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  1. [!] Somewhere in the void, this is taken notice of with displeasure.
  2. People of Almaris Investigators in Yong Ping have uncovered nefarious elements in our midst who sought to undermine not only the freedom and fair governance of the Jade State but Its authority as well. Five Dragon's months ago operations were conducted by a joint force of Ishiguntai and the Lectors of Owyn to track down and eliminate a nest of vampires within Yong Ping. The Operation was a massive success resulting in the capture and execution of two vampires hiding within the walls of the Jade State and the discovery of their descendant co-conspirators. The purpose of this letter is to name these conspiring parties by name to alert the people of Almaris to their conspiratorial natures. We thank the Lectorate for Its cooperation in this matter and it is with a heavy heart that we announce the conviction of and condemn the following. Alicia de Rosius Found to be a vampire by Ishiguntai and Lectorate testing, cured of her affliction by Anguelic Light courtesy of the Order of the Golden Lion, Hereby Banished from Yong Ping by order of the Chancellor. Elizabeth Paige Found to be a vampire by Ishiguntai and Lectorate testing, captured and cured of her affliction by fire. Josette Dane Suspected of Aiding and Abetting vampiric elements, treason, and attempted assault, labeled a vampire conspirator by admission of Elizabeth Paige, wanted for trial in Yong Ping. A bounty of six-hundred mina is hereby offered for the capture of Dane for public trial. Lex Verloc Posthumously found guilty of aiding, abetting, and assisting vampiric elements in murder, treason, and kidnapping by admission of Elizabeth Paige and prior confession. Syl Ainzworth Found guilty of Aiding and abetting vampiric elements, murder, treason, kidnapping, and assault. Wanted Dead or Alive by the Jade State with a bounty of one-thousand mina by the order of the chancellor. Hirano Nanako, Chancellor of Yong Ping
  3. Treaty of the Foxes and the Dragon Issued 13th of the Deep Cold, Year 42 of the Second Age Articles Non-Aggression Trade Agreement Declaration of Friendship Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between The Duchy of Elysium and the Jade State of Yong Ping, hereafter referred to as the signatories. ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding non-aggression: Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts which put them at odds with one another. Furthermore, there will be no conflicts between citizens or families of note within either state. When visiting either signatories’ territories, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they step foot on and respect the local customs. Should an issue or conflict arise which breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate, diplomatic channels. ARTICLE II: Trade Agreement Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding trade: Signing parties will agree to trade specialty goods free of tariff, in forms of both purchase exchange and/or bartering. ARTICLE III: Declaration of Friendship Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding a joint Declaration of Friendship: Signing parties recognise their People’s ongoing Friendship and promise to act in good faith when acting on the geopolitical stage. Signing parties agree to extradite citizens detained for suspected crimes to their nation of origin for trial and conviction. ARTICLE IV: Duration This accord shall remain in effect until decided otherwise by any of the signatories: If one of the signatories violates any one of the above clauses, a grace period of 2 Dragon’s Weeks will be given for reparations to be made before the Treaty is declared officially Null and Void. Tianrui Ren, Zhu of Yong Ping. Hirano Nanako, Chancellor of Yong Ping Duke Eugeo de Astrea Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent & Head Diplomat to Elysium
  4. A lone High Elf in earshot of this statement furrowed his brow, then remarking: "You don't know a lot about turtles, do you?"
  5. (Toast the Musin, By Mari_Bede) "Not take Toast alive..." The final words spoken by Toast of Mousehole were as defiant as ever, even with an arrow in his gullet, a sword wound in his back, and the taste of blood upon his tongue that he didn't know whether or not it was his own he would not sacrifice his spirit for mercy, he knew that his fate was sealed when the arrow struck his side and yet still as he crawled into the pirate tent and slumped against one of the many barrels inside he knew no fear. It wasn't so long ago that Toast first felt the fires of war nipping at his heels for the first time when he drove his sword into the throat of the ratman who scarred his ear with an arrow that he knew he would die amidst the chaos of battle... He knew, but he didn't fear. Toast's world was growing cold, his normally keen hearing was growing faint, he could hardly hear the chaos outside the tent, the chaos he had caused...The Pirates had lost their command tent to his fire bottles, they'd lost their cannons and they didn't even know it yet. Their slave camp had been set ablaze, he'd torn out their captain's throat with his teeth, and they were scrambling to get a hold on the situation and the prisoner they'd taken from Yong Ping. Toast was dying for a cause that wasn't his own, but he'd spent most of his life fighting and willing to die for causes that weren't his... He did so for his people. Mere moments drug on like hours for the bleeding musin, the mere act of grabbing hold of his bandolier of blasting potions felt like running a mile, but it gave him time to ponder...The Memories of what was, the thoughts of was is, and the hope of what was to come. He'd tried time and time again to prove the strength of his people, he'd fought tooth and claw to show that musin were capable of greatness. Ratiki, Shuul, Olog, abomination and descendant alike had fallen before him in battle. He'd been told that he'd redeemed the honor of the musin by friends in the lectorate. Toast had earned a fortune, enough to secure him a comfortable life but he put those pinched mina to work to afford a new home for his people, he had taught himself the complexities of government to argue for the rights of Musin in Yong Ping and got them awarded to them. Toast's vision began to fade next, blurry and unfocused he thought of those he'd loved, His brother egg had been missing for years- fled from the mousehole and off to greener pastures that Toast had not himself seen. His friend Sunflower who for a brief moment he was reunited with in Vortice, Holly who served as his commander in the Mouseguard and he knew would inevitably find his stash of coin and fulfill his dream of a new home for Musin; he smiled. The Musin smiled with bloodied teeth at the pirate who followed him into the tent with a blade coated in the Musin's own blood. He smiled because he didn't fear death, he feared having never lived at all and he knew as he pulled the cork of the blasting potion attached to his bandolier that he had measured up to Musin himself, for even Musin did not survive his greatest triumph and Toast had a new greatest triumph every time he set his mind to anything at all. The bottle erupted and took with it the tent and all the other potions on Toast's belt... And they did not take Toast alive.
  6. I hate birds. I hate them so much please bring in an aviary system.
  7. An Invitation to Musin A letter is sent all throughout Almaris, posted up on notice boards in the far corners of the world, in taverns, in hideaways, near jails, near farming villages. It is circulated as far as it can go, in hopes of reaching Its intended audience.
  8. DISCORD: Tentoa#7594 IGN: TelvanniMagister SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 450
  9. DISCORD: Tentoa#7594 IGN: TelvanniMagister SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 420
  10. DISCORD: Tentoa#7594 IGN: TelvanniMagister SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 400
  11. DISCORD: Tentoa#7594 IGN: TelvanniMagister SKIN TITLE: Sakura tea at midnight BID: 280
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