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  1. Silvyr Uradir let out an elated chuckle, putting his hands over his hips and looking down at the missive that was sent to Haelun'or by chance. "We will always be the innovators for all... let the lessers follow in the wake of the highest as they always have, perhaps one day they will judge a man on merit, not by the line of their blood." The Uradir scoffed and crumpled up the missive, tossing it into the fire that gave light to the tavern where the two elves shared their tea. "Seems our news is spreading.. so much so that the valah have taken part in the trend we set. Perhaps the popularity of
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Keldrith )) Name: Silvyr Uradir Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( ) Seth Calith ( XX ) Valyris Wynasul
  4. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Keldrith )) Name: Silvyr Uradir Vote for Okarir'tir: ( xx ) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir ( ) Kolvar Trafina
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Keldrith )) Name: Silvyr Uradir Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  6. The Diarchy Rises Blessed Citizens It is the will of the Visaj Talonnii to once again take the reins of this government. A call to return to the Diarchy. I call upon Caestella Elibar’acal-Visaj, Former Okarir’tayna, Princess of Malinor, Princess of Alderyn, Hero of the Reimposition of Unity, Lady of Sanctuary to lead this city as it’s Sohaer, while I, Prince Elrion Visaj, Conqueror of Alderyn, Prince of Alderyn, Hero of the Reimposition of Unity, Former Okarir’tir, and Prince of Malinor, take the throne of Maheral as this cursed city’s most pure. The state of the
  7. Silvyr, standing conveniently close behind Valorin, Ikur, and Meanor, muttered something directed at Valorin. "How can you challenge the Maheral if you cannot win an election?"
  8. ((MC name: Keldrith )) Name: Silvyr Uradir Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( xx) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  9. Check out my new post!

  10. The Sacred Journey Of Asioth Silvyr and Amberleigh's Pilgrimage to At'Ei ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Path We Share The hollow walls of Karina’siol were especially lackluster today to the loving duo. Their minds sought something else besides beauty. They sought the unknown, the mystery of Asioth, and the teachings of the Great Titan. Azdromoth, through K
  11. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Keldrith)) Name: Silvyr Uradir Vote for Okarir'nor: (XX) Maeve Elibar'acal ( ) Aestenia Aevaris
  12. Prince of Malinor, Elrion Visaj! The middle aged prince approaches the square, and stands up on a bench near the gathered crowed. There, was an unknown goblin holding oversized flashcards for him to read off of while he gave the speech. Long has been the day that Haelun'or awaited the return of it's beloved Prince, and today was his day to shine once and for all, for the sake of Purity, and Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Without much delay, the freshly tanned prince extends his arms out as if accepting all the angels into his life, and the praise he thinks he has, and b
  13. When we making a Hytale discord for when we all move over? Lmfao

  14. Firstly, Werewolf is based. But I do want to say that given the current iteration of Azdrazi, an accepted article of lore, this rewrite caters to all of the complaints about the race. An entire week of not playing my main character would be a real pain, I would say that’s a giant weakness that cannot be underestimated or underplayed. It affects the encounters we put ourselves in, the combat situations more specifically, and effectively gives us a fear that we have to live with daily. If that is not a weakness I truly don’t know what is. If anything, this rewrite serves to prove that the Azdraz
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