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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: JK_Bizcuits)) Name: Hierax Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln (xx) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  2. Upon hearing the news being repeated in the markets, the old Akritian’s eyes water. Hektor the Wise yells out, “in all my years, never before have I witnessed, through ancient texts nor mine own sight, a knife ear, nay, a high elf with such....” The human looks down at his hand, trying to find his line. He soon sniffles out, “Virtue.... Oh lo and behold, a hero of the Silver City! A ladykiller, a demon slayer, a ginger. Gods or whatever higher being be out and about, rolling the dice of fate. So far, a natural twenty you have bequeathed unto him. May you still give out a natural twenty to your
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