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  1. Ser Rickard stared at the dead Hyspian covered with a tarp after the agreement was signed. He grimaced, but hoped that the new Princess would do well for her people.
  2. Ser Rickard smiled at the letter for his daughters murder mystery, whilst he may not be able to attend it was likely for the best.
  3. Ser Rickard of Valdev found himself grinning at the new weapons in their arsenal, ready and waiting to go. “The enemy sallies forth yet there is no place for a shadow to hide amongst pitch and fire. Let them come, we shall be waiting.”
  4. Ser Rickard of Valdev grimaced at the missive. “To burn down the previous lords history is an ill-omen to be sure, and to challenge a strong knight only when they have gotten weaker. I hope the Ser returns swiftly to the challenge.”
  5. Ser Rickard pondered the kings next month. Much had changed in the time he was gone, and the knight knew not where the king had been himself. “I hope to God we see the light before things get worse.”
  6. Ser Rickard offered a solemn prayer that night. If only I had been quicker. If only I had rode out faster. He could have been saved. He was in a hands reach. The knight thought long into the night pondering over the losses of that battle. The young squire was foolhardy, it was true. Yet he was brave beyond all measure. He did not deserve the fate that he would find. Finally, he stood and hoped for the squire to go to the Seven skies, then naming one of the new towers of Morteskvan in the squires name to defend the land he had died protecting forevermore.
  7. Ser Rickard Ruthern stepped to the forefront, offering his sword to the Bishop. It was time to cleanse the city of the strange.
  8. Ser Rickard huffed. “It’s over for now, but the old enemy always returns.” The Knight glanced at his sword wondering how many more fights he had left in him against the same ilk again and again.
  9. Ser Rickard found himself in deep anguish, thinking of his father-in-law, Daemonsteel. He was sure to write a letter to him immediately with this same missive included. Within, the fortress had been circled. “Hire these guys to finish our castle. @contestedsnow
  10. Ser Rickard polished his sword upon a whetstone. He had once been in Whitespire in the aftermath of the Stassionites and their brood of killers. He would now return to those strange lands of Aaun to make it whole once more. “Traitors get what comes coming.”
  11. From what I saw of conversations about camping SS pillars, it was an issue for all players involved in both sides finding it horrible. I’m not sure where the disconnect is from the staff team to the players engaging with it, but why put a rule into place for SS pillars where it was universally found to be horrendously unfun? Seriously re-think the way you come to the conclusion of decisions in both rule changes and rulings on the ground. It feels you all keep shooting yourselves in the foot and have given up on moderating a problem that was found during this war.
  12. Ser Rickard bobbed his head to his father in law, Daemonsteel, offering idle mutterings about being knocked from his horse early. “I’ll just be glad to be back in the north, it’s too bloody hot down here for a sane man.”
  13. GMRO


    See you later Matt, glad to see you get out and about in the world. I know there were a lot of ups and downs between us over the years but I wish you the best of luck in all you set your mind to.
  14. "Always take the yacht cruising over the lifeboat sinking, right?" Remarked Ser Rickard to his good friend, the Patriarch Josef, as he thought about how many suddenly disappeared in wars gone by.
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