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  1. Nolan_

    I've been around for a year apparently

    Do you dispute the fact dark elves are the worst elves?
  2. Nolan_

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    Still accepting commissions?
  3. I have suspicions that 501 stole my original Nolan username without the underscore so I feel it only fair

    1. Ixli


      get it boy get it

    2. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      bro youre gonna get banned for breaking community guidelines


  4. Nolan_


    "Mi want Leydluk back, gakh tik lucky az dey blah." says Azuk.
  5. Nolan_

    Goodbye, for now.

  6. Nolan_

    The Virarim

    IC information Name: Calen Reithel Race: Mali'ame Nation: Dominion Age: Early 40s Experience: N/A OOC information IGN: Nolan_ Timezone: GMT Discord: Nolan#1798
  7. Now that Charles is a traitor, are sons 50% off?

    1. Dewper


      yes PayPal me the money.

  8. Nolan_

    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    opinion on the lore team? : ) what're you wearing?
  9. Nolan_


  10. Nolan_

    Lotc Races and Group themes by Griffen

    I'm too lazy to copy and paste
  11. Nolan_

    The City at Dawn

    "Why is it always Karls, Stephens, and Ottos with these people." remarks an ageing orenian.
  12. Nolan_

    GM Named Items

    It doesn't even seem difficult to do either, the player names the item and gives it a desc (unsure if non-vip can do this) and then a good chunk of rp screenshotted and then sent to the GM so an item can be signed.
  13. Nolan_

    Arriving with the Sandstorm

    Warchief Kargak gives his nod of approval.
  14. Nolan_

    Second Letter from the Nightingales of Caras Eldar, 1656

    "It's the silver turds, too many high elves in the Dominion!" Calen says.