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  1. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    The 4th French Republic 1917 ______________________________________________________________________________ The IX Corps Charles Faucheux, a man of growing popularity and ingenuity. He had been present during the fall of Paris and the birth of the revolution. In late May, NLA command had made the decision to promote him to a position of Lieutenant General and place the IX ‘Pioneer’ Corps under his command. This was mostly a political decision, Charles had spent the last year since the fall of Paris touring the country, growing in popularity. Not giving him a position in the war effort would have politics backlash. Now it seems (High Command)’s decision has begun to pay off. Upon his promotion, Faucheux began a rigorous examination of the Corp’s previous engagements. Comprised of veteran combat engineers some of whom even saw service in the Great War. The Corp had experience fighting both German and Loyalist foes, their use of improvised close quarters fighting, especially on the defensive to launch quick counter attacks was of great interest. Here, the beginnings of ‘Pioneer Tactics’ began to take shape. Over the course of the next months Faucheux would launch exercises to train the men in the beginnings of a new powerful offensive doctrine that could end the stalemates of the war. ______________________________________________________________________________ Besancon, Late 1917 Fighting raged all around the man, explosions erupted, splintering fortifications and sending his comrades flying. Maxim guns chattered, cutting down men on both sides like blades of grass. Suddenly he heard it, the familiar rumbling. From the dust and the smoke he sees them, Tanks, lumbering beasts rolling across the fortifications. The man, a student of engineering himself had theorized how these awful machines of war might work since their first appearance. At least they were on his side then.. The tanks were drawing closer, some had been knocked out but they had to be stopped. He acted, quickly he produced the device he had conceived earlier for such a situation. As the tank drew nearer, he lit the rag and tossed the bottle. It lands perfectly on the grille of the tank, It continued forward for a few brief seconds before the engine sputtered and died. The device had worked. ______________________________________________________________________________ Supreme Army Command 1917, a mixed bag of a year, though after the debut of ‘Pioneer tactics’ and tremendous gains in the north been it had been ruled general a success. However many issues plagued the French general staff. In the later months of the year, Republicans had been successful in small attacks on Riem, targeting the industry of the area. This alone threatened a majority of the Socialist heartlands, something had to be done. In the south, the Republicans had taken minor gains, besieging the city of Besancon, this was also an issue that had to be resolved. (Pioneers from the IX ‘Vulcan’ Corps go over the top) Further evaluations of the year had made several estimations. First, it was believed that the 4th French Republic lacked parity with their Republican counterparts in regards to both the armor and aviation departments. This made the Republic extremely vulnerable to Republican reconnaissance and bombing runs. In response to the latter of these issues, the French Government commissions the construction of numerous AA batteries. Due to the lack of proper Anti-Aircraft equipment, the batteries will use balloons with attached to cables to measure altitude beforehand. (French 75mm AA gun not far from Paris) Additionally, the French government begins several competitions, a multitude of French companies are offered a large contract if they can develop a suitable armored vehicle for the N.L.A. Several criteria must be met however. The vehicle must not exceed 8 tons, have a power/weight ratio of 5hp/ton, be able to stand up to small-heavy arms fire, and fit a single 360 degree rotating turret that can carry a machine gun or heavier 37mm cannon. The second contract pertains to aircraft. The need to control the airspaces over the republic is a priority. A contract is offered to any company that can produce a new design of faster and more nimble fighters designed for short range defensive operations. ______________________________________________________________________________ The National Liberation Army The offensives of 1917 had seen major socialist gains as well as minor losses in the east. That's what the propaganda said at least. Socialist population centres were well informed of the army’s success, and encouraged to join up and support the revolution. As action on the front slows down in the wake of both the offensives and the onset of winter, Engineer battalions get right to work; they repair vital infrastructure needed for supplying the front lines and oversee the construction of new, layered defensive lines. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Olive Branch The war has raged for now 4 grueling years. The country of France has gained nothing but death and destruction. After the overwhelming success of the summer offensive. The 4th Republic, the more legitimate of the two once more extends the olive branch to the Republicans. A meeting to discuss to possibility of peace at Verdun is suggested. It is made well known to both the Republican troops and the Republican homefront that the 4th Republic is open to the possibility of peace, an end to the fighting, the bleeding, the dying. ______________________________________________________________________________ Actions New ‘Pioneer’ tactics are introduced into the army, most prevalently in the IX ‘Vulcan’ Corps. Small amounts of officers from the rest of the NLA trained as instructors so they can form other Pioneer battalions throughout the rest of the army. Printed instructions for the construction and use of ‘Poincaire Cocktail’ is distributed throughout the NLA. AA batteries are commissioned in key industrial areas to deter Republican bombing. Contracts for the design and production of an armored fighting vehicle or ‘tank’ as well as a contract for the design and production of lighter, faster, and shorter range fighter is offered to any French company. Massive efforts are undertaken to improve the N.L.A’s supply lines in conquered areas as well as improve their defenses with layered lines. An offer to discuss peace is extended to the 3rd French Republic in Verdun. In addition, pamphlets and leaflets are spread across the 3rd Republic making the civilians well aware of this offer.
  2. The Disunited States of America January 1861 ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ The first year of dissolution has dawned on the American continent. The United States was no more. However it’s successor states were by no means organized. A scramble to assume previously federal assets had ensued, though largely successful, the individual states were far from organized; And no state govern had a true understanding of their actual military assets. Bands of regional militias were all they had at their disposal for now. In the states, all sorts of tensions brew. A southern trade war over the cotton industry seems imminent. Garrisons and forts still loyal to the federals remain scattered across the country, determined to hold their ground. Local economies are in upheaval, raw resources, food, or manufactured goods that easily traversed the Union never arrive. The stage is set ------------------------------ Turns will be 6 months long Posts are expected to be decent in size, a couple paragraphs minimum however if they must be shorter due to time constraints and the like that is permissible. Please always include an ‘actions’ section that summarizes all your key actions for the turn as it makes it much easier for me. Applications will continue to be accepted. Have fun 😄
  3. Krefarus

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    All Accepted, @Brazilianski join the discord here https://discord.gg/JVcm34
  4. The Disunited States of America The Prelude 1860 ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Dissolution 1860, a year that will go down as one of the most significant in history; The final year of the great American experiment. Tensions for decades have been rising now. The “Band-Aids” congress put over the open wound of slavery were insufficient. With every new territory the debate was risen again. How long could it go on for? Almost a hundred years is the answer. Leading up to 1860 the south was in almost open revolt. At odds with each other, and the Union as a whole, there was major discontentment. Slave states saw their very way of life being infringed upon. Wealthy aristocrats strove to maintain power over the inferior white and black neighbors. Cotton was booming. The northern states for their part was not a unified utopia. Conflicting business, political, and foreign ideas were leading to clashes. Many simply could not agree. Immigrants flooded the north, forming their own communities and power blocs. Though heavily industrialized and populous, the North was led by cronies and congressional snakes. Policy was geared towards profit, and the Federals were on everyone’s front porch. It all came to a climax in the elections of ‘60. It was a four way run, with various parties involved. The Southern Democrat, Republican, Northern Democrat, and Constitutional Union parties all had candidates. It boiled down to two. Lincoln, and Breckenridge. In the end though it was clear Lincoln would win. This lead to nation breaking machinations… South Carolina was the first to secede Mississippi and the rest of the deep south soon followed. What began was a domino effect, The upper south came next. Virgina, North Carolina, Tennessee, one by one, secession after secession the ‘United’ States slowly collapsed. New York was the first of the Northern states to secede, Ohio came next. In the confusion a New English offer of annexation towards Canada was discovered. As 1860 became 1861 the Union had completely disintegrated in all but the once capital and small forts scattered across the once nation. The United States was no more The Fallout Following the collapse of the United States of America, a major power vacuum was left in its wake. The Federal Armies had evaporated, desertion and defection had set in. Only small bastions of the Federal government remained most notably in scattered forts, arsenals, and Washington D.C. itself. The government of the newly independent states resembled the former nation in one form or another. The vast majority simply kept to their governments, state governments now in power. State militias became the sole military units at the states disposal The tensions of the pre-collapse period remain ever prevalent. The abolitionist movement continues its growth in the free northern states. In the south, african-americans remain in shackles. The massive cotton industry is now fractured, as a trade war of massive proportions brews in the deep south. The North is no stranger to the tensions gripping the continent either. The offer of the upper New English states to join the British Empire has not gone forgotten. A massive conflict between the newly independent states of America is almost bound to occur in one form or another. OOC This FRP will begin in a historical manner with a start date of January 1st, 1861. The Governments, administrations, and leadership (both domestic and militarily) of the individual states will remain the same as they are in our timeline. As the game progresses, and history takes an alternate course, introduction of custom/special characters will be allowed. Alliances, Unions, and confederacies will be permitted within reason. Any U.S. State pictured on the map above is available Application Discord Name; Desired State; History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power);
  5. 16 BBY (Early Months) ______________________________ Events: The cities of Keigh, Acresa, Evodon, Phaross, and Argowell announce the formation of the 5th Edichi Republic. The capital is situated in Evodon, all assets of the cities have been combined. The 5th Edichi Republic openly denounces Imperial aggression and demands the old capital be ceded to the rightful Edichi government. brief, sudden, and mysterious surges of communication are detected between the stations in orbit. The Final Holdout Refurbishments and repairs on the droid production lines, massively helped with Edichi funds and manpower finish a couple months into the year. By the time the early months conclude they are operational and producing vast sums of units. However the heavier equipment requires larger and more sophisticated machinery to produce (+ 1500 B1 battledroids, +130 b2 battledroids) The deal with the southern city is finalized, Edichi forces move in to occupy the once imperial held city and the Confederacy is once more brought into existence. Fortification of the Capital (which you should probably name) begins, Confederate citizens are enlisted to work on the project. As the early months conclude, a decently sized array of defensive positions, earthen works, gun batteries, as well as other things are finished. Making invasions of the island.. difficult. The First Division Both Onega Industries and Titan Drive Yards refuse the offer to work with the First Division. They had been badly defeated and completely expelled from the surface, a shaking investment at best. Much of the leadership within the remnant is unstable, the threat of a mutiny seems very possible. Imperial Loyalist Centre The hearts and mind program meets limited success. The locals are rather hesitant to trust Imperial Propaganda much less so after news of Edichi assets being seized in the north filter through. Still, some decide to sign up. (+100 raw recruits) Phase Two begins, Mwhahahaaha Beasts of Zillo A very.. reputable man is found. He can serve Mark’s purposes rather well. Clan Odall Efforts to improve public opinion seem to go rather well, Mandalorian soldiers are routinely found assisting locals with whatever they might need. Many smaller and more local businesses seem willing to work with the Mandalorians Repair of Dral’s ship is complete 203rd Attack Battalion The ARc Trooper program continues, the most competent men around are assigned to the Job. As the early months draw to a close, a healthy contingent of ARC troopers are ready for action (+60 ARC troopers) Training drives for the raw recruits begin, again, as the early months draw to a close they largely become pseudo clone troopers and are ready for action! (+200 Ersatz Clone Troopers) Recruitment picks up some steam, however support for the armed forces in peacetime is rather lackluster. (+100 recruits) Negotiations for a full republic take over is negotiated intensely throughout the year. Many support this decision, a smaller portion oppose it. Public support is rather high however, during the Clone Wars the republic was nothing but gracious to the populace. As the early months draw to a close, a deal is finalized and the Republic is brought back into existence equipped with a senate, chancellor, and all the other fun things. All previously Edichi held assets in the city are transferred to the Republic (+2000 LDF Troopers, +20 AT-LEs, +5 MR-PCs, +30 Xiphos Class fighters) (+4 Paleon class corvettes) The Contract with Ethos manufacturing is finalized after the full takeover, adapting production lines begins, as the early months conclude a large fleet of somewhat finished starfighters are being finalized 82nd Dread Battalion Investigation of the facility finds little of use, only a peculiar object. It’s quite large and inscribed with markings. Evidence suggest its a power generator of sorts, but not one the clones have ever seen. What’s left of the Battalion rendezvous with the 104th across the planet Imperial Legion The remaining stormtroopers undergo more.. Intensive simulations to refine their skills. Tarus resumes his training The armor is commissioned, as the early months conclude the remaining stormtroopers are outfitted with their new gear. The Edichi Task Force The companies do not take kindly to such blatant Imperial threats. Many assets are evacuated from Imperial territory successfully. However many are not, and are seized by the Task Force The monorail begins construction, estimates suggest it will finish within the year Another recruitment drive is launched, recent events (Imperialism to the East, seizing Corporate assets) seem to hurt public opinion and it turns out to be rather ineffective. 104th Battalion Drogo starts his training, hes absent for many of the months, off in the forest refining his skills. Mining operations continue with improved efficiency due to the influx of new equipment. Excess materials are sold off to manufacturer's, bringing in a pretty profit for the battalion. The cities defenses are expanded as the local guard force receives supplemental training from higher ranking clones. Preparations for a new factory are made, mining profits are used to purchase a suitable section of the city. Existing buildings are cleared and required materials are ordered. The recruitment drive picks up some steam, through many support the republic, few are obliged to fight for it especially in peacetime.
  6. 17 BBY (Later Months) ______________________________ Another sunny day in the void The Final Holdout The Edichi in prosperity rather reluctantly pay their taxes. The recruitment drive is rather unsuccessful. “Why would the Separatists need need to recruit organics when they’ve already taken our money for droids?” The training of the officers goes rather well, after being subject to a several month long instructional course they are ready for action. However all but a few of the officers lack actual battlefield experience let alone experience with a robotic army. (+80 Officers) Production is shifted to exclusively B2 battle droids. Supplemented by Edichi funds and material it begins with haste. Though the separatists soon figure out much of the factories machinery is in dire need of repair or replacement. Nonetheless a small portion of the requisitioned units are produced. (+60 B2 Battledroids) The nearby city flat out rejects the Separatists terms. Scouting runs indicate this city is much better armed and much more militaristic. Mining operations are attempted though no large ships are available to transport large amounts of material. The operation is largely considered a failure. Imperial Loyalist Centre The hearts and mind program meets limited success. The locals are rather hesitant to trust Imperial Propaganda much less join the armed forces. Still, some decide to sign up. (+200 raw recruits) Taxation of the two cities begins, public lashback is large to say the least. Both the people and the Local government protest this action. The SCAR program is launched, though there seems to be quite the scarcity of adequate candidates. (+30 SCAR recruits) Both Titan and Monolith Drive Yards decline the offer to work for the Imperials, Onega, initially accepting soon follows suit and backs out of the deal. The task force sent to subdue the northern city is forced to retreat. A rather large Local ground defence force and star fighter core staunchly refuses. The city will not be won without blood. Beasts of Zillo The mission has an… unexpected outcome (Event 1) Attempts to organize the pirates sees little success No opportunities for crime seem available Several contacts have been established in the black market (PMS) Clan Odall No companies seem willing to do business with clan Odall Efforts to improve relations with the locals meet some success. They don’t want the mandalorians dead as much as they did before. Warehouses are scavenged, one of the men report a curious find (PMs) Improvement of the bases defenses continue as planned. As the year concludes the camp is much more operable than before, most of the men believe the fortifications are sufficient. 203rd Attack Battalion Recruitment drives continue, it begins to pick up some steam, though the population is still not particularly motivated to join the G.A.R. (+100 Raw Recruits) The local leader is eager to talk with Attre, he seems to be very pro-republic as opposed to CIS or Imperial leaning. He explains the rather militarized nature of the surrounding cities as well as their previously CIS leaning behaviors. A local branch of Ethos manufacturing sympathetic to the Battalion’s cause shows interest in a contract to produce fighters, however they won't do it for free. Standardized training and the ARC trooper programs begin, success is limited in both fields due to the lack of proper instructors. However potential in the ARC program especially is great. The construction of the mountain headquarters continues, as the year finishes several defensive lines fitted with a multitude of defensive measures is completed. Burrowing deeper into the mountain however is a different story, still lacking heavy equipment, many of the facilities are temporarily built in above ground structures. 82nd Dread Battalion 30 clones is nowhere near enough to forcibly occupy the settlement, especially not after recent events. They’re forced to return to base Communications go through The ‘Compound’ seems to be a very old military facility, nothing of particular value is found, perhaps it will require more investigation There is outrage at the bombardment of Phaross, local fighters scramble as it rages on. Though its not known for sure who was responsible there’s a good chance the locals suspect the Clones. On a side note, many clone troopers protest the action feeling it violates their original mission. Mining operations continue un-opposed. Imperial Legion Drive companies, politely refuse to request to work with the legion Taxation begins, the heavy military presences brings local unrest to a minimum The scouts report nothing of note, except for that Phaross is pissed off, but at who? The Edichi Task Force Local elections begin, public feedback is rather good, but overall opinion of the Imperials still remains indifferent to unsavory. Industrialization programs continue, no major company shows any interest in voluntarily working for the Imperials. Perhaps they will have to be persauded? The recruitment drive picks up some steam, nothing significant however. Pensions do prompt many to join, but it certainly isnt out of love for the Empire. (+200 recruits) The foothill city remains un moving, they will not surrender. They threaten to make the incident international should the Imperials continue to demand their surrender. Reports from the Victory class cruiser suggest roughly 4500 staunch defenders hold the city. They have established the beginnings of a defensive network in addition to several heavy gun batteries. Mining equipment is purchased, however the IMC is unable to head to the deposits due to the hostility in the region. A production line for TIE fighters is drawn up, estimates suggest that within a year it will be operational and producing fighters. Guardians of the Voice Rumors begin to circulate across Edichi of the Guardian’s resurgence. Many seem very pleased/excited upon hearing this news. For too long Edichi has been run by foreign and autocratic powers. Though not much progress for a jammer is made, it seems very likely that the rather large black market in Andwell would sell such devices. The recruitment of informats and sympathetic peoples begins. Though no notable connections with any levels of government are established. A rather large and very unreliable web of informats slowly begins to take shape across Edichi The Guardian’s influence slowly begins to creep into the designated cities, unbeknownst to the governments. Though nothing more than a handful of informats and loyalists for now. 104th Battalion Mining equipment is purchased, however the meager funds are beginning to run short there will certainly be no large purchases in the future. A line of communication with the city is opened up The defenses around the camp are shored up, the Clone battalion continues its efforts to dig in. Multiple buildingspots within the base are suitable for larger industry, however the trees and megafauna will have to be cleared. Contact is made with the company, however funds are severely lacking, they will have to be bartered with. Or perhaps convinced. Clan Ordo (best for last???) The men are sent off to Andwell, they come back with some interesting news regarding the local criminal syndicates (PMs) Designs for a possible variant of the standard FIghter/Transport begin, several Edichi scientists are eager to lend their efforts on the condition the fighter would be the first craft to implement their new experimental shielding system. More small facilities are set up to help in the production of aircraft. As the year concludes 3 new fighters are ready, however their quality in relation to the standard fighters are questionable (+3 Ersatz Kom’rk Class fighers) Fortification efforts of the main base continue The mandalorians are dispatched to work with the Loyalist Centre on the SCAR program.
  7. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    The 4th French Republic 1916 ______________________________________________________________________________ Siege of Paris, June 6th, 1916 The sound of artillery filled the air machine guns chattered and men cried out as the battle raged in the outskirts of Paris. The trap had already been sprung, revolutionary forces fiercely battled with Loyalist and BEF troops across the city. Charles’ regiment had made good progress, Loyalist troops were surrounded everywhere, the city would soon fall. “Continue the drive north east, we must link up with Germans. The republicans are routing in droves. It shouldn't be long until the city is ours.” Charles ordered, the men were quickly notified and the offensive continued. Fighting continued, every street, building, and room was pried from the hands of the defenders. Some fought fiercely, the smart ones threw down their arms and surrendered. Finally, the Germans were spotted. Charles’ men, clad in red cheered as the Germans entered the city proper. The day would be theirs! ______________________________________________________________________________ The Fourth Republic The establishment of the Fourth French Republic was a great step forward for the 2nd Internationale, but the job was not finished. Only a token portion of France fell under the control of the republic, this most certainly would not do. Every portion of France would be liberated from the tyranny of the Republican Government. Following the victory at Paris, and the establishment of the Fourth Republic, Jean Jaures a prominent socialist politician, a popular figurehead, and a staunch anti-war supporter was unanimously named head of state. Not long after his rise to power Jean named Paris a global seat of the 2nd Internationale, and promised an end to the war under the new regime. (Head of State, Jean Jaures) Spirits were high among the army and citizens alike. The Fourth Republic was no doubt the more legitimate of the two states. It had a message, a reason, and a will to continue fighting. The loyalists were shattered. The capital of Paris lay in revolutionary control, Verdun encircled and lost to the Germans. The revolutionary government had secured a treaty with the Central powers, a far more lenient one that would have taken place under the old government. Propaganda posters become common place, an effort to consolidate power is launched as well as one to win over the hearts and minds of those within and outside the French Republic. Leaflets dropped from German planes urge Republicans and Loyalists to lay down their arms. Under the new regime there will be peace, prosperity, and bread for all, Verdun has fallen, Paris has fallen, there is no use fighting. (Propaganda urging Loyalist forces to end the bloodshed and join the NLA) ______________________________________________________________________________ Cogs of Industry The core of pre-war French coal and steel industry lay in the north east, the border regions, the areas under revolutionary control. In the previous years, it had been ravaged by war and destruction, something had to be done if the revolution is to survive. Jean Jaures and the newly established government order the immediate re establishment of the industry. Any factory is commissioned to dedicate itself to the production of arms and war material. ______________________________________________________________________________ Armée de Libération Nationale The Armée de Libération Nationale or the National Liberation Army was founded upon the birth of the Republic. Consisting of a moderate core of well-trained previously Republic aligned soldiers and a moderately sized chunk of foreign, the National Liberation Army gets right to work supplementing their ranks. A massive drive is launched, irregulars are given basic training by the more seasoned officers. Large recruitment drives are launched, playing off of recent Republican failures, and Revolutionary victories. (French soldiers, shortly after defecting from Republican forces) In addition, the higher ups of Revolutionary command realize the necessity of consolidating their gains. Huge defensive projects begin in key locations along the front in order to repel possible Republican counter attacks. ______________________________________________________________________________ The French Countryside, 1916 The NLA Aurora, one of the Fourth Republic’s only armored trains steamed across France, away from Paris. The Aurora was by no means the most modern of armored trains, but it served its purpose well. Equipped with an array of machine guns, a printing press, a telegraph station, and of course the flag of the Fourth Republic the Aurora was outfitted to rally men to the fight where ever it traveled. Over the course of the later months of 1916, Charles Faucheux and the Aurora choo choo across the the 4th Republic in an effort to win the people over and solidify Charles as a public figure head, a voice of the revolution. The poor and wounded are helped wherever they may be found and Charles delivers rousing speeches. Propaganda spews from the train, urging the people to fight to cement the revolution. ______________________________________________________________________________ Actions The Fourth French Republic is established with Jean Jaures as the head of state, he announces his intention to end the war and an that all who defect from the Republican side will be accepted. Paris is declared a global seat of the 2nd Internationale A massive propaganda campaign is launched playing off of recent Republican defeats and Socialist gains. They promise an end to the fighting. Immediate efforts to repair the northern industry is launched, all remaining factories are dedicated 100% to the war effort. Improvement of the National Liberation Army by the more experienced French officers is begun in addition to recruitment drives. Charles Faucheux and the NLA Aurora travel across France doing various things (see above)
  8. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    The Polish Republic 1916 ______________________________________________________________________________ The Great Patriotic War In January of 1917, a combined Polish-Russian army swept across eastern Europe. The operation, code named ‘Mercury’ had been in intense planning for six months prior to launch. Polish and Russian soldiers had been intensively training to quickly occupy and rout the sparse German defenders. Finally, it had begun, East Prussia had fallen, and the Russians were at the gates of Danzig. The Polish National Army had seen its first taste of real combat in the south. fighting to liberate Polish cities of Krakow and Kattowitz, each man according to a source ‘fought with the ferocity of five Germans’ Across the country, propaganda filled the street. Posters urged men to enlist and fight for a truly united Poland. Other pieces brought news of the fall of East Prussia, The war was being dubbed ‘The Great Patriotic War’ and the hopes were to instill nationalism and pride in the peoples. More importantly hopefully rising the popularity of the National Party. ______________________________________________________________________________ The War Economy The rather meager industry of Poland had been switched into an almost complete state of War. With permission from Congress, and the approval of Pilsudski any available factory was instructed to transfer at least 80% of their production capacity to war material. Rifles, bullets, and, equipment poured from the Polish industry to the frontlines. While the men head to the front, to finally liberate oppressed Polish lands, women were encouraged to work in the factories whenever possible. ______________________________________________________________________________ Call to Action Poland has yet to be fully united. Austrian and German empires hold much of its ethnic lands. Sadly the war has matched brothers against brothers and friends against friends. Polish men serve on both sides. It is made known across all of ethnic Poland that the true Polish state will accept any defectors. Polish units under Austrian and German controlled are encouraged to rise up and join the Entente in the Great Patriotic War! ______________________________________________________________________________ Siege of Kattowitz - 1916 to be added later (Maybe) ______________________________________________________________________________ Polish Menu A propaganda/recruitment drive begins, the war is being called ‘The Great Patriotic War’, propaganda is geared to the National Party All factories are instructed to transfer a minimum of 80% of their production capacity to the war effort. Women are encouraged to work in factories Poles living under and serving both the Austrians and Germans are encouraged to rise up and join the Polish army.
  9. Krefarus

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Both accepted, you can join the discord here https://discord.gg/vUrTz3M Praetor, please refer to PMs once you’ve joined
  10. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    The Polish Republic 1915 ______________________________________________________________________________ A Country United Poland has been embroiled in chaos. Rebel groups in the country vied for power amidst the crumbling Russian Empire. From the ashes of blood, death, and destruction order emerged. Headed by Jozef Pilsudski and the National Government, a large portion of poland was unified. This did not apply to all however. Rebel movements continued to fight on in fringes of the Polish border. Finally, an assembly was called, if Poland was to survive they must be united. Rebel leaders from across the country came, and after much discussion an agreement was reached, Poland was whole again. ______________________________________________________________________________ Congressional Elections and a Message to the People Jozef Pilsudski stands before a large crowd in front of the Congressional building. The sky is gray and rain patterns down on the large crowd before him. Pilsudski clears his throat as he begins his speech. “My fellow countrymen, long has our nation and people been oppressed and partitioned by our neighbors. But no longer, the ages of oppression are over. We are no longer slaves to a foreign power, we are free peoples! In the recent chaos that plagued our nation, I acted as temporary head of state, I am honored by the opportunity to lead such a noble people. However, I can no longer fulfill this role, it is time for a democratically elected body to assume its position. I urge the people of Poland to take advantage of an opportunity unbeknownst to us, to vote in the coming elections. I strongly advise my predecessors to observe the interests of the common man above all else, and to avoid the entangling alliances of Europe at all costs. With that my friends and countrymen, I formally resign from the position of consul” With that, he stepped down from the podium, with luck he would long be remembered as a hero of the country However, this would not be where Pilsudski’s political career ends. Several days after his formal resignation, he announces his intention to run for the position of Consul at the head of the National party. The National party is a relatively new movement, and is most easily defined as Nationalist-Republican movement. ______________________________________________________________________________ Polish National Army The National Army was in a state of complete chaos, there was no proper chain of command or leadership. The Polish Army was no more than various bands of loyal militant factions. Pilsudski, a military man himself decides something must be done. A high command is composed, the most promising and experienced figures of command are selected. Next a complete re organization of the army into a modern and uniform fashion is launched. It was clear to Pilsudski and the Polish leadership that the issues regarding the splinter groups must be dealt with. After much debate, the orders are distributed. The Polish National army would divide into regional commands to address any issues faster and more efficiently. Training drives continue for troops who are still unassigned to any active operations. In addition to previously mentioned government directives, a second branch of the Polish National Army is formed, the Polish Corp of Engineers. The new branch will serve a limited combat roll and will see use far outside the realms of military operations. In wartime, the corp will be dedicated to assisting battlefield fortification and entrenchment operations as well as the overall logistics of the army. In peace times its proposed to be used for mostly civil projects such as the construction of railways, roads, and other public or government projects. Long the pride of the Polish army, the legendary cavalry units known as the Polish Hussars have long served the nation as a vital asset. Though times are changing and the battlefield rolls of cavalry are becoming less and less important, their maneuverability and intelligence potential is perfect for small clashes and raids. The most veteran of the Hussars have duties away from the frontlines. They are assigned to be instructors, new government directives push for a growth in the cavalry forces in Poland. As many fresh recruits join the branch, they will require adept instructors. ______________________________________________________________________________ Expansion of the Rails Railways were undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient methods of transportation available across land routes. They were also extremely versatile, they could support public industry and transportation but in times of war could be used for the quick transport of men and material. Poland’s railways were not non existent but there was always room for improvement. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to break in the new Polish Corp of Engineers, the branch is commissioned to construct several new rail lines across the country. Any funding and material not directly available would be asked for in request to the Russian Union. ______________________________________________________________________________ Industrial front The industry of Poland is severely lacking and the government realizes the importance of establishing an industry to properly supply the armed forces and grow the economy. As a result, the government personally funds the construction of several arms factories across secure territory as well as offers extremely low taxes for companies wishing to branch into Poland. The hope is that Poland’s industrial growth will be spurred and the economy will improve in general. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Polish Menu The Polish National Army, is reorganized into a modern army model. Army Corp [23,040] -Division I, II, III [7,680] -- 1st, 2nd Brigade [2,560] --- Battalion I, II, III, IV [640] ----- Company A, B, C [160] ------- Platoon I, II, III, IV [40] ----- Company Support [160] ------- Platoon I, II, III, IV [40] - Cavalry Attachment [2500] The Polish Corp of Engineers is founded. Its main objectives are to assist and oversee battlefield fortification and logistical efforts. In times of war the branch will be dedicated to civil and federal works. The most veteran of the Hussars are made instructors and are to begin training a larger quantity of recruits as horsemen. The Polish Corp of Engineers is commissioned by the government to improve the Polish railway network. If required, the Russian Union is requested to offer funding to the project. The government personally funds the construction of several arms factories in Warsaw and other urban areas in order to help supplement the arms shortage and spur the economy. Extremely low business taxes is offered to companies wishing to bring industry to the fledgling nation. The first national elections are held. All 100 positions of Congress are up for election as well as the Consulship. Jozef Pilsudki announces his intention to run for the position of Consul in the upcoming elections at the head of the ‘National Party’
  11. 17 BBY (Early Months) ______________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAdYmUk6oVY The Final Holdout The selected vessels of what remains of the CIS fleet is dispatched to the Inner belt. They exit the atmosphere with no trouble before proceeding to open space. By the mid 17 BBY various reports on several potentially lucrative asteroids filter back into High command. The assault on Myros goes exceedingly well. The city, unaware of the separatist presence and unsuspecting of an attack is taken entirely by surprise. The BX commandos led by Jan ruthlessly secure a beach head without much of a fight. By the time local Edichi forces catch wind of the incursion, Droid forces have deployed en masse, any hastily prepared attempts to repel the invaders are terminated. By Mid morning the local government has unconditionally surrendered to Jan and the droid army. Edichi civilians wake up to the roar of separatist fighters overhead, droid patrols in the streets, and CIS flags flying overhead. (-3 BX Commandos) (+20 AT-LEs, +2 MR-PCs) Long live the Confederacy! 203rd Attack Battalion The First task force, dispatched to the mountains finds a suitable location for a permanent HQ. Though not equipped with the best or most proper excavation equipment, work begins nonetheless. As the early months of 17 BBY roll to a close, the beginnings of a hangar are finished as well as other basic facilities. The second task force arrives at the designated city without issue. Not far from the city limits the 203rd disembarks in force. The march to city is met with no resistance, crowds of civilians gather in the streets to welcome the Grand Army of the Republic. The majority of the populace is welcoming to the Clones, including the local government. Once their mission is made clear, enthusiasm dies down. Small groups of men opt to join the battalion, but they’re far from equals to the rest of the troops. (+100 raw recruits) The third task force successfully surveys the largest of Edichi’s moon. Even though they are far from properly equipped for such missions, the clones makes do. Excavation efforts begin, the first load of raw material arrives at the base site in mid 17 BBY though it is rather underwhelming. Loyalist Centre Communication with the other 3 Imperial Battle groups is made. Tensions within the Edichi capital (LP-A) remain high. The number of Imperial supporters within the government and the civilian population is far outweighed by those who oppose the occupation. Though no physical clashes erupt, any single event could cause the entire city to erupt into chaos. Battle of the Isosus Peninsula After refusing the directives of the Loyalist Centre to cede all command, the former 1st Imperial Battlegroup was placed on high alert. Their fears become reality when long range sensors detected Loyalist forces approaching on their positions. The fighter wings were scrambled, The navy in the immediate vicinity called forth to form a defence against the overwhelming might of the Loyalist Navy. The first of the fighting occurs in the skies, the loyalist fleet composing of an Imperial Star Destroyer, a Victory Class Star Destroyer, and 4 Arquitens Class Light Cruisers are only met by a Single Victory class accompanied by 4 Arquiten Light Cruisers. The battle, occuring in low orbit rages across the skies. Wings of TIE fighters zip through the battle, their ever present wail fills the air. The Loyalist forces, led by Varina Rourke in her TIE defender quickly overwhelm the smaller fleet. The ISD Ravager’s overwhelming firepower deals massive amount of damage to the opposing fleet. Unable to compete with the Loyalist’s massive amount of firepower Imperial forces attempt to withdraw. The Victory class cruiser, nearly escaping is dealt a critical blow, explosions rip across the ship as it plummets to the surface of the Edichi. Only one Arquitens class light cruiser escapes the battle. The ground campaign is a different story. Numerically superior and entrenched Imperial forces resist the Loyalist landings fiercely. Every step closer to the Imperial headquarters at LP-B is paid for in blood. However Loyalist domination of the skies effectively renders the defenders strong points and armor useless. Imperial bombing and strafing runs quickly dispatch exposed targets. Imperial forces opt to launch a fighting retreat back to their headquarters. After eight days of intense and bloody fighting, much of the infrastructure leading to and surrounding the headquarters is captured by loyalist forces. The gates of Imperial headquarters are reached. The beginnings of a siege are set in motion, Loyalist bomber wings begin neutralizing strategic assets in the city. Several days into the siege, what's left of the 1st battle group surrender, most likely under the pressure of the local government and population. What remains of the battlegroup personnel pledges its allegiance Loyalist Command and the remaining assets are absorbed. The whereabouts of what remained of the 1st Battle Group's fleet is unknown. Loyalist Losses (-135 Stormtroopers, -824 Imperial Army Troopers) (-3 AT-STs, -1 TX-225 tank) (-26 TIE fighters, -2 TIE bombers) 1st Battle group Losses (-253 Stormtroopers, -483 Imperial Army Troopers) (-5 AT-STs, -2 TX-225 tanks, -2 AT-ATs) (-36 TIE fighters, -3 TIE interceptors, -6 TIE bombers) ( -1 Victory Class Star Destroyer, -3 Arquitens Class Light Cruisers) Edichi Task Force Losses (-56 Stormtroopers) (-3 TIE fighters) Independant Edichi Movement The two squadrons dispatched to Alpa and Dreis respectively find great success. Most of the locals harbour some form of Anti-Imperial sentiment and quickly jump on the opportunity. reports arrive back in Keigh. The establishment of the Alpa, and Dreis cell respectively are successful. The half platoon dispatched to Argowell arrives without issue. The populace, historically isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world doesn't offer much support to the rebels, but they manage to scrounge up a handful of recruits. (+74 recruits) Training initiatives in Keigh are met with relative levels of success. (+53 regulars, -53 recruits) Captain Lor Billa is approached with an offer by one of the locals (Discord) Clan Odall Odall troops successfully manage to assume control of the three settlements south east of the river. However between the local garrisons and the main base, Odall troops are spread extremely thin. Contact with the Imperial Legion to the north is established. At the intiatal landing site fortifications begin construction. A lack of manpower severely hampers the project, over the course of the following months some minor fortifications as well as basic facilities are established. Clan Ordo Production at Treiban begins, however most facilities lack the proper equipment and resources. As the months move on the factories slowly optimize though no finished fighters are produced, only several partially finished ones. A stronger sensor is acquired from the local government at Treiban. Initial examinations deem it to be more than adequate for their intended purposes. Fortifications at the main base are more or less finished, several strong points and emplacements are constructed. In addition, a shield generator generously ‘donated’ by the local forces at Treiban is installed. 82nd Dread Battalion The Fighters scout the nearby area, little of note is spotted, just empty desert. What seems to be a structure or remnants of some complex is sighted in the south eastern section of the desert however. Phaross and the coastal settlement largely reject the offers of vassalization. Little information as to why is known, but the army carries on nonetheless. The two shuttles dispatched to the smallest of Edichi’s two moons arrive without issue. Mining operations begin though progress is slow due to the lack of proper equipment and machinery. A suitable location for the base is discovered in the mountains, with most of the battalion’s efforts focused there construction begins without much issue. As the early months of 17 BBY finish off, basic facilities as well as light fortifications are completed. Imperial Legion Contact with the other Imperial battlegroups is established. The city lies firmly in Imperial hands. No information regarding the existence of any rebel or opposition cells has arrived. Patrols routinely sweep the city and Imperial forces heavily monitor everything arriving and leaving the city. Squads sent out arrive with.. Interesting news. It seems that a Mandalorian war party has successfully managed to assume control of the settlements south east of the river. Their numbers are not known, but it appears their forces are stretched rather thin. The personal squad sent out to search for the Jedi scum return with no findings… How disappointing. 104th Battalion The ships arrive in the outer asteroid belt with no issue, mining efforts begin but suffer from a lack of the proper equipment and machinery. The first shipments of raw material soon begin arriving back at the base of operations. A secure transmission is sent out in an effort to contact possible surviving clone battalions, though nothing is received in return. Maybe they’re choosing not to respond? Or maybe we really are all that's left… The Battalion’s current positions begin to be fortified. As the early months of 17 BBY draw to a close the effort was deemed largely successful. Strong points, trenches, and emplacements form a strong defense around the base. Dorno and his clone contingent successfully survey the land. It would seem most of the area in the immediate vicinity is heavily wooded. The local wildlife, though extremely interesting and unique isn't particularly hostile. Arthropods, Mammals, and Aves are the most common, some creatures surprisingly enough are partially fluorescent. Beasts of Zillo The local black market seems to be a rather medium size, nothing like what we had on Coruscant. The Beasts of Zillo seem to be one of the larger crime groups in the area. The nearby area is surveyed, reports of a Mandalorian expedition off the southern coast of the continent filter back. It seems they’ve taken control of one of many of the southern isles, including a rather large city. How curious. What hidden camp is Finch talking about? Clearly he’s gone mad, almost all of the pirates are currently living in Andwell. A local crime group, the Red Sun Federation has quite the large stash of heavier blasters and equipment. Some rumors even say they have a small stash of AT-LEs, perhaps they’d be willing to sell some of it off. There’s not a whole lot of space to train the pirates, though some find the time. “who is Finch to try and organize us? We’re doing just fine how we are, right?” The Edichi Task Force Holdings governed by the task force largely switch to a system nearly identical to that of the Edichi. Though this is not entirely unopposed, small groups of the Imperial officer corp oppose this decision, believing it will lessen the grip of the Empire on the territories. The 1st and 3rd groups dispatched to gain control of the nearby settlements are successful. The cities reluctantly allow the entry of Imperial forces. Though the second settlement, at the foothills of the mountain openly denounces the Task Force’s blatant Imperialism. The Arquitens cruiser, upon approaching the city is fired on by an array of gun batteries and forced to retreat after sustaining minor damage. Expansion of the production facilities begins though it is slow. The local Edichi are very reluctant to offer their services to who they see as an oppressor. The recruitment campaign is launched, though it doesn't pick up much traction a few men opt to join the Imperial Navy. (+50 Imperial Navy Troopers) No company fulfills the requirements for the contract. Though major companies possess the means to, many would rather produce their own fighters or work for Edichi clients rather than the Empire. The surveyors sent to the mountains are mostly successful. When they were not restricted by the hostilities of the foothill city they managed to complete their missions. Reports filtering back to high command suggest that there are many resource rich deposits. The selected forces are dispatched to aid the Loyalist forces.
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    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

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  13. 17 BBY Star Wars – Shadows of the Past ______________________________ All is quiet on the surface of Edichi. It has been less than a year since the ‘Pulse’ blew through the system, rendering all inside it isolated. The ensuing chaos fractured Imperial forces on the surface as regional commanders and leadership figures jockeyed for control over what remains of the Empire. Both free and occupied Edichi cities were not excluded from this power struggle. Attempts to reduce the scope of Imperial control were met with varying degrees of success, though no major cities were reclaimed, Imperial control of the surface was heavily reduced. The Edichi Government, still desperate to retain control over the world is in a state of confusion, incompetence, and chaos. Local political and military leaders eager to elevate their reputation in the public eye, seldom follow government directives. A relative rush to bolster the ranks of the military ensue, and hunts for any functioning equipment are underway. In the flurry of conflict and chaos of the proceeding years, where most eyes looked to the surface of the planet, the appearance of two rather large ‘stations’ of unknown origin has gone relatively unnoticed. Their purpose is a mystery as is where they came from. They hang barely in orbit of Edichi, no transmissions from either of the two ‘stations’ have been observed. No attempts have been made by the Edichi government to contact or investigate them. No more findings regarding the mysterious ‘Structure’ have been made since it’s alleged destruction last year. ----------- OOC Applications are still being accepted If an action is questionable, ask before doing This is free form, but don’t go over the top on actions or you will face consequences. Exercise common sense Please include an actions section to your posts where you can summarize the main points