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  1. I miss ten seconds ago, when I still had my remaining braincells
  2. IM DYING I originally thought you were @Telanir and i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. Nobody can top when Rittsy left the admin team on april fools and everyone thought it was a joke and then he never came back and people didn’t know how to react. you still tried.
  4. Arkelos

    Technical Update

    Option C is a really interesting idea to use for a roleplay server, especially seeing the avenues this can open in terms of RP situations like cart travel and the sort. This could lead to a “Traveling” server where one could pay a specific amount of mina to travel to another town. Take the time to sprint it, reduce a fourth off that time. That is how long the player would remain inside, barring any sort of technical issues where the value of time needs be rounded up. I see option C being extremely beneficial not only in reducing lag, but expanding the canvas the server has to work with. In both technical terms and roleplay terms. You have an opportunity to make something special with this if done right.
  5. Arkelos

    [World Lore] Oxygen

    Be prepared to rewrite the lore a thousand times over until your spirit breaks and they shelf it. /s
  6. I didn’t mean to post here

    1. GodOfPie


      im sorry, please don’t hurt me, my mind is JUMBLED

  7. Arkelos

    Bee Thread

    Do you ever think God stays up there in fear of what hes created?
  8. When the letter came to Kyral, she could already feel something was wrong, her eyes closing as she took it from the messanger. Hands remaining solid as she opened the paper, and began reading. The Aegisborn High Elf Druid’s expression was stiff, and a battle of emotions took her. “So she has departed. May my oldest friend rest well.. She has earned her rest.” With tears in her eyes, Kyral moved back towards her home, beginning to plan arrangements for a funeral for a friend who was definitely family.
  9. Illern Deathsbane-Winterleaf takes a moment to reflect, she had lost both her arms to the void, but such things were the past. So she carried on, toiling to create a weapon to hold, one that did not shatter when she held on to tightly with her recently repaired Golem limbs, made by Kirrekith. With a mighty swing of her hammer, five metal rods, small, were put into a handle made of granite. The cross guard a woven set of gold and steel, Capped by two rings. They seemed to be wedding rings of a forgone age, once hers and her long passed beloved, now put towards a blade meant for one final battle. And so she toiled, not yearning for a warriors death like she used to, but a finale to her life as a warrior. The roads planned, and for the first and last time in her life, she would fight with a sword built by her hands. How practical it was, wasn’t for debate, she would meet her enemy head on. “Almost took everything from me. Now I take everything from them.” she spoke calmly, preparing herself for what would be her most grueling of trials.. there were debts the void would have to pay.
  10. Bye Korvic

    1. Korvic


      I’m still here. Waiting for things to get sorted out ‘cause there’s no difference it if’s just me on my own or just me in the dev chat in terms of productivity when I don’t have access to anything nor any official word from any other Admins other than an invite for a voice chat later with Mr Telanir himself.

  11. I have multiple magics with lore already written for multiple types of gray (Not evil or good) magic and neutral based Deific-but-not magics that have been collecting dust. Mostly because I know that they’d be gutted in term of what makes them interesting. One magic was going to make use of a book of glyphs, but a LM quickly tried saying another magic does that so it wouldn’t be unique enough to get accepted. Forget who, they also tried telling me the theme of poisons was somehow a soul puppetry thing.
  12. Remember when I sent you off to go mass pugsy in Aegis since you asked me what you needed to do to become undead? and then the madlad actually did it? Thank you mr dsdevil
  13. An Orc of Aegis greets the elderly Orc into the Stargush’Stroh, The black skinned orc nodding as he speaks in a raspy tone “Lat hab finneleh eurned lats rezt. Led uz peep da fate ub da Uruks.” he says, simply moving to bring Zabgub to his final resting place.
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