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  1. @Milenkhovwhere are you on here @Miodie hard haenser
  2. An old man far away prayed for his son for it was all that he could do. His son would not join him so quickly, he hoped. He still had greater works to do.
  3. Karl grinned, welcoming his brother to where he could relive a hundred battles or more. It was time for him and his twin to enjoy a good long rest.
  4. Karl III rode about upon the great horse in the afterlife across Great Plains. “It’s sturdy and efficient!”
  5. Dmitry glanced over the missive with a great amount of surprise and nearly Admiration! “Now this is a girl who knows how to… Gaslight? I should be taking a few notes.”
  6. Dmitry bobbed his head, bobbing a finger at the page and then waggling that pointer to some shadows illuminated by the candle. “The Prince be a man of the sword, perhaps if the consort-pretender had honour he may challenge the man singularly to a duel, see his honour saved. That be the way to sort it! A duel!” The man then continued to shout about duelling etiquette for the next hour to nobody in particular.
  7. Dmitry read over the papers with interest. “No matter the thoughts upon messing about in the bedroom. The claim of Petra lays with her, not some Balian prince. She rules there. Not some Balian prince. Now we shall see him look to republican values when they were so washed away otherwise. He swore an oath, he must keep it and run back to Balian.”
  8. Dmitry polished his armour after the private court session with a grumble. "Holding a private trial became more important than bandits battering down the door. What a farce."
  9. Dmitry prayed fervently in these trying times. “Where is the Pontiff to free us from the quagmire? The vicar of God needs to be a shepherd rather than leave it to the hunting dogs to argue amongst themselves. God above, help the Pontiff to take control of his church. Surely he would not allow essentially invade Sedan without any postings of it, any declarations beforehand? I pray God that you set him on the right path to deal with these problems himself.”
  10. Good luck Twandhi whether you stay or go just enjoy yourself on your adventures!
  11. "Should just let them get on with it. They can sit on their backsides if they so wish." Dmitry picked at his teeth, flicking it away.
  12. Dmitry glanced down the list of names with a wary eye. “I hope the Crown does read between the lines. Whether the Duke be right or wrong, this clamour comes from fear half these houses are failing and a Grand Peer would revert them to their appropriate station.”
  13. A QUEENS RANSOM Issued by the HOUSE OF RUTHERN On the 13th day of Wzuvar and Byvca of 460 E.S SANGKRUV I RUTHER, It is with great satisfaction that the bannermen and faithful crusaders of House Ruthern report that the Queen of Norland, Edyth Edvardsson, has been captured. The time for good faith is at an end. The aim of this letter is simple. We wish to meet you in the field, let us sniff out your ability. If you truly care for your Queen and burning tree religion, come, and meet us. Man to man and if you should win, your Queen goes unharmed. You have a Saint’s Hour to respond. We shall meet in the fields of Vidaus, now the rightful capital of Norland. Good luck! SIGNED, His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Druzstra and Protector of the South Ser Jimarcus ‘The Queen Snatcher’, ‘The Liberator’ ‘The Man of the Thousand Isles’
  14. Jimarcus, most holy and revered figure and soldier of this Crusade after being offered ten minas fifty, did squint at the missive. "I smell a deal to be had and an adventure to be had!"
  15. Jimarcus commented dryly. "Protector and Lord of the Highlanders? This'll be interesting!"
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