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  1. That which is wrought by your own hands cannot be denounced. If it is true freedom you seek, then you must repent for what you have done. I will await you in New Valdev. You have three Saint's Days, or our hunt will resume. The magic with which you hide is known. Your hideout is known. Your mortal allies are known. Three days.
  2. I get that but I can't even say if I'm interested because I don't know what these would look like at all. Nobody knows what a medical or magic plugin would look like so I feel like it's virtually impossible to actually say you're interested in something that could take 100000 different forms.
  3. I dont think you can possibly poll this without explaining how they would be implemented
  4. The Commandant of the White Comet had little love for mortal squabbles. He therefore prayed that one would not spark from this.
  5. The hero we didn't know we needed
  6. For the sake of his lord brother, Villorik prayed that the wayward bloodline of Balian never spoke their dishonour in his presence. For their sake.
  7. I actually think LotC is really a sum of its parts - from the Four Brothers to modern-day interactions between races. Taken individually, any given component could probably fit into any other fantasy setting pretty well.
  8. um church .. haven't u read the lore lol .....

  9. Villorik of the White Comet had sworn to avenge the fallen Amaya. He would vanquish the Infernals that had done the murder -- it mattered little who aided them. Compared to that vengeance, nothing mattered at all.
  10. Villorik would mourn for his brother in arms, but he would not weep - for there was no better way to die for a warrior of the Light.
  11. This just seems like some silly vigilante stuff. Obviously any "romance RP" that goes beyond a general narrative context for your character (i.e., 'this person is my spouse which dictates how I interact with them' (good) vs. RPing in a locked castle bedroom in #w for 3 hours (bad)) is weird and can/should be punished as a matter of safety. Relationships (both platonic and otherwise) are often what makes a character nuance/relatable/interesting - I find the argument of "well you shouldn't play a dark CA unless you're going to be cardboard cut-out villain" because without this nuance (which can, but does not exclusively, come from their relationships) is just silly; you're still playing a character. If your character's only traits are "rawr i'm an evil demon" then your character probably sucks.
  12. "Took his dagger, hm?" Villorik of Westerwald sighed to himself as he beheld the frail form of a chicken, weakly lying on the ground, as the necrotic wound spread across it's feathered body. He glanced down at the dagger in question, slick with the chicken's blood from testing. Next time, the fool would lose more than his dagger.
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