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  1. Standing above the Grand King's lifeless body, Wulfgar lowers his head into a bow, signing a hammer and anvil across the centre of his chest, before leaning down to close the dwarf's eyes. Bastion was a friend he had fought and served alongside since his reign of Urguan during the first Fringe War, and alas, he had been honoured to serve the dwarf during the waning years of his own. "Sons ov Urguan, Bastion Ireheart 'as led us through many toils n' tribulations in 'is reign as king. 'e shall be remembered as a good ruler, even if 'e did not see it in loife. 'owever, it is true t'e gods 'ave not granted their favour unto our kin in recent years; for that, oi believe it is toime oi embark on a pilgrimage to regain their blessin's, n' for that ov our fallen kin. In t'ese dark toimes, Urguan requires true leadership. Bastion's successor must give us t'e unity t'is kingdom needs."
  2. Wulfgar looks to Felix once more, shaking his head as he offers his retort. "Even in times of war, some rules must be adhered. House Ruthern's silence in condemnin' this act speaks for itself. This war is between the feudin' lords ov t'e land, not their families. 'ave t'ese noblewomen released n' retain honour on the field of battle, lest we forsake ourselves n' forget what it is we are foightin' for."
  3. Wulfgar turns his attention towards Felix. "T'e last oi 'eard, Courland wasn't enlistin' in t'e services ov mercenaries to capture n' threaten defenceless noblewomen."
  4. Wulfgar of Clan Grandaxe, dwarven Ambassador to the Kingdom of Courland, scowls upon hearing news of the recent kidnapping. "These rebels speak of tyranny, yet rely on t'e services ov mercenaries to do their dirty work. 'ow dare the Rutherns attempt to claim that this is not their doin', when it is by their coin purse that t'e Dunamis act. Dishonoured fools, t'e lot ov 'em."
  5. "Zezimus is not a nice man" -Maly c. 2015

  6. MC Name: Zezimus RP Name: Wulfgar Grandaxe Race: Mountain Dwarf Skype Name (For communication and rallying): zezimus-uk Do you have teamspeak? (You will need to be on teamspeak during battles): Yes Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT Professions: Breeder Have you been in the Legion before? If so, when: Yes, I was in the Legion of Anthos. Do you swear loyalty to the reigning Grand King: Yes, I do.
  7. Name: Magni Farhammer Age: 200 Race: Cave Dwarf Allegiance (Current nation of residence): None Past Military Experience: Beast hunting and occasional sellsword work. None-Military Experience/Skills: Mining and merchanting OOC Information: MC Name: Zezimus Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information): zezimus-uk Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order. Have you been in the Order before?: Yes. Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: Yes.
  8. Pushing his way through the large amassing of dwarves, Wulfgar Grandaxe's eyes widen as he comes across the grisly sight of the Queen's impaled head. "Kavir... A fellow dwarf must 'ave done this. T'e Brathmordakin condemn t'e act ov kinslayin' as t'e greatest dishonour to Yemekar's creation. Mark my words, whatever un'oly spawn ov Khorvad did this will be brought to justice n' delivered beneath t'e gods' roighteous fury for their croimes."
  9. Questions are a little too vague for my liking.
  10. Staring silently across the aftermath of the battlefield, crows picking at the corpses of the dead, Wulfgar strides forward, kneeling himself gently aside the body of one of his fallen comrades. Signing a hammer and anvil across the centre of his chest, he closes the dwarf's eyes, whispering a prayer in the ancient dwarven tongue to the goddess, Anbella. Turning thereafter to saddle his wild boar, he raises his war axe into the air, the sun's glare piercing its blood soaked iron. "Dungrimm 'as blessed us t'is day. T'e toime for a reckonin' 'as begun."
  11. Wulfgar of Clan Grandaxe, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Courland smiles as he hears news of the King's ascension. "Oi look forward to dealin' with the new sovereign ov Courland. May our alloiance be as prosperous as t'e last."
  12. Wulfgar of Clan Grandaxe, ambassador to the Kingdom of Courland would lower his head upon hearing of the King's death. Murmuring a prayer within the ancient dwarven tongue, he marks a hammer and anvil across the centre of his chest. "'An honourable man n' a noble King. May t'e gods grant 'im safe passage to t'e 'alls ov t'e afterloife."
  13. A missive is delivered to all corners of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, bearing upon it the seal of the Grandaxe Clan. “Sons of Urguan, brothers of the stone, I, Wulfgar Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella, write to you today with word of a great blasphemy committed by many dwarves right here within our populace of Kal’Omith. A sin that for too long, we dwedmar have chosen to turn a blind eye, and done nothing. For every day we allow its act to continue, we bear insult upon the very divine that allow our presence in this world to continue. What I speak of, of course, is the blasphemous worship of the false pretender known as ‘Wyrvun,’ as if he were one on par with the true pantheonic gods of the Brathmordakin. Beneath the reigns of previous High Prophets of the Kirkja Dverga, worship of Wyrvun has diminished from recognition among the pantheon, to an Aengul of its own purpose and ambition. Alas, many dwarves do not appear to have heeded this decree, and continue to place his worship in lieu of reverence of the true gods. Thus, within my right as a prophet before Anbella’s mercy, it is my sworn duty to bring to you the truth and to condemn such forms of worship as what they are - heresies. The truth is that what Anbella gives, Wyrvun takes. Even now, we must shelter from the deep cold that Wyrvun’s presence brings, starving our livestock and leaving our crop fields barren and unfruitful. Indeed, this is to speak nothing of the ills Wyrvun has committed in the unholy form known as ‘Ondnarch.’ In the guise of this corrupted spectre of evil, Wyrvun desolated the city of gold, Kal’Azgoth, leaving it in ruins until the day came that WE, not Wyrvun or any other, reclaimed it as our own. In this time, Wyrvun took the lives of many of my own kin alone; Morgrim, my father, and former Grand Kings, Thorik and Thorin. I speak not of each and every crime Wyrvun has committed against us, for from the day the deep cold bore down upon our Aegisian kinsmen during the reign of Barradin I, they stand too numerous to count. Ergo, he is an affront to the gods’ will and each day we allow his worship to continue, the gods turn a scornful eye upon our kind. It is no secret that in recent years, engravings have been found chiselled into the walls of our great city, claiming heresies in support of the dark lord, Khorvad. A stone week ago, a fellow dwed was found brutally murdered, alongside a message praising the fallen god. Alas, we must not allow this once servant of evil to fester within our city any longer, lest his worshippers come to collude with those who would seek to supplant the worship of the true faith. Thus, I hereby call upon the High Prophet, Morug, to wholly and unequivocally condemn the worship of Wyrvun within Kal’Omith and order that any shrine, located outside the private confines of a dwarves’ home be torn down and destroyed. Only then, can our sins be atoned. - Prophet of Anbella, Wulfgar Grandaxe.”
  14. The Prophet of Anbella, Wulfgar Grandaxe, listens carefully to the concerns of the other dwarves within the chamber, before speaking up. "Aye, Prophet Baldin speaks truly. Only t'e gods 'ave t'e power to grant entry to t'e 'alls ov Khaz'A'Dentrumm. If our 'oigh Prophet is to fail in 'is quest, then 'e will surely not 'ave their favour in t'is pursuit. 'owever, if 'e is to some'ow succeed, then let t'e gods decoide what 'is judgement shall be. We mortals should not attempt to defoine t'e god's will, nor enact judgement when we do not know it to be sin."
  15. The Prophet of Anbella, Wulfgar Grandaxe, gives a faint smile as he reads over the High Prophet's missive. "Aye, a message ov 'ope for all dwedmar to 'ear. May t'e gods grant their blessin' to our endeavours."