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  1. its britney *****

    1. Panashea


      hi nug i love u

  2. ban reports seem like a way for mods to just put off dealing with a conflict so it can be argued over the forums in giant ass posts with 10 quotes and aired out to everyone instead of arguing in minecraft chat


    1. rukio



  3. yee haw

  4. inb4 gun application as long as they’re kept to shitty flintlock level and there’s no automatic mana gem powered void gun bullshit im okay with them :’-)
  5. same feels i’m glad fury was able to fix it up, it seems okay but most of the dissenters against it are evidently hung up on what it used to be :’-)
  6. is there a list of the active CA/magic stuff? or a list of the stuff that got shelved?

    1. SquakHawk




      Share as you will. This of course is constantly changing.

  7. i think most of the people supporting this havent been around for the past times where the temple acted as an RP hub, its kinda bad because: any conflict rp that might arise is essentially quashed before it can even start because of monk voodoo which also brings up weirdness in the redlines of how all that works, people will try to test or bend it in weird ways like in the past (monk zombie pets, bad guys hiding in the temple, etc.) with the temple becoming an rp hub, it really can take away from other pre-existing settlements and with how many there are (especially those that are empty) adding any other hub just detracts from them further keeping new players close to spawn really kills any motivation for them to explore the actual world (asulon/2.0 temple) when the temple/monks should be used as a tool to teach and lead them into existing settlements/groups all the people with better worded, dissenting replies are right!!!
  8. i mean i havent ever seen the lotc discords very active so having two made little sense to begin with lol
  9. well **** it we might as well just /roll 20 to decide things
  10. lotc magic power creep of overloaded magics with tons of convoluted abilities WEW

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    2. ZythusRequiem


      Instead of passive aggressively calling out magic in an ironically convoluted status post, I recommend that you go to each individual lore submission and comment your criticisms. Otherwise please do not fall victim to the very flaws that you are calling out in this hypocritical statement. 

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      @ZythusRequiem People should be able to tell by themselves what’s exactly overpowered or not. Its not like anyone wants to go over all existing magic lore, read bit by bit and write an entire essay about it like some badass philosopher would. This is the ST’s job, a staff team that is supposed to dedicate themselves to this task. Even then, specially as a normal player, his word would weigh less and he’d likely be met with arguments from almost every lore submission. This criteria should fall not exactly to him but instead the people that are supposed to read and accept each piece of lore and try to make it as reasonable as possible and realise that magics shouldn’t exist to do a 1v10 but instead a buffer to improve the roleplay scenario.


      I remember when my friends jumped this popular power gaming ex-administrator mage guy that instantly casted runes around him and became invulnerable to attacks and could just about hit anyone close to him with powerful magic. My friends became cocky with these stupid super powers because no one is an anime protagonist where you can kill everyone else and they called me over just so we could get the 10 people to force a PvP countdown.

    4. zaezae


      Before wanting to screw with magic users even more than they are, why not look at the expectations of lore to be overtly explained completely and the forced rewrites? It’s not the lore writers, it’s the bloody goal posts that are the problem.

  11. wow the rap game is wild these days
  12. i just remember people begging for a smaller map so it doesn’t fill with empty builds with long walks between them like last map but here we are again, just a little less bad but ultimately the same
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