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  1. Kvedzja i Geldzen i Karosgrad A SUMMONS TO MERCHANTS OF KAROSGRAD KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the TREASURER On this 11th day of Jula and Piov of 462 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK Pursuant to the Writ of Aulic Appointments of 462 E.S., the duties of the Office of the Treasurer have befallen me. Upon my name as Vanhart the Carrot, and by right of the Silver Bulava, I call upon all established merchants within the city of Karosgrad to convene with me to discuss their view of the Haeseni economy and to present before them a number of ventures proposed by the Treasurer for the betterment of trade within Karosgrad, particularly with a view to the formation of a Merchants' Guild. The following merchants are summoned to attend the Treasurer by year’s end: Daerine, Proprietor of Crown Avenue 1 [@FenHarel__] Adelajda von Draco, Proprietor of Crown Avenue 3 [@Madyyy] Aurik Bishop, Proprietor of Crown Avenue 4 [@Lomiei] Fenika Kortrevich, Proprietor of Crown Avenue 5 [@worldeltaii] Abraham Othan, Proprietor of Crown Avenue 6 [@1_Language_1] My son, Wee Willy of Reinmar, Proprietor of Barclay Bargains [@Fionn__TWG] Emma Ludovar, Proprietor of Ludovar Bits 'n Bobs & Edvardstriet 3 [@DearConnorMurphy] Cassius von Draco, Proprietor of Edvardstriet 1 [@FlemishSupremacy] Earnest, Proprietor of Baruch Baubles [@frankdh] Stanimar Kvazyev, Proprietor of Edvardstriet 5 [@HogoBojo] Watanabe Ayako, Proprietor of Henrik Street 1 [@Lockages] Audo Weiss, Proprietor of Bark n' Barb [@Frostdrop1] Thondorus Stafyr, Proprietor of Almannir Warehouse [@Z3r05t4r] Baldrum Colborn, Proprietor of the Tavern & Scyfling World [@Kaladin Stormblessed] Sofia de Pelear, Proprietor of Toys & Slings [@tadabug2000] Donny von Draco, Proprietor of Sigismund Street 9 [@FlemishSupremacy] Verily, upon my honour, I shall spend the summer months in Karosgrad at his Majesty's command to meet with any merchants who seek to answer this summons. Let the fields of Karosgrad be bountiful, nurtured by our efforts. His Excellency, Ser Vanhart the Carrot Lord Treasurer of his Majesty, King Georg I of Haense
  2. Xarkly

    Whats up CT?

    Surely when a player joins for the first time it's suitable for a CT to try offer guidance? Putting the onus on the player to reach out seems really silly - a lot of these players struggle to figure out which channel to talk in, nevermind take it upon themselves to figure out that they can ask for help, much less how.
  3. Xarkly

    Whats up CT?

    literally what Isnt this one of the main points of.CT
  4. Vanhart's character and worldview is successfully changed by this metaphysical rebuttal.
  5. See Vanhart the Carrot of Reinmar was not a violent man. In truth, he'd seldom changed in the years since he struggled to kill a bear in his hunt to join the BSK. He loved sparring with his hammer, in a bid to make others think he was a worthy knight, but he'd never developed a stomach torn blood. Yet, when it came to those who marred the honour of his liege... He had no such doubts.
  6. the straw hat boutta make me act up
  7. Looks great. If I had a suggestion it would be to maybe try focus on newer types of videos -- I think whenever the Media Team is revived, the racial lore videos (particularly orcs) tend to get remade whereas I think it would be seriously cool to see things like history videos on wars etc.
  8. Ryke tilted his straw hat to obscure his face as he finished his business in Balian, and swiftly took to the road. He would need to find somewhere else to hunt for a while.
  9. We have characters sail off to non-playable islands and continents or whatever all the time. The playable continent isn't the entire world, and we don't need to constrain ourselves to that. If people were so inclined to stay on Almaris, then I don't actually see there being anything wrong with that. Instead of forcing a transition through an exhausted map-end formula, we should instead present compelling reasons why characters might move but not to force them. This could be a whole range of things, from some America-tier colonisation where "the map event" is the discovery of a rich and bountiful land that dwarfs Almaris and expeditions travel overseas and eventually become new capitals; or, on the flip side, maybe Almaris' resources become exhausted that devastate the economic opportunities of the land; maybe they're colonial settlers sent to settle this new land (that again leads to it becoming the new seat of power for their homeland); and so on and so forth. Not everyone needs a motivation to move, and it can instead serve as an opportunity to retire/shelf/PK characters and start a fresh slate on a new map. There are plenty of complex questions to figure out like what becomes of nation territories that remain on Almaris, but I think this could lead to interesting eventlines like communication being lost with Almaris or those powers falling into delapidation or being overtaken by an NPC/event faction. Plenty of natural options that could offer a fresh approach to LotC worldbuilding. Granted, there are problems with it sure, but there are definitely major issues with the same formula of map-end disasters again and again that would benefit from a change.
  10. "Verily, the King will be heard," Vanhart swore under his breath as his Evil Magic Flying Carpet ferried him above Karosgrad. "And woe be to those who do not listen."
  11. Vanhart sighed as he watched the flames dance in the hearth. He may not have been born Reinmaren, but he knew well the mistakes of King Henrik. "You'll know better, Georg," he mumbled as the logs cracked. "Lead, and do not be led."
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