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  1. I don't like the addition of the Striga PK mechanic to a race previously thematically imposed to be the only true immortal being thus killing that thematic gravity and simultaneously cheapening the threat of imprisonment; Nor do I find the new hexalogue particularly compelling or necessary. The rest of the mechanics I'm for but the addition of a method of inter-siliti PK isn't something I forsee fantastic RP out of, it just encourages OOC scheming and welcomes a kind of conflict that won't be done in good faith. I prefer greatly we have to be more careful IC about who we pick up because there's a tremendous consequence to having them become Siliti and be unprepared.
  2. To His Holiness, Yaromir I Please release an official statement in the papal bull regarding Owyn being a farfolk, the other priests are sending me racially charged letters via courier. They are paying extra to assure that they are delivered directly to Kaer'lassar on foot rather than by bird, they are quite passionate in their denial. Some of these letters have been quite hurtful despite their immaturity. -Father Trevor.
  3. A theory on The Origin of Godwin’s people: The Farfolk Published 1st of Harren's Folley, 1859 ┯━━━━━ ●●● ━━━━━┯ Within the past few years it has come into question what farfolk peoples Ex. Owyn may have resembled whether he be Oyashiman, Southeron, Qali, or Li-ren; however I think there is an answer to this question we need consider: What if none of those descriptors are apt for the Exalted? Humanity has spanned the world since creation and it should be considered that in that time since our creation when the sons of Horen were divided many events which have served to divide our people into many kingdoms and cultures have ensued. It is without question that Exalted Owyn was a farfolk, only a fool would seek to claim otherwise however the people of Aaun were divided and scattered or brought into the fold of Harren’s forces following his conquest of Godwin’s lands. Being that Ex. Owyn was a farfolk and his father served as ruler Aaun it stands to reason that Owyn’s people were also farfolk themselves. My theory proposes the possibility that they were a people prior to the farfolk rather than farfolk as we know them today and following Aaun’s conquest were scattered into separate tribes which grew in difference greatly following the Millenium o’ Silence. The combination of Iblees’ introduction of strange practices and the generations of beauty standards leading to certain traits outpacing the others ah believe that along with their physical division so too did the tribes of proto-farfolk experience aesthetical and cultural divisions leading to the many different farfolk we see today, far removed from their distant ancestor’s appearances and practices. While the highlander, harrenite, and heartlander populations have remained rather stagnant in our development of differences in skin tone and fashion and historically the developments of such can be traced readily between our rather congealed peoples the Godwinites of Aaun were divided by war and disconnected from one another by years of separation amongst vastly different environments, leading in turn to isolated and vastly different cultures as well. Further evidence of this proto-farfolk is provided to us by the scroll gifted to Ex. Owyn as well as he addressed his scattered people: “Verily, brother, the Lord GOD has given no compulsion in faith. And verily you are commended for your virtue, for your people keep fast to their fealty. But a tremendous sin arises in your home. The Lord GOD is the Lord GOD without peer, but you sons of Godwin give Him a vulgar and worldly name, and ascribe to Him many partners. And this is a sin of tremendous quality, for none but the Lord resides in the Seventh Sky, and it is His throne. Even Horen, who spoke the Virtue, falls short of GOD.” (Spirit 1: 3-8) What is noteworthy about this is the mention of the virtue of fidelity which is seen in many farfolk cultures such as the Qali and Oyashimans to be the highest honor one may ascribe to. However the Oyashimans serve as a perfect example of ascribing GOD many partners for their own Kami are a division of the power of the Lord and many Kami are wed to one another; while some may call this evidence of proto-farfolk in the scrolls themselves to be anecdotal when out of context to consider the Millennium of silence and the meddling of Iblees among these pieces of evidence renders credence to the theory. In conclusion I would like to say that the suggestion of Godwin’s people being a proto-farfolk is one worth considering. Furthermore if one should falsely believe that this division of appearance should make the farfolk lesser to we of Joren and Harren I would go on record to state that this is a considerable misconception and that these divisions of appearance do not at all suggest any inequality among the farfolk to we descendants of Joren and Harren and they in-fact suggest the opposite: The farfolk are unequivocally human and unarguably children of GOD, they are simply the scattered descendants of Godwin’s kingdom and thus the people of Ex. Owyn who we should seek fellowship with in the name of the unity and virtue that GOD wished for the sons of Horen. - Father Trevor Turnfield ┷━━━━━ ●●● ━━━━━┷
  4. To Presbyter Ursovic I do not write on behalf of my brothers in the lectorate, but I am confused as to the nature of such a disturbance, I believe that perhaps you were turned away by a guardsman that perhaps was confused as Du Loc has no policies regarding the refusal of clergy nor any civilian from Albarosa nor Providentia. I would urge you to return and discuss with Lord Brae this mix-up; as it was likely just personal error. Unless of course you were wearing a wig as is popular in providentia, in which case that would be against the law as wig powder is known to be caustic to the lungs of children and therefore banned in Du Loc. Father Trevor

  6. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ A Warning of The Rougarou ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ I am Father Trevor, ordained priest of GOD and novitiate of the Lectorate of Owyn and I publish this open letter to canondom in order to better warn my fellow faithful of dangers within the Bayou. On the 12th of Owyn's Light, 2A 57 I was accompanied to the bayou south of Norland by two Lectors by the name of Danzen and Dharas, dear friends and battle-brothers of mine whom had graciously agreed to assist me in the recovery of a stolen rosary gifted to me by my mother. We had spent several days trekking into the wilderness, we made camp in the hollow of a withered tree and readied ourselves for bed. This was our second month of searching and near this same area I had been attacked by specters roaming east from the tomblands prior so we laid down aurum weaponry at the entrance and set animal traps for food. Before we could settle in for the evening an unsettling chill and a blinding fog more potent than usual, an usual shape passed through the trees and set us on edge; I remarked to my brothers to ready themselves for combat just prior to a foul scream that pierced the air and rendered all of nature silent, if I were to describe this hellish sound as as the death howls of an asthmatic woman I wouldn't be unfaithful in my depiction. Alert and worried for our safety we armed ourselves and retreated to the clearing away from the trees, there we spotted it. This beast stood tall as a green skin and was some abominable chimeric thing wrought of man, bear, wolf, and pig; it chanted a hellish ibleesian tongue to itself in recitation of some foul mantra it was busy carving bent and broken lorraines into the bark of a tree; mocking the symbolism of GOD to say His connection was no longer present upon the earth. It turned and howled before coming at us, Brother Dharas of the lectorate was quickest to act and threw a flash bomb at the creature, blinding it. Though I was fearful I charged for it and trusted that GOD would protect me against such an evil, and as I drew in close and attempted to blind it once again it had the intelligence to cover Its eyes and slashed at me with tremendous claws; observations of the wound upon my chest revealed it cleaved through both my padded surcoat and the chain beneath as easy as warm table butter. Before It knocked me down the hill I chopped it with my axe, wounding Its arm and certainly hitting what I believe to be bone. After wounding me it fled, ignoring the lectors in what I can only believe to be purposeful targeting of the ordained. I have no doubts this creature is a demon of Iblees summoned by the chanting of Its name as it was mentioned several times prior in idle conversation as some sort of children's legend mean to keep the young away from the Bayou. But legends do not leave scars upon flesh nor thirst for the blood of ordained men. Below is a rough sketch of the creature from memory, some details may be lost to fear an excitement. I bid my fellow canonists thusly: Do not speak the name of the Rougarou. And I bid my fellow priests: Carry with you thanhium weaponry and flash bombs with which to blind the beast, I know not if these are true weaknesses of the creature but it is what we used. Make no mistake that this is an agent of iblees and foolish seeks an end to the rightful rule of GOD almighty through petty violence and blasphemy. Finally I thank the Lectorate of Owyn for their protection and aid with my personal quest, without their aid I would not be writing you today. GOD's love and protection be with you all. - Father Trevor Turnfield ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ [!] The sketch of the beast is attached to the missive.
  7. "So if the contract was made with monsters as he claims, It's invalid. Which doesn't entitle him to anything- especially considering they then never agreed to pay it. So they want a refund while simultaneously stating they never negotiated this contract and therefore it was invalid and they couldn't have paid for. A contract from fourteen years ago that doesn't have any relationship to his group." Nanako questioned of her friend Wenping. "That's the worst racket I've ever heard." @Rapture
  8. Be on the lookout for the new SWA track comin' your way on store shelves and spotify. 

  9. ATTENTION MUSIN OF ALMARIS I Rigatoni, foremost advocate for the advancement of Musinkind hereby open my doors for my fellow musin to seek me out by letter for lessons in the alchemical arts. We musin are incapable of learning magic, but the enlightenment of the musin people will come with the revelation that we do not require the use of the arcane arts to succeed in the advancement and perseveration of our people. The Descendants make use of magic to supplement their physical weaknesses, to grasp at the idea of personal power to overcome perceived weakness when it is their lack of innovation. We Musin were not inborn with the weak crutch of magical power, we were born with twin strengths greater than both the void and physical might. We musin were gifted with the twin blades of wisdom and innovation, and with them we can create such machines, inventions, and strategies that no foe may best us. So come my faithful kin and partake of the bounty of the musin revolution. MAGIC IS FOR LESSERS, AND SCIENCE IS FOR MUSIN.
  10. Yeah he would've been...20, provided he lied about his age back then and he's truthfully 30 now. That uh- It ain't better, chief.
  11. HE WAS 26. He was not being groomed, at the very least he was an active participant. Cope harder.
  12. He was directly involved and I was told by the GM team to absolve him else I wouldn't get unbanned. You can't not see that your 26 year old 'girlfriend' is leading a cabal of sixteen year old boys around and emotionally abusing them. He aided actively in doing such, there are other witnesses to this such as Botar and Cethis; this happened. I'm tired of being complacent with the lie to make people like you feel better so you don't have to come with the realization that you've been defending an abuser for a decade. I have the hope that as this new scrutiny is put up, we'll be sharper and better at preventing what happened to me and my friends from happening to anyone else.
  13. That's not cap I did that, I did that on multiple occasions and sought to make it clear to everyone what he did and what he was about so he couldn't do what he did to me to others. It's not harassment if years ago you got groomed by two twenty-six year olds in Holm during Asulon and you have no respite for the mental abuse you sustained during dealing with them as a vulnerable teenager. You can cope all you want that you're not consciously objecting to the fact that shit happened; but it did and your baby rage can't change that.
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