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  1. um yes queen skinny legend versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama and oop daddy work charli xcx ****** my wig

    1. ImCookiie


      um yes queen skinny legend versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama and oop daddy work charli xcx ****** my wig

    2. MissAnneDrey


      this feels very homophobic idk...

    3. Panashea


      are you ok



  3. i don't think you submitted an application properly since i don't see one anywhere? Whitelist Applications - Whitelist Applications - The Lord Of The Craft click this link or the Apply button at the top of the website, read the big wall of text, and then click the "Add new application" button when you're ready
  4. bro my immersion wtf bro

  5. Hoppy sat amidst a bush lining the roads to Providence, his curiosity overtaking him at the sight of a crumpled-up note. Straightening out the paper, his expression quickly became puzzled as he stood up from the shrub, startling a rabbit as he shouted: "Even if yeh loike anothah man, makin' up words and usin' ah tacky banner will get yeh nowhere!"
  6. BORN TO DIE / WORLD IS A **** / Kill Em All 1989 / I am trash man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS

    1. The Great Mongol Khan

      The Great Mongol Khan

      Go to therapy and hug a police officer

    2. rukio


      LYRICS?!??! BASED????

  7. i feel like a hot pink ***** named breakfast (yeah)

  8. seems good so far, just feels a little lacking w/out any description of the transformation or history of it, but as it stands i like disabled mana skeletons +1!!! also isaac btfo
  9. guys what language should i google translate for my new human culture 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. GMRO
    3. Nug


      i have chosen wingdings, thank u all for ur input

    4. MissAnneDrey
  10. CT stop trying to enforce skin standards on applicants its dumb 

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    2. monkeypoacher


      it's the "noise shading" part that gets me - you can deny someone for roleplaying a dog or a hypebeast, but if the rest of their application understands the lore and their skin looks like a bunch of random noise in the shape of an orc those two things don't cancel out. You can recommend someone a skin while still accepting them.

    3. Polysemic


      @monkeypoacherIf it's just the skin, that's generally what we do - We either put them on pending and ask them to change their skin, linking them to the skin archive or other free skin resources, or we accept them and message them about it.

    4. Nug


      i still think it's lame and should be reconsidered, there's no need to prolong the player actually getting to play the game after all the time spent applying, the skin """problem""" any new player might have should just be addressed afterward to make the process less complicated or just mentioned in the acceptance part

      like who made this stuff up and why is it being defended so hard 😓

  11. im just a human bean.

    1. Bisscy


      Pardon me?

  12. feedback noted.

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