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  1. I take another step because I need to go to the bathroom. Like man, do I really need to go. Also, this is in my way, can someone help me uninstall this so I can probably use the bathroom? My bladder feels as though it may erupt with things most foul if I can't get past this wall.
  2. How do I uninstall this? It appears on my screen from time to time when I try and search the internet. so it must be some form of program. Help please?
  3. Hah, my plan worked. I am a god that should be worshiped. Remember the Karma'ing of 2017. First I let Trump be president and now this, the world is already descending into madness. The world's shekels are mine and mine alone.
  4. I believe Oren is only a hub simply because a vast majority of people are humans. After this, if people want to find a real hub of RP, feel free to join the Dwarves since they themselves are a bunch of warming individuals with clans so no matter what happens you will always have people to talk to. Take the Goldhands for example, a clan of money worshipping jews that will kindly accept any into their folds. Any loyalists that wish to join can just sign up in this thread here:
  5. He's gay so I think he'd be able to bring more diversity to the team.
  6. I can be a GM too if I wanted to be!
  7. I would like an alteration of this skin to be more Chaos-Dwarfy in a Warhammer-esque fashion. I dont really care how it looks other than giving it an emerald necklace. Thank you.
  8. Suck crack for **** for freedom.
  9. Free Charles.
  10. The Scales of Tungdil are a clan artifact, lost or not, should be somewhere on there.
  11. If Leowarrior could get trial, anyone on this server could do it. Why not this little fella here?
  12. It's almost like the server never had the tech before and how, if we forget about it, Dwarves are supposed to be one of the great engineers lore wise. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. It's like the obvious has to be plastered in big red text. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. Also, for those who want mage cannons, again, they'd work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with, again, a higher chance of failing in rolling depending on the actual mage using it. People please, stop crying. This is all mostly aesthetic.
  13. Wasn't meaning that fam, sorry bout that. Your art looks like it's getting better and better too.
  14. Durack Goldhand smiles at the progression of his young clan mates, "Yer doin' goo' lads. W'en ahm done wiff teh camp, ah'll come boi 'nd shite."
  15. You famous yet?