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  1. The Grizzly druid would waste no time once the boat had docked upon this new land, unfamiliar and untamed. Without map or direction he would set off into the wilds, clutching something gently to his chest as if it were his own child. The look of obvious mourning would be present upon this druids face that of sorrow and loss, eyes bloodshot, his head dropped low. The loss of his former teacher, and friend the owl druid would sent him on this journey. Hours of travel into the deep wilderness, to a place untouched by mortal hands to which he hoped would stay that for for eons to come. Th

    Never gonna give you up, - Never gonna let you down.

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    1. Moochael


      Rickrolls almost make me as depressed as this video

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      The feels


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      i sung that song u know, ask jonas

  3. Barry tilts his head looking over the flyers "Hmm.." he mumbles to himself, he writes a note down and slips it under the others "I'll buy her. i will leave my bird here with the note, he will come find me, just give him a note and i will buy her"
  4. ((OOC)) MC Name: Bazza546 Skype: You have it Timezone: GMT IC Name: Alexander White Race: Human Age: 40 Can you fight?: Yes, i can do many things, many of which i wouldn't like to put on paper. Do you know magic?: No. Would you do work for the Scions?: I have become a rather good farmer in my time.
  5. Carbarum is a completely different 'Metal' i would give a basic description that carbarum is a strong Metal/gem/whatever it is. And it is durable, not really any other qualities i can see, i hardly use Carbarum anyway. Where Xydinium is different starts of with its difficulty to mine, even in ore form it manages to absorb/reflect the hits it is given with a pickaxe, Carbarum is hard to mine yes but mining it wouldn't cause a tunnel to collapse where Xydinium would more than likely do so because of its ability to send the shock elsewhere. And then into its metal form, no one can wear armor m
  6. I didn't want it to be indestructible, that aspect has always seemed overpowered to me, I designed the metal to be stronger than Carbarum((Diamond)) however with how it works, it begins to become weaker over time if used constantly ((This is not to be confused with minecraft item deterioration, Like how a swords heath ticks down by 1 with every hit, the deterioration of Xydinium is based Rp'ly and not by Minecraft mechanics.))
  7. The name isn't much really its just a name i thought of, nothing special. The metal however, its main ability is to deflect and absorb and impact ((if it be a sword, dagger, etc)) of a blow without getting much kickback, the molecular structure is able to let the vibration of the hit either deflect off of it or go right through it without much of a problem. you could possibly think of it like Vibranium however it is not indestructible and will break with constant use, plus wearing armor made from it would not work out so well for the wearer as with multiple pieces it would just loop through th
  8. Not to worry, i plan on having a few systems in place to keep it moderated on how and when it is obtained. as well as keeping it incredibly rare to find with the requirements i have set in place. ;)
  9. Xydinium (pronounced Zie-din-ium) A dusty old Journal seems to be set on a workbench upon the entrance of the cloud temple mine, the book looks old with tattered and ripped pages, seeming to make reading it a little difficult. Miners Journal I usually don’t make notes but as a challenge to myself while i am here i will write down my activities at the end of each week, just so i have something to do during the nights. Creation Xydinium if formed deep within the earth, rocks begin to cluster together until in a big enough chunk to where it would heat up to an intense
  10. Added you because you are Henry's dad :3

  11. Barry.



    Happeh burlated birfday.

  12. You looked at my Profile. . . Why?. . .

    Also long time that I have seen you :3

  13. Okie dokie :) see ya soon

  14. I'm playing Warhammer roleplay at the moment. Just had a break, need to get back now. Will get home in a few hours ;)

  15. Jenaaa >:) get on skype XD

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