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  1. “The fucks a tank?” asks Kyral, clearly concerned.
  2. Kyral leaves a note! Name ((and Username)):Kyral Winterleaf ((Arkelos)) Giveaway Item #1: Dreek's Rollex Giveaway Item #2: Ograhad Stone Giveaway Item #3: Stinging Blade
  3. Please and thank you.
  4. Ring of Communion and Dwarven Pocket Watch please
  5. Kyral Winterleaf, the creator of the Violin, wishes Ulhart Grandaxe well in his business endeavors!
  6. Who do I talk to about forum issues/ anyone know why https://i.imgur.com/a/ZMrr29K.gif isn’t posting as an image when I try to put it into my roleplay post?

    1. Burnsy


      Try copying the image address and pasting it into the doc. After the paste it should turn into the gif.

  7. Hey man, I kinda like Gusano. Don't go around calling them out like that

  8. Hey man, I kinda like Knox. Don’t go around calling them out like that.

  9. So, whens the MAT gonna get off their asses and do Magic Apps that have been waiting for a bit?

    1. FlamboyantTyrant


      I have smacked them so apps should get sorted through, if your app isn't handled by tonight pm it to me and I'll handle it when I'm back at my comp

  10. PK rolls are ******* stupid anyways there i said it Lets be honest, you only came here to screech. Nothing will satisfy you, this is the "happy" medium. Though to be fair even this change is to only appease the vocal screeching minority that wanted it anyways.
  11. Please do, and inform the Druid Discord of said changes.
  12. Gonna be against this unless there are severe changes to unattunement. I'm clearly against this because I think theres a pocket of druids trying to find my soul tree for whatever reason. I've had people tell me they were going to unattune me for having a soul tree and they didn't have one. So tell me, how exactly am I going to keep my tree safe from them in an open area? Or am I just screwed when this goes through.
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