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  1. Fatigued and sluggish from years of travel, the Eldest Galfred sucks at his teeth upon reading the documents lain before him, “So, the Imperial boys are short of Arms and Armor? Sounds like an easy way of making some good coin. Suppose it’d be to my benefit to see my brother make his return with the steeds as well. It’s back to Kaedrin then.”
  2. Temp

    We Have A Crisis

    The best the server can realistically do is denounce the actions, offer genuine support to those with potential to go through this sort of thing and actually keep the folks banned for their misconduct toward the vulnerable youth. This other stuff just seems tagged on to dilute the discussion because it’s giving the server a really REALLY bad look, as it should.
  3. Big. Fat. OOF.

  4. What crowds are recruiting? Looking for stuff to do outside of designated event slots. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JokerLow


      You should consider making a dwarf and joining Goldhand clan.

    3. Milenkhov


      You should join Rubern! toss me a pm if you’d like to know about it – Milenko#9658

    4. TheAlphaMoist
  5. Only listened to the first 10 seconds or so but uh.. Pretty accurate depiction of both that and this.
  6. A kaedreni soldier makes the rounds under the assumption that the information given to him by an Imperial is correct, “The woman has been cleared.”
  7. “This was diplomatic suicide, not some masterful creation of terms or genius ploy. This man and his line will never be respected again. What the hell was he actually thinking when he stooped so low?” comments a Kaedreni soldier, features twisted in blatant disgust.
  8. A response is sent, “Might we get a description of these individuals? With the information presented, there’s no means of hunting these people down.”
  9. Temp

    Of sheep and dragon

    A Kaedreni soldier squints at the missive, “I- Are they? Dissent? In the middle of Imperial land? What?”
  10. Amidst the remnants of some crumbled and forgotten hold, high over the heads of the Empire of man with a clear sight upon the quarrels that occur within, tales of voices carried upon wind begin to spread. Chants, calls and retellings of the old world, each seemingly more bizarre and incomprehensible than the last. Others speak of visions lived out through dreams. Methods of gaining immortality, sources of endless wealth, troves of ancient knowledge and ways of ascending beyond one’s mundane power. And then there are those that recall ever shifting horrors. Men, forms ripped and torn into writhing hulking abominations. Dog-like scaled beasts with a near insatiable appetite for flesh. Malicious howling winds with intent to consume the minds of those who dare lend an ear. Throughout each tale and vision, one thing persists. A mention of a simple delta, encircled and restrained. It is through this simple set of symbols that one is to hear the chants and calls clearly. To accept and embrace their boons. Or as some would recall, the gateway in which hellish abominations spill forth. ----- Clear the ruins of its current inhabitants. South of Adria. South East of Helena. Difficult 2,000 Minas RancidHound#1670 – Discord Also open to PM.
  11. Selling some 12’s, folks. 100 minas per. Toss me a line via PM or in-game.

  12. It should be noted that Transport Horses are not Combat Grade Horses and due to the militant nature of Arcas horse sales will be restrained to a 12.2 cap and to those with a clean record. Better stock will become available during times of peace.
  13. WTF is with the PvP removal? Wanted to run some drills and we can’t now.

  14. I strongly suggest appearing in Ves and applying to the Kaedreni military. This group is defunct at this time.
  15. A response is pinned, “This form of backward plotting has existed for at least a decade. The peoples of Lorraine were a threat to the status quo because those of the inner council lack basic diplomatic skills and basic foresight. Were someone more competent in the inner workings of the Empire, the intent of the council would have been to find external enemies and beset the armies of man upon them. It would have given the rowdy men things to fight and could have brought those quarreling closer together, much like the Rose, Blackmonts and Teutons during their era. Instead, we’re exposed to lackluster plots of personal gain, half-baked accounts of absent men and a weakened military as a whole. Naturally, you’re going to be pushed aside and ignored as irrelevant. You’re not part of the inner circle. But you’re not wrong, no.”
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