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  1. and in chat on one second i see "You reached the edge of this world"
  2. maybe it's about the engines and pistons?
  3. it happened to me in drill...
  4. when I try to join server it says : internalexpection and that stuff but i acctually get the screen for a second and in a chat i see red sentence : You have reached the edge of this world! How do I fix this?? link : http://imgur.com/LbNU49r
  5. Why am I still not unnbanned? It says that i'm banned for only one day and i read that yasterday in morning so one day clearly passed but i still can't join why?

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    2. Nolan_


      Did it say you have to make an appeal?

    3. Keldrith


      You're supposed to appeal after that one day, unless it says (no appeal).

    4. Shark_Force69
  6. MC Name: Shark_Force69 Character Name:Antonruh the brownbeard Character Age:235 Profession (See above): Miner, blacksmith and leatherworker Appearance:4,2 feet, long brown beard and hair and dark eyes. Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance):Ognar's cousin. An image of the skin you intend to use: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/1048599/gimli/ Skype Name (If you have it): Antonio.Pralas
  7. I am sorry for uploading another wrong application my computer bugged and i dont know what happened i will correct it instantly

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