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  1. Blue is so last year

  2. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    Very competent, chill and friendly +1
  3. Admin Monthly Update

    This log is a significant improvement from last month, though I have to admit that I'm skeptical of somebody holding the role of 'Chairman' when they've played 3 hours on LOTC in the last 70 days. It's fine to work behind the scenes, but for a title as brazen as Chairman, I'm not really comfortable with it being held by someone who doesn't actually play.
  4. Looking For GM Applicants!

    its a trap
  5. This is all well and good, but totally unwanted and unncessary. I can respect you're putting your time and effort into coding things to help fix Nexus, but you may have noticed the subtle communal opinion that we want to get rid of Nexus - not 'fix' it, or 'change' it. It should be gone. Yeah, it takes time to get rid of a huge system like that and take into account the economic effects, but I think people would MUCH prefer if you put your time into working on those things in preparation for a removal of Nexus rather than this. This is nice fellas, but it just seems like fluff in the grand scheme of things.
  6. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Okay I was a strong advocate for rewriting the antagonist but this is just making a bad situation worse. When speaking to members of the Antag Team, I strongly suggested rewritign the antagonist FROM WHERE IT LEFT OFF, given the rest of the plot had been leaked and was, being honest, pretty dissapointing. Regardless of the event itself, a LOT of RP has happened as a result, such as the Ascended being banned from Oren and lots of other cool side conflicts like that. It's just .... a lot to reverse, and frankly not in the spirit of roleplay. I still propose you rewrite the antagonist from where it left off, rather than pretending it never happened. That's backing out, not fixing it.
  7. Rise Against the New Beginning

    "My lord, there's been another one posted." There came no answer. "My lord Seneschal?" The voice repeated uncertainly. Ruslan Amador blinked all of a sudden, as if woken from sleep. He stood with his back to the speaker, and facing out the unblemished glass window of his Godfrey Avenue office, overlooking the thoroughfare of the Orenian capital. This was not the first time his mind had wandered as he idly observed the lively crowds in the street below, amidst the din of a merchants shouting prices from Salvus and Pikeman's Square and a thousand voices talking at once. Finally, he tore his wide eyes from the window, and glanced to the door. The speaker stood half in the room, and half out in the corridor, with a hesitant expression marring a pale, plain-featured face. The twin-headed badge of the Imperial Administration glistened palely from where it was pinned on the breast of his doublet. "I ... I'm sorry," Ruslan began in his meek tone. "Did you say something?" The Steward's frown deepened, and he swallowed hard before he nodded hastily. "Another notice, my lord, on the board ... f-from them." Ruslan didn't respond immediately. He tapped his chin with a long, bony finger before he looked back to the window, and the view of the city it gave him. "Take it down," he said softly. Within the hour, the notice was removed from the Orenian capital.
  8. This isn't even the ET. This is the 'Antag Team', created seperately for this event involving a lot of higher staff, making this leak doubly concerning, lol. One of my main peeves for this entire eventline is that it's being conducted by members of the Game and Development Team rather than the actual Event Team, an entire roster of staff meant for this exact kind of thing?
  9. Admin Monthly Update

    Choose a fifth Admin to replace the others we lost. This is an especially good idea given certain Admin's are taking breaks.
  10. Parkins' Judgemental Writer App

    Can't imagine a better man for the job.
  11. 6.0 Seasons

    What about Nexus stops working during winter and summer and autumn and spring
  12. I actually can't understand why this was on a school day, and at a time when a lot of people were still in school?
  13. What happened at the event exactly, if someone wouldn't mind summing it up? Seems there was a lot of mixed feelings.
  14. [Accepted] [Trial]LadyRebecca’s Armoire 2.0

    YEEEHAW +1