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  1. WRIT OF AVOIDANCE BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE In accordance with the wishes of the CROWN On this 12th day of Tov and Yermey of 469 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK It has come to the attention of the Crown that instructions need to be given to all the citizens of our fair Kingdom, be they lowborn or high. As all of the Canonist world is surely aware of, Heinrik Sarkozic, Duke of “Adria”, has been excommunicated and thus in a state of anathema to our most holy Church. As such it is ill-advised and antithetical to the announcement made by His Holiness the Pontiff to support such a morally corrupt individual and no true Canonist should take up his cause. Neither should the citizenry take it upon themselves to join in on any conflict, regardless of the side, without the permission of His Majesty the King. It is with these increasingly turbulent times we find ourselves in and with rumours running amok in mind that we make this writ. The Crown of Hanseti-Ruska does hereby order the following: I. That citizens shall not travel to the Duchy of Adria. II. That citizens, as true Canonists, shall not support the excommunicated Heinrik Sarkozic. III. That citizens, as true Canonists, shall not fight on behalf of Heinrik Sarkozic. IV. That citizens who disobey the above orders be guilty of treason and crimes against the unity of the Church. IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Patriarch of Jorenus
  2. “Alcohol is Godan’s apology for making us self-aware.” -Duke Rhys II of Vidaus, 425 E.S. CROWN AVENUE IX -Royal City of Karosgrad- Situated in the Capital of the Kingdom of Haense on the main square, The Drunken Marian is a fine Haeseni establishment and functions as the same classic rustic tavern of ages gone by. An integral part of the bustling Northern city, nobles and commoners, soldiers and merchants one and all enjoy the tavern’s staple food, drinks and hospitality. MENU DRINKS: Bihar Brew - named in honour of the ruling Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar, Bihar Brew is a more modern drink than the others on this list. This beer is derived from fermented wheat harvested just outside the very walls of Karosgrad, stabilised and embittered with local gruit, a combination of herbs readily found in the North. Relatively inoffensive and smooth, Bihar Brew goes down easy. - 2 mina Carrion Black - the principal drink in Haense with its origins dating back nearly six hundred years ago to the Kingdom of Ruska. Undeniably, this dark ale-like drink is the most popular order amongst the Haeseni people. - 2 mina Esterian Whiskey - a single malt whiskey containing a smokey nut and chocolate aroma caused by the peat fires used to dry the malted barley and stored for a minimum of twelve years. It was brewed and sold extensively in Haense after the Estermont-Bihar Trade Act, seeing the House of Estermont become a vital trade partner of the Royal Family. It has been a highly sought after whiskey ever since. - 3 mina Honey Mead - exceedingly popular amongst those of Scyfling descent due to its ancient northern origins, dated back before even the Atheran Nord Lords’ time. First created by flooding beehives, the process is far more refined now and consists of mixing harvested and fermented honey with water. Naturally sparkling and semi-sweet. - 2 mina Ilya Vintage - a white wine, originally brewed by the proprietor of the Old Stout Crow Pub in Almaris, Tarathiel Asul’onn. The pale yellow coloured wine is contained in a green tinted glass bottle and sealed with a golden wax. This chardonnay has a smooth buttercream, oaky vanilla and maple sugar taste topped off with a spot of cinnamon. - 3 mina Ludvik Aniz - a red wine. Originally brewed by the Sunlit Brewery, it is now the most common form of red wine which had for centuries eluded the Haeseni people. Thankfully the Haeseni elves, knowing more of the tropical and southern alcohols, did share their fantastic wine with the North. A balance of sour, bitter and sweet elements, excellent for any wine enthusiast or simply for anyone. - 3 mina Marula Liqueur - originally a homebrew of the proprietor of the Arcasian ‘Crow’s Hearth’ tavern. Marula Liqueur is derived from the marula fruit, which is found on trees deep in the Haeseni North. It has a strong, yet sweet, caramel flavour. - 3 mina Grey Moose Vodka - named after the giant deer-like creatures known as moose, we can only presume that our early ancestors hunted them to near extinction. Just as you’d be lucky to see a grey moose, so too are you lucky to have found your way to owning a bottle of Grey Moose Vodka. Burningly strong, a shot or, for the especially brave, a bottle is sure to warm the body and make for merry times. - 2 mina Non-Alcoholic: Goat’s Milk - introduced during the time of the Colborn proprietors, this more sour milk stayed as the abstinent were needing a drink. In a surprise twist it turns out it is rather good at remedying a bout of indigestion. - 1 mina Hot Cocoa - coming in a wooden mug, this hot cocoa is a particularly delicious creamy drink with a mix of chocolates. Topped off with a swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of just a pinch of cinnamon. Perfect for those just out of the cold and looking for a bit of respite. - 1 mina Mint Tea - warm to the touch and served in a clay cup, this tea is infused with mint leaves that float to the surface. It smells and indeed is a very herbal tea that’s known to relieve headaches and lift the spirit of the unwell as well as make the cool air of Haense even more crisp. - 1 mina FOOD: Beef Stroganov [quarter stack of steak] - sautéed pieces of beef with mushroom served in a mustard and smetana, a sour cream sauce. Originally created for the Ruskan royal family, it is now a rather commonplace dish everywhere. - 5 mina Bratwurst [1 cooked porkchop] - Waldenian in origin, bratwurst is an absurdly large pork-sausage served with mashed potato and gravy. The truly brave ask for the most sizeable one. - 2 mina Raev Borscht [1 beetroot soup] - an ancient recipe that has proven popular throughout the ages. Distinctive in its red colour due to the beetroots but it also contains a plethora of ingredients such as boiled beef and pork with julienned cabbage, carrots, parsnips, onions and tomatoes as well as diced potatoes to boot. - 3 mina Marizbrud (Marian Bread) [quarter stack of bread] - the basic form of bread in Haense. It differs from other variations for its distinct use of local honey and a pinch of vanir salt in the bake but is also served with a side portion of them too for making it more savoury or sweet to the person’s preference. - 1 mina Perpetual Stew [1 suspicious stew] - a pot into which whatever one can find is placed and cooked continuously. The pot is never or rarely emptied all the way, and ingredients and liquid are replenished as needed. Such foods can continue cooking for months upon months or years even. [The customer rolls and the number determines the quality of that day’s stew] - 2 mina INN The Drunken Marian Tavern & Inn boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for any person new to the City of Karosgrad or indeed just passers-by. Named in honour of King Karl III for his love of new experiences and adventuring, we’ve three rooms: Karl’s Rest I, II and III. The rooms are also subsidised by the Office of the Palatine on specific renting terms. New workers and citizens of Haense are welcome to stay for a period of time, free of charge, until they can find their feet in the bustling city and active North. Speak with the proprietor or a barkeep for room availability. EMPLOYMENT The Drunken Marian Tavern & Inn is open to peoples of any race or creed as long as they are willing to work hard. Regardless of experience we only ask for a positive attitude and the ambition to sell food and drinks and lots of it. A perfect starter job for people new to Karosgrad and indeed could become a lifelong profession if you’ve the mind for it. Contact the tavern’s current proprietor Iosif Basrid (@Nolan_ | CheekyNolan) or any other barkeep if you are at all interested.
  3. WRIT OF AULIC APPOINTMENT: AULIC ENVOY OF THE REALM BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE In accordance with the wishes of the CROWN On this 5th day of Gronna and Droba of 468 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Following the resignation of the Aulic Envoy Lady Ophelie, we have decided that the most prudent and competent replacement shall be appointed to reorganise the Office and, with God willing, pick the most capable candidates from the forthcoming generation to serve as the future ambassadors of our nation. It is with these considerations made that we do decree: By the power vested in me as Lord Palatine on the behalf of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, we do hereby appoint Firr Otto Gant @Drew2_dude to the position of Aulic Envoy, in recognition of his years service within the Aulic Government and his dedication and loyalty to the Crown and Kingdom. Firr Otto Gant does in the merit of his position, and they themself, deserves to be seated upon the King’s Advisory Council and wield the Ivory Bulava in our King’s name. Let this appointment be recorded in the annals of our history, and let all subjects acknowledge and respect the authority of the appointee and their office. We thank the former Aulic Envoy Ophelie de Falstaff for their years of leal service and dedication in their office, and wish them the best in their future endeavours. Iv Joveo Maan, His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Patriarch of Jorenus
  4. WRIT OF AULIC APPOINTMENT: LORD MARSHAL OF THE REALM BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE In accordance with the wishes of the CROWN On this 4th day of Jula and Piov of 467 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, After the resignation of the Lord Marshal, we have made the necessary inquiries into the serving officer corps and military experts to find the most suitable replacement who shall fill the recently vacated seat upon the Aulic Council. It is with these considerations made that we do decree: By the power vested in me as Lord Palatine on the behalf of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, we do hereby appoint Lord Sebastian Bishop @xMuted to the position of Lord Marshal, in accordance with the wishes of his predecessor Lord Felix Weiss, as well as in recognition of his years of service within the Brotherhood of St. Karl, and his dedication and loyalty to the Crown and Kingdom. Lord Sebastian Bishop does in the merit of his position, and they themself, deserves to be seated upon the King’s Advisory Council and wield the Iron Bulava in our King’s name. Let this appointment be recorded in the annals of our history, and let all subjects acknowledge and respect the authority of the appointee and their office. We thank the former Lord Marshal Felix Weiss for their years of leal service and dedication in their office, and wish them the best in their future endeavours. Iv Joveo Maan, His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Patriarch of Jorenus
  5. THE PALATIAL POST SEVENTH EDITION BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE On this 10th day of Joma and Umund of 466 E.S. Table of Contents I. Chancellor’s Report II. Important Announcements III. Updates to the Aulic Government IV. Updates to the Nobility V. Updates to the Brotherhood CHANCELLOR’S REPORT Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, It is with great pleasure that I dress you all in the same manner the great Palatines of old did; with my own Chancellor’s Report. Regretfully I have put off writing this nearer the beginning of my tenure as your Lord Palatine due to the busy nature of the office I am privileged to hold. I wish to thank both the two previous holders of the Gold Bulava, the late Duchess Johanna Barclay and Prince Marius and I am happy to build upon the foundations they left. At the same time I have been honoured to have been appointed your Patriarch of the Patriarchate of Jorenus by His Holiness Pontian IV at much the same time so may I serve not only as a man with powers secular but also to aid my nation as a man of the cloth and promote its necessary growth throughout our country. I intend to inform the Haeseni flock of the changes and ongoings of their Church throughout the Kingdom in timely updates, the first of which is to be expected imminently. It is my intention that these Palatial Posts keep you, the people, informed of the goings on in your Kingdom but that the opening part, being my Chancellor’s Report, is informative of my and indeed the Aulic Council and governments plans for the future. We’ve an exciting time ahead with the forthcoming renovation of the Haeseni staple of the main square tavern to promote entertainment, merriment and trade once more. This goes in tandem with the Royal Treasurer’s stellar work on the economical and merchant reforms which will soon culminate in the official creation of the Merchants’ Guild. I believe this to wholeheartedly be better for the further prosperity of our Kingdom and its people. Following His Majesty’s Aulic Court reforms, a much needed change, we are going to move forward with the long planned revisions on His Majesty’s Royal Duma to reinvigorate the chamber and the peers once more. Also to look onward to in the coming year or so is the state endorsed opening gala and fundraiser of the Georgian Museum of History and the clearing of the unsafe and treacherous forests around Dobrov. It is my solemn promise to you, the people, that we will rout out the plague that persists there and to aid in this and give us His blessing, His Majesty has permitted me to display in the Basilica of Saint Henrik a series of Holy Relics of the Sanctified ordinarily kept under the protection of the Royal Family. God is good and may He bless his Royal Majesty, King Georg and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS -OPENING OF THE GEORGIAN MUSEUM- It is with high hopes and great expectations for the future that we are glad to announce the forthcoming opening of the Georgian Museum of Histories in place of the stagnant NGS building. Spearheaded by the Deputy Palatine Otto Gant, an opening fundraiser gala will be hosted and be an event no Haeseni in or around the Royal City of Karosgrad should miss. In the meantime, any wishing to aid or get involved in the running of the museum or merely looking for employment as a historical enthusiast are encouraged to apply to the Deputy Palatine and the museum Chancery Councillors. -PASSING OF MATRIARCH KATERINA- We are sad to announce the passing of Matriarch Katerina at the age of 116 in 463 E.S. from natural causes. A state funeral service was held for the late Cardinal in the Basilica of Saint Henrik, officiated by His Holiness Pontian IV. Her Eminence’s warm personality, peaceable nature and virtuous life is an example to us all and path on which to follow. We pray she made it to the Seven Skies and knows that the entirety of Haense mourns the loss of one of its longest serving members of the clergy. I, Father Iosif, have been appointed as her replacement to be the next Patriarch of Jorenus. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINZENAS KATERINA CECILIYA BARBANOV-BIHAR Matriarch of Jorenus Pontifical Chamberlain 347 E.S. - 463 E.S. | 1794 A.H. - 1910 A.H. -FAILED PETRAN COUP AND ROYAL WEDDING- As the realm well knows, tensions arose in the nation of the Commonwealth of Petra on the Haeseni border over the adultery of the Petran head-of-state, Archduchess Renilde of Petra. Brought into the conflict not least because of Prince Marius’ part in the affair, some Haeseni were present in the fight against the short lived coup of the Archduke-Consort Constanz of Balian. It must be stressed that, while a sin had been committed, the false Archduke used it as a chance for opportunistic gain to try and usurp the title for himself in violation of God’s mandation despite having no dynastic claim and without any consultation with the Church. Indeed both Prince Marius and Archduchess Renilde have sought and been given their penances since. Following the meeting of the Petran armies, with Prince Marius and a small number of Haeseni warriors participating, the coup was quashed and the Archduchess Renilde returned to her rightful place. It is well reported that Prince Marius was a most capable fighter in the effort. The ousted Prince Constanz then challenged our Prince Marius to an honour duel in the Karosgrad Trelka Arena and, after a few rounds and back and forth strikes, Prince Marius struck him down with a mortal blow to the neck that ended his life soon thereafter. Prince Marius was left severely injured but recovered in the following year and both him and the Archduchess accepted their penances. The two were wed on the shore of the River Petra in 464 E.S. in front of a congregation of friends, family and peoples. We wish the two a long and prosperous life together. -WRIT OF SAFETY- A writ banning anyone not expressly permitted, such as the Knightly Orders and the Brotherhood, from entering the region of southern Haense known as Dobrov. These provisions are still in place but rest assured a plan has been formulated and the area will soon be cleansed so that the populace may safely travel through and settle there once again. -PASSING OF PRINZEN SERGEI- Prince Sergei, Duke of the Rothswald and former Lord Marshal, has passed away at the age of 63 in 462 E.S. from natural causes and slipped away peacefully in his sleep. Known for his unwavering loyalty to his brother King Karl III and his nephew King Georg, it is the hope of all the Haeseni peoples that the Prince rests safely in the Seven Skies. HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINZEN SERGEI ALEKSANDR BARBANOV-BIHAR Herzen van ek Rothswald XX Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska 399 E.S. - 462 E.S. | 1846 A.H. - 1909 A.H. UPDATES TO THE AULIC GOVERNMENT -THE EDICT OF STAALGRAV- An Edict issued by the King himself and one of his planned Aulic reforms. The Edict of Staalgrav changes the functioning of the Aulic Courts and dismissing of the High Justiciar position, with the responsibilities of prosecution falling to the Palatial Office and the right to judge guilt falling solely to the Jovenaars, chief of whom was the most senior member of the Courts Lady Adele Ludovar but replaced since by Firr Arthur Stafyr due to the Lady’s unfortunate passing. Investigation of crimes and gathering of evidence is now handled by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and reports of crimes are to be directed exclusively to them. Those wishing to pursue a life in the imminently growing and expanding judicial offices are encouraged to seek out Chief-Jovenaar Arthur Stafyr or Lord Palatine Iosif for training and employment as soon as possible. -THE MERCHANTS’ GUILD BILL- Presented by His Excellency, Ser Vanhart, Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska in 465 E.S. during his summons to His Majesty’s Royal Duma that sought to radically change the trading rights and limitations on underhanded tactics employed to undermine fledgling businesses. Merchants, traders and those operating businesses will be required to join and adhere to this Merchants’ Guild and its rules. Members will be given a say over the way the guild functions. The Bill was voted majority ‘Aye’ and given Royal Assent on the spot with the proactive Ser Vanhart going to begin implementing the clauses outlined very soon. New merchants are encouraged to seek out the Royal Treasurer even before it is beginning to be enforced as to encourage a smooth transition. -AGE OF LIABILITY- Presented by Lord Audo Weiss in 465 E.S. during the sitting of His Majesty’s Royal Duma to petition the chamber to decrease the age of liability, and thus capable of receiving legal punishments, from sixteen years of age to twelve years of age. Such came following the disruptive and vandalistic adolescents of the current generation, being a particularly large one after a boom following the relative peace of King Karl III’s reign. With multiple stories shared of their wilful disregard for the boundaries of what is acceptable of one their ages and repeatedly insulting the most noble houses in the Kingdom, the Bill was voted majority ‘Aye’ and given Royal Assent on the spot with the condition that the law now read “Let he is below the age of sixteen be judged and punished proportionally to his age.” -THE HEAD OF THE ROYAL MINT- It is after a long tenure and most healthy balance in the Royal Treasury that Ser Maric Colborn has left the Office of the Treasury and we thank him for his many years of service. Since the former Viscount’s retirement, Ser Vanhart ‘the Flying Carrot’ Barclay né Alstreim, former Duke-Consort of Reinmar, has been appointed as the eleventh Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska. With a productive tenure already, Ser Vanhart aims to see the Haeseni economy flourish with the implementation of anti-vampyr countermeasures and the Merchants’ Guild as well as a series of further treasury edicts. HIS EXCELLENCY SER MARIC COLBORN X Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska Succeeded by HIS EXCELLENCY SER VANHART BARCLAY né ALSTREIM XI Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska @Xarkly -THE COMMAND OF THE HAESENI FORCES- After a tenure of a good few years, the Lord Marshal Sviatoslav Godunov, Baron of Verskaya, resigned with the permission of His Majesty Georg to live well and spend the remainder of his life focussing on the continued prosperity of his House. It is with a long history as an officer in the Brotherhood that King Georg did appoint Baron Felix Weiss to the office as the 22nd Lord Marshal of our realm. With impeccable work and gumption thus far, we are happy that Lord Felix’s tenure continues. HIS EXCELLENCY BARON SVIATOSLAV GODUNOV XXI Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska Succeeded by HIS EXCELLENCY LORD FELIX WEISS XXII Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska @SethWolf -THE LEGISLATIVE MODERATOR- Moving on from his role as Lord Speaker, Lord Felix Weiss was considered more suited to the role of Lord Marshal and thus the next obvious choice was his capable and noble Lord Handler, Duke Wilheim Barclay. An innovative thinker with a mind for our necessary traditions, Duke Wilheim with work in tandem with the Lord Palatine and His Majesty himself to better the Royal Duma during his tenure. HIS EXCELLENCY LORD FELIX WEISS XV Lord Speaker of His Majesty’s Royal Duma Succeeded by HIS EXCELLENCY DUKE WILHEIM BARCLAY XVI Lord Speaker of His Majesty’s Royal Duma @Fionn__TWG -THE CATS IN THE CRADLE EDICT- An edict penned and authorised in 462 E.S. by the Lord Palatine in accordance with the wishes of the Crown to enact two necessary changes to specify newly made properties of the Crown and further regulations on the right to ownership of both commercial and residential properties in the Royal City of Karosgrad. Since its decree, it is now illegal to harm or steal an Queen Amadean Wildcat from the Queen’s Wood and unmarked crows, as a symbol of the Kingdom, in Haeseni territory. Furthermore, ownership of residential buildings, coined as mansions, have been limited in number per person and notable family as well as the right to continue owning a commercial property that is not providing a necessary amount of goods or services. Merchants and traders have a total of two years to have their wares on show and buildings renovated before eviction. UPDATES TO THE NOBILITY -PASSING OF THE FORMER COUNTESS- Word from the County of Otistadt has confirmed that the former Countess and High Justiciar, Lady Adele Ludovar, has passed away at the age of 67 in 466 E.S. of natural causes. The County of Otistadt and the whole of Haense mourn the loss of the late Countess and pray for her safe arrival in the heavens alongside her husband and son. THE RIGHT HONOURABLE LADY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR Komitas van Otistadt XII High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska 399 E.S. - 466 E.S. | 1846 A.H. - 1913 A.H. -WEISS ABDICATION- Following the marriage of his son and heir, the Viscount of Novkursain has issued his ‘Letter of Abdication’ in 466 E.S. which details the ceding of his titles to his legitimate heir Audo Weiss. We wish The Honourable Lord Audo Weiss, 2nd Viscount of Novkursain, luck in his new role as a Haeseni peer and head of the noble House of Weiss. -DEATH OF THE VICEROY-EMERITUS- It is with sad tidings that we inform the Haeseni people of the untimely death of the Viceroy-Emeritus of Hyspia at the hands of an unknown assailant. Prince Cesar de Pelear was the first of the Haeseni Hyspian vassals and was an ardent and competent ruler of the Silver Isles. His loss will be felt throughout the Kingdom and by his most caring Canonist family with whom our sympathies lie. Prince Cesar abdicated his titles in 464 E.S. to his son and heir Crown-Prince Francisco whose investiture ceremony is imminent. God rest Prince Cesar de Pelear’s soul. HIS HIGHNESS PRINCE CESAR I DE PELEAR Viceroy of Hyspia 407 E.S. - 465 E.S. | 1854 A.H. - 1912 A.H. -A COLBORN PASSING AND SUCCESSION- The noble House of Colborn has had the great misfortune of seeing their Viscountess perish at the hands of presumably dark spawn inside the malignant forests of Dobrov which in turn prompted the Writ of Safety of 462 E.S. and in retribution the dark forces will be routed out. The Viscounty of Venzia has passed to Lady Ada’s cousin, the Honourable Lord Baldrum Colborn, 3rd Viscount of Venzia. It has also been announced from the Colborn lands that the new Viscount has selected Lord Carolus Colborn as his legitimate and recognised heir. THE HONOURABLE LADY ADA NATALYA COLBORN Zweinkomitas van Venzia Crow Knight IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency, Patriarch Iosif, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Cardinal Jorenus
  6. Bishop Iosif sat in the Basilica's library, brought back to the present by an intentional cough from the acolyte. "Oh!" He responded having snapped out of his reminiscing. "Where were we? Ah yes, the Canticle of Charity." Iosif's eyes crept along the common translation and a soft smirk found itself onto his face at the fond memory when he asked "Would you read lines five and six for me?" "'And so I have placed into your hearts the blessings of abundance: the virtuous wealth of the spirit. And as I have given to you this blessing of My Word, you shall also give unto your fellows.'" The young acolyte then looked up at the Bishop with brows furrowed in confusion. "What does it mean, Father?" Iosif exhaled an amused snort. "I'm going to tell you exactly what my mentor Katerina told me. . ."
  7. WRIT OF SAFETY BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE In accordance with the wishes of the CROWN On this 4th day of Jula and Piov of 462 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK It has come to the attention of the Crown that the area known as Dobrov in the southern region of Hanseti-Ruska has once more seen an influx in darkspawn and demonic activity that was long thought routed and kept under control. Reports from the brave knights of the Order of the Crow as well as the Marian Retinue have made such known to the Crown as well as the dangers the domain presents to the unassuming citizenry of the Kingdom. Plans are underway, spearheaded by the knightly orders and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, but until such a time as they are enacted, and the scourge cleansed by the grace of God above, Dobrov is to be avoided by all. The Palatial Office does hereby order the following: I. That citizens do not enter Dobrov unless given dispensation by the Crown. II. That travel takes a route that avoids Dobrov unless absolutely necessary. III. That none shall impede the Brotherhood and/or the knightly orders in this matter. IV. That those found to have been inside Dobrov be checked for demonic influence(s). IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Bishop of Valwyck
  8. THE CATS IN THE CRADLE EDICT BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by the LORD PALATINE In accordance with the wishes of the CROWN On this 13th day of Wzuvar and Byvca of 462 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK With the passing of Queen Amadea of Susa, alongside her husband the late King, and the reading of her will, it has come to light that in order to respect her final wishes appropriately that this edict must come into being. The multitude of cats owned by Her Majesty are to be released and protected within the Queen’s Wood as well as their descendants, a breed to be referred to forthwith as Queen Amadean Wildcats, all of which are the sole property of the Crown. In conjunction, any unmarked crow, as a symbol of state, within Haeseni territory is similarly the sole property of the Crown. The Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska does hereby order the following: · Let those who steal a Queen Amadean Wildcat from the Queen’s Wood or unmarked crow in Haeseni territory be guilty of Theft against the Crown itself. · Let those who kill or bring damage to any Queen Amadean Wildcat in the Queen’s Wood or unmarked crow in Haeseni territory be guilty of Vandalism against the Crown itself. At the same time it has become apparent to this administration that there is a flaw within the current system of property leasing, both commercial and residential. No limitations on how much property one can own has led to a first-come first-served policy that will no longer be abused to serve as a means of collecting numerous high end and highly sought after assets beyond what is reasonable for any person or family to solely own. The following will aid to also allow further families to rise in status in the Royal City of Karosgrad and promote a livelier capital. The Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska does hereby order the following*: I. Ownership of commercial properties are limited to 1 per person/notable family**. Merchant stalls are exempt from this order. II. Commercial properties found not to be fit for purpose or not providing services and/or selling goods for a period of 2 years will be evicted. III. Ownership of residential properties surpassing the initial cost of 130 mina or more are limited to 1 per person/notable family. IV. No properties may be combined without the express approval of the High Seneschal and Palatine. *These orders may be overruled with the permission of the High Seneschal and Palatine in extenuating circumstances. Existing properties will not be subject to orders I and III until they have a new owner or are evicted. **The definition of a notable family is subject to the opinion of the High Seneschal and Palatine. IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Bishop of Valwyck
  9. THE ROYAL CITY OF KAROSGRAD The Capital City of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska “Bustling is the natural state of Karosgrad. It keeps the square busy and the North alive with all manners of people.” - Lord Palatine Iosif Bishop Valwyck, 6th i Wzuvar and Byvca, 461 E.S. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and Its People Known officially as the Dual Monarchy of the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska, the nation is perhaps better known by its colloquial form of simple Haense. Ruled over by a semi-absolute monarchy, the Kingdom thrives as the undoubtedly the most powerful Northern nation and indeed one of the foremost states in all of Almaris. Though the Kingdom accepts people of all races and creeds it is primarily composed of the Human subrace known as Highlanders, a rugged and hardy people who have occupied the North for centuries and centuries. Haense is the oldest continuous state in all of humanity with over 400 years of history. People who come to call the thriving Kingdom home are known as the Haeseni, the descendants of notable Northern cultures that came to culminate in Haense. Built on a sense of honour that drives their laws and outlook, the Haeseni are a proud and compassionate people but tough and breed what many think of as the typical Northernmen. Known for their nobles and knights, councillors and justiciars, soldiers and merchants, Haense has opportunities for people of all skills. The most common ancestry and cultures are: The more modern New Marians - the urban living descendants of the people who flocked to Haense and its most numerous ethnicity. Typically the newly arrived common people, merchants, traders and burghers belong to this group of peoples and indeed a number of noble houses too. Most live in and around the capital city of Karosgrad. The wise and seafaring Ayrikevs - originally a subset of the Waldenians, they have thrived under the Kingdom of Haense and grown into a formidable culture of tartan wearing politicians and soldiers. Sailing is of special importance to the Ayrikevs and are without a doubt the most dominant on the waves. The Ayrikevs are housed primarily in the lakeside Duchy of Valwyck to the East of Karosgrad. The carousing and passionate Raevirs - there still exist people who claim descent from the Raevir, the people of the original ancient Kingdom of Ruska, and thus make their home in modern day Haense. Known for their heavy drinking and more traditional mindsets, they are the most rugged of the Haeseni peoples and take great pride in their history and Ruskan aesthetic that is still popular. Most find themselves friends with the similarly cultured Rutherns of the Duchy of Vidaus and the Godunovs of the Barony of Verskaya in the North and West of Haense. The proud and pious Waldenians - one of the original groups of people who founded the original Haense. They are incredibly pious and take great note of anything of Canonist (the dominant human religion) but are also known for their knights, horsemen and weapon forging. Most Waldenians congregate in the Duchy of Reinmar to the South of Karosgrad but also under the noble house of Weiss. Location Those that find themselves at the travel hub known as Cloud Temple need only make a short trip on the back of a cart heading to North Hub to be a stone’s throw away from the Highland Capital. As seen in the map sketch above, any person can come to the gates of Karosgrad by following the simple path south of North Hub. One will know they are heading the right path when the snow of the Rimeveld alleviates and they pass through the Duchy of Vidaus. A tell tale sign you are in Haeseni land and on the correct route is the distinctive reddish terracotta used in almost all buildings. Landmarks The Royal City hosts a plethora of notable landmarks and attractions which any traveller or would-be Haeseni should see. Whether it be food, drink, historical sites or buildings of note and unparalleled architecture there is something for all in the City of Karosgrad. To name a few there are: THE MORRIVI PRIKAZ The Royal Palace, constructed by King Karl III, is the current royal abode in the very heart of the city. The tallest and largest structure in Karosgrad, the Morrivi Prikaz is hard to miss with its grandiose exterior and extravagant interior. Whilst half of the palace is reserved for the use of the Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar, the western half is open to the public and sees plenty of traffic as both a sight-seeing destination but also the setting of many Crown endorsed balls and festivities. The Royal Duma Hall is also found to the right of the Palace's entrance. THE BROTHERHOOD BARRACKS Home to the armoury of the city, the soldiers’ quarters and their training grounds. The Brotherhood Barracks are immediately on your right as you enter through the gates of the fair capital. Should one wish to join up with the national army, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, then they should arrive at the barracks and ask after the Lord Marshal Sebastian Bishop or any officer. CROWN AVENUE The first and most commercial street in Karosgrad. From Barclay Bargains to Kortrevich Krafters, there is a wide range of stores and artisans that populate Crown Avenue and the shops surrounding it. Any person is sure to find their coin pouch a little lighter when they leave the joy that is the trading hub of Haense. THE DRUNKEN MARIAN TAVERN & INN The ever popular tavern lies at the end of Crown Avenue and serves both food and drink that are staples of Haeseni cuisine. One cannot leave Karosgrad without tasting a world famous Carrion Black and having a merry time with bar games, cards or the occasional wrestling match in the basement. People looking for a job are encouraged to inquire inside about becoming a tavernkeep or about the rooms above. THE BASILICA OF SAINT HENRIK The home of prayer in the Royal City. The Basilica is situated on the main square and is set apart by its grandeur and distinctive twin onion domes. Inside is a floor so well polished by the faithful that it reflects the ceiling near perfectly. Alongside this is the reliquary shrine containing holy relics on show to the public as well as the opulent altar. Both King Henrik II and Karl III were crowned in the Basilica with King Georg’s coronation imminent here too. It is a popular stop on any pilgrimage. THE GOLDEN EDVARD AMADOR BANK Named after the late Edvard Amador, a once steward, High Seneschal and Royal Treasurer. Edvard’s legacy for money making and banking continues to this day with the bank in his honour in the main square. The Golden Edvard Amador Bank hosts the offices of the Office of the Treasury too. THE HOSPITAL OF SAINT AMYAS Adjacent to the Golden Edvard Amador Bank, the Hospital of Saint Amyas is so named after the Saint Amyas of Yore, the patron saint of medicine, healing, botany and wild herbs. Taking care of the Haeseni ill and injured, the hospital is run by the Surgeon General and their team of medics. THE JUNGINGEN THEATRE Known for its ‘talent shows’, often put on by the Crown in search of a certain quality, and the occasional play, the Jungingen Theatre is located near the docks. Named in honour of Sir Dietrich van Jungingen, the premier Haeseni poet who achieved fame during the reign of King Sigismund II and was awarded civic awards in both Haense and the then Orenian Empire. Above the Jungingen Theatre is the Carolusian Mens Club, never short on cigars or friendly banter. THE GEORGIAN MUSEUM The Georgian Museum is perhaps better known as merely the Haeseni Museum. Situated just past the Hospital of Saint Amyas and next to the Jungingen Theatre, the museum offers free entry to the public and hosts a variety of interesting exhibitions such as information and relics pertaining to historic events and people as well as detailing the lives of every King of Haense thus far. AETERNITY’S ANCHORAGE DOCKS The bustling docks are home to the base of all Haeseni sea trade and houses the Royal Fleet. A popular district amongst the scientists, guilds and sailors of Haense. So named after the legendary sword of the great King Sigismund III ‘the Golden’, Aeternity. THE TRELKA ARENA To the North of the Morrivi Prikaz, the Trelka Arena is a frequent hotspot for Royal events as well as duels over damaged honour. Traditionally used in the Haeseni social seasons for the male bachelors to exhibit their skills in either archery, horsemanship, swordsmanship or wit as well as for the approximately decennial Grand Champion Tournament, aimed at finding the finest fighter in Haense. Notable Officials KING GEORG OF HANSETI-RUSKA Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar | gusanoarentonio | @gusano The ruling and twenty-first King of Hanseti-Ruska. The highest authority in the realm on all matters secular, the King is obeyed by all Haeseni and is a welcome sight amongst the people in the city of Karosgrad. God bless him and long may he reign. LORD PALATINE & PATRIARCH IOSIF BASRID Iosif Sigmar Basrid | CheekyNolan | @Nolan_ The Lord Palatine is the leader of the Aulic Council, who control the Haeseni government, and the greatest advisor to the Crown. One can find the Palatine in and around the Palace and has authority over most matters so will hear any petition on any issue. Lord Palatine Iosif is also the serving Patriarch of the Patriarchate of Jorenus, the holy Canonist Diocese encompassing the whole of Haense and Norland, and as such is the head of the Haeseni clergy. He can help with issues both secular and religious. LORD MARSHAL SEBASTIAN BISHOP Sebastian Bishop | xMuted | @xMuted The Lord Marshal serves on the Aulic Council and is entrusted to oversee the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, the unified state army of Haense, as its commander-in-chief. Any would-be soldier or veteran would do well to seek him out and enlist in the Brotherhood to serve with honour and skill against the Kingdom’s enemies and keep the peace. ROYAL TREASURER SER VANHART Vanhart Reinolf Barclay né Alstreim | Xarkly | @Xarkly The Royal Treasurer serves on the Aulic Council and is entrusted to oversee and cultivate the wealth of the Kingdom. He is also incharge of the soon-to-be rolled out Merchants’ Guild, a guild determining the market value and rights of merchants and traders. Any issues with the economy or trading is to be directed to him. HIGH SENESCHAL JOSEFINA BARCLAY Josefina Theodosya Barclay | crazedpudding | @crazedpudding The High Seneschal serves on the Aulic Council and is entrusted to oversee the administration of Karosgrad and the maintaining and promotion of immigration policy. As such, the High Seneschal is head of the stewards and oversees the selling and leasing of houses and property in the Royal City. Housing All manner of homes, from the humble abodes in Little Vienne to the mansions of Koengstriet, are available if one has the right amount of coin. If you find you do not have the coin fear not for there are numerous jobs and professionals available to all manner of people whether that be as a professional soldier in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, a government official or even a tavernkeep. Make sure to contact one of the below to get yourself situated in the Capital of the North. High Seneschal: Josefina Barclay | crazedpudding | [pudding#7426] | @crazedpudding Stewards: Anastasya Amador | CherryBud | [Cait#7292] | @cherrybud Emma Ludovar | DearConnorMurphy | [Yessie#4075] | @DearConnorMurphy Manfred Barclay | Meleutherius | [Ramun#1916] | @Ramon Veronica Weiss | Bethinwonderland | [Bethinwonderland#3240] @Bethinwonderland Sofia de Pelear | tadabug2000 | [beautifulwatty#6584] | @tadabug2000
  10. WRIT OF APPOINTMENT BAR MAAN OVARE SYR Issued by THE LORD PALATINE Naf zwy 13th hag i Tov ag Yermey i 459 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, King Karl III is dead. Long live King Georg. As with monarchs before, a new administration and faces on the council are the norm. Thus in my first act as Lord Palatine of the Realm, I do wish to bolster and confer onto select individuals the positions and powers owed to them by their good work and deeds thus far and in the promise that they will continue to serve faithfully and dutifully. Due to his leal service to King Georg, prior to his ascension, in the past and his astute mind of the political landscape as well as his penchant for good counsel, I appoint Firr Otto Gant @Drew2_dude as the Deputy Lord Palatine of the Realm, to assist in the fulfilment of Office’s duties under the authority of myself and the Gold Bulava. May God watch over him and bless him with a productive tenure in the Palatial Office. In conjunction another two appointments are to be made. Due to his long standing in the Palatial Office and capabilities in researching and producing items of quality, I appoint Ser Sébastien Ashford de Savoie @tcs_tonsils_ as a Palatial Kommissar, to continue his service in the Office and aid in the continuation of the Palatial Posts under the authority of myself and the Gold Bulava. May God watch over him and bless him with a continued productive tenure in the Palatial Office. Due to his overall trustworthiness and already proven efficiency in extracting necessary and useful information, I appoint Firr Branimar Kvazyev @Dogged as Palatial Investigator, to question any we deem necessary and conduct inquiries under the authority of myself and the Gold Bulava. May God watch over him and bless him with a productive tenure in the Palatial Office. Iv Joveo Maan, His Excellency, Iosif Basrid, Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska and Bishop of Valwyck
  11. Bishop Iosif smiled fondly on the memory of climbing the palace windows and talking to his cousin, the Queen, on the second storey as a child with his spoon in hand.
  12. Bishop Iosif signed the cross and sought out Georg and the other members of the royal family to comfort and console them not only as the Court Chaplain but also a friend.
  13. Bishop Iosif sat in sombre silence. His eyes were locked in a deep, unending stare with the scratch in his desk. So much blood he thought and all for the actions of one man. The moment played on repeat, that sickening display of the Cherskavy levyman's throat being slit. Over in a split second, a red line traced and a life extinguished. None even offered to help Iosif carry the body for its final rites and cremation, not a single one. The band of men who'd surrounded the Aaunite had come and gone just as quickly as they'd began baying for his blood. The chiming bell tolls of the Church of St. Otto in Valwyck brought him back to the present but the clergyman's mood persisted even if the bloodletting was over. Haense needs its church more than ever.
  14. Full name: Iosif Sigmar Basrid Summers’ old: 18 Clerical role: Priest Diocese of Service: Jorenus Minister of Ordination: Matriarch Katerina Cardinal Jorenus Racial identification: [!] “Human, child of Horen” had been filled out on all admission forms [!] Sex: Male [Username: CheekyNolan] [Discord: Nolan#1798]
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