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  1. mid name 

  2. Thoughts on @Demavend what would you have done differently about the Acre war that you could change with hindsight? How do you feel on it generally? Do you feel at home in a community??why or why not? do you like miss me or what?
  3. An old man watched from afar as that city burnt. He had poured his heart into that city, though all things must come to a close. He knew that his son and grandson would continue the flame, as their forebears had done before. The old king then rose his Carrion, pouring it out in honour of the city. “I hope that the letters will serve that boy well, he should know that there was nothing to be done. What will be, will be. His duty is to his people, not to some rubble.” Karl then resumed himself to drinking, watching the little prince he’d bounced in his arms grow into a king worthy of his kingdom.
  4. *high-fives but then scuba dives 

  5. Karl III awaited his friend in a tavern in the great beyond, where Carrion Black overflowed from their tankards and never seemed to run out. They’d be swapping war stories in the seven skies soon enough.
  6. The demon of Babylon disguises himself in the cloak of the righteous 

    1. JoanOfArc


      Babylon declares war on Babylon

  7. Who is next

    1. itdontmatta



  8. GMRO

    2 year AMA

    You’ve been a part of a number of projects on LOTC, are you happy with your input to them and their levels of success afterwards? how has LOTC benefitted you in a positive or negative manner
  9. hi

    1. Greehn


      do you wanna be friends or something dude 

    2. GMRO



  10. Take breath a worked man incredibly getting you're up old

    1. GMRO



    2. Greehn


      @GMROyou wanna play wordle?

  11. Really positive perspective that I hope comes to change things from a player perspective, I’d suggest you start with the twitter civil war between lithium and itdontmatta
  12. Take a breath you’re getting incredibly worked up, old man

    1. Greehn


      Wordle 674 X/6


    2. GMRO



  13. take a breath you’re getting exceptionally worked up young man 

    1. LithiumSedai


      *throws missive into the fireplace

  14. Jimarcus found himself shocked at this outcome, he loved a duel but he hated traitors. “They’re trying, at least. A traitor is already a coward and a knave, they have no care for their names. What is expected? Not a chance she’ll return.”
  15. I am now finally no longer an NL

    1. alexmagus


      Jesus, finally!

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