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  1. Unable to use Schematica

    From what i read on the schematica dev forum its eother anticheat plugin (or some other plugin ) causing the issue or that either schematica is not allowed or the printer is disabled..
  2. Atlas Launch Guidelines

    I have more a question concerning how this "freebuild" is going to work: on one side there are the nations who have their lands where they can also use LC to build up their Capitals but what about the others? im In the Community with more than 50 Peoples and we are asking ourselves where can we build then? I mean we had initially hoped to use LC even build months on these and this but alright survival build it is. So can we basically say, "okay this land looks nice wed like to build our town/city here" and then we can just start building there in survival or is there a procedure to claim the land ? etc etc.. wed love more specifications on that :)
  3. helpful, certainly good at organising and getting peoples together :) certainly good for the job.