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  1. Temp

    Jackal Sect

    The distinct chaotic song of construction about New Hilden has come to an end and the once rhythmic beating of hammers has been replaced by the routine cries of practiced struggle. Recruits from Heckelin have returned to the Sect and local recruitment has been opened. Men once soft will be shaped and molded to serve greater purpose.
  2. https://gyazo.com/80244b4000dfed31f3f5df111365411a
  3. A stamp has been pressed into the face of the contract, ”Resolved.”
  4. Fun is what you make of it. Best RP I’ve had is RP oriented around high risk with little to no potential for victory / reward. The joy has been in the struggle against entities that can be completely and entirely approached with RP. The whole experience around these things have been cohesive and engaging with few to no disruptions in flow. Doesn’t precisely answer but you get it.
  5. An unofficial response is pinned, ”If you feel that your concerns will fall upon deaf ears, simply depart. There’s no need or incentive to remain and deal with those sorts of behaviors. Look into other towns that are more accommodating to your needs.”
  6. Temp

    Swamp Rules

    To give context and concept to what I do, events last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, are heavily emote intensive and parties that may begin as 8 or 9 often depart as 4 or 5 and those 4 or 5 are typically wounded or ICly fatigued, depending entirely on what they’ve been attempting. In order to keep the events more engaging, story driven and generally merciful, I try to peak attendance numbers at around a dozen. Anything beyond that, I’m going to have to crack out the output log, slow my response time and potentially ask for some help from my fellow ET. If roving parties of bandits are added into the mix, the typical attendance parties that rest at anything from 4 or 5 to a dozen are going to double if not triple. Quality of the events is going to drop and already punished event goers are going to be punished yet again, killing the joy and interest in event sites. Event goers will be asked prior to arriving to events their stance on raiders / dynamic conflict. If they’re for it, chances are they’re going to be alright with PvP. If they are not, I won’t cut off raiders/bandits/whatevers but I will ask them to be part of the RP environment and I will subject them to the exact same rules and standards as the event goers. The size restriction, whilst seemingly arbitrary, asks that the bandits put those willing to RP forward whilst the rest of their party departs. Best of luck folks.
  7. Aldrik, quill in hand, sucks at his teeth before stating in a flat tone, “Then they’re among their kin.”
  8. Temp

    Swamp Rules

    Hello there, folks. Seems I’ve failed to consider some things with my event site and the potential conflict that can arise with encounters. So, I do want to allow dynamic conflict oriented around site goers fighting one another but at the same time, I don’t want folks patrolling the roads to scoop up event goers just for S&G. Mist and its restrictions Animals, domesticated or otherwise are a big fat no-go. Horses, birds, dogs, etc etc etc. If it’s not a descendant or CA character, it’s not to be used in the region. If folks are caught using /msg(Birds) in the region to co-ordinate movements, they will be told to leave. Refusal will result in forced removal. RP(MC) items are now required to act as facemasks / mist protection. A simple cloth, scarf or etc on a skin will no longer suffice. When you enter the region, I’ll be looking for these things. Failure to protect yourself from the mists will be punished harshly. Conflict among players To allow the area to maintain its allure and because I genuinely want people to come to the event area to create a story, there are going to be some minor changes to how things function. Event goers may bring whatever they so see fit when strolling through the event area in regards to numbers. Bandit, scavenging, etc parties strolling through the region that have not communicated with myself prior are restricted to 4 members. To verify that the party you’ve encountered as bandits are event goers, simply ask OOC. I should be saying yeah pretty quickly. At this time, I am the only ET that works in the region and GMDeporter is the only builder. Defaults be damned, Event Goers will decide the default for the encounter. Should they wish to press CRP, even if it’s 20 v 4, that’s a bullet you’re gonna have to bite.
  9. The Jackal Sect A branch of the A.C.S. Consortium. Nowadays, damnation befits the realm of the living. The threat of the supernatural has grown twofold. Monsters born of elder sorceries and mutations have woken from their slumber, meaning to unleash turmoil and sow infestation upon lorn swamps and low-mires. As such, the presence of a guild dedicated to the complete eradication or containment of these perverse beings has been deemed a matter of utmost gravity, for the sake of our Realm. This group, comprised of once-condemned individuals which faced the capital punishment, or even street urchins doomed to a life of poverty, are thereby sworn under the Sect and given new lives-- lives which imply years of training and discipline, for the ultimate purpose of methodically seeking out and exterminating the Anomalous. The missive ends abruptly, with a set of instructions detailing the means and ends through which one might make contact with the Sect for recruitment. The Jackal's mark is presented at the centre of their insignia, wedged between a broken lance. (This guild operates under a strict PK clause.) Approach us ingame, or contact RancidHound#1670 on Discord. Written by @Boruto & revised by @Joltastik
  10. I have faith they’ll get ‘em next time.
  11. Select folks failed to heed warnings and were killed by an acting member of the ET. I’d give names myself but I was not the ET that made the emote. That said, I stand by their decision and hope those who were left with a more ‘brief’ experience use this experience to reflect on the information given about the swamp and plan accordingly.
  12. Temp

    The Swamp

    - ??? - Following the invasion attempt by the coalition, Faceless forces have become reclusive. Patrols have dramatically lessened. Reports of lumber, stone and iron being smuggled into the region by humans have begun to circulate. Rumors of town infiltrations have spread but are widely unconfirmed. Sounds akin to the beating of heated irons have been reported. Ravens, now dubbed mist-eyes, have increased in number and cling to the outskirts of Auizl’s domain. --- Svwetmlom Iuiaaml Wmiki Hizmgiw Tcfus Hsqvbweisg Hjyzmi Vmxcdozxopmz If xip cspvhiu xsfudife jmmvnjobujpo nvtu cf csplfo, cfbufo boe fsbtfe. Lmw reqi wxvmgoir jvsq xli lmwxsvmiw sj xlmw asvph. Qrb kaxcqnab, kunm. Wxh hdch, lt bjhi hepgt, udg iwt stps hetpz cdiwxcv du wxhidgn.
  13. Temp

    An effort abandoned

    If I went with something too difficult, it’d go unsolved and the potential for discovering the story would be lost.
  14. I don’t see the need to apologize. From what I recall, people were given adequate warning that their materials would be facing review and potential removal well before things were taken or revoked. Lore is effectively the server’s, for lack of better explanation, game engine laid out in clear context. The slightest tweak here or there has unseen and often unintended effects elsewhere. Something originally meant to be a minor tool or weapon can, due to poor wording or lackluster explanation, suddenly become a devastating weapon. Literal monsters, originally created with intent to be player driven threats to the civilized world, can suddenly become peaceful family creatures with granted privileges that artificially make them more ‘interesting and unique’ when the form of RP present could easily be accomplished by mundane descendant entities. It’s very common to see lore used as little more than a stepping stool to make one’s character more ‘powerful’ or to draw out their natural life. I can understand the frustration with some things being in limbo or outright retired but folks need to come to understand the history of the lore(s) effected and patiently work toward avoiding repeat issues.
  15. Temp

    An effort abandoned

    About the region cast in blackened mist, ravens have taken to the skies just barely beyond its borders. Pulsating, writhing, the mists have steadily darkened and become more dense. Along the southern and eastern roads, just shy of the bridges, notices have been pinned to pillars. Written on near decayed material, they read as follows, Ai, fsvr sj fevxiv, geqi mrxs xlmw asvph gsrxirx amxl wpyqfiv. Jsv isrw, ai aivi fyx hywx erh viwx aew jsyrh mr xli fsriw sj xlswi psrk wmrgi eferhsrih. Fyx mx mw csy, xli eti, xlex jmrh rsxlmrk wegvih. Mx mw csy xlex wxit sziv xli fvsoir fshmiw sj xlswi fijsvi csyv xmqi amxl rs qsvi vikevh xler mrwigxw yrhiv jssx. Mx mw csy xlex tviww xli wpiitmrk mrxs e vmwi. Mx mw csy xlex fvmrk jmvi erh avixglih mppyqmrexmsr xs xli hywo xlex leh cmiphih tiegi. Ai’h ekviih xs wpyqfiv, xs fi pmxxpi qsvi xler wxekrerx wlehsa eqmhwx xli fpego. Fyx mx mw csy xlex lezi jsvksxxir csyv fsrh. Mx mw csy xlex lezi jsvweoir xli asvh sj csyv omr. Higimzivw, pmevw, xvemxsvw. Rs hmjjivirx xler xlswi fijsvi csy, ai evi srgi qsvi easoir jvsq xli fviegl. Csy ampp fi fvsoir, nywx ew csyv jexlivw. Csyv jyxyviw evi qehi jsvjimx fc csyv sar lerh. Xlivi ger fi rs tiegi jsv ew psrk ew xli tevewmxi, xli eti, pmrkivw erh hsiw hvea fviexl. Ai wsyklx xli texl sj texmirgi, sj yrhivwxerhmrk. Ai’zi hsri pmxxpi qsvi xler oiit xli avixgl, xli xlmij ex fec. Ai ewwyqih xliq qmwkymhih erh epsri fyx mx mw gpiev xs yw rsa. Yrmjmih, csy asyph tviww yw xs ibxmrgxmsr ew csyv jexlivw leh xvmih. Tiegi lew vyr mxw gsyvwi.
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