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  1. An Open Letter to Boss Toffee, Heir of the Crumbling Keep. I am a musin, some of you may know me as Toast. My Brother Egg and I have long labored in pursuit of prosperity for our people and our ways. In recent years we have suffered greatly at the hands of descendants and though we are not fighters we are not without our defenses, not without our cleverness, not without minds capable of greater feats than we have committed to. The Alchemical arts are not beyond us as many would claim, we are not an ignorant nor ignoble people. Under your leadership Boss Toffee more musin have died than in any
  2. Lavender Kimono, please. Tentoa#7594
  3. An old stone construct of old gazed upon the published poems with intrigue and commented in Its booming voice: "MY WORD. THEY ARE FOCUSING ON THE ARTS. FASHION, PAINTING, POETRY, THEATRE. THE HUMANS HAVE EVOLVED. A CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION."
  4. I concur with Treshure, Blah is the biggest hurdle to the orcs for new players. It's so ridiculous that using blah to speak in code isn't unviable. The orc would be much more engaging if they dropped the accent and began using the language rather than the style of writing.
  5. Tsune Hirano looked upon the missive in contemplation, surprised by and far that she'd been invited by name. "I suppose I'll get a new outfit for the event."
  6. Toast, a 'respected' member of the Musin community gazed upon the missive with a thoughtful expression, in his hand he held the first of many boomsteel implements capable of wanton misery. "Kowabunga it is."
  7. "Completely disregarding the mention of the Judian influences on the current state of Orenian fashion; poppycock and hogwash." Declared the good Theodore Burncrest, foremost fop and fashionista of the Salt Isles.
  8. Tentoa

    The Ishiguntai

    | I s h i g u n t a i | The Stone Army Purpose: Originating from the shores of Aeldin in Oyashima the Ishiguntai are the sworn samurai guard of the Hirano Kuge as well as famed monster hunters and cursed relic collectors. These selective hunters loosely follow in the footsteps of the Marked Men that accompanied Kais Ishikawa from descendant lands to their home. The Oyashiman warriors have sworn themselves to defend descendantkind and their patrons: The Hirano clan by engaging in the study, pacification, preservation, and combat of the supernatural. The
  9. Lithuanian isn't the choice I expected to see for a cultural inspiration on LoTC. I don't mind it.
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