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  1. Temp

    Ban Report on Blago, et. al.

    Sincere question and if it has been answered, I do apologize. Where was your GM for this raid? Did you even make the modreq? ‘You’ in this being whoever wishes to claim the head of the raid.
  2. Sounds like towny. Not against the idea.
  3. Temp

    Ban Report on Blago, et. al.

    Man, it’s almost like staff ask for evidence when you post BRs or report people hopping the walls with horses. (Which is what I was watching for tbh)
  4. Temp


    https://gyazo.com/0e8e162d2f126745e1a2a08509b4c79e I can see that.
  5. Temp


    Back already?
  6. It shouldn’t have happened before, shouldn’t happen now and shouldn’t happen in the future. Whilst I respect that you put time and effort into making something, it wasn’t within the confines of the lore and if you’re free to just do this however, whenever. What’s to keep people from just doing it to one another in PvP situations? After all, it has happened before. Why keep someone from just thanhium nuking your or anyone else’s city at any time?
  7. Warping lore for the entertainment of a group will always result in the group being ‘entertained.’ What happens when the lore or perceptions of the lore are turned from PvE inward? The notion of balance is erased and this ‘fun little rp creating incident’ is the basis for doing whatever anyone wants whenever they want to. Uthrandir failed for a damn good reason.
  8. Temp

    Feedback - Nuclear Devices

    https://gyazo.com/0d50e34decca6df84de5a3ade9a70315 Anyway, if you make a device of this variety, One, it needs to be within lore. Two, it needs to remain within the restrictions of the lore. Three, it should effect any and everything within its blast radius, the city and its people included.
  9. Temp

    [Bounty/Challenging] Siren

    A dark elf, goblin, dwarf and Velian have seen this matter through. Good to be archived.
  10. Temp

    [Bounty/Easy] Wolves

    Resolved by a certain Waldenian and Slanty This can be archived.
  11. The Siren of the bay has shown itself. A source of issue for Colonia Aequium, it is strongly suggested that the party, be it sons of Velia or outsiders, come prepared with medical supplies and knowledge of these beasts. Inquires should be directed to C. Regillus (RancidHound) Threat level: Varied Suggested party number: 1+ Description of beast(s): Siren – Reports vary from a woman of unspeakable beauty to a gargantuan haggardly beast of the sea. Location: Bay of Colonia Aequium Rewards: 1,000 Minas – Trophy Items of hunt
  12. Temp

    [Bounty/Easy] Wolves

    A pack of wolves stalk the countryside. Some of the livestock has suffered as a result of this. Men of the garrison, as well as outsiders, are asked to come forward and deal with this matter quickly. Inquires should be directed to C. Regillus (RancidHound) Threat level: Lesser / Easy Suggested party number: 1+ Description of beast(s): Wolves. Reports state four or five. Location: Outskirts of Colonia Aequium Rewards: 250 Minas – Hunt Trophies
  13. Temp

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    This definitely won’t end badly.
  14. Temp

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    The two of you will be handled shortly and thanks for filling out the info!
  15. Temp


    Later on, man. Nothing wrong with finding fulfillment in life.