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  1. *tells you a story about a team...

  2. Re the colonization aspect -- this is what the 'map end event' should actually be. Needless to say, we're all tired of the ham-fisted trope of some 'unanticipated' disaster forcing us off our homeland, so why don't we borrow a leaf from real-world history and incorporate colonization as a more core concept that both (a) serves as a new, fresh, and immersive way to end the map; and (b) provide a better basis for how the next continent is settled. A - Map End: Like I said above, we really shouldn't perpetuate the whole calamity stuff. Like in real history, we should look at a narrative where we migrate not because we're forced to, but because we want to. As Almaris drags on, through the course of some eventline, various nations and factions learn about this new land overseas; a land rich in resources, a land of fertile soil, or maybe cultural significance, that serves as a beacon for the Descendant races to send expeditions that eventually come to colonize it, building up new cities and civilizations that eclipse Almaris and prompt the relocation of royal courts and capitals. Obviously, even as a preliminary concept, there are a lot of creases to iron out with something like this - i.e., why nations might fully relocate to this new colony - but nothing that can't be worked out with a bit of brain-power. B - Colonization RP: It's definitely true that it's a bit jarring when you step onto the new land and all the cities or whatever are built, but also because you know nothing about this new land except it looks a bit different in the sense that the plain, bland biomes are in a different pattern. We should have a narrative connection to the map, even just as a very broad, simple overarching concept, from the get-go, which goes hand-in-hand with a colonization event-line, which should ideally take the form of Descendant expeditions finding the new continent, exploring it, and setting it up for it becoming the main Descendant colony in the future. The process of this colonization RP - which should, as a base concept, take the form of the Athera eventline done right - would provide this narrative and immersive basis for when the Descendants move over to the new colony in full.
  3. Conor#8203 Xarkly Dragon Knight - 400
  4. At this point, I enjoy the variation in PvP playstyles rather than everything being the same. I don't find timers particularly clunky, only that they allow for more player choice based on skill and preference. It facilitates slow warhammer crit-spammers and rapid combo'ers all the same, allowing people to fight in the way that they like best, which I think is good. I don't think removing the second row of hearts is viable, especially due to Surge procs.
  5. im starting to suspect epstein didnt kill himself
  6. It's still pointless because that same objective can be achieved, though. I can still say "stab with XYZ material" in 15 words to achieve that exact purpose, so putting some arbitrary realism cap on oversaturated CRP rules just makes it more incomprehensible and difficult to approach.
  7. I don't think anyone's saying it doesn't make sense; rather, it's silly to regulate. Clauses like speech limit - which in no way effect the actual fight - just oversaturate the already muddy rules to make it just incomprehensible. Regulating every little thing won't make CRP better, and the ST definitely shouldn't be involved in regulating inconsequential details of how players interact.
  8. Word limit per emote is unbelievably silly
  9. Removing a cap at the cost of 1 day extra for 4 extra players is pretty unbalanced. That's one 28-player raid per week. Think it's important to remember a gap of 5-12 is generally pretty generous compared to the past, and you have to bear in mind the chief weapon of raiders -- organisation, and speed. These weapons can allow most settlements to be stormed often before the rally cry can go up, and even when the bell is rang, it's often a case where there's a limited time window for people to actually get on. This organisation and speed - giving attackers the ability to catch settlements off-guard and block off points of escape and paths to rally bells - is what necessitates a balance in the form of a cap in the first place. Now with our most recent tech update, attackers can also use explosives and ladders to trivialise most defences. Like, with these new changes, I can drop a 28 man raid, who are organised for the raid and ready to block off, surround, etc. on a settlement who will probably get taken by surprise, whose walls I can ladder up, whose gates I can blow up, and who I can probably prevent reaching the rally bell at all because I have so many people to spare. Even if the defenders did reach the rally bell, it's really unlikely they could rally enough numbers to contest the raid before I initiate combat properly. I can do the above once per week on the same place in the current rules. I just think it's pretty imbalanced, and there's 0 potential for a good fight involved at all. I don't really think any nation on LotC presently or even in the past could win against the formula I described above if used correctly. All the new changes are cool and all, but in their totality it's hard to see how it's balanced at all for the current server. Best solution is just a cap, raids aren't meant to be mini-warclaims. @itdontmatta
  10. do you know what the point of walls are
  11. A WALDENIAN WEDDING WER RASTET DER ROSTET Issued by the DUCHY OF REINMAR On this 2nd day of Wzuvar and Byvca of 428 E.S. A southern lamb of dashing charm Whose lack of wits are no cause for alarm Is carried north by wayward chance Without enough practice for his wedding dance A baroness with a burden great Whose path was set by unlikely fate To expunge the shadow of her brother Whose life did that Crowdrake smother A Waldenian union fitting and true To mark a future bright and new A match to be christened in the autumn snow (The groom thinks it’s too far north for any guest to go) The wedding of Vanhart von Alstreim He who makes many maidens beam And the Lady Johanna of House Barclay A betrothal that took little parley To be held this coming autumn For this is where God has brought them. ______________________ The nobility of the Kongzem of Haense and Kingdom of Oren, and the denizens of the Duchy of Reinmar, are invited to attend the matrilineal union of Lady Johanna Barclay - Baroness of Sigradz, and heir to the Duchy of Reinmar - and Lord Vanhart von Alstreim, her future consort, in the Cathedral of Saint Tylos within the Duchy of Reinmar this coming autumn. The affair will be a simple one, marked by a ceremony and feast. Due to time constraints, the balloon race had to be cut, much to the groom’s disappointment. Gifts are not mandatory, but militarily encouraged. [[WEDDING OF BARCLAY HEIR - THIS SATURDAY, 3PM EST/8PM GMT, AT REINMAR, HAENSE - MAP BELOW]] Her Ladyship, Johanna Klaudia Barclay, Baroness of Sigradz
  12. unbelievably cool, fantastic work
  13. yes idea is that it shouldn't be "alright, and in the middle we're gonna have an AWESOME spruce forest with a road and some bushes" and more cool shit people remember. ice biomes with frozen waterfalls you can walk up, mushroom forests, floating islands, other cool fantasy shit
  14. Interesting + memorable biomes, and an actually story to the map are sorely needed.
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