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  1. Trevor sat atop Felder's Rock with a bottle in hand after snuffing the eternal flame, letting the smoldering ashes waft smoke into the air to carry his fallen brother-cleric into the Skies. He knew that Ioannes would go to join Paco, Bessol, And Isaac for an eternal joy amidst the skies and though Ioannes was not a man he saw eye-to-eye with in many instances, he was certainly a good man, he was certainly his brother, and he was certainly one for whom the old cleric would cry. Dialectics and debate had been Ioannes forte but the old man did not forget that he was quick to lend his aid to a combatant in need, he remembered meeting him in Savoy just before a foray into the palace to hunt a specter, that Ioannes as his fellow novitiate had lent him his alchemical lens before he'd received his slayer helmet. It was Ioannes who had inspired him to farm again, when he got around to it...He'd name that farm after his brother in Owyn.
  2. From atop his throne in the sanitorium Trevor read the news of the new pontiff he puzzled over the idea for a while and commented. "Ah'ma miss that last pontiff, fella' had a good head 'bout 'is shoulders. S'pose ah should try an' meet with this new fella, see how he thinks." The Lector sat the missive aside then and reached for some paper, business had to be taken care of.
  3. Builds will now become max height and exceptionally ugly to counteract raid ladders.
  4. The list part I do agree with though; a more comprehensive list wouldn't go amiss
  5. There are over 6 kinds of curse across the dark magics; and those who have moral reason IC (Canonists) or are enemies with them (Heralds/Spooks) Have no means to combat them. If there are 5 active paladins around at any given time but more and more alchemists then it falls on 5 people to do very repetitive curse purging RP as well. We saw this with corcitura that having only one avenue of curing created such a backlog and workload that the paladin playerbase and those unaffiliated with them got plain sick of dealing with it on an OOC level. As someone who played a paladin: It would get very annoying to stop my RP and walk somewhere every day to do 3 repetitive curse-purging emotes; effectively making my warrior of the light a holy pez dispenser. This also enables witchy-type alchemists to offer up cures in exchange for favor as well as more scientific alchemists/doctor archetypes to do the same. Furthermore if you're worried about something you inflict on other players without their consent majority of the time being too easy to cure IRP, maybe you're more concerned with t he power you have over their characters ooc than constructing a narrative that's fun.
  6. Purely hypothetical and also irrelevant; Corcitura's capacity for affecting the soul transforms the blueprint of the soul itself and the same goes with malflame. With what you say Dark Shaman curses act as a parasite attachment to the soul and still would be subject to the effects of he potion. Malflame is soul-damage and a direct edit. Witch-doctor curses don't do the same thing.
  7. God almighty do I love witch-themed bullshit +1
  8. Hi, Siliti and blood mage here. Take it out, doesn't need to be in there.
  9. You don't need a peak sstrength metal arm and a flamethrower. I support this.
  10. respond to my DM pls, it's actually somewhat important

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