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  1. @ryno2 remember when @GrimReaper98 wasn't a *****? me neither

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ScreamingDingo


      Probably know more about farseers than current farseers tbh.

    3. Dat Burkester

      Dat Burkester

      Change of hotseat to @5itty who is this kid

    4. gone_fishin
  2. From all the good times in Galahar.

    This is explict.

  3. Goodbye everybody I love you all

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    2. Rusty7x


      Love you long time...hopes for you to return to us!

    3. Snake Plissken
    4. Abeam


      Take it easy Burk, glad to of known you, and I hope you come back to visit

  4. If anyone wants to rp as my son message me :D!

    1. V0idsoldier


      /setname Crickets *Chirps loudly*

  5. Salvus will burn, we tryed to reason with the queen and she ignores us!

    1. Aislin


      Eat her head.

    2. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      Once my orc is old enough to fight I got your back....

  6. *sighs as he begins to cry within burkies shoulder.

    ''Why does *sniffle* everyone dislike me?! *bursts into tears''

  7. You will find the most despicable of villains inside of the alras farms.

    1. Sykogenic
    2. Yuki


      never has there been a most treterous hive of scum and villiany

    3. Agnub
  8. I have returned

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    2. Rusty7x


      I have been pleased.

    3. Eledyr
    4. Braxis


      Welcome Back Gideon... Looks like peacefully times are over...

      :3 Im jesting :P

  9. I was betrayed by my father.

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    2. Hu'Ganosh Shaklug

      Hu'Ganosh Shaklug

      "Luke, I am your father."


    3. Agnub


      *insert Darth Vader reference here*

    4. Slic3man


      Meh, Luke I'm not your

      father. I just wanted

      to make it more dramatic

      then it was already.

      Luke: >:O

      Vader: *Trollface*

  10. The alras farms are not for the kind-hearted.

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