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  1. Temp


    Nexus returning as a means of creating lore and decorative items would be a plus. It should not include actual game mechanic alterations.
  2. Temp

    Terra Pravum | Ambient Events

    It’s an effective application of the ET! Look at any Bethesda game. The side quests tend to be more memorable than the main lines.
  3. ‘roo burger munching mother fu- Who diluted and killed the Marked? Who even promoted the idea of schools outside of the source material? Who the **** promoted two swords!? Still remember any of the Old Rose litanies? If you had to be the change you wanted to see in the RP atmosphere of this server, what nation or guild would you make? Why? Give a brief overview of what you feel would be an effective application of the ET at this time. Who’d win in an RP fight between Adeon, Elgan and Thersist?
  4. Players/Group Requesting: Settlers of Velia | Region of Terra Pravum What kind of Event are you looking for?: Ambient events in the form of hunts, exotic resources gathering and a long-term regional line. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Up for discussion. Organizer's Discord: RancidHound#1670 --- The idea is to set up a steady chain of minor events for the sake of getting a region to feel alive. To be organized similar to Mordskov and the Lodge, for any ET familiar with the practice and application of the sites. Toss me a line and I’ll break things down.
  5. Temp

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    30 foot tall golems. Sounds like the stock 'How do I make this event harder' arms-race some folks field.
  6. P-please respond

    1. Hyena


      s-senpai notice me

  7. Temp

    PEX or special perms

    Can I get an update?
  8. Temp

    PEX or special perms

  9. Temp

    PEX or special perms

    It is probably worth noting that I can't speak or receive messages whilst logged in. Authenticator on an older device I have since ditched.
  10. Temp

    PEX or special perms

    Need the ET LC perms pulled from me. Not on the ET at this time and I don't need LC at will.
  11. Temp

    What is raiding meant to do?

    Raids do precisely what they're meant to. Get people fighting outside of full-scale invasion scenarios. It's, in general, incentive to have a standing military and guard force, even if it's just to deter a minor annoyance that comes once every few days.
  12. Temp

    The Issues of Raiding

    Unless someone is breaking rules like flying into structures, spamming the ever living **** out of rolls, raid baiting, abusing PEX or making abuse of mechanics / glitching to bypass locks or walls, there's not really a strong grounds for complaints on raiding. Report raids as they occur to acquire your cool downs, disregard idiotic behavior and report violations as they arise. It is, or was, VERY common for players that violated rules to be banned or blacklisted.
  13. Temp

    [Bounty] Gargantuan Beast

    This bounty has been resolved and bounties hosted from OuterHaven will no longer continue. Happy RPing, folks.
  14. Temp

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    Sure, why not? Doesn't always just yield to what the rest of the crowd is suggesting.
  15. Temp

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Mmm, the lore would have to be paced over, if not rewritten, to address the extent of imperfect healing. A limb regrown with healing magic may be missing joints, could have improperly fused bone and other unwanted growths or deformities. It wouldn't be too far fetched to see a return that never lives up to the original with this in mind.