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  1. Honestly the root issue of a lot of our problems is the fact that you don't really care about this community @Telanir You vanish for months without putting things in place to keep things running, make horrendously sloppy and illogical decisions and are genuinely and remarkably oblivious to how upset people are with your leadership. I know it's a null point to try appeal to someone who doesn't care, but if you really give a **** about this server, resign. Please.
  2. wish telanir would leave the building
  3. Is the loophole Flemish pointed out going to be patched up? I.e. you can avoid RP by just tanking a warning. Absolutely massive loophole.
  4. @LotsOfMuffins Would it not be more beneficial to publish the Feedback Reports here or in another thread for public viewing? It doesn't really do anyone a lick of good for them to be included here just to say ‘they happened’. In general, these feedback reports aren’t going to be entirely useful so long as they're restrained to the very small sample pool that’s being utilised at the moment -- they have to be verified by some kind of wider communal concensus like a Your View. A Feedback Report backed up by a Your View would probably produce far more accurate results than a handful of individuals being selected from a Discord that not everybody is in.
  5. Imo the best approach is lots of small, immersive and engaging events. I think theres more merit in telling a story to small groups over time rather than 100 people at once. Trying to cater to everyone in one fell swoop isnt ideal for the sole reason that everyone will have varying standards of what makes an event enjoyable. Also the larger your audience the lower the engagement becomes and it gets difficult to tell your story. Small events that explore a storyline in a far more intimate way allows you to also change the tone of the event based on who's participating. The one problem with the smaller focus approach is that it becomes difficult and demanding to spread your story out to as many groups of possible, though that depends on the manpower you have available
  6. Can we get an explanation as to why reverting to 1.13 was dismissed as an option Also korvic is a saint
  7. easy mistake no worries i won’t be giving you any punishment this time but don’t let it happen again x
  8. You forgot to include -vast, vast periods of radio silence inactivity -crippling the staff team by way of the completely illogical staff merge -creating a safety team through highly suspect means with highly suspect members that’s not even endorsed by all the admins -failing to recognize that any ‘’safety team’’ is doomed to fail if people can’t trust the admins in the first place -driving the admin team to such ineffective incompetency that people can’t trust it a shred (seriously do you think nothing’s wrong here) -downsizing the staff team for ?????????????????????????????????????????????? -sitting on very sensitive and important reports -being so untrusted to handle those reports that they have to be publicly aired on the forum (also driving the entire developer team to quit as a result of how he handled this) -updating to 1.14 -making the decision on day 3 of the update to 1.14 that we would be by no means reverting, dooming the server to devastating lag until we update to 1.15, resulting in player count noticably dipping -failing to communicate for several days with the sole developer working on the aftermath of the 1.14 mess, nearly driving him to quit -completely ignores the concerns of staff and players -driving a further rift between staff and players through lack of communication, objectively absurd policies and being very very obviously out of touch -making decisions and policies that don’t hold up to any kind of logical scrutiny and then ignoring any attempts to address the complete lack of logic -not recognizing that the mistakes above and many others are killing this server -not doing the actual honest to god right thing and resigning for the sake of this server before he murders it -head buried in the sand -clearly not caring about this community by way of failing to notice its discontent with his leadership
  9. Can't ignore the crucial fact that nobody trusts Telanir, which undermines the trustworthiness and effectiveness of this team. FYI the original crisis could have been avoided by admins communicating.
  10. thanks matt in future admins should touch base with this kind of lag crisis right off the bat. it’s ridiculous how the only communication we heard from an admin throughout this ordeal was telanir responding to a single player's PM. Not even Korvic could get in touch with them for ages after 1.14’s release, and as a result there was tonnes of uncertainty over what the plan was in regards to the server’s nigh unplayable state. communication is key
  11. But it isn’t different at all. This post, in essence, is saying ‘hey guys, be nice and sort problems out yourselves!’ which is obviously the ideal state of things but given our demographic, platform and just people in general that’s never going to happen. Like we can be positive and optimistic about trying something new but this just isn’t realistic and it’s a testament to the Administration being out of touch if people really think it’s viable. Of course people should treat other people with respect. That goes without saying, but it also goes without saying that things will seldom play out that way especially in a heated situation and especially on a server with this kind of demographic Like you cannot build a system on these glaring gaps in logic. You just can’t. While you’re at it can you remove my warning point? I apologize for my grievous offence of calling this post ‘dumb’ and am sincerely glad this is now the new standard for which we hand out warnings
  12. so since I was given an actual warning post for calling this post ‘dumb’ allow me to amend my statement in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation this latest addendum to a series of moderation changes of dubious quality is consistent with the aforementioned prior changes in that it prefers to place less emphasis on the way in which our server functions in reality and as such cannot be welcomed as a policy modification that espouses change of merit
  13. this is really dumb OBVIOUSLY in an ideal world you only file a modreq as a last resort like this isn’t news and we don’t need you to tell us that but once again you’re ignoring the actual pratical reality and dealing with problems in a meaningful way in favour of ideological grandstanding
  14. POEM OF THE PILLARS Following the discovery of the wealth of old knowledge beneath the Cloud Temple, a particular jingle became commonplace throughout Arcas. An irritatingly catchy jingle – the sort one could not seem to get out of their head no matter how hard they tried. Farmers found themselves humming it absent-mindedly as they tilled the fields, goodwives sung it softly as they hung the washing out to dry, and soldiers coarsely droned as they patrolled the roads on the outskirts of towns and cities. “A Pillar of Water seeks life to leech, Where Hogmen revel in eternal feast A Pillar of Earth seeks bone to bury, Where evil plays and Aenguls worry A Pillar of Fire seeks blood to burn, Where survivors go to darkness spurn!” Nobody thought much about it. After all, it was just nonsense, a gibberish childrens’ rhyme from some long-dead and forgotten civilization. As far as most people were concerned.
  15. I mean LoTC is a server with a setting where a character can walk into a town and mass murder children if they wanted to so I dont really get the whole protecting impressionable youth argument by signalling out a relatively niche area of discussion. People can be toxic about anything. How about you, yknow, keep toxic outbursts in check rather than policing one topic? You're not stopping anything at all. Frankly its actually a really lazy bandaid for mods; this is the equivalent of banning combat because it can sometimes result in arguments. This decision doesn't make sense if you think about it for more than 2 seconds. But I guess that's the trademark of a Telanir post
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