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  1. Arkelos

    The kangz pact

    Kyral Winterleaf, since she owns land, signs the pact.
  2. Arkelos

    Ulhart's Oddities Now Selling a Bunch of Crap!

    Kyral Winterleaf, the creator of the Violin, wishes Ulhart Grandaxe well in his business endeavors!
  3. Arkelos

    Dingo looks to train small green men

    Yeah I can get behind this. +1
  4. Arkelos

    [Feedback] Adding Fortnite Dance?

  5. Arkelos

    A Strange Character Request

    Beep boop bang bang
  6. I know we had some beef in the past, but i’m past it all **** yeah, make him GM. +1
  7. Arkelos

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    You ever stare at art and have no words? This is one of those times.
  8. Arkelos

    I need female elf char

    make her half fish so everything she does is fishy
  9. Arkelos

    From Beyond the Wall

    Deep in a cave, one of Kyral’s many birds makes its usual journeys as she had retired to meditate. The bird making its trip without much of a problem, as it was guided through the cave many times over. It puts the letter onto Kyral’s lap, who was meditating. Her eyes ceasing their glow after a short while. She looks to the letter, tilting her head as she reads. With a long drawn out sigh, she looked to the weapon she had hung on the wall. “Do we stay, or do we prepare the world for war?” the Druid spoke. Unlike many druids, she had an affinity for fighting, for war, she never once shied away from bloodshed when the cause was right. She looked conflicted though, since her journey to find a place she might find solace in was potentially halted. Rising to her feet, Kyral walked over to the sword and shield. Lifting them off the frame she had placed them on. An old faded pendant, stained with blood laid underneath. With a small sigh, she closed her eyes. “I guess we fight.” she spoke, preparing herself for what was to come.
  10. Arkelos

    Community Meeting

    Does 7.0 have a resource island? Will we have any form of CT Shops at the beginning of the map?
  11. Dreams. Like waves on a rocky shoreline, I heard a roar echo and spill in front of me. I was sleeping, but not in a place I remember or for a reason I could recall. I felt.. normal, there was no explanation for my being where I was, which I had assumed to be a deserted island. swaths of land barely green, trees heavy with coconuts. There was no crash that I could recall, at least this time, there was no boat. All I could remember is that I had to do something. Live. When I looked into the water to look for fish, I could immediately tell that something was even more off than before. My crimson hair and tree-bark skin were completely gone. There was no way to turn back, there was never a way to turn back. As important as it was to understand the how and whys, no matter how hard I tried to think about other subjects, the urge to continue was more powerful than any other. Inside. Flames crackled into the night as what was scrapped together barely made a fire that could survive for half a day. The ground was hard, but no discomfort settled in my bones. I simply laid there, hoping that sleep would come eventually. Though no feeling of tiredness washed over me, I drifted into a slumber. Before waking up to a calamitous boom. The moon that simply stayed in the sky was alight with fire, pieces returning to the world below it. Horrible black wings stretched behind it, as if it was being destroyed by a force outside our own comprehension. Just. When my eyes fell to the ground below, I had only begun to watch as new emotions flowed through me. Fear. Water began rising above the rocks that protected the shoreline. The island was being swallowed whole by the sea. It was a matter of minutes before the flame went out, and the water reached my feet. Knowing that there was not much else to do, I watched as disaster struck around me. I held a brave face, I kept an expression not of serene calm, but of one who wanted to do one thing more now than ever. More than I had done before, even when surrounded by family. Survive. Maybe someday, vision or not, I'd share what I experienced. It's a long way home, though. Thus, the traveler continues her path.
  12. Arkelos

    Maybe its the lack of sleep.. but.

    I’m home. Thank you, you’ve given me plenty to think on. Especially @Jondead and @Time Lady of Kittens @Zarsies lets start fresh. Okay? Going to rest now.
  13. I’m currently writing this, not sure what direction I’m going to take this in, but bare with me. It may get a bit personal, but nobody is awake, and this server has been a part of my life for a while. Right now I lay in bed with three hours left until my surgery. I’m supposed to have four of these, totaling one year of recovery each, and theres a chance that this may not even help my issues out. I’m accident prone, accidents happen, but they seem to happen to me a lot more then anyone else. I take nothing for granted now, and I want you all to know that even the crazy fuckers who still attack me over something that was completely dismissed. Over things that were told to never be brought up again. That I forgive you. I’ve made peace with the stupid decisions I made. That I keep making, but people change. I’ve lost friends due to people using the past against me. I’ve been, and this is on the server, taken advantage of, been blacklisted from groups of people, had been targeted because of those I befriend. I’ve taken my blows from this, from life, but what matters is that I’m still around. I’ve just been dealing with a lot of crazy issues that I can’t be as active as I want to be. Though with surgery, things will go from a rancorous roar, to a screeching halt. I wont have issues for a long while, I’ll have free time. With that free time, I’d probably come back. I haven’t made a solid decision yet. But if I do, I’d like to start anew, if thats alright.