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  1. Temp

    Where did the direction go?

    Didn’t Availer want to make the server into an MMORPG with a heavy focus on mechanics or some ****? To actually contribute, roleplay has become inconvenient. It’s easier to resolve matters in 3 – 5 seconds flat and folks have become so anxious that any even remote mention of combat RP brings on, “Oh, ****. Here we go with powergaming and two hour fighting. What’s that? This **** also automatically enables meta-gaming!? Pffft, **** that noise. Yo, pvp?/?” The roleplay environment and RP minded folks have either lost all interest or see so little effort from those perceived as competition that there’s no reason to put forth effort themselves. The ‘culture’ of the server has shifted drastically. LoTC, here and now, is a RP-lite factions pvp server with a slew of hoops to hop through in an effort to maintain some form of population.
  2. Temp

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    Cue the Elven debate, the debate on orcs speaking perfect common and so forth. A healthy brick of folks look at the lore and effectively go, “Know what would be fun? A charitable dwarf.”
  3. Temp

    Rule Proposal

    Maintain turn order. If Player 1 and player 2 have engaged in combat and anyone supporting either side is not actively in the area at the time of combat, they may not arrive to assist either side for X turns / emotes from both sides. Personally, I’m thinking 2 emotes inside a city or settlement and 5 on the roads / in the wild. If PvP has been agreed upon prior to the arrival of assistance, the spectating party may not partake in the active PvP.
  4. Merry ******* christmas. Enjoy the time with family, folks!

  5. About to crank out a side char. What crowds are out there and looking for bodies? Not too interested in generic screamer duties.

    1. Ougi


      interested in playing a crazy goblin? join clan shrogo, NEW clan. i’m not even leading it, so it’ll be good

    2. AGiantPie


      Always looking for, monks, lay brothers, or wild forest-dwellers for my monastic charitable organization.

    3. GDRP001


      always looking for friends on my kid's character.

  6. Following the Great Horse Plague of 1695, stock and more importantly, price of stock, has been updated. 


    1. Tofuus


      Pray for no more plagues

  7. Temp

    Racial Buffs

    I’d rather we didn’t. People can and will still assault a golem, nevermind its supposed abilities IRP or PVP.
  8. Temp

    Dev Update December

    Horses move at 16 on roads and the new cap off them
  9. Temp

    It was good.

    Discord by default isn’t an LoTC medium. If you have assorted channels but only one or two of them exists for the sake of LoTC, I don’t think you’re in the red, my friend. But, as a biased Rosenyr ET, what could I know? Deuces.
  10. Selling 12 – 14 speed horses for 150 Minas a pop!

    15’s – 16’s for 500 a pop!

    17’s, 18’s and 19’s can be discussed.

    Toss a line to RancidHound in game or swing by Colonia Aequium to pick up a quality bred horse today.

    1. AGiantPie


      damn prices have really dropped

    2. Miko0322


      Are you still offering?

      Edited by Miko0322
  11. Temp

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    Unable to speak to anyone relevant, other than the bit of parchment or delusion before him, Regillus would allow his mind to flow freely and in common, “And do what? Were this to succeed, what then? This comes across as nothing more than the passing wish of infantile rebellion. Were you to manage to eradicate the Empire, what of its people? Do you intend to ‘free’ them or see them subjugated beneath your banner, assuming you’ve put the time and effort into hoisting up a banner for these men to rally beneath? Do you understand the task you’ve placed before yourself? I would wager that you do not as you’ve willingly drawn attention to yourself, your men and any that would aid you. I doubt your ability to plan beyond this announcement, never mind organize a functioning body of government. Resistance to something greater than yourself is natural but to rally beneath your absent banner is little more than willingly kneeling upon the chopping block.“
  12. The following are bounties that are only for the peoples of Colonia Aequium to perform due to advancing the regional storyline. --- As of 12/14/18 The following are available: Death to the Deceivers
  13. I still don’t think they’ve found and fixed that. --- GMs know how and when I use my Pex and there’s a healthy brick of records of when I’ve used them. Man, it’s almost like staff ask for proof of incidents when you report them.