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  1. The Great Black Rider of Urguan hears of this and begins to shake his head, "Nae! Dis is all wrong! Jorik Grandaxe should be the Grand Marshal! He should have brought forth these reforms, as he represents the Dwed more than anyone else has! He was the greatest military mind we've ever had!", he would say as he slams his fist upon his noble black Dwarven War Hog. He would then begin to cheer, "Bring Jorik back! Bring Jorik back! Bring Jorik back! Bring Jorik back! Bring Jorik back!"
  2. Wars should have no rules and should just be one big PvP mess like what a true medieval/fantasy/RP minecraft server is supposed to be like. Turn off region perms, bring back TnT and fire spread so we can have the wonton destruction that a war is supposed to have. After everywhere, even with catapults, everything is pretty much 70% untouched aside from a breach or two in the walls and the ground. If anything, there should be a rule where if the attackers lose against the defenders, the defenders cant rebuild or anything until a few hours before the the next siege/assault/whatever people call it nowadays to simulate the long rebuilding process for more immersion and so that the attackers have a chance against triple layered walls, tiered cities, etc. and the defenders hoard of items wouldn't be much of an issue. Will this create problems? Oh yeah, but nothing is fair. You just need to do such a good job defending/designing your castle that either hardly any damage is done or think of new strategies to repel the enemy to where they can't even touch your bastion to blow it to hell or burn it in a sea of flames. This is war boys, nothing is fair and adding more rules than what are necessary, even now, is stupid. Give me fire spread and TnT or give me death. Griefing in wars should be a huge must.
  3. Where is the Dwarven TS. I wish to screech but they changed servers. I demand it.

  4. Black Riders of Urguan ride

  5. He's gay so I think he'd be able to bring more diversity to the team.
  6. I can be a GM too if I wanted to be!
  7. I did 9/11. Check my profile for the deets.

    1. Dyrr


      allahu akbar


  9. where you been man

  10. If Leowarrior could get trial, anyone on this server could do it. Why not this little fella here?
  11. Bring my baby boy PJ back.

  12. It's almost like the server never had the tech before and how, if we forget about it, Dwarves are supposed to be one of the great engineers lore wise. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. It's like the obvious has to be plastered in big red text. Cannons should work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with a higher risk in rolling. Also, for those who want mage cannons, again, they'd work the same as Trebs and Ballistae but with, again, a higher chance of failing in rolling depending on the actual mage using it. People please, stop crying. This is all mostly aesthetic.
  13. Wasn't meaning that fam, sorry bout that. Your art looks like it's getting better and better too.