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  1. LotC Joint Advertisement Opportunity, community participation encouraged! Whodunnit with the fellows over at Clue! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/127961-advertisement-with-a-chance-of-fun-whodunnit/

    1. Deano


      I dunno about this.

  2. Update to War Rules, at the bottom of the post, regarding horses. Read and be aware, you are accountable if you read it or not! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/123960-war-rules/

  3. PSA:: I'm getting reports that TabbyChat is bugging and won't let people type, so please be aware of this and test before you go out to RP.

  4. ((Posted from phone, forgive errors)) ((OOC)) MC Name: dagothagahnim Skype: you have it Timezone: EST IC Name: Lillith Winterleaf Race: Mali'ame Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): none, ever Age: not nice to ask a lady! Can you fight?: Old training in blades and light armor, some experience in battlefield tactics Do you know magic?: Druidism Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: Yes, highly skilled tinker (legendary), farmer (legendary), and dabbling alchemist (Forget the level, haven't messed with in a while).
  5. I think I've gotten carried away on this elven family tree, 501 entries and still more to add x_x

  6. -waggles fingers- *POOF!* -teleports- *POOF!* -is suddenly wearing birthday suit- At last! A solution to that pesky "clothes" problem!
  7. Hello LotC This post is going to be brief, but to the point. For a long while now, the human playerbase has been asking about the status of the continent known as 'Aeldin' and if it will be officially recognized by server lore or not. I am here after much discussion, weighing of options, and opinions, and the verdict has been reached. Aeldin is confirmed to exist! HOWEVER this statement comes with several clauses to clean up the mass amount of confusion and unfounded, unrecognized claims surrounding this continent, how it exists, and it's current status. Here is a bullet list of the ONLY accepted facts of Aeldin. Anything outside of this is not canon lore, and cannot be claimed as such. *Aeldin is a continent. *Aeldin is confirmed to be populated almost exclusively by humans. *Aeldin is on the same world as Asulon and Anthos. *Horen never visited Aeldin. *Nothing Aengudaemonic of any sort took place upon Aeldin. *Aeldin is no longer accessible. *No one has been capable of traveling to or from Aeldin since crossing into Thales. *No one has, or can, visit Aeldin since 3.75 (Thales) and this most certainly includes the entirety of 4.0. To clarify the reasoning for all of this is simple. It did not occur on Lord of the Craft, it occurred on another server, and thus anything that happened on that server, cannot be brought to this one. This would include the entire existence of Aeldin, however we have decided to allow it's existence and acceptance into canon lore for the benefit of the Human playerbase, as a continent with a name is harmless itself to the flow of Lore upon LotC. However, the other lore claims are not being recognized and are in fact revoked. The world of Aos, containing Aegis and Athera, is seperate from the world of Eos, which held Asulon and Anthos, and upon passing to Thales, we returned to the world of Aos once more, cutting off any possibility of returning to Asulon, Anthos, or Aeldin. There is no active portal back to that land, and no ability for any player to pass to it by any other means either. If anyone would like to submit reasonable lore for things that occurred on Aeldin that would have significant enough impact to require it to be canon lore, you may follow the usual lore submission process and the lore team will look it over and discuss it, but there are two hard lines that will get any lore denied if they are crossed. 1.) Horen never visited Aeldin in any manner. Horen was on the world of Aegis, and did not pass to the world of Asulon at any point. He could never have visited Aeldin. 2.) There is no ability to travel to or from Aeldin any longer, under any means or circumstance. This is the final statement from the Lore Team, or the Staff in general, about Aeldin. We are not obligated to recognize any RP that occurred off of our own LotC servers and mediums, but we are extending this courtesy to Aeldin in a limited manner, with the addendum that no RP that occurs off of the LotC medium has any inherent right to be considered as canon lore, no matter how many people were involved or how many it's refusal may impact. Your backstories from other servers do not matter on LotC. You can adapt your backstories as needed when you come to play here, you cannot bring unaccepted Lore from your old server to LotC without an accepted Lore proposal. We wish you happy RP, enjoy your day LotC community. Edit:: We are not forcing a PK of any of your characters, they simply are no longer on Aeldin if you've been 'storing' them there.
  8. Get on skype you plebeian.

  9. Mcname(s): Zhalman Why he/she is blacklisted: ignoring proper PVP countdown and conduct, as seen in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/veSQ0wa.png You clearly have not read the rules for engaging in PVP, you must give a countdown starting from 5, and you must make each number in a seperate OOC post, not all at once. Ignorance of the rules is not excuse for breaking them. Conditions of blacklist (temporary, permanent, until appeal, etc.): 3 Weeks from this posting, you may appeal, and the staff in question has been returned to Spike seeing as it was lost in illegitimate PVP conduct.
  10. Taken unto consideration and will be discussed, locking for now.
  11. These have been voted upon, and there are two things we want changed, at which point they will be accepted lore. 1.) Remove the "frame of mana", do not have them integrated with mana. They are ghosts. 2.) Alter the name from 'Wisps' to something else, because there are already Wisps that have been used in a few events, and they are sentient, and there could be confusion. Once this is done, it will be moved to Implemented Lore.
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