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  1. I’ll throw my hat in with Phil here. While I at one point might have been vehemently against introducing weaponry of this kind to the server, I came to a change of heart after looking over the emote counts compared to already existing magics and other such things as bows/crossbows. The only real change here is aesthetic – and one I think would be an overall benefit to the server. I consider us medium fantasy, having been a member of the lore team for some time, and when you consider that, and look at other settings with the inclusion of guns (I’m looking at Faerun in 5e primarily) the elves still frolic, the peasants still dig mud for a living, and the wizards still have their floating castles. This adds a new avenue to pursue in rp for craftsmiths, alternatives to learning purely offensive magics such as arcanism (I need my protection!) for weaker characters, so on and so forth. All and all, its been a long time coming, but in its current state I’m alright with what we got here.
  2. (IC) Name: Arzota Shadeleaf – Des’nox Age: Later third century Gender: Male Do you intend to learn, or do you perform, any sort of Voidal or Deific art? Which? I’m knowledgeable in transfiguration. Do you accept that in joining this order you may at times be tasked with taking the life of another mali’ker? Entirely. Do you accept that under particular circumstances you may be removed from the order? And under serious enough terms, executed? Honor my name at least with a fair trial. (OOC) MC Name: You know it. Discord: You have it.
  3. To add onto this – if you care to ask any questions about specific lore, magics, where we are in the world now or anything else that seems vauge, feel free to drop myself or any of the other LT a line and we’d be happy to help.
  4. Im aware, however I wanted to make sure that was clear just incase future posts came up citing this as previous experience and research. More of a precaution.
  5. (Nothing included in any of these posts is endorsed by the LT. Make of that as you will.)
  6. Question - why is, in the tiers section, Astra stored as gallons, while in the ability descriptions its quantified just as 'Astra'. How much Astra in a gallon? Does it mix well with fruit juice, or is it a chaser?
  7. ((Small OOC note: This might be the best way to PK a ton of people in one sitting possible since death in an immortal realm well... does that. I wish you all luck. Theres also the fact there no way for y'all to actually enter the fey realm unless your druids under groups of three so that also might be a slight kink in the plans here friends))
  8. You cant just put snow in-front of something and call it a new race. Its a culture that's been around for less than a millennia. Snow elves were a mistake, don't do this. [This is my personal opinion and not indicative of any other LT opinions on this topic]
  9. hail goose of malinor

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