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  1. Yeah man, don't be a stranger.
  2. A band of assumed brigands enter the lands of Vaelya only to depart with their numbers swelling. Perhaps vainglorious pursuits were not the best means of resolving this matter.
  3. The Metinan Company places their stamp upon the document, should it still be unresolved.
  4. A one-eyed man sifts over a pile of coin whilst mentally counting each coin as his fingers pass over them. Eventually, he'd set the coin aside and then write out the day's pay before going about distributing pay to the men involved. It wouldn't be until he found himself a bottle deep and alone that he'd reflect on the situation and find his mood soured.
  5. The Metinan Company seeks support personnel for the following: Cook Apothecary Chaplain Surgeon Armorsmith Arcane Historian Pay to be negotiated at time of employment.
  6. Sat within their halls, under the dancing and ever shifting shadows of torchlight Arvedth shakes his head at the document. Just as he'd done when it was proposed. He'd mutter to no one in particular, as if Renault was still stood before him, "There will be no discussion. No intent to adhere. Only feigned moral high ground and empty circular words, Just as the Galfreds spoke of in their letters. Even when the old Elven capital was burned, its people whole heartedly slaughtered and its city brought to ruin, their leaders seemed to forget the history that brought them to that point. As though the
  7. Arvedth frowns after receiving a postcard from lost brothers of the company. He'd mutter, "What Island did you even go to?"
  8. Came here for shitposts but this is pretty solid work. I'll have to critically poke at it to find exploits, should any exist but good stuff man.
  9. Arvedth nudges Bernard and gestures to Article V.
  10. Anyone got a solid line into Mysticism and how to go down that route? 

    1. altiar1011


      Tbh stuff like that is a mix of luck and having the right friends. Not sure what your RP is like, but if you show the right stuff you might get snagged by someone eventually. 


      Take care and keep on keeping on, mate. 

  11. As title says. Long since swapped phones and need this fixed. Thanks.
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