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  1. "You know, they killed your brother, right?" Floris' words echoed around the gloomy, lonely interior of his cabin as the schooner carried him eastwards, rising and falling gently as it mounted the rolling waves, and descended just as quickly. He sat on a plain sleeping pallet shoved into the corner of the room, which was completely bare in terms of furniture except for a modest desk, stool, and wall-mounted lantern. The lantern hung cold and solitary, casting the room in complete darkness but for pale shaft of morning light that crept beneath the door. Floris sat alone on the pallet, a copy of the Restoration Act clutched in hand, the contents having been transcribed hastily and on old, creased parchment. He had picked up the thing before they boarded, but it was only now that he had taken the time to read it, and taken the time to allow the words to pierce his heart. "He hardly made it out of the wagon," he went of coarsely, simply thinking aloud as his eyes scanned the sheet. "Cut down by half a dozen men, when he came as a diplomat. Not like Meric, subtly killed by a rogue, but butchered by the Staunton's own men in broad daylight at the gates of Aleksandria, when he came in peace. And how do you remember your brother, Viktor?" Before he knew it, he clenched a fist, and crumpled the parchment with ease in his slender hand. "You spat on his name. You **** on his memory, and violated the cause he worked for. What kind of man leaps through flaming hoops in order to get power from the very people who killed his own brother, war or not?" Floris slowly pushed up from the pallet, prompting it to creak beneath his weight, as he moved to the desk. "No man at all, but a snake." "I knew not Boris nor many other Rutherns, but your treachery is so black that I cannot stomach it. One day, snake, you shall hiss your final hiss, and pass to the next world. If God is good, it will by the blade of a just executioner, but I pray that you will realize, as you burn in the Nether, whether betraying your family and desecrating all forms of honour was no worthwhile price for hollow power. Slither on, snake. You do not have much longer."
  2. Floris van Loden stood atop the gatehouse of St. Karlsburg. The sky was swathed in grey clouds, from which a myriad of snowflakes ascended, quickly nestling themselves in the former Maer's sandy, windstrewn hair. Though clouds ruled the sky, the sun could be visible setting to the west, bathing the world in a pleasant golden light, beaming brightly between chinks of the snowclouds and turning them a rosy amber hue. From atop the battlements of the gatehouse, Floris turned his heavy-set eyes away from the city he had come to love. He knew each and every street better than the back of his hand, and he knew each and every inhabitant of each and every house. This had been a home. The sheer thought made him clench a fist, and he had to wrench his eyes from the snow-dusted rooftops, before a tear came to them. Instead, he looked out towards the tall soldier pines of he undead-ridden Rothswood. Their peaks stood silhoeutted, like shadowy claws tearing at the gold-grey sky, but they instilled just as much sadness in Floris as sight of the city did. When he looked down to the snow-trodden paths, he could see a steady trickle of his fellow Hansetians, from armoured footman to ragged peasants, make their way towards the docks, their possessions carried in sacks over their shoulders or carried by a mule-drawn cart. Their eyes were dead, Floris could tell without looking, and their hearts were as still as his. As he began to make his way down from the gatehouse, he spared one last glance towards the palace of Ottosgrad, proudly coronating the low-lying city. There, gleaming gold in the sunlight, he could see the twinned banners of House Barbanov, black slashed with gold, rippling fiercely in the wind, as proud as it had been the day it had seen the country's independence, and the defeat of the Brawm rebels. "You were right, Staunton," Floris muttered hoarsely under his breath, and tears began to blur his vision. "One day they shall pay. It might be ten, twenty, a hundred years, but your words will ring true once more. The tables shall turn again and you will see your circle complete. One day you shall pay."
  3. Application Minecraft name: Xarkly Age: Eighteen Timezone: GMT Skype/Discord: Skype; sparklexarkle Discord; Xarkly#8203 What is your availability: Right now, I'm able to put in around four of five-ish hours on weekday afternoons, whereas on the weekend I can probably spend upwards to seven. If there was something happening on a particular day that I was needed for, I'd probably be able to stick around for a good bit longer, because what is real life. It's also worth noting that I do a considerable bit of LOTC outside of actual in-game roleplaying, from documenting, to writing events, etc. And naturally, come summer, I'd have a lot more free time. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Transparency, trust and communication. You've probably read this on a lot of applications, but I'm of the opinion that transparency in staff decision making is absolutely paramount at this stage. I'd really like to see staff make a general discussion thread whenever there's some kind of decision in the making, so they can get feedback from the community, but more importantly, explain WHY they're making this certain decision. For me, explaining your reasoning is a tried and trusted method of getting others to understand your viewpoint and why this decision might be necessary. I genuinely feel like if the time was taken to explain a decision to people, they would be a lot more understanding rather than having it thrust upon them. In addition to that, I feel like it would make players feel a lot more trusting to staff, in a time where disenfranchisement seems to be a growing issue among various playerbases. It's pivotal to remember that GMs are here to, ultimately, serve the players and nurture the wellbeing of the server. As such, players should be afforded as much input as possible when staff decisions are being made, and they should always be kept up to date on what's happening, and why. It goes without saying that not everyone's been happy with all the staff decisions as of late, but I know for a fact that the decisions themselves are not what frustrated people -- rather, they were supplied with no context, and no reasoning, and instead left in the dark. A nice example of this would be the server blacklist. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: As an aide rather than an authority. I feel that, despite GMs being classified as staff, they should make an earnest effort to appear as a regular player, just with the ability to help out those in need and keep the peace. They should be very approachable and interact with the playerbase frequently. It must just be as a result of the human playerbase I'm involved with, but I've not actually roleplayed with a GM -- ever. This isn't a fault of any existing GMs, but I just think it would be nice to see GMs interacting with playerbases across the spectrum, so that people can remember that GMs are players who want to enjoy the game too, and not just a higher authority. I feel like this would make GMs seem much more approachable. To reiterate, I don't believe that this is any fault with GMs, but it's something I felt like I ought to mention it. I should also add, I feel like the GM team are, at present, doing a good job of this -- so their current presentation is pretty acceptable to me. Yes, I know that GMs can be really busy, especially since they often hold multiple staff positions and don't have time to go around RPing with every playerbase, but I feel like it would be really nice to see, and it's something I'd endeavour to do in order to shun any concept of GM alienation from the rest of the regular playerbase. In addition to that, GMs should display the traits expected of them - good behavior, friendliness, helpful, level-headed, calm, patient, and understanding. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Similar to my previous point, I believe the GM team should be styled as a group of friendly players with the ability to help others, and dedicated to the core reason that binds us all to this forsaken place -- fun. Because when you think about it simply, we're really all here to enjoy ourselves. So I think it's critical for a GM to remember that when they're going about their duties. They should ensure that they don't inhibit the fun or immersion of any individual player so long as they're abiding by general server rules and common courtesy. It really irks me when I see two people arguing over some RP fight and they end up calling a GM and the salt levels reach critical - because they're not having fun. Though it sounds impossible, I'd love to be able to try instill the reminder that we're here to have fun in players who get caught in arguments like that. So, with that said, GMs should be good-humoured and good-natured, remembering that we're here to have fun and a game, and don't serve to put-off players with an intimidating or overly-serious nature. Additionally, it should go without saying that any GM should possess and present themselves as having an abundance of patience and empathy, capable of logically analyzing and understanding the context behind any conflict and dispute. I feel like this is an essential attribute of any GM, as it renders them unlikely to react out of frustration or impatience, which could result in a messy conclusion, or a ban, and certainly a lot of player unsatisfaction. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Claireanne Parkins NameBadge What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I'm not familiar with any of the current GMs on a personal level, though my experiences with them through modreqs and things like that have been nothing but pleasant. I pride myself on being a friendly individual inclined towards teamwork and cooperation, so I don't see any problems occurring with other GMs anyway, especially since I've never been involved in any trouble. What are your finest and worst traits?: We'll start with the good ones so I feel better about myself: Patient; I'm a person with an abundance of patience, and highly durable, if not immune, when it comes to stress and frustrating situations. No matter how stressful a situation might be, I'm always able to keep a level-head and remain calm, cool and collected. This allows me to deal with every sort of individual, from the most reasonable, to the most nightmarish. To this end, I feel like I'd definitely make a useful addition to the team in terms of player relations and support. I can deal with people, and situations, with great efficiency and patience. Empathetic; Empathy has always been one of my core strengths. I'm always able to get an idea of how other people feel in regards to a situation, and I'm confident in my ability to analyse their viewpoint and see where they're coming from. This allows me to get a greater sense of context and reason when dealing with an event concerning multiple conflicted parties, and helps to greatly inform me when making any kind of decision. I'm able to understand why people might think or act in a certain way, and I can appeal to them through this. So when it might come to dealing with a conflict on the server, I'll be able to analyse both sides and make an informed, unbiased decision. Leadership; Abilities in leadership are also among one of my strongest attributes. My empathetic nature and patience allow me to deal with all kinds of players, and subsequently help act as a leadership figure if necessary. I also don't believe in leading -- I prefer to call it guiding, since at this stage in the server's life cycle in regards to OOC, I believe people should be able to make their own informed decisions with a little guidance to help point them in the right direction. Similarly, when it might come to working on a project on the GM team or ET, I'd be able to involve everyone in the project, delegating tasks to appropriate individuals and overseeing the overall progress so that everyone can feel like they made an equal, lasting contribution. Relaxed, Helpful & Friendly; I style myself as a relaxed, casual and friendly individual which lends me an approachable nature so that players can approach me with any questions, queries or complaints. I strive to beyond the norm to help people -- for example, if I'm not able to help them, I'd try to get in touch with someone who can, or point them to someone. If I'm personally not able to help someone or they're stuck in a bad situation, it just doesn't sit well for me to leave them there, so I'd always try to help them out as much as possible. Though it may be time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary, that's just the type of person I am. My relaxed nature also prevents me from taking a situation overly serious, and remembering that this is a game intended for fun. Passionate; When I get involved with something, like a staff team or project, I tend to fully commit to it. I like to really leave my mark on things and feel involved with a community, so naturally I tend to become passionate about anything I get involved with, so long as it interests me. As such, any work I do is done with my absolute drive, determination, and conviction, in order to make it the best experience possible for not only myself, but everyone else involved, too. Critical & Analytical; As someone with a history in reviews and formal debating, I've come to develop a strong ability to analyse things and source out any flaws. I can then offer constructive criticism, so that these flaws won't be present next time. I tend to do this during my events -- once an event is over, I analyse it, and think of what went wrong or what I could have done better. Similarly, I also note what went well and what to do again next time. Then, I'd contact any participants and gather feedback in order to make further changes. I believe I can utilize a similar modus operandi on the GM team, in order to always be improving my performance. Here's a middle-ground one: Not widely known; Most people reading this probably don't know who I am, since I'm not hugely known throughout the LoTC community. While this can be considered a good thing since I don't have any baggage, negative reputation or enemies, it might also be considered a negative trait because people aren't overly familiar with me, and may be initially reluctant to trust me, work with me, or what have you. I hope to change this as I spend more time enjoying myself on the server, but I felt like it was worth pointing this out for the sake of honesty. Aaand now the negatives: Procrastinator; I am, admittedly, a bit of an aloof day-dreamer. I can sometimes get side-tracked from a job by this, before my mind drifts to somewhere else entirely and off the topic at hand. While I am confident in my ability to handle me tendency to procrastinate and day-dream, it should be noted that I definitely consider it to be one of my personal flaws. Lenient; It's also important to note that I am, by nature, a people-pleaser -- I don't like annoying people or getting on their bad side, and as such I've developed a bad habit of avoiding this. When it comes to the likes of bans and other penal matters, I feel like I might often be too lenient towards players, since I've always found it difficult to take a hard stance. However, I do constantly strive to improve in this regard, and I believe that it won't be a huge issue, should I make it onto the team. Illogical; To put it simply, I can be, at times, stupid. Sometimes I might overlook things, or fail to understand them until I break it down and go over it a second time. I am prone to make mistakes if I don't familiarize myself with something before trying it. Unrealistic; As I mentioned above, I can be a bit of a dreamer at times. I try to channel this into my creative nature, but sometimes I can dream a little too big. For example, I might come up with a really great idea for an event or something like that, but in reality, it just might not be applicable to a medium such as LoTC. It might require too much work, it might be lorebending, it might be too complex, etc. Though I'm usually capable of realizing what is and what is not doable, I still consider it a personal flaw. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I originally first joined Lord of the Craft back in 2013, which might surprise some people since they probably only know me since last year. So I joined in 2013 with some friends from another roleplaying server where I was very active. Honestly, I can't even remember what group these friends were in or what they were doing, but they helped me familiarize myself with the world of LoTC -- and I fell in love. I found the immersion to top any prior experiences I had with roleplay, and the sheer scale and scope of the server amazed me. I felt awestruck that so many people had put in so much work to build such a vibrant and engaging world, and on a Minecraft server of all places. Regrettably though, I didn't stick around for too long. Unable to find a niche that properly captivated me, I soon drifted back to the aforementioned roleplaying medium, where I stayed active for a number of years. During those years, though, I did pop back to LoTC twice. However, I came alone and with very little knowledge of the server and its factions. Playing as a human commoner, I wandered around the labyrinthine capital cities in search of something to do and something to keep me going. Although I didn't know it back then, it's helped me to recognise the flaw of player retention today, though recent efforts by the AT seemed to be making a huge difference, so props to then. But anyway, I was eventually drafted into some military organization under the reigning human monarch. It was good at first - I became familiar once again with the basics of RP, and I learned to love the server once again. I think I was a levyman to House Dystov, and I spent a lot of time in Petrus, though to be honest, I remember little of this, since it was a couple of years ago. I stuck around for about a month or so, dabbling in different human groups, but I eventually ended up drifting away once again. Thing is, I don't know why. I think it was some kind of big occurence back on my old RPing game, but I honestly can't remember. Looking back now, though, I really wished I had stayed. I came back to LoTC again some time later, I can't recall what year it was even, but I remember encountering the same problem as a new human player without any contacts or help, lost in this big, marvelous world without much of an idea of where to go or what to do. I joined the Order of St. Amyas, since they were the first people to actually come and offer me a job, and served as a footman to them for some time until they became the Ashen Vindicators. Having played an identical role during my previous tenure on LoTC, I soon realised that footman RP simply was not for me. But, unable to find anything else to get involved with, I shortly ended up drifting off once again, back to my old roleplaying game, and leaving the undiscovered wonders of LoTC behind him yet again. Finally, though, I returned to LoTC last year. As usual, I was a human RPer and I was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the world, along with all the people and groups, and as I was alone, I had very little clue of what to do. But this time, I was really determined to make it work. I remember walking up through the gates of Johannesburg, and being asked for my name and business. I don't know why, but this really just made me conscious of how big, beautiful and complex this world is. I settled in a house, and resolved to stay in the city before familiarizing myself with the outside world. It was after some days of working as a smith that someone messaged me, mistaking me for someone else. I explained I was 'new', and we started talking. This player then offered me a role in a new family they were building, and it was then I made the character I currently have 500 IG hours on, Floris de Ruyter. With this character and my newfound familial ties, I became a Johannesburg steward. Immediately, I fell in love with the job, which was much more fulfilling than soldiering. Before long. I came to know Johannesburg like the back of my hand, and became known as a helpful and hard-working individual within the city walls. I spent my days working with the rest of the stewards, selling houses, performing evictions, etc. I eventually was offered the spot as Head Steward of the city, and I continued to work diligently on improving Johannesburg and making it run as effective and efficiently as possible. To this end, I successful ran a team of stewards and organized daily group efforts to keep the city and its inhabitants in working order. It was not until the Coalition War was in full swing that I fought in my first warclaim. I wasn't a PvPer and while I consider myself decent at RP combat, fighting was not my passion nor my area of expertise. I had heard of the rebellion and its growing momentum, but I never really paid much attention it; I continued to work on Johannesburg and nurtured the RP I had fallen in love with. However, when I heard that my city was genuinely threatened, I went out to fight with the others. As Oren continued to lose warclaims and their allies dropped like hot potatoes, I remained in the city that I had worked so hard to keep going. I remember that me and the player who recruited me stood in the Johannesburg courthouse, and reminisced ICly about the time when we first came to the city, so full of hope and dreams, but now only barricades and archer towers remained instead of marketplaces. This is easily my saddest moment in RP to date - that moment when everything we had worked for crumbled around us. I stayed in Johannesburg until the very end. When it turned into a thanhium crater, my family and I moved to the Kingdom of Haense where I faced the issue of having to find a place to fit in, since I had struggled to do that in Johannesburg. I honestly worried that this would be the end of my time on LoTC, since I wouldn't know what to do our how to keep myself engaged in RP, but thankfully this wasn't the case. I assumed a stewarding role in the Hansetian capital of St. Karlsburg and the northern community proved extremely welcoming and friendly. All my previous fears quickly faltered. I soon became the High Steward of St. Karlsburg, and once again took control of a small team of people to help manage the city and strive to improve it. I later went on to become the Maer of St. Karlsburg and landed myself the title of Baron after the de Ruyter, now called van Loden, leader went inactive. As a northern lord and Maer, I became fully involved in the community, and felt like I had actually found a place to belong on LoTC like never before. I went on to fight in the Brawm WC, which was the first WC to date that I served in and actually won. But it made me appreciate the amount of work people put into this game, from the war team to the nation leaders who build their siege engines, siege camps and rally such high numbers. It was with an elevated sense of awe that I followed my Hansetian friends into the ruins of the Houndsden, and defeated the Brawm rebels. I wished I could have said thank you to the Brawms, since this was such an enjoyable experience for me. However, WC victories were short lived when Courland and Haense went to war. I fought in every single skirmish, warzone and warclaim in this particular war, but Haense was overwhelmed in each and every one of them. I enjoyed the raids, and I enjoyed the skirmishes and warclaims even though we lost, since I still managed to have fun. It was also around this time that I became a member of the ET -- this is a role that I am currently enjoying immensely, and hope to continue with it long into the future. With Haense having surrendered just last night, I no longer worry about having to fit in or being lost, since I now have a comfortable family of friendly Rpers and a solid base of contacts across the playerbase. At the end of the day, my most memorable moments have been those I got to share in RP with the new friends I've come to make, whom I have enjoyed the past several months with. I've had such fun on LoTC, and now I'd like to play my part to help improve the server by contributing to the GM team. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Beyond a doubt, it would have to be the people. As good as the plugins and the lore are, without the players there'd be nothing. I've expressed my wish to improve transparency and staff-player relations, along with my ability to deal with people in a friendly yet professional capacity, and as such I'm most interested in communicating with players across the entire spectrum, from kingly humans to demonic spooks, gathering their feedback and using this to help improve the overall state of the server. I mentioned it already, but I strongly believe that its paramount to remember we're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. That's why I'd like to devote myself to helping improve player happiness, from staff decisions, to warclaims, etc. I'd like to be able to deal with all sorts of complaints and feedbacks, and file monthly reports on how the various communities feel, what problems they have, what they like, and what they don't like. I believe every part of the server maintains an exceptional quality, and I give every staff member my heartfelt thanks for all the work they do, but I do believe in constantly striving for improvement and betterment. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: I don't personally know the majority of the current applicants, though I'd like to see 6xdestroyer on the team, along with Chaw. Link me a good song: #revolution
  4. As someine heavily involved with city administration, these rules are a massive pain. In the Hansetian capital of St. Karlsburg, we're always squeezed in terms of housing. In order to satisfy the demand, we often need to perform quick evictions. Obviously, though, this rule hinders that and we're forced to tell people to wait three whole days for a house. This would be fine, except posting a sign outside a house belonging to someone who hasn't been online in twenty days feels pointless, 'cause chances are they're not gonna see the sign anyway. It really disrupts the flow of the city, and turns newcomers away, discouraging increased population and activity. So, I'll propose two changes; -A three-day eviction notice is only required if the home owner has been online in the last 10 or 15 days. -Stewards are free to evict homes whenever they need to, but any items claimed in the eviction must be kept in storage for up to a week or two to allow the evictee to claim them. Plsno. Remember this also involves capital cities with populations of 40+. I feel like it's really unfair to ask people like me to keep 40+ Skype contacts on standby just for this, especially since digging out the details for these 40+ people would be an excessive amount of work when there are much more efficient rules we could use.
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  6. =- To Die For One's Country -= The battlefield following Courland's victory over Haense at the Battle of Elba, 1603 =-= "Here, look at this, Eldon, this bloke still has a sword on 'im!" With a frown, Eldon looked up from the dead Haensetian. Were it not for the red-leather jerkin, adorned with the black-and-gold slashed badge of House Barbanov, Eldon would never have been able to tell the corpse once belonged to a Haensetian at all. He had always fancied himself as having a knack to tell where people were from just by beholding their face, but that would not be possible with this poor bloke; his face seemed to have gotten too familiar with the wrong end of a lance. His kettle-helmet, so caked in blood and mud that it looked as if it had been forged with crimson bronze rather than steel, was relatively unscathed compared to the gaping remains of a face it sat upon. "A sword, y' say?" Eldon queried with skepticism as he straightened back up. He cast his gaze adrift across the muddy and blood-soaked remains of the battlefield, with dead men and horses alike strewn everywhere, until his eyes settled on Patrik, his companion, who stood hunched over a dead Haensetian some thirty-feet down the road. "Aye, looky here!" Patrik called back enthusiastically, before he raised an arming sword into the air. In the pale light of the morning, it stood silhoeutted against the dim, grey sky, but Eldon was surprised nonetheless. Though still uncertain, since they had not found a single decent trinket after searching through the sea of dead bodies, Eldon slowly made his way over to join Patrik. He stepped on dead soldiers and horses alike, his thick hide boots squelching as they splashed in their blood. When he had first taken to corpse-looting, not long after he deserted the Imperial Legion, he had been as superstitous as could be, avoiding every corpse unless it brazenly displayed some kind of valuable, but now he felt almost at home among their dead, glazed eyes and their decaying faces, still etched with the horrors of their final moments. During his years as a corpse-looter, Eldon had even developed an interest in examining their faces, to see whether or not they held screams or surprise -- whether they had died painfully, or quickly. He soon made his way to Patrik after having trodden through a path of a dead. The younger, squat-faced man was smiling wickedly - this was the first time Eldon had ever agreed to take someone else scavenging with him, and he had only agreed because Patrik was his nephew. Eldon stuck out his gloved hand, and Patrik reluctantly handed him the sword by the pommel. It was an arming sword, thick and stout, and forged from solid ferrum. Idly, Eldon gave it a way few swings. The blade was light, for iron, and cut smoothly through the air. "Not bad, lad, not bad," he concurred with a nod. "This'll fetch a penny or two." Patrik's face was split by a proud beam, as he straightened up. "How come there aren't any more swords, though? We've been here for nearly twenty minutes, and this is the first one." "Couranders must've taken them all," Eldon deduced absent-mindedly as he slid the arming sword through his belt. "Same reason there are no Courlander bodies; must've been buried." "Oh," Patrik said, and nodded in understanding, though he did not seem pleased -- something about looting Courlander bodies specifically seemed to have pleased him, oddly enough. The pair of them silently resumed their search, their boots leaving vivid imprints in the mud and blood as they prodded and turned over dead Haensetians, searching for trinkets and blades alike. Eldon was not sure how much time had passed, but when he looked up, he found that the grey light had been shed in favour of bright, golden sunlight that filtered through the tall pines that surrounded them and cast long shadows across the field. The arming sword remained the sole thing that hung from Eldon's belt, and towards the end of his search he had began to incessantly mutter a plethora of curses. "Find anything, Patrik?" he asked without much hope as he straightened up, and wiped the sweat from his brow. "Patrik?" When there came no answer, he knit his brows and swept his gaze across the battlement once more. "Where the fu-..." Eldon was not sure which he saw first - Patrik's body, or the fog. For a moment, he stood there as his blood seemed to freeze in his veins, his eyes locked on the corpse of his nephew, deep, bloody claw marks streaking the torn remains of his tunic. And then the fog. Though Eldon had been robbing battlefields for many years, he had never seen that fog. He had dealt with ghosts, apparitions and even mania in his time, but never the fog. But he had heard of it from wiser grave robbers, and he knew what it meant. He knew he had to run. -=- BOUNTY Wanted: Professionals capable of traversing a battlefield, and dispatching of the monsters that lurk there. Threat level: Moderate. Party Number: Maximum of five people. Description of beast: "Fog. That's all I could see, God's honest truth. But whatever went in that fog, it didn't bloody come out." Location: The site at which the Battle of Elba, fought between Courland and Haense, was held, north of the human docks. Rewards: 400 Mina to be split among the participants. Additionally, if their morals permit it, they might find a thing or two lying on soldiers' corpses. -=- (( Alrighty, due to the overwhelming amount of people interested in my last bounty, I'm restricting this bounty to a maximum of ONE group of up to five or six people, or five individuals or smaller groups. If you're interested, please post below and send me a message on the forums or on Skype [sparklexarkle] and we'll arrange a time. Happy hunting. ))
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  8. "There's nothing there, Fabrian, you're wasting your time." Fabrian ignored the chide. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and squinted through the labyrinth of tree trunks and shrubbery. The Aleksandrian greatrees were impossibly tall, with their broad, leafy canopies completely obscuring all traces of the sun but for a few chinks in the leafy armour that permitted a few fractured shafts of light down into the forest, and their massive trunks were ringed by dense foliage and plants. Anything could be hiding amidst the greenery, and Fabrian was convinced something was, though his examination yielded nothing. "Come on, Fabrian, let's go home," the voice behind him grumbled impatiently. Fabrian ignored him for another moment, before he finally sighed, and turn from the small, muddy ridge from where he had examined the woods. He had his supple, redwood longbow clutched in his hand, while his other hand ghosted by the quiver on his belt, and it was with great reluctance that he looped the bowstring around his shoulder, and joined his companion on the forest floor. Perhaps there really was nothing noteworthy hiding out there, he thought to himself as he tightened his knitted-wool cloak around his shoulders. The forest was full of widllife, from rabbits to dears, and even boars. Yes, boars - *** must have been a boar that he had heard stomping around. However, a small, nagging whisper in the back of his head left him unconvinced. "Good haul today," Fabrian's companion Santar intoned merrily as the two of them turned and began to trek back along the meandering path they had trodden for themselves. Similarly to Fabrian, Santar clad himself in the attire typical of a local Aleksandrian hunter, from his deerskin chaps, his woolen tunic and his cloak. The morning's chill had prompted both Fabrian and Santar to favour slightly heavier cloaks than was seasonal for the First Seed. "Not bad," Fabrian concurred half-heartedly as he glanced down to the rabbits that hung from his belt by their bound paws, swaying and bouncing against the hunter's leg as he walked. Four rabbits in total. Parts of their grey-white fur were matted with blood where Fabrian's arrow had struck them dead. It was by no means a bad catch - for Fabrian, at least - but he simply could not shed his concern. He had heard something out amidst the trees, something that was not normal. "I'll have the missus make her seasoning tonight, and we'll have a proper feast," Santar said dreamily as they walked, and a broad smile split his round, pudgy-featured face. "You should come by and join us. Kids would love to see you again." "I could do," Fabrian mumbled absently mindedly as they continued through the woods, back towards Aleksandria, with twigs and leaves stomped beneath their boots. "I don't have much else to do this evening." "Well, then come on around!" Santar exclaimed. "You could -" Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. "Santar?" Fabrian pivoted on his heels, and fixated him with an alarmed frown. "What is it?" "Shh." Santar's voice was scarce more than a whisper. "Do you hear that?" Fabrian stilled his breath, and listened carefully. Then, suddenly ... ... Santar made a farting noise with his tongue. As soon as Fabrian realised what had happened, Santar burst out laughing. "Blood and ashes, Fabrian, stop being so paranoid! Paha! You should have seen your voice!" Fabrian exhaled slowly through his nostrils, and softened his frown. His heart had began to pound in his chest, as if trying to beats it way out of his body, and it seemed to refuse to quieten. "Very funny," he grumbled bitterly. "Honestly, Fabrian, how long have we been hunting in these woods?" Santar went on. "At least eight years, if not longer, I reckon. And you still are as jumpy as -" Something moved in the shadows of the trees behind Santar. "Santar!" Fabrian exclaimed hurriedly. "Look out!" "Eight years, Fabrian, and -" Santar never even registered the warning. A boulder twice the size of Fabrian's head sailed through the air like a bird, before it plummeted into Santar. Fabrian felt the colour drain from his face as his friend became one with the boulder in a shower of blood and stony splinters. His blood turned to ice, and his throat seemed to close up voluntarily. In the distance, from where the boulder had descended, there came a deep roar. Fabrian could feel himself begin to shake as he watched a hulking, brutish form move among the shadows of the titanic trees. He cast one last wayward glance to Santar, his corpse half-hidden beneath the boulder, before he turned and ran, faster than he had ever ran before. Before the sun had set that day, a bounty appeared, plastered along a number of Aleksandria's walls, and spread throughout the nearby settlements. -=- TERROR IN THE TREES Wanted: Slayers, adventurers and mercenaries alike who do not balk in the face of beasts of great size and strength. Threat level: Moderate/East ((This will depend on the choices made by participants during the Event.)) Suggested party number: 3 - 6 Description of beast: "I couldn't rightly see it properly, but I know it was huge, and mighty strong - it threw a boulder halfway across the bloody forest!" Location: The forest outside Aleksandria Rewards: 300 Mina split among participants, and a number of trinkets and treasures to be picked up along the way. -=- (( If you feel like giving this bounty event a shot, just get in touch with me by messaging me on my forum profile or by adding me on Skype -- the username's Sparklexarkle, and just mention you're interested in this bounty in the contact request. Following that, we'll schedule a time to do it at. Any interested individual should do this, so we can arrange a time that works for everyone. Also bear in mind that this is not necessarily a conventional 'go and kill this monster' bounty. For example, you may not even end up fighting the monster detailed in the poster at all, but something entirely different, pending the choices of the participants throughout the event. Happy Hunting. ))
  9. Floris could only stare at the proclamation, utterly bamboozled that Viktor would completely forget about the murder of Boris, and side with the very people who killed his kin.
  10. +1 Stellar lad
  11. +1 Goldie's a pretty great guy, with a solid sense of humour, ample role-play ability, creativity, lore knowledge, and common sense. He'd easily be my go-to lore guy if he got accepted, given his friendly, outgoing and approachable nature - all of which make him an ideal lore moderator.
  12. Absofknlutely. Having worked with him, I can say with confidence that Kevin's more than competent at this sort of thing, given that he's organized and exhibits an abundance of administrative ability that will doubtless allow him to serve as an excellent addition to the GM team. As well as that, he's also a chill dude with a sense of humour, which I feel is also an important trait for staff to have; he wouldn't feel like 'staff', and moreso like a friendly player who could definitely help you out with anything. +1