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  1. >'a lot of players are trash to hold events for' >op posted by someone who isn't trash and hasn't been able to participate in any events. Also, generic monster hunts or pve events are always going to end in 'snatches x' or 'picks up y' cause the event itself is not very rewarding, the same rehashed monster fight or spawning of zombies every ET and their mother has done. How about more lore entwined events such as a newly discovered holy ruins, relic, etc. for canonist humans, elven ruins with some worth for the elves or some being with power pretending to be an aspect or such. For example, the eventline Xarkly put on for the orcs a while back about a different branch of orcs through a portal opened a wider range of roleplay for the orcs potentially such as being able to rp one of these orcs (that were no different from krugmar orcs beside perhaps colour and culture) and opened new avenues of roleplay because of it. It is not even hard to do, it just involves time which the ET seem unwilling to give nowadays. As an added note, I feel the majority of ET members currently feel every event must revolve around an antagonist, I find some of the best ones don't.
  2. Nolan_


    not playing my orc more when they were at their peak
  3. Nolan_

    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Master Application

    I'll support you if you agree that I can be friends with the shade inside me
  4. At this point, there is no way on this earth the admin team can say they're doing a fine job. In the space of a couple hours they've been caught out for banning folk like mattyz for calling them 'incompetent' in less graceful terms yet pedophiles are fine and I guarantee you if a GM leaked someone's IP to a thread this busy, they'd most likely get removed.
  5. Nolan_

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Half of this is just 'meh it'll change sometime in the future, idk when tho or how' or 'haha **** the gms? **** you xd'. This was next to useless.
  6. Nolan_

    I've been around for a year apparently

    Do you dispute the fact dark elves are the worst elves?
  7. Nolan_

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Temp Hiatus

    Still accepting commissions?
  8. I have suspicions that 501 stole my original Nolan username without the underscore so I feel it only fair

    1. Ixli


      get it boy get it

    2. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      bro youre gonna get banned for breaking community guidelines


  9. Now that Charles is a traitor, are sons 50% off?

    1. Dewper


      yes PayPal me the money.

  10. Nolan_

    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    opinion on the lore team? : ) what're you wearing?
  11. Nolan_


  12. Nolan_

    GM Named Items

    It doesn't even seem difficult to do either, the player names the item and gives it a desc (unsure if non-vip can do this) and then a good chunk of rp screenshotted and then sent to the GM so an item can be signed.
  13. No question about it. Never fails to provide fun and inventive rp +1