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  1. Where is the Dwarven TS. I wish to screech but they changed servers. I demand it.

  2. Black Riders of Urguan ride

  3. I did 9/11. Check my profile for the deets.

    1. Dyrr


      allahu akbar


  5. where you been man

  6. Bring my baby boy PJ back.

  7. Wasn't meaning that fam, sorry bout that. Your art looks like it's getting better and better too.
  8. Durack Goldhand smiles at the progression of his young clan mates, "Yer doin' goo' lads. W'en ahm done wiff teh camp, ah'll come boi 'nd shite."
  9. I got the two swords renamed in blue and gold and bold, both wish sharp 1 unb1 on! :)


  10. Oh god, you guys actually made Aengoth a trial GM.

    1. KarmaDelta


      Who will save me now.

    2. drfate786


      No one, all men must ban.

    3. Aengoth
  11. Make Urguan Safe Again

  12. I am scared. I was threatened for my beliefs. Help.

    1. Mad Rat

      Mad Rat

      spill the t boy.

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