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  1. NurpleDurp

    Cassius & Co.

    Richard Barnabus smiles, proud to help such a rich and powerful man in his heroic efforts to bring peace and calm to the city of Carolustadt.
  2. NurpleDurp

    Banned by glitch

    I have yet to be able to login to the server @Tofuus , it has something to do with the warclaim as it says ‘Kicked whilst connecting to war: you are banned’ ect. At this point maybe you could unban my account from the actual war server and it may fix it, im clueless but i’d like for it to be fixed.
  3. NurpleDurp

    Banned by glitch

    we in this together brother lmao
  4. NurpleDurp

    Banned by glitch

    Well just ping me or something when its gonna get fixed i guess
  5. NurpleDurp

    Banned by glitch

    Im still banned, do you have a discord or something i could reach you with for further discussion When i log in it says ‘kicked whilst connecting to war: (then my ban message).
  6. NurpleDurp

    Banned by glitch

    IGN – AppropriateIGN After trying to do /warsend for the claim, it cleared my inventory and said i could not join because i’m ‘still banned’, the pop-up showed my ban from two months ago which i already got unbanned for. I logged off and now when i log back in it has my ban message which, again, i already got unbanned for. Now i cant even log into the server so i don’t really know. If this could be fixed that'd be cool.
  7. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames soundcloudfapper Ban Reason Inappropriate Roleplay Players Involved NurpleDurp (Myself) and a small group of others players who i have no recollection of. By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for making several questionable emotes where i ‘thrusted’ myself onto other players and made a series of licking emotes against other players who i did not have consent from to even partake in. I violated the rules and made a cringeworthy scene that called for game moderators to later review my logs and ban me for two months. Why should you be pardoned? I was very intoxicated, and i know what i do when i am under the influence is my own fault and i take responsibility for the bad emotes which, while being extremely funny to me at the time, may have left a sour taste in others mouths. I hope the players saw it in good fun or just as a slight annoyance but i apologize to anyone i may have offended or pissed of with the low quality troll roleplay. I have served my ban out of two months and hope i can get a second chance to display my full potential, sober. I again apologize for my less than quality roleplay and pledge to hold myself to a higher standard in the future. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will not play inebriated again. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. if players embark on their own agendas for self entertainment by putting the enjoyment of others on the line, it makes the experience less enjoyable, and i understand that. Rules and community guidelines provide a basis that all players can build off of and function in harmony together.
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  10. NurpleDurp

    [✗] An Official Apology by a Banned Player.

    Sorry for your loss, sucks to lose a family member.
  11. NurpleDurp

    [Bounty] The Maw Widens

    A weathered dwarf approached the crier, he grasped an old wooden staff and spoke gruffly, leaving him a blunt message "Oi'm up f'er t'a challenge, t'a names Ulrick.. y'ew can locate me in t'a Dominion or send bird t'ere.. I may look old bu' I can put up a fight, oi 'ave a friend t'at will come along t'oo an' 'es nae one t'a lose a batt'ul..." With those words, he turned, hobbling off into the nearby tavern IGN: IclapYOURcheeks
  12. NurpleDurp

    [Denied][W] wolfkite1's Game Moderator Application

    please no
  13. NurpleDurp

    Lobby Server!

    Get pranked... please??
  14. NurpleDurp

    [Denied] LargeMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    105 words per minute, you would have to type over one word per second, also I would suggest adding a little depth to your event ideas but good luck anyways.
  15. NurpleDurp

    [✗] Ban Appeal

    IGN: GucciCoochie300 Ban Time: 3 days Ban Reason: Griefing Involved: Me, GloriaPreussens I should be unbanned because I have never intended to grief anything or mess up anyone's builds, I don't really know what I was banned for griefing but I am assuming it could be from building outside my house in curon or breaking some leaves in a hedge, I am very sorry I did not know it was raid defense or anything like that and if I did I would not have broken the leaves just for ease of travel. I really will not break any blocks anymore unless they are in my house or I have permission from a region owner, sorry for the troubles.