Choranic Empire The Merdan Jengul are deployed to the Olk-wood, preparing supplies for an extended investigation if need be, they depart by early spring. Finding the hunters is no problem, convincing them to lead the expedition further into the wood is, however. Many outright refuse, claiming they want no part in whatever is taking place within the Olk-Wood (discord). Chicahtoc Empire Chicahtoc rides west… (discord) Kemet The glorious conquest of the Holy Nation continues! Priests and magi within the many Kemetese temples and the Pharaohs’ war camp itself see countless favorable omens in regards to the campaign. One even claims that a set of blessed chickens ate from a basket of wheat when commanded, and a murder of ravens was spotted flying north! The Grand Principality of Rostukhov Due to his victory in the tournament, CHADimir finds many willing instructors, including veterans of Antramar’s many campaigns or even seasoned pit fighters who are willing to teach him their various styles of combat at such a low rate, mostly to ride off his newfound fame. Following the year’s festivities, he begins his training and quickly catches onto the very aggressive style of Antramarian combat. (+1 Martial) The artificers and engineers declare they will have a scorpion capable of throwing much heavier bolts or stones at significantly further distances by the year 875. Pachaqui Kingdom Following the mostly successful negotiations with the many small cities, tribes, and villages of the basin, many leaders and delegations arrive to formally swear fealty to the Pachaqui Kingdom. The realm’s southern territories see an influx of small gifts, and many missives arrive placing the War mistress in command of what few garrisons the areas have at their disposal. (+2 towns, +1 keep, +2,500 medium inf, +10,000 quti ) (Towns do not apply to cap nor add to city cap) Furthermore, the many delegations state that they could arrange an audience with the Grand Emperor of Ak, should the Pachaqui wish. Crimson Order The storm riders find little of note, wide open plains and quiet countryside is the most common. Naturally there are roads which lead to the Mer’akian domain. The border regions are protected by a small keep. The Perasmani League The League’s ships operating within the strait of Umeso proves to be far more successful for piracy. Though they were ordered to cover a larger stretch of ocean, many of the crews simply disregard it, as pirating the sole artery of Fydoran-Chtoric trade is FAR more profitable. The fleet sinks many ships they think are bound for Ishikawa, and steal many ship’s worth of loot. However, all this disruption draws the ire of Tetrarch Aeton, who’s own fleet is deployed at the year’s end to protect shipping through the strait. (+35,000g) The League’s foes are not idle this year, and strike on many of its southern trade routes, sinking yet another vital steel shipment from Khrav, and damning many more merchant vessels to the bottom of the cold sea.. (-5,000g) The Ishikawan Shogunate The Perasmani continue to attack the trade of the shogunate, now the vital lines flowing through the Strait of Umeso! Few are in a position to stop them throughout most of the year, until the Tetrarch puts and end to the piracy in late summer. Still, the coffers are hurt tremendously by the operations. (-40,000g) The Shogun’s frigates continue their operations in Fydor, sinking many ‘cheesemen’ ships, including one of their valuable steel shipments from the mainland. (+4,000g) Kingdom of Ardes Another year passes in Ardes. Several ships arrive throughout the year, claiming to be from Maeya. They tell of entire villages, cities, armies, and fleets laid waste to. Furthermore, they state it is unlikely anymore ships have or could escape the isle.
  11. A fish in a pond does not know of the Sea --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 870 In Antramar, a great celebration is held by order of King Savos. The event will celebrate the passing of yet another decade and the prosperity brought on by his reign. Arguably the most entertaining of the festivities will take place in the royal arena, where the acclaimed fighter Goroslav Kalchik is to battle along with many other contestants. Invitations are extended to all realms. [Everyone] The Midlands lets out a sigh of relief. The armies of Lord Tarbus withdraw south out of the Empire, returning to Antramar proper for festivities, leave, resupply, or otherwise. Whatever the reason, the Emperor Osmund receives much needed breathing space. The war has clearly begun to weigh heavily on the aging monarch, and several rumors begin to spread of his deteriorating health. Despite the ongoing conflict in the Sea of Chtor, the Dohocan Families fund a series of expansion throughout the whole region. A Wyomian farmhand by the name of Ragus, fortunate enough to know how to read write has compiled a list of illustrations and descriptions of local fauna as well as weather and farming techniques. Despite being written by a farmhand, many learned men have deemed the collection to be surprisingly accurate. Following his excellent work, one of the many Stewards places the man in charge of a small farm. Unprecedented. The war in Chtor develops no further. After a surprising performance from the what was once assumed battered Atemic remnant, the Warlord Aeton extracts hefty concessions from the Aldemaric, Dohocans, and Wyomians. Following his unexpected victory, Aeton proclaims himself Tetrarch of the Far East, and once more lays claim to the whole of the former empire. The blockade is lifted. Chicahtoc Empire Many of the priests and shamans report strange omens and signs. On the birth date of Chicahtoc II, a bright red comet was allegedly seen burning across the night sky towards the west! (Discord) Pachaqui Kingdom The various chiefs, governors, stewards, and magistrates heed Tuqua’s call, and a meeting is arranged at Pachaqui’s southern territory. (Discord) No response regarding the marriage comes from the lands of Antramar nor the Aldemaric League, however from the various tribes of Tomuk Oburakai several speakers and ambassadors arrive to further discuss the venture Crimson Order Herr Schaus continues his adventure. Throughout the many nights of playing and gambling, Schaus starts to become quite good at the trade, and time and time again he wins his fair share of games. His rise begins to draw the attention of a man known as Castor, who takes a liking to the young man, and offers to take him with him to Antramar for the year’s festivities. Trebuchets will be ready for the year 872 Kurausahr Heavy Infantry will be prepared for 876 at the current level of investment A mighty task and a noble cause, the blessing Sahadat az Mihr will be properly woven and prepared for the year 874. Many hunters and trappers, familiar with traveling at least short distances into the Olk-Wood report a certain intangible strangeness. The wildlife seems to be extra alert and on edge, additionally it seems far more easily frightened. On top of such peculiar behavior, the same parties report unknown lights and movement within the forest. Grand Principality of Rostukhov A mostly uneventful year for the Grand Principality. Reports are received of a continued presence of Knights within the Shield, as well as an invitation to the celebrations within Antramar. Kingdom of Ardes An ambassador from Antramar arrives, he brings an invitation addressed to Konrad III of House Karovid from his Royal Majesty Savos Mactova, King of Antramar, inviting him and many other Ardesians to join him in celebration of his rule. Off the coast of the kingdom, many merchants and fishermen sight strange vessels, flying purple sails. When asked to recall the designs or insignia, they seem strangely familiar.. (Discord) The Mitrovic Empire Another year marches by, there is peace in the homeland, and war to the west. Kingdom of Kastovia King Sigismund IV of Kastovia is brought news from Antramar, inviting him and whatever retinue he decides to bring to the Royal Capital of Antramar to join his Royal Majesty Savos Mactova in celebration of his rule. T3.5 Armor and weapons will be prepared for 878 Perasmani League Throughout the year, the League’s Ishikawan foes begin to target their various trade arteries from the mainland. Reports say of a large number of frigates attacking trade vessels out of thin air before boarding or out right sinking the vessel with a torrent of flames. Trade is not particularly damaged, but a large shipment of steel from Khrav is lost (-7,500g, -1 unit of steel) The League’s own acts of piracy along the Midlandic coast are carried out with great success and little opposition from the Orevian Empire or the Kingdom of Khrav. However, there is more than one incidents where they sink or board vessels not headed for Ishikawa, which the Warlord Arnun looks heavily down upon.. (+5,000g) Ishikawan Shogunate Reports come from the south of large Perasmani activity off of the Midlandic coast. They raid many ships headed too or from the Ishikawan isles, resulting in many shipments not arriving. Aside from the overall attack on trade, the piracy actions are not significant enough to completely throttle trade from the south. (-15,000g) The Ishikawan fleet finds much success terrorizing the numerous Perasmani merchants and depriving them of their goods (+2,000) Kingdom of Rhorric Beastial form will be prepared for use by 872 Heavy infantry will be available to the kingdom for 873 The ancient tower is rebuilt without much issue by the year’s end An invitation arrives from the lands of Antramar, inviting the King and his retinue to the festivities taking place across the kingdom. Samalstraza In the crypts and tunnels of Samalstraza, darkness is everywhere and only the young aspirant known as Rib pierces it’s veil. (Discord) The two court Samalstrazi continue to climb up the ranks, experiencing great success in Antramar. So much so that Savos places the advisor in charge of organizing the largest of the years’ festivities. The Amarantic Dominion Despite their proximity to the Antramarian Realm, they do not receive an invitation to join King Savos’ festivities. The Order of the Divide studies the corpses most diligently.. (Discord) Kemet Rakh’s Unyielding Hearth (T3) will be prepared for casting by the year 873 T3.5 Equipment will be ready for production by 878
  12. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 869 New regions of the world are breached, and the existence of several unheard of states revealed! (Map update) Finally, there is good news for Emperor Osmund. After experiencing several years of unstoppable Antramarian armies, led by Lord Tarbus ravaging their lands, his newly raised and massive host is finally able to drive the invaders into the southern Empire, far from the heartlands. Despite this, he has not actually done proper battle with the invaders. Many ships and merchants sailing to Maeya simply never return, and those that do report a massive Pirate Fleet ravaging the country and the Great Sea as a whole! No word comes from the Maeyanese either, who apparently have their hands full. A footnote in regards to most current events this year. Pachaqui Kingdom The expedition into the south faces no danger. The party comes across many negligible hamlets and villages, confirming that the land is not totally devoid of habitation. These villages speak of the Great Empire of Ak to the south, which has prospered along the Dnedic coast for as along as anyone can remember. Despite this, none of the villagers have actually seen anyone from Ak, or been to it. The weavers begin their work in a most diligent manner. A spell capable of mending broken earth, or sealing large cracks, gashes, or impurities will be ready for the year 872. (t2) Samalstraza Nim Peradin will be prepared for the year 872 (T3) Both Abed-Lamu and Runi Abda make good progress in deciphering the Midlandic disdain for various other magical arts. It seems that this disdain is rooted in both a common cultural and religious background present throughout the whole of the midlands. Such belief stems from the idea of a singular and all powerful entity responsible for the creation of the Mantle and Firmament bestowed the boons of Pure Magic (Direct) upon his chosen successors, while the other various forms were grown and twisted from the original strain. Stranded thousands of miles from the Inner Sea, it seems the Atemic warlords have grown particularly prejudiced against the common Aterite. Naturally, they blame the collapse of the Far East upon the natives, and viciously hold onto whatever chunk of it they occupy. Aetan, Arnun, and Alean, the most notable three all claim the majority of Ater. Though if they have any designs on actually reclaiming it, is unknown. Kingdom of Ardes Many Ardesian intellectuals and engineers begin to theorize how they might be able to better plan or manage such a sprawling city. Obviously, the growth of cities is very organic, resulting in few central streets surrounded by mazes of alleys and back routes. Some suggest completely rebuilding the capital, others believe less radical corrections can be made. One thing is for certain though, If Ardes is to become a truly great city, much will have to be done in the way of sanitation, infrastructure, and great works. Mitrovic Empire The invasion of the Ascendancy continues without further troubles, besides the Ascendants themselves. The various aspects of the Imperial Army will be able to provide, horses, armor, and training sufficent enough to field Heavy Cavalry by the year 874 Chicahtoc Empire The Shaman report that they will be capable of casting a somewhat long lasting curse, which causes flares of horrible pain at random by the year 872 (t3) Crimson Order Wilfried has no issues in finding work on farms outside the walls of Aldemar. Never to turn down more productivity, one of the many large estates hires the man, giving him a livable but meager wage, as well as lackluster housing. In regards to gambling, he discovers soon enough that many of the other farmhands spend their nights gambling within the many establishments in or near Aldemar. Though he uncovers no criminal allies, he makes a number of friends and a small amount of gold. The Order simply does not possess the infrastructure nor expertise to even begin to design such a warship. Kurausahr From the Graveyard of Stars and the Khuryshk Tribes who dwell within it, flows great riches. With the majority of control over the two major arteries to the south, the Choranic find themselves hailed by many Khuryshk traders and caravans, who offer heaping portions of ‘Meterite’ in exchange for letting their goods pass through freely. (+1 Unit of Meterite annually, +4,000g annually) The priests speculate that such a spell will be ready for widespread casting by the year 872 Kastovia The various miners and mine owners theorize and draw up contraptions or new devices to make their work easier, but nothing seems to offer a significant improvement. It seems there is no more efficient way to extract ore from stone. Kastovia will have the appropriate skills and technology to field heavy cavalry by the year 873 Perasmani League Only days after leaving the Harbor of Akita, storms and other turbulent weather begins to flare up once more. Through the poor visibility, the fleet catches sight of the Ishikawan frigate giving chase! It strikes the only viable target in such weather,the weakest Carrack, but the weather does not allow it to completely sink the vessel. However, the ship still sustains damage. (Previously damaged Carrack confined to port for 1 year for repairs) Off the coast of the Eastern isles, several fishermen report seeing strange ships with purple sails. The new ammunition, far from accurate, and with a lackluster range, but capable of dealing fair damage to sails will be prepared for deployment by 874 Amarantic Dominion Strange times indeed, visions and lost expeditions. Many slaves report seeing a strange vessel, lateen rigged and with purple sails off the coast. Kemet The great nation of Kemet will be capable of deploying Heavy Cavalry by the year 872! The men are at first puzzled by the weed. They find it to be an excellent source of crimson and orange dye, but any application is for the most part unknown until one night one of the men simply decides to eat it. At first he experiences a potent and bitter taste, accidently knocking his candle over in disgust. Much to his surprise, as it lands on his arm, he feels no burns, he checks his skin, and he has not burned! It seems that consumption of the weed at least grants temporary fire resistance, perhaps there are even more applications, who knows? The scouts find the Holy Nation to be either largely forested, or open plains, less notably, the roads and fields are littered with statues and monuments to their prophet. They experience little trouble roughly mapping it, that is, when they aren't under pursuit. In regards to pillaging, they face some difficulty, as responses are usually swift, however they make off with at least some booty (+2,500g) Grand Principality of Rostukhov What are they hunting for, many wonder… Ishikawa Shogunate Akita under blockade? The Shogun’s coffers wince in pain! The smiths are hard at work, but they lack any real funding and come to the shogun with no finish date.
  13. A strong eastern wind tore across the landscape, trees creaking and bending beneath its force. The vessel collided with the soft sand with a deep thump, burying its prow deep into the shoreline. Beyond the limestone cliffs, thick plumes of smoke ascended into the sky, only to be taken away by the winds. A horn echoes across the bay, piercing the ears of many with its ominous whine. The cries and moans of the dying were plentiful across the devastated village, though quickly silenced by the chitters and clicks of foreign tongues and the swift thrusts of spears. What was not consumed in flames, smoldered, throwing great plumes of embers and ash into the air.. Terror consumes the coast. --- World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 879 Lord Tarbus continues his devastating campaigns in the name of King Savos. Following his victory over Osmund within Krolestwo, his army has marched into the Empire itself, putting much to the torch, and beating back yet another imperial army. Most notably, the city of Ceske is taken and then promptly sacked and massacred. Rumors say that the viscious lord completely joined in the act himself, and specifically ordered his cavalry to run down any who escaped from the walls. This year, the war in Chtor is mostly quiet, apart from an Aldemaric victory at Myrtos. Aeton, successful in bringing his army south across the strait, and beginning to feel the economic pressure comes to the table with Aldemar and Wyom. Though nothing has come from the negotiations as of yet, their existence has further prolonged the war. Crimson Order Seeking opportunity, Aldemar is no doubt the best option for a man in Wilfried’s position. In the city, he finds the pristine blocks of the greatest economic power in Chtor since Atem, there is much to steal, and he steals much. He finds less luck with the children, who are not often far from their parents, as is Aldemaric custom. However a man such as himself should remain vigilant, for the within the wealthiest city in the world, is also the best paid city watch… The printing press leaves many ordermen with blackened clothing and destroyed fingers, it will not be ready until 872 Though they are masters of their craft, there is little to improve in the current steel producing techniques. The smiths and forgemasters scratch their heads in confusion before they get to work, maybe something will reveal itself? They will hopefully have a marginally improved (t3.5) alloy for 875 The thunderbow is a complete waste of time, mainly because the rune intended to make it function is not ready. The propulsion rune, though an interesting idea, proves unfeasible for the men of the order. The runemasters weave and etch, and meet only dead ends, perhaps this is punishment from the divine? Chicahtoc Empire The Chicahtoc shaman once more begin to weave the forces of the universe, bending it to their will. They predict such a spell (t2) will be prepared for 871. The pain-wave will affect all within its path, even those the caster do not intend to inflict. Kingdom of Rhorric The feast and tournament proves to the be a major success. Many delegates, lords, knights, and even the king ride from Khrav to attend. Their stay is long and hearty, despite the Rhorrics performing far better in the primary focus of the tournament, riding related activities. Rhydia does not explicitly reject, but they do not send any competitors, only a few representatives and their gratitude. Kingdom of Krolestwo Another peaceful and prosperous year passes in Krolestwo where they peasants thank the gods they do not live in Orev just to the north. Kingdom of Kastovia Early mixtures of the Volatile mix prove not only to be too volatile, but too dangerous! They quickly melt through and explode prematurely within any casing the Kastovians come up with. There is no doubt, however, that such a mixture will be prepared for 871 Kurausahr Expedition up the Olkvein runs into no serious obstacles, spending a large majority of the year making their way up river. By late summer, they reach the periphery of the Graveyard of Stars and are greeted by the beauty of a meteor burning through the firmament. Kingdom of Ardes Another year of peace and prosperity, another year where the Kingdom of Ardes seems to sit perfectly still, the world moving around them Pachaqui Kingdom The Pachaqui are successful in their venture south. A small settlement being established at a bend in the river late in the year. The land is rich in soil, and easy to cultivate. Despite this, something seems amis, it is simply too empty.. The Amarantic Dominion Antathek Ra, Master of the Fathomless Void opens his mind, and Oblivion speaks (Discord) The wagies should be working double- no triple time! Restless Miners will largely replace regular miners by 870 The human body is as interesting as it is confusing, and much work will need to be done in order to bring the arrays of herbs, tonics, and medicines onto a new level. The scholars predict improved medicine will be readied by 872 To scry into a realm beyond our own is not an easily accomplished task, though it is certainly achievable (t3) “Dark Scrying” will be prepared for 873 “Invisibility” (t3) will be prepared for 872 Grand Principality of Rostukhov The many smiths of the principality report that t3.5 equipment will be ready for large scale production by the year 876 Crossbows will be prepared for the year 701 Trebuchets capable of hurling mighty stones at stout fortresses will be ready by 702 From the east, many hear whispers of an expedition launched by the Eylic Chapter into the Shield, the Knights of Anvil scantily leave their fortress, and only for truly important matters, perhaps it constitutes an investigation? Perasmani League A foothold abroad is successfully established Raids bring profits (+5000g) Mitrovic Empire Orolian sends many raids against the ascendancy to varying degrees of success. HOwever, these people are of the simple variety, and own little of value. The raids destroy much, but find little to plunder. Samalstraza “Ereshtera Shastamas” (T2) will be prepared for usage by the aspirants of darkness by the year 700 Both sides firmly reject the offer of Quill, none wishing to have any part in her “foul sorcery.” The Samalstrazi courtiers within Orev and Antramar both suffer minor setbacks for this perceived slight. The gorul truly are strange folk Ishikawa Shogunate YOOOOOOOOO Throughout the year, a Perasmani Fortress-ship takes full advantage of the Ishikawan fleet being confined to harbor for repairs. It travels through the archipelago launching countless raids against the people of the various islands (-10,000 population) (-7,500g) Whispers tug at the ears of the Shogun (discord)
  14. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 867 The Warlord Aeton’s blockade meets almost complete condemnation throughout the Sea of Chtor. Aldemaric, Wyomian, and Dohocan fleets are quickly marshaled and begin to sail for the straits to meet the Atemic fleet. Though battle is had between the two forces, it proves not to be decisive, and slightly in favor of the Atemic as far as casualties go. At the Siege of Myrtos, which has been raging for now over a decade, action once more ramps up. Atemic forces attempt to break the siege and are remarkably lucky, managing to beat back the Aldemarics from the city and into the countryside. Across western Chtor echoes the call of a Crusade. From the capital of the universally outraged Holy Nation, Dalis, marches an army of holy crusaders, intent on destroying the lands of Kemet once and for all. At the armies’ head is the Magistrate Heroch of Dalis himself. Across the devastated Midlands, a legend spreads, reaching the ears of many. Throughout the numerous battlefields left behind by the Orevian-Antramarian conflict, it is said spectre lurks consuming the souls of the dead and dying. Many men believe this to be a sign from Volek, the Herald, a commonly worshipped deity. Pachaqui Kingdom The weavers of the earth report that such a spell will be prepared for use by the year 868 (t2 spell) (sorry for missing this the first time round) The king has many visions, what they mean is up for interpretation, if such things will come to pass remains to be seen.. Crimson Order To the city of Aldemar they go, they arrive easy enough, Point of Interest: Aldemar, a city without equal. A sprawling metropolis positioned on the coast. It is the largest city in the entire region. Several million people inhabiting the city and it’s surrounding area. It was founded as a minor fort by the fledgling Atemic Empire. In tone with the militarism of its founders. The city has not one but 3 layers of perfectly circular, thick, white walls, as well as a large perfectly cut and symmetrical moat which rings the entirety of the city. There are few entrances to the city the main ones being across three large and elaborately decorated stone bridges. Behind these defenses is the most advanced, and richest city in the world. A myriad of libraries, hospitals, plazas, fountains, theaters, palaces, and other such buildings. In the city one can find temples to every god worth worshiping. While the rest of the so-called civilized world also has them, no place but Aldemar has as many. The city has been besieged many times, though it has never fallen. This is partially due to the fact that its walls are tremendously thick and well built, and because the first ring protects a vast amount of highly advanced, irrigated, and well tended to farmland which can feed a fair amount of the city alone. The people of Mer’ak are a strange one, the city has the constant smell of rot and decay present within it, and black seems to be the chief color of choice for most apparel, the focal point of the city is a large shrine, paying homage to the ancestors of the Mer’akian people. Grand Principality of Rostukhov Vladimir Vasilyevich finds many duelists in Wyom, all of them are sons of nobles, and none are particularly outstanding, he is beaten a couple times, and wins a couple more. Most, however, tell him that if he wishes to pursue such a hobby, he should make his way to the legendary fighting pits of Antramar. Yithic moss, though extraordinary in its healing capabilities, is largely a dormant and very slow growing moss, it would be impractical to attempt to equip the entire Rostukhovan army with it. Similarly, the moss is far from fire resistant, in fact it seems to be extremely susceptible to it, burning wildly and with a thick tar-like smell. Kingdom of Kastovia Another year without disturbance passes within the Kingdom/ Mitrovic Empire Im not scrolling back and looking at your ******* predicted finish time, include it next time. Talk to me in the discord for this response. Kingdom of Ardes Another year of prosperity and peace passes within the Kingdom, truly a blessed ruler Sigmund is! Kurausahr The Olk-Wood looms over the Empire, though ominous, nothing out of ordinary comes from its trees, and life is as usual within the Empire. Chicahtoc Empire Following the breaking of the siege in the south, the Eagles find the peninsula to be in shambles, with the Atemic forces on a wild and daring offense. Kemet Behind the walls of the Temple, the Magi get right to work, conjuring and weaving new spells to better aide in the development of further magical advancements. -INVOCATION OF SEKHMUT (T4)- Sharpen the mind of affected persons, enhancing their focus for long durations, improves the speed at which magic and tech is researched. It will be ready for 872. To the north, the Holy Nation mobilizes, and prepares to march upon the lands of Kemet! Perasmani League The explorers find no resources of note in their brief survey of the coast. Fydor’s Bastion, for the most part in good enough condition, is speedily repaired and brought back up to proper working order. Urgent news on the capital island, off the coast two Ishikawan vessels have been spotted, laden with troops! They prepare to land! (Discord) The spell will complete by the year 870 (For Samalstraza too) Ishikawa Shogunate YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Samalstraza The Courtiers arrive unobstructed. They make steady progress through the ranks of the Court, but are nowhere near the chief advisors of the target monarchs, especially more so in Antramar. Magma whip will be prepared for year 869 The Explorers depart, and find themselves en route to the beating heart of the Empire itself (Discord) The envoy and gold is turned away
  15. World Events: Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 866 South of the Elector states, Antramar continues to campaign against their Orevian foes. Though, most of the year is spent maneuvering the two forces, small battles break out around the area, mostly resulting in Antramarian victories. Furthermore, the region itself is completely decimated by two large hosts occupying it for most of the year and razing most of the countryside. By the year’s end, Emperor Osmund is in no position to contest his opponents advance and takes flight west across the river- and into Krolestwo... At the turn of the year, news comes to many from the lands of the Warlord Aeton. Apparently, something has upset the now aging man enough to throw him into a terrible rage. His fleet sails into the straight of Umeso completely cutting it. All trade following through the strait between the Sea of Chtor and Fydor is halted, hefty amounts of goods, profits, and ships are simply outright stolen by the Atemic fleet. [All Trade through the Straight of Umeso is blocked] Pachaqui Kingdom The mountains and earth are quiet, the year uneventful. Time passes as it always has within the Kingdom. With every day, the realm grows in wealth.. Crimson Order Into the Wulff swamps captain Viermetz and his company go.. (Discord) Techniques capable of forging heavier armor and stronger material for Infantry, Crossbows, and Cavalry will be available in 867 Chicahtoc Empire The scouts tear through the Wyomian country side and find very little of note. Almost the entirety of the landscape is made of vast tracts of farmlands. Horsemen with wicked blades and stout hammers cutting off access to any potential sacrifice. Apart from the lords, most Wyomians live in massive fortress-like barracks positioned in various locations within the massive estates. The Shaman weave and bend the forces of magik, however it is a lengthy process indeed. The Ritual of Regeneration will be ready to perform by 867 (t2), The ritual of Acid will be prepared by 868 (t2). Kingdom of Kastovia The site of a great battle, only mere traces of the titanic event remains.. (discord) Proper technique to forge quality and lasting heavy armor will be widespread enough for mass production by 868. Likewise, designs for a crossbow capable of firing projectiles at suitable speeds and distances will be prepared for 868. Kingdom of Rhorric Ancient ruins, filled with mystery and adventure, there is much to explore… (discord) Efforts to design a suitable crossbow and produce horse and rider armor of significant quality are well underway. The various smiths and armourers of the kingdom state such goods will be available by 868. The various magik users of the kingdom get right to work, bending the wild and mysterious force, channeling it for new uses. They predict that a spell capable of using the forces of nature to mend wounds will be prepared by 867 (t1) Perasmani League The expedition along the river of the Cradle finds little of note. The landscape is ancient and vast, among the harsh snows and brilliant summers, one feels a small tug on the edge of their mind, a sense of belonging. The small keep is constructed without issue, cementing Perasmani control over a another small sliver of the world. Out they sail, and safely they arrive, the lands of Khrav offer to sell the Perasmani a sufficient amount of steel for 2,000g. Within the ancient bastion of Fydor, there is much to see. (Discord) Alloys and techniques capable of producing a usable and protective suit of heavy armor will be prepared for 868. From the We- no.. East!? Come a number of ships flying none other than the banners of the Shogunate! The eastern island is subject to countless attacks, where many are killed and much destroyed. Luckily, the local garrison manages to see the raiders off! (1 dock destroyed during construction, 5,000g recovered from the project) (-2,500g)(5,000 killed/captured) Kingdom of Ardes At the site of such a monolithic battle, there is much to discover.. (Discord) The Knights of the chapter scarcely leave their walls, and a reply to His Majesty states they see no reason to now. Samalstraza On the northern coast lies a small ruin, long abandoned.. (Discord) Both Orev and Antramar accept a Samalstrazi embassy within their lands, and both would be open to a courtier. In regards to the origin of the conflict, it seems to have begun within the Empire itself. Initially a small dispute between two elector states, Telc and Opavo, however the conflict soon escalated when Prince Armon, a great-cousin of Antramarian King Savos and a retainer to the Opavan Magistrate was allegedly dishonorably murdered in his sleep. On the justification of bringing justice to his late great-cousin, King Savos took up arms and began an invasion of the north, which has so far leaned into Antramar’s favor. Masters of Magik, the men of Ninur begin to weave the mysterious forces of reality into new applications.. --The Blood of Nashorazipal, capable of granting a passive and permanent regeneration to any blessed with it will be ready for 868. It is, however, predicted to be an expensive process to perform (1,500g per ritual) --Ring of a Hundred Voices, a novel enchantment, with no doubt many applications, such a spell is a painfully tedious process to fabricate. Ready for 870 --Orli iss Atrapur, a mighty tool for the men of the Ninur indeed. Ready for 866 --Em-Kashig is Bellet Ill- I cant be assed.. Ready for 867 --Su Shastur Iss Ninur- A truly monolithic task, for those intent on such a journey, there is no end in sight… A capable telescope, large and carried in a small cart, or by a number of servants will be prepared for 869. Ishikawa Shogunate Katsumi’s raiders strike the League with great efficiency and surprise, launching a daring raid on the city itself. Several the raiders make good fun of ransacking and terrorizing the countryside, taking many slaves and slaughtering many more. (1,000g) (500 captured) (1 frigates worth of Wokou +1 veterancy lvl)(+1 martial for Katsumi) Another wagie strikes a vein of green rock, another wagie vaporized.. City-State of Salvus A delegation was sent, and they arrived safely… (discord) Heavy Infantry and Crossbows will be prepared for manufacturing by 867 Little progress is made on the development of a proper military academy, such an organization would probably require funding rather than a team of researchers.. With great enthusiasm the wielders of Magik within Salvus begin to work on further improved spells -An improvement onto the existing spell will be ready for consistent use by 870 -Large and mighty runes, hewn upon stone and earth for the purpose of summoning mighty barriers should the need arise, the mages begin to work most diligently, they will be prepared by 870 The Grand Principality of Rostukhov The serfs were correct in their assessment, it is indeed something new. This moss is a bluish-green-purple in color, with few small bioluminescent buds sprouting from them. The moss itself is incredibly tough, hard to pierce or cut, while still being flexible. Researchers are baffled by what applications it may have, and they almost abandon the project entirely. Thankfully, the Dvoryanin returns with news, apparently the local serfs took to making clothing out of it, and when one suffered a cut on the farm, the moss instantly took to imbedding itself within his skin, repairing the wound in a matter of minutes. Remarkable.. (Yithic Moss discovered) Heavy cavalry will be available by 867 Unfortunately, making farmsteads any cheaper would result in the serfs having nowhere to live, compared to their 10ft squared housing as it is already.. Glorious Kemet (Mechanical actions included) From the north come more defilers! A single envoy bearing the same symbol as the rest of them arrives at the capital city. He lays heaping loads of insults upon the Eye of Kemet, claiming that his soldiers slaughtered a host of pilgrims and desecrated the TOMB OF THE MOST HOLY PROPHET YARRIN the holiest site in all of the Holy Nation! Kemet will return the beloved prophets burial rites, and hand over the men responsible, or be subject to CRUSADE. 4,000 t2 Medjay Foot Soldiers are recruited throughout the countryside! -2500g saved A TOTAL OF 1,975,000 LIVES ARE EXPENDED FOR THE GLORY OF KEMET - 4 labour districts - 32 slaver districts - 9 Heavy industry buildings - 9 Mines Among those in the temple, voices are heard, fleeting visions of a sprawling gardens and flowing streams, whispers tugging at the periphery of their minds. They can only assume the Pyramid is the source of these events, but have made no headway into unlocking its secrets.. RAMUS’ WEIGHING-OF-THE-HEART! (t2)- A mighty spell, truly, the outsiders should be bent to the will of Kemet, the priesthood declares a spell will be sufficiently woven by 868 THE GRASP OF IP (t3)- Confusion, terror, paranoia, madness, dissarray, disobedience, the punishment of the gods shall be sent against the outsiders! The priesthood declares it will be ready by 870 The Mitrovic Empire The twins are missing!? Where are they going?? Who knows, surely not I? Definitely not the Crown Prince… Suits of armor suitable for the ‘Heavy Infantry’ classification will be prepared as early as 870.
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