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  1. how do I stop them taking my mina i just want to live tax free 

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      alt f4 and play a different game

  2. CARRYING ON 363 ES In a surprising circumstance, I take on the mantle of Palatine from Lady Marcella Barclay. She and I had worked together for quite a while under the capable leadership of Konstantin Wick, and I have the utmost respect for the accomplishments both have managed to achieve in the assistance of leading the kingdom. Both will be remembered for the great vigour they brought to their roles and inspired others. For some, I will imagine that my advancement to this highly respected office will come off as worrying. My career in politic
  3. GENERAL ELECTIONS of HANSETI-RUSKA KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, By the will of his Majesty, Koeng Heinrik II, the elections shall go through the vote of the people of Hanseti-Ruska, as it is set out in the Haurul Caezk. The period of voting shall last for 24 saints hours, and be announced publicly within a saints hour of the polls being closed. Good luck to all candidates, and a sincere thank you for running and putting your names forwards for the Royal Duma. May GODAN guide your work and aspi
  4. Removing the second row of hearts would absolutely melt everyone in the new system. I don't see the issue about extended fights even, they're fun
  5. originally used to dislike 1.9, but I've grown to like it much more than 1.8!
  6. whats your best and worst memory after eight years? Whose your favourite character over that and why? Who is someone who you looked up to over the period?
  7. Maric var Ruthern shrugged as he heard of the death of his bishop. "He was niet much of a diocese leader, but he had conviction and spirit."
  8. The Margrave Maric var Ruthern grinned as he read the call for a diet. "Karosgrad can niet get a reprieve from church drama. Our city is surely the soul of Canonism by now."
  9. Nikolas had refused to both comprehend or listen as his mother and sister told him of his father's dead. "When is Papej coming back?" The young boy tugged at his mother's dress. "He is coming back soon, vy will see! Vy are just wrong. Papej would niet ever leave us!" The young Princeling set off up the stairs deeper into the palace until reaching the door of his father's office knocking at the door. "Papej? Are you in there? Mamej and Katerina are being silly! Come and play!" There was a deftly silence as the boy continued to knock at the door, his knocking growing fainter until th
  10. When I rejoined last year from a four or five year hiatus, there was certainly a degree of the magic being "lost" for me. What I most significantly felt however, was a certain feeling of gate-keeping. When you first join the server, you expect yourself to be the hero and the protagonist if you've not played on a role-play server before. The server in its current state feels more so the opposite where it expects you to immediately know your place in the pecking order. The various restrictions over time from measuring player activity, striving for working economies and the aim for c
  11. Great guy from the interactions we had, sad to see you leave though I hope things turn out well for you! What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
  12. Hope you take the rest you need and feel rejuvenated!
  13. 🤠 wonderful weather we're having

  14. frill

    thought sheffield was just flat caps and whippets. didnt know they made moderators too

    1. GMRO


      I will lose it if you say I am from sheffield once more

    2. frill


      guess its just flat caps and whippets then

    3. Borin


      I'm a flap cap and a whippet

  15. Maric var Ruthern grinned from ear to ear, waving the royal letter to his family. "House Ruthern did this together, onwards and upwards. By Bones and Barrows." He'd then look over to his child Tatiana in her crib, recoiling away from the little creature.
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