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  1. Bye Korvic

    1. Korvic


      I’m still here. Waiting for things to get sorted out ‘cause there’s no difference it if’s just me on my own or just me in the dev chat in terms of productivity when I don’t have access to anything nor any official word from any other Admins other than an invite for a voice chat later with Mr Telanir himself.

  2. I have multiple magics with lore already written for multiple types of gray (Not evil or good) magic and neutral based Deific-but-not magics that have been collecting dust. Mostly because I know that they’d be gutted in term of what makes them interesting. One magic was going to make use of a book of glyphs, but a LM quickly tried saying another magic does that so it wouldn’t be unique enough to get accepted. Forget who, they also tried telling me the theme of poisons was somehow a soul puppetry thing.
  3. Remember when I sent you off to go mass pugsy in Aegis since you asked me what you needed to do to become undead? and then the madlad actually did it? Thank you mr dsdevil
  4. An Orc of Aegis greets the elderly Orc into the Stargush’Stroh, The black skinned orc nodding as he speaks in a raspy tone “Lat hab finneleh eurned lats rezt. Led uz peep da fate ub da Uruks.” he says, simply moving to bring Zabgub to his final resting place.
  5. Swamps seem to have the most promising features, so I’ll vote swamp.
  6. “I’m not on enough drugs for this to make sense.” says Kyral.
  7. Any skinners got any openings for Mina? Got 3 separate pieces of a skin that are needed. A hair recoloring, a bandana-like eyepatch, and a set of golem arms.

  8. Kyral, who had just eaten a beet, seems to wipe her face clean. After a few moments, she goes right to kissing her wife. Letting out an amused chuckle, “High Elves and their beets. To be so haughty yet so.. silly.” she laughs, though, the pitter patter of her family roaming about, multiple children born from Kyral. Those born from her wife coming around in the coming days as the family rebuilt. “Beets are good for the body anyways. Glad for the shipment.” The once high elf now Soul Tree smiled, going downstairs to cook some beet-related meals for her family. Telling the story of how the Mali’thil think this wards off the gay with such amusement and vigor, that one could say that this redoubled her efforts in homosexuality. The shipment wasn’t there mind you, they’ve been eating beets for a while now.
  9. Illern Deathsbane, who was one of the people responsible for bringing a floating beast down to the ground, now rests. She survived, it was no short of a miracle. But the cost on her was outrageously high. Both arms were lost, but her hope yet remained. She would be back soon enough, things just have a way of working out.
  10. Lost both arms at a Mystery Event and I’m just loving EVERYTHING that happened.

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      is this sarcasm or bitching or a genuine compliment, I can’t tell

    2. Arkelos


      Genuine compliment!

  11. “Thanks I hate it.” Says a Druid who could have sworn she couldn’t throw up anymore.. but then proceeds to.
  12. Andria was also under fifty, so one would hope the Sohaer could tell an adult from a child!
  13. Kyral sips on a cup of Winterleaf Herbal Tea (TM) while reading an advisory sent to her by one of her associates. With a sigh, she rolled her eyes and simply remarked to her large as hell family, “Well, was only a matter of time before they saw the laws and went ‘wait a damn minute’. Was one of the Terms of the Lyrian Treaty, I’m just surprised they jumped on it this quick.” she sighs and shakes her head. “I’m sure they already know what the Fennic Age of consent is and are quickly making an advisory against traveling there as well.”
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