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  1. Victory for Romstun and the Horde!
  2. Also in regards to your pet, if it says if can't be found, its not dead it's just in an unloaded chunk.
  3. peace in our time
  4. This charter application has been approved.
  5. Yes hi hello, message me in-game or here on the forums
  6. Yes hi hello, message me in-game or here on the forums
  7. Yes hi hello, message me in-game or here on the forums
  8. Yo sorry for the delay Send me a message here on the forums and we'll boogie.
  9. yo hi hello These are some really cool ideas and I like them. First thing I did when I saw this was go to the Dev Team and ask about what was feasible for the deployable ****, which I loved. Sadly though, it's on the Dev wishlist but they've not got it planned for release in the near future, so not much a wittle GM like me can do about that. As for the Warclaim/zone stuff itself, pretty interesting and I do like the layer of dynamism it'd provide. Few questions though -- when you refer to a ballista being set up and used during a Warclaim, do you mean being operated with rolls, GMs and brushes? Overall I really like the ideas and I'd like to try and expand on them with you, we'd just need to cross the issue of logistics in some cases. Hit me up on Skype or when can just chat about it here. And genuinely, thanks a million for the feedback, War Team's always grateful to see this and always willing to listen.
  10. +1 cool n hip
  11. +1 Super competent +1 Super knowledgeable & sensible +1111111111111111111111111 Irish Nationalist
  12. Victory for the Rebellion!
  13. Mk we'll call it two. I don't wanna give anymore, because once again, you can win more next week.
  14. Ya. There'll be another warzone next week and you can win more trebuchets at that. Normally there'd be no benefits to winning a skirmish warzone so really you're getting the chance to win more siege equipment that usual.
  15. War Team Update Rothswood Warzone & War Chest concept art of big mineman pvp in 1.12 The Ruthern & Rebels vs Courland Warzone is now open andhasbeenforthelasttwodaysidontknowwhyimonlymakingthisnow If you're a rebel fighting alongside the forces of House Ruthern, head over to the human hub and find the warcart there beneath the twinned-grey flag of the Rutherns. Or, if you're a Courlander, you can find your warcart beneath a green and black banner outside the gates of Aleksandria, by the Soulstone pillar. This Warzone will stay open up until Saturday, once the skirmish has been fought. Three capture points are being set up across the Warzone and so on Friday night, a capture the point session will be held, which will grant the winner one FREE trebuchet for the FOLLOWING week's siege. Also, Teegah's done some great work and added a War Chest, which you can read about below. Capture The Points On Friday night, at 6PM EST/11PM GMT, a Capture the Points session will be held in the Warzone. The Ruthen Rebels and Courland must compete to hold three capture points, which are located in the forest, the snowbanks, and near the Tosali manor. Whoever holds a point for the longest will win that point, and whoever wins the points by midnight GMT will be declared the winner, and win a free trebuchet for the following week's siege! Also, just take a second to familiarize yourself with the Warzone rules: Courland must use Status Fighting in the Warzone, and Rebels must use Status Crusading. If you're fighting in the Warzone without a status I'll see to it you get s l a p p e d. You can't enter the enemy's camp. Grappling hooks are encourage to be used, but should not be used to hide on the trees or gain access to an opposing party's war camp. Please maintain a balance of role-play when using mechanics. Horses are strictly prohibited within the Warzone. As always, maintain other server rules while in the warzone. You may not enter the Warzone naked and without armor in an attempt to snipe loot. The War Chest Aaand now, the War Team would like to introduce a new feature of warzones -- the War Chest! yaaaaaay wooo Alright, so basically, this chest can be found at the top floor of the Tosali manor, in the middle of the Warzone. In this chest, you can find some PvP l0000t that will respawn every 30 - 90 minutes, so make sure to stick around the Warzone to try and grab it. Bear in mind though, if you're caught taking from this chest without a status or without having any gear, the loot will be taken off you. Big thanks to @Teegah for getting this cool feature set up. And as usual, thanks to everyone who helped build the Warzone. That's all -- go have fun and kill eachother. -The GM War Team @Rudi_ .