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  1. [MArt] Grog of Substantial Whimsy

    So if you constantly get 20s in a row, is there a hard cap on how many times the effect can double or is that endless as long as you're lucky?
  2. The Thotty Crusades

  3. [MA][Druisim][Unattunement]Leyun Winterleaf

    Can Confirm she was taught.
  4. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    What he meant to say was Implemented, **** you.
  5. The Banishment of Balorien

    The Scroll Druid begins to scribe letters out to her brothers and sisters about this unfortunate tragedy
  6. Lore Submission: Lugandans

    you know when you've overplayed a meme, and nobody thinks its funny? Yeah this meme isn't there yet.
  7. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Add poison ivy to their legs and watch how quick this ends.
  8. Ugandan Knuckles Art Store

    Ugandan Knuckles Color: Rainbow Queen of Choice: da queen do u know da wae: I kno da way
  9. "Whoops." says Kyral. Noting the blaring issue here
  10. New Character Ideas

    Try a Druid.
  11. do you know de way

  12. +1 this status if you think Ford smells

  13. Yes, I am teaching her.
  14. Allow Players To Open Shops At CT

    Gotta say I agree to the **** talking part. I had a Mage taunt my druid with casting in front of her to get a reaction. However, I don't think having a place to hang out in the Cloud Temple is bad. I used the safe zone to try and get players to the nations they want to visit. Even help them out OOC without having someone do a drive-by mugging. If anything, helpers should inhabit the Cloud Temple hangouts, so they can assist with getting new players acclimated for better retention.