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  1. Exactly. When I got at the top I actually sat down, started my little gas fire and ate some Heinz Tomato beans. ;) (Wish was like heaven because that can of beans was like 400grams on my back!.)
  2. @animu Because my post got ruined by the forum bug. Here are, actually, some tips (From my very-very small amount of experience.): - Depending on your face and the depth of your eyes (eyesockets) keep your head slightly tilted upwards so that there is some light illuminating these dark holes. ;3 - Never place yourself at the center of the picture this causes several things: A. If it's a nice picture it'll make you look egocentric and full of yourself. B. If it's a bad picture.. it'll remain bad. C. It'l turn your picture static. -> Divide your screen in 3 parts. -> [ I I ] Try to see what works best for you but the general rule for a selfy is to stick to one of the two lines. This'll make the picture more dynamic. AKA: Just don't center stuff, it's just no-no. - And just be yourself; imo some people think those pics are bad.. some like them. The main thing is that I like them and I know that's still me. ;3 - And acting is fine.. it's not weird. Everyone does it. Don't believe those (wo)men who say they're 'happy' eating salad! They're also just acting.. bloody MacDonals eating devils! Advanced: My pictures were taken with a phone and it's not an expensive phone. If you've got the options on your phone/photo-taker-thingy.. try to play some with the ISO, SAT. ( Google it. ) It goes a long way and it's better than needing photoshop afterwards.
  3. @Esry Exactly! ;3 @Manatee Premium gel from nature. @Animu Well none of these are Selfies.. so. And the last one was taken for a site. But uhm.. idk, be yourself? :D (Also not sure if troll question or not. ;3) But yeah; I always tried to look funny/weird/etc etc.. and the result where totally unnatural pictures and pictures that just had an uncomfy air around them. So just be yourself? I mean; 'everyone' has something cool about themselves.. just use that? ( For me I'm like this weird doofus.. idk. And I take pictures with good backgrounds to make pictures look better. ;D ) PS: If I had to give a tip, please... just ask someone to take a picture. ;D Quality over 9000!
  4. Well, I've never replied to this sort of thing. But lol, let's go. Scotland, the Devil's staircase. Scotland (Again), before the conic hill. It was rainy.. And I actually put my backpack down to take a rest near the top of the hill.. Only to realise that evening that all my stuff had gotten wett. Q_Q My regular self when I'm not backpacking.. 1
  5. Hit the road Jack - Throttle, I totally ruined my feet dancing on this yesterday!

  6. Architecture/Design challenge: Design and create a chair within 72 hours. No help allowed, fully selfmade.

    Yes, I'm a tad proud. Hence why I am randomly sharing this here.

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    2. Esry


      hey that's pretty good

    3. Kaiser


      thats a stool actually


    4. HurferDurfer1


      **** man you can weld steel? thats p neato, plasma cutters are fun to use

  7. 10/10 'rose' roses loving hypptop.... Hippopotamus. (Yes, I did google that.)
  8. Would love for this to be a thing, it'd make so much more sense. And would add another interesting aspect to most if not all magic-related role play. ( I'm fairly sure back a few years ago some were already implementing/using this, simply as a way to give some more spice to their emotes. )
  9. I am looking to make a poll about City vs Town.
    What would be the best section for me to do this in ? (Off-topic?)

    1. Ethan the epic

      Ethan the epic

      Off topic I think, so yeah

  10. Is there a possibility I could get in contact with the (entirity, favoured) Forum moderators team? I'd like to propose an idea.

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      @SexeHexe Great thanks! :)

    2. Amordrin


      hello hello pm any of us on either discord, skype, or the forums if you'd like

    3. Rissing


      @Amordrin Already done, thanks though! ;)

  11. Where can I change my signature? It's such a mess and I can't remember where to find the option.
    Thanks in advance.

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      Account settings.

    2. Rissing


      Ooh, at the left top. Totally missed it, thanks!


  12. I quite like it, not that I am up to date with any of the magic-types.. (Been too long since I played so if I am making uninformed statements here, my sincere excuses.) But it's a well written and well thought out magical art. I do think it should remain insanely limited, but I'm certain that'll be the case. I wonder though if you'll be able to find an ET (?) to role play as your demon, whenever you get into a fight. Not to mention that they'd all need to know what 'your' specific demon would look like. (Or this may be the CA which I had no idea what it meant. Are they other players playing them perhaps? My bad if so! :) ) I've only just read through both posts but for as far as I am understanding. You have: Lesser Infernis Greater Infernis Zar’kiel ( With the above being unplayable monsters ? As in no player can actually become one of these, correct? ) And then 'evolved' Greater Infernis are called: Zentherak (Prince) which have a court (lesser infernis below them). Naztherak (False Prince) are the mortals who seek to become Mortal Zentherak. As in having a court as well. They need to perform 'The branding' to bind a Lesser Infernis (Or any other infernis given higher Tier) to their will. And use them as a 'pet/summon/...' Quoted below: " However, the Inferi are beings of unbridled Chaos who reject even the slightest institution of order and forcibly giving one a name, accompanied by scrawling the name upon parchment using a particular kind of ink made with an infusion of Maleus, a soul-based energy that the most knowledgeable among the Greater Inferi are capable of producing " So I was wondering how a 'willing' warlock is able to create these infusions of Maleus. (Maleus itself can be harvested from Inferni, I assume the first few times would be in battle then since they cannot have one as a pet yet. Because they are unnable to bind it without the needed Maleus.) Quoted below: "Maleus is an essential ingredient in just about all of the Prince’s practices. Its formation is something mostly non-autonomous, as all Infernal Souls are composed of it in its entirety and their creation is an unnatural accident and a result of Chaotic corruption. Thusly, the claimed soul of an Inferis is a fertile source of it, albeit finite for unlike the Mortal Soul, the Inferis’ does not replenish itself making the fate of becoming a Prince’s source of fuel a death sentence. A Prince who binds an Inferis to their will (elaborated later) are capable of sacrificing a bound servant and depositing their broken-down Maleus into their personal container for it, known as aCistern." 'The claimed soul of an Infernis is a fertile source of it' But how were they able to claim them, without having the Maleus in the first place? And if they could claim them, how did they find out about the Cistern that they needed to use? How did they know how to pull the 'Maleus' from the Inferis. So my question is: How did a warlock come to gain this knowledge ? Did they hear it from shamans, were they previously shamans? Did they have contact with a Zentherak? Etc. Quoted below: " -The Zentherak can only be encountered and interacted with by T5 Naztherak, and need an ET or LT to play them. Due to their powerful and unique nature, however, there are a limited number: 5 to begin with, kept in a private document. A written submission must be sent to the LT overseeing the document describing the name, appearance, power, and other possible details of any new Zentherak. " I am simply wondering how the art came to be. How did the first Naztherak (False Prince, played by the player) get the knowledge to move from being a Warlock to being a Naztherak? I am making the assumption that they gained the knowledge through meeting one of the Zentherak (Monster based). But they'd need to be T5 Naztherak for that... I like the whole lore and magic-idea. I even think it is a rather balanced form of magic among the others. I also think the actual Malflame is balanced enough while still being a very versatile tool. Which can bring for a lot of cool manners of role play combat. Because it 'can' actually be dodged and blocked, unlike many other magical skills. This whole magic gives me the feeling that you'd need back up to be strong with this. You actually need someone to dash into the fight and open it up for you to unleash your damage upon them. Something I very much love about this, it'll be an instant counter against massive powergaming and the likes. The only thing I really wonder is: How did it begin? Where was the starting line. How did a humanoid come into contact with this and acquired the needed knowledge for all this. Other than that I think it's epic and would make for very interesting roleplay. PS: Sorry for being a messy writer, I actually reread most of the lore multiple times because I do really like the idea. I guess I just miss some backstory behind it? It's really well written and I'd love to see this become an accepted form of magic. And while everything you wrote is really great and thought out, I honestly don't know how it came to be. (The 'first contact') But perhaps that's just me being a perfectionist and wanting to know the smallest details, not sure if that's even needed to get stuff accepted. Anyhow goodluck, hope it gets accepted! :) +1 from me.
  13. Halfling or dwarf.. which to create. What an agonizing choice.

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      @Grubgoth Wud Perhaps after I've played some months again, it's been a very long time since I've logged on. ;)

    3. Corporatocracy
    4. senor_tortuga
  14. Pretty amazing guys, Clocks and Clouds.
    Anyone knows them ?

  15. What's the current take on new made magical arts ?
    Any current standing on it ?

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      If it's good and unique.

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