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  1. KarmaDelta

    [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    The Japanese were known to build forts a night before an engagement in war time. Why cant we do that here? Seems like many of you are mad because you can't integrate PVP into your RP like how a good RP server should be. Hire some mercs or train up your militia to stop them from attacking you. Always OOC in my RP smh.
  2. KarmaDelta

    [Denied]Irongroot's GM App (The Sequel)

    This guy banned me from Dwarf chat for attacking him personally. He knows how to handle power well and has a certain way of words when he tells you to eat ass. +1
  3. KarmaDelta

    [Accepted] Dreek's Forum Moderator Application

    He's going to nuke the system. Do it, make his day.
  4. KarmaDelta

    The Goldhand Clan

    [What is this? My MC name is KarmaDelta and Finian was my character.]
  5. Where is the Dwarven TS. I wish to screech but they changed servers. I demand it.

  6. Black Riders of Urguan ride

  7. KarmaDelta

    [Denied]Hiebe's GM App

    He's gay so I think he'd be able to bring more diversity to the team.
  8. KarmaDelta

    [Denied]arockstar28's -serious- Trial GM APP

    I can be a GM too if I wanted to be!
  9. I did 9/11. Check my profile for the deets.

    1. Dyrr


      allahu akbar


  11. where you been man

  12. KarmaDelta

    [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

    If Leowarrior could get trial, anyone on this server could do it. Why not this little fella here?
  13. Bring my baby boy PJ back.