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  1. Fuze's Art Shop

    Order Form MCName: Xarkly Type of Bust: Colour Position: Whatever works best for you Character name: Ruslan Amador Hair: Very very dark auburn, semi-curled fringe, shaved sides Eyes: Round, ice blue Reference: He isn't based off any art, so; he's got a thin, sharped jaw, chin and nose and some light stubble. Expression wise, try and make him look a little cold and distanced.
  2. xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    Username Xarkly Age 19 Timezone GMT Discord Conor#8203 What map did you join during? Axios Access to a microphone Yes Average daily playing time 2 - 4 Hours Previous Staff Experience Event Team - March 2017 to September 2017 Game Team - April 2017 to September 2017 Game Team Manager - May/June 2017 to September 2017 Event Team Manager - August 2017 to September 2017 War Team Leader - Summer 2017 Why do you want to join the GM Team? I originally came to Lord of the Craft after my old RPing home on Runescape dipped into irreparable inactivity, and in the process I discovered somewhere where I could really enjoy roleplay in an environment like no other. Needless to say, I fell in love when I first joined, and despite the server's flaws that have become apparent over time, I still love it. I've only really been an active participant on the server since October last year, but in this last year and a month I've had an absolutely great time on this server. I'm applying now for the same reason I applied last time, back in March; I want to give something back to this server, and I want to help give newcomers the same feeling I experienced the first time I began roleplaying here. Additionally, I have an innate respect for the GM Team and the work that they do. I spent a lot of 2017 on the Team, since passing my trial in May and being promoted to Manager by June, so sufficed to say I have a dedicated history with the GM Team and, even during my hiatus this Autumn, I continued to check in to see how things were doing. It's true that I can be critical of some policies or decisions, as if evident by my post on the last GM Update Log, but that's because I want to see the Team continuously thrive and improve -- which is another reason why I'm applying. Finally, I'd like to be able to contribute to the development and implementation of new systems and rules on the new map. Previous Applications Additional Information Kept the application the same, since the purported reason for my denial was activity towards the end of my previous tenure as GM.
  3. Obstacles are softer than my head

    I don't know Narthok personally, but from his posts over the last little while I'm convinced he's super passionate and serious about this, which isn't obvious in a lot of candidates, and I'd definitely trust him with the job +1
  4. [Actor] Icarnus

    He's got the passion, creativity and vision to be a great ET +1+1++1=1=+--__--11-1-1-_)()-__++1
  5. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    Really like it and think it's worth testing once the logistics are fine-tuned. Hope your GM app is accepted so you can try it out.
  6. Username Xarkly Discord Conor#8203 Timezone GMT Playerbase Haense Staff History ET: March 2017 - September 2017 GM: April 2017 - September 2017 GM Manager: June 2017 - September 2017 ET Manager: August 2017 - September 2017 War Team Leader: May 2017 - July 2017 Current Staff Positions GM Application pending Ban History N/A Event Style I enjoy creating all types of events, but most commonly I like taking more minor situations and impose them on a small group of players. I find events like that to be much more personal and engaging. An example of this would be an event I did one time where a wolf approached a suicidal character; the character first thought the wolf meant to hurt him, but then learned the wolf had been fatally injured by a hunter's arrow. The character tried to save the wolf, but was unable to do so, and instead had to watch the creature slowly die. This suicidal character, after watching the helpless wolf die, then reflected on the value in his own life. I don't like to pin my colours to a particular genre of events, though I tend to avoid dungeons. Event Factors Atmosphere: I've always highly valued the correct atmosphere in an event, and so whenever I'm doing any particular event I go through great effort to build a gripping and engaging atmosphere that helps draw a player in and have them become invested in the story and the stakes. For any event, whether I'm orchestrating or participating, I find it hard to become fully engrossed without a properly-constructed atmosphere that reflects the mood. Impact: No participant should leave an event without it having made some kind of impact on their character. A hard choice that results in tragedy should haunt them, a victory over something they perceive to be a villain should compel them, and no event should be forgettable. To put it simply, if a character leaves an event without having their perception of the world challenged or they attitude questioned, then something wasn't done quite right. Three-Dimensional Characters: Any and all characters an Actor is using for an event, whether they're a bandit warlord or a forest spider, should be three-dimensional and they should never be paper-thin, two-dimensional villains with an unrealistic and unrelatable ambition. No character should be strictly good or evil. Even if you don't plan to disclose a particular character's backstory, you should still create a backstory for them so that you can help realistically shape what kind of character they are -- what kind of attitude they have, what their ideals and beliefs are, and what their motive and goal is. This should go for monsters too, which means that 'hurr go kill dis monster' events should be off the table. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? I wouldn't; I prefer my own style of events and I'm confident I don't need to emulate anyone to produce my own unique style of meaningful events. Event Samples Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? I believe creative writing/story-telling to be one of my most prominent talents, and to use these talents to help make players' time on LotC more enjoyable through engaging and development-inducing events is something that's always compelled me. Additionally, I want to breathe more life onto the current map through my own brand of events and develop something of a story for Atlas. Finally, I enjoyed doing events during my previous tenure and want to do so again. Strengths I have a vast array of different event ideas, on both small and large scales. I quite good at writing story/eventlines and executing events with a well-constructed atmosphere that allows players to become more engaged and invested into the event. My key strength, I'd say, is my ability to breathe life into my events and make them truly leave an impact on those who participated. During my previous time on the ET, I received a lot of feedback from people who participated in my events that a particular incident or choice left a lasting impact on their characters and changed the way they behaved. Even since I returned from my LotC hiatus, I've gotten a couple of messages from players telling me they still have X item from one of my event, or Y character is doing so and so now because of the choice they made during another event. Weaknesses I tend not to ask for aid or support even when I need it, and I have a habit of becoming lethargic and disenfranchised after spending a long time on a staff team without taking a week or so off somewhere in between. Availability 10-15 hours a week
  7. Markev City Elections of 1643

    Immediately after his speech, Hademar hurriedly dismounted the platform and began to wade through his crowd, back to his donkey and cart. He did not know if the people clapped, or booed, or stayed silent; his heart was thumping in his chest like a war drum and deafened all other sound. Hademar licked his lips and tried to quell the nerves as he busied himself with unloading the bushels from his cart. By the time his hearing returned, he heard the familiar voice of Karol Vance, and the farmer's eyebrows crept up in alarm as he realised the voice was one of rebuttal. As Karol finished, the crowd in the square had grown thicker as word spread through the city of the speeches. Hademar braced himself and swallowed the lump in his throat, before he mounted his own wagon. He sucked in a breath, stuck two fingers in his teeth, and whistled loudly. "What do I know about being Maer?" he questioned loudly as heads snapped towards. "I suppose mister Vance asks a good question. But when did good Highlander folk need a qualification to run their own city? Jan Kovachev, bless his soul, had no certificate from the Johannesburg Conservatoire that entitled him to the office of Maer. We all are entitled to that office, and we are all equally qualified. You," he pointed across the square, to Karol, "are a citizen of Markev. So are you," his finger shifted to a surprised, balding man in a woolen doublet. "And you, and you, and you," His finger moved across the square, until he pointed to himself, "and I are all citizens of Markev. We know this city, and we know its needs -- and that is all the qualification we need." He paused at the sudden realisation that his voice was hoarse and aching form the cold air. He sucked in a breath, and began again. "My plan for this city may not be as glorious as a general's battlefield speech, but it is a real plan. A real direction for this city to go in, a true path to prosperity. Mister Vance dismisses it, though his plan to gather basic materials is almost identical to my own vision to set up guilds to provide us with these resources. But I admire mister Vance, as we all do, and so I ask -- why should we squabble about who can run this city better, when we can work together to bring Markev to greater heights? I ... I am inviting mister Vance to join me as a Vice-Maer, and succeed me in the next election, which I promise I shall not run in." A tide of surprised murmurs rippled throughout the crowd, but Hademar did not pause for long. "Once all is said and done, ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you only vote for the man you believe in. I am Hademar of Markev, and I wish you all a pleasant evening." Hademar could not afford to stay in the city any longer -- he had livestock to attend to back at his farm. After hurriedly unloading his bushels, he mounted his donkey, and rushed home. Though he returned the next morning, eager to see if the other candidates spoke again. He returned the day after, too. And the next. And the next. Hademar en route to Markev.
  8. Markev City Elections of 1643

    "Well, that's all well and good." As Karol Vance and his cohorts concluded their speeches and endorsements, a particular man in the crowd stirred. Throughout the speeches, he had remained motionless as he leaned back against a rickety-wooden cart, loaded with the last of that summer's wheat. A milk-skinned donkey with particularly long ears suddenly snorted loudly at the end of the speeches, snatching the attention of a good many citizens. It was then that the man tipped back his straw farmer's hat and let his unruly mop of brown hair dance in wind before he tucked his hat behind one of the bushels on his cart and became to saunter up to the platform. "That's all well and good," he repeated once more, louder this time, as the crowd turned in surprise to the unexpected speaker. At the top of the platform, he planted his callused hands on his hips and simply stood there for a moment. With his back to the warmthless Deep Cold sun, he cast a long shadow and was akin to a proud silhouetted statue looking down on them. Finally, he began to speak. "That's all well and good," he cooed a final time, in his deep, rolling Highlander, but evidently lower class, accent. "Honeyed words and pocketed friends make for a nice speech without a shred of planning or strategy, but the Haensetian people want more than that -- they deserve more than that. They deserve a plan to help the city development into the most prominent of the human hubs. They deserve a city with businesses, shops and services that will tend to their inventories and needs. They deserve a city where bread, timber and good iron is plenty. And they deserve a Maer who can give them this." The man paused for a prolonged moment, as the wayward winter wind carried his words through the streets. "Haensetian men and women, I am Hademar of Markev, a farmer who has come from nothing, and I am the Maer who can give you this! I will give you not flowery words and ambiguous promises, but a plan to bring all this to fruition unlike the other candidates! I swear to you that I will build housing to cater to Markev's growing population, for this is what you deserve! I swear to you that I will contact businesses across Atlas and compel them to move their shops and trades here, to this city, where they can economically serve you, for this is what you deserve! I swear to you that I will establish guilds in this city that produce bread to feed your families, timber to build your homes, and iron for tools to busy our hands and swords to keep us safe, for this is what you deserve! I swear to you, good folk of Haense, that I am the Maer who can give you all this and more, because this is what you deserve!" "I AM HADEMAR OF MARKEV, AND I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE!" Hademar of Markev
  9. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas

    Thanks for the response xox So firstly, we shouldn't touch the vanilla PvP balance, which most people seem to think is the best way to go. There shouldn't be any rare or alternative items that give people the upper hand in PvP - we should all have access to basic iron, and that's where the gear tier should stop. For lore artifacts that could possibly be made RP and bolster some kind of niche economy, magic doesn't transer mechanically to PvP anyway so I don't see why this can't apply to artifacts or lore/magic items that we could create and trade. The same could go for things like unique hides or materials dropped by creatures i.e custom mobs from the hunting plugin. Additionally, things like Pixie Dust dropped from Sprites should definitely be given some kind of use, even if it's given a tiny bit of lore to allow something minor like it being a drug that can prompt a black market trade. (I'm assuming this Dust doesn't have a use yet but I'm not certain about that) Regarding scarcity of food, hoooooow aboooout players with the 'New' tag (so people who haven't done /notnew yet) get the full 32 pieces of Monkbread of maybe even 64 so they're able to fully settle down on the server before they're forced to source out their own timed food. And Taketheshot has the right idea for the region based resources. I touched on it in the OP but it should ideally reflect the climate in which these resources could realistically be found. So you might access a lumberjacking world for Dark Oak or Spruce by travelling to northern snowy portions of the map whereas metals or coal would be accessible through mine worlds in mountainous regions. Crops growing in certain climates is also really cool; so maybe up north, maybe you could only grow potatoes or the crop yield would be quite low, whereas if you farm by a river down south in a 'sunny' region you could grow all crops and they would yield a lot of food. This not only adds a really cool economic dynamic, but it also offers the possibility of shaping culture. Dwarves with plentiful supplies of minerals might be forced to sign a trade treaty with humans for wood and food supplies, for example. This is really short sighted, nothing in my suggestions involves any degree of skill or Nexus. Yes, they were one economic factor but they were literally just ONE option. There's so many more we can utilize for a player economy without skills. There's nothing wrong with it -- I highlighted in the post and explicitly stated that I think the absence of a meaningful economy in Atlas is not a mistake but rather a missed opportunity. It is fun to just roleplay, but then why are we mining iron in the first place? Why are we chopping wood? They're all utilized in the unique roleplaying environment that Minecraft has to offer, and they are the underlying factors of an economy. One of the main arguments for freebuild was so that we wouldn't have a 'see not touch' world for our characters to live in, and an economy would absolute contribute to the sense of living the world of Atlas could have. A world in which characters can have jobs, economic ambitions and merchanting skill sounds much more lively to me than one where every character can conveniently produce every resource for themselves without breaking a sweat. At the end of the day, though, it does boil down to a matter of personal opinion. I do retain, though, that a working LOTC economy could bring so much roleplay advantages to this server. Thanks for the feedback thus far and please keep contributing your ideas & have a good Christmas.
  10. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas _______________________________________________________ So we've just about wrapped up our first week on Atlas, and while overall I do really love the map, I feel like there's one major missed opportunity for this map. As the title indicates, I'm talking about the LOTC economy. Right now the economic future for Atlas doesn't look particularly thrilling. With every resource readily available in ample supply to pretty much everybody without requiring a whole lot of effort, no one is reeeally willing to pay for anything. Which means that shops can't really start up in any successful capacity, and mina becomes relatively useless. Is it a bad thing that everyone can get every resource in a reasonable amount of time? Of course not, but I said that the current economic system was a missed opportunity rather than a design flaw. A realistic economy for Atlas could contribute SO MUCH to the server. Economics can absolutely drive and create roleplay, from shaping political relations to impacting character's lives -- Caranthir and Liam's company is already proving that, but I can't help but think about how much more that kind of relatively niche and exciting roleplay could thrive under better economic circumstances. So below I'm going to outline a few of my personal ideas to help create a fun and working economy for Atlas, or even future maps. Just as a quick disclaimer, I don't have a particularly strong grasp on economics or anything like that so I'm just speaking from the perspective of an average player. Additionally, some of these ideas are just ideas. The logistics haven't been completely hashed out, and it's more so just to get people thinking about the topic. _______________________________________________________ Limiting Resources The easiest place to start in building a tangible server economy, in my own opinion, is to give resources value again. Right now people aren't willing to pay for resources because it's easier for them to go gather them themselves rather than pay for someone to do it. In just a hour or two people can gather stacks of wood, stone and iron without a whole lot of effort. For example, I left the mines two days ago after about two and a half hours with seven stacks of iron ore. If resources were to become more limited, such as iron being harder to find, then this would mean that more people would rather pay for iron rather than spend increased effort and time trying to get it themselves, thus giving that resource value. If this were the case, the miners could leave the mines with less ore than they would if they went mining now, but they might be able to actually sell the product of their labour for a decent price. Some people might not like the idea of having to either pay or spend more time gathering resources they can get super easily right now, but really it could provide the server with a huge economic boost that could create and drive roleplay revolving around trade and lets characters have actual careers. ___________________________________________________ Regional-Based Resources This particular idea is probably the best way to add realistic roleplay and political dynamics to an economic system on the server. The concept is simple; instead of having all your resources in one or two places, such as resource island for most materials and the mines for metals and minerals, resources should be spread out across the entire map in different nodes. For example, if you wanted Acacia Wood, you might have to travel down south to a specific resource location, whereas Dark Oak Wood would only be available in the snowy northern reaches of the map (lumberjacking should also be given something akin to the mine world to avoid landscarring. Players could be able to enter some kind of dense forest which teleports them to the tree world etc.) Other woods would, similarly, be available in unique places across the map that should reflect the climates in which that tree should grow. Similarly, there could be different mines for different metals -- so one mine in one part of the world produces iron, whereas another mine on the other side of the world is abundant in gold, or coal, or lapis, etc. There could, of course, be more than just one node/location for each resource. What would really enrich this kind of system would be if events or politics impacted their production. For example, the Event Team could do an event in an area with an iron mine that, through some means or another, causes an earthquake that either disables the mine or floods it with mobs or something, thus making it harder to obtain the iron and leading to a temporary spike in its value. Merchants would scramble to stockpile and adjust their prices, and it would add what I think would be a hugely cool dynamic as people roleplay out the consequences of an iron shortage. Another, and definitely controversial option, is if some of these resource nodes were nation-owned and there could be economic wars between nations as they exercise their influence on their respective resource. And yes, I know this particular part of the system doesn't account for a player who doesn't like to stick with nations, but it's just a demonstration of what a functional economy could offer. Lastly, I just think it would be cool if I had to travel to different places to gather different resources. _______________________________________________________ Fixing Food This one is a personal gripe of mine just because I think it's so easy to fix. With no fast travels, besides soulstones, on Atlas, food has the potential to actually be valuable and worth trading, but this is completely undermined by the removal of food timers now that people can just hold onto food indefinitely. If food were to rot again, people would be inclined to rely on farmers and chefs and buy their produce rather than go through the effort of making it themselves. This is a REALLY simple fix that could lead to a solid economy specifically surrounding food, and I honestly don't understand why this hasn't been done. Similarly, nerfing /bread so that it only gives you 10-16 pieces of Monkbread would enhance the value of food and lend value to characters who can now make careers out of farming and cooking. _______________________________________________________ Small Fixes/(Re)additions Finally, here are a few small tweaks and features that should be readded that could make a very meaningful impact on the economy. Bring Back Brewing Yes, I know Alchemy was a Nexus feature, but if brewing things like ale could be brought back then that would open up huge doors for people. Add Mina or Unique Drops for Regular Mobs In light of the hunting plugin, regular mobs are genuinely just annoying wasters who serve literally no purpose other than attack players, which is really good since you can't bank your mina right now and getting popped of a mob loses you half of your savings. Instead, why not add mina drops to regular mobs again, even just until hunting is back? Or why not add unique drops like hunting mobs have? Do Events That Impact Resources Like I mentioned earlier, I think it would be fantastic to see the Event Team dabble in the economic side of the server with things like forest fires, cave ins, etc. - basically things that would affect the value of these resources. Create Ways to Get Unobtainable Items Items like saddles or certain blocks should have a custom recipe added (if that's possible), or some other way for players to obtain them besides admin shops, whether it's a through custom crafting, or dropped from certain mobs. No Admin Shops Leading on from the previous point, a good player run economy should not have to rely on Admin Shops like the second half of Axios, so I strongly advocate they remain out of Atlas. ______________________________________ So that's all I wanted to say. My main goal with this thread is to get people thinking about the economy in LOTC and getting a discussion going server-wide about how we can make something really fun and dynamic work for everyone, granted that some of these ideas might just be too much work or otherwise unfeasible. Thanks for reading, and leave your thoughts below.
  11. [Denied]imagine a toxic blue tag

    An absolutely honest and very capable guy who's not afraid to speak his mind and point out flaws. Exactly what the Team could really benefit from rn +1
  12. [Idea] Dungeon Mining

    I wasn't around in Anthos so I can't go off the experience, buuuut this isn't meant to promote waiting for ores to respawn; their regen timers should be long enough that players are forced to explore the rest of the dungeon if they want to be productive. Also this would not replace regular mining, but just serve as an alternative. Otherwise thanks for the feedback.
  13. [Idea] Dungeon Mining

    So this is a pretty straight-forward idea for an alternative mining system. Instead of heading into the mine-world and spending hours just mindlessly digging straight through the stone, I'm proposing a more hands-on and exciting form of mining. As the title suggests, this new form of mining would involve players going into a pre-built dungeon, mineshaft, ravine or something like that. Here, ore and minerals would spawn visibly and in large quantities on the cavern's walls and they would be frequently regenerated (more often than the mine-world). These dungeons would, however, also be full of monsters or maybe even traps to make mining more dangerous and challenging. There could even be treasure hidden in areas with a particular dense population of hostile mobs, though the main point of this is to provide an alternate, more exciting form of mining. In short, it's a high-risk and high-reward system. You might end up mining loads of ore, but there's no guarantee you'll make it out alive with it all. Leave your feedback below and plus +1 if you like the idea.
  14. No-Raiding Extension

    Can we get an indication of what kind of changes you're making to raids?
  15. [Denied]Fawb GM App #2

    Fawb's a guy of unparalleled competence who's proved his quality work and commitment to staff. He deserves this, and the server deserves him as GM.