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  1. Edit: I’m going to do the smart thing and stop replying to and watching this thread. The LT will determine whether or not my request for a wipe is reasonable, and if they would rather be the ones to determine who is grandfathered, I will allow it.
  2. Man, I had a whole response written to this about how nuts it is to assert ‘facts’ about my intentions without any actual basis for them, and how baseless the entirety of your argument is in general, but I’m just not going to bother. I’m disappointed that you can’t give me the benefit of the doubt and insist on misconstruing my intentions with no real logic beyond ‘he’s asking for that thing I don’t want’ but I guess that’s fine, I don’t really need to convince you. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I will be giving this magic a life of its own out of my hands, by picking people who are not my friends that can spread it as they desire, and get it into the communities where it is important. I will not restrict it to my clique, I will not police those I give it to, nor will I be biased in my choices for grandfathering. If you can’t take my word for it, all of that distrust is on your shoulders, not mine. I’ve done nothing but ask for a measure I feel is needed for what I have written, and if you can’t respectfully disagree with that without trying to paint me as some kind of ill-intending villain, uh... Well, yikes. Keep building straw men to take down, I guess.
  3. My bad, I’m not sure how I missed replying to your note. Celestialism as I have written it currently would not make sense stacked on top of current arcanism, as most of Aura Control overlaps with current Arcanism. At no point did I say that all current Arcanists are incapable of following the practices needed of them in this magic, the point I was trying to make is that not all of them could, and thus giving it to everyone would not pan out well. Not to mention the permanent loss of a magic slot that my Celestialism incurs, which I expect many players would not want to accept. I suppose I could consider an opt-out system, but I really don’t appreciate you insisting that I am somehow acting in bad faith. As for calling my magic cliquish, I really don’t think that has any basis. The reason I’m vague about who I wish to grandfather is because I am not familiar with, for example, the high elf community. I don’t know everyone who has Arcanism, and I don’t know who would be in a position to help spread this rewrite of it. I have yet to reach out to determine that, but you have no reason to claim that I would do anything other than precisely what I say I intend to. Let me be completely, 100% clear on what my intention is so that it cannot be mistaken, and if I fail to hold to it, I can be kept accountable: I will grandfather people who have no IC or OOC relationship to me or my character, in order to ensure that this magic is not restricted to a single IC or OOC group or clique. Once again I understand the upset, but trying to paint me as acting in bad faith or with the intent to make this magic into a guildlocked or clique ability is based in nothing but needless distrust. I have no prejudices against Arcanism or its community, and insist as you might that I do, it will not make it factual. I am only pressing for what I believe to be necessary for the piece I have written. In fact, if you have suggestions on who I should consider grandfathering, contact me and I will see about it- frankly that would be quite helpful.
  4. I've made some balancing changes to try and remedy the issues pointed out by Squak. Most Aura Control spells now have two separate emote counts, one for casting while at that tier, and one for casting while above that tier. This maintains the sliding scale of power for each spell, while making sure that tier 4 and 5 spells take longer to cast than others. Tier 5 Rebound now requires [5] emotes. Tier 5 Shield now requires [5] emotes. Tier 5 Flourish now requires [4] emotes. Tier 5 Barrier now requires [6] emotes. Strength scales down if a tier [5] casts at tier [4] level, unlike with Shields. It does introduce the question of why one would want to cast a tier 1 spell while at tier 5 if casting a tier 3 one is the same number of emotes, but without lowering emote counts too much I can't find a way around that. It will just be a matter of the precise amount of force or scale your character seeks to apply. I have also unified the emote count of Tributary to make it require the same number of emotes regardless of tier, all scaling for this spell now simply comes from the other mechanics. This means Stream Control across the board has unified emote counts for all tiers. Lastly I have removed Barrage, as I feel it gives the magic more offensive potential than I intended.
  5. Whew, alrighty, a lot to respond to here. First of all I understand the concerns over the MA and TA wipe. While there does seem to be some push for this that is not needed, I want to be very clear in saying that I have no issue with the Arcanism community, nor do I have any intentions to guildlock this magic- the grandfathering system exists for a reason, and I have always intended to use it to give this magic fair diversity in who can attain it. It is important to the helves, and I never intended to leave them high and dry, I had offered to grandfather BrandNewKitten, and intended to determine a few others who could also help spread the magic outside of my group. I still intend to do so. The reason I state that an MA and TA wipe is vital is not out of any vindictive or elitist ideal, it is simply for the fact that the entire basic logic of the magic has changed, many will not want to accept the costs that come with acquiring it, and many characters simply won't be suited to maintaining the Four Studies outlined in the post. It is not a magic that is as widely applicable as Arcanism, and people who use Arcanism will not intuitively be able to use this. I apologize to those who don't want to lose the magic, and your concern is fair, but what I have written justifies the measure in my estimation. As for the balance concerns brought up here, that's a fair assessment and I will definitely be looking in to it. I hadn't considered it from that angle, and my approach to the mechanics of the spells may have been flawed, I can own up to that and will see about fixing it. Scaling power up along with emote counts down was probably the wrong move, though at the moment I'm not sure how else to format it for individual spells that scale. I'll figure it out. This has now been adjusted. Specifics may be tweaked over time, but I am hopeful that my new method for dealing with emote count scaling is more suitable. As for the name, at this point it's mostly just colloquial and historical. I suppose I could look in to changing it, but that wouldn't divert the purpose of this magic from replacing Arcanism- as it is, I think it's at least a bit clearer, as had I not used Celestialism then the impact this had on Arcanism would catch people completely off-guard and probably be viewed as underhanded. Maybe I should just call it Arcanism, I’ll think on it. I could put the MA / TA wipe thing at the top, if that would somehow be better? I'm not sure where else in the lore I would have noted that aspect, other than in the section dedicated to such things placed precisely where it's supposed to be, following the provided format. I’ll bold it for now I guess, if you’re worried about people missing it and endorsing my lore without considering that detail. As stated previously, I do not now and never have had an intention to guildlock this magic or deprive the helves of the ability to obtain it. Anyway thank you all for your input and I will consider it going forwards.
  6. Just wait until you get to the part where I gave Wights innate access to every magic on the server, including ones that aren’t accepted and haven’t been written yet.
  7. Celestialism: Breaching the Veil ”Behold, my student, magic unbound!” Background: Sourced from the innovations of Iatrilemar Elervathar centuries ago, it was he who first harnessed the powers of pure Arcane energy and welcomed Celestials into the material world. Though the art of Celestialism has long since been rendered out of reach, incarnations of Arcanism have lingered in a state of relative stagnancy, their effects shifting little throughout the ages- against the nature of such freeform, progressive magic. It required an inventive, perhaps slightly reckless and naive mind to tap in to the lost capabilities of Celestialism, and to redefine the art of Arcanism as a whole, bringing the two arts to a state of complete unity that had hitherto been unattained. Yet after countless years, finally, the practice has evolved. By taking upon themselves a great wound and knowing what it is to truly touch the Void, a new wave of Celestialists have risen. Magic Explanation: This new form of Celestialism exists as a merger of the lost art and Arcanism both, and in so doing, redefines the nature of the magics. Once the king of Evocations, these new innovations have brought the merged art of modern Celestialism into a realm of its own, serving a purpose disparate but not entirely dissimilar to the practices from which it stems. The core aspect upon which this magic functions is a spiritual wound, willingly taken. Though all Magi possess a minor tear in the fabric of their soul which enables them to connect with the Void, a Celestialist is one who chooses to draw themselves closer still to the Void, by exacerbating that injury. Through this sacrifice a variety of abilities are obtained, ranging from shielding, to limited concussive offense, to the ability to fuel other Magi, and even summon a peculiar variety of Voidal Horror known as a Celestial, from which the magic draws its name. Breaches, Mana Streams & Celestial Auras In returning to a Voidal Heath after they have become suitably familiar with the mysteries of the Void, a would-be Celestialist is created by one more versed in the practice through a strenuous process in which the elder Celestialist broadens the wound already inflicted on their spirit, creating what is known as a Breach. Best equated to a Voidal Tear, this wound in the soul of a Celestialist is what permits them to practice this renewed version of the magic, and also marks them permanently such that they will ever be rejected by the Aenguls as one with an altered soul. Through this newly formed Breach flows a constant and abundant torrent of mana, pouring from the Void itself. In essence, the Celestialist themselves become a hole in the Veil between worlds. This flow of mana is known as a Celestialist’s Mana Stream, and is a volatile leak that is at all times a threat to the wielder. Through frequent and intense meditation, self-control and abstinence from all that would cause their careful balancing act to falter, a Celestialist may harness this excess mana either directly, or through the use of what is known as their Celestial Aura. The Celestial Aura is the result of a Celestialist’s mana stream naturally brushing against their own innate mana pool, resulting in an overflow that greatly bolsters their regular aura, but does not grant them any extra innate mana. Celestial Auras are ever-present unless actively suppressed, and are far brighter and more expansive than a typical aura. So too do they act as an extension of the Celestialist themselves, carrying on the flows of mana a reflection of their emotional state. So vibrant is this aura that it is reflected even on the other side of the Breach, within the Void itself. This light draws to it countless tiny creatures within the Void, known as Celestials, who seek safety and comfort in its glow, and in the projected calm of the Celestialist themselves. Nextly, we will discuss the risks of this treacherous state of being. Risk & Control Whilst having an endless supply of mana leaking from oneself might seem a very beneficial trait, it is rather more complex than it may seem. A Celestialist cannot directly harness the contents of their Mana Stream for the purposes of regular spellcasting, its only function being in the control of its direction and in the Celestial Aura it creates. The only exception to this is found in Meditation, discussed later. Celestialists must adhere to a strict lifestyle in order to maintain control over their wounded spiritual state. It is a threat on two fronts, that of the Mana Stream, and then that of the Breach itself. The risk posed by the Mana Stream is that, should one falter in their focus, it is very possible for a Celestialist’s internal supply of mana to become caught up in the flow of the Mana Stream, resulting in it being cast out into the world, leaving them drained to extents that vary depending on the amount of time focus is lost, anywhere from a single spell’s worth of mana, to complete exhaustion. The Breach then is a slightly less persistent threat, but still not an uncommon one. Due to the volatility created in a Celestialist’s soul by said Breach, their emotions can have a direct effect on its state. Severe negative emotion such as fear, anger, grief, etc. can lead to the widening of this Breach, which essentially increases the intensity of the Mana Stream’s flow, and overwhelms a Celestialist’s ability to keep hold over their personal mana pool. The result is that an emotionally imbalanced Celestialist will find their mana being rapidly drained, potentially to the point of complete exhaustion if they cannot reign themselves in quickly enough. Four so-called ‘studies’ are used to help Celestialists stave off these risks, known as Focus, Consciousness, Meditation and Composure. Every Celestialist must dedicate themselves to the practice of each, lest their Breach and Mana Stream get the better of them. The Four Studies Learning Celestialism: To learn Celestialism is a taxing and dangerous process not lightly undertaken, permanently marking those who embrace it and necessitating a very particular lifestyle to cope with the changes that it brings. In order to even be capable of learning this art, one must already know what it is to connect with the Void and wield mana, meaning that they must be at least tier [3] in one Voidal magic. Provided that the risks and costs are accepted, and the would-be Celestialist is suitably attuned to the Void already, the endeavor can be undertaken at the hands of a master Celestialist who will enact a ritual of Rending detailed in the ‘Abilities & Spells’ section to inflict upon the student’s soul a fresh Breach, thus granting them their own Mana Stream. Immediately after this is done, the student will begin to have their innate mana swept off in the flow of their new Mana Stream, and their Celestial Aura will manifest. It is for this reason that a would-be Celestialist is necessitated to have a previously established grasp on mana and the Void, so that they can quickly be instructed on the process of actively holding back their own mana pool from being caught up in the flow of their Mana Stream. After the new Celestialist has been introduced to the rest of the Four Studies which will keep them from being robbed of their innate mana, practice proper can begin. A budding Celestialist will first need to be acquainted to their newly formed Celestial Aura, to be taught how to manipulate it by force of will, as well as how to attune themselves and control the amount of mana which is allowed to escape their grasp at any given moment. It is this control over how much mana essentially ‘evaporates’ off of their Celestial Aura that differentiates a master of Aura Control from a novice, as novices lack strength and wastes the vast majority of mana that is carried on their Mana Stream, whilst a master is more capable of retaining that energy in their Celestial Aura, thus making it more dense and potent. Additionally it is the ability to influence their Mana Stream itself which differentiates a master of Stream Control from a novice. Where a novice finds it somewhat akin to a firehose that’s gone out of control, difficult to wrangle and direct, a master has learned how to restrain and orient its flow more proficiently. Progress in these two areas is the path to mastery of Celestialism. Red Lines: Abilities & Spells: The abilities of a Celestialist are differentiated into three categories: Passive Effects & Misc, Aura Control and Stream Control. Due to the fact that one’s Mana Stream brushing against their mana pool and spilling over to their aura is what creates a Celestial Aura, Aura and Stream Control categories cannot be rapidly swapped between. It requires a single emote in order to either redirect one’s Mana Stream and begin manipulating it, or to reconnect the Mana Stream to one’s aura and remanifest the Celestial Aura. However, since Celestialists by default manifest their Celestial Aura, they are not required to do any variety of connection emote before utilizing Aura Control, unless they are switching from using a Stream Control ability. With Stream Control, a connection emote is replaced by an emote of the Celestialist’s aura diminishing as they begin to redirect their Mana Stream. This is excused for subsequent uses of Stream Control, until the Mana Stream is reconnected to the aura. Many abilities can be cast on a sliding scale of power determined by tier. This will impact mana cost and overall effect, but not emote count. A tier [5] casting a spell at the intensity of tier [3] may still abide by tier [5] emote count rules, and so forth. Personal mana is expended in order to direct the mana sourced from one’s Mana Stream and to control their Celestial Aura. Red Lines: Passive Effects & Misc: Due to their strange and intimate connection to the Void, Celestialists experience a number of passive effects that influence both them and those around them. Celestial Aura: A trait already touched on many times, the most obvious and defining trait of a Celestialist is their aura. This aura may appear as a simple glow, as a slight fog or even a flickering fire-like energy, changeable at the Celestialist’s whim, and retains the color of their natural aura. This aura makes the presence of a Celestialist extremely obvious to anyone who sees them, mage or otherwise. Broadly speaking, the Celestial Aura of a novice will be less vibrant than that of a master, due to its lower mana density. In addition, a Celestialist’s Celestial Aura conveys to those within its radius a sense of their emotional state, which generally translates to providing others with a sense of clear-headedness and calm, though this can change if the Celestialist loses their composure or feels a different intense emotion. Voidal Static: A trait only notable by other magi, a Celestialist at all times carries with their presence a distinct hum, buzz, or static of sorts that will alert other magi to their presence. This cannot be hidden or quieted, and though magi may not be able to pick out the specific source of the sound or sensation, it will always be evident to them that one is nearby. Though usually a sound, Voidal Static can also be represented as a subtle vibrating sensation. Overflow: Enchantments or entities fueled by mana that linger in the presence of a Celestialist will be passively subject to the leakage of their Mana Stream. Enchanted items kept in their possession will gradually be topped up, and while entities like atronachs will not be buffed in any way, they will experience a pleasant ‘lively’ sensation from lingering nearby. Flawed Soul: Due to the damage caused to their spirit in the act of becoming a Celestialist and obtaining a Breach, the souls of these magi are extra susceptible to other magics which might negatively impact them. They are also rejected by the Aenguls, and cannot regain the magic slot dedicated to Celestialism. Meditation: The ‘misc’ part of this section, Meditation is a vital part of every Celestialist’s lifestyle, and is distinct in practice and effect from standard meditation. By drawing their focus to the flow of their Mana Stream, a Celestialist may enter a trance-like state wherein they will be able to recover both mana and from physical exhaustion. The aesthetic details of this spell vary, from changes in Celestial Aura shape, to floating a foot or so off of the floor, to even a subtle hum lingering in the air around a Celestialist. A notable part of the experience of a Celestialist’s Meditation is the awareness of Celestials gathering to their Celestial Aura within the Void. This is perceived as the dim sense of being watched, not unsettling but notable, as well as the perception of subtle, flickering lights somewhere at the fringes of their awareness. Later on, one can perform Undertow to drag out one such light to bring a Celestial to the material world. Aura Control: As the name suggests, this category focuses on the manipulation of one’s Celestial Aura to a variety of defensive, offensive, and artistic effects. The pinnacles of this category are the abilities to patch the Breach of another Celestialist, as well as create dome shields and surround oneself in a hail of arcane projectiles. Aura Control has no specific tell, as all spells will be evident simply by the movement of the Celestialist’s Celestial Aura. Rebound: The first and most basic offensive ability of a Celestialist. It is performed by having the Celestialist draw their aura inwards and work to stem the leakage of mana from it, causing tension to build as it struggles to expand once more. After sufficient tension is built, this control is released to create a concussive effect within the Celestial Aura’s usual range. As a Celestialist reaches higher skill levels, it can even deflect spells and projectiles. Shield: By directing their Celestial Aura to a single spot, a Celestialist may condense it into a barrier of size and solidity dependent upon tier. This is done by first ‘gathering’ one’s aura to a location, condensing and shaping it, and finally solidifying. The destruction of this shield causes a Celestialist’s Celestial Aura to disperse back to its regular state. Flourish: Through the infusion of extra mana from one’s Mana Stream into their aura, it can be made to shine with significant levels of brightness, able to light the way in a dark passage, or even disorient those around the Celestialist. Encompass: The only spell which allows Celestialists to expand their Celestial Aura, Encompass requires a Celestialist to be of a journeyman level before it can be used, and involves them entering a Meditative state and focusing the entirety of their attention on their Celestial Aura. While in this state, the Celestial Aura’s range increases vastly, within which they can will it to create all manner of artistic display or demonstration. These arcane structures can be semi-solid but will do no harm, and cannot stand up to any amount of weight or stress, nor are they able to take textures or appearances beyond that of colored glass, fluid, fog or light. One could feel a surface, but not lean or push on it. Barrier: Celestialists of significant strength can solidify their Celestial Aura on the borders of its range, creating a dome-like shield for them any anyone else in the vicinity. Patch: The ability to temporarily and haphazardly seal the Breach of another willing Celestialist. This is necessary in instances where a fellow Celestialist has lost their composure to a great and lasting extreme, such as in instances of deep depression or grief, lest they be rendered comatose with a perpetually near-empty mana pool. Though it does not require their waking approval, their spirit must not resist the act. This is also how a Celestialist may free themselves from the risks of having a Mana Stream, and effectively give up the magic and all it entails. However, they remain afflicted with the Flawed Soul passive. Stream Control: Self-evidently, Stream Control is the manipulation of one’s Mana Stream to a variety of supportive and utilitarian effects. The pinnacles of this category are the abilities to create Breaches in new Celestialists, as well as summon Celestials. Stream Control spells are always preceded by [1] starting emote to redirect the Mana Stream, resulting in one’s Celestial Aura vanishing while in use. This is only avoided if one has already done so for a previous Stream Control spell, and is casting another without reconnecting the Mana Stream to their aura. Though not accounted for in emote counts, this must be taken into account for them if relevant. Tributary: The first, most basic and selfless spell involving the control of one’s Mana Stream, Tributary allows the Celestialist to link their Mana Stream to a single mage and decrease the cost of their spells, allowing them to syphon off part of the Mana Stream’s energy for their use. Disperse: By carefully limiting the flow of their Mana Stream and directing it away from their own mana pool, a Celestialist may conceal their Celestial Aura to better blend in. Undertow: Upon reaching a level of near mastery over Stream Control, a Celestialist may draw out one of the many Celestials gathered to the Celestial Aura exuded on the other side of their Breach. This creature becomes their constant companion, though has no functional value. Rend: Finally, with complete mastery over Stream Control, a Celestialist becomes capable of inflicting a Breach upon the souls of other magi to turn them into a Celestialist. General Red Lines: Tier Progression: Tier 1: At tier [1], a Celestialist has just been awakened and is still adjusting to their newfound powers. They have been informed of the Four Studies and do their best to adhere, but will frequently falter in their practice of these concepts. Their control over their Celestial Aura and Mana Stream is rough at best. This stage lasts [2] OOC weeks. Spells Gained: Tier 2: At tier [2], a Celestialist has become more familiar with the nature of their power. They have learned to more effectively keep a low level of focus to avoid accidental mana loss, though are still prone to failure relatively often. Their control over their Celestial Aura and Mana Stream is still imprecise, but significantly improved. This stage lasts [3] OOC weeks. Spells Gained: Tier 3: At tier [3], a Celestialist is now significantly adept with the powers of Celestialism. The Four Studies are near becoming second nature to adhere to, and interruptions to their focus or composure are only occasional. Their control over their Celestial Aura and Mana Stream now comes somewhat naturally. This stage lasts [5] OOC weeks. Spells Gained: Tier 4: At tier [4], a Celestialist is near mastering their Breach and its results. They can easily maintain a consistent passive focus to prevent mana loss, and have by now likely gained greater mastery over their emotions. Their control over their Celestial Aura and Mana Stream is now adept, coming with ease. This stage lasts [6] OOC weeks. Spells Gained: Tier 5: At tier [5], a Celestialist is a master of their nature. The Four Studies come as easily as breathing, and only extreme circumstances or injury will cause them to falter on any front. Their control over their Celestial Aura and Mana Stream is second nature, as natural as breathing. This is the final stage. Spells Gained: Compatibility: Celestialism is compatible with: Celestialism is incompatible with: Celestials: ”He is a strange beast, but I suppose that says more of me than him.” Introduction: Creatures born within the Void as but wisps of ill-defined light, Horrors of the lowest rung in the scales of power within that strange space. Terrorized and victimized in the place of their birth, these sorry beings are drawn to the light of Celestialists where it is reflected in the Void, their Celestial Aura shining through the Breach in their souls. They take comfort in the balanced and disciplined minds of Celestialists, taking refuge in that oasis of calm and light amidst the chaos and dark. Celestials are a presence that every Celestialist becomes aware of upon their first meditation, their existence sensed on the very edges of a budding Celestialist’s consciousness, like flickering lights at the very corners of their vision, a silent audience to their luminous power. Through practice and discipline, a Celestialist may bring forth one of these creatures as a personal familiar, inadvertently giving them form and nature in the process. Behaviour: The behaviour of Celestials varies wildly from individual to individual, only three reliable traits being notable. As with most Voidal Horrors, a common trait shared by Celestials is curiosity- they are compelled to learn and experience more of this strange, material realm, and tend to be very inquisitive and nosey. The next factor is intelligence. Celestials are possessed of fully formed minds and are capable of detailed communication with their Celestialist, though this takes place through a mental link, leaving their exchanges unheard by others. Finally, the final trademark of Celestial behaviour is that they are fearful and cautious, unwilling to engage in any manner of direct combat. Beyond these traits, the demeanor and personality of a Celestial is determined largely by what ‘rubs off’ on them through the process of being brought into the material world, drawn from the unconscious mind of their summoner. This does not mean that a Celestial will always be of similar disposition to the Celestialist, indeed they could end up quite the opposite of the one who brings them into the material realm, but generally their disposition will be one that tends to endear the Celestialist to their presence. Celestials will never stray far from their Celestialist, as they share an ethereal connection with them that both sustains their physical form and grants them significant comfort through the influence of the summoner’s Celestial Aura. Red Lines: Physiology: As with their behaviour, the physical qualities of a Celestial are extremely unpredictable. Their bodies are sustained by something of an ‘umbilical cord’ that connects them to the Celestialist’s Mana Stream, a passive section of its flow that sustains their physical manifestation, but otherwise has no impact upon the magic at large. Due to this Celestials cannot be given away as pets, or even left at home- a Celestial is always at its Celestialist’s side. Due to this necessity and the fact that their physical form is drawn from the Celesetialist’s subconscious the same way that their behaviour is, Celestials tend to be small in stature. Though not a rule, and capable of reaching sizes up to that of a large dog, the vast majority of Celestials will manifest at sizes capable of being carried or held somewhere on the Celestialist’s person, such that they are not disruptive to day-to-day life. Celestials are physically weak and lack any means to cause harm to anyone whatsoever, lacking the strength to even bite or scratch to any meaningful effect. Though they look and feel like physical entities, the composition of a Celestial is purely mana-based. This is easily noticed when lifting such a creature, as they weigh far less than a real animal of equivalent size might, even capable of floating regardless of whether or not they have the body parts to do so. This also means they lack significant strength to lift anything heavier than [1] pound. Their unique composition is also notable should they be injured. Injury, Death & Banishment Celestials lack any sort of internal physiology, their general appearance essentially equating to a shell that encompasses a core of undefined mana, which will leak out like steam should they be injured. Sufficient injury will result in their complete destabilization, causing the Celestial to return to the Void where it can be left in favor of bringing out a new one, or resummoned with the same qualities. A Celestial will also be banished if it is taken more than [20] meters from a Celestialist, or if a Celestialist intentionally severs the ‘umbilical cord’ that connects them to their Mana Stream. The process of resummining a Celestial is identical to that of bringing forth a new one through casting Undertow, the only difference is intent. Once banished or destroyed, a Celestial will always seek out their summoner’s Celestial Aura’s projection in the void, in hopes of being brought back to their side. Red Lines: General Red Lines: Purpose (OOC): The purpose of this rewrite is to both reimagine Arcanism whilst merging it with and bringing back Celestialism. The reason for this is due to Arcanism’s current place as a ‘better evocation’, and because current Arcanism doesn’t do much to add to the flavor of a character. A few rewrites have come through that essentially repackage the old lore, but I am of the opinion that Arcanism and Celestialism both deserve a revamp, not a rehash. I have given it the unique cost of permanently removing a magic slot, even if dropped, and permanently locking characters out of deity magics. This is to avoid it becoming a ‘must-have’ magic due to its supportive benefits and the enhanced aesthetics. It also cannot be self-taught for this same reason. However, I want to clarify that while the removal of a magic slot and deity magic lockout is permanent for the life of this lore, should it be shelved for any reason, these limitations will be lifted. Due to the dissimilarity to previous incarnations and the significant cost to characters possessing it, I will be instituting an MA and TA wipe for Arcanism alongside this rewrite should it be accepted. This is also necessary due to the restrictions it places on character behaviour, which will not be compatible with many current Arcanist characters. An MA and TA wipe is, I will be very clear, completely vital. This is not due to any ill-will I hold against the Arcanism community, it is simply a necessity due to the nature of this lore piece. I will be using the grandfathering system to ensure that the magic is accessible to those outside of my own personal friend group, and that it is not taken from places where it is of cultural significance. Credits, Citations & Changelog: Credits: Kalehart (Writing and Concept) Etan__ (Consultation) Iaac__ (Consultation) BrandNewKitten (Original Lore) Citations: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/136255-magic-lore-revision-arcanism-formerly-arcane-evocation-and-shielding/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151990-%E2%9C%93-magic-addition-celestialism-reiteration-~~~-the-masters-of-arcanism/ Changelog: Reworked emote counts across the board for combat and defensive abilities. They now have two separate guidelines for casting at-tier and above-tier. Tier 4 and tier 5 spells are now significantly more emote intensive. Removed the spell Barrage due to balance concerns and the fact that it has more offensive utility than I intend to give this magic.
  8. I recently started a character for whom I’ve been keeping a diary of every RP session I do on him. It’s proved quite interesting and very useful, since my memory for RP interactions isn’t the best. Being able to look back in my entries and reference the people he’s met and whatnot is really handy. I’ve realized after reading this though that I’ve been writing it more as an OOC tool than an IC document, using it to keep track of events rather than give my character a more defined internal monologue. I’ll have to try and adjust my approach to do more development, as I write it going forwards.
  9. It’s mostly just a necessary update to the rather old previous lore, meant to serve as a starting point for a general revamp of all Phantom related lore, to be followed by a Mysticism rewrite that will be along soon (tm). Graven are currently shelved, and I believe ghosts are soft-shelved meaning no new ones can be created.
  10. That is definitely a much more open area for innovation. Just be certain that you read up on all of the relevant lore before having a go at it, and again I would suggest waiting a while until you’ve taken longer to get familiar with the server. It would be nice to be able to just study everything you need to know, but ultimately the kind of in-depth grasp you need comes with time and experience. It’s best not to write a magic for its own sake, give yourself that time to come up with something really special and unique To start I would suggest reading everything void and plane related here. The Void is a bit of a vague concept, hence why I say you need time to fully grasp it. Learning about it in RP is the best way. And then I would advise you to browse all of the magics here and here. I’d also suggest checking the deity and dark magic sections too, just to be safe. And be sure to see what has already been submitted as an idea here in the main area, as well as in pending, under review, loremag, and lore games submissions.
  11. It looks like you’re relatively new to the server, and I can certainly appreciate the enthusiasm to contribute your ideas to the community, but I do think some patience is necessary for this kind of thing. The server’s lore can be quite convoluted at times and difficult to grasp, and it requires a lot of time and experience, or effort, in order to properly balance your lore and make it slot neatly into the preexisting framework. I would suggest that you spend a little more time immersing yourself in the server, reading the current lore and getting a strong grip on other types of magic and the like, before trying for a submission like this. Again I respect the effort, but this submission simply speaks to a lack of knowledge on both the server’s current lore, and how to format and develop new ideas to fit in with it. To be straight-forward, here are the broad issues I see: Here are some notes on individual spells, to give you a slightly better idea of how to write them in the future: That’s about all I have to say. Again I encourage your enthusiasm and am glad you have put in the effort to make this, but I would advise you to spend more time reading up on the lore of the server, and spend more time exploring and learning about things in-game as well, before trying to create a proposal of your own. Honestly I really do respect your enthusiasm, and if you stick around long enough to learn the ropes, I’m sure you could create a lore piece that would be a great addition to the server. Try not to be discouraged by all my criticism here, I made similar mistakes when I first joined. I hope to see more lore from you in the future.
  12. I understand the thinking behind removing the signs and making roads necessary again, but I personally don’t agree with it. The warp signs are definitely a huge quality of life improvement- especially for new players who are trying to find where the roleplay is at. The displeasure with their removal should speak enough to the fact that it’s better to have them than not, in my opinion, since if a decision actively disappoints and inconveniences the community it’s probably the wrong call. Road RP is rare even when they’re in use, and often it’s not really a good experience either. In years of playing the server, I have had no memorable encounters on the road, and any I’ve had were likely skewing into being irritating since I was probably trying to get somewhere for something. It just isn’t a valuable enough experience to justify the headache that having to travel to and find cities is. Very few people want to waste ten minutes sprint jumping and burning through food just to get to a place where they can do what they’re on the server to do in the first place. Bring warps back, add a mina cost to their use if you must, but the server is better with them than without. Just for fun, here’s a pros and cons list: The positives of warps are: -Promotes activity in smaller or more far-flung settlements. -Aids new players in locating roleplay and picking a spot they want to establish themselves. -Avoids drama and inconvenience often associated with road roleplay. -Lets people do what they’re here for, roleplay (not running and jumping), faster and more easily. -Encourages exploration of different settlements, promoting character growth and diminishing clique-like mentality. -Broadly, makes more players happier. The negatives of warps are: -Makes the world feel smaller. -Means that the roads are abandoned, which is admittedly a huge chunk of the world map essentially made obsolete. -Discourages bandit roleplay and other road-based interactions. -Probably some other stuff but I can’t think of it. Anywho, I think the value comparison is pretty straight-forwards. I personally had a great experience with the warps, it allowed me to interact with a lot of characters I never otherwise would have, because I don’t want to waste hours trying to navigate to small settlements and far-flung cities. If warps are viewed negatively by the administration, I would suggest that map size needs to be adjusted next time, so that it’s less of a hassle to get to the roleplay we’re all here for. All of that said, I do commend the fixing of the chunk load issue, that’s a nice improvement to see. Again I understand the logic of wanting to remove warps, I simply don’t think it’s in the best interest of the community. It’s a fine idea in concept, but in practice it is simply a detriment to player experience. I can imagine that the administration is personally a bit skewed in their perception of this issue, because I would wager that more often than not you choose to warp where you need to go. Admins are not required to put up with travel times the same way regular players are (though you might, I’d just be surprised) and thus perhaps don’t quite grasp the sheer tedium of it. Though at times the administration may know what is best for the community when the community does not, this is not one of those scenarios. Please listen to the feedback people are giving against this decision, as it is the players whom are most heavily impacted by it, and most intimately familiar with the implications of it one way or the other.
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