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  1. yeah I mean the best way to get more AU events is to have AU people apply for the team, really. I understand how it's unfair for you guys and I'd do something about it if I could, other than make myself available to try scheduling events at a reasonable time. But ultimately until we get more aussies applying there's not a whooole lot we can do about it. I'm sorry that those events you do find are more PvE based, too, but thanks for your understanding of it. If you want you can hit me up and I'll see if I can do a non PvE event for you at a decent time.
  2. This month we're planning to roll out some changes for Actor logs so that we can keep a better eye on where events are happening and what players are involved, and we'll be taking another Manager on to help deal with that increased workload. So that should help a little in terms of weeding out the nepotism you're referring to. I knew it was a minor problem but maybe it's a bigger deal than I originally thought, so I'll take a closer look at that from now on. Regarding 'important eventlines' favouring certain players, I can only say that grandiose eventlines such as the Vaeyl Order depend on players coming to interact with them, and seldom the other way around (though it does happen). It is very, very, VERY easy to get involved in the Vaeyl eventline; all you have to do is go to any of dozens of eventsites and I'll take it from there. For example, there are Darkways Portals (sub-plot for the Vaeyl Order eventline) scattered everywhere across Atlas in ruins of former civilizations - near the Dominion, Krugmar, under Haense, in the Yatl Waste, Lasthope, outside Holm, and a few other places I can't even remember. Then in terms of stuff like Malgonious' eventline - that's geographically based down south. Additionally, players PM me to ask if they can do Vaeyl events all the time, and I usually do two of them everyday. There's a looooot of event content available if you do want to get involved. While I do want to see more ET bring events to people spontaneously, don't be afraid to go out and look for some. They're easy to find. So far we've done over 300 events since May alone, so the events are out there. I understand you might not be exposed to them, so that IS something we'll be looking at, but yeah, like I said, if you wanna get involved don't be afraid to get out there. Well I can tell you straight up that not every single event is like that and to refer to the Vaeyl Order again, how that plays out is nearly entirely decided by what players say and do. That entire eventline has taken so many twists and turns I didn't even anticipate until they happened because of what players said and did. So, yeah, it is truthful by stating that anyone can shape the world. Again I do understand that there might be an issue with half-hearted PvE events and all I can really say right now is that I agree they're not super great, and that I will do what I can to try steer people in a different direction. It'll help a lot more when we take on a new Manager so I don't have to read most of this stuff by myself, and then we can progress a little faster. But yeah, not much more to say on this point other than there is a huge opportunity for players to affect the world via their actions, and that we'll be looking at these repetitive PvE events to iron them out. I know I'm mainly toting my own events here, but I just hope you trust me when I say I'm going to look at trying to encourage ET to branch out. Well this one's a little tricky in that we don't have any AU ET anymore after Joel left I think. The ET is proportionate of the server in general in that it is mostly US timezones and I'm not really sure what you expect us to do about that. I'm happy to encourage people to do their events are more accomodating timezones, but people like Malgonious do their events late because of their RL schedule and I think it's pretty unfair of you to ask people to change their schedule. We're equipped with more US ETs than other timezones, and that's just an unfortunate reality. People like me would do a lot of events at earlier times to facilitate Europeans (I'm GMT myself) and I have to frequently turn down event requests at around 5/6EST because it gets too late for me. Like I understand you here but really we don't have enough non-US ET and people have real life to contend with. Most GMT ET like myself WOULD hold events before or around 8GMT, so there's that, but there's only a few of us. But if you want to make a difference in that regard, then you should definitely apply for ET yourself. Probably the best way to circumvent this unfortunate barrier is to contact an ET and arrange an event. So, TLDR; There are loads of events (300+ this summer so far) and eventsites out there that are easy to find and will get you involved in some of the bigger storylines. If you still can't find any, literally just PM me or any other ET and we'll fix you up We're working on introducing new Actor Logs to help track where people do their events, for who and what kind of event it is in the hope of weeding out nepotism and encouraging ET to branch out in terms of content We'll think of ways of encouraging more ET to bring events to you in your cities or w/e rather than the other way around Unfortunately there's not a whole lot we can do about timezones; you should try contacting ET to arrange events here Thanks for the feedback, hope this was helpful.
  3. Xarkly

    I'm Building a Team

    if you wanna do some event related **** for it hmu
  4. Xarkly

    [I] Fawbole's Game Moderator Application

    At a time when the gm team was super lethargic fawb was like the only person who wanted to do something and was genuinely really passionate about making a positive impact Bring him back +1
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    This Server is Dying

    @Medvekoma probably gonna do something like that yeah The et modreqs were always sort of an experiment. Ideally it was meant to be for letting certain ETs know you wanted to interact with an event site and a quick time event if people were up for it but I feel like peoples expectations got too high. Doing an event on relatively short notice is kind of hard in terms of motivation for quality. A subforum for it is a cool idea tho so I'm hoping to try something like that in the future
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    First and only AMA 300 posts

    what will become of the vaeyl
  7. When someone applies for the Event Team, their event scenarios are appraised based on the concept, the content, feasibility and how the event accounts for interaction/input of players and how this event facilitates character development. The final two point are especially vital; events should be regarded as stories, and I have always been of the opinion that stories should invoke emotions and feelings inside someone, whether it's laughter, sadness, etc. My vision has always been that a player should leave an event going, 'wow, that was really exciting/cool/sad/funny.' They should leave the event feeling something that they can carry with them, and something that can attribute to who their character really is. So to address your point on that matter, character interaction and development are now key points someone needs to satisfy to actually make it onto the Event Team as an Actor. I understand if you've had some experiences where this isn't the case -- it's a nice idea on paper, but definitely harder to execute. Please note that there are efforts being made to tailor events to provide significantly more character development, to create stories that shape characters in ways beyond the mere intention of the player. These events do exist, and are growing in frequency; without trying to toot my own horn, my own eventline's enjoyed a lot of success in this regards. It's challenged character's perceptions of the world, changed their mindsets, sent them on a completely different path, and I know others have replicated this. I understand your point and I hope there'll be a point where you'll be able to participate in events like this. The primary narrative and transition events - particularly the latter - have, in the past, been less than stellar - that much I think everyone can agree on. Realistically speaking, creating an event for hundreds of players is a colossal task and difficult to execute with any success, particularly whilst accounting for the input of these hundreds of players. Regarding Atlas' primary narrative, there is no great Aengudaemon antagonist that players face off against in the form of /mob zombie 50 a couple of hundred times. The story of Atlas is being told in the form of nebulous, interconnected eventlines from the Vaeyl Order to the September Prince. There are no rigid plans for things like the Vaeyl Order eventline; it's not a case of 'The Order tries to take back their land and X, Y and Z event happens'. It's 'The Order tries to take back their lands BUT players steal the Oathstone; The Order hates Descendants BUT through interaction and dialogue-heavy events players have changed their minds; The Order was once unified in its goal to take back their land BUT through player interaction they are now split between whether they should fight Descendants or ally with them'. Like before, I understand your point if you've had some negative experiences in your RP career, but there are events that exist to promote this level of interaction and involvement, of winning and losing. To add onto the 'win/lose' argument, you have to account for different players. Some players appreciate consequence and the depth that affords an event, but others can't appreciate it. It depends entirely on the participants and trying to apply that level of consequence that one group might really enjoy could ruin an event for another. It's a tough line to tow, and the ET simply don't have the power to PK anyone. The most consequence that can be realistically be applied is, again, character development. You should also appreciate that bounties don't have to be approached in that two-dimensional perspective; in a recent bounty I did with Boggens, I think I was successful in providing both a good event and a depth of real consequence. For example, one character was emotionally traumatised because he made a mistake and killed a real person he thought was only a Boggen illusion. I like to believe that in my tenure as ET lead I've made an effort to help improve things to be more in line with what you expect and I hope I've at least somewhat convinced you of that so far. For what it's worth, I am going to revise things based on this feedback and see if there's more that can be done. And in the meantime, if you're really serious about making a difference, here's the ET Actor application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/4-event-team-actor-application/ Thank you for making this feedback. It's given us something to think on and I hope my response was helpful.
  8. Xarkly

    [Denied] ZeldarinaX's Event Team Actor application

    Denied upon request. You better apply again in a few months; this was a good application and I couldn't give a fruitie patootie about whether you played in 2016 or not.
  9. Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.