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  1. if u loved urself u would be playing a halfling

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      not an improper one though ew nobody likes those.

      Except for Boris he’s ok. Also Minto if you consider him to be improper too, though he’s improper in trying to defend Brandybrook instead of being improper for improperness’ sake, which is something that the rest of us are trying to do as well but don't got the guts of steel that Minto has to pull it off properly.

  2. Hoppy springs by the notice board on his usual skip through the village, though halting to a sudden stand-still as he caught sight of the little, wooden bulletin board, overflowing with miscellaneous notes, and a spare, discarded volume of the Beetroot News abandoned beside it. The brown-haired halfling hastily swooped the newspaper up, tossing himself onto his behind and leaning his back leisurely against the bulletin board with his legs stretched out before him to flip through it. “T’is week ‘as been full of postin’ to teh notice board an’ we ‘ave been givin’ back to teh world with our MOIGHTEH presence an’ i’s showin’! We mus’ ‘ave teh demons quakin’ in their lil’ spoikeh boots!” he’d exclaim excitedly with his legs suddenly kicking out before him, as if second nature, while he used a dirt-caked finger to trace along the words as he read.
  3. snow elves were never too different from high elves and their lore never really made sense, i thought it was a relic of mechanical standard/default where anyone could just poop out anything and be like yes its lore

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    2. Nug


      the ST has changed many times over the years, but the one rewrite i see from recent past really doesn’t help much or seem like much of an effort

    3. Valaryon


      Still remember the days in Vailor when WW2Buff was trying to make them a reality and was recruiting people to a Snow Elf ‘culture’ for High Elves. They’ve been writhing in their death throws since they were concepted.

    4. SquakHawk



      If you reference the Wyvrun’s Blessing post, being the only ST-requested lorepiece which made any attempt at difference, it was given a changelist for resubmission and denied because of too many issues. It was not only never resubmitted, but the changelist was only met with “wow took long enough” and no acknowledgement to the feedback or the piece’s future.

  4. A halfling with brown, wild hair scratched his noggin’ with dirty, almost green-stained fingers as he read over the notice. His bushy brows furrowed into a confused slant, his head tilting as he began to sport a gentle frown and shout aloud in a rambling fashion to any other wee folk gathering in front of the notice board. “Moi ‘ead is startin’ to spin! Who is makin’ teh rules ‘round ‘ere!? Is Filibert even teh Sheriff anehmore, oi thought ‘e was relieved boi teh Thain?! Regardless, oi agree with ‘im, weh canno’ forsake our culture, our ‘ands aren’t made to wield teh sharp arms of teh bigg’uns! KNOX AN’ TEH ASPECTS, SAVE US ALL!”
  5. you’re cool! i’m gonna have to call you a bit of a nerd for making a post like this, but i don’t know what you could improve really, just be confident in yourself and your rp B) we’ve never been super duper close, but i used to like talking with you during athera, etc. so i’m glad to see you back too ;o
    1. Zarsies


      lord almighty that is such a cursed screenshot holY FUG

    2. Nug


      HAHAH i knew you would see it ❤️

      i was looking thru anthos and also saw some mathic age-y chambers n junk, very cursed...

  6. i mean if it’s denied are they gonna ban all the orcs if they grow horns??? B) jk but pls accept its a nice flavor piece for orcs and doesn’t really do anything crazy or that hasn’t been done already, just kinda puts some explanation and all that jazz to it
  7. Nug

    Buck News.

    thank you buck, very cool!
  8. halfling village pls uwu
  9. halfling druids best

    1. Giga
    2. Nug



    3. Giga



  10. halfling rp is truly unique from the murderhobo world outside of it and i have the most fond memories of it goblins are the same to me but their rp isnt quite as fun as it was in asulon-anthos ish times
  11. maybe just add some more rp-ish reasoning as to why bleaching fur isn’t viable instead of just outright redlining it for defying a theme? because it seems like the white fur is kind-of a theme for kitten and the other guy’s characters and retconning peoples’ roleplay is just weird and overbearing. maybe specify the tone of white (pure white, eggshell, etc.) that the tlatlatanni’s fur was to allow for the other more obvious shades of white to still exist for kha’ who bleach their fur? and unless there’s some discovered bleaching agent in rp or something, how does fur get perfectly white/not yellow or bronze-ish anyway? or maybe just that attempts to bleach their cat people fur causes it to fall out or dry up due to just not taking well to the existing bleach stuff? other than that because i just hate lore suddenly stomping over roleplay, it’s a good way to continue the kharajyr without beating the dead horse that was their old lore stuff
  12. An over-makeupped goblin woman’s maw dropped open as her stumpy fingers traced along the words of the poster, reading it aloud to herself in her orcish tongue, somewhere within the surrounding wilderness of the Orenian capital. It had been several weeks before that she had retreated from an intense scuffle with the hellspawn at their very own gate alongside Alistair, Alaric, and a smaller band of orcs, seemingly hours after the DeNurem’s capture and Captain Darkwood’s subsequent escape. With this realization, her body shuddered and her frame tensed, shooting glances over her shoulders and between every nook and cranny close-by... “Poor ladeh, dat da azh dey blah uf befure da skahurz ztarted dey onzlaught awn uz... nub wey zhe ez alive een dere...” she remarked in a hesitant, hushed voice that lowered into a complete silence as the sentence came to an end, the runty figure quickly bounding off elsewhere with the missing flyer left upon the dewy grass.
  13. Nug

    hi friend!!!!!

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