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  1. Valorin scans at the pamphlet carefully. He nods sagely to himself and goes back to his pipe. He hums what appears to be a Halfling drinking song to himself betwixt puffs as the sound merges melodically with the endless waves upon the white sand.
  2. Valorin, standing inconveniently close behind Ikur and Maenor, releases a blast of air from his nostrils. "Perhaps we should begin a series of challenges against the impure Councillors. Ahernan for the thought, Maheral."
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Vaelan)) Name: Valorin Celia'thilln Vote for Okarir'tir: ( xx ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( ) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  4. That pixel art looks fire. All the rewards are pog.
  5. Welcome Tenn! Glad to have you. Hope you find your place and have as much fun you can get! Your story awaits...
  6. You will have your work cut out for you. Elven history is long and sometimes confusing. Scribes and historians are rare and far in-between. You will definitely find a job soon enough.
  7. Valorin listens intently while Alluin speaks and asks the candidates his questions. His tone is clear when he replies. "Whether the passage of time or a difference in methodology, the factors that originated division among Sillumiran are many and complex. My answer may seem simplistic superficially; however, it has been given much thought over the years with the counsel and guidance of the wisest and most learned Mali'thillan. I have interviewed many citizens, Sillumir or ne, and their hopes and concerns fueled my attempt to run for the Seat. Now is the time when we must set down what does not function and blaze a new trail with the tempered wisdom of experience. I have a three-step plan." The younger Elf raises his hand and leave three fingers in the air for a moment. "If we are to fix the root problems plaguing us as a military and legal institution, we must adopt a most rigorous physical and psychological reform. We must first empower the citizenry to represent themselves in elheial’tuva, the People's Council, so that we may hear their voices once again. The constitution validates and protects our citizens and their right to speak and be heeded. For too long have we been deaf. There has been much discontent regarding the proverbial road we're traveling on yet earnest and pure 'thillan are scared to speak up." He counts down one of the fingers, leaving two raised. "Second, we must rewrite our handbooks and protocols; discipline, honor, and service to the people and elcihi'thill must be our top priority. We have long fueled the industry for war, stockpiling weapons-grade materials, and forging them into arms and armor for our ranks; as we should for there are many threats, old and new, in this land of Almaris. However..." Valorin sighs slightly, shaking his head. "However, our recruits leave much to be desired. They have the will, the disposition, but remain in a concerning stage of raw ore. Diamonds in the rough. With so many Elves barely of age, if at all, filling our ranks there must be concentrated efforts to prepare them for the eventuality of war. I have drafted, to that end, a three-step training regimen involving Basic, Advanced, and Specialized curriculum. The intent is to build bridges and foment brotherhood among our Sillumiran, not burning them. These new protocols would comprise a double-pronged approach with lectures, physical training, and simulated combat scenarios. I hope we can continue working alongside our allies to adopt even the newest strategies of the Second Age with the might of High Elvendom." The Tahorren takes a deep breath before resuming. His hand now displays only one finger. "Third, working closely with San'evarir, we will offer an array of open debates and lectures on Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. The intent is to dispel extreme or incorrect interpretations of our most important racial tenets and why they must be preserved; superseding impurity of the mind with discipline and clarity. Only if they understand what we exist for, shall Haleriran learn and our blessed officers be reminded to become the very best among all Pure and Blessed High Elves." Valorin Celia'thilln bows his head in gratitude. "Ahernan for the time and opportunity to hear our citizens."
  8. The pipes, the pipes are calling... An elegantly-dressed Mali’thill makes his way in front of the imposing building that houses the Library and College, hands clasping an ornamental pommel restlessly. He unsheathes a splendid greatsword and plants the tip into the stone below in symbolic gesture. Dio Astore's visage, carved of grey stone, gazes down on him under a crown of snow and ice. A warm smile outshone only by the burning passion in his eyes is offered to the citizens before him. He takes a few moments to breathe before speaking with a high voice, clear and strong despite the whispering winds of Winter. “Karin’ayla lliran and most blessed citizens of Karinah’siol, home to the Highest of all Elvendom. I, Valorin Celia’thilln, would like to take this opportunity to present my candidacy for the position of Okarir’tir of the Silver State.” He pauses briefly to let his words sink in before resuming with practiced diction and eloquence. “I was taught a long time ago that there was no higher distinction in our society than service. Be it a seat in high government or giving help to those which require it the most. It is that very spirit of vocation for which I have striven since I was an Elfling that has encouraged me to serve in the Sillumiran, even before I entered the realm of adulthood." Valorin nods slowly, remembering days in the past with sorrow tinging his voice. “The path of Elokarir’tir is deemed one of delicate intricacy when it comes to execution of its duties. It oversees the Silver Law of Haelun'or as well as managing its enforcement through the most honorable Sillumiran. It has long been Elsillumiran who have sacrificed their very lives so that we, as a people of strength and endurance, may persevere ” He states with a firm tone, observing every face before him. “Despite my youth, I have spent almost every waking hour working to make my bloodline and city proud; I have been deemed worthy of being promoted to the rank of Tahorren by our former Okarir'tir himself, a duty I have performed without stain or rest. I have devoted much of my life to writing about our history, military or otherwise, and spreading the tenets of Progress and Health among our younger citizenry. I hope this is further proof of my convictions." Valorin's face seems unperturbed while his tone betrays his calm demeanor. “As an officer, I have worked to make those new and returning Sillumiran resume their duties as seamlessly as possible. I have encouraged them to pursue intellectual habits as to sharpen their minds as often as they do their blades.” He says, clasping his hands behind his back. “However, not even the most complete of trainings can fully prepare anyone against the challenges that have emerged.” “This so-called Second Age has opened a chapter of dark times. As even the most ancient and stalwart Elven-tree must learn, only deep roots and experience can aid it in weathering against the changing winds of fate.” He states. “It is essential, we overhaul our internal structure and streamline an inactive and convoluted bureaucracy that too often has allowed the opportunistic and corrupt to seize power beyond the citizens' will to stop them. I yearn to focus on training our next generation of Sillumiran, applying protocols tested by time as much as new procedures in accordance with the latest legislative and legal advances.” The silver-haired Sillumir raises an index finger with a warning in his voice. "For to focus only on the industry of war and the collection of resources is detrimental and not our responsibility. To engage in wanton violence and wielding the law without understanding it may result in unruly and reckless bullies; as always the tyrants with their misinterpretations and ignorance of nuance will seek to oppress and manipulate, we must rise up and say NE!" “Ne! We will not submit. We shall not serve corruption or further impurity. We will not discard the maxims that have meant survival a few generations before us. The elders remember.” He continues, “As we settle into our own once more, we must ensure that our protection of Purity, Health, and Progress continues uninterrupted and untainted. To be as pure and successful as they have in days of forgotten plenty." He takes a sip of icy water from the glass offered by one of the library's many trainees with a muttered thanks. “I am first and foremost a scholar, even with my long career as Sillumir. I have written about our histories since the days before Malin to the Fall of Lareh'till. So I say to you, Blessed High Elven, do we learn from our past and shape a new future?; a glorious State beneath Sun and Moon to last beyond the Deeps of Time with a fresh face on a most esteemed institution to lead it? Or shall we revert to failed tradition and uncouth, impure practices brought from alien societies not worthy of our most basic respect. For I swear upon you to heed those who offer counsel and guidance and utterly reject those that shall allow rampant impurity and decay to infect our very souls. My life shall be forfeit if I fail to uphold the very principles that we hold most dear." "I leave the choice upon you, who know me and my dreams for a stronger and brighter Sillumiran. For a wiser and growing Haelun'or. We remain pure. Ahern ito nae'leh and Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha!” Valorin Celia'thilln concludes with a grave tone. His blade is sheathed, removing its Elven-forged beauty from sight. He bows his head at those present, returning up the steps and vanishing into the hallowed halls of San'evarir.
  9. The Voidal Project continues to deliver! Kudos to @Johann for introducing me to the V O I D.
  10. Rainy day, black tea with milk, and yearly LotR read.

  11. IGN: Vaelan Category: Creative Writing Piece: God Shall Deliver
  12. ((MC name: Vaelan)) Name: Valorin Celia’thilln Vote for Okarir'nor: ( ) Maeve Elibar'acal ( XX) Aestenia Aevaris
  13. Hello there! If playing a High Elf coming from a small but respectable family interests you, it me up!
  14. High Prince Native or @Meanking, both were great leaders and inspired me to care for political RP. Special shout out to whoever was behind the Wandering Wizard, never forget.
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