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  1. what is rp, if not flavour?


    what is suggesting a change which fundamentally changed the world from its accessiblity if not fundamentally changing the server?


    What are strawman arguments about something working on paper to something actually working

    1. monkeypoacher


      i'll take "Organizations" for 500.




      what is the Cringe Department?

    2. AnonymousAlexa


      wise words, mr jim bob

    3. Nug


      is this a larp like we never had guns in rp yet 😩

  2. IGN: GMRO RP NAME: Thorgrim Ireheart AGE: 457 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Ex-Clan elder of Clan Ireheart, Legion man CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  3. Maric var Ruthern pulled the tabloid down slowly; the man having held it straight up to his face before to read it. He folded it over, giving a bob of his head to Caroline then. "Certainly, Caroline. Top marks. Now I have to get back to the fire before I burn something." The Margrave marched off then in pursuit of his lemon-drizzled salmon.
  4. Nikolas read over the missive, squinting. "It is clear that this... Nutmeg is responsible! All Musin but this one Musin? Clearly the mastermind of this operation."
  5. Only two more years until there will be people applying who are younger than the server itself btw, crazy thought for you

    1. Urahra


      don't do this to me, man


      I already feel ancient


      you posted this and now my bones are crumbling to dust

    2. Guzr


      shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut upBusiness & Finance - Sad Wojak, HD Png Download , Transparent Png Image -  PNGitem

  6. LOTC is a big pyramid scheme

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shorsand


      cubezoidal non-euclidean reverse dialectic hierarchical pyramidal scheme

    3. MonkeNotic


      No it's not, now go get 2 friends to join

    4. BoyWonderr


      Yes, hello, this is the NCA. Officers will be at your address in 40 minutes. Please don't run away, sir.

  7. GENERAL ELECTIONS of HANSETI-RUSKA KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, By the will of his Majesty, Koeng Heinrik II, the elections shall go through the vote of the people of Hanseti-Ruska, as it is set out in the Haurul Caezk. The period of voting shall last for 24 saints hours and be announced publicly within a saints hour of the polls being closed. Good luck to all candidates, and a sincere thank you for running and putting your names forwards for the Royal Duma. May GODAN guide your work and aspirat
  8. "OH MY GODAN, WHAT A HERO!" Screams an array of Haeseni girls putting up posters on their walls of the hero of the common man.
  9. Maric var Ruthern smiles upon seeing the missive signed by his daughter. "Dobry. It took them long enough to post this! Yam sure I shall do the cooking for this feast too." He said, then preparing to stoke the fire, glancing over to a worried chicken.
  10. Maric var Ruthern bobs his head at his daughter's missive. "Any luck catching them body-snatchers then?"
  11. Ser Boris var Ruthern welcomed the soldier to the Seven skies as he had once welcomed the man to Haense originally. "Perhaps vy might earn some knighthood now that vy rest. Welcome to the Seven Skies, come and be amongst vyr borsas." He gestured then to the other HRA, long departed.
  12. THE GRAND TOUR Of Hanseti-Ruska “The key for escaping boyhood and becoming a man is the fruits of experience” Penned by the hand of His Royal Highness Prinzen Andrik Nikolas, Herzen van Galahar The Great Expedition In that way a pious man goes on a pilgrimage to the holy sanctities and shrines of the world to attain a spiritual journey that makes them a better man, so too does the noble youth of Hanseti-Ruska culminate their education in the Great Expedition which serves as a coming of age development for youths (Hauch
  13. Maric var Ruthern shook his head upon seeing his second oldest son out by the river pulling up roots and wheeling about down by the water. The Ibor strat was certainly large, and at the bottom of the hill which the castle of Greyspine sat. "Don't expect me to wheel you back up here!"
  14. "That's me boy! And... Future daughter in law." Maric var Ruthern squinted.
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