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  1. Looking for a good skinner, willing to pay 3k minas for the best.  Hmu it shouldn’t be too hard, a simple druid like skin. 

    1. Dunstan


      >3k mina for a simple druid skin.

      Lies, I don’t know what they say but...

    2. Heero


      @reformed_gamer hello, mineman designer Gucki Vessac, please come to the front desk 

    3. reformed_gamer
  2. What ur Discord buddy we gon get this goin
  3. Housing Application ((OOC)) MC NAME: Name: Elrion Race: Helf Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): VISAJ Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): Loves the lay-dees
  4. Bub Grimmer Kid Recruitment Looking for people to play my kubbiez. Bub has 12 kids, and wants to fill as many slots as possible. If you ever had a desire to play an Uruk, this is the opportunity of a century. MC NAME: DISCORD ID: WHEN CAN YOU PLAY?:
  5. Keldrith

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Sounds promising
  6. Due to popular demand, MIRACLE TONICS will no longer be for sale. The raw ingredients used to make these tonics however will still be for sale soon in the shop. All those medics or doctors out there be sure to keep your eyes out for CHEAP herbal ingredients. The first three herbs will be Blissfoil, Bonset, and Tippens Root.
  7. That moment you realize none of the monks know what the Triumvirate is...

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      I tried my best to go against the name :megugun:

  8. I think people in Haelun’or, for the most part, understand that this is RP and has nothing to do with real life. I can see the similarities, but we quite literally are here because we want to be. Nobody is forced to play high elves. Some people enjoy that kind of roleplay because of it’s uniqueness. Am I saying we are like Nazi Germany? No. We actually have plenty of German players in the high elves who see no problem with the way we do things because they understand this is not real life. If you have an issue with this type of roleplay, there is an easy solution. And that is to not play a high elf. We often keep to ourselves anyway, and rarely travel outside of our own walls. We are a tight community, I’d bet we are tighter than just about any community on LoTC, and we all are having a great time doing what we are doing.
  9. Doc Silvyr Uradir decides to take this moment to promote his new products! “New Tonics, Toothpaste, Lotion, and Birth Control at the auctioneer now!”
  10. Check my page, and click on my ads. I put graphics on them and they took me hourss. Please support my products.

  11. Doc Uradir’s Premium blend domestic brand cigars. A fine, fragrant blend of superb tobaccos for refined gentlemen. Unequaled flavor and satisfaction. No after effects. Aids digestion, and masculinity. Coming Soon
  12. 2 bottles of Tonic, and 1 bottle of Liniment were used on the 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1721. Three uniformed children were playing in the woods, and decided to go perform a game they called ‘sledding’. Apparently coordinated by Erlan, with supplies granted by Rhaelanthur Lae’rinsyr. Alwnwe and Kelos fell down the hill. Kelos shattered his knees, and Alwnwe broke her ankle. Both required the numbing effects of the Tonic, and Kelos had to be cut open to remove any spread bone fragments that might be block his ability to use his knees in the future. I used the External Liniment on Kelos’s scars, to ensure they heal fast and cause him less pain in the near future. This Invoice is to be only read by the directors of the Hiylun Health Care plan officials, and associates. Total Cost: 120 minas Interest Rate Per Year Unpaid: 20%
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