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  1. Irongroot's GM App (The Sequel)

    This guy banned me from Dwarf chat for attacking him personally. He knows how to handle power well and has a certain way of words when he tells you to eat ass. +1
  2. [Accepted] Dreek's Forum Moderator Application

    He's going to nuke the system. Do it, make his day.
  3. The Goldhand Clan

    [What is this? My MC name is KarmaDelta and Finian was my character.]
  4. Where is the Dwarven TS. I wish to screech but they changed servers. I demand it.

  5. Black Riders of Urguan ride

  6. [Denied]Hiebe's GM App

    He's gay so I think he'd be able to bring more diversity to the team.
  7. [Denied]arockstar28's -serious- Trial GM APP

    I can be a GM too if I wanted to be!
  8. I did 9/11. Check my profile for the deets.

    1. Dyrr


      allahu akbar


  10. where you been man

  11. [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

    If Leowarrior could get trial, anyone on this server could do it. Why not this little fella here?
  12. Bring my baby boy PJ back.

  13. It's almost like the server never had the tech before and how, if we forget about it, Dwarves are supposed to be one of the great engineers lore wise. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. It's like the obvious has to be plastered in big red text. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. Also, for those who want mage cannons, again, they'd work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with, again, a higher chance of failing in rolling depending on the actual mage using it. People please, stop crying. This is all mostly aesthetic.