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  1. the story discord is a good place for these kind of things, instead of making a new thread everytime every accepted CA or magic lore can be found in this document https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XB1Ps1EblBvkSr3DZFYdZcBudokhcIBaRHfboLeHz4A/edit?usp=sharing
  2. A particular Halfling Druid lingering amidst the towering trees of the Elvenesse woodland, upon the border of Bramblebury, snatches a discarded invitation riding upon the breeze! Tearing the flyer from the air, Hoppy then flicked it open, beady pupils scanning over the text rapidly as he cheered to himself with a sneering tone; "Oi may beh a driftah, bu' oi'm no' 'un to give up ah free breakfas'! Oi'll blend roigh' in, nyeheheh..."
  3. like the magic post you made, all of these things (vampire status, magic, and anything remotely like it, be it transformation or magic powers) are obtained via roleplay, not forum posts best of luck also, yes, lotc has its own variants of vampires
  4. its britney *****

  5. Nug

    [Poll] Muskets Y/N

    luci’s initial “No.” was already ahead of urs in funny green points i think we know the answer
  6. play a halfling today we have guns

  7. play a halfling we are crazy sexy and cool 😎💅

    1. MonkeNotic


      The Notic Approves

  8. i totally recommend xyrill if you're wanting to get some cute art of your character! they were very nice and the piece was done in a very reasonable amount of time! as someone who has never commissioned art before then, they were very understanding of all my goofy questions/concerns too :-)
  9. can we just get rid of vortex and stay on this version now if thats significantly easier 😩

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I think 1.16 is turning out to be more stable than 1.14 was so hopefully if we do switch versions it won't be a repeat of the lag crisis

  10. i just don't think more ooc rules/restrictions of rp possibilities is cool when it's just something that should be dealt with via a mod since it would pretty much fall under powergaming
  11. watch out, he’s slorbing at the mouth D:
  12. play a halfling? please? 

  13. i think luci put it very well in her post, but uh... maybe a start could be removing this? or other things like it, if there are more? lmao not very cool explaining this is some ooc toxic junk to a new player when we were exploring the city
  14. why play a magicless mouse when you can play a halfling (who can learn magic)

  15. p is for play a halfling now!!! do it!!! please?

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