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  1. I can confidently say, joining LOTC may have been the greatest mistake I have ever made.
  2. we do a little trolling

  3. Silvyr Uradir sends Durin Ireheart a bag of mina.
  4. THE LEGION OF PURITY: PREPARE FOR WAR Issued by The Publications Office of The Legion of Purity 14th of The Amber Cold, Year 13 of The Second Age The Legion of Purity Command declares the following; The people of Haelun’or must take up arms and pens, needles and threads, trading and cooking. All essential items for this apparent war on our doorstep. The war is coming sooner than any of us could have imagined. Although no formal war has been declared by the dramatic and tainted Elvenesse, or the blessed Silver State of Haelun’or, the shadow of Elvenessi aggression looms heavy over our blessed nation. It is imperative that our nation takes up the banner of the Legion, and promotes our blessed Sillumiran to fight on our side of crimson. It is our initiative to make this nation stronger than it ever has been before. No idle hands will be of use. Chastise your neighbor who sits drinking in the tavern all day, bring honor to your nation and to Purity. Every man, woman, and child has a position in this Legion, and in our State, to support the war effort, to prepare for a potential war with the corrupted of mind, soul, and purity. The Mali'ata in Elvenesse have long since crossed the line of decency, now turning their noses up at a gracious offer of redemption. Ensure your Mal’onn and Lari’onn are both wearing red. As we must first unify our brethren, before we are truly able to bring justice to those ‘ata abroad. The boldness in hostility from Elvenesse surges by the day, and if we are not prepared then there is a chance our nation, our race, and our purity may be in jeopardy. Will you let your nation crumble beneath the dirty shoeless feet of the Drui? We would hope not. Join the Legion of Purity today, and live forever in the eyes of history, in the eye of Larihei. So we ask you all reading this to PREPARE FOR WAR! Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Larihei beckons you, lliran - join the Legion of Purity today! LONG LIVE THE LEGION! On behalf of the Legion of Purity Command, Medi'ir of the Silver State of Haelun'or, and Chairman of the Legion of Purity, Silvyr Uradir
  5. Silvyr Uradir starts to think maybe child soldiers are not such a bad idea...
  6. Silvyr sends a letter to Evar'tir Oranor, unsigned and only with a picture drawn in crayon of a child and a spear, trying to stab a bearded man in his fat belly. "So you all can understand what happened today."
  7. @Werew0lf Silvyr glanced to the nephew of Kiljarys, walking up to him with a hand on his shoulder. "Long may We live. And forever may We win."
  8. "Druidic nonsense I tell you! Nonsense!" Silvyr Uradir shrugged, and rolled his dice on the Deathroll table. "Ah-ha! Not bad..."
  9. "Ah! Another fantastic contribution to the Legion of Purity! Long may We live!" Silvyr Uradir drank his wine as he framed the poster on his wall.
  10. Silvyr Uradir reads the letter that was sent to his door. Smiling faintly when he saw the red sigil. "What a poor choice by the so called 'leaders' of Elvenesse! They can't even provide their own people with clothing! Absolutely horrendous. We must crack down on sympathizers, perhaps new laws will be implemented soon..."
  11. Silvyr Uradir stands at the top o a hill with his spyglass, trying to view all the scoffs and swears that came from the tree demons. "Marvelous, one day I'll bring you home brother. Do ne worry!"
  12. THE LEGION OF PURITY Issued from The Publications of The Legion of Purity 10th of The Grand Harvest, Year 13 of The Second Age Long since have We pure bloods been tainted by the perversions and lustful nature of the people of Elvenesse. Time and time again, Mali’thill who travel to the tainted lands of the Tree Demons fall under the despicable spell which tarnishes the purity of their very blood. The cause? The Mali’ame of Elvenesse, as well as the Druids and the faux ‘pure’ elven race who reign over the common folk there. Perversions of the idea and fact of Purity. Lustful demonic spells that corrupt the minds of even Our own blessed and untainted blood. And thus, a new generation of Mali’thill are born to defend and protect our principals. A new age for Haelun’or and a new initiative. The revolution has begun to reclaim what was lost, to prevent future damage and tarnish. We are the Legion of Purity, those who fight for the cause Larihei left behind, those who wish to see a world where Mali’thill appreciate purity more than lust and worldly desire. This is the Legion, and long may We live. This is the revolution, this is the time to make a difference in our state and abroad. So hear Us, you have a place in this Legion. In this mission, and in this concept. No longer will We stand to watch our Mal’onn and Lari’onn’s goodwill and faith be destroyed by those who are below them. Those who live in dirt holes and share wives. It is time for Us Mali’thill to stand up, grab our pens or swords, and make a difference. So We the Legion declare all Mali’thill capable of joining our cause. And thus, rewards will be granted for those who work the most, for those whose passion to destroy that which makes us bleed. Our mission is to confront Elvenesse, to confront Mali’thill… to bring us back to the old ways and to give everyone a position worthy of their name and their ability. You may work as a writer, you may join as a blade, you may sell items to fund the cause. Whatever you can think of you can do in this Legion, so long as it helps the influence of Our name around the world. So hear Us, and be Us. CHAIN OF COMMAND Chairman - Silvyr Uradir Deputy Chairman - Kiljarys an Iarwain General Secretary - Kolvar Uradir Party Executive - Maeve Elibar’acal Publications - Illyara Valarieth Publications - Lleinde Tillun’sae Publications - Amberleigh Uradir JOBS: WRITER- For publications ARTIST- For publications TRADER- Funds the cause COLLECTION EXPERT- Collects on our enemies MEDIC- Heals the wounded TAILOR - Makes red articles of clothing DISTINCTION: A member of the Legion of Purity always wears some article of red clothing to show their solidarity with Our movement. It can be a scarf, robes, capes, or full outfits. OUR PURPOSE: The establishment of the Grand Constitution provided us the foundation upon which to raise the mali’thill to new heights of greatness. In order to properly utilise our blessed new system of governance we require a unified vision and a shared unbreakable will to bring forth our goals to their fullest potential. This is why the Legion of Purity was formed: to raise a unifying banner under which the pure Mali'thill - those dedicated to combating both Mali'ata and the degeneracy that threatens our lliran and pure oem'iian - may rally. To be a member is to declare yourself as ideologically committed to the cause of defending the Motherland whatever the cost, to believe in the strength of a vigilant society,to not cower from conflict and to both denounce and actively work to oppose the Mali’ata which plague our realm. Larihei beckons you, lliran - join the Legion of Purity today! LONG LIVE THE LEGION! On behalf of the Legion of Purity Command, Medi'ir and Chairman Silvyr Uradir
  13. Hey man, might have not known you long but I wish you the best. Sorry all this is going on for you right now, and know there is always a place in our mineman family for you if you decide to return. As well as in Haelun'or. Take care of yourself dude, we will miss you.
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