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  1. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    jash es a potato an u should deny him!!!1!!!!!!1!
  2. The Wardens

    [!] Birds were dispatched to all the applicants, bearing small notes with the simple words "We shall convene soon for an interview- L." on them! [!] A return bird found its way to the orc, reading the following. "We can meet sometime soon, llir. - L"
  3. The Wardens

    -=-~(*)~-=- Ambient Music -=-~(*)~-=- OOC Note: -=-~(*)~-=- Our History: The Wardens of Knowledge was founded in Axios, in 1627, under a unifying purpose. Our history is not yet written, but it is beginning. -=-~(*)~-=- Our Purpose: The Wardens were formed for a unifying purpose; the collection and creation of books, the study of artifacts and all things in our Realm. That is our purpose, and the guild itself is open to all walks of life, be it dark, deity, or simple wanderer, so long as you follow the rules you are welcome to conduct ethical research and such within our facilities. Bigger projects and projects involving the act of a Coupling Ritual or so forth will require the permission of The Council and Headmistress. -=-~(*)~-=- The Rules: The rules are fairly simple Respect your peers and their decisions. Do not conduct unethical research(e.g, don’t experiment on living animals or people, etc.) Do not start violence within the Guild Base, or intentionally harm others. We are Neutral, you are representing the Guild wherever you go, be mature. Do not attack “spooks” unless in self-defense, they are welcome should they be peaceful. Do not attack holy-members, they are welcome should they be peaceful. Keep politics away from the Guild unless it directly correlates to the Guild. Do NOT let non-members on Guild Grounds unless approved beforehand, we do not want troublemakers. Expect and accept all punishment for wrongdoings, we do not tolerate troublemakers. -=-~(*)~-=- Official Ranks -=-~(*)~-=- Headmistress In charge of the entire guild, the leading force of the guild and handler of most political, official, and guild-related matters, as well as overseeing and assigning specific projects to each Head. She/he dictates where, when, and what the guild does alongside the Council. Currently held by Leyunia Karin Zyltris -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Research: In charge of the Researchers of the organization, they oversee, assign, and collect research notes and such from the Researchers, they work closely with the Head of Libraries and Technologies, working together quite often. Currently held by Erendriel -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Libraries: In charge of the Librarians, who oversee, catalog, collect, and write books pertaining to certain numerous subjects, assuring the Guild Library is stocked and full for the other members, they also collect Research notes from the other Heads and Members. Currently held by Thalanil -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Astronomy: In charge of the Astronomers. Self-explanatory what they do. Currently Empty -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Technologies: In charge of the Tinkerers, they research Redstone contraptions along with other inventions. Currently empty. -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Smithery In charge of the Blacksmiths, who forge weapons, staves, etc for the Coalition, they work closely with any Transfigurationists or Artificers in the Order. Currently Empty. -=-~(*)~-=- Head of Exploration In charge of the Explorers, they explore ruins, points of interest, collect herbs/materials for the Guild, and collect artifacts for Research, storage, or possible destruction. Currently empty. Together, the Heads form the Council of Six, alongside the Headmistress, they dictate the larger decisions of the guild, all of which are decided by a majority vote. -=-~(*)~-=- Lesser Ranks -=-~(*)~-=- The Researchers: The Researchers follow the orders of the Head of Research and The Headmistress, studying Alchemical, Voidal, and Mundane arts, along with Artifacts. -=-~(*)~-=- The Librarians: The Librarians are in charge of the Libraries of the Guild, they collect, catalog, stock, and write books for the guild, and often collect research notes from all the other members weekly. -=-~(*)~-=- The Astronomers: The Astronomers study the Stars and Sky, and all things beyond the Realm we live in. -=-~(*)~-=- The Tinkerers The Inventors of the guild, they study and tinker with Redstone contraptions along with any kind of Gadget you can imagine, also occasionally creating boats for the Guild, or other vehicles for easy transport, say wagons and such. -=-~(*)~-=- The Blacksmiths The Smiths of the Guild, they study materials, especially foreign metals that have been recovered or such from ruins, etc, and they are in charge of creating suitable Weapons for the members of the Order, and arming the Explorers with the necessary equipment. They work closely with any Transfigurationists or Artificers of the Order. -=-~(*)~-=- The Explorers A self-explanatory rank, The Explorers wander the World and explore ruins, points of interest, collect herbs and materials for the Guild, and often collect any found artifacts. They also catalog their explorations, along with locations. -=-~(*)~-=- The Applicant Form -=-~(*)~-=- OOC: MC Name?: Discord?(Required, can PM me.): -=- IC: Full Name: Race: Age: Reasoning for joining?: When are you free for an interview?: Do you swear to follow and uphold all of the Guild's rules and customs?: What position do you seek?(If an official position, let me know.): What is your favorite color?: -=-~(*)~-=-
  4. [✓] Seers - Eyes of Vaasek

    I really like this lore.
  5. [Addition] Replicants

    Sorry I just don't see the point. I didn't meant to sound too rude there, I haven't had my coffee. APPLY TO MY GUILD ALREADY YOU DULF
  6. [Addition] Replicants

    Homunculi were created to be soulless creatures who thought they were the peak of perfection and that everything and everyone around them is insignificant and small, pointless, even. They were created to be soulless assholes, with no magic, and no moral compass. This is twisting lore beyond belief because there is no downside to Homunculi anymore, they cast magic in this addition which is kind of pointless because Homunculi have no interest in magic. Again, they believe they're at the peak of perfection, they care about nothing but themselves, they have no moral compass for a reason and giving them one is going against lore. They were made without an end-game, just enjoyable little alchemy creatures that you play for as long as you want. Might I also add that a Homunculus doesn't like Ascended, none of them do, they think anyone that helps other people is stupid and doesn't benefit them in the slightest, so they logically wouldn't go and become a "OH HEY LETS HELP EVERYONE!!!1!" immortal. They ALSO don't think souls are worth it, since again, they believe they are the peak of perfection. You're trying to humanize a creature that was made without proper humanity. Please stop.
  7. [Addition] Replicants

    I don't think this is needed and is twisting lore, if you want a full explanation, PM me.
  8. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Cart. Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria) Tahn. Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Tahn Docks Exact co-ordinates of Point A: X: 560.513 Y: 74 Z: 96.531 Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) The Coalition Castle Exact co-ordinates of Point B: X: -549.601 Y: 67 Z: -1142.470
  9. The Banishment of Yorthmal

    A distant, decaying creature sighed as he heard the news. "Well t'en, guess t'ey're nae dead afterall."
  10. I'm looking for someone capable of building castles/keeps, preferably in a high fantasy or medieval style. PM me!

  11. Looking for a Builder

    I'm looking for someone capable of building castles/keeps in a high fantasy or medieval style, contact me for more details please.
  12. [Fire evo] [MA] JaketheDog115

    That's me.
  13. [Arcane][SA] Voidal Shifting Leyu

    MC Name: Skellington_ Character's Name: Leyunia Character's Age: 200 smtn Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Voidal Shifting Teacher's MC Name: JaketheDog115 Teacher's RP Name: Velulaei Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Aye Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  14. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    An actual argument? how about how the server is plagued with power-gaming and nobody does a thing about it, and giving people alchemical-weapons that will HEAVILY be misused and the faults of the tools completely ignored is just opening more routes for bullshittery and powergaming. If you want an actual argument I'll give one. We do not need guns because we have enough crap on the server as is, and giving people guns is opening another route for power-gaming, people will start out by mass-producing these, then it'll go to ignoring the red-lines of the magic, then it'll go to one-shot killing everyone, and nobody will do anything. Now you can give me promises on "Oh the MT and LT will keep track of it" but they seriously won't. WE ARE A FANTASY MEDIEVAL SERVER. NOT A STEAMPUNK SERVER.
  15. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    we dont need guns pls stop