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  1. Krefarus

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    The Most Serene Republic of Venice Status of the Republic The Most Serene Republic of Venice was experiencing more than prosperity. With every coming day, the streets of the capital welcomed more and more citizens. Constantly growing and expanding. The Venetian fleet had reached even greater heights with its participation in the 4th Crusade. The Adriatic might as well be known as the Venetian sea! With the conquest of Zara earlier in the year, the Republic’s holdings had expanded across most of the Dalmatian coast. But still, there was more to be done.. Domestic Matters At home, matters of improvement were always welcomed. At the beginning of the year, engineers and workmen alike are hired by the Doge himself to continue the expansion of Venice. Not only will these new projects house the ever prevalent immigrants, but vast markets, harbours, and housing districts of marble and gold will be built across the city. Without a doubt, Venice will be a city of wonders! Naturally, following its capture, the city of Zara will be reconstructed in full. Sufficient sums of funding is granted to government agents in order to begin the process. The people of Zara are all offered housing across other sections of the Republic while the city is rebuilt. Foreign Matters Seeking to grow both foreign and domestic relations, several envoys are dispatched across the mediterranean world in hopes of securing favorable trade deals, and fostering friendly relations. The most important of these missions is destined for the Kingdom of Sicily, where a treaty concerning military cooperation between the two powers is offered. Gold Company In a world constantly plagued by warfare, destruction, and strife the need for a formidable army is always prevalent. As such, the Republic would begin raising a proper one. Ten thousand of the Republic’s finest men are raised, they will form the core of the army. Known as the ‘Gold Company’ they will receive extensive training and the best equipment money can buy. The Fourth Crusade As the Crusader fleet drew ever closer to the ancient city of Constantinople, a tension hung in the air. Restoring Alexios IV to the Roman throne would not be a peaceful matter and the leadership knew . There was also the matter of excommunication, if the Crusading army caught wind, they would desert en masse. As such, a single vessel is dispatched far ahead of the main fleet, to deliver terms and offer negotiations to the Roman Emperor in Constantinople. The Venetian diplomats are of course, open to negotiation. The terms are as follows. -The Roman Empire would pay half of the debt promised by Alexios IV (100,000 silver marks). -The Roman Empire will provide financial and military aid to the Crusading forces. -Venetian merchants will be given exemption from taxes and tariffs within the Roman Empire -Venice will make sure the pretender, Alexios IV, is dealt with. Actions Projects expanding and refurbishing Venice are undertaken. The reconstruction of Zara begins, citizens from the city are offered housing elsewhere across the republic while the reconstruction is underway. Envoys are dispatched to Mediterranean powers in an effort to foster friendly relations. A treaty proposing a military alliance is offered to [The Kingdom of Sicily] The Gold Company, an elite group of 10,000 men is raised in Venice, they begin training. The Company will be fitted with the best equipment money can buy. An envoy is dispatched to [The Roman Empire] proposing terms.
  2. Krefarus

    The Disunited States of America

    1863 June-December ______________________ Events 1863 In December, Mexican forces are pushed over the brink. They had suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of the French Army. Baja California had been absorbed by the Empire. Mexico City had fallen earlier in the year along with many of Mexico’s larger cities. The government only loosely held the northernmost areas of the country. On December 15th 1863 the Government officially surrenders. The Empire of Mexico is established with Maximilian I at its head. Horace Lawson Hunley showcases an interesting contraption in August. It is a hand powered Submarine! Hunley pushed the military applications for the vessel though many are skeptical. Following the death of Frederick VII of Denmark, the 2nd Schleswig-Holstein crisis begins. ______________________ Commonwealth of Massachusetts The draft largely fails. Massachusetts had already conscripted huge portions of their manpower and the ones called up were vital for production of war material. Loans are taken and the Ironclad project is kept afloat, adding even more to the Commonwealth’s national debt. Public opinion of the war rises, though a portion of the population still sees it as unjustified. Production of the spencer rifles begin to fall off. Most of the skirmishers and portions of the cavalry had already received the weapons. Commonwealth command saw the weapon as far too expensive, overly complicated, and to taxing on supply for regular infantry. Pennsylvania Commonwealth The five year plan continues as planned A contract is obtained for the Whitworth rifle and small scale production begins. However alike the Sharps and Spencer rifles, it's far too expensive and complicated for large scale production. A sister ship to the PCS Bismarck is laid down. Union of Concord Diplomats are dispatched to Europe, though embassies are established, most of the continent looks unfavorably on the New English. Commonwealth of Virginia The new government is formed in Richmond with Lee named ‘Lord Protector’. The reform invokes widespread and furious debate. Supporters of slavery and the aristocratic and landholding elite both supported the change, die hard southerners remain eerily quite. However particularly in northern and West Virginia where support for republicanism and abolitionism was more than prevalent the regression in slavery laws was unacceptable. In addition to the abolition of a seemingly democratic government provokes violence. West Virginian delegates officially separate themselves from the government in Richmond. In December the area officially declares INDEPENDENCE from Virginia. Upon hearing this news, the West Virginian 4th Corps in New York refuses to continue fight and demands transportation back to West Virginia. Congo expansion continues as planned, Virginians begin to penetrate deeper into the jungle. Rifling of muskets and cannons begins in arsenals across the state. Tredgar Iron Works in Richmond is contracted to chiefly spearhead the project. France laughs at Virginia asking for concessions after sending volunteers themselves. The 300 Needle guns are delivered, at great expense to the government New York New York Central Railway and Erie Lackawanna Railway solidify their deal. Investments continue to flow into the Republic of Asbury. A contract for the production of Parrot rifles is given out. They enter production and distribution begins late in 1863. A 2nd Ironclad is laid down, it is a sister ship to the first one finished only months earlier. The additionally 25,000 men are recruited. Federation of Rhode Island & Connecticut The two additional Ironclad keels are laid down in Mystic and Portland shipyards respectively.\ The endeavor is completed and ready for 64’ The stockpiles begin dispersion and warbonds are but up for purchase, helping to supplement the Government’s spending. Additionally the light press censorship helps to raise public support and demonize the New Yorkers. The brigades are raised Musicians tour the military camps, raising the spirits of New English soldiers across the front. Cincinnati League The newly adopted firearm is put into production. Foundries across the league begin to churn out the rifle. By the end of the year sizeable portions of the army sport the new gun. Expansion of the army in terms of manpower is authorized and completed. However the absurd amounts of rifled cannons and gatling guns requested are not met. Small deliveries are made but the ordinance is far to expensive for an outright purchase. Michigan rejects the invitation CSA Thomas Semmes is re elected as president of the Confederacy. Seen as the main force behind southern unification, public opinion of him is very high. Throughout Louisiana, the revival of French culture is well received. In schools French language begins to be taught again. Discussion for the expedition is conducted. The census is that 64’-65’ would be perfect for such an endeavor. The ironclad is laid down. Drawing inspiration from New York’s Commodore, its planned to feature a rotating turret with two Brooke guns of a larger caliber than on the existing Ironclad. Development of a 300 pound Brooke gun begins The Standard Cotton company slowly begins to absorb and assert dominance over the exportation of cotton to the north. Treaties/Laws are solidified. ____________________________________________ As always, if you missed this modpost you can always do a year long post or pm me your actions
  3. Krefarus

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Republic of China 2037 ________________________________________ The Jade Corps In early 2037, a more than interesting company emerges from China, entering the worldstage. Known as the Jade Corps, they are a private military group. Boasting some of the most technologically advanced and mechanized forces on the world supplemented with contracted veteran chinese military officers from the Civil War period it is a more than capable force. The Corps publicly issues a statement offering their services to world governments and organizations alike. To the public, the Corps was nothing more than the latest in private military companies, however there was far more to it. The corps, founded in close cooperation with the Chinese Government in Tianjin was more a tool than anything. An anonymous and neutral extension of the Government’s power. It was completely funded by the Chinese armed forces. Of course, this was a closely guarded secret only the highest echelons of the government would know about. _____________________________________ Hong Kong Military Expo The Armed forces, constantly searching for new technologies and innovations hosts a military expo in Hong Kong, a historic hub for commerce and business. The expo would invite foreign and domestic companies alike, asking them to present recent research, prototypes, anything that might be of interest to the armed forces. To incentivise these companies, large military contracts are offered to companies that present worthwhile material. _____________________________________ Chinese Space Program Among the other events throughout the ever active China, the government has sought renewed interest in the long neglected Space Program. Compared to her contemporaries, China was leagues behind even North Korea! In 2037, Portions of the Government’s budget bigger than the entire DPRK’s economy is allocated to this program! ______________________________________________________________________________ Chinese Menu --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turn three expenditure [57 AP] 6 Base + 32 Agri production + 2 resources + 14 land production + 3 trade [5 RP] 5 Base 5 AP - T2 fighters [15/20] 2 AP - 20 transport planes 15 AP - finishing Research facility 15 AP - launch pad [15/100] 25 AP - 1 agriculture stack 0 AP- A request is sent to Japan requesting funding to help speed the development of the C.S.P. (player) 0 AP- Japan’s proposals are accepted, the first Axis Wargames are planned for 2038 and the armed forces transitions adopts a new Axis standard rifle cartridge. 0 AP- Domestic and International companies alike are invited to Hong Kong to showcase the latest in military development and innovation. Substantial government contracts are offered to the company’s who show the most promise (Mod) 0 AP - Jade Corps offers its services to global governments and organizations alike (Mod)
  4. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    Republic of France 1920 ______________________________________________________________________________ The O.N.A During the course of the Great War and the French Civil War, Large advancements in military technology had been made. The first tested and adopted semi automatic rifles debuted in early 1920. France had been the third country on the world stage to pioneer tanks. With France embroiled in the reconstruction, Charles Faucheux, the Minister of War wished to continue such development and keep France far ahead of her contemporaries. In August, 1920, the Orleans National Arsenal is founded. It is the first built after the end of the Civil War. The Arsenal is part of a larger program to continue development of primarily small arms, tanks, and army equipment at a reduced cost as to working with independent companies. The opening of the arsenal marks the continuation of development of French Army technology. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1920 Naval Plan In the previous years, many of France’s colonies were lost due to internal strife. In the Great War, its navy performed far from perfectly. It was clear that the French Navy was lacking. If this issue was not remedied, France would soon lose her ability to project power far from her borders and even in Europe itself. As such, Charles Faucheux, newly appointed minister of War announces a plan to expand the French Navy. It would follow France’s historical solution, she could never match the likes of Britain in pure numbers, so she would push forward the innovations of the time. In June of 1920, the development of a French Carrier emphasizing speed would begin. Along with development of the a carrier, the option of converting one of the existing vessels into a Carrier is looking into. In tandem with this development, a new class of ships that had finished development in the earlier half of the year is laid down. The Lyon class battleship as its known, with a displacement of only 19,500 tons, it shows the clear change in French doctrine, moving away from the heavy and expensive dreadnoughts of the modern era. In total, 5 are ordered, they are to be built incrementally over the following years so as not to strain the countries economy. The new Lyon class would also sport a number of changes and improvements in order to not only lessen its cost but improve the ship. Firstly, the vessel would host a significantly smaller super-structure, this would be the primary factor in reducing its cost. Furthermore small-tube boilers and a large reduction to gear assembly for two propellers significantly increased the ship's engine efficiency and allowed it to reach higher speeds, additionally the Lyons freeboard would be lower, reducing the weight and cost but making it a bit miserable for the boys on the bow. ______________________________________________________________________________ Civilian Affairs Across France, the country was still far from reconstructed. Littered with plague victims, destruction, and radicalism there was still much work to be done. The government continues to pour massive portions of the budget into programs to rebuild the country. Additionally, political campaigns to pacify and de-radicalize the populace begins. ______________________________________________________________________________ French Menu The Orleans National Arsenal is opened A political drive to increase the ‘Never Again!’ mentality and spur support for military projects across the country begins. A political drive to ‘de radicalize’ France begins. With more than 5% of France’s debt paid, a plan to incrementally pay it off is formulated and put into action. Military development for all aspects of the army continues, This includes the development of small arms, light vehicles, tanks, and airplanes. Specifically the refinement of the semi automatic rifle, an improved (single wing) fighter, and a lighter and faster tank. Contracts for these desired weapons are offered to companies who would develop them, additionally the O.N.A leads a development project of its own. The government is sure not to overspend in this regard [1 year now] Development of a French Carrier begins, the project is purely on paper for now. Additionally, the prospect of converting an existing ocean liner/vessel into a carrier is looked into. An ambitious naval plan is adopted that would debut the Lyon class battleship designed last year. 5 are planned, they will be laid down & paid for incrementally so as not to strain the country’s spending. A sale of the new Semi-Auto rifle that would equip the entirety of Austria’s Jagdkommandos is finalized. The order is put into production and allotted to be delivered by next spring. Reconstruction continues, additionally estimates gauging how much longer reconstruction programs are needed are requested. [1 year now]
  5. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    Republic of France 1919 ______________________________________________________________________________ Peace at Last! After many grueling years of civil war, turmoil, and strife, the French Civil war was finally over! Following the complete collapse of the Bonaparte forces, the Grande Armee quickly moved into the region. The promises of the terms were being carried out in every regard. French soldiers moved quickly through the urban and rural population centers alike, aiding those in need and helping whomever might need it. Only days after collapse at the front, Charles Faucheux’s ‘Vulcan Corps’ Enters Brest in ceremonial fashion. Pictures are snapped, the event is published across France and abroad. It was not only symbolic, but literal. The Royalist cause was defeated, France was once more united. Even the farthest corners of their cause had fallen. On the political scene, former Bonapartists were welcomed with open arms back into the National Assembly. Photographs of the now whole assembly circulate France. The message was clear. Any divide left from the civil war would not be tolerated! The Nation was once more whole. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Reconstruction The scars of the Great War as well as the French Civil War ran deep. Much of France lay in ruins. Entire cities had been reduced to rubble and ash, vast plains malformed into an array of trench systems. The manpower, economy, and pride of France had evaporated in less than half of a decade. Her colonies left to the vultures. Thousands had been displaced, even more suffered from rapmant Dutch flu. The government looked on the situation with a face of shame and despair. To solve this crisis, programs founded in the previous months receive huge amounts of funding. A large portion of the capital coming directly from France’s allies over the channel and across the continent. Furthermore, initiatives to treat and help those affected by Dutch flu also given more funding. The programs would be focused on several things. Employing the help of the French Pioneer Corps to lessen the cost, the programs would rebuild infrastructure, population centers, old trench networks, and industrial centers. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Grand Armee (Victorious French soldiers pose for a picture) After years of fighting, it was all finally over, hundreds of thousands of men fought, were wounded, or lost their life for the great nation of France. Every man has done his country a great service. However they were no longer needed. Following the conclusion of the French Civil War, yet another massive demobilization program is enacted. The Grand Armee currently one and a half a million men strong is downsized threefold to a size of only 600,000 men in addition to the logistics corps, and the air force. ______________________________________________________________________________ Never Again! With the conclusion of the French Civil War, G.Q.G launched a complete evaluation on French military performance in the previous conflicts. This brought up many horrendous points. During the Great War, the French Army had performed abominably. Furthermore, the constant deadlock of Trench Warfare caused immeasurable loss of life and equipment during both conflicts. The nation of France had been humiliated! Her colonial possessions had largely been stripped from her. Her homeland was laid to waste, almost 100% of the fighting took place on French soil. This was an embarrassment that would never be allowed to happen again. In late June, G.Q.G in coordination with the French Government announces an ambitious plan to advance the French armed forces far past the standard of european armies. To spur the rebuilding of the French Industrial sector, French companies specifically in the automobile and aircraft industries are given large contracts to develop state of the art vehicles and planes for use by the French armed forces. (Prototype personnel carriers/armored cars in Normandy) ______________________________________________________________________________ Actions The fall of the Royalist cause is widely published and celebrated. Full scale reconstruction of France begins using both foreign donations and the French Pioneer Corps. The reconstruction will help give work to now unemployed French soldiers The Grand Armee is scaled down to 600,000 men G.Q.G supported by the French Government launches a massive programs to technologically advance the armed forces. Huge contracts are given out to French companies to rebuild and develop these vehicles & planes. Charles Faucheux continues his political campaign, running on a platform calling for unity in France. Observers and Storm trooper advisers are sent to the Austrians
  6. Krefarus

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Republic of China 2037 ______________________________________________________________________________ The Waking Dragon clad in the Light of a Rising Sun! The year 2037 marks a historic one for the Pacific. Long had the area be divided between Chinese and Japanese spheres of influence. Bitter rivals since the first Sino-Japanese war. However, this was the beginning of a new era. In January of 2037, the first Sino-Japanese summit was held, the second one in March. Over the course of the year, relations grew exponentially. December was the crescendo of these relations. Yet another summit, held in Tianjin, the capital of China marked a historic day. The event was widely publicized. Pictures of Emperor Naruhito and President Li Qiang shaking hands covered the front pages of the news across Asia. For days, both governments engaged in heated discussion, the entire world waited in anticipation. What would come of yet another historic meeting? Their question was answered with a glorious announcement. On December 21st 2037, the Tokyo-Tianjin Axis was established. The announcement was accompanied by a glorious display of Asian military prowess. Massive joint Sino-Japanese military parades rolled through the streets of Tokyo and Tianjin. In the skies, Chinese jets roared, at sea the Imperial Navy remained ever dominant. The coalition would focus on the preserving the peace, prosperity, stability, and defense of its member states. Trade Partners: USA, North Korea, Japan, Ireland, UK, Italy, Mexico, USSR, Canada Chinese Menu --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turn two expenditure [49 AP] 6 Base + 24 Agri production + 2 resources + 14 land production + 3 trade [5 RP] 5 Base 26 AP - 2 stacks of Agriculture (finishing 1, finishing 2nd) 10 AP - x2 Missile installations 10 AP - Research facility [10/25] 3 AP - 45 J-36 fighters 0 AP – continued prospecting for natural resources 5 RP - T2 fighters [10/20]
  7. Krefarus

    The Disunited States of America

    1863 January-June ______________________ Events 1863 The Shelling of Fort Sumter! On March 21st, 1863 the last stronghold of the Union falls. After refusing to surrender their positions to Confederate forces who were now encircling the fort, the shelling began. Guns from all sides pounded the fort relentlessly for hours on end. After nearly a week of siege, the Union forces surrendered the fort, marking the end of an era. The surrender of Fort Sumter was followed by a Union declaration of WAR upon the Confederate States of America. Founding of ‘Standard Oil’ In April, one of the regions first oil facilities are opened in Cleveland, Ohio. A partnership by John D. Rockefeller and his brother, William Rockefeller known as ‘Standard Oil’ The company has already begun to experience immediate success. What will become of this mad success? No one can predict. British Embargo Following the outbreak of war between New York, and the New English power bloc, the British found a rare opportunity. At the request of not only their dominion as well as the alleged plot to stir rebellion in Maine the British Empire ceases all commercial activities in an embargo with the New English countries. This Embargo was denounced by France, who could be considered a growing New English trade partner and friend. ______________________ Commonwealth of Virginia The construction of the Ironclad squadron continues, however a portion of its funding is taken with the outbreak of war with New England. Nonetheless, construction continues, the workers promise the two sister ships will be finished for 64’ The British accept the offer, on June 1st a British bank is opened in Richmond The expansion of the Congo colony continues slowly, it lacks much public interest. However it does see an increase of settlers. In Richmond, protests erupt following the entrance of war on New York’s side. The streets are filled with many deeming the war to be pointless and far outside Virginia's scope. In politics the declaration of war only narrowly passes through Congress. Many Virginians feel the government is now abandoning their southern values and brothers. Many more are uncertain why the war was entered in the first place, New England processes cotton just the same as New York! The recruitment of another Virginian army corps narrowly succeeds. A large portion of Virginia was already under arms and public support for the war was very mixed. However another 26k men begin training. Pennsylvanian Commonwealth The five year plans continues as planned! The commonwealth sees a fair amount of industrial growth over the early months. The organization of ‘sharpshooter’ units is carried out. The best Pennsylvanian marksmen are chosen for these more elite units. Armed with still very rare spencer carbines they begin drilling and perfecting their functions over the early portions of the year. The construction of additional ships begins, the construction team estimates they will be finished for 1864. Additionally, the company tasked with the construction of the P.C.S. Bismarck has exceeded expectations! The efficient and well organized team finishes the Ironclad months ahead of schedule. It leaves its drydock on May 21st 1863! The Federal Empire of California The laws concerning mandatory conscription are passed handily. Many applaud the law believing it to be a step in the right direction for California, others grumble. Californian troops march east, occupying and establishing forts and camps across all of the Washington, Utah territories as well as up to the Rio Grande. Across the occupied territories, many openly accept Imperial authority, those who oppose it are a quiet minority. Some of the most open supporters of the Empire are the Native tribes. After a brief conference with Mexican governors of Baja California, and the poor state of the war against the French the Governors are easily convinced. the provinces of Baja California and Baja California Sur secede from Mexico in late May, before officially uniting with the Federal Empire of California 10 days later. The proposition of a Trans-Pacific trade and migration pact is turned down by the Japanese and Qing governments. However Russia, eager to bring more settlers to Alaska agree along with Hawaii. New York The continued growth of the New York economy continues, aided by Vanderbilt’s personal connections and his willingness to increase cooperation with private industries. Improvement of the New York Ironclad is hard to do before it is even finished. However, in late May, the ships is finished and is tested in the Harbour, where it proves to be quite resilient. Two more ships are commissioned. Huge support follows Vanderbilt’s call to war, the request of 50,000 new recruits is easily met within the first week or two. By the end of early 63, they are largely finished training in western New York, far from the front. The private sector begins to shift to war products, capitalists are all eager to make easy government money. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Industrial reforms are enacted, New English factories soon begin receiving state of the art equipment. Increasing not only the quality but the quantity of New English goods. 40,000 men are called upon from the manpower pool, they begin training and are deployed to the front at the beginning of June, 1863. Production of Spencer carbines increases, however not by much. Union of Concord The recruitment drive is successful, however many reports indicate the stress the army is causing to the industrial sector. Production quotas are getting higher and the workforce is shrinking. The Ship of the Line is estimated to be finished in time for 1864. Confederation of Southern States Teaching of French becomes far more common, many embrace the revival of their French culture, more die hard southerners disregard it. The National University is successfully funded, construction begins. It is finished in late May. In a historic day, the Confederation expands its borders even further west. Texas is the first to respond to the request, followed by Arkansas. The three states had shared a close bond since the beginning of the post-union period anyways, it made complete sense to the governments to join together for mutual protection. Public support everywhere was quite strong, however there was always a small minority that opposed the expansion. Ohio The government's focus on steel production yields good results. The steel industry sees a good growth and overall production trends are predicted to continue their growth. After hearing of the great victory at Andersonstown, shaking war support begins to grow as the populace becomes far more confident in the military’s capabilities. The shipment to Virginia is sent. Many are disgusted with the open support for a southern let alone slave state. Federation of Connecticut and Rhode Island The ironclad project continues without delay. After observations from the battle at New York, several adjustments are made to the Ironclad’s design. It is still expected to be finished for 1864 The mustering is a success, another 40,000 men are trained and ready to be deployed at the end of May. Education and Land ordinance reforms pass
  8. Krefarus

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Republic of China 2036 ______________________________________________________________________________ Establishment of the Republic The years following the Sino-Indi had left the country in ruins. The largest of the population cities had been wiped off the map. Subsequently, the unforeseen nuclear bombing of Beijing had completely crippled the People’s Republic. Government on almost level was paralyzed. Confusion ran rampant across the country. In the power vacuum left by central government, regional figures to revolutionaries seized their opportunity. The now splintered country erupted into warlords and infant states. War tore through the country as various powers vied for control. For years the country was torn apart with war. However, through the dust and destruction came unity. The Nationalist Beiyang army, drawing its name from the decades old Imperial Army seized power one city at a time. On February 5th, 2036 the new year brought way to a new regime, the Republic of China was officially proclaimed in the new capital of Tianjin. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Reconstruction The Sino-Indi war had left large swaths of China completely devastated. Radioactivity was ever present in many regions and massive cities were reduced to rubble. Following the establishment of the Republic, the government began taking massive strides to rebuild the country. Huge programs geared towards rebuilding villages, towns, and major metropolitan areas are put into effect. Additionally, programs designed to provide aid and housing to displaced citizens is launched. Perhaps the most ambitious of these projects is the reconstruction of the old capital in Beijing. ______________________________________________________________________________ Chinese Menu Initial Investments Economy--- 150 AP- 6 stacks of Agriculture [25 a peice] Military--- 15 AP- 375 Fighters, 5 AP - 125 Bombers, 1 AP - 100 Helicopters, 10 AP - 50,000 men, 7 AP - 1750 APCs, 7 AP - 700 Tanks, 3 AP - 150 Mobile Artillery, 2 AP - 20 MLRs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turn One Expenditure 24 AP - Agriculture stack [24/25] 5 RP - Fighters t2 [5/20] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Efforts to begin rebuilding the old capital at Beijing begins [ MOD ] Requests to begin trade are dispatched to [ Everyone ] A formal apology to the global community for removing Taiwan from the map is delivered [ Everyone ]
  9. Krefarus

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Application: Your Discord’s name: SUPREME leader#1328 (You have it) Your Nation: Revolutionary France Short background of nation: France was the prime reason for the collapse of the EU. In turn, its withdrawal was primarily caused by internal revolution within the nation. As the early 21st century continued, the people of France became increasingly fed up with the 5th Republic. Growing unrest began to show in late 2018 when riots encompassed much of Paris. The years of instability continued with increasing severity. By 2020 the country was on the brink of Civil War, long dominant left and liberal majorities were slowly eroded by a growing center-right coalition of Industrialists, Fascists, Centrists, and Monarchists. By 2021 the vast civil turmoil had brought the 5th Republic to its knees. In January the country entered a state of complete civil war. Revolutionaries rose up across the country, including much of the armed forces. Over the course of the next few months, they quickly overtook 5th Republican Loyalists and toppled the regime. In its place the 6th Republic was formed and consolidated at its head a popular figurehead and military man, Louis Faucheux. Government type: ‘Democracy’ Suggestions/Feedback: Vive la Revolution   Nations standing army/navy: https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=france
  10. Krefarus

    The Disunited States of America

    1862 June-December ______________________ Events 1862 The French Intervention in Mexico continues, on April 9th Britain and Spain withdraw from the military coalition, leaving France as the sole participant in the campaign. Virginian officers, some with experience in the Mexican-American war arrive to aid the French in their campaign. On May 5th at the Battle of Puebla, French troops win yet another victory over their Mexican foes. Later in the year, both Tampico and Xalapa were occupied. The abolitionist movement continues its spread across the ‘Border States’ many abolitionist parties begin to form in states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and Missouri. In direct response to the C.S.S’s formation and takeover of much of the Cotton industry as well as the rise of cooperationist ideas, the states of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina join together as the Confederate States of America. Prussian Prime minister Otto von Bismarck delivers his Blood and Iron speech to the Prussian landtag. ______________________ Commonwealth of Virginia Jeb Stuart leads a number of successful raids into Maryland. The state is slow to respond, and raids continue to hamper the state until late fall when the attacks become more dangerous. The raids, though it is unknown who is responsible for them are largely praised in West Virginia and much of Virginia proper. The French accept Virginian support in the war after losing the support of both Britain and Spain earlier in the year. Many of the men sent to France prove decisive in the Battle of Puebla. Only a portion of the planned funds are committed to the Ironclad squadron, and plans for two sister ships are drawn up. However this sees lots of controversy within the Government and public alike. The plan to commit all of the planned funding does not pass and instead a compromise is made, Many see the expansion of the fleet unnecessary, especially when other areas are being completely neglected. A small military fort and accompanying settlement is established in the Congo. Domestically, few care for it and many more question the government's expenditures. Pennsylvania Commonwealth The ‘5 Year Plan’ is drawn up and put into effect Production of Spencer Carbines slows significantly. Several factories purchase more advanced machines and tooling. Overall the quality of the rifles improves, but they are delivered in even smaller numbers. The act to begin conscription is vetoed as quickly as it is proposed. However, partially copying New England, an act calling for fighting age men to register for a ‘draft’ should the nation need soldiers is passed. Additionally, more volunteers bolster the armies numbers after the occupation of DE, bringing the standing force to 75k. The government begins subsidization of paramilitary forces and militias. Many begin to spring up over the course of the year. Development of the Ironclad begins, several engineers and designers are recruited to design one. Though it is far from perfected, good progress is made. Many of its characteristics are blatantly copied from the Virginia Federal Empire of California The Organization effort begins. Military engineers and companies are contracted to expand the road network of the Empire. Additionally, a growing sense of professionalism and nationalism festers in the Imperial Army as they continue their training throughout the year. Steps are slowly taken to introduce ‘State-Capitalism’ though it is gradual. Many of the new state run institutions such as the “Californian Lumber Company” and many of the Southern Orchards see very immediate success. Public opinion of this program are quite low, especially among farmers, ranchers, and lumberjacks. The Envoy dispatched to Vancouver is mildly successful. The British Crown recognize the Empire’s claim to much of the former US’s western territories; however they do not seem willing to help enforce them. The French seem eager to worker more with the Empire. French-Californian relations are established in an embassy in San Franciso. Should California become more involved in the conflict the idea of ceding Baja California to the Empire is reasonable. Commonwealth of Massachusetts A staff of engineers and designers are recruited to begin work on the Ironclad. They make good progress, copying lots from both European designs and that of the Virginia. Good progress is made, but estimates suggest a working model won't be ready until next year. Plans for the manufacturing of Spencer Carbines are laid out and production begins late in the year. Many of the early models suffer from the same issues as PA’s. The rifles are expensive and complex compared to regular muskets and many are delivered in low quality due to improper tooling and machines. Federation of Connecticut and Rhode Island Much of the military’s ordered ordinance such as m1861s and 12 pounder Napoleons are successfully delivered to the troops. The growth of the private industry continues with the aid of Government subsidies. Uniforms and caps are delivered to the Army in good amounts. Every man has a uniform and cap. The call for another 30,000 men is largely unsuccessful, the peacetime army of 20,000 is largely considered to be more than sufficient at protecting the Federation’s interests. The act to register all men for selective service passes however. The development of the Ironclad begins. The Boy scouts are successfully founded, many of the troops get a large influx of membership. The 1st Connecticut Pioneer Regiment is successfully formed. The best and brightest of the regular army is transferred into the regiment. They begin arduous and extensive training. New York Cornelius Vanderbilt experiences lots of popularity on the campaign trail. During the elections he wins by a strong margin, making him the 1st official president (for life) of the state of New York. Of the Governments reached out to, only the Republic of Asbury and Kentucky adopt the American Dollar. Fort Jay, one of the last Federal holdouts surrenders in early December of 1862 after realizing the futility of their cause and the desperate lack of supplies. The New York military successfully occupied it following the surrender. The ships are ordered and expected to be finished by mid 1863. Many of the approached companies eagerly open more facilities within the state. Dominion of Maine The militias continue their regular trainings and subsequently improve. Men from the British Rifle Brigade are a great help. The prints are well accepted virtually everywhere, American public opinion of the state begins to improve. The Dominion even sees a minor influx in immigrants over 1862. The docks at Portland begin improvement, much is done during the later half of 1862, however construction isn't estimated to completely finish until the spring of 1863. Ohio Subsides to Ohio’s industry continue to flow, over the course of 1862 it sees major growth, continuing to maintain its position as one of the largest on the American continent. The additional 3 brigades of infantry are recruited, supplied, and trained. The continued expansion of the arsenals is successful more tooling and machines are purchased to help produce more sophisticated weaponry and additionally improve production of standard issue equipment. WAR is declared on Indiana ____________________________________________ As always, if you missed this modpost you can always do a year long post or pm me your actions
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    1912; The Great War

    France 1919 ______________________________________________________________________________ Victory in the East! The war against the German traitors had been swift and brutal. Though only a couple months in length, the brave soldiers of the N.L.A dealt defeat after defeat against the Hun in their attempt to take retake Verdun. After the treaty of St Petersburg, the armies of the N.L.A march home victorious. To the east their enemies cowered before the triple Entente. In the west, the royalist traitors lost ground by the day. An end to the Civil War was finally in sight. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Aurora, 1919 Charles paced across the train car of the Aurora. Only a single light from the table lit the room. The table itself was cluttered with maps, papers, documents, everything. An empty bird cage sits on a second table, a sad reminder of his parakeet now far across the atlantic. Outside the window he could see the French countryside was covered in fog, nonetheless the silhouettes of buildings and trees raced by. Charles returned to his seat and glanced out the window. His thoughts fell upon many things. France was nearly whole again. The Germans had been repelled and to the west the Bonapartists lost ground by the day. The end was in sight. The Revolution had been a success.. So far. Charles glanced across one of the many maps, running his fingers across it. France was far from her former glory. Glory that would not be regained with a global revolution. For now, he kept his thoughts to himself. ______________________________________________________________________________ Dutch Flu What is being commonly called the Dutch Flu has torn across much of France affecting thousands. Soldiers on the front to the common citizen have felt the disease in one way or another. In order to curb the rapid spread of the disease and help to treat the sick a number of policies are enacted. Institutions like schools, churches, theatres, and dance halls are temporarily closed. Factory worker shifts are staggered in order to reduce rush hour commuter traffic. Those still working are provided with face masks to help limit the diseases spread. Furthermore, clinics and temporary hospitals are set up across the country in order to help treat and contain the sick. ______________________________________________________________________________ Demobilization With every passing day the war drew nearer to its close. Peace had been brokered with the Germans to the east. In the West, the Royalists lost ground with every passing day. However, millions were still in arms, conscripts or not, fighting for the Republic. The toll of the war upon the country was horrifying, the large armies made supply shortages constant and severe. To remedy this issue and push the nation back into a state of peace, large portions of the NLA are relieved from duty and sent back to their homes. The program aims to reduce the serving army to just three million men, nearly half of what is currently serving. ______________________________________________________________________________ N.L.A Reforms Being massively reduced in size, the N.L.A would find that much of the conscript army would be gone, leaving only their core units serving and deployed. GQG would implement a variety of reforms in order to assure the much smaller army would be better in every regard. As of now the N.L.A has several different helmets in service, British brodies and French Adrians leftover from the Great War were still widely used as well as Stahlhelms provided by Germany during the Civil War. This had the potential to cause confusion on the battlefield and it demonstrated a lack of professionalism in the N.L.A. GQG begins a plan to completely standardize this section of the common infantryman's kit. In January of 1919, a new design is adopted and put into mass production. The new helmet resembles a German stahlhelm, giving it excellent protection against shrapnel and debris. Additionally, the side sections are reduced in size, improving the soldiers hearing and lessening a major drawback of the Stahlhelm design. Furthermore, the design is simplified in certain regards, eliminating many of the manufacturing steps and lessening their cost. GQG has also begun a program to fundraise for a new program designed to ease life on the front and raise the morale of the remaining troops. The new drive, backed partially by the government and partially by civilian donations would purchase substantial amounts of luxury goods from domestic and international suppliers. These would include items such as cigarettes and chocolate. Furthermore, an order for a small amount of RSC 17 semi-automatic rifles are placed. This rifle, largely regarded to be ineffective and insufficient for trench warfare has recently caught the eye of Charles Faucheux, an influential figure on GQG. These rifles are ordered in very small amounts and are issued in even smaller amounts to every unit operating on the front. The plan is to have the rifles undergo a trial run, they will be given to whichever soldiers could best take advantage of their capabilities. The soldier/companies would file reports evaluating the effectiveness and/or what they did or did not like about the rifle. ______________________________________________________________________________ French Pioneer Corps One of GQG’s other reforms for the N.L.A is the creation of the French Pioneer Corps or the FPC. To avoid confusion the ‘Pioneer’ Battalions of the N.L.A are rebranded as Stormtroopers and ‘Pioneer’ tactics are changed to Stormtrooper tactics. The Corps will function as France’s primary military logistics and engineering authority. It will be responsible for the construction of military facilities, railways, and fortifications. Additionally, the Corps will act as a vital tool in the ensuing reconstruction of the country. Paris - December 15th Snow fell gently on Paris, a grey sky hung eerily above the city. It was not long ago when German machines of war occupied the space above the city of lights. Now only the occasional buzz of French planes filled the air. The snow crunched under Faucheux’s boots as he approached the stand. Though the Civil War still raged, elections soon approached and he begun to campaign. Behind him the French tricolor wove triumphantly in the wind, a large crowd gathered before the popular figure. He clears his throat before he begins his speech. “Brothers, sisters, countrymen. The people of France have been subject to hardship after hardship by enemies on all sides! Since 1914 you’ve fought valiantly against the enemies of France, whoever you may have perceived them to be. You’ve done more than any man such as myself could ever ask of you. Yet still, our nation is divided! Napoleon V continues a pointless war dooming thousands to death. So once more I call to Napoleon, I call out to the Frenchmen supporting him to the east and south! End. This. War. The titles of socialists, loyalists, and royalists are now fleeting objects of the past, We are none of those things, we are only French! Our constant state of civil war has done nothing but weaken our glorious nation and our weakness has begun to show! Once more our holdings have been infringed on by traitors to the east! The Italians have violated the treaty following the Great War and move to seize rightful French lands! Our countrymen in Corsica now besieged by the Italian menace. In Africa, they move to conquer brave and noble Frenchmen in the colony of Madagascar! I will not tolerate more vultures picking apart our glorious nation in our time of chaos. I call upon the National Assembly to address these matters at once!” - An excerpt from Faucheux’s speech ______________________________________________________________________________ Actions Steps are taken to limit the spread of and treat those affected by the Dutch Flu (see Dutch Flu) A demobilization program begins following the treaty of St. Petersburg. The army is reduced in size from 6 to 3 million A drive to completely standardize the N.L.A begins, this begins with the adoption of and beginning production of a new helmet (see N.L.A reforms) A trail run for the semi automatic RSC 17 is begun (see N.L.A reforms) GQG launches a partly funded by fundraisers program to provide the N.L.A with luxury goods such as chocolate and cigarettes (see N.L.A reforms) The French Pioneer Corps is established Rigorous trials and improvements of the new French tank model begins Elections are announced for May of 1920 Charles begins his political campaign running on a ‘unity’ platform calling for French reconciliation
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    The Disunited States of America

    1862 January-June ______________________ Events 1862 The Second French intervention in Mexico begins after Mexico’s failure to meet loan interest payments. It is supported by both Britain and Spain, on January 6, the invasion force lands in Veracruz Westminster Bridge opens in England, replacing the old one France acquires the territories of Bien Hoa, Gia Dinh, and Dinh Tuong from Vietnam The first all american ironclad debuts! In late June, the construction of the Virginia is completed. Boasting two smoke stacks, a large array of cannons, a ram, and a completely metal hull it is the first of its kind on the American continent! (the Virginia in drydock, mysteriously depicted with only a single smoke stack) ______________________ The Union of Concord The army begins to organize in rally throughout the union. As the early months conclude roughly 13,000 men have joined up. Pennsylvania Commonwealth The occupation of Delaware is swift and thorough. Though alike New York’s own invasion, is full of blunders, logistical issues, and leadership errors. As it becomes June, Delaware is completely occupied. Production of supplies continues. Spencer carbines however are still a rare commodity. They are produced in very small numbers of rather low quality due to the insufficient tooling and the expensive cost. New York A designer by the name of John Ericsson is contracted to begin development of the new Ironclad. Estimates show that by mid 1863 the vessel will be fully designed, constructed, tested, and become seaworthy. Vanderbilt’s campaigning continues, his fortunes help fund tours across the country. As the early months conclude he’s built a large platform. West point reopens, though the current cost of the NJ war and the funds directed to the fleet restricts much of its potential. Southern Union Garnering support for the confederacy within the British Empire begins. Though some success is achieved using King Cotton diplomacy, the British seem hesitant to invest themselves into what is arguably a very unstable region. The drive to entice Quebecers to resettle is largely unsuccessful. Though a few do opt to pack up and move to the Confederacy The expansion of the standard cotton company increases The pound is successfully adopted and put into circulation within the Confederacy IOWA A blockade on Arsenal island is imposed, it is met with a Federal denouncement. The initial railroad contracts are gradually completed by mid 1862, much earlier than expected. Commonwealth of Massachusetts The expansion of manufacturers continue The array of forts guarding the rail and supply lines are finished near the end of May The order of two ships of the line and three frigates are put in. By December they are expected to be completed. The creation of the Commonwealth Rangers is successful, though its largely regarded as a low priority organization. The delivery of level action rifles never arrives, either being too expensive or the order never being placed ____________________________________________ As always, if you missed this modpost you can always do a year long post or pm me your actions
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    1912; The Great War

    France 1918 ______________________________________________________________________________ The Legacy of Napoléon “France once again, like the times of old, finds herself surrounded by barbaric European powers seeking to carve up her borders. The HUN to the east drives through France’s eastern fields while the FROG supports enemies of the Republic from within. But like the times of old, France will be victorious, for she is mighty, righteous, and her cause is just.” -An excerpt from Jean Jaures in his speech to the National Assembly In December, a new National Assembly convened in Paris. Former enemies now stood together in these sacred halls. Ministers from the 3rd and 4th Republic assembled to decide the future course of France. For the first time since the beginning of the 4th Republic, the tricolor, devoid of any socialist imagery, was hoisted above the assembly. It was symbolic to all, who understood the unity needed to bring about a French victory in this struggle against foreign tyranny. The mood of the assembly was grim. Republicans and Socialists were not on friendly terms. But there was a man they could all respect, who they came to hear. Jean Jaures. President Jaures took the floor in the midst of a tense silence. Both sides were scared of Germany, of each other, for the future of their children and for the future of France. It was in this atmosphere that Jaures began… “Allens! Enfants de la Patrie! Le jour de gloire est arrivé! …” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKtCVblxDRc The once silent hall took to the song of France. La Marseillaise. The silent halls now boomed with the song of hundreds of men dedicated to the cause of France. A tear fell down Jaures’ face as he concluded La Marseillaise, now holding the attention and devotion of the halls. Countrymen, above all we need to come together. We must deprive ourselves of titles like Loyalist, Socialist, Monarchist. We must remember that we are French, and that nothing takes precedence above that. I call upon Prince Napoléon to join me in the defense of France. If they should forsake this call, let it be known that they were content to abandon la Patrie to the German HUNS. They will be complicit in the terror upon our people waged against international law. From this day forward, we call ourselves France, with no political denotations, because that is what we are. We fly the flag of Napoléon I, and carry his revolutionary torch forward. Will we let the HUN gas our wives and our children in the streets of Paris? In Marseilles? In Lyon? “NO!”, booms the hall. We shall fight on to the bitter end, and we will win! VIVE LA FRANCE. The streets of Paris, amidst the dust, destruction, disease and bombing, erupted with spontaneous demonstrations of patriotic fervor. What happens to Paris happens to France. All across the country, news spread of Jaures’ speech and call for unity in the defense of France. How the French people react remains to be seen, but in the end the defense of France is the foremost duty of every Frenchman. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Bavarian Conspiracy A pamphlet begins to be circulated throughout various press lines. No one truly knows who fired the shot that killed Ludwig III, king of Bavaria, the shot that began the Great War. Many believed the French to be responsible, a lie, conjured by the Kaiser to keep the masses ignorant of his sins. French Intelligence has unveiled the greatest lie perpetrated in the modern century. A lie used to advance the imperialist agenda of the general staff and the Kaiser, to perpetrate a war of aggression, to tread on the sovereignty of millions, and a lie used to defame France. The German general staff created and funded the execution of the conspiracy to kill King Ludwig III of Bavaria. It's no secret that the OHL dictated King Ludwig’s agenda for the day he was sent to visit Alsace-Lorraine. It is clear given new revelations that they purposefully sent the king to Alsace-Lorraine so their terrorist group could carry out the assassination. The assassination gave cause for the OHL to have its war, and reason to curb the growing power of the democratic German reichstag in favor of its unrestricted abilities. King Ludwig was the perfect candidate. His dislike of the French, weariness of the west, and status as a possible opposition leader to the Kaiser made him the prime target for his conspiracy. The OHL was immediately prepared to act on this “French aggression” and had already mobilized its “defensive army”. Given these revelations, it is clear that Europe was swindled into war by the Germans at the loss of an innocent man’s life.
  14. 16 BBY (Later Months) ______________________________ The Final Holdout Production of lower tier droid production continues. As the production lines begin to specialize and the treasury swells, production output increases (+1200 b1 Battledroids) Expansion of the Droid Facility begins, estimates suggest in roughly a years time the project will be finished. Drives to recruit an Organic Cohort and replenish the Officer Cadre is largely successful (+146 Officers) (+500 recruits) Imperial Loyalist Centre The Local government accepts the talks however talks concerning further integration is quite unsuccessful. They make concessions regarding the industrial and resource sectors, giving loyalist command much needed production capabilities Operation Farseer continues Beasts of Zillo Several contacts regarding jobs and the availability of weapons are reached (pms) 203rd Attack Battalion Now in wartime, the recruitment drive picks up steam, many sign up, eager to earn glory and fame as well as serve the republic. (+600 recruits) The first couple batches of V-Wing starfighters roll off the production line and enter the service of the republic (+40 V-19 Torrents) With the onset of war local manufactures accept both the small arms and AT-TE contract, production lines begin to fire up as resources are reallocated. By the end of the year fresh small arms weaponry is arriving in the hands of the men. 82nd Dread Battalion The unidentified western city, is already under the protection of 104th Battalion Joint training exercises are conducted with the 104th, both sides learn a good amount. Studying of the power generating pillar continues, it seems very old, no major breakthroughs are made. The battalion lacks the resources, funds, and equipment to begin such an ambitious project. The fleet continues mining operations. Clan Ordo A Hypermatter generator is located.. (pms) The Edichi scientists begin work on integrating their new shielding technology, the first prototype will be ready next year. Several locations home to pirates, brigands, and criminals actively taking part in raiding are located.
  15. Krefarus

    1912; The Great War

    The 4th French Republic 1919 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgKazTrhXmI ______________________________________________________________________________ Traitors to the East! GQG, French High Command was embroiled in planning and commanding. Reports flooded in from all areas of the front. An assault repelled in one sector, an unsustainable defence in another. discussion flew back and forth among the general staff. Debates became heated, one man believed a course of action to be superior over another. This continued as at had since 1914 with the beginning of the Great War and even further into the birth of the Revolution. On yet another early morning, GQG once more gathered to discuss the operations of the N.L.A, and furthermore how victory in France could be achieved. That marked the day the Revolution was truly beset on all sides. A young attendant burst through the room, he held a single report gathered from the east. It read only four words “Les Allemands se mobilisent!” The Germans were mobilizing… Traitors.. Oathbreakers, the lot of them. An unprovoked act of aggression rang out from Germany. The 4th Republic had been nothing but receptive and cordial to the Germans. This is how they repaid their debts. Now, the Revolution was truly under siege. Beset on all sides, The Germans marshalled in the east after a vote in the Reichstag, to the west the Royalist traitors moved against the N.L.A., in the south the 3rd Republic stood ever defiant. There was no question, true freedom would be won with blood and iron. ______________________________________________________________________________ Beset on all sides “The invaders to the east are traitors.. oathbreakers! They will not rest until the glorious revolution has been completely destroyed! We will hold our ground Comrades! Resist the invaders! Death is preferable to existence under German hegemony! Give them nothing…” From intercoms across 4th Republic cities propaganda constantly calls out during the daylight hours. Citizens are educated on the horrors of German occupation and urged to take up arms and resist the German invaders at every step. Popular figureheads, including Chancellor Jean Jaures travel across the border regions delivering rallying speeches and insisting the Germans will be beat back as soon as they had come. On top of the increased propaganda efforts, large scale conscription begins. Injecting the N.L.A will fresh men for the inevitable struggle in the east. (Propaganda depicting the future of occupied France, citing the Rape of Belgium) (Another propaganda piece, dehumanizing the German traitors) ______________________________________________________________________________ Total War With a looming German declaration of war, a three front war was inevitable. The N.L.A at its current state would be hard pressed to defend the Republic on all fronts both in terms of supplies and men. As such the 4th Republic declares a state of total war. All production, logistics, and raw material assets at the Republic’s disposal are to be completely dedicated to the war effort. In addition to the complete restructuring of the French transportation and industrial sector a policy of stockpile is put into place. Rationing begins in major population centers and large sums of food and other non-military products are purchased from the international market. The following precautions are enacted in order to limit the effectiveness of a possible German blockade of 4th Republican ports. ______________________________________________________________________________ Ascension of the Grand Quartier General Panic spread quickly across the 4th Republic’s higher ups and government. More and more aspects of Government responsibility had been taken over by the Grand Quartier General, French Military Supreme Command. Now, the survival of the Revolution itself rested on the ability of the N.L.A to repel the invaders on all sides. In early July the question of emergency powers is put debate within the Government. Heated rhetoric flies across the room as the debate rages for hours, finally the decision to put it to the vote is reached. Hours of suspense followed, the very future of France lay in the balance. Finally the results arrive, with a narrow margin the act passed. GQG was granted emergency authority. Though not a desirable act, it was necessary to protect the revolution To the public, no vote had occurred. No newspapers or media sources so much as mentioned the topic. To the public, their glorious chancellor Jean Jaures still lead the government and championed the revolution. However the truth was far from it. The vote passed days earlier effectively elevated GQG into a position of unsurpassed authority. ______________________________________________________________________________ Actions The propaganda effort once more receives more attention, intercom systems are established throughout cities constantly educating the populace on the glories of the revolution and the realities of life under german rule Jean Jaures continues his tour Conscription efforts are ramped up, injecting the N.L.A ranks with fresh manpower A policy of total war is adopted. 100% of production, logistics, and raw resource assets are devoted to the war effort A policy of stockpile and rationing is put into effect in an attempt to lessen the effect of a naval blockade, at least initially. The Grand Quartier General is granted emergency authority, essentially transforming the Republic into a military junta; This topic is not made public. The [2nd Internationale] is urged to suspend all oil exports to Germany A personal pet of Charles Faucheux, a Carolina Parakeet named Philip is generously donated to the [United States]. He hopes Philip will be better cared for there Socialist and those who oppose who the warmongering Kaiser in Germany are urged to rise up and reclaim their homelands