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  1. Konstantin Wick: GONE FISHING “... the road wandered to moonside, then morning again …” Konstantin Wick sang softly to himself as he worked. His voice was a low, untuned murmur, and his only music was the scratching of his quill as he wrote. His stage was his office, cramped and dimly-lit in the evening’s fading light, and his audience were heaps of paper, half-finished notes and unread letters, haphazardly stacked up on his desk. “... she wound through the day, over field ‘n through fen …” He trailed off, and found himself sq
  2. Why shouldn’t you hire short people as chefs?

    Because the steaks are too high.

  3. RIMETROLL EVENTLINE: THE LAST TO REMEMBER The Rimeveld, Northern Almaris The frozen earth of the Farm crunched under Bido's heavy footsteps. The Rimetrolls - the huge, fat creatures that had inhabited the Rimeveld in northern Almaris for centuries - were an old tribe, and even for a Rimetroll, Bido was old. He was one of the few old enough to remember a time where the Rimetrolls were not peaceful vegetarians; a time where they had not spent their days in blissful peace in the Rimeveld, with nothing to do other than raise their families and
  4. wait what happened I missed it

  5. pbbbllllttt

    1. Xarkly



  6. "About time someone put those Grassheads in their place," Konstantin Wick rumbled his agreements, leaving the group of soldiers frowning in concern after they had brought the document labelled 'Rubern' to him.
  7. FIFTH CEREMONY OF THE LILY Fifth Edict of Elevation into the Order of Queen Maya and the Lily Issued by the CROWN On this Vzmey ag Hyff of 358 E.S. VA BIRODEO I HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK By order of the Krawn, the Fifth Ceremony of the Lily is hereby called in the Spring of 358ES in order to bestow upon individuals the honour of membership into the esteemed Order of Queen Maya and the Lily in recognition of their contributions to the Kongzem of Hanseti-Ruska. Those summoned are called upon to kneel before the Krawn at the next sitting of the Ro
  8. THE HAESENI PUB QUIZ EXTRAORDINAIR ROYALE SPECTACULAR EXTRAVAGANZA Saturday January 30th, 5PM EST/10 GMT in the Haense Tavern Do you seek riches? Admiration, perhaps? Respect, maybe? If so, reader, your noble quest has reached its climax. You have found what you seek - you have found the Haeseni Pub Quiz Extraordinaire Royale Spectacular Extravaganza, whose champions are recognized by all for their unquestionable intellect, their indominable wit, and unmatched wisdom. This Extravaganza, this tourney of the sharp-minded, summons YOU, rea
  9. EVIL UNMASKED Chapter III: The Raid This is part three of a five-part short story I started last year, and hopefully intend to finish by March. Before reading this part, you should read the earlier parts first. Chapter I: Far Ridge Chapter II: A Vision For ambience, you should play both these tracks at the first time, and loop the first one: The cold morning wind carried the scent of fresh smoke through the trees. What a mess this has turned into, Iblees thought irritably. Twigs and frosted grass crunched underfoot as
  10. Rimetroll Eventline: The Trolltryst A Rimetroll in the Rimeveld Oxx, Chief of the Rimetrolls, sighed. A Trolltryst was meant to be a joyous occassion, but today certainly was not one. The Rimetrolls of the Rimeveld were the last surviving clan of Trolls - for good reason - and a Trolltryst was a meeting of their entire people. The Rimetrolls had inhabited the Rimeveld for centuries, but these meetings had only ever been called four times; the first was when they had first invented the Trolltryst, and decided on the name because the th
  11. With a weary sigh, Konstantin sagged back against his office door as he closed it behind him. He could still smell the smoke of the pyre, wafting it through his balcony, and the usual din of Karosgrad seemed muted tonight. He remained leaning against the door for a long moment, before he sighed once again and ran a hand through his iron-grey hair. He trudged across the paper-strewn floor to his liquor cabinet, and picked out his favourite vintage of Wick Wine; his Outhouse Brandy. A few moments later, he stood on the balcony, overlooking the buildings of Karosgrad glow
  12. Snail Owner: Konstantin Wick Snail Name: Slicky Wicky Residence: Nikirala Prikaz
  13. Letter to the Aulic Court Regarding Trials KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by THE OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 11th day of Tov and Yermey of 355ES VA VE JOVENAAR I HAENSE, The Office Palatine sees fit to refer to the Aulic Court on the composition of trials, specifically trials with a need to be done quickly and efficiently in circumstances where three Jovenaar may not be available. The Palatine is thus considering several possibilities, including 'citizen' and 'non-citizen' or 'flight' trials: the former would
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