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  1. I believe Oren is only a hub simply because a vast majority of people are humans. After this, if people want to find a real hub of RP, feel free to join the Dwarves since they themselves are a bunch of warming individuals with clans so no matter what happens you will always have people to talk to. Take the Goldhands for example, a clan of money worshipping jews that will kindly accept any into their folds. Any loyalists that wish to join can just sign up in this thread here:
  2. He's gay so I think he'd be able to bring more diversity to the team.
  3. I can be a GM too if I wanted to be!
  4. If anyone ever wants to get in contact with me, feel free to send me a friend request on Discord. Skype is **** so I am using this now. Karma#9336
  5. I've been gone, this is more of an official goodbye. On the note of a different account, no thanks. I dont like taking things from others since it makes me feel weird and I don't like owing people stuff. Also, Croleo, my RP was more high tier than yours. I would say get on my level but I know your stubby legs cant reach my immersive RP no matter how much you tried. Other than that, I ran my course. I'd like to scream at everyone one more time, but forget it. You don't deserve my beautiful screeches of John Cena nor my new cry for Harambe.
  6. In all my years of playing this god forsaken game, I knew it would happen sooner or later. A few days ago I decided to try and play again to finish my dear old Finian Goldhand/Ironborn's horrible character arc in a neat fashion. Within those few seconds of simply fixing up my skin, I was going to go and replace it. Then, to my knowledge after visiting the minecraft site to change my skin, they ended up changing the old username login to email. I created this minecraft email when I was a wee lad and have been through many throughout my life due to massive spam from ecstasy, meet & f's, and viagra ads. I decided to try minecraft support, but I saw that I needed info relating to the account which I no longer had. Could I have tried harder? Yeah, probably. I didn't obviously at this point since I am lazy. Other than that, I would like to thank the Dwarven Screamer community for accepting me into their huge neckbeard and shrilly voice folds. I would also like to give a shout out to you few that put up with me as well. My memes were weak and I was just a piss poor man thinking I was cool. Use Finian however you want if you want. I don't care. James and Aengoth are still the worst people on earth, get rid of my warning points or I will take you to court. Also, for those reading this and want to play a Dwarf in the future, or are currently and want a change of clan, feel free to join the Goldhand Clan: Still wish I roled an actual Orc instead of a Dwarf when I came back. **** you Dwarves. Love you kiss kiss.
  7. I would like an alteration of this skin to be more Chaos-Dwarfy in a Warhammer-esque fashion. I dont really care how it looks other than giving it an emerald necklace. Thank you.
  8. Suck crack for **** for freedom.
  9. Free Charles.
  10. The Scales of Tungdil are a clan artifact, lost or not, should be somewhere on there.
  11. I give it a month for most event lines to die, with only a small handful of ET trying to keep it alive.
  12. I did 9/11. Check my profile for the deets.

    1. Dyrr


      allahu akbar


  14. If it's added, add a clause to where Thieves are to leave some sort of evidence behind. They have to roll on severity of the evidence too. 1 - 3 = Some blood that could be traced through alchemy if done right 4 - 8 = An article of clothing ripped/fallen off of the person Then so on so forth. Of course this could be the player's choice, but we know in the future there will be ways of going around it. So it's better to have something like this cemented. These would also be signaled as signs along with say redstone for blood or a shop stand with a floating piece of clothing or something like that, just something that does not despawn. Players can act on this if they wish too.