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  1. Caldur Irongut is still recovering from the savage arm wrestling defeat from Falk Irongut.
  2. Grigory the Hound drinks himself into a stupor, remembering the shake and bake fondly.
  3. Nolan_

    Urguan's Brewfest

    Caldur Irongut gives a big thumbs up!
  4. Not so much to do with the whole muffin’s scenario cause I’ve had no interactions with them so I can’t judge but in regards to Telanir becoming head of the community team. Why does an admin even need to head the community team, the AT worked fine for years without an admin lead (admittedly it was often a GM or someone from moderation but often they were a part of the AT or had been on the team at some point or other). I am aware the community team has more responsibilities and duties but essentially the bulk is the same. In short, shouldn’t the best suited person for the job get the job? Not make an admin head a team they don’t know all that well just because they are an admin.
  5. MC Name: Nolan_ RP Name: Caldur Irongut Discord: Nolan#1798 Which competition do you wish to participate in (Knowledge/Scribing/Both): Knowledge
  6. MC Name: Nolan_ RP Name: Caldur Irongut Discord: Nolan#1798 Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in(PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT
  7. **** all really matters, To meeee
  8. Grigory congratulates the genius, Jebediah, who implemented Grigory’s throw away idea. “Godani has blessed this contraption.”
  9. Grigory signs the Lorraine cross, moved by the Friar’s words on the topic of his fellow ordermen.
  10. Tournament Form: Name: Grigory Ostrovsky OOC USERNAME: Nolan_ Allegience: The Hounds of Blessed John Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
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