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  1. Report: There is no ban report, I turned myself in to Freya as soon as Aster was banned. Minecraft Name: Felixious Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Cybering Character Witnesses: [Name(s)] Aster and Freya Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.] Aster and I were RPing and the RP led to some cyber through /tells. We honestly did not know it was not allowed through /tells at the time, and we were not the only players unclear on the rule at the time. I do not blame anyone but ourselves for this, and after talking to Freya for a long time about it she also made sure to re-post/bump the thread regarding Cybering so others could see it and not fall to the same issue. As soon as Aster was banned for cybering and we found it was Freya who found the chat logs, I msg’d her ingame and told her it was me who he had been cybering with so she didn’t have to hunt to find out who it was. I have a great deal of respect for Freya and if we had known it was bannable we never would have done it. I had done something wrong and I cannot fault Freya for doing her job, and I was not going to just wait for them to eventually find me, so I turned myself in, hoping to show I was willing to be mature about this and accept the punishment. I have never broken a server rule before this incident, and I love this server and did not intend to break a rule at all. This was my first offense and I’ve had a lot of people express the opinion that a first offense that was not griefing or abuse should not have led to a permaban, a long ban in this case sure, but we genuinely did not know we were breaking a rule, and given that around the same time Aster and I were banned for cybering, a lot of other people were too, it’s clear that rule was not as well known as it should have been. In the initial spawn area, at the time, there was ZERO mention of cybering, and it was a small footnote in the main rules post at the time. Only AFTER this rash of cybering bannings was the rule pointing out as blatantly as it is now, as it should be. We’re simply asking for a chance to redeem ourselves. We know we were in the wrong, it’s why I turned myself in. I’ve been encouraged by Freya to make this ban appeal as she believes we honestly did not know it was wrong, and believes we deserve a second chance. We’ve talked to several people who are of the mindset that if a player has truly learned their lesson, and was a valuable, rule-abiding RPer before such an incident when so many players were unclear about this rule, they should be given a second chance. We have learned our lesson and I am deeply sorry for our actions, and can guarantee that we have learned our lesson well and will never do this again if given a second chance. I understand it is my responsibility to be familiar with all server rules, and any rules that get updated, and I vow to make sure I do so from here on out. Anything remotely adult in theme will be taken to Skype to be RP’d, even if it’s not exactly cybering, just to be safe and keep the server clean and safe. I’ve hurt not only myself and Aster by being banned, but my husband and close friends on the server. They have all logged on less and less since I was banned and I feel responsible, and I know from talking with many of them that it WAS the fact I’m not around that they have become inactive or abandoned their characters for new ones, because my character was so involved in their RP stories that continueing on without me was too difficult for them ICly. I sincerely hope that this appeal is looked at for what it is, a plea for forgiveness and a chance to prove that I am sorry for my actions and can still be a valuable player for the community. I turned myself in when this all happened because I knew I would be found, and it’s better to be the better person and step forward and admit when you’re wrong, and accept the consequences. I have no grudge against anyone on this server over what has happened, I just ask for a chance to redeem myself. Thank you for reading this, I await your judgement.
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