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  12. The Winterleaf Family and Seed “A rich history of druidism, compassion, and morality.” “The Great Skravian stag, symbol of the Winterleaf Family” The Winterleaf Family has a long history in the lands of the descendants, and today is one of the largest families of the elves despite nearly being wiped out in the fall of Aegis. Through the centuries since then, the family has recovered, rebuilt, and spread once more to carry on and continue their traditions and values. The family as it exists today is expansive and has connections to nigh every elven family in some manner, and many non-elven families, be it children, marriage, or adoption that creates these links varies, but the extended tree of relatives is massive now. The Winterleaf Family has old traditions of oral stories, music, and arts, as well as a tradition of druidism in many of their ancestors and current members. They have never formally become a Seed until now as they have never cared to involve themselves in the politics or practices of the elven nation through most of its history, instead just acting as a large, extended family that nurtures growth and independence, while always being there to aid one another in times of need. With the return of identity and purpose to the elven peoples, the current elders of the family have felt it time to reach out and help their kin to flourish once more, lest they again fall sway to outside forces of subjugation and lose their culture once more. History “Melhrea Winterleaf, mother of Vailoen and Lillith” (Artist unknown) The Winterleaf family was an ancient, respected family throughout the history of the elves of Malin. Their name was not always Winterleaf, they came from a mixture of family names in the beginning, all coming together through marriages and adoptions and generations of children. In the time of Aegis they convened and settled upon the Winterleaf name to represent their heritage and unify as one larger family. Woodstrider, Pathwalker, Dawnstrider, Clearspring, Dawnwalker, Bladewind, Winterleaf, Vys’sol, and Swiftbreeze; elders from each rallied behind their most respected lineage based upon their mutual values, and chose the Winterleaf name to represent their unity and bond. With the family now as one, they settled in the woodlands in and around Laurelin, mostly avoiding the other races and indeed the world outside of these woods, keeping alive their traditions and teaching their values and morals to each generation that followed. Until came the Undead, and the razing of Laurelin. The Elves as a people suffered greatly during this calamity. Many Seeds and families were wiped out before they could escape, and the Winterleaf family was no exception. They were slaughtered by the cursed servants of Iblees and their followers as the woods toppled and burned around them, the corruption and taint taking most who managed to flee the initial devastation. Two survivors made it out alive out of a family of hundreds, neither of the survivors aware of each other's survival as they fled in different directions and eventually found their way to the Verge, and then Asulon beyond. Lillith Winterleaf was the youngest of these, and yet the first to begin to establish some manner of normalcy to her life, finding aid and shelter with the dwarves of Val’Karrak and aiding them on their farm in exchange for a home. She lived here for several years before beginning to dream of starting an inn, and a family, the memory of the loss of her large extended family fresh on her mind as she determined to do her part to keep their traditions alive. Vailoen Winterleaf, elder sister to Lillith by ten years, found her sister through rumors and pure luck upon Asulon after the inn had been established, and found her sister not only married, but pregnant. Their reunion sparked hope that their family could continue, and together they rebuilt the family over the next centuries through marriages, children, and adoptions. The Johnson royal family of Skravia became one with the Winterleafs through the marriage of Barry Johnson to Vailoen, and upon Anthos they shed the Johnson name to carry on the traditions and name of the Winterleaf family. There were hardships and struggles along the way, as there always are in life, but they endured together and carried ever onwards. Anthos and Athera was a time of extensive growth for the Winterleaf family even as the elven people themselves crumbled and decayed. The Winterleaf family never faltered, taking in children left orphaned by the conflicts raging through the lands, having children and grandchildren of their own, and following their beliefs as they stood together until the lands of Vailor, where at last the family would fragment for a time, though never forgot one another. Vailor was a trying time for the family, most of them spread between the Druidic Order, Aeroch Nor, and the Paladins of Xan. With the fall of Aeroch Nor, a decision was made to leave the lands of the descendants for a time by most of the elders, the Winterleaf name gradually fading to only a few members until the time of Atlas. Many of the elders have returned and once more established a home for the family, bringing more children and adoptions into the family and discussing the state of their kin and the world around them, and the decision to become a Seed was made as a show of support for the Dominion and what it is meant to be for their kin. A new day is dawning for the Winterleaf Family, as they reclaim the heritage and traditions that were nearly lost in the fires of Aegis. Together. Values “Lillith adopting Lilliana” (Art by MamaBearJade) Four core values have defined the Winterleaf family for centuries; Love, Morality, Compassion, and Pride. Each of these is held in high expectation among the family, and is expected of all those who seek to enter into their family through childhood adoption or the Seed. Love: The Winterleaf family has long recognized that love is what drives life and gives meaning and purpose to it. Love cannot be restricted or defined, forced or controlled, regulated or anticipated. Love is greater than the descendants, and love transcends us all. Any person of the Winterleaf name is encouraged to follow their heart, be it in the paths they choose to walk, or whom they choose to walk their paths with. Creed, gender, race, and ancestry have nothing to do with love in the eyes of the family; there are relatives of the Winterleafs in every descendant race, though the majority are spread through the races of the elves. One will never be judged for the calling of their heart. Morality: The Winterleaf family have long held a high moral expectation of its members. Even with how open minded and free thinking most of the family members are, certain things are beyond deplorable in the eyes of the Family. The abuse or mistreatment of children, persecution based solely upon race, acts fuelled by personal greed at the expense of others, and the harming of innocents are some notable immoral things that the family treats with open disdain, but is by no means an exhaustive list. It is expected for members who wish to remain part of the Family to uphold a certain sense of moral standards. Compassion: The Winterleaf family has always been a compassionate one, taking in a multitude of orphans and abandoned who were in need and embracing them as family. Even some who became part of the family through marriage, and later were divorced, were adopted back into the family if they had shown a deep care for the family and worked to better the family. Compassion is always extended outside of the family as well, helping to aid those in need, heal the injured, tend to the dead respectfully, or even just be mediators in any manner of conflicts. Pride: The Winterleaf family have always felt a sense of community and pride for their shared name, and they wear it proudly. One should not hide their heritage, but embrace it and make it their own, no matter how others who have borne the name may have acted in the past, it should not reflect on the whole of the family. This is true of anyone, Winterleaf or not, and everyone should be accorded respect and dignity until their actions determine otherwise. Give them their pride, no one is perfect, and we all should seek understanding and growth. Culture and Daily Life “Kyral Winterleaf playing her ancient violin for Lillith and Lohrahn.” (Render by Roxforbraynz) The daily lives of the Winterleaf family is very typical of a large family. Everyone has their own duty and path to follow, but typically many family members are around their home grove throughout a day, and willing and able to offer assistance or conversation to their kin. Druidism and the Aspects are highly important to the entire family, even to those who do not walk the druidic path themselves acknowledge it is an important piece of the family and its history. Oral traditions tell of the family line that traces back through many ancient druids, including some who were relatives of Malin, and fought in the ancient war in aid of the four brothers. Through great effort, a vast family tree is maintained, an accumulation of all known links to the family, however distant the relative may be, that stretches back to the time of Malin. A smaller tree of blood relatives is also maintained, but is much smaller since Aegis, but growing once more. The accumulation of any book or tome is encouraged by the family, many of the current elders and siblings being bookworms, or even librarians of the Druidic Order in their past. They also encourage craft, musical, and artistic hobbies to fill their homes with beauty and song and happiness. Statues to the Aspects and other nature spirits or favored deities are common in the groves and homes of the Winterleaf family. The Great Skravian Stag is the symbol of their line, from the time of Asulon where this mighty breed of stag roamed the woodlands near Skravia, and was hunted with respect and reverence to provide for the needs of the city. It is said that the largest of these stags once saved the life of Lillith from a pack of wolves, and saw her safely to the city, thereafter seen as a guardian for their family and it became the symbol of House Winterleaf. Notable deific beings revered or respected within the family include The Aspects, Xan, Aeriel, and varying nature spirits. Each of these have played direct parts in the family’s past in some way or another, and some continue to. Typically only The Aspects are outright revered and offered praise within the family, but the worship of any being is not forbidden unless it is a dark being. The Dark Arts are the only taboo of the family, even if some of its past members have followed these paths, they’ve generally found themselves outcast and without willing aid from the family, especially after the betrayal by Adorellan during the razing of the Father Grove on Athera. Family Hierarchy “The Winterleaf banner, a leaf resting upon a frozen landscape.” (Banner designed by Dagothagahnim) The hierarchy of the Winterleaf Family is not overly complex, and is modeled upon the traditional Matriarchy their family has maintained for hundreds of years. The Seed Siblings act as a Family Council leading the family’s affairs, each with a single vote for important or official matters. The Matron also holds a single vote if she is not part of the Seed Siblings already. The Seed Mother/Father is voted upon by the Family Council, and can be any member of the family of adult age. They are considered the representative of the family, and receive one additional vote towards important matters, and are generally given the authority to make critical decisions of the moment on behalf of the family, to later be discussed when the opportunity arises. In the event there is no Seed Mother/Father, the Family Council is collectively in charge of the family, and in the event there is also no Council, the Matron is in charge until a Council can be reestablished. There is a maximum of nine members of the Family Council at any given time between the Matron, the Seed Mother/Father, and up to seven Seed Siblings. -The ‘Matron’ of the family is always the eldest living female of direct Winterleaf blood. She is seen as a respected elder and advisor for the family, and the title only passes on with her death. The Matron may not even be residing among the rest of the family, or even interacting with them at all. While this may be an unfortunate occurrence, the title is still theirs until their death and may never be revoked unless they forsake the family name or are forcibly removed from the family. The Matron is entitled to a single vote within the Family Council, even if they are not already part of it, but they do not receive an additional vote if they are already part of the Council. -The Seed Siblings are those females who are entrusted to run the daily affairs of the family, and act as the Family Council alongside the Matron and the Seed Mother/Father. The original surviving siblings, Lillith and Vailoen, are considered permanent members of this council, with the adopted siblings before the family became a Seed considered Seed Siblings as well. Thereafter, other females of the family may be voted upon by the Family Council to become a Seed Sibling, with a two-thirds majority vote needed to confirm. -The Seed Mother/Father is considered the ‘head of the family’ and is voted upon by the Family Council. The position can be held by any member of the family who is of adult age, and must be voted in by majority of the current council, meaning at least half. If three candidates are brought forward, and there are seven votes spread 2/2/3 between them, no one becomes the Seed Mother/Father as it would require 4 votes to have majority. The Seed Mother/Father is accorded one additional vote on top of what they would normally have on the Council, so if a Sibling or Matron is voted to this position, they would now have two votes within the Council. Initiation and Adoption “A Winterleaf family gathering to celebrate nature and it’s bounty.” (artist unknown) Traditionally, the Winterleaf family has spread through marriage, children, and adoptions. With the official turn to becoming a Seed, most not of family blood will prove themselves through initiation before becoming part of the Family. Adoption of young children and orphans will continue as before, as they can be raised as true family members, but those of adult age will be expected to go through initiation to prove their loyalty rests with the Winterleaf family. -Questioning: Initiation begins with questioning by at least two Seed Siblings to determine the person’s character and outlook. They are asked a series of questions and what-if scenarios that they need to answer carefully and honestly to help determine if their place is with the Seed. Those who perform the Questioning will then convene with each other and discuss their view of the candidate. -Trial: If the Questioning is passed, then the candidate moves on to performing a task on behalf of the family. This task can vary, and may be aiding the family with a current need or problem, or providing general aid in some manner. It will always involve bringing benefit to the family, to prove that they intend to contribute. -Humility: If the Trial is completed, they move on to a proof of their Humility, placing the family above personal pride when needed. This is symbolized in the act of forfeiting something of personal importance to the Seed Mother/Father (or the Council/Matron if not available). This can be an heirloom, trinket, or possession that means something to the candidate, and they are offering it as a sign of respect and trust to their intended family. This item will typically be held for their first year with the Seed, and then may be traded for by offering a writing to be added to the family archives, if they so desire. -Oath: If all phases of initiation are completed, all that is left is for the Seed Mother/Father to guide them in swearing an oath to the family. The swearing of this oath is a solemn, meaningful moment, and both will cut their left hands and grasp hands to seal the oath in blood. This oath can be performed by a Sibling or Matron if needed as well, but is traditionally done by the head of the family. After this oath is given, the candidate is now a Winterleaf. -Tattoo: The family tattoo is an honor given to family members and those who are initiated into the Seed. It is optional, but is generally expected within the family as a symbol of commitment and unity to the family. The Winterleaf name comes from a legend of a tree in their ancestral lands that flourished no matter the season, it’s leaves blue and vibrant, able to withstand the bitter cold of winter. The blue of the leaf represents this resilience and vibrancy. The Green and Gold of the veins represents the heritage of the family name; the green being the druidic lineage and the gold representing the current Matron’s path with Xan. The tattoo is traditionally placed upon the left shoulderblade, but may be placed elsewhere by personal need or preference. “The symbolic tattoo of the Winterleaf Family and Seed” (Designed by Dagothagahnim) The Winterleaf Family Council Kyral Winterleaf (Seed Mother) Lillith Winterleaf (Seed Sibling) Leyun Winterleaf (Seed Sibling) Tailesin Winterleaf (Seed Sibling) Kefi Winterleaf (Seed Sibling) Vailoen Tresery-Winterleaf (Matron-estranged) Current Blood Family Vailoen Tresery-Winterleaf (Matron) Lillith Winterleaf Lhen’ar Winterleaf Laurina Johnson-Winterleaf Revian Winterleaf Lohrahn Winterleaf Daeran Winterleaf Ryder Tresery-Winterleaf Alessia Winterleaf Elanion Winterleaf Vhaid Winterleaf Kestal Winterleaf Liscea Winterleaf Melhrea Winterleaf Aeran Winterleaf (estranged) Current Adopted Family (This is all who are currently active, if you become active and are not on this list, inform us.) (Children of adoptees go here as well, spouses still go through Seed initiation) Lilliana Winterleaf Leyun Winterleaf Tailesin Winterleaf Kefi Winterleaf Mia Winterleaf Rosemary Winterleaf Barry Winterleaf Menarra Reffahc Sarisa Dunhyll Renn Avern Hareven Winterleaf Kyla Winterleaf Kael Winterleaf Kira Winterleaf Nora Winterleaf Norawen Winterleaf Illern Winterleaf Avelon Winterleaf Treemma’parir Winterleaf Vierna Winterleaf Lleah Reffahc Kor’inth Reffahc Liscean Reffahc Van Virilin-Winterleaf Adella Virilin-Winterleaf Aiden T’Winterleaf Asarielle Darkblade Yelfir Everna Ionna Everna Elawynn Caerme'onn Current Seed Family (Non-children adopted members before the official creation of the seed will be moved here, as they already have proved themselves to the family. Spouses of adoptees must undergo initiation to take on the Winterleaf name should they wish to..) Elanion Whisperblade Kyral Winterleaf Kirrekith Reffahc Gileandra Winterleaf Current Forsaken Family (Those cast out and forbidden to reside with the family any longer) Adorellan Sintel - Former Undead, Shade, vast crimes he has yet to answer for.
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