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  1. 15th Anniversary Celebration of Civil Unions in Petra : *Posters are hung up around Petra* It has already been 15 Years since the Reinhold Edict which proclaimed the creation of Civil Unions between same-gender couples In Petra, giving to those who love each other but could not be married the right to be united together by law under a Civil Union in Petra. In lue of this we are celebrating its 15th anniversary invinting you to a small Celebration down at the Chambery Main Square where there will be some special drinks for the occassion as well as Music and entertainment and of course for those wishing to look for a date a perfect opportunity to try and meet someone new! Everyone is welcomed to join us to Celebrate this momentous occasion, 15 years of Civil Unions, celebrating Love and diversity down in the Free City de Chambery, we look forward to see you all! ❤️️ Event Details : 15th Anniversary of Civil Unions in Petra Location : Free City de Chambery (Petra). Time and Date : Tuesday 18th of June 4.30 PM EST
  2. A Cheerful City in Deadlock 184 of the Second Age A missive written by Nicolas Wittenbach. The Free City of Chambery is in a Deadlock! Or how its citizens now start to cheerfully call it, “The Maybe Free City of Chambery” Yes, our beloved City of Chambery-sur-Petra, one of the heartland's cultural hubs and favorite vacation place, is maybe not a Free City at all! Or at least that was what was claimed at the last Garmont assembly. It was argued during the Garmont Assembly that the Free city of Chambery lost its free City status 7 years ago when the Heartlandic Confederation formed! The main basis in that argument was that any Pact signed by Petra was made null and void. Very much made serious accusations even going as far as asking how we would address not being a free city anymore. Well granted we did not have time to really answer that question, as I, decided to leave garmont promptly at that time to attend other important things, an engagement dinner of two close friends! And after that meeting of the Advisory circle of the Royal Court, yes I have a rather busy schedule, being there for friends, serving the realm... Although I admit I also did not really know what to say, being confronted by these things really out of nowhere, may have left a little angered but also unsure what to do about those claims. it is why it also took me some time to gather my thoughts about it and write them down in this missive. But to answer your previous question, I will continue to endeavor to do everything possible to make sure the people who elected me are safe and happy whether as a Free City or any other type of arrangement, that is what I was elected for, to work for my beloved peoples. And the Happy people we are, are we a Free City still? Well that is for Monarchs to decide as we are a vassal under them and not the Garmont Assembly, what we are for sure is free spirited and will continue to be a place of culture, art, sciences, scholars and so much more! That is our beating heart. But these claims do have to be taken seriously, they are after all claims from a Peer of the realm made during the Garmont assembly. Perhaps though it was not realized how far reaching the consequences of those claims are… not just to how Chambery is now officially named in documents but really down to its fundamental functioning. The Chambery Charter was written to reflect the values of Chambery and is used as a basis on which its municipal administration is based! Doubting the very legality of the existence of the charter very much puts the whole existence of Chambery in question, its values and administration. That very charter gives us the right of political autonomy and to organize ourselves the way we need, it gives us the right to tax within municipal borders and even defines our own taxes to the realm! It very much defines everything and now it is not there anymore? It would mean Chamberian Municipal Administration would be very much in a deadlock! As it would not operate legally anymore, nor would we be allowed to still tax our citizens and with that loss of revenue how are we to pay for our Taxes to the realm! And even more so pay for our expenses, projects, and cultural events. The Conseill Municipal had even in its latest session decided to build a playground for the children, will the children now have to do without it? Now of course not that would be very stupid to do and irresponsible, no matter the accusation one has to think of the proper running of a city and the welfare of its citizens. And we will continue to operate with our Charter until said so otherwise by our monarchs, who we have of course contacted about the matter immediately. We will however stop taxing our peoples for the last and upcoming saints week, for one to thank our peoples for being great citizens and because they had to now endure this ordeal. We will of course still come after our commitment paying our vassal tax, I personally will cover them together with any expenses of the city. I can already say our Citizens will be excited to be freed of Taxes for a little while! A lovely gift for sure for great people. So here we are a City in some sort of deadlock, Free city? Maybe, perhaps. Free spirited though? That is unquestionable. No matter what our monarchs decide on the matter, we will continue to be your everlasting City of Chambery, a hub of culture, a home for scholars, a loyal vassal city. Signed The elected leader of the great and free spirited peoples of Chambery Nicolas Wittenbach.
  3. Chambery Third and Fourth Conseille Municipale Meeting Notes: Notes of the decisions made during the Third and Fourth meeting of the Conseille Municipale of the Free City de Chambery. Present at the meeting where the Bourgmestre Nicolas Wittenbach, Conseillère Edith Hope and Conseiller William Temesch as well as several Citizens Both and Third and Fourth Meeting of the Conseill municipale were short and concesise Point 1 : Updates on Projects Several ongoing projects were updated most notably the Tower of Natural Sciences was completed and is now fully open to the public with its clinic, map room, engineering rooms, alchemy labs and astronomy tower! In another update the Chapel for Chambery has finished construction and is just awaiting to be sanctified! Only the implementation of the constabulary reforms is still undergoing, all other projects continue to be underway as planned. Point 2 Cabinetry system. Early on it was decided to implemented a cabinetry system into Municipal Council to make it easier to distribute the different tasks in Chambery. Such a system was finally agreed upon during the fourth Conseill Municipale meeting. The changes would be added to the constitutional Ordinances of Chambery: 1) Cabinetry System: The Conseil Municipal will work with a Cabinetry system constituted with Offices created to administer the needs and operations of the Free City. a) The Conseille Municipal will divide the leadership of the various existing offices between its members after each election but can also designate someone from outside the Conseil to lead an Office. b)The Offices of Chambery will be listed in the Conseil Book of Offices. Offices may be created, disbanded and merged together on the needs of the Conseil Municipale to serve the various administrative needs and operations of the Free City The Changes were discussed and approved by the Conseille Municipale and are only awaiting the approval of the Celestial trust. Once approved Offices will be created under each member of the municipal council to manage city affaires. Point 3 a playground for the childreen During the past years more and more Families with childreen have settled down in Chambery, as such it was proposed to create a safe area , a playground for the childreen in Chambery!
  4. Chambery Fencing Lessons 183 of the Second Age Petran Fencing is one of the traditional Petran sports, a noble way of sword fighting for anyone to try at. While Fencing is already an older sports and tradition Petran Fencing was created by Nicolas Wittenbach during his Tenure as Chanzlé of the Petra as a new knightly sport for all Petran citizen to practice during their free time and as a way to introduce peoples to the way of sword fighting and perhaps encoruage them to become a knight or join the guard or simple enjoy a new passtime. It has been some time since the last lessons but on this year 183 Nicolas Wittembach invites you over to Chambery for a new round of Fencing lessons and matches! Rules of Petran Fencing : Petran Fencing has several rules to obide by while performing the sport: The sword of choice for Petran style Fencing is the épée meaning all body parts can be touched with it during a fencing match. The fencing area is defined by a raised podium cut in two areas one for each. At the end of each side a border line which marks the end of the fencing area. For each Game there will be 3 matches, winner is best out of 3. To win one match one must either hit their opponent with their Épée on any body part or force them to the edge of the fencing area. The first Match a coin will be tossed to determine who will attack and who will defend during the first action of the match. for the following two matches the previous winner will defend and previous loser will attack. Every fencing match must start with a salute. If someone refuses the salute the person is disqualified on the spot and the match cannot begin. To perform a salute one must first take their Épée and swing it in front of their face once done so they will dip their sword towards their adversary. Once both opponents have given the salute the referee of the match or one of the competitors will shout “En Garde” meaning both competitors have to get into first fighting position. Once En Garden the word of "Go" will be given by the referee or one of the competitors and the match will start. Fencing Emotes :
  5. "Sitting in the gardens of the Chambery Chateaux reading the messive, Nicolas would rejoice about the commtiment of the new King to his realm, looking forward to a new eara of peace and prosperity"
  6. A statue for Nicolas 1st of the Grand Harvest year 183 of the Second Age In gratitude for his decades of work for founding, building and leading the Free City de Chambery-sur-Petra, making it his life's work and fully dedicating himself to the prosperity of the city and the happiness of its peoples. The Citizens of Chambery and the Northern Geographical Society have decided to commission a statue in the Honor of Nicolas Emmanuel von Wittenbach. Message from Nicolas : When I first heard I would be getting a Statue I did not know what to think about it, it is rare that anyone would be getting a statue within their own lifetimes as it is such a tremendous honor. I love Chambery and most of all I love its people who bring it to life! Chambery was always a dream of both mine but also the NGS, to be a safe haven for Guilds, Societies and associations to do their work in peace. For Scholars, scientists, Historians, alchemists, engineers, Astronomers and so much more to be able to do their passionate work and thrive in a perfect environment for it. And of course for its citizens to be a beautiful place they can call home, a place where everyone can come to enjoy themselves or relax from their troubled lives. I full heartedly want this place to continue and thrive as it has in the past years. Receiving this gift from all of you just gives me more motivation to further my commitment to Chambery and its peoples. Hence to show my commitment and values even more so I have decided to drop all my nobles titles and Nobility, I never wanted any of them as it was my Brother Karl who was the one who so deeply desired it, and after he left I inherited it all, only keeping it due to my tenure as Chanzlé of Petra and to secure a good future for my Children. But I am not Chanzlé anymore, and my children are all grown up and have a bright future ahead of them. So I will return to be a simple commoner holding the elected office of Bourgmestre. As the charter of our great Free City says, "The hereditary peerage and other aristocracy “...” shall hold no sway over the free riverland peoples of Chambery-sur-Petra” words I wish to live by as I want Chambery to remain a beacon of freedom for all its peoples. In addition with the permission of all the citizens of Chambery, I would like to adopt the Moniker “De Chambery” a new name that any elected Bourgmestre may hold from now on while holding Office. While I do not intend to abandon my family name, I just wish to re-enforce my life commitment to our great Free City and its values, after all Chambery is my Family.
  7. Festival of Life - Funeral of Jaromir Frostiron The City of Chambery is hosting a wake in a form of a festival of life for one of its passed citizen, Jaromir Frostiron. All of Jaromir´s Famils and friends are invited to join us on next saints day at the Chambery Chateaux to his wake to share and converse together and celebrate Jaromir´s life before a short service to bring him down into the Chambery Catacombs for his final resting place. Food and drinks will be provided at the event and possations of Jaromir will be given out to his dear Friends & Family. We hope to see you there to share and celebrate Jaromir´s life together.
  8. CHAMBERY CITY INFORMATION BOARD Chambery City Information Board presented by the Chamberian Tourism Office A Little bit about Chamberian History.. The Free City of Chambery welcomes you to its beautifull shores along the Petran River Valley. Thanks to a generous Charter it was founded to be the home for the Nothern Geographical Society as a safe heaven for scholars & adventurers but it has since grown into a bussling city not just for scholars and adventurers but also for artists, chefs, Alchemists,craftsman and so many more peoples, becoming a cultural hub and a great place to have a short and well deserved vacation away from the daily troubles of your life. Chambery is a lively city nestled right into the picturesque Petran River valley, the City even with its size is still very connected with nature and every neighbourhood feels more like that of a village or a smal town rather than a crowded city. Its most striking features are its many little towers across the city, build out of necessity due to little space but also to grant the best views into the valley. But these are just a few of the many features and places that you can see in Chambery as this guide to the city will show you! This little guide will give you a small overview over a few things that chambery has to offer, but always keep your ears open for any events or tours in Chambery! The Northern Geographical Society: The Nothern Geographical Society is set right at the Heart of Chambery with its flagship museum on the main square together with the Statue of their founder, Dame Celestine Herbert. The Nothern Geographical Society or in short NGS is now a centuries old Society of Historian, Scholars and adventuers who will explore around the world and write and show their findings in the Society Museums! It is very much recommended on your visit to take a look around the NGS Museum as well as their Library currently hosting a growing collecting of over 230 unique books, and if you enjoy the life of a scholar or adventurers, the NGS is always recruiting more members! THE CHAMBERY CAVES It is easy to spot all that Chambery has to offer overground but one of its lesser known features lies under it, The Caves of Chambery! To this day the extensive cave networks which is to be said to be a small part of the larger underdark cave system of the continent has not yet been fully explored. As it stands the NGS is still sending in several exploration teams to uncover all the secrets of these caves! You however can already visit many of the now publicly opened parts of the caves which connect many of the overground buildings of the city and even some citizen still live in these caves today! CHATEAUX DES CIVIS The Chateaux des Civis is the seat of the Chamberian Government but it is also place for events! as the Name implies, Civis meaning Citizen, the chateaux was specifically build for all the Citizen of Chambery and is publicly accessible around the clock! For this purpouse it is possible for anyone to rent the Chateaux main hall together with its beautifull gardens to host any events from banquets to weddings or carnivals! TOWERS OF ARTISTIC INSPIRATION & NATURAL PHILOSOPHY The Skyline of Chambery has several towers in it, what is maybe less known is that several of them serve a public purpouse! These towers are publicly available spaces for peoples to use to harness their craft! At this time there are two of these towers, the tower of artistic inspiration which boosts everything that artists need to do their paintings or sculpting! And the Tower of Natural Philosophy which boosts a clinic, Astronomy lab, Alchemist lab and a map room! So if you need a quiet space to work on what you love, come on up into one of these towers. DAME YULIYA STYRN THEATER Named after one of History greatest playwrites the theater is located right on the Main square of Chambery! It is a small but very functional Theater room which was designed for multiple purpouse. Its primary function of course is to server as a theater for various plays but also scholarly lectures, Town hall meetings or conferences can also be held in it one just needs to ask in advance to reserve it! In addition the theater is also the home of a small bards school and of a small Chambery based theater group which plans to hold several little plays there in the future. THE SHOPS & RESTAURANTS OF CHAMBERY What makes Chambery Chambery is not just its little towers, its valley views but its peoples with their craft and of course their businesses! On your visit make sure to visit each one of them as they are all specialized! From shops selling adventuring and scholars equipment, over to Wand shop or Alchemists! In addition Chambery boosts several Restaurants and bars selling most declious foods and savoury drinks! The White Lilly Bistro is highly recommend for any visitor as well as the Restaurant du Petit Savant to enjoy the most beautifull views from its tables.
  9. MC Name: EtowTheSaltyCat Discord: etowthesaltycat Image: Description of Image: Recruiting and Tourism posters for the Nothern Geographical Society and the Free City of Chambery Dimensions: 1x2
  10. Chambery Second Conseille Municipale Meeting Notes: Notes of the decisions made during the second meeting of the Conseille Municipale of the Free City de Chambery. Present at the meeting where the Bourgmestre Nicolas Wittenbach, Conseillère Edith Hope and Conseiller William Temesch 1. Update on Points discussed during the previous session The second Conseille Municipale Meeting was started by checking on the Points made during the last session. Several of these points have been worked off most notably - Point 6: Houseboats have been created and more are planned. - Point 4: the construction on the rooms of the new Tower of Sciences have started and are nearly finished. - Point 3: the return of Nature and addition of greenery has begun in the city most notably on the main square and will continue. Only point 2 the incorporation of a Cabinetry system and point 5 have not yet been worked on. Bourgmestre Nicolas has taken on point 2 to be ready for the next Conseiller Meeting, Point 5 has been put on hold. in addition the construction of the new Napier´s Ridge neighbourhood was praised by all present as a great new addition to Chambery. The construction of the new neighbourhood went so well that it has inspired the renovation of the Lyon´s Lane Neighbourhood to be brough up the newest architectural standarts of Chambery. 2. Constabulary reforms The largest discussion of the day was around Point 1 from the previous session, concerning the creation of a proper constabulary for the Free City. Conseillère Edith Hope presented the changes and a small debate was held around them and questions concerning its implementation. The only change made was to enlarge the pool of potential jurors by adding Celestial Trustees to it. After a short debate the Constabulary Act was approved by all members of the Conseille Municipale and passed. Conseillère Edith Hope is now tasked to implement the reforms into action and start recruiting for the new office. 3. Chapel & Tourism Board Towards the end of the sessions Bourgmestre Nicolas von Wittenbach brought up two new potential projects, firstly a Chapel since the city currently still does not possess one. While it is true that the proximity to Vallagne and its Abbey as well as the proximity to the Monastery does not give the necessity of a Chapel, having a Chapel in the city could provide services to the citizens or guests of the city, like the ability to hold masses or weddings. The second point was the creation of a tourism board and advertisement posters to attract more visitors to the city. At least two posters should be commissioned to hang around the realm in hope to attract more new guests and tourists to the city in addition a board should be created where information about all the activities available in Chambery are to be listed. 4. Garmont Assembly Bill and City expansion In tandem with the Constabulary Reforms a bill is to be prepared for the Garmont Assembly to settle the Legal Outlines for Chambery, meaning where the jurisdiction of Chambery starts and ends, the goal is to settle any confusion on the matters of Jurisdiction and ensure the Legality of any future proceedings. Lastly the expansion of the city was discussed, while there is still some creative space for new Housing it is difficult to find any larger spaces to house new guilds coming to the city, as such it was decided to try and lobby for the expansion of the territory of the city to give the ability for new larger guilds to settle down in Chambery.
  11. Chambery First Conseille Municipale Meeting Notes : Notes of the decisions made during the first meeting of the Conseille Municipale of the Free City de Chambery. Present at the meeting where the Bourgmestre Nicolas Wittenbach, Conseillère Edith Hope and Conseiller William Temesch - The Creation of a Justice Framework for the Free City. - Incorporation of a Cabinetry system for the Conseille Municipale. - The return of nature/addition of greenery into the Free City. - The Creation of a Tower of Sciences. - Creation of a Central Brewery for Brewers to use. - Construction of Houseboats in the Harbor. 1.The Creation of a Justice Framework for the Free City de Chambery. Due to the violent assault on a Chamberian Citizen earlier that day the discussion about security but also justice system was raised by the Conseillère Edith Hope. At this time Chambery has no Justice Framework to guide on what to do in cases like the one taking place earlier that day, as Chambery has so far fully relied on the Judicial system of Petra. But as our City has grown it is time for us to create our own framework and Office to deal with judicial matters within our City borders. To achieve thise the Conseille has appointed Conseillère Edith Hope to write down her ideas for a Judicial Framework and Judicial Office of Chambery to be discussed and voted on during the next Conseille session. 2.Incorporation of a Cabinetry system for the Conseille Municipale. While the idea of giving each Conseiller a Portfolio of Offices/tasks to do in the Free City already existed in practice it has been decided to formalize this into a cabinetry system in which Various offices and tasks will be distributed between the conseiller and Bourgmestre. One can hold several Offices at the same time and new Offices may be created when needed and old ones dissolved if they've become obsolete. Once the proposal was written down and shown to the Celestial trust the new changes will be discussed and voted on during the next Conseille session and are to be added to the Constitutional Ordinances. 3.The return of nature/addition of greenery into the Free City. Due to the rapid expansion of Chambery in the past decades and the recent large construction works, a lot of the natural beauty and natural habitat of various species has been destroyed. Conscious of the need to preserve the Natural Beauty of the River valley as well as the habitat of various species, most of all the local fish population vital to the fishing economy of Chambery the Conseille has decided to start efforts of making Chambery more green, adding trees onto public spaces and generally more greenery. In addition river pollution will be checked and local animal species encouraged. 4. The Creation of a Tower of Sciences. The Old Chateaux Tower, which already houses the clinic, an Alchemy lab and the astronomy telescope is to be fully converted into a Tower of Sciences. At this time two floors of the tower are abandoned, these floors used to House the offices of the Masters of Chambery as well as their private quarters of the old chateaux. Since the construction of the new chateaux these rooms are abandoned and through the initiative of Conseiller William Temesch are to be converted for scientific usage. One floor is to be converted into a place for medics to study and practice, another floor is to be converted into an engineering and metalwork lab. In addition the Alchemy lab is to be open for public usage. Books about Alchemy, medicine, Astrology will also be added to each floor for people to learn and practice each of the sciences. This new tower will be fully open to the public and will serve as a place for scholars, scientists and medics to study and improve their craft. 5. Creation of a Central Brewery for Brewers to use. Because of High need and demand for breweries from the citizens of Chambery but also to safeguard the correct and safe production and avoid free standing brewery´s in the cityscape a new large city brewery with restricted access will be constructed. 6. Construction of Houseboats in the Harbor. Due to the big rise in population and very low amount of free Housings the Conseille Municipal has decided to construct more new houses. The first batch of new Houses will be Houseboats docked in the Harbor. In the future more new houses will be built into the mountainside; other options are also being currently explored.
  12. Chambery Culinary Festival 5th of the Grand harvest year 179 SA The Free City of Chambery invites you to a lovely little culinary festival to be hosted on its main square! All the restaurants and local brewers will be putting ou their best foods and drinks and also give out some free Samples paid for by the Free City of Chambery! This will be an event of culinary delight, were you can eat yourself through the best foods that Chambery and the Petran Valley has to offer, In addition a wine tasting will be hosted, where you will be able to sample the best wines the Petran River Valley has to offer! If you wish to participate in the festivities, bringing your own local foods or drinks just contact the Bourgemestre of Chambery Nicolas von Wittenbach ((EtowTheSaltyCat) To get a stand on the city square! We look forward to seing you and delighting you with a day of great food and great drinks
  13. CANDIDACY FOR CONSEILLER OF THE FREE CITY DE CHAMBERY 10th of the Grand Harvest, 178 SA With the enactment of the new Constitutional Ordinances of Wittenbach Way a new Municipal Council named the Conseille Municipale is to be chosen through the election of Conseillers or Councilors in the common tongue. Candidacys for the position of Conseiller will now be accepted for the following 3 Saints days. Conseiller will sit together with the Bourgmestre of Chambery on the Conseille Municipale and propose, debate and vote on new legislation for the Free City. But the Conseiller will also help the Bourgmestre in running the Free City assuming various position werether it be as stewards, diplomats, event organisers or liasons. There are no limits set to what a Conseiller can do to serve Chambery. The Following are to be observed from the Constitutional Ordinances of the Free City of Chambery for the Eligibility of Conseiller : ARTICLE V Elections 2) Conseiller - Eligibility : The candidates must be a citizen of The Free City of Chambery or a confirmed Celestial Trustee. Two Conseiller positions wre to be filled. To apply as Candidate for the Conseiller Election please fill out this form : SURNAME: FIRST NAME: RESIDENCE ADDRESS: YEAR OF BIRTH: ((MC NAME)):
  14. CONSTITUTIONAL ORDINANCES OF THE FREE CITY OF CHAMBERY 10th of the Grand Harvest, 178 SA We the Chamberian people, in order to secure a sanctuary where the Celestial Values and the pursuit of knowledge, Arts and Culture might be upheld hearby present these new Constitutional Ordinances of Wittenbach Way by which the Peoples of the Free City of Chambery will govern themselves. It is with these Ordinances of Wittenbach way that the former Ordinances of Odyssey Quay shall hence forth be replaced with. These new Ordinances are to be the last legislature passed by the Chamberian Chamber of Commerce & Culture who will be from this point on be dissolved and replaced with the new Conseille Municipale. ARTICLE I The Bourgmestre de Chambery 1) Title: The political leader of the Free City of Chambery is to be known as the Bourgmestre de Chambery. This translates into “Mayor of Chambery” in the Common tongue or “Bürgermeister von Chambery” in Waldenian. 2) Term: The Bourgmestre de Chambery is elected for an indefinite term that ends upon their resignation, removal from office, or death. 3) Duties & Powers: - The Bourgmestre is the leader of the Free City representing the interests of the Free City of Chambery and its citizens locally and internationally, - The Bourgmestre is the Leader of the Conseil Municipal and will participate in proposing and voting on new legislation - The Bourgmestre is to keep a liaison to all the Guilds of Chambery to consult and update them on political matters. - The Bougmestre has to sign all the newly voted legislation for it to be in effect. ARTICLE II The Conseil Municipal 1) Title: The administrative and ruling council of the Free City of Chambery is called the Conseil Municipal Which translates into “Municipal Council” in the common tongue. The members of the Conseil Municipale are called Conseiller which translate into “Councilor” in the common tongue. 2) Term: Conseillers are to be elected or chosen for ten year terms. At the end of every term a Conseiller must either stand for re-election or retire. 3) Duties & powers: The Conseillers are to assist the Bourgmestre in running the free city. They may take on various positions to do so as well as proposing and voting on new legislation in the Conseil Municipal. ARTICLE III Guilds of Chambery 1) Powers: Recognized Guilds of Chambery who are listed in the Golden Book of Chambery hold special rights within the Free City. Those guilds may not have their internal affairs infringed upon by the Bourgmestre or the Conseil Municipal provided that the Free City or Realm´s safety is not jeopardized. 2) Taxes: All Guilds within the Free City of Chambery are exempted from taxation, This is to ensure the Guilds can focus on their primary tasks without worrying of a financial burden. The only exception to this rule applies if a guild is dedicated to running a shop, in which case the Guilds shop will be taxed just like any shop within the Free City. 3) The Golden Book: The Golden Books is where all the Major Guilds of the Free City of Chambery are listed. To apply for it a Guild most follow several requirements : - The Headquarters of the guild most be set in the Free City of Chambery - The guild must have resided within the Free City of Chambery for at least 5 years. - The other guilds listed in the Golden Book must unanimously agree to add the guild to it. ARTICLE IV The Celestial Trust 1) Powers : The Celestial trust is to act as a guardian of the values of the Free City of Chambery. While the Celestial trust is not a legislative, administrative or judicial body of the Free City government, it does have the right to counsel the Bourgmestre and the Conseil on matters and retains the right to veto, intervene or remove the Bourgmestre provided the Free City or guilds safety or values of the Free City are jeopardized. To do so the majority of the Celestial Trust must agree to use these powers. 2) Changing the Constitutional Ordinances : In order to make changes to the constitutional ordinances the Conseille Municipal must get majority approval from the Celestial Trust. ARTICLE V Elections 1) Bourgmestre - Eligibility : The candidates must be a property owning citizen of The Free City of Chambery, either commercial or residential or a confirmed Celestial Trustee. - Election : The electorate shall consist of all Chamberian property owners, either commercial or residential, and confirmed Celestial Trustees 2) Conseiller - Eligibility : The candidates must be a citizen of The Free City of Chambery or a confirmed Celestial Trustee. - Election : The electorate shall consist of all Chamberian property owners, either commercial or residential, and confirmed Celestial Trustees.
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