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  1. The bloodwells lay still, the halls of the damned, dormant. Those once touched, bonded and hunted have been left in relative peace. The cold remnants of the lodge, once host to unseen malicious forces, lays silent. Perhaps starved or tempted by other, more vulnerable prey, the great unseen beast has vanished. Those who knelt to dread have become absent and the winds no longer carry harsh whispers. What once was, is no longer. --- I've got no time or energy for the ET or LoTC at this time. Working 60+ hours a week forces my attentions elsewhere and I absolutely refuse to put my few hours of free time into anything that isn't my family or some much needed relaxation. All event sites run by myself are dead / dormant. Potential use of the line created by myself is to be retired and I have shared nothing, Ford aside, about the intent and purpose of the events. Personally, I would like to see the efforts put forth by myself for 'Fear' and the 'Fear' eventline to be put down so that we don't see another poorly executed Post-Mordskov ordeal. Thanks and later folks.
  2. A lot All of these are voluntary positions so. . .
  3. Temp


    No one system or rule set will EVER apply or be appealing to the entire human playerbase and just like the base curses a player must abide by when creating their character, folks will resist just to resist.
  4. Temp

    [Suggestion] LoTC Grand Strategy

    Do something like this with some events. Becomes a logistical nightmare when people begin to debate what should and should not be values. A neutral third party moderation would be required for something like this to work in the slightest.
  5. Temp

    [Bounty] Gargantuan Beast

    This bounty has been resolved and bounties hosted from OuterHaven will no longer continue. Happy RPing, folks.
  6. Temp

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    Sure, why not? Doesn't always just yield to what the rest of the crowd is suggesting.
  7. How hard is it to relax and just not get banned in the first place? The guidelines are some of the most basic **** out there. It's right beside "Use common sense." Folks know, for SURE when they're about to do some **** that'll get them banned or at the very least put them out there for consideration. The demand for absolutely specific ruling, like the argument for vague ruling, benefits but a single side in an argument. If folks take more responsibility for their actions and evade acting in ways that result in bans, no issues will arise. Then just chill out and wait. It's just a minecraft server. There's plenty to do elsewhere and with other folks.
  8. Are your seriously implying ignorance of your behaviors and attitude? I'd wager ol' dude is letting things sit because either A, he's busy or B, he's waiting for folks to make an authentic appeal over half-assed "I served my time. Unban me."
  9. This sort of thing is perfectly fine for folks that face repeated bans. Folks know when they're breaking rules, know when they're acting against set guidelines and looking over what's said in the community guidelines, found here, I can see why some folks have been slapped by them. If players are just serving ban times but taking nothing from them, what was the point? And why are we saying there's some variation of malicious intent in the guideline 'bans.' Has anyone read them? They're some of the most basic, "Hey, chill out and have a good time. This RP ****, it's not meant to be a self-insert that you take way too damn seriously."
  10. Temp

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Mmm, the lore would have to be paced over, if not rewritten, to address the extent of imperfect healing. A limb regrown with healing magic may be missing joints, could have improperly fused bone and other unwanted growths or deformities. It wouldn't be too far fetched to see a return that never lives up to the original with this in mind.
  11. Temp

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Muscle memory, manual dexterity and strength in general takes time to train. Months for those actively making the attempts.
  12. Temp

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Combat application of any and all healing should not undo limb removal, fatal wounds and broken bones. Once a player has been disabled by an injury in conflict, healing of any variety should be about stabilizing the player and allowing them to retain the knowledge gained through the encounter. Not getting them back into the fight. Using healing magic should also disable the healer, when the wounds of the fallen are disabling, regardless of tier. Outside of conflict, I do not think it's a huge issue for healing magic to, over quite some time, heal non-fatal wounds. Anything regrown / healed should see hastened degradation, should be weaker than what was before it and should lose quite a bit of coordination. A greater emphasis needs to be placed on the imperfect nature of healing magic and those that currently RP healing magic should be observed, at random, to address the 2-emote fix-alls. Overall, I feel that healing magic should be a lesser and more imperfect solution to wounds. No resources are required, risk of failed medical treatment is passed over and knowledge of what magics can and can not do is lacking in quite a few players, the mages themselves at times. Even when unintentional, allowing players to quickly and effortlessly undo something only cheapens the experience.
  13. Temp

    The OUTERHAVEN Initiative

    "Stagnant water, rotted flesh, bile and shite as far as the eye can see. Cursed, The Maw. Why would anyone willingly reside there?" The rift, a distortion fueled by blood, by sacrifice, began its writhing inward climb. Shadows dance and shift, orange hue casted over the fragmented remnants of culture long forgotten. A space once sacred, a place of respite for the dead, now a birthing ground of undeath and perverse mutation. Men, their forms wrapped in shadow, took to the walls. Present one moment, gone the next, they paced the crimson spattered canals of the damned, descending ever deeper into this mundane hell. For days, weeks, Ravens resided in the jaw of the beast. Watched on as the Hivemind manifested, split and then turned in upon itself. Documented the converging of realms, the manifestation of ancient entities. And yet, the wastes have remained silent. No man has gone forth to return, to speak of his brothers lost. Progress has met a great, unyielding wall and the ancient evil just beyond goes unchecked.
  14. Temp

    Cloud Temple

    Wouldn't it be more beneficial to incentivize, through OOC reward, an actually productive steward program for cities and nations?
  15. Temp

    Grim's Lore Team Application

    Thralls are a very common fantasy concept and one that absolutely predates anything to do with frostwitches.