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  1. Military Programs in Haelun’or Penned on the 4th of The Amber Cold, 1779 With permission of the Okarir’tir, a pair of programs are to be brought into being by the hand of Ellisar Aevaris, designed to better prepare the fine citizens of Elcihi’thilln to defend themselves and their homeland, as well as to grant the youths of Haelun’or a chance to experience military life. Citizen Self-Defense Due to the dangerous events occurring throughout the realm, a program has been launched to teach the citizens of Haelun’or how to defend themselves. Unarmed combat, archery, and spear work will be included in the initial curriculum with specialized classes being added based on public interest. The classes will be taught by trained Sillumir or other citizens who are proven highly adept in their subject matter. The first class will be held in the near future. Those citizens who show an aptitude in the military arts are welcome to apply for recruitment into the Sillumiran. ( First Class – Tuesday August 4 at 7:30pm EST. ) Cadet Program The goal of this program is to give the youth of Haelun’or a sample of what military life is like. They will also form a secondary reserve of trained soldiers should the need ever arise. Training will be given in formations & drill, archery, spear and sword work, as well as various military topics. This is open to all citizens under the age of 50 who have an interest in someday becoming Sillumir. An initial training session will be scheduled based on interest and availability of cadets. Contact Ellisar Aevaris to enroll. Those cadets who show the most aptitude, dedication and promise may be offered a full place among the Sillumiran, with the consent of their legal guardian or, if no legal guardian is available, direct permission from the Okarir’hiylun. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, Sillumir Ellisar Aevaris Okarir’tir Celiasil Uradir
  2. “The Silver Council had no hand in this decision,” grumbles a redheaded elf upon catching word, a scowl affixed to his sharp features.
  3. Uradir “Ceru’onn Thilln” The Uradirs are a venerable and storied bloodline, raised to the upper echelons of Mali’thill society through the influence and great success of Kalenz Uradir, who reigned as Sohaer for nearly two centuries, and further established historically through the efforts of Silir Uradir as Okarir’san. They are a bloodline known for their ambition, drive, and sheer capability. This is well exemplified in modern times by the swift rise of three new Uradir to the government of Haelun’or; Muriel Uradir as Maelunir, Silvyr Uradir as Okarir’maehr, and Celiasil Uradir as Okarir’tir. The current Laurir of the Uradir family is Anethra Uradir, who has served previously as both Okarir’nor and Okarir’tanya of Haelun’or, and despite her eccentric and reclusive nature, can be credited largely for the resurgence of the family’s reputation and wealth. She is known to be a guiding force and steady hand steering the Uradir towards their ever more exalted future. =Physical Traits= =Family Tree= =Beliefs= =Etymology= For any questions regarding the Uradir family, contact squak#8441 on Discord.
  4. ((MC name: Kalehart)) Name: Celiasil Uradir Vote for Okarir’maehr: (XX) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin
  5. oren do be kinda hurting RP diversity on the server doe
  6. Sillumiran Policy Change: Anonymity By order of the Okarir’tir, all rules and regulations regarding the enforced Anonymity of Sillumiran are to be annulled and abolished, effective immediately upon the release of this missive. This measure comes in the wake of much unrest and historical discontent regarding the policies instituted and upheld by the previous administrations. No longer shall citizens be made to doubt and fear those whom they are meant to trust, and no longer shall those honorable and loyal Mali’thill who pledge their lives to the protection of Elcihi’thilln be robbed of their names and their faces whilst undertaking their duty. All Mali’thill deserve to be recognized and respected for their contribution to Elcihi’thilln, those who serve as her protectors perhaps most of all. In removing the identities of our stalwart Sillumiran we not only unsettle the populace, but we take from our Sillumiran their ability to earn the admiration and recognition of their peers, through their leal service. It is the belief of the current administration that these measures were made under false pretenses and with little genuine utility to either Haelun’or, her citizens, or her protectors. Stated as a measure to avoid Sillumiran being targeted for any necessary unpleasantries that occur in defense of Haelun’or, these precautions are both unnecessary and not worth the cost of trust that must be paid. There is no impurity in taking the actions one must to defend the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, as Kaelan Aldin once implied. To fight, to kill, and to die for the honor and safety of the Mali’thill people is an act deserving of reverence, for it is through the willingness of our Sillumiran to do what others cannot, that our blessed people may prosper in peace. The specific policies that are to be changed upon release of this missive are: The removal of the requirement for Sillumiran to obscure their faces and identities while on duty. Such coverings are only to be permitted on missions or patrols which take place outside Haelun’or. The use of identity codes and numbers is to be discontinued. Sillumiran will now be addressed either by name or rank, and must provide their name if requested by any citizen of Haelun’or. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, Celiasil Uradir
  7. This lore has been suspended/shelved. Contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator for any questions or concerns.
  8. Somewhere, a strangely colored elf catches wind of the event, and ponders it with a quiet sigh. "Fi ciwsulier'an onn, paronn oem'an ehier'ne. Van'ayla, narn'acaele'ihnsil'ir leyu kae'leh... Wyn nae kae andria." ((Did my best with that translation, probly pretty iffy.))
  9. This lore has been suspended/shelved. Contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator for any questions or concerns.
  10. Similarly, Celiasil opts not to interfere in the process with his own vote, abstaining.
  11. (Had the plans bit written and then Storm replied so I had to put a response to him in too- this ended up way longer than I intended. Sorry about that!) Celiasil turns his attention to Storm as he speaks, bobbing his head along with the man’s words and clasping both hands behind his back. Once he has finished, the mali paces his way forwards to offer his response. “You present some valid points, Storm. It is apt to say that a leadership role is not strictly required to present my ideas and views for consideration, but it is in my opinion simply a matter of haste, assurance, and the way in which I feel I am best suited to contribute to Haelun’or. Convicted in my views as I am, it is naturally my preference not to request changes, but to have the capability to instate the measures that I feel are necessary. There is nothing wrong with an approach of suggesting what one wishes to change, but it is neither the most efficient nor the most reliable way of creating the change which I feel will most benefit Elcihi’thilln, hence I believe it is reasonable for me to seek leadership as a means to directly institute these ideas. Should it be unfeasible for me to do so, I will settle for sharing what views I have, but I am obliged to be more direct in my approach while the opportunity is presented, for what I strongly believe to be the good of Haelun’or and her people. As for maintenance of the Sillumiran, I would assert that the situation is not as complicated as you make it sound. Indeed I have not served within their ranks, but the Sillumiran is at its heart a military, and knowledge of how to run and lead such an institution is not exceptionally hard to come by nor unique to any one such force. Specific traditions may elude me, but those are not the functional core of what the Sillumiran is, they are important most assuredly and worthy of preservation, but the function of the Sillumiran is primarily to protect and serve, and I do not believe I require personal experience in their ranks to guide them in that. It is a matter of organization, strategy, sensibility and judgement- all of which carry over between any combat force, be it an army or mercenary band. Moreover, I do intend to compensate by selecting a Tilruir’sil who is more intimately familiar with their workings, as a foil to my own outsider’s perspectives that we may achieve a balance, and the Sillumiran will have a familiar face to directly oversee their training and so forth. Once again you are apt as well to point out that my experience previously is not equivalent to that of leading a dedicated army, but I would argue that it is indeed equivalent to that of any high ranking soldier within such an army who might otherwise be considered for leadership, a commander of troops. That is to say, I am no less qualified for ascending to a role of leadership than any veteran or sub-commander, a Tilruir’sil for a topical example. The Sillumiran and the groups I worked with may not be equivalent, but the qualities instilled in me and the knowledge gained is applicable equally to both. I have the same skill set that would tend to qualify others to be lifted for such a role. A lack of specific and equivalent experience is an inevitability in the life of anyone that seeks to ascend in station and increase their contribution to any endeavor, it does not make me unfit, uneligible or incapable of doing so- it means only that I require the chance to prove I am able. The simple reason I have not joined the Sillumiran as a soldier is because I feel that I can do more good for our people more quickly, by seeking higher station.” Pausing for breath and to let his eyes wander the crowd, Celiasil keeps his stoic demeanor. “As to my remark about words being cheap and proving myself by my actions, this was in reference to a specific undertaking that was meant to occur, which did not for reasons that I will now explain. By instruction of Muriel, I have been tasked to lead a hunting mission against a supposed wyrm that inhabits the nearby lake. It was my intent to have this occur quite recently, with the aid of Haskir. It was during this that I was meant to give a demonstration of my abilities beyond simple words. Unfortunately, though our personal allies answered to the call, not a single Sillumiran rallied at the legitimate order to do so. As such, we were unable to gather the necessary numbers to operate all of the siege equipment Haskir had set up. All it would have required was two Sillumiran to make the endeavor feasible, but we could not get even that. Rest assured that this endeavor is to be rescheduled and I shall be holding to my word to lead it and prove myself through demonstration of action. I would in fact, quite happily invite you to join us as well, Storm, should you be so inclined. More details will be forthcoming on the matter. Finally, on the subject of my being more qualified than other soldiers, and how I would earn the respect of the Sillumiran, both answers are the same. I am qualified because I am capable, because I think not as just a soldier but as a strategist and a keeper of order. As I have said, I know that such statements are yet unproven, but I do intend to remedy that. I would be respected because these statements would be proven in my actions, and I would serve the Sillumiran and Haelun’or as a leader that is worthy of said respect. Since I have the floor, I suppose I might as well discuss some of my plans, perhaps to lend some clarity to what I have in store.” Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for a moment, the candidate gazes skywards to collect his thoughts, and give everyone a brief break from the sound of his voice. After a short time, he speaks. "With that addressed, allow me to share with you all the first moves I intend to make as Okarir'tir. I have spoken of discipline, of having the Sillumiran regain their status and prestige, and of pressing hard for recruitment. All of these are goals, of course, some more long-term than others. What I will discuss now however are the immediate actions I will be taking upon my election, starting with the most vital. First and foremost, my concern is the defensibility of Elcihi'thilln with its currently limited military presence. For lack of sheer numbers, we must compensate with preparation. As my first moves as Okarir'tir, I shall be ordering for a number of construction efforts to be undertaken, starting with a pair of siege weapons to be added flanking the front bridge. These weapons, in the event of a severe, large-scale attack, can be used to destroy the bridge and, paired with a decoupling of the Northern Expansion lift, make the city effectively impossible to gain entry to. Another option which has been suggested to me by Haskir is the replacement of the bridge with an arcane drawbridge which can be turned on or off, in which case these siege weapons may be smaller ones- presuming the idea is feasible, I cannot speak with any authority on matters of magic. Either is a fine solution to the issue regardless. In addition to these siege weapons and potential changes to the bridge, I will be ordering the addition of acid traps to be inset to the pit itself, allowing for any enemy forces that fall inside to be dealt with swiftly and cleanly through the release of those acid reservoirs. The gates will be reinforced, to aid in ensuring that in the event of a raid, these measures can be taken before entry is gained into the city. Ideally replaced with carbarum, again an idea borrowed from Haskir, if we can muster the resources and skill to forge them. Otherwise, they may simply be made thicker and more durable, perhaps adding two extra gates, which was my original thought on the matter. Should the gates fall before the siege weapons do their work, I will be organizing a specific and practiced response so that the Sillumiran know precisely where to be when the gates come down, creating defensive lines blocking both the path to the library and the main stairs. Their duty will be to defeat or at least stall enemy forces, in order to make sure a full evacuation is achieved. This is the point at which we come to an all-out battle, and it is in this most grave instance that I will expect the Sillumiran to be prepared to sacrifice their lives for the safety of those they protect, should there be no other choice. I will stand with them, naturally, and should victory be impossible and evacuation made complete, efforts for a retreat may be undertaken to preserve as much life as possible. I will expand on this shortly." Nodding his head, the mali paces back and forth while gesturing with a hand. "On the subject of evacuation, I will be pressing for our escape tunnels to be slightly adjusted. The various lifts around the city which lead to them will be repositioned more strategically, as some are too close to the gate and could be abused by the enemy, and a map of their locations will be provided to every mali'thill citizen. I may also seek for them to be reorganized, made a bit easier to navigate, though on this matter I will seek other input first. I will be choosing both select Sillumiran and citizen volunteers to take the duty of guiding and gathering their fellow thill in the event of an evacuation- which will, to be clear, be the immediate response to any large-scale attack. I will not see our people trapped within their homes or gathered like lambs to be slaughtered. The exit to the escape tunnels shall be thoroughly hidden and emerge as far away from the city as possible, repositioned from its current location near the road to the city, to minimize the risk of the enemy locating it and cutting off our means of escape. Precautions will also be taken by way of having a store of explosives pre-prepared to collapse the tunnel in the event that the citizens are somehow followed by said enemy. Back to the subject of a retreat for our forces, and carrying on with the matter of escape tunnels, for those Sillumiran who are charged with staying behind and defending the city, a separate escape tunnel leading to a wholly different location will be used. This provides them the potential to escape, and also ensures that if they are followed or chased by the enemy that they will not be leading them towards our citizens, nor will any necessary destruction of the citizen tunnel result in them being trapped in the city. This tunnel, as the other, will be rigged to collapse the exit if needed. By no means is this a guarantee of Sillumiran safety, however; in the event of a large raid, our soldiers must be prepared for the possible eventuality of death, we can give them only as good a chance as we are able and otherwise honor them in sacrifice. That is the reality of service. All together, these measures and this organization will allow the city to respond swiftly and effectively to an invasion, even one of a size that we otherwise would not be able to handle and have no time to prepare for. My goal is minimal loss of life, and all such measures will be taken towards that end. The city is a wonderful defensive structure, but has not yet leveraged those advantages to their full potential. I will see to it that this is remedied. The reason all of this is my top priority is because of the currently dwindling ranks of the Sillumiran, and the vulnerability of our city to an unexpected attack in the interim between my potential election and the resurgence of their ranks. I am essentially seeking to take these measures as a precaution, and because even when the Sillumiran are more numerous, they will serve Elcihi’thilln well." Coming to a halt and turning fully to the crowd, the mali’thill sweeps back his long hair and appears to start winding up this topic. “With all of this done and considered in the event of an unexpected emergency, response to any predictable invasion will be trivial. We can preempt in these steps to ensure that the bridge falls as soon as enemy forces arrive- or indeed, even go so far as to disable the main lift. The Northern Expansion lift can be preemptively disabled as well. Citizens can be poised for evacuation or even evacuated before enemy forces arrive, and proper barricades can be erected past the gate to block access deeper into the city, as well as to the tavern, clinic, labs and park. This will essentially create a killing field for our archers and swordsmen, funnelling the enemy into a single controlled area on the inside of the gate, giving us a significant advantage on the off-chance that they manage to get so far to begin with. With enough time, more siege equipment could additionally be set up on the raised walkways around the square. In essence, if we know they are coming, they will be foiled or doomed.” Wearing a rare smile, the mali nods his head, moving on to his next point. “With an explanation for this most urgent matter out of the way, my steps after these things have been set in motion will be further organization of the Sillumiran. I will be scheduling patrols of the roads nearby, instating elven weekly or bi-weekly training sessions through my chosen Tilruir’sil, and also creating a system of honors which may be bestowed to our loyal soldiers for any outstanding service they may provide, acknowledging their accomplishments and helping to instill that sense of pride of which I have spoken. All of this is to improve the experience of Sillumiran- to give them more to do, to bolster comradery, and to ensure that they feel appreciated and recognized for their unique and valuable contributions. Any Sillumiran who hears this and has other requests or ideas on how to improve their experience are quite welcome to seek me with their thoughts, now or in the instance that I am elected. Another step will be to consider and reassess the ranks of the Sillumiran. It is not currently my intent to undergo a full restructuring, but I will consult with my chosen Tilruir’sil, should I be elected, alongside others on the subject to see if we might make any improvements. Currently there are more ranks and units than there are Sillumiran, which is obviously problematic, but can be remedied as recruitment increases. This is something to be considered carefully, so I shall not put forth any specific stances or ideas at this time beyond saying that it is in my sights as a matter of concern. As I understand both of my competitors shall as well, I will remove the anonymity policy put in place by Kaelan. This is due to the false premise it was created on- a risk to our Sillumiran that has not actually been demonstrated to exist- and because it severely complicates matters of accountability, not just to me, but to the citizens the Sillumiran protect. What meager and unproven additional protection it may grant the Sillumiran is not worth the tarnished trust of her citizens. Moreover, how can one feel as if the uniform is a badge of honor in and of itself, if their identities are obscured while wearing it? If none may appreciate them and acknowledge them for their service as they undertake it? It is simply a misguided measure on all fronts, by my estimation.” Finally, after the series of expansive monologues, the mali begins pacing towards the crowd to open the floor to the others. “Ahernan, that is all for now.”
  12. This lore has been suspended/shelved. Contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator for any questions or concerns.
  13. Celiasil stands with both hands clasped before himself as he watches the others speak their piece, his eyes narrowing with each comment sent his way but no objection made until the crowd seemed to quiet. Drawing a breath and closing his eyes to maintain a diplomatic demeanor, the mali'aheral paces forth to provide his response. "First of all, welcome to the race, Storm. I respect your view on the matter, and the divkinael's, and do recognize that my position as a relative outsider could be vexing for those steeped in the tradition of the Sillumiran. I would, however, argue that there is value in a fresh set of eyes and new ideas, and press that though I may lack the same familiarity with the organization that you all share, I am quite readily capable of educating myself on the matter should I be elected. Moreover, whilst I do recognize the value of tradition, I am also of the opinion that adhereing too dilligently to past precident may lead to the same difficulties experienced recently being repeated in time. The heart of the Sillumiran must be maintained, of course, as a mater of cultural pride- but strict continuation of the status quo is not always wise, especially when it has faltered in the past." His gaze then seems to single in on Alluin, as exacting as ever as he contemplates and measures his response. "As for the matter of my criticisms, I am pleased to hear that there has in fact been some recruitment and progress behind the scenes. Granted three people is hardly enough, but it is a start and I will readily rescind that statement provided that the effort continues, which I trust it shall. I will also acknowledge that there is planning going on that I and others have not been positioned to witness, and simply suggest that such things be made clearer in future that people to not get the impression of stagnancy that I and others did. On the matter of the presence of Sillumiran, or lack thereof which I asserted, I suppose it is a matter of conjecture and personal experience. I have witnessed many a time that a visitor has come to the gates and shouted for entry, and I have had to inform them that there are no guards present to allow them in, that they must come another time. The question is, I suppose, best turned to the citizenry." Celiasil sweeps his eyes over the crowd, gesturing to them as a whole. "Do the fine mali'thill of Haelun'or feel that the Sillumiran presence is currently sufficient? If so, I will redact the criticism and put it to circumstance that I happened to encounter few of them personally. Now, I shall happily extrapolate upon my relevant experience as briefly as I might. Beforehand, though, on the matter of my presence in the city- I must assume our schedules simply differ. I play my music frequently in the tavern as many will attest, and linger here for the majority of my time. On to my experience. Since my youth I have had a mind for combat- it has been a fascination and a hobby of mine, such that I pursued it rather early on by moving between various militant groups, leading missions for bounties, monster hunts, protection work, riot control and the like. If you have ever encountered mercenaries, I believe you can wager how keeping them in line would be a meaningful experience in law and order; requiring a distinct moral compass and very strict hand. I have seen much of the world, been forced to make decisions I did not wish to, and through all of it gained a keen sense of justice and an appreciation for what it takes to create order from chaos. My values and approach to combat are informed by this time as well, as it is my belief that in a fight for one's life, love or livelihood, there is no room to flaunt or hold back, that victory is achieved by any means necessary. I put nothing above effectiveness and success. I have since, until my coming here, worked independently as a bard and sellsword- a path that I hold no shame for. It has helped me hone my capabilities as a fighter and further sharpen my combat sense. I will however not drone on about my positive qualities as, indeed, talk is cheap and worth must be proven. It is my intent to do so, and allow action to speak for me in the coming days. I may be no Sillumir, but do not mistake me for one who has not been tempered in battle, and learned to make those hard choices which would cripple some. I am pragmatic by nature, what matters to me is the safety of Haelun'or and her people above all else." A singular nod is given, and he paces back into the crowd.
  14. Celiasil keeps a scrutinous, intent gaze on Alluin throughout his speech, a brow subtly raising as he bobs his head along with the mali's words. Once he has finished, Celiasil steps forth and clears his throat, turning to address the crowd. "No disrespect taken. You are apt to point out that I am not a member of the Sillumiran, and indeed, we are not familiar. However..." Drawing a breath and looking skywards, the mali appears to measure his words. "The fact that we are not acquainted is, in and of itself, somewhat telling. You see, I have been quite present within Haelun’or the past several years; hard to miss, some might say. The fact that we have not yet crossed paths, I daresay, speaks to a certain lack of presence on your part- not mine. As I understand it, Alluin, you are the residing Tilruir'sil. In Kaelen's absence, as per the new constitution, all of his military duties have fallen to you. You may not be Okarir'tir, however you are currently vested of the same powers he had- save for those regarding law. Yet, I have seen or heard of no rallies, no gatherings of the guard to train them and keep them sharp, no recruitment or frankly any activity whatsoever regarding upkeep and management of the Sillumiran. I have never heard of nor seen your presence in elcihi, indeed I have scarcely even seen the Sillumiran you are meant to lead. In your absence from the duty with which you are entrusted, the soldiers of the mali’thill are left lacking." His hands steeple before himself as he flicks his eyes over the crowd, then lets them settle once more on Alluin. "I mean no disrespect in turn, but I must raise concern where I do see it- and that concern is with motivation and action. You behave as if you must be given this post to pick up where Kaelen started, but you should be doing so already. The leadership skills and ability to improve the Sillumiran which you assert ought to be being demonstrated presently, yet to my knowledge they are not. You may claim to be quite capable, but capability is of little use if it is not backed by proactivity. On the issue of Sillumiran anonymity, we are in accordance. Accountability is an absolute must for any military force, both for the sake of their obedience and the comfort and trust of those they serve. Concerns for Sillumir safety are misplaced, both because they are over exaggerated, and because one does not join an army or guard force as a means to stay perfectly safe; it is their duty to accept risk so that others may be free of it. This is not to say that risk should not be minimized, but surely not at the cost of the citizenry's trust." Another pause is given for the mali to rub at his jaw and gaze downwards, pausing his pacing. After several moments of thought he peers up again. "As for my capability as a candidate, I do not proclaim just loyalty and purity to be strengths befitting of the position- as you said yourself, they are qualities to be expected of any mali'thill, regardless of government position or social standing. Therefore I campaign on my strength, my judgement and my experience. I have fought many battles, and I view the world with a stark lense of realism. I see things for what they are, say precisely what I mean, and I know the hard truths of battle and war. That in a fight for one's home, and one's life, there is nothing but victory at all costs, or death. That the Sillumiran must not be a token gesture at maintaining order, an accessory for the cihi to flaunt, but a force to be reckoned with that acts without hesitance and with complete dedication to their duty. As it currently stands, Haelun'or is vulnerable. If an army were to march on our doorstep, we would fall with little more than a whimper. I believe that in order for the mali'thill to be safe, a new path must be taken; one that aggressively and diligently focuses on growing and maintaining our military strength, to enforce our laws and protect our purity, and to remind the realm that we are not to be trifled with."
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