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  1. Hmm... Might be coming back since Freema asked. Ill have to see how Uni works out.

    1. Nug


      always nice to see players return !

  2. Gaaah... so busy last few days havnt even been able to get on for just a few min

  3. Can you forum msg me the coords as well please? Also, hopefully it will cool down after this opening weekend and we can get on and start making the castle/city/place.
  4. Havnt been able to get on past few days. Yay for tests.

  5. Ok people... good night. Fun times tomorrow.

  6. MC name is Lenlo. IC name is Bregden.
  7. Its fine. I wondered around until I found some signs.
  8. hmm... new map means no North... That might be a little problematic for the character, but shouldnt affect the over all attitude. Still join yeah, just change the goals around. And, you know, the driving force behind him. :P Anyways, should be interesting.
  9. Honestly, I dont know about what will happen after the North is reclaimed, but in the worst case scenario there will be nothing but good feelings toward the Ravens. As for the charter, sure thing. I can also put 1000 minas towards buy it if needed.
  10. Minecraft Name: Lenlo RP Name: Bregden Why do you wish to join The White Ravens? I wish to join the Ravens so that I may fight against the Undead. I wish to rid the world of those foul beasts. Are you against the Undead? Why? I fight for the North. The Undead took both the North and my home from me so I would see them destroyed to the last. What skills do you bring to The White Ravens? How will these help us? I bring a good fighting arm ((About 42-43 swords last I checked)). I have been getting better as fast as I can at the blade. I also bring determination. I dream of reclaiming
  11. Must... finish... java code for class.

  12. Almost time for a Texas new years. Let the explosions begin!

    1. KarmaDelta


      Oh ****...... I can see Native now......

    2. Lenlo


      Dont know who Native is, but I want him to come now.

  13. ((Id prefer military as, IC, he doesnt know how to write and it would just fit the character better imo. But I would be glad to help with the library and redstoning ooc in anyway I can. As for the lack of skills, sword is 30 right now and am still workin on everything since I have only been on for afew days.)) ((And thanks, glad to be aboard!))
  14. Name: Bregden MCName: Lenlo A bit about yourself: My name is Bregden. I was raised near Winterfell and, before the undead took it, worked and lived there for most of my life. On the eve of the attack me and my family fled Winterfell, becoming just another set of refugees on the road. Right now I am living with some friends in the Whispering Isles, getting by with day to day work while I look for a group to join. A group that I think I have found. Your skills: I am, at best, average with a sword and my skills with a bow are even less. I wish to improve at anything and everything that y
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