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  1. The Annals of Anduvia “When the gods deem it so, the world turns. Spiraling deeper into the Ocean of Truth, its waves crash violently against us, bringing terrible disasters that mark the end of ages.” [ The Anduvian Empire, Circa 181 A.S. ] [ The Continent of Ilhder, as rendered by Imperial Historian, Prescil] Music One hundred and seventy-five years ago, St. Ralek, The Blessed, Phalanx of Sendil, Toppler of the White Tower, and First King of Anduvia landed upon the shores of Ilhder, beginning a series of conquests that would last for the next hundred years - propelling his new realm into the preeminent power of the continent, but now the dawn of the Anduvian Empire has undoubtedly passed, and the sun now rises on the state which conquered all who stood before it. Yet still, the times are precarious and there are many who believe that Anduvia’s fate lies on a knife’s edge. The Hero-Emperor, St. Ralek Sedorva, has not left the royal capital in the better part of a decade, overcome with grief following the loss of three of his five Blades, his wife, and most recently his sons Orbek and Tellos. Without his watchful eye and commanding presence the realm has suffered greatly, greed, instability, and corruption begin to gnaw on the corners of the young empire. Many lords and generals have grown wary and unruly. Others plan for the worst, speaking in hushed tones that the Emperor has lost his mind. Even as the last of the Emperor’s Blades, Ruul, attempts to stabilize the realm, acting in Ralek’s stead, the path ahead is uncertain.. Of major note is the widespread talk of succession within the Sedorvan line. For well over a hundred and fifty years, St. Ralek has ruled Anduvia - never doubting the strength of his divinity nor bothering to name an heir. With his absence being considered a real possibility for the first time since his canonization in the year 95, many of the Emperor’s relatives have begun to jockey for power and position - setting up a political situation that will not so easily be diffused. Chief amongst these headaches is Tellos Sedorva, son of Tellos Sedorva, of Ralek’s Vindaric line. In an effort to eventually claim his grandfather’s crown, the young prince has traveled to the northern frontiers to win glory and prestige through conquest. Gathering up the local garrisons from the Surkhish Marches and the Burning Coast as he traveled, the prince began the first Anduvian war in half a century - invading the neighboring realm of Estria alongside a coalition of like-minded lords. But he is not the only vulture to flock to the grieving Emperor’s reign. Outside Anduvia’s borders, the continent of Ilhder has steadily destabilized, and threats to Anduvia’s hegemony grow with every passing moon. To the west, in the Sea of Fire, piracy has increased dramatically with the emergence of the self proclaimed “Thunder King” a pirate lord who is said to wield the power of lightning itself. Less than a year ago, his fleet clashed with Carathar VI, the imperial admiral sent to contest the pirates - and descendant of one of the original Blades. Carathar’s fleet was smashed in the battle, and the pirates have only grown more bold in the wake of his defeat, going so far as to land on the coast of Galaran to raid and plunder. Within the interior of the Empire, the ever defiant Cloudmurk deepens. The few roads through the ominous forest have grown unsafe and treacherous in recent years, with many caravans and merchants avoiding the area entirely. From settlements along its borders comes word of strange dancing lights spotted deep past the treeline, and thunderous booms that wake whole villages. In the north, past prince Tellos’ personal quest for glory, the Dwarven Realm of Akizbuzal has begun to splinter and collapse in the face of a resurgent Dahgaan. While not yet a direct threat to Anduvia, the lost holds have become overrun with Goblin hordes who routinely spill out into the plains of Northreach, Galrun, and Torbak. To make matters worse, long “inactive” tribes of Orcs and Gnolls have begun to reorganize, their warbands more frequently crossing the border into Anduvia. Words on the wind speak of gray omens, and flocks of midnight crows circling above the plains of the lands of Dohrak. The only true threat to Anduvia’s domination, though, is the Golden Empire of Sudryal, who’s reign (nor ego) know no end beneath the burning sun. It has been over 50 years since the end of the Second Golden War, during which Anduvian armies very nearly captured the Golden City itself, a fact which the Elven Emperor has not forgotten. Ever since, his Empire has been steadily consolidating its eastern territories, and marshaling its forces for the seemingly inevitable third conflict - so say the Crown’s spies, at least. It is in these most pivotal of times that the Consul and Sorcerer Ruul, one of the two remaining Blades, has, in light of the Emperor’s prolonged grief, summoned all the major lords, generals, and vassals of the realm to the Holy Capital of Sendil for the purpose of reforming and reorganizing the Empire’s administration. To defy these summons would be unwise.. A timeline, describes the glorious conquests of St. Ralek Sedorva. THE NATIONS & ORGANIZATIONS OF ILHDER The Red Legion It was not long before the cataclysmic Shearing that the General Opret saw the vision of a child, wreathed in the flames of heaven - of a promised emperor, of Paradise, Eternal - of impending doom.. Opret took whomever he could and vanished into the Great Sea, his fleet’s sails dipping beneath the horizon as the first shards of earth began to wretch themselves into the sky. Only through the blessing of heaven did Opret survive the cataclysm.. For a hundred years, the Red Legion trawled the Great Sea, constantly blown about by the relentless storms, constantly pushed to the brink of starvation. A dozen times, the men recount, Opret’s fleet was thrown against the scattered islands and archipelagos, and a dozen times they rebuilt and set sail once more. Only through the blessing of heaven did Opret find the way to Ilhder. When the Red Legion finally landed upon the shores of the Dreaming Sea, Opret, having finished his duty, collapsed. Since then, his men have embarked on a steady string of conquests eastwards, absorbing countless tribes and petty kingdoms as they go. Culminating in a brief confrontation with the Anduvians during the Second Golden War, the Red Legion is a force to be reckoned with, to be sure. The Legion is a festering pit of religious fanatics, drawn to the flame of the Child’s Adventism, one that cannot be allowed to spread further, in the words of the Golden Tongue.. The Goldwood Princes For many thousands of years now, the Elves have lived within the Goldwoods. Before the arrival of St. Ralek and his armies, though, their princedoms were fragmented and always warring, forever locked in an endless struggle for domination of the realm, deep in their self-induced delusions of grandeur. It was only when Enalidus’ armies marched through the lands of Rzhekia, cutting a bloody swathe as they went, did the Princes of the Goldwood begin to think they might be forced to avert their focus beyond their treelines. Whatever it was - they did not move soon enough, and swathes of the forest’s borderlands fell to the Anduvian invaders. Today, the Goldwoods are united into a very loose confederation around a council of the elder princes. While they continue to squabble amongst themselves, as they have for generations, they are at least united in their hatred for their Anduvian neighbors - a fact which they are not afraid of making known. The Golden Empire of Sudryal An age ago, when the Elves arrived in Ilhder - their fondness and aptitude for war and bloodshed was quickly made known across all the lands. The Elven empires quickly took root across much of the continent, and the greatest of these empires was that of Sudryal’s, the mightiest of the Elven Princes. While the other Elven states have since collapsed and faded away generations ago, disappearing with their rulers, Sudryal has endured.. The Golden Empire’s history is long and storied, apparently tracing its origins far across the sea, to the Elven Homelands. In the modern era, though, it remains one of if not the greatest states in the whole of the continent- stretching from the league of the five cities all the way to the Red Mountains, and from the Inner sea to the heart of the Surraq badlands. The Empire itself adheres to a strict religious code, paying homage to the Sun, as well as the chief among its avatars, Sudryal. Within Sudryal’s domain, Anduvia is seen as an antithetical force to that of the Empire - a machine that will only plunge the world further into darkness and disorder, bringing it further from the righteous order that the Prince of Princes has worked so tirelessly to create. Dwermark One of the first Dwarven Colonies established during the zenith of their Empire. Before Anduvia, the rulers of Dwermark held control over many of the shards, as well as scattered ports across the eastern coast of the Inner Sea. Well past their prime, the Dwarves of the Island were conquered by the Anduvian nobleman Kras Botin, who absorbed the remnants of their once sprawling empire into his own. The hold itself has been allowed to retain a precious little amount of autonomy, and is essentially a vassal to the Anduvian Crown. Splintering Akizbuzal Once the mightiest and most illustrious of the Dwarven Realms, now laid low. The works of the ancient dwarves of Akizbuzal were without equal - but their descendants have long since fallen from their former glory. Over the past centuries, Akizbuzal has been in a steady state of decline, enduring numerous goblinoid and kobold incursions from the north and west, as well as several periods of brutal civil war. The state that the realm now finds itself in is one of near collapse. The regency council, which has reigned since the death of the last king, has not convened in several years. Many of the dwarven armies which still remain active are without reinforcement, critically low on supplies, or without proper leadership. Communication between the different holds have begun to break down with deeper goblin incursions becoming more common, and even the long traveled underways are no longer safe. Some even say a long dormant dragon has since emerged far to the north, sensing the weakness of the Dwarves.. The Kingdom of Estria The Kingdom of Estria is one of the few remaining human realms to escape Anduvia’s all powerful influence. Positioned on the western coast of the continent, the realm was originally formed directly in response to the aggressive Anduvian expansion to the south. As such, they have long since been considered a natural enemy to the Anduvians. In terms of the realm itself, Estria is known to have a very large knightley caste, far surpassing that of Anduvia’s (proportionally speaking). Their heavy cavalry and foot-knights are of great-renown throughout the continent, known for their resilience and ferocity in combat. In recent years Estria has been subject to Anduvian invasion, and while the young prince Tellos’ army has captured a significant portion of the realm, it would be untrue to say that his war there has been anything but a cakewalk. There has not yet been any large, pitched battle as of yet, but the few skirmishes and sieges the Anduvians have endured have not been the cleanest of victories. The Black Army of Galrun When the cataclysmic Shearing sank the human homelands, the Lord of Night, Derathas, fell with it, sunk beneath the waves. His vast legions which once threatened to overcome the whole of the continent, though, managed to escape - at least fragments of them. One of these such groups is the Black Army, led by one of Derathas’ lieutenants, Aramath. Following their journey across the Great Sea, the remnants of the once mighty Black Army landed in the northern reaches of Ilhder, where Aramath would begin the process of establishing his own domain. The Black Army frequently wars with the Orcish, Kobold, and Gigantic peoples of the north. Though its landing in Ilhder was considerably delayed, the Black Army has already made significant progress. The Blackwing Company Named after the distinct flights of black scavengers which follow the group on campaign, The Blackwing Company is perhaps the most experienced and sought after mercenary group in all of Ilhder. Led by Sigismund Geld, a disgraced nobleman who would later take on the name of the group after its notoriety became widespread. Blackwing is mostly active throughout the Western Realms. Well trained and led, the Blackwing Company numbers roughly 10,000 men strong, battle hardened through and through. Perhaps the best known unit of their ranks are the Blackwing Knights, a core of Heavy Cavalry whose helms are adorned with decorative black wings that sprout from either side. Praised for their skill and bravery in battle, the Blackwing Knights have shattered many a battle-line, their charge alone winning countless victories. The Company is composed mainly of human units, but it is not uncommon for Geld to take on other races into his ranks, assuming they share the ferocity and skill of the organization as a whole. Examples of this include a number of Giants who are currently employed by the company, as well as groups of Orcish and Dwarven Infantry. Though not known to break agreements, any lord who purchases the company’s service would be well advised to make sure payment is arranged in a timely fashion. Sigismund, on more occasions than one, has been known to turn on the lands of his host, extracting what has not been paid, one way or another. The Sacred Order of the Golden Tongue The Knights of the Golden Tongue are a sacred order on an endless crusade against those who would blaspheme against the Marble Court. Enormous by human standards, they wield the blessed armaments and relics of the holiest power. Being an ordained Sacred Order brings with it a series of protections in the way of custom and tradition. To uproot an Order or take hold of its property is considered a grave sin, and as such, the Golden Tongue is allowed to spread relatively unimpaired across the whole of the continent, where they hold a number of stout castles and monasteries. Originally, The Golden Tongue was created by the Consul Ruul to regulate the spread of blasphemies throughout the Empire. Since his death, the Order has slowly grown into something more of an inquisition, persecuting wildly at even a mere whiff of sacrilege. None are safe from their accusations nor their prosecutions, which they carry out violently. The Old Empire of Dahgaan Founded in the age of the Dwarven Empire, Dahgaan was once a mighty Goblinoid Realm carried to the zenith of their power by the Emperor Sharaat, a Hobgoblin Warlord. Since its collapse many thousands of years ago, the Dahgaani tribes of the western forests and warrens have been routinely culled and stamped out by the Dwarves of Akizbuzal. For the first time in millennia, though, a Dwarven Emperor has not campaigned into Dahgaan, and the goblins here have been allowed to marshal their strength relatively unopposed. Now, the Empire has reemerged, launching a massive invasion of western Akizbuzal as it does. THE THUNDER KING A side effect of the mismanaged Anduvian Realm, the self proclaimed “Thunder King” is an upstart pirate-lord based within the Sea of Fire. Having emerged only recently, he has wrecked havoc on Anduvian Shipping up and down the coast, and even smashed the Imperial Fleet off the coast of the Cloudmurk. Apart from his large collection of ships, and apparent skill at naval warfare, the most concerning aspect surrounding the mysterious pirate is his domain within the Sea of Fire. Prior to his emergence, several expeditions had been launched into the islands that reside there, none of which have been anything but failures. The region had been deemed unnavigable and too dangerous for travel - an assumption which has apparently been proven wrong. The League of the Five Cities The five ancient cities of Shejar, Chimuz, Sumar, Hrashaan, Reijuz. The League originated from a consortium of merchant guilds within the warlike Hobgoblin realms of the deep south, the League gradually grew in strength in influence until it came to dominate all of the region, including the cities themselves. The League now exists as a major economic region, exporting many rare minerals and wares, such as wellstones and glasteel, despite its disconnection from the rest of the continent. While not a militaristic bunch at heart, the league has been forced into armed conflict several times in recent years against the Golden Empire to their north. Recruiting mercenaries from across the region, they were narrowly defeated in the ensuing Dust War, which resulted in a humiliating treaty and a loss of two of the original seven cities. APPLICATION You will be taking the role of an Anduvian vassal, sworn to the Anduvian Crown, and the Emperor who bears it. Whether that be a King, Governor, General, or anything in between, the choice is yours. Inside the Anduvian realm is a myriad of peoples and client kingdoms, from warlike princedoms of the Elves to the stout holds of the Dwarves and festering mires that the Lizardfolk call home. No race has escaped from the Anduvian yolk. Each race possesses unique strengths, the list of playable races is as follows: --- Humans: Humans are the most prolific of Ilhder’s races. They arrived from across the Great Sea in huge waves after a cataclysmic event known as the Shearing sank their homelands. Since their arrival, humans have proven to be a hardy and versatile folk, thriving in a vast range of environments. They are known for their predisposition to warfare, which they excel at, but also great works of art and magical feats. The average man stands around 5’11”, both their strength and senses are very run of the mill. There is a wide variation of hair and skin tones found. Their affinity for magic is notable, but not comparable to that of the Elves. Elves: The first Elven settlers arrived in Ilhder an age ago, sent from their Empire across the Silver Sea. Noble as they were, they would put tens of thousands to the sword in the wars that the Elven Princes and Prophets would wage to carve out their princedoms from the local peoples. Though they have since grown into a slightly more insular people, especially since word from their homelands mysteriously stopped arriving. The Elves are not a race adverse to warfare, and they are among the most warlike on the continent. They are a disciplined, xenophobic people, known for their powerful magics. There are two distinct types of Elves, the Lunaerin, and Sulaerin Lunaerin share many similarities with their Sulaerin cousins, but yet possess unique features. They stand around 7’4” on average, and are as strong as three men. All their senses are far more honed than that of a human’s. Their skin is pale white to silver in color, with hair of comparable colors. Lunaerin have an immense affinity for all magic and magical knowledge, being considered the greatest wielders of it. They live as old as 800 or so years. Sulaerin share many similarities with their Lunaerin cousins, but yet possess unique features. They stand around 7’6” on average, and are as strong as three men. All their senses are far more honed than that of a human’s. Their skin ranges from tans to deep oranges, with blonde or red hair. Sulaerin have a great affinity for war, being considered among the best makers of it. They live as old as 800 or so years. Dwarves: Legendary craftsmen and architects, the Dwarves are famed for their enormous holds, built deep into the heart of Ilhder’s mountains, and the fabulous works they adorn them with. The Dwarves are a proud and ancient race, being known for their stoic (or grumpy) demeanor, which is often taken as cold by many races. They are known for their adherence and honoring of tradition as well as their long, multi-generational grudges. Well past the heyday of the Dwarves, their race is still a major force in Ilhder. The average dwarf reaches heights between 4’10” and 5’5”. Their strength is akin to that of a humans, and their senses are also comparable with the exception of eyesight, which is notably more suited to dark environments. All Dwarves have an abundance of facial hair. Goblinoids: The family of Goblinoid races is extensive and diverse. Traces of these beings are among the first of the non-Giant races to appear in the Dwarven histories, marking them as some of the oldest races on Ilhder. The Goblinoid races are synonymous with warfare, brutality, and plentiful numbers. Their histories are marred by an almost constant series of conquests and battles. While certainly not true of all of their people, to say that Goblinoids were not predisposed to violence would be a blatant lie. Even so, there are rare examples of great feats of Goblin architecture and metalworking that rival even the work of the Dwarves. Among the Goblin clans are the many who wish to see a revival of their grand empires of old. There are three distinct types of Goblinoids: Goblins, Bugbear, and Hobgoblins. Goblins are the most abundant and oldest. They stand between 4’ and 4’6” typically, and have lighter builds, being weaker than an average human. Their hearing and sight is surprisingly acute, and their skin ranges in color from greens to blacks and browns. They are known for plentiful numbers, greed, and cowardice. Bugbears A large and hairy variant of the goblin. They stand around 6’0” on average, and are covered in brown or black fur. Bugbears are far less intelligent, and much more violent than the rest of their kin. For all their brawn though they are, however, surprisingly nimble and stealthy when they chose to be. They are almost totally incapable of magic. Hobgoblins, also called High Goblins, have a strange combination of features from Elves, Goblins, and Humans. They stand around 6’2” on average, with greater strength than a human and their skin ranges in color between pale reds to deep crimson. They are known to be much more intelligent and more disciplined than other goblinoids. They are, however, totally incapable of magic. Orcs: Orcs are a mysterious bunch, spawned from unknown sources, and found even on the Human homelands. Like humans, they are a versatile people, found in all sorts of environments, from plains, to highlands, to even the underdark. They are known for their ferocity in battle, stubbornness, powerful builds, and raging temper. Apart from short, mostly incomplete tribal histories, very precious little is known about these creatures. Most orcs stand roughly 6'0 tall, and are stronger than a man, with senses of comparable level too. Orc skin ranges in color from shades of green to gray. Lizardfolk: The Lizardfolk are the easily the strangest and most alien of all the sapient races in Ilhder. Coldblooded and feeling, they lack most things one might think of as 'human' as far as emotions go, thinking only as far as their next meal in many cases. Still, the Lizardfolk are an ancient race said to have served the ancient Dragonlords in a time before time. Covered in a thick coat of protective scales, they prefer to dwell within the fetid swamps and mires amidst their crumbling ziggurats and sunken cities where they are said to perform ancient rituals - long since forgotten. Most Lizarfolk stand around 6'0" tall, with similar senses to that of a human. Their scales can posses a wide variety of colors, from vibrant yellows and reds to dull greens and browns. --- At the heart of every civilization in Ilhder is faith. On the continent, a number of important cults and pantheons have developed from which powerful magi and their adepts draw magical power. Away from this long trod path are the sorcerous arts - foul blasphemes in the eyes of some - the way to true power in the eyes of other. Choose a faith: Not pictured is the sorcerous arts, which march in defiance of the divines. NATION NAME: RACE: MAGIC / SORCERY: BRIEF DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: LEADER / NOTABLE CHARACTERS: MAP LOCATION (ONLY WITHIN OR NEAR TO ANDUVIA): UNIQUE UNIT: POINT OF INTEREST: this can be a place or a thing, such as an ancestral sword, for example This rp will take place exclusively on discord, if I do not have you and you apply, leave discord. thanks everyone! :)
  2. Pilgrim Church “For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they have comforted me.” The Pilgrim’s face adversity on all sides, yet they march on, willed forward by the Destiny - and the Promise of the World to Be. [Short Post this week, I am lacking on inspiration]. Economic Actions - Organizing one group of miners - Saving the rest RP Actions - Battle on the Ice - The Pilgrim Church’s vanguard (210 Light Horse Archers) are dispatched north to a remaining village. As is practice, they offer one chance to peacefully convert. Should the village refuse, the settlement is razed and the population enslaved.
  3. THE PILGRIM CHURCH 1st Year of the Age of Salvation, Spring ----=<>=---- Eleazar’s feet sank into the soft mud with every step forward. His heavy ceremonial robes dragged through it as he went. In his hand, the censer rhythmically swung side to side, suspended by a golden chain. “Blessed is the ground on which thee tread, for thou make way the road to salvation …” The High Magi announced as he went. As he passes each rider, the man steps forward, bowing low to the muck before placing a kiss upon the elaborate golden box. “Blessed is thy errand, for thou bring glory to the heavens. I say to thee; the wicked flee when no one pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a lion …” The last of the horsemen steps from his animal, stepping forwards to kiss the Ark. A tight smile grips at the old Magi’s face as his hands extend upwards, “Go now! Make ready the road, ye faithful! Make ready the road and cast from it those who will not follow!” The whole group, once mere savages picking away at one another as they wasted away in the desert, now an elite and devoted arm of the Pilgrim Church, raises their bows or sounds their horns as a Pilgrim banner sways back and forth from the lead man, and the contingent thunders out of the camp … Economic Actions - Organizing one group of miners - Saving the rest RP Actions - The Pilgrim Church’s vanguard (225 Light Horse Archers) are dispatched, along with Desab’s warriors, to the 6 villages along the Pilgrim’s route. They are to offer the inhabitants a single chance to join the Pilgrimage. Should they refuse, the village is sacked and razed, all are taken as slaves and integrated into the Pilgrimage by force.
  4. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.431 AE The moon reaches its zenith. The hour is near. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events “BEYOND THE VEIL.. I SEE.. ORIGIN.. FINALITY..” The man squirmed and struggled as the Irik guardsman dragged him across the desecrated hall, a futile effort which only served to tighten its grip around his neck. His jet black armor was marred with blood and grime, so much so that the nine distinctive rings emblazoned on its face were no longer visible. The sounds of battle could still be heard beyond the palace walls, but there would be no victory. As he twisted, his eyes fell upon their destination, and he fell still. The Irik tossed him forwards onto the floor before yanking off the smooth, featureless helmet with a sharp hiss and tossing it aside. One of the Irik’s many hands strikes its chest, “Alive, the rest will soon fall.” it barks, stepping back from the figure at the head of the room. The Mindbender rises, his shadow engulfing the faintly lit hall before him like a tsunami. Servos spun and clicked as he stepped forwards down the stairs of the Imperial Throneroom. The man sunk lower as the Creature grew closer, what little color there was vanishing from his face. “Fodder.” The Creature’s voice booms across the room, yet no sound carries it. It reaches down, snatching the man by the throat and lifting him high into the air. He gasps, his eyes widening before they vanish entirely. The Mindbender holds the husk a moment longer before discarding it. “A clear message. Prepare, Sariks.” A RETURN TO TRADITION “A beacon to light, when you are ready to seize your destiny…” The Matarekan command poured over the large holo-table, arguing amongst themselves. Some called for an immediate counter attack, others advocated to hunker down on the fortress-worlds which had served them so well in the past. With the sudden invasion of Kur’skan’s Reclamation Fleet, the entire province had been caught off balance. Already weak from their battle with the House of Bones, their space forces were in disarray, trying desperately to regroup and reorganize. To make matters worse, the Irik pirates from the House of Suns had grown in both number and boldness, the eastern systems were in chaos, reports had begun to filter in of a large fleet even crossing the border. Crippled by the mysterious disappearance of the Mohiki and his psykic cabal, communication had begun to break down entirely. Their squabbles fell on Holokai, The Black Bastard’s ears in muted tones. Try as he did to make sense of the situation, his mind was elsewhere, perhaps with the transponder in his pocket, quietly waiting. He looked among the circle of generals, governors, admirals, magistrates, and all other manner of administrator and saw only a den of vipers. These were the men who had slandered his father. These were the men who betrayed his father. They called him worm, rat, and snake under their breaths. They cursed his name. If it were not for mere circumstance, they would have disposed of him long ago. His mind raced as his hand activated the device. Less than twenty minutes later, a large shuttle silently touches down on the governor estate’s north grounds, its crew dismounting in short order. “Silence!” Holokai roared, slamming his fist onto the table. The group of men instantly fell quiet, and all eyes turned to face him. “I believe I have a solution to our problems gentlemen.” He paused, “First, however, I have received.. Troubling reports to say the least. Reports that a hideous corruption has spread across our systems..” The men overran the grounds, arc blades falling upon the ill-prepared and unsuspecting soldiers. “This corruption has penetrated every level of our society. From the common man, to the top brass..” Footsteps filled the hallways. As Holokai opens his mouth to continue. An explosion rocks the hall, ejecting debris across it. He immediately dips below the table as men clad in jet black armor pour into the room, unleashing a continuous chatter of machine gun fire. In an instant, all who might have opposed Holokai’s destiny were cut down by the righteous hand of fate. He stands up shakily, casting his eyes upon the carnage. One of the men approaches him, a symbol of nine rings glinting off his armor. “Are there any more?” -- Following Holokai’s brutal and extensive purge of much of the province’s leadership, Matarekan space falls quiet once again. Reports filter out, though, that Holokai has surrendered to Kur’skan’s forces soon after. More space falls to the Reclamation. HOLY WAR “The enemy grows weak. We must move..” With the ascension of the Emperor Kasor Un’Durak, The Seer of Gold, to the Heavenly Throne last year, the fleets of Atu-an are once more spurred into action. Having spent most of the year building up and consolidating from the conquest of the USSC some years prior, they cross the border into Greater Altaire towards the year’s end. A psykic transmission is broadcasted to whom it concerns in Altaire’s border regions, as well as to the leadership of the country itself. “YOU CANNOT STAND AGAINST THE WILL OF HEAVEN, NOR THE PATH OF FATE. LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, PAY HOMAGE TO MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, EMPEROR OF THE GALAXY, THE BLESSED KASOR UN’DURAK, AND YOUR LIVES WILL BE SPARED. FOR THOSE WHO RESIST, THERE IS ONLY THE BREATH OF ANNIHILATION.” _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altiare As the year turns, a two pronged invasion suddenly and unexpectedly enters Altirean-held USSC space from Atu-an.. The searches yield a single battleship hull, found being used as a children’s hospital on a squalid backwater. ISG VARA The Banners are cordial to the influx of Varan gifts, but grow increasingly suspicious as they pour in for the second year. Word circulates enough for Varan command to know that the Irik warchiefs suspect treachery, yet there is no sign of any increasing militarism or readiness on the border. Within the Reef, there are very little remnants of the Varans, with most having died on New Vara, or dispersed into the wider galaxy. Still Louie is able to establish communications with a healthy amount who at least seem cordial to the man. It is abundantly clear, though, that their new employer has treated them very, very well. The Colonial Provisional Interim Authority Fleet and military details acquired (See private channel). The Interplanetary Defense Initiative is simply too far for their leadership to consider any serious agreements with the CPIA, but they at least express their sympathies. The Directorate, on the other hand, is far more interested. The increasing militarism of Atu-an and the ever growing hatred for the “merchants” in the Eastern galaxy has thrown Corporate space into a panic, and they seek new, dependable allies. They will agree to a mutual defense alliance, and also acknowledge the CPIA’s authority over formerly Colonial space. Vennendal Updates on the war situation in discord channel.. Right after I finish writing this !!! The Vennendalic find the battle site to have been picked clean in the years before, they return empty handed. Orteau Word arrives from the south. The invasion force has gathered. They are prepared to depart.
  5. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.430 AE The moon’s ascension is nearly complete. The hour is near. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE END OF THE REPUBLIC “Today marks the beginning of a new era” With the Republican front in shambles following the disastrous results of last year's campaign, and the Republic’s capital of Kior-an having fallen to the Separationist armies of Akamu, the Civil War draws to a close. Fearing his fate at the hands of the Separationists and their militaristic rule, The Grand Admiral Manhuera flees into the arms of his daughter’s family, taking both his fleets and systems with him in his unification with Vennendal. The Stellarch Fetu, who occupies an equally hopeless front, soon follows. His victory complete, albeit apart from the minor resistance of Badab in the northern swathes of Republican space, Akamu declares the Civil War to be at an end. With his rule comes sweeping changes across Republic space. The Oil barons, all in Separationist custody, are tried and executed, their territories absorbed. ERTC assets that had not long since been pulled from the country are seized, and their once expansive trade privileges and monopolies are heavily reduced or outright banned. Though the Republicans are defeated, the war is far from over. After brief and unproductive negotiations with Vennendal, war erupts between the two and reports of several Separationist fleets previously mobilized for the Civil War being on the move again are plentiful… Amidst the news of the constant warfare in the Eastern Rim is some good however. ERTC representatives report a massive sale of the company’s fuel reserves in an effort to recoup many of the losses experienced over the last few years. THE RECLAMATION DRIVES NORTH “There is no distinction between Apostates and Xenos beneath the eyes of the Purge” Still riding the successes of last year, where the Reclamation Fleet and their Crusader allies had thoroughly destroyed the Red-Gold Concordat, the year begins with the initiation of yet more conquests. This time directed against the heretics beyond the northern border. This area of space, very loosely held by the Fourth Empire and the Matarekans is scantly defended, the Imperial fleet having withdrawn west in order to combat the invasion of Tahiwai. The Matarekans too are militarily spent, and are little match for the Kur’skan’s titanic fleet. As such, the Empire, only briefly and very narrowly united, is once more split in two. While the exact specifics of Kur’skan’s advance are unknown, reports from the Empire speak of the front rapidly advancing westwards while the Matarekans likewise are forced to withdraw from much of their conquered space. During this advance on all fronts, Kur’skan announces to have reclaimed the Ring from the hands of the Xeno scum. Too Late “I WAS PROMISED!” The Creature’s many eyes scoured the moon’s surface. Where they could not see, its mind would reach out to, inspecting every nook and crany, peering into every fiber and molecule. There were no places its mind could not see. Yet still it eluded The Creature’s sight. Five, Six - Nine times it had scoured every world, every moon, every spec of dust - For nothing. Its eyes pulled away from the lens and fell upon the massive hall, still strewn with the leftovers of the slaughter, the red walls, the mountains of bones. Anger overcomes the Creature; its roars carry across every corner of the moon and beyond as it hurls the silver disc against the hall’s floor again and again, despite the futility. “DECEIT. TREACHERY. LIES. UNWORTHY” Then there is silence. It looks upon its destruction as its mind reaches outwards, and it feels only fear. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR “At long last” Instability ripples across the west as the Heavenly Kingdom of Atu-an is briefly thrown into a state of disorder. In the opening months of the year, the Heavenly Emperor Hau-ti suddenly and mysteriously dies without having declared a successor. The many courtiers and attendants of the Emperor claim the man had suffered from a fatal seizure and passed soon after, but much of the realm’s admiralty and other such administrators remain unconvinced and a tense standoff soon forms as paralysis overcomes the Empire. Through sheer luck, however, crisis is averted by the hands of the Emperor’s chief Seer, Kasor Un’Durak, who calls for Council on the Holy Capital of Atu-an itself. Compelled by both faith and self preservation, there is compliance. For many months there is both a great deal of discussion and negotiation and also holy ritual designed to discern the Will of Heaven. When the dust finally settles, the matter is resolved, and there is unanimous agreement among the heavenly court. There is only one natural choice to crown as Emperor of Heaven, Kasor himself. For who is better to guide Heaven’s adherents than he who interprets its will, and communes with the courts of old? BLESSED IS THE LINE OF THE EMPEROR RUR-VAI BLESSED IS HE WHO DISCERNS THE WILL OF HEAVEN BLESSED IS THE SEER OF GOLD LONG MAY HE REIGN _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altiare Arrival. Duchy of Castrillon Big dolla. Grand Duchy of Alamar The campaign continues. Stellarchy of Matene There is progress. Orteau There is a great rallying cry heard across Imperial Space. The time to reclaim the Starcast throne is nigh! Emperor Rakera declares that his fleet will join the campaign, soon followed by the Emperor Ran-lir, who pledges his support as well. Vennendal Akamu’s fleets advance on all fronts.. Hyperboreia The Purge marches on..
  6. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.429 AE The stars gleam above the rising moon. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events A RISING TIDE “It is finished, Admiral, surrender your ships.” Within the Outer and Mid Rims, the Republican Civil War continues to rage, entering into its fourth and most bloody and decisive year yet. In the central Republic, a year of careful maneuvering between Akamau and Grand Admiral Pepe comes to a head as the ambitious Separationist is methodically forced into a most unfavorable of fights, having been forced to sacrifice many of his freighters earlier in the year. Without fuel and running dry on munitions and reinforcements, the Separationist fleet is forced into desperate action as they seek refuge above an isolated fuel system - or so the Grand Admiral thinks. As the Republican fleet bears down on the stranded Separationists, Akamu reveals his hand, performing both extremely unorthodox and dangerous maneuvers so as to ambush the Pepe within the Hyperlane itself. While details of the event are scarce at present, it is abundantly clear that Pepe’s host along with his merchant allies were thoroughly shattered - sent into disarray and retreat, the Grand Admiral himself having been captured during the fighting. With the path to Kior-an open, Akamu’s advance is unchecked, and the rebels seize the Republic’s capital late in the year. Following this development, many of both Iolana and Pepe’s subordinates surrender to the Separationist demands, lacking both the time and resources to raise or gather a fleet of any significance to oppose them. With the Republican Senate having fled west, Akamu declares the creation of a Consulate on the old capital - headed by himself. While the war reaches its climax in the east, Manhuera’s forces remain engaged within the Driveyard network of Orthun V. Though the fighting is intense, and several of the structures suffer minor to severe damage, the system is ultimately seized by Manhuera’s legions, driving out the Separationist forces. With the arrival of new authorities, however, comes discoveries. Not long after Manhuera siezes the driveyards, an extensive Teniert network is publicly uprooted - a vast majority of its personnel arrested by the Grand Admiral, who claims that the Imperials had been organizing an Irik slave revolt so as to claim the system for themselves! 10428 marks a year of disaster for the Republic, having suffered a crushing defeat on the most important of fronts. Though still defiant, many whisper of negotiating terms with the Separationists, not keen on enduring the protracted war further resistance might entail.. THE GLORIOUS RECLAMATION “The halls of the future will echo with tales of our glory! Here begins the Reclamation!” War continues to spread across the Western Galaxy. As the year turns, the long dormant Imperial Reclamation Fleet broadcasts to the whole of the immediate area, The Grand Admiral Kur’skan has come to expel the invaders and defilers, both Xeno and Human. Surrender your arms, surrender your ships, surrender your worlds, surrender your leaders, and you will be treated fairly and with mercy. Those who resist the coming fire will only live long enough to suffer its wrath. The Reclamation has begun, Glory to Man! With such a declaration, begins the first of its offensive campaigns since its exile from the heart of the Empire nearly 70 years prior. Kur’skan’s fleet spears eastwards, quickly overrunning the whole of the Red-Gold Concordat and scattering its fleets. Coordinating with the local Hyperboreian Chapter, many worlds are reclaimed from Xeno occupation. True to their word, though, those which resist are laid waste to, subject to orbital bombardment. Within a year, over half of the Concordat is destroyed by the rapidly advancing Imperials, with the rest having been taken over by Remnants from the House of Bones. All. Will. Kneel. Alarms blared throughout the base. Keretene’s men scrambled to their stations as the sounds of a whole brigade's worth of infantry rushed through the halls, readying themselves for battle. Above them, there were the roars of battle. The ground shook, the power flickered. Before long, the fighting had reached the wide hallways of the facilities itself. Machine guns chattered as orders rang out and arc swords ignited. One by one, by sword or rifle or fist, the garrison was felled by the intruders, slowly overrun, the floors were littered with bullet casings, and bodies. Distress signals beamed in every direction, but no one would ever receive them. Their resistance, though valiant, was ultimately futile. The Commander stood in chains before the invaders, interned within his own command center. “For the enemies of the Emperor?” “There is only defeat!” “In defeat?” “There is only death!” A thousand gunshots ring out across the facility. On Silver Waters “The Emperor of Heaven’s days are numbered. Prepare accordingly, San’var.” “Are you sure you wish to go to this place, Seer?” the ferryman inquired. Apart from the gentle lapping of the waves against the stony shore, there was silence. A white mist, illuminated by the brilliant light reflected by the small moon’s rings, slowly moved in across the bay, obscuring all but the faintest shadows of the structures beyond it. As the destination was slowly obscured, the Seer opened his hand, revealing the small silver orb he had recovered the year prior. His thumb pushed it across his hand, allowing him to observe all its faces. “Fate decrees that I do.” The Seer’s hand tightens into a fist. His peering out across the water of the desolate moon. “None that travel there return.” The ferryman states bluntly to the man as he looks out across the water. “Start the boat. Give me silence.” The boat’s engine turned over, humming quietly as the small craft glid forwards across the bay. Finally reaching the far off shore of black rocks, the Seer departed, slowly ascending the ancient stairway hewn from the cliff to the structure that loomed above. Days, then weeks passed. The ferryman had long since returned to his small home across the bay; and then a column of light spewed land across the bay, vanquishing the blackness of perpetual night.. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altiare So begins the expedition. Duchy of Castrillon Another year Fal’s World Oops, i’ll figure something out for this I promise!! (discord. soon!) Grand Duchy of Alamar In these trying times, a psykic of experience is hard to come by, and the Alamarii remain empty handed. Stellarchy of Matene A deal is struck. Orteau Adrien’s fleet pursues the Zealot.. Vennendal Lord Elfering receives a message from his Father in Law. Hyperboreia The Purge marches on..
  7. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.428 AE The moon rises. ====-----<<>>-----==== music _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events FALLING STARS “Imperial ships, staggered line!” Far to the West, the warlord Tahiwai’s invasion of the Fourth Empire reaches a relative climax as reinforcements from his domain stream across the border into the domain of the Lord of a Thousand Stars, Tuakeo II. The local Imperial forces, having contained Tahiwai’s aggression for the past few years despite the lack of any reinforcements are finally forced into a pitched battle over the moon of Pharik. What ensues is a short and brutal engagement where the numerically superior forces of Tahiwai systematically dismantle and decimate the Imperial fleet, wiping out a whole portion of the Imperial Fleet in a single fell swoop.. Reports from the front indicate that such a disaster was caused in part by the now deceased Admiral Alten apparently falling gravely ill mere days before the battle. Precious few of the valuable ships manage to escape the conflict and flee north in order to regroup with other Imperial formations. With Tahiwai’s victory in the south come the spoils, and the whole region virtually surrenders to the Warlord overnight rather than risk any sort of ground invasion. With the south having fallen so rapidly, Imperial forces scramble to regain their bearings. Though Tahiwai’s next move remains unknown, the path to Sa’tava, the Imperial Capital, lay open.. Beyond the False Idols “Our readings are obscured, Seer.” “Then we will go on foot, Prepare to land!” The device’s slow and rhythmic beeps rose steadily in frequency as the group of men, up to their knees in the murky water, continued forwards across the marshy terrain, their sleek black armor so covered in mud and foliage from their long journey that only brief glints of the armor’s ornate trim shone when the far off sun managed to penetrate the world’s smothering canopy. With each ping, hearts rose, they were nearly there. Bolts were primed, ammunition checked, and sensors dialed in. Forced by the planet’s sheer inaccessibility to travel on foot, the group had moved in almost total silence for the past week. By this point, their rations had begun to run dangerously low, and each night, the sounds from the surrounding forest only grew more and more ominous. If any among them had wanted to turn back, their opinion was not made known. Orders compelled them forwards. Orders, and the presence of their Master. There was not one within their ranks who would not die for his liege, regardless of circumstances. “We draw near.” The man, nestled within the protection of the group’s core, announced. His voice was old and weathered, a certain level of authority emanated from it. After a short eternity, the first gun barrel split through the wall of vines and plantlife into the clearing and there it stood. Even the endless forest grew around it, leaving a respectful distance. The device by now was pinging like a racing heart, and its operator shut it off. As the group slowly filtered into the clearing, their weapons lowered one by one. The man approached the object. “Heaven has bestowed upon us this gift. Step lightly, for we tread upon the thread of destiny.” The man announces, a hint of wonder touching his voice. It was old, ancient even. As his eyes fell upon all angles of its surface, examining every feature of its structure, the group slowly fanned out, establishing a perimeter, taking their samples and readings. His hand reached forwards towards the black, weathered stone, and as it did a smile crept across his face. The surface of the monument bent and twisted and contorted. Its smooth face began to collapse inwards. A dim light shone out from its cracks and grooves, growing brighter with every passing second. The very clearing began to thrum with vibrations and the ground shook. The faint chirping of birds and insects and all other manners of fauna fell silent all at once. The many guards spun to face the object in awe. And the man began to see more clearly… THE WHEEL TURNS “... and his wisdom will be known throughout all the land..” Imperial histories speak of the days of the High Empire of old, in eons past, when the psykic arts flourished, and their practitioners were numerous. It was during these days where humanity enjoyed an age of unmatched prosperity, and plenty. No soul lived in want or need, and the splendor of Kaumai’s imperial palace extended to every world under the Emperor’s dominion, or so it is said. Though such days are long since past, many whisper of their return. With each passing year, the emergences and discoveries of new psykics only become more numerous. And as such, the human galaxy is more connected than it has been in almost 2,000 years. News travels fast among the shattered suns of the Third Empire, and despite the instability and chaos which reigns, many speak of the impending return of the glories of yore.. [+ 3 T1 psykics for all nations. +1 T2 psykic for all nations.] For the galaxy’s many psykics this year is especially hectic. They find their emotions greatly heightened. Their hearts burn for action. THE BELLS TOLL “Quickly, Quickly! The Grand-Admiral is dead!” The long dormant Imperial Reclamation Fleet, led by the Grand Admiral Otikoro, is suddenly thrust into turbulence when, following a routine strategy meeting, Otikoro is suddenly and unexpectedly assassinated by several of his lieutenants. Speculation on the man’s sudden demise is rampant, and many of his more loyal commanders are quick to fling accusations at the various officer cliques and factions which are present within the fleet. More pressing, however, is the matter of leadership. In the vacuum left by Otikoro, many rush to claim his position for themselves. In the days that follow his assassination, the whole fleet nearly collapses as the ex-imperials turn on on each other one by one. Gunfire and skirmishes aboard the many ships of the fleet are almost non-stop, and the death toll quickly mounts as long-held grudges and ambitions are unleashed. After several weeks of bloodshed, the dust settles and a single man remains triumphant, Kur’skan Ahani, the leader of a steadily rising faction of anti-xeno extremists within the fleet that many accuse of adhering to the tenants of the Great Purge. With his rise to power, Ahani promises imminent action. The Glorious Restoration will begin. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altiare Derrum got what he deserved! Duchy of Castrillon This day extracts a heavy toll. Fal’s World The next chapter. (discord) Grand Duchy of Alamar A period of mourning. Stellarchy of Matene War against the perfidious rebels.. Orteau Adrien’s fleet pursues the Zealot.. Vennendal The war against the merchants continues… Hyperboreia The Purge marches on..
  8. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.427 AE The moon’s light splits the horizon. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events music THE PRODIGAL SON “It cannot be...” A long, shining hall. Steel walls, marble floor, a gilded ceiling, all glowing with majestic, reflected light. At one end, huge, inlaid doors tower over the guards to either side, while at the opposite side, a huge throne sits upon a raised dais. The throne is made of gold, silver and marble, clearly designed as an imitation of the Starcast Chair. Around it, blinding light shines, obscuring the figure sat upon it, dressed in the golden robes of the Emperors. Throughout the hall, men kneel, clad in the smooth and gilded armor of the Imperial Guard, each bearing the sigil of the Imperial House of Rān. Below the chair, a line of officers chant in a constant, low dirge, delivered in High Imperial - the ancient language of the Imperial Core. Another officer, clearly the most important of the soldiers, stands in front of the chanters. His scarred face looks impassively across the hall as he thunders a question: “Who are you?” “We are the Imperial Guard!” the men roar in reply. “What is your duty?” “To protect the House of Rān, to protect the Emperor!” “What do you give?” “We give our honor, our loyalty, our service, our life!” “What do you ask for?” “We ask to serve the Emperor, unto death!” “Will you fail?” “No!” “Will you falter?” “No!” “Who are you!” “We are the Imperial Guard, we live to serve the Emperor!” they scream as they hammer armored fists into their chest plates and stamp their feet. Across the room, they lend their voices to the chant, droning and yelling the ancient battle-song. The officer draws his arc sword and raises it to his nose, before flicking it to point at the floor. He bows to the Emperor and roars: “Rise then! Rise and join the service of Rān-lir, Emperor of the Galaxy! Rise to serve Rān-ji’s heir!” The soldiers rise to their feet with an echoing clatter, and Rān-lir rises from his throne. The Emperor slices the palm of his hand open and as each man of his Imperial Guard approaches him to offer his obedience, he receives it by smearing his blood across the soldier’s face, blessing his service and accepting his loyalty. As ten thousand men receive the Emperor’s blessing, the droning chant rises in pitch, as the Priests of the Imperial Cult look on, approvingly…. =-<<>>-= A new claimant rises to seek the Starcast Throne! A man claiming to be Rān-lir, only son of the Emperor, Rān-ji, has appeared. Whether his identity is true or not, none can be certain - but all who have seen him claim he looks like the spitting image of Rān-ji. Already Lord Taanga has flocked to his banner, joined by the remaining independent warlords of the south. ===----<<>>----=== THE ENDLESS MARCH “The dawn of a new age, Seer!” “All shall know it.” Far to the west, Atu-an’s endless wars carry on. As the year turns, the Heavenly fleet once more penetrates into the failing Colonial Reorganization Authority. Forced to meet the Atuans in battle over the hastily relocated capital, the Colonial fleet, outnumbered and out-maneuvered, is dealt a crushing defeat. What remains of the Colonial fleet scatters to the winds, broken and shattered, there is little hope of the Colonials organizing another solid defense against the invaders, save for the event of a miracle. With the defense of the capital having failed for a second time in space, the ground war is won by the Atuans in a quick, yet brutal invasion of the surface. A large majority of the Colonial government is captured and shipped to Atu-an to face trial for their ‘crimes.’ Further south, the Altairean invasion of the USSC sparks a moment of opportunity, and an Atuan fleet penetrates the northern border towards the end of the year, meeting little true resistance, what with the USSC main fleets being positioned elsewhere. ===----<<>>----=== THE WAR ESCALATES “What hope do we have?!” As the Civil War enters its second year, the Separationist momentum continues while the Republicans, and their merchant allies, struggle to manifest any true gains. Akamu, leader of the Separationist government, continues his campaign, spearing northwards after having destroyed the Republican fleet base at Oiam V earlier last year. His advance is fast and effective, aided by Separationist fleets currently occupying the Eastern Galaxy’s expansive fuel belt. He is halted only by the arrival of the Grand Admiral Pepe’s own combined fleet. After a short and indecisive engagement, Akamau withdraws, unwilling to risk any real battle with the esteemed hero of the previous civil war. Further south, Grand Admiral Manhuera leads his own fleet through neutral space against the Separationist occupied drive yards of Orthun IX. Lost in the opening days of the war to a relatively minor Separationsit fleet, Manhuera’s forces become embroiled in a system wide series of engagements to pry the defenders off of the numerous orbital facilities, and those built deep within the asteroid belts. In the north, ERTC Battlegroups based from Oh’ran’s territory advance against the domains of General Tso and Badab. There is little in the way of space engagements, but on the ground of several worlds, ERTC legions are quickly fought to a stalemate, or even repelled by those of the General. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Grand Duchy of Alamar The Knights of Paruru’s final stand is spoken of all across Imperial Space. Their bravery and sacrifice are not soon forgotten by the many millions of lives saved by their desperate defense and stalling actions. Greater Altaire A single battleship hull is recovered, found buried in ice on some outer-rim room. Vennendal The war continues. Duchy of Castrillon Kalei seeks battle against the invader. Stellarchy of Matene Tanalar is approached with a mysterious business request.. (discord) The young Emperor is all too eager to lend the task force to his dear Uncle. Matene is vital to the success of the Empire! Fal’s World The surveyors pick apart the old battle site, clearly having been created during the civil war some sixty years ago. This particular site is littered with numerous Loyalist ships, having been the site of a decisive defeat.. 1 Dreadnought - 70 NP / 180,000 C / 30 M / 15 A / 20 T (2 turn) 1 Dreadnought - 80 NP / 165,000 C / 30 M / 15 A / 15 T (3 turns) 3 Heavy Cruisers - 30,000 C / 10 NP / 5 M / 1 A (1 turn) (priced individually) Orteau The news of yet another heir having proclaimed himself gives Adrien a raging headache.
  9. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.427 AE The clouds part. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE REPUBLIC SHATTERS “The die is cast” With the Separationist Senators having abandoned the Senate on Kior-an earlier last year, tensions within the Republic have continued to mount exponentially, with numerous government and provincial fleets being brought up into a state of readiness. All across the Republic, a pseudo-cold war between the Separationists and the Republican wings of the government sets in. Both sides eye each other carefully, awaiting the other to make its move. It is spring, by Kaumai standards, when several large, Separationist controlled Republican Fleets, on the Stellarch Akamu’s orders, declare an end to the fuel crisis and cross into the Barons’ space, laying waste to their fleets in several sudden attacks before occupying both key hyperlanes, and several of their largest fuel producing worlds. By early summer, the whole Republic erupts in response to the invasion. The Grand Admiral Pepe declares Akamu and his Separationists to be enemies of the state, and orders them apprehended on charges of treason and sedition. In response, the Separationists, and many of their allies form a new provisional government to the south. Akamu’s Rebellion experiences a massive surge of support as northern and southern Stellarchs alike flock to his anti-merchant rhetoric. Perhaps the biggest boon to the Separationist movement is the swift establishment of military alliance with the far-flung EGPA, a Separationist goal long since stonewalled by the Republican and Constitutionalist elements of the Republican Senate. The largest confrontation of the year takes place over the ocean world of Oiam V, a major Republican Fleet Base, when a Separationist Fleet led by Akamu himself falls upon the system in a surprise attack. Spearheading the assault with his personal flagship, Bulwark, A Heavy Dreadnought, a huge amount of Republican supply and material are lost to Separationist cannon fire while the local command scrambles to evacuate the system. With over half of the fleet being either disabled or destroyed, the Republicans only barely manage to limp away from the Separationist onslaught. The onset of yet another Civil War also sees the Galactic Market’s fuel reserves and production plummet as the various Republican admirals and Stellarchs all rush to grab up as many stores as they can for the coming battles. [Fuel stores and production are affected] ==---<<>>---== HI’RAKS, THE EXALTED “And behold, he sat upon a pale horse.” From atop his Starcast Throne, the Mindbender once more orders his lieutenants out against his enemies, seeking to grab more space for himself and further crush any hope of a unified Empire. From the north, another Irik fleet falls down upon the Alamarii Mandate. This time headed by Hi’raks, the Exalted. Known for his brute strength and fanatic devotion to the Mindbender’s Crusade, Hi’raks’ fleet gained a particular reputation for glassing worlds during the days of the Collapse. The Lieutenant’s flagship, Resplendent Devotion, a large hulking Dreadnought, is equipped with a particularly fearsome array of glassing beams, said to be able to reduce entire worlds to ash in mere months. Reports from beyond the border indicate that this second wave is much larger than one that preceded it. While The Exalted has not yet actually moved against the Mandate’s territories, his fleet continues to swell in number with each passing cycle. Many speculate that the Warlord intends to enter through Fiirkev’s newly opened route, but the Irik’s angle of attack remains unknown to all but his own. ==---<<>>---== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Grand Duchy of Alamar The Dryden’s will need all the ships they can muster for the coming storm… Fal’s World Expected guests.. (Discord) Greater Altaire A single Battleship hull was recovered this year, discovered as a retrofitted mining vessel. Orteau Another year draws to a close. Kaitiaki Ora She dreams of a great fire that climbs the western roots of a large tree, spreading to every corner. Not a single leaf is spared. Vennendal The Elferings receive a message from an associate. (Discord) Castrillon Retribution is returned to fighting shape.
  10. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.426 AE The hunt begins. ====-----<<>>-----==== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE AGE OF RECLAMATION “And so begins a new dawn for the Empire...” It happened on an ordinary day. A day so ordinary that it was, in fact, extraordinary. On this day, the tumultuous reality of life across the Galaxy settled. Death’s hand seemed far away and, across a thousand different worlds, there seemed to be a tiny droplet, the barest moment, of peace throughout the bloodstained and wartorn, broken and divided regions of the Old Empire. But it ended almost as quickly as it had started. For, on this day, that tiny moment of peace would be shattered, smashed by a declaration that was bound to change the very fate of the Universe, and all who presided within it. For those ignorant of the Psykic Arts, it felt as if some foreign, uncaring entity had hammered a vision into their head, as if some ancient magic had been cast that forced them to gaze upon this blinding sight, this man, atop an altar as white as a star in the distant night sky. The educated, however, understood this feeling, this vision. They knew that, by means of a Psykic cabal and the ancient altars known as the Mindpillars, that a commandment was being made to the Empire as a whole, in the manner of the Emperors of old, last used when Akoni had proclaimed himself as Emperor Rän-var XII. For atop that shining altar was a man. Tall, handsome, and obviously of the highest, oldest and finest breeding the Core had to offer. He had none of those strange mutations often found in the Mid or Outer Rim, nor was he possessed of the strange white skin so often found in the denizens of the Inner Rim, who loftily thought themselves the equal of those of true Imperial, true Core, blood. He was a man with a heavy, muscular frame, and a haughty, arrogant, regal bearing. He was clad not in the cloth of the nobility or the old upper classes, nor in the black and gold uniform of the Imperial Navy. No, he was dressed in the royal robes of the Imperial House, under a breastplate of gold and silver, engraved and inlaid with the crest of the House of Rän. He was dressed as a Crown Prince of the Empire, in the same fashion that the Emperor Rän-var had chosen, nearly two centuries ago, when he had announced his claim. The man stood proud upon his raised dias, and below him a crowd of soldiers stood, just as haughty and proud - loyal officers of the Imperial Navy and Army. To their fore stood a figure well known to all within the Empire - Grand Admiral Sorin himself. As the man spoke, his voice rang out across the stars, and reverberated throughout the minds of those who suffered this vision. “Sons, Daughters- Children of the Empire! For nigh on 60 years, the Enemy has held us back, divided and weak, while he squats upon our most sacred, hallowed lands! We curse ourselves with continuous and constant civil war, shackling our might with the same perfidious greed that rendered low the pinnacle of all civilisation. Across the endless stars, we bleed, and die and weaken by the day, as our greatest and foulest threat sits upon the Starcast Throne, laughing and mocking our folly all the while! But our dominance, our undisputed superiority, has reigned across the Universe for over five thousand years! We, humankind, are the Masters of Stars and Space, of Planets and Hyperlanes. We are the Masters of the Galaxy, and no Irik Warlord, no matter how barbaric, how savage, or how cruel, can stand in the face of the overwhelming might of the Empire! Let it be known to all, friend and foe alike, that we shall rise in an unstoppable tide, and sweep clean the Core of the rancid dregs of the Irik slave-race! I stand before you, brothers, sisters, kin, to issue this declaration unto you- I am Rakera, grandson of Rän-var, nephew of Rän-ji. I shall raise high the banner of the Empire, and beneath it I shall drive the invaders from our lands, and destroy every Irik, every drudge, that dares to cross my path! So rally, rally to me, Children of the Empire. Raise high your banners and flock to my own! Stand proud upon the decks of your warships and sail with me into everlasting honor, glory and victory! Upon an unstoppable, indefatigable wave of human might, we shall reclaim Kaumai, the Palace-Moon and the Starcast Throne! Our endeavors shall echo across a thousand centuries - so rise warriors, and rally to the call! Rally to the Imperial Standard! Rally to the House of Rän!” As Rakera finishes his final, thundering proclamation, the crowd of officers assembled before him unsheathe their swords in a simultaneous, ringing wave, and raise the ceremonial steel blades high, towards the ceiling, chanting in unison; “Glory to the Empire! Glory to the Heir!” ----------------- A Psykic wave sweeps across the Galaxy, as a vision appears in the minds of billions. At last, rejoice the common folk, an Heir has come forth to save the Empire from ruination. All now know that Lord Rakera, grandson of Rän-var, has pronounced his right to the Starcast Throne, and his intention to drive the Mind-bender from the Empire, once and for all. Already, Loyalists and supporters flock to his banner, chiefest amongst them the Lords Sorin and Kawhena, and many of the Loyalist Warlords of the South. Once more, the House of Rän rises to vanquish the Enemy, and to restore glory, honor and dignity to the Empire. ==---<<>>---== THE LORD OF A THOUSAND STARS “Where order once reigned there is only treachery and anarchy!” For decades, lawlessness and anarchy have ruled the Western Territories. Warlords and pirates constantly squabbling over derelict systems and worlds as the Fourth Empire wanes in strength and the alien scourge runs rampant beyond the old border. The year 10,426 AE, however, marks an end to this period of instability, so announces the Lord of a Thousand Stars, Tuakeo II In a rousing speech delivered to all his subjects. This year, the Imperial Fleet, under the command of Lord Kahu, moves against the House of Bones in a campaign to drive the largest of the local Irik incursions from the Empire, and to relieve the newly sworn vassal of the Empire, Lord Matareka. The opening months of the campaign have proven to be a great success for the Imperial fleet, crushing a small Irik border fleet and liberating a number of worlds on the frontier of the Houses’ dominion. News of these victories have spread far and wide, and though many celebrate at the destruction of the alien menace, many of the Emperor’s contemporaries see it as an opportunity to enrich themselves further. With the majority of the Fourth Empire’s ships on campaign, Lord Tahiwai has taken it upon himself to launch his own invasion of his former overlord, clashing with the Empire’s local forces several times throughout the year. ==---<<>>---== THE CRACKS SPREAD “Surely it would not come to this?!” The Republican senate once more enters a state of gridlock or even crisis as pressing matters regarding the import of oil and other materials from the Oil Barons and the ERTC cause tempers to flare and tensions to rise between the chamber’s various factions and interests. With several motions having been stopped by the combined influence of the Merchant and Republican blocs, numerous insults were traded ultimately culminating in a fully fledged brawl between senators. Reports from the Tanuvians record numerous injuries, and several of the Stellarch Akamu’s representatives killed on the Senate floor. Since the incident, many Separationist senators have since left the Republican capital of Kior-an. ==---<<>>---== DISASTER ON KERU V “He’s delusional, take him to the infirmary!” Unrest spreads through the galaxy like wildfire as mineral and raw material prices sky-rocket. Early in the year, disaster strikes the extensive mining and storage facilities of KERU V, one of the galaxy’s largest depots for shipping in the industry. Reports from the system state that a number of the stations’ reactors had melted down in a chain reaction, resulting in an explosion which eviscerated half of the system’s asteroid belt, as well as the vast majority of its storage facilities, and outbound shipments. In the fallout of the disaster, a huge part of the “Galactic Market’s” supply has been destroyed, and its production blunted. Even the most generous estimates figure that it will be years to replace the hardware lost in the accident. [The galactic supply of Raw Material is severely depleted] ==---<<>>---== THE WHEEL TURNS “Their eyes open, Seer!” “Even with sight they are no less blind, San’var” It washes over the galaxy like a great wave. For those who can see, their vision is sharpened. Among the hundreds of billions who cannot, a lucky few are granted the gift of sight. The year 10,426 AE sees the greatest discovery of psykics since the days of the Old Empire. In virtually every corner of the galaxy, one bearing gifts of the mind are discovered and pressed into the service of their master. The cause for this resurgence is unknown, but there are few who complain about its happening. [+1 T2 psykic for all nations] ==---<<>>---== _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altaire A pair of Battleship hulls are uncovered, one buried deep in one of the Stellarchy’s Ecumenopolises, another repurposed into a small space station for repair and refueling within a high-traffic asteroid belt. A year of searching has made it abundantly clear that these hulls are out there, it simply requires the Altaireans to look for them. Hyperboreia Many thanks are received from the 7th Chapter, who declares the funds will be put to good use. The chapter continues its war against the xenos and their sympathizers, frequently launching raids and sorties into Concordat space. The House of Dreams continues its sacred work. [Discord] Fal’s World The Ninth Moon Rises (eventually :neet:) [Discord] The Life Guard Pure disaster is only narrowly avoided by the Life Guard’s focus on counter-intelligence… [Discord] The Grand Duchy of Alamar Another year passes in Alamar, relatively safe from the troubles of the rest of the galaxy. Work begins on the replacement for the Stellarch’s flagship, lost in battle over the Labyrinth. Vennendal Beyond the borders of Vennendal, a slew of workers flock to some old battlefield in search of salvageable wrecks. Without the protection of the Vennendalic fleet, though, they are easy prey for pirates and irik alike. Roughly halfway through their survey, a fleet from the House of Storms falls upon them, destroying many of their ships (and their findings.) The location and intent of the irik fleet remains unknown. Despite the circumstances, the surveyors have confirmed the presence of atleast two salvageable dreadnought hulls. ERTC piracy, along with smaller blockades, continues to lay waste to Vennendalic imports and exports alike across the galaxy. [40,000 credits lost in pirate actions] Orteau Numerous reports flood into Orteau with the posting of such a large bounty. Though they vary wildly, many claim that Aokigahara’s personal fleet had been sighted moving east, and had fled into the Outer Rim/Republic Space following the raid on Orteau last year. House Matareka Matarekan surveyors pick apart the old battle site where a large and heavily militarized merchant fleet had clashed with the Irik some decades prior. The battlefield is strewn with countless wrecks, including some capital ships, but the work doesn't come cheap. [40,000 C to pay for surveying] 1 Heavy Dreadnought - 150 NP / 180,000 C / 30 M / 15 A / 20 T (1 turn) 3 Heavy Cruisers - 30,000 C / 10 NP / 5 M / 1 A (1 turn) (priced individually) A single battleship hull is uncovered in the scavenging efforts [7,500 C] There is no response to the non-aggression pact. LRSBs on the border detect an influx of Irik ships moving into the House of Sun’s border regions. TALANAR THE GLORIOUS The young and ambitious Emperor takes his uncle’s advice… Duchy of Castrillion With their request having been stonewalled by the Duke of Alamar last year, The Lord Regent is approached with a request from the Eastern Rim Trading Company. The Company is interested in purchasing a system or systems from the Mandate. Following this purchase, these systems would be converted into Mandate provinces with enough votes held by the company to be equivalent to the rank of Archon. As a member of the Mandate, these Company representatives would be able to offer many material benefits.
  11. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.425 AE The torch is lit. ====-----<<>>-----==== Events WESTWARD “Providence points to the West, San’var” “As you command, Seer.” With many colonial worlds having been isolated from the central government as a result of the following year of campaigns, the ire of the Heavenly Kingdom bares down upon the West. Lacking any significant sector defense fleets, and offered favorable terms, the West folds to Atu-an without a single shot being fired. A month later, the Heavenly Emperor, Hau-ti, decrees that the western worlds - largely abandoned following The Collapse, must be reclaimed. All are made aware, these worlds fall under the custodianship of the Heavenly Kingdom of Atu-an. The Emperor’s fascination with the vacant western territories is not exactly clear, but rumors speak of ancient relics and derelict marvels - long abandoned by the former Colonies that the Emperor wishes to restore. LEAVES IN THE WIND “The Mindbender has been allowed to fester for too long..” After the Mindbender’s show of force, much of the southern Empire’s warlords are thrown into a state of terror or confusion. Blood runs hot as the various successor-admirals scramble to find their bearings. Those close to the Pact’s border speculate the imminent arrival of a much, much larger second wave and begin to make ready preparations to drive back yet another Great Irik Crusade, in the event that their northern neighbors succumb to the horde. Further south, the warlords run rampant, and the year is characterized by an intense increase of skirmishes and minor scuffles along the border regions of the various domains and territories. Of these scuffles, the most significant is spearheaded by the Lord Taanga; Who, using a series of well calculated strikes, snatches more than a few of his neighbors' systems almost simultaneously. Reports indicate that the Admiral was able to accomplish this despite the ERTC providing his adversaries with both monetary and material funding. Among the sea of voices, though, one desire emerges, crystal clear. The Sons and Daughters of the Empire cry out for a unifier. No longer can they remain divided among themselves against the Star-Breaker and his legions. There must be an heir. There must be unity. THE PIRATE KING RETURNS “A pity we cannot dwell longer.. Orteau is beautiful this time of year.” While the Pact fends off the Irik incursion in far away systems, Aokigahara, The Dread Pirate, emerges from yet another brief absence. It is mid-summer on Orteau when his ships exit from hyperspace, descending onto the scantily defended capital of the Teniert domain. In his approach many of the numerous trade vessels in the busy system are set upon by Aokigahara while attempting to flee, and many more are simply destroyed in port. The Pirate King’s marauders fall upon the capital below, and more specifically, the monolithic Teniert keep, which extends all the way into the stratosphere. Their stay is not long, repelled from the surface by the sole Orteauan legion on the planet in short order. A fair amount of pilfering, though, was carried out - even while facing total casualties and several very valuable items have been confirmed as stolen; including a famous portrait of the late lord Ashweather Teniert’s grandfather. Most tragically, young Ashweather II Teniert is allegedly missing - captured directly from the Teniert Keep in the chaotic fighting against the brief pirate incursion. His fate, at present, remains unknown. Having been repelled from the surface, Aokigahara’s fleet does not dwell long, jumping into hyperspace much richer than they came. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Greater Altaire The Stellarch dreams of six red banners, hanging still above a great archway, of a fine table with five legs and four plates, of a tall man with three eyes, two of which are closed, of an Emperor with one heart. Grand Duchy of Alamar Alamar receives a communication from the Eastern Rim Trading Company. They are willing to replace the lost Alamari Flagship for a mere 300,000 credits (WELL below market price), and a stipulation… Fal’s World “I see they’ve omitted the pork loin with lime jello” one attendee remarks amidst the slew of festivities United Vennendal After a great deal of deliberation within the Republican Senate, and more than a few backdoor dealings, the blockade on Vennendal is overturned, narrowly. Manhuera reports to Lord Elfering that the motion was undone at the price of more than a significant amount of his influence. An act he hopes his son-in-law will not soon forget… Withe blockade lifted, though, comes the onset of merchant raiders, pirates, and ERTC squadrons which still prowl the hyperlanes in hopes of damaging Vennendalic shipping. [35,000 credits lost] Orteau Disaster strikes Orteau! With the protection of its fleet so far away, The Pirate King is free to take as he pleases and plunder what he may. For much of the year, he runs rampant in Orteau’s space and even launches a raid against Keep Teniert itself (though it is almost instantly repelled by Teniert ground troops.) In the aftermath, though, it is apparent that young Ashweather II Teniert has been abducted by the pirates. No word has yet come from Aokigahara. [50,000 credits lost in pirate actions] Duchy of Castrillon With news of the Pact victory over Fiirkev having spread to much of the galaxy, even with the destruction of the Labyrinth considered, many Loyalists have been instilled with confidence regarding the Alamar Pact. The Lord Regent receives a communication late in the year from Grand Admiral Rakena, and Admiral Kailani soon after, both of which are interested in aligning with Pact.. Hyperboreia The torch is lit. The darkness of night fades. [Discord]
  12. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.424 AE The Horn Sounds ====-----<<>>-----==== "The Senate gave me the great honor of commanding the efforts at Buath in a blatant attempt to rob the Emperor of his supporters - by trapping me here, doomed to spend the rest of my time as Stellarch in a ceaseless and wretched conflict with no end in sight - all the while knowing my honor would not allow me to defy their demands” -Excerpt from the Journal of Stellarch Nalani _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE DRUMS BEAT “And behold, he sat upon a pale horse.” As the Alamarii war against the Warlord Eteroa rages, the forces of the Mindbender are once more spurred into action, capitalizing on the turmoil to their south. Erasmis orders one of his lieutenants, Fiirkev, to lead the effort against Eteroa’s realm. Known for his fleets’ speed and agility, Fiirkev’s ships burn hard across the border - overwhelming the tiny force left behind to defend it. Those unfortunate enough to be captured by the Fleetmaster are affixed to his flagship’s engines, slowly cooked and eventually incinerated in their EVA suits as he spools his drives. With the gates breached, Fiirkev sets his sights on the Labyrinth, determined to destroy anything that might stand in the way of his further conquests.. Fiirkev’s advance has, coincidentally, coincided with many other Irik movements throughout the galaxy. To the north, the IDI has reported significant clashes with the Red-Gold Concordat, and the House of Bones is reported to once more be on the move by Fourth Empire intelligence. DIVINE WINDS “Hear me, San’var, for I walk upon the very thread of destiny. Where I go, salvation follows.” With the Colonial capital in ruins, the momentum of Atu-an only continues to grow. As the year turns, the Heavenly Fleet continues its conquest northwards, coming to blows with the reorganized Colonial Fleet just across the border. Reinforced by the first wave of capital ships from their newly captured Driveyards - and ‘divine intervention’ as many have claimed, the Heavenly Fleet once more reigns victorious, dealing significant casualties to the Colonial Armada in the process, who is once more forced to retreat east. In the wake of yet another victory, a slew of planets have either surrendered, or have been outright conquered by the Heavenly Kingdom, effectively cutting the Colonies in half. To the west, continued border skirmishes against the USSC have tipped in favor of Atu-an, and several planets which had previously been contested by the two powers are occupied by the forces of Heaven while Communist fleets and assets are pulled from the region en masse. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Grand Duchy of Alamar The Dryden’s anticipate the coming of a storm, one which they intend to weather. Greater Altaire Another batch of contractors pick through Altaire’s westernmost and only un-scavenged major battlefield. The work is carried out without much issue, locating a number of valuable hulls that could be repurposed, along with many more that could not. A report is on Admiral Fratenelli’s desk by the years’ end. 2 BB - 125,000 C / 100 NP / 15 M / 5 T (2 turns) (priced individually) 8 DD - 5,000 C / 2 NP / 0 M (1 turn) (priced individually) The Kaitiaki Ora Spiders move across webs. A hand reaches out from the dark. (Discord) Fal’s World Compliance with ERTC directives proves to be a massive boon for Fal’s world. The Company is more than willing to toss pennies to the disparaged imperials in exchange for the enforcement of their blockade, and as such, a huge amount of wealth flows into the system. United Vennendal With Vennendal’s almost total victory over the local ERTC forces, the sector has largely gone quiet. Reports from the north, however, indicate that Universal Security scrambles - in fear of invasion themselves. Several defense fleets have been activated, and their facilities to the north have ramped up production in order to combat and potential incursions. Salvage teams pick through the battlefield on the border. Among the wreckage is many Irik and Imperial ships, the majority of which have been rendered totally unusable. 1 BB - 125,000 C / 90 NP / 10 M / 5 T (2 turns) 3 CA - 30,000 C / 15 NP / 9 M / 1 A (priced individually) Duchy of Castrillon Not long after the fall of Labyrinth, the Castrillonian Fleet’s sensors and communication arrays are in a flurry. Fiirkev, a prominent Irik warlord and lieutenant of Erasmis has overran Eteroa’s border defenses and now burns hard for the Labyrinth, dead set on the facilities’ destruction. Orteau Another year passes in Orteau. House Matareka Unfortunately for House Matareka, many of the Irik across the border share the Lord Matareka’s sentiments. A report from the House of Bones’ space indicates a large battle fleet on the move east. Furthermore, panic spreads across the eastern border as a number of Irik raiding vessels appear from the House of Suns laying waste to a large convoy before retreating back across the border. [25,000 lost in goods and assets.] House Matareka’s message receives mixed signals from the rest of the galaxy. Many are far from pleased to learn of the survival of the Traitor’s house but they would rather that Imperials cling onto their worlds rather than the Irik. APOLOGIES FOR THE SHORT POST. I AM OUT OF ACTION.
  13. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.423 AE Night Falls ====-----<<>>-----==== “Gaze.” The Mindbender swung the captain’s body around as if it were weightless. “Gaze. Your House. Your Ships. Your Baron. No More.” The Palace burned, Kaumai burned, the World burned, the Galaxy burned. Above him, he could see the Imperial Ships in orbit succumb to fire, engulfed in inferno as they were overwhelmed or forced to retreat. “Know me. I did this.” The creature turned the captain, forcing him to look into its four eyes. There was a sharp pain in his mind, so much pain- and fear. He tried to scream. Then there was nothing. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE FALL OF NAHKI “A monument to your glory, Lord!” “A monument to those who would resist Heaven, San’var.” As the Colonial Garrison of Nahki stretches its resistance into a third year, the Heavenly Emperor grows ever more impatient with every passing cycle. Finally, the Emperor assumes direct command over the siege of Mo’an-tal. In a surprising turn of events, the whole of the Atuan army is withdrawn from the mega-city, allowing the defenders much needed breathing space. That is, until the Heavenly fleet enters positions in orbit, and over the next three days, the whole of the colonial capital is systematically and indiscriminately glassed. Where once stood one of the Galaxy’s largest cities is now nothing more than a glorified pile of rubble- a tomb for millions. Of those who survived the glassing and subsequently surrendered to the Atuan forces, few have actually been taken into custody, with most being executed on the spot. With Nahki having fallen, The Heavenly Emperor has declared that the rest of the Colonies will soon follow. The Heavenly fleet does not dwell long over Nahki’s surface, already preparing for its next foray into Colonial space. THE CLOUDS BREAK “Since when do we allow women in the Senate!?” After more than a year of politiking, internal disorganization, and other shenanigans, the Republic’s elections finally conclude, and a beam of stability shines through the ever gathering clouds. The elections see the widely popular Grand Admiral Pepe re-elected to the position of Tanu Kavan, Senator Nikau of Badab elected to the position of Kavan Te (After securing the votes of the Separationists), and Oh’ran, the Merchant representative, elected as Kavan He-Ai. The elections have seen the Republican position within the Senate weakened considerably, losing three votes to Badab, Ushen, and the Separationists respectively; a change of landscape which only narrowly allows them to hold a plurality rather than the slight majority they once had. THE COMING OF SAN’KLAU “HO HO HO!” A tale as old as humanity itself, it is said that once every thousand years the legendary San’klau visits every one of the Empire’s worlds from deep space- delivering presents to all the patriotic and xeno-hating boys and girls. For those on the naughty list, who have consorted with traitors and non-humans, they can expect only rotten peas under their pillows. In preparation for this historic event, patriotic and xeno-hating boys and girls all across the galaxy rush to spit on Matareka’s name and curse the Star-Breaker Erasmis, going to bed so full of excitement for the presents that will surely await them in the morning.. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Altaire More contractors pick apart the battle site west of the one surveyed last year. This system appears to contain much less wreckage, either whittled away by scavengers over the year or simply filled with much less activity during the war between Altaire and the FWA. Nevertheless, they locate a handful of useful hulls. 1 BB - 125,000 C / 100 NP / 15 M / 5 T (2 turns) 1 CVE - 20,000 C / 10 NP / 5 M / 1 A (1 turn) 5 DD - 5,000 C / 2 NP / 0 M (1 turn) (priced individually) Stilicho does not receive any actual artifacts, but he does receive more than a few leads talking about a shipwreck within Altaire’s space which is always a hive of activity for folks interested in that line of work. Some even say the late Tarau Naei had an interest in the site - before his mysterious disappearance! WAR! (Discord) San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Fal’s World Spiders spin webs in the shadows. San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) United Vennendal The Invasion of ERTC space begins. As the Vennendalische fleets cross into foreigns space, they stumble into a lightly defended industrial system. The handful of ERTC ships in the system manage to slip away before the Vennendalic fleet can properly stop them, but the planet, devoid of any real defenses or defenders, is quickly surrendered to the Vennendalic invaders. As the invasion begins, the ERTC declares blockade against Vennendal, and offers substantial bounties to any and all who are willing to prey on Vennendalic shipping. With this declaration comes widespread blockade from much of the Republic. A major exception to this is the Grand Admiral Manhuera, who states that he will simply not blockade his son-in-law’s domain. (+50% cost to buy goods) Furthermore, Vennendal receives word that Universal Security has allegedly been contracted to intervene. San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Grand Duchy of Alamar The Starbreaker inches ever closer, and the Dryden’s pray his warfleets never set their domains within their sights. San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Orteau The Teniert’s will it and so it is done. Contractors swarm to the Graveyard, eagerly drawing up lists of what could and possibly couldn’t be salvaged from the endless wrecks. The results of this surveying is indeed uplifting, despite the fact is a widely acknowledged opinion that it would be impossible to restore Heaven’s Hammer. Despite the sheer amount of contractors, there is still more than enough wreckage to pick through and potentially locate more usable hulls. -1 HBB - 200,000 C / 1 HP / 25 M / 10 A / 20 T (1 turn) -2 BB - 140,000 C / 150 NP / 15 M / 5 T (2 turns) (priced individually) -1 CV - 125,000 C / 125 NP / 15 M / 5 T (2 turns) San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Rewi San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) The Kaitiaki Ora The Stealth ship goes dark, and does not return from USSC space. San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Ushen The Barons accept (DISCORD) San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Castrillon San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) Badab The Dominion receives a horrifying communique from the Pirate King, Aokigahara, namely a video of a man that the Department of Defense will easily recognize being forced to pull out his own organs as hot irons are pressed into his back before he is vented into space. San’Klau delivers presents to all the good boys and girls! (+100,000 C) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!
  14. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.422 AE The light of dusk fades away. ====-----<<>>-----==== “Hear me now, Ancestors, from where I sit, beneath this ancient, hallowed temple. I shall return to the seat of our line, bearing with me Imperial banner and naked blade. The day shall come, in answer to my call, that Imperial men, both proud and tall, shall rally one and all. Beneath our banner, bold, righteous and determined, we shall drive the Foe from our lands, and from the Starcast Throne. At the height of that dias, I shall plant my standard and raise the noble cry; Revenge for Ran-ji!” _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE SIEGE OF NAHKI “The people will sing songs of your glory, Lord. They will praise your name.” “Is that so, San-var?” [Atuan Infantry battle in the streets of Mo’an-tal against Colonial forces] Atu-an’s war against the Colonial Remnants continues. With much of the capital world having been captured in the fighting last year, Colonial forces have regrouped around the worlds’ largest city Mo’an-tal. Since the Atuan’s first assault against the city late last year, the fighting has only intensified to levels not seen since The Collapse. Mo’an-tal’s defenders fiercely hold the city against the invaders, forcing Atuan command to pay dearly for each foot of ground. Operations on the ground have continued with mounting losses as the Atuans battle their way through the massive city. In light of the siege’s intensity, the Heavenly Emperor has authorized the deployment of three more legions to the planets surface, in order to crush the Colonials once and for all. Perhaps the only hope for the defenders are the Ground to Orbit arrays, which have successfully kept the skies clear of any meaningful Atuan air support. Still, resources and manpower continue to dwindle, but the colonials hold regardless - praying for relief. Across the rest of Nahki, Atuan rule is further cemented as hundreds of administrators are flown in from off-world, various infrastructure projects begin, and most importantly, the Atuan military cracks down on insurgent activity tenfold. ====-----<<>>-----==== A TRAIL OF CHAOS "It was a shame to lose so many slaves, but you must admit! They made excellent candles! The best I've ever seen!" [Aokigahar’s fleet descends on the mining colony] The Pirate King’s fleet burns east, falling upon a small mining colony as it does. With the local Warlord, Artorian, having his fleet on the other side of the territory, Aokigahara falls upon it without mercy, or fear of reprisal. Over the course of two weeks every inch of the colony is torched and looted, with widespread atrocities being reported by the survivors. Before the Pirate King’s fleet departs, Aokigahara orders the city glassed, which it is in short order. Reports from Artorian’s government estimate as many as half a billion citizens were killed in the glassing. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Fal’s World Long forgotten. United Vennendal There is much to be done. The Grand Duchy of Alamar Another year passes. Another year of the Hui-Ariki’s machinations. The House of Rewi The Order of the Crescent accepts the opportunity to better and more easily communicate with its neighbors. The Rewi diplomats are received and given permanent accommodations within a small temple on the Crescent’s Homeworld. Greater Altaire The team contracted to investigate Altaire’s easternmost battlefield has an extensive report on the Admiralty’s desk by the end of the year. The system was the site of a larger than average fleet engagement, and thus is littered with scattered wrecks. The crews locate a single Dreadnought hull which could be salvaged as well as a pair of Armored Cruisers. BB - 125,000 C / 100 NP / 15 M / 5 T (2 turns) CA - 30,000 C /15 NP / 5 M / 1 A (1 turn) House Matareka By the year’s end Mokihi’s flagship, Redemption, arrives at the site of the anomaly. Frequently reported by passing freighters and mining ships, it consists of a large, ruined, space liner which had apparently crashed on the surface of a nearby moon during the Collapse. Surprisingly, scans indicate that the ship appears to be almost untouched by scavengers - an oddity to be sure. EVAs have been prepped, awaiting Mohiki’s word. [Discord] The Dominion A man chooses. A slave obeys. Orteau A pupil with a promising future. The Hekeati A response eventually filters back, facilitated by a Republican psykic. Lord Taera is more than willing to face the Sample, if only he could actually reach Loyalist space! An Ambassador is accepted. Lord Rata is more than willing to work with any true loyalists, assuming they do not intend to interfere with any of Lord Rata’s Restoration Efforts. The ERTC is willing to construct a Dreadnought for the low price of 750,000 credits. Construction, of course, will take 3 years. Price, the ERTC representative says, is dependent on the market value of the required resources. The Stealth Ship counts a relatively small border fleet consisting of mostly cruisers and light ships. The world is much more well defended, equipped with Ground-to-Orbit batteries as well as Hyperspace Interdictors and an Orbital Defense Platform. Castrillon A light show exclusive to Castrillon. Dominion of Badab Initiating Security Check… Security Check in Progress… Security Check Completed. Ushen The black gold of Ushen floods the markets and fuels the galaxy.
  15. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.421 AE The light of dusk fades away. ====-----<<>>-----==== “They’re closing in around us now. The transports are gone, broken as they tried to escape. I know you will never hear this, but I love you, my darling wife. I curse the day I left you, and I curse this day that I must leave you forever. They’re at the bunker doors. The screams get ever louder. We are going to die in this forsaken place. How I wish I had never set foot on Buath. How I wish I could go ho- [TRANSMISSION ENDED]” -The last recorded transmission from the surface of Buath. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE SIEGE OF NAHKI “Am I not generous, San’var?” “Without equal, my Lord.” [Atuan Infantry advance under fire on C.R.A positions] Far to the west, The Heavenly Kingdom of Atu-an continues its divinely-ordained war against the Colonial Reorganization Authority. In space, the Colonial Navy has been sent into a full rout, forced to abandon the void above the former Colonial capital of Nahki. As the banners of Heaven itself march upon the system, much of the remaining Colonial government flees north into more secure space - leaving the planet’s garrison to hold the world alone. News from the former Colonies suggests that the Atuans have made great progress, having accepted the surrender of several of the largest colonial formations on the planet. The last of Nahki’s resistance is centered around the expansive mega-city of Mo’an-tal, where the remaining Colonial armies have dug in heavily. BLESSED IS THE LINE OF THE EMPEROR RUR-VAI ===----<>----=== THE COMING OF AN HEIR “Do not delay, Admiral, for we have little time to lose.” [The Starcast Throne, in the Imperial Observatory.] From the furthest reaches of civilized space comes a message which slowly but surely filters through to every remaining psykic in the galaxy, “An heir proclaims himself.” The man in question is the Lord Taera, a matriarchal second cousin of the late Emperor Rän-ji. Stationed in the Outer Rim during the Civil War, Taera’s fleets were unable to reach Loyalist lines before Erasmis’ invasion had already penetrated to the core. Since then, they have been wedged between their two foes, only barely scrounging by. With this announcement is a call to aid directed to the Loyalist south, and a plea to the Republic requesting safe passage south - how the Republic will respond to such a request remains to be seen. ===----<>----=== THE PIRATE KING “Let them despair!” [The destruction of the ERTCV Sifter against Aokigahara’s fleet] Chaos continues to engulf the galaxy, and the illustrious Pirate King runs forever rampant among the Eastern Galaxy’s trade routes. 10,421 proves to be an eventful year for Aokigahara’s fleet, though, as the Horseman, Aokigahara’s flagship aswell as its supporting vessels fall upon an ERTC Treasure Fleet returning from the Far Rim. Unknowingly having walked into a pirate ambush, the ERTC escorts were quickly picked apart and destroyed, with the primary escort, ERTCV Sifter, being destroyed in the opening stages of the battle. The entire contents of the ERTC convoy has apparently since been destroyed or otherwise lost to the pirates. Aokigahara’s marauding continues to burn east through Loyalist space. ===----<>----=== GATHERING CLOUDS “500 credits per shipment? What do the Barons need 400 credits for! 300 credits is unbelievable! The Westerners don’t have the gall to ask for 200 credits for fuel..” [The Republic Senate] As another set of terms comes to an end, the clouds of the Republican Senate begin to gather as a host of interests prepare to compete for the trio of newly vacant positions: Tanu Kavan, Kavan Te, and Kavan He-ai and upset the long established rule of the hugely popular Grand Admiral Pepe. While the various factions of the Senate return to their constant scheming, trouble brews on the Republic’s horizon.. The Oil Barons continue to hold the Republic at their mercy through their near total domination of the Outer Rim’s fuel reserves, many within the Senate cry for a response. Indeed, the idea would be attractive to many more if the Republic’s finances were not almost completely sustained by ERTC and Universal loans, huge partners of the Oil Barons. Further still, reports filter in from the border of Admiral Akamu’s efforts to refurbish and salvage Civil War naval vessels en masse, a development which has many of the provincial governors on edge. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Ran-ji lies dead. Man is scattered. The Empire burns. Those who remain shall burn with it.."
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