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  1. Boris var Ruthern rubbed the bottom of his chin as he ran over the invitation. “Well, good for them I suppose. Despite all that has happened.”
  2. Boris var Ruthern lets a large grin from on his face as the letters were finally sent out and the date set. ”Well that took long enough.”
  3. Boris Ruthern glanced upwards, giving a quick nod to Jane. “Da. If the place is actually finished by then!” He lightly chuckled.
  4. Boris var Ruthern reads the election platform with a large grin. “I may niet know him well yet, but he certainly seems to have some good ideas. I hope he’s elected soon!”
  5. IGN: GMRO RP Name: Thorgrim Ireheart Candidate: Dorimnur Goldhand
  6. GMRO

    Sander's Skin Auction

    Discord: GMRO#6495Skin(s) and bid(s) (Label clearly with the skin name and list seperately if multiple): Hungarian Brown: 1.2k Musketman: 1k
  7. Silence filled the mind of Boris Ruthern’s as the death of Bjornolf reached him while sharpening his at Metterden. A frown formed upon his face as a wave of gloom washed over him. He leaned the axe against the wall, putting a hand to his head in thought. The silence was soon replaced with the sound of memories coalescing of his effective mentor. Their first meeting of asking Bjornolf to be his squire. Being given the axe he now fought with as a gift by Bjornolf. Learning each method of swinging against a tree. The final time he saw Bjornolf who had welcomed into the tavern with such good spirits, before walking out to his final mission. The man who had inspired him to use an axe was gone. He picked up his own axe, slinging the weapon over his shoulder. “May he rest well and those who did this face retribution in kind.”
  8. Application: ((mcname:)) GMRO ((Discord:)) GMRO#6495 Name: Boris Var Ruthern Age: 13 Requested Courses: Culture (New Marian Language), Etiquette (Oren Revised Code) and Music.
  9. Application Fo rmat MC Name: GMRO IC Name: Brandon Age: 25 Race: Human Minor Backstory: A man without house nor home, Brandon has traveled aimlessly around looking for jobs. At first attempting to join the original school of the stag, he received no reply and so thought it to be dead. He then moved onto joining the Staunton guard, finding little friends or anything else of interest, he left, continuing to move about up until this point.
  10. Application Format MC Name: GMRO IC Name: Brandon Age: 23 Race: Highlander Minor Backstory: A son to farmers, Brandon had thought to live a calm life tending to grain, however the local lord had chose the wrong side in a civil war, the Ducal coalition. By the end of the war, he had nothing left; his father's land burnt and salted, his father lay with it and his mother taken by some soldier looking for a prize. the After order was restored by the Crown, Brandon traveled to the capital, overcome with grief, he drank with the money he had left, trying to forget the faces of those he had once lived with. After running out of coin, he found himself homeless and in need of a job. He felt the need to help others, though also wanting to leave the life of having to be under the politics and fight in wars, he found this with the marked men.
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