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  1. help i wanna rp but im so out of the loop on where to go n whats poppin

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    2. VonEbs
    3. _Jingoism_


      its divine bby, make an honorary and love me pls

    4. KBR


      The orcs are poppin 

  2. Nug

    [Noob Magic] [MA] TheDragonsRoost

    thedragonsroost i hope theres like millions of layers of irony to this that my pea brain is just not able to comprehend
  3. hey anyone here smoke weed

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      guess you're the only crackhead here looooooooo

    2. James


      not after the incident 

    3. CaptainSheepy
  4. Nug

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    or ya'know, for the reason of keeping them from doing the same things again? gross to defend whoever this person is tbh!!!
  5. Nug

    How did the Previous Realms End?

    from what i remember and unless the LT is retconning history and making stuff up, asulon ended with some vague reasoning of a big flood (wiki describes it as natural disasters?) but iirc, the map was just corrupt and we needed some random rp bs to explain it
  6. if u werent mog and were like "i was responsible for setherien, etc." i would -1 this ***** so quick but ur mog so im kinda obligated not to
  7. Nug

    Greentag Turned Red

    oh wrow
  8. I would ask to be your student in conjuration but well yeah, Im Owl_Hades aka Alphonse take me as your student plz

  9. Nug

    [Your View] Freebuild

    free build hasn't been proven to show any issues so far this map, i think the real issue lies in the time it takes to travel and the tendency for """nations""" to build oversized cities and then get pissy when their playerbase doesn't fill them. give free build some more time and pay more attention to the nations that preach that free build is the sole aspect at fault before taking action.
  10. Nug

    [Denied] [Actor] SpaceOfAids

    everyone -1'ing got caught up defending incest
  11. Space

    i think kincaid is trying to honey-pot me what do i do

    1. Zhulik


      he wants u to rub honey on yourself to attract african bees i know u like african things

  12. Space

    hey thinking of you as always

    1. Nug


      im doin weed rn go away from my profile!!! :-)

  13. Nug

    [Shelved][✓] Awakened Blood Magic

    what did he mean by this