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  1. Yo Skuke I've been trying to add you on Discord for the past few days for an interview. Please accept soon or we'll have to overlook you xoxox
  2. Accepted as a trial or something
  3. forum moderator doesn't start with g
  4. Yes pls +1
  5. Accepted as a trial accept my Discord request you goon
  6. Accepted as a Trial i guess
  7. accepted as a trial, congrats or something idk
  8. Title got my hopes up ...
  9. the greatest of the dev teams' crimes is that they're not using stock images for the slideshow

  10. Before it was cool ...
  11. ok tom u can stop fishing for rep now ..... okay but for real even though this isn't feedback this is actual valid information we can use to ACTUALLY IMPROVE LOTC. Honestly we're at a turning point here, with a new map upcoming, we have ONE LAST CHANCE to take some of this advice, among the million of other problems that are staring us in the face, and improve. We can either change the course of this server, or ride its current to hell.
  12. There's a new rule overhaul coming soon and the new raid rules (from the last War Poll) will be included in that
  13. Yeah it looks like real-world warzones are a definite possibility so we'll be looking at doing them in the future. For now though, continue voting on this poll.
  14. If higher staff didn't object, I'd be down for that.