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  1. YEEEHAW +1
  2. Floris van Loden eagerly awaits the next issue of Keeping up with the Tosalis.
  3. Minecraft Account Name(s) Xarkly Skype sparklexarkle How long have you played on LotC? About a year by now. Time zone and availability GMT, and I should be fairly available throughout most of the week, say around two-three hours a day. What lore are you versed in most? I'm fairly comfortable with most lore, with creature lore probably being the one I'm most knowledgable in. The only area I'm not so savvy with is magic. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC Since March of this year I've been a member of the ET, which was my first role on the staff. In April I became a Trial GM and progressed to a full Game Moderator in May. Then in June I accepted a role as Game Manager after it was offered it to me, so all in all, I've been a Game Manager since June, and an ET since April. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Nope. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Nah. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: You're all pretty ok
  4. I'd be fine with a low form of Defender Default with a RP cap of like 5 people IF Nexus is removed. I'm trash at PVP but I don't mind it as a part of the server, so long as I'm not required to jump through hoops to get competitive gear to stand a chance. It's bad enough I'm ****, but the fact that I'd need to spend hours getting good gear to stand a chance is just a joke. Until a time where Nexus professions, primarily those tied to PVP, are removed, I'm reluctantly in favour of Defender Default with a high cap. If there was a way to easily obtain armour and weapons with competitive stats, then I'd be happy to change that.
  5. If this is something you were just doing with Rhys to have some fun and you weren't going around shooting people up, then this is a ridiculous ban that should've been a warning.
  6. a real fuckin knee slapper this is
  7. got my hopes up
  8. A good pick + 1
  9. Alrighty so we're gonna unban you. I genuinely believe your intentions weren't overly malicious and you've served enough time to know you shouldn't try dumb stuff like this again. Welcome back, and play nice xox
  10. Very competent +1
  11. Sadly GMs have sweet af to do with any of that blame the dev-ils ...... . .. ... ..... .. .
  12. Hey apologies for the delay. After a GM vote, we've opted to unban you, but any more incidents like this will result in harsher punishment, so play nice xox
  13. Following a GM vote, you've been unbanned. Welcome back.
  14. Following a GM vote, your ban's been shortened to a week from its original start date -- it's already been a week, so you're unbanned.
  15. Hey Dtrik, we're gonna be denying this because we need to clear up the forums and we didn't deem you strong enough for the latest batch of Trials. We'll be accepting more Trials later in the month, though, so please consider applying again with the new Trial application;