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  1. Ser Rickard Tosali Ruthern puffed cigarettes in a faraway land, worrying on behalf of his storied children, including Belisar.
  2. Ser Rickard Tosali-Ruthern found the matter troubling most indeed. “I know not what has been done to allow this, or even more so for the Crown to enter into this themselves, but it may seem the wrong move. I hope that a Duma is called, or even calls for a Herzenvrest to settle the matter.”
  3. Far-off in lands unknown sat an old knight, thinking quietly to himself beside a fire. A self-imposed exile after a bout between himself and one daughter, he thought on about another in Milena. “She was always a quiet one. Her eyes had felt like the heart of a storm, spinning and whirling from views into the future.” He murmured to himself as he pushed the logs of the fire, the embers responding with quiet crackles. Despite the worries of how she would grow up, ever troubled, Rickard knew that Milena would make him proud.
  4. “They’ve got enough to post publishing’s around the realm but not enough to buy food? Yeah ******* right. Propaganda from some limp-****** ****.” Exclaimed the former lord marshal, Ser Rickard.
  5. “John raev.” Commented the barely literate Ser Rickard.
  6. “If this was about protecting his children, why did his children not receive his titles? Blatant grab for family titles. Either that, or these southerners have gone soft.” Grumbled Ser Rickard Tosali Ruthern.
  7. “She’s a good soldier of the brotherhood. She should hold the mantle.” Commented old Ser Rickard on the appeal!
  8. “I hope they know what they’re doing. It was bound to blow up eventually I suppose.” Remarked the old regent, Ser Rickard.
  9. "It was niet just him. Plenty of members of the brotherhood helped out with it! Well deserved for Ser Caspian though, nevertheless." Ser Rickard commented with a bob of his head.
  10. Ser Rickard gave a big thumbs up. The dominoes had started to fall after the first bill, all evil was sure to follow. "Jerry is still allowed though right?"
  11. THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL MEDALS AND HONOURS SERVICE MEDALS STILL HONOURED AND BESTOWED Once honoured during the reign of Sigismund III under the marshal Ser Ailred Ruthern, 'Steelheart', the Brotherhood of Saint Karl's officer core does deem it appropriate to once more bring the medals and honours to the kingdom's soldiers to show the accolades of those soldiers who go above and beyond the call of service. GOLDEN CROW OF VALOR For those who performed beyond what was expected, a miracle through God in service to the Golden Crow of Haense. It is the most supreme of the medals in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, a medal pinned by His Majesty personally upon its recipient, and granted a sum of minas. The award is composed of a Golden Crow upon a black field. CROSS OF ST. KARL Rarely awarded and not given to those who not only simply die in battle, but only to those who die as a martyr in service of the Kingdom. It is a medal awarded posthumously to the closest of kin. It is a reminder of Saint Karl Barbanov, the progenitor of the Haeseni State. The medal is composed of a Golden Cross, with the initials K.B. inscribed onto it. CROSS OF WOLDZMIR Awarded to those who have defended their brothers in faith against tremendous odds while facing those opposing their religion, the Cross of Woldzmir is named after the famed warrior-woman Saint Emma Vladov and her strategic prowess during the Schismatic Wars of 1490. The medal is composed of a golden Hussariyan cross on a circular white background. SPARROW’S VALOR Awarded to those who have proven capable in the ability to lead men, Sparrow’s Valor is named after Saint Thomas of Gaekrin, the once Crown Prince of Kaedrin who led countless victories in conquering the Elven State of Malinor and defending against the invading Dwarven Armies in the First Human-Dwarf War. The medal is composed of a black, flying sparrow across a yellow shield. AMAYA'S CROSS Awarded to those who have who defeat a force of evil such as undead, darkspawn or other nefarious creature of the night. Amaya's Cross is named after venerated Amaya of Venzia, the Queen of Hanseti-Ruska. Known as the people's queen, she fought against the dark and eventually succumbed an assassin for her works. VYDRIAN BANNER Awarded to those men who rally up and defeat a more significant force against all odds—named after the late Orenian King and Saint Andrik Vydra, who took a broken Akovian people and lead them to victory against the violent hordes of Schismatic heretics, Orcish screamers, and Dwarven legionaries, a nearly impossible accommodation to achieve but a great honour. The medal is composed of a red gryphon on a black banner ordained in gold. BULWARK OF TOBIAS Awarded to those who have shown extraordinary acts of bravery during a defensive siege, the Bulwark of Tobias is named after the famous defense of Mount Augustus led by Tobias ‘Rosebud’ Carrion during the Orenian Civil War of 1456. The medal is composed of a red and black tower overlaying a grey shield background. STALWART SWORD Awarded to those who have proven themselves an outstanding and unwavering soldier when it comes to battles against domestic and foreign threats on any land that the Brotherhood of Saint Karl might find themselves on. The medal is composed of a golden-hilted, silver-bladed sword upon a black field. TRINITY STAR This silver medal holds three points in the shape of a star; it is awarded to those who perform the following feats with the values of; outstanding bravery, steadfast strength, and resolve, and being good of heart during the kernel of battle. Such three points are typically concurrent with a soldier, civilian, or otherwise who selflessly puts their life on the line - suffering significant injury or mental strain to save the life of another. However, this does not imply that soldiers should serve recklessly and disobey commands to achieve such an honour. As the medal has the people of Hanseti-Ruska at heart, the ribbon attached consists of the typical-of black and yellow Haeseni palette. FURTHER SERVICE MEDALS BRONZE CROWFOOT Awarded for ten years of recognised military service. SILVER CROWFOOT Awarded for twenty years of recognised military service. GOLDEN CROWFOOT Awarded for thirty years of recognised military service. PLATINUM CROWFOOT Awarded for forty years of recognised military service. OBSIDIAN CROWFOOT Awarded for fifty years of recognised military service. GEORG I CORONATION MEDAL Awarded to those serving during the coronation of Georg I ‘The Summer King’. ALEKSANDR II CORONATION MEDAL Awarded to those serving during the coronation of Aleksandr II ‘the Conqueror’. IVAN VIII CORONATION MEDAL Awarded to those serving during the coronation of Ivan VIII. PAST AND PRESENT CAMPAIGN MEDALS Whilst not all conflicts are listed with medals, additional awards may be added per request. INFERNAL SCOURGE Awarded for actively partaking in and defending against the Inferi Invasion. Conflict ended. RIMEVELD SHIELD Awarded for actively partaking in the Rimeveld Rumble. Conflict ended. ATTENLUND AXEHEAD Awarded for actively partaking in and defending against the Nachezer Infestation. Conflict ended. THE MIDLANDS SWORD Awarded for actively participating in the Midlands War against Veletz. Conflict ended. THE HARROWER'S CROSS Awarded to those who defended the castle of Morteskvan, the Duchy of Vidaus, against the Harrowers forces as well as further battles afterwards. LESANOV’S COMET Awarded to those who oversaw the evacuation of Old Valdev from Lesanov’s comet. THE BLACK BANNER | HAESENI MILITARY HISTORY - Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska - The Lord Of The Craft HONOURED SERVICE HAESENI HAMMER To be awarded to those actively partaking in propping up the siege defences in favour of protecting the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Or developing a groundbreaking invention in service to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, which is then used successfully in a conflict. This medal on rare occasions can also be bestowed to those who intuitively turn the tide of battle with an uncommon usage of BSK engineering. The medal consists of a pin in the shape of a dark-tinted silver hammer. HAND OF GAIUS MARIUS To be awarded to those who have tirelessly recruited comrade after comrade into the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and gotten them through to be Oathed within the military. This medal is in the shape of a clenched fist, hung by a white ribbon to represent the good intentions of the soldier at hand. TWIN CROWS To be awarded as a high honour to those who have actively taken the initiative in administration, infrastructure, or organisation through leadership or improving the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as a whole. Their perceptive ideas must be turned into lasting improvements. As to show this perception, the medal dons twin crows with a faintly golden undertone, as to show they might as well have the sharp mind of two.
  12. Rickard was sure to come and support his friend and captain.
  13. Rickard grinned with pride at his daughters merchantile nature. "She is a good daughter. Lots of work across multiple nations. It's all up from here."
  14. look out for those wrist rockets

  15. Ser Rickard found himself concerned, but hopeful for the future. As he squinted closer at the missive, he took issue with a list of titles. "I may dislike the Ruthern cousins in Balian, but Reutov is their title. Why does the Queen of Balian take it for herself?"
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