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  1. The bounty board of Luciensburg will not be a forum post as I wish to keep in the spirit of Luciensburg. All information is to be gained IC and the relevant parties sought after. https://streamable.com/blj8om -------- The bounty board can be found just within the city, up the steps leading to the tavern and away from the Church District.
  2. 'eeeey, a dev without selective hearing and a god complex. Kudos.
  3. An aging man, gold pendant about his neck, retorts, "If only."
  4. A middle-aged soldier of Ackalandi descent shakes his head at the document as it makes its rounds, "I do wonder what diplomatic actions were attempted prior to this decree and where it shall all lead. May be some coin on the horizon. That, or wasted time."
  5. A distant, "Edgy *****." radiates from the heavens.
  6. Based on the equipment they have, their rank and a few other things, yes.
  7. The strength and HP of the mobs have been adjusted to reflect their rank and role in the grand scheme of things. The ones you were exposed to were a test run to get good values.
  8. From time to time, folks may come across some of these boys or something like them. I'm not going to express what they could be doing or any such, that's up to folks to figure out through RP but treat them like standard hostile mobs. Take it easy, be safe. Etc etc.
  9. Arvedth, returning from a matter abroad, shrugs upon hearing news of the battles to be. He'd speak out absentmindedly as if alongside friends, "Coin to be made, win or lose and we've friends on either side of this battle. May it end quickly and with hefty coin in our pockets."
  10. Yeah man, don't be a stranger.
  11. A band of assumed brigands enter the lands of Vaelya only to depart with their numbers swelling. Perhaps vainglorious pursuits were not the best means of resolving this matter.
  12. The Metinan Company places their stamp upon the document, should it still be unresolved.
  13. A one-eyed man sifts over a pile of coin whilst mentally counting each coin as his fingers pass over them. Eventually, he'd set the coin aside and then write out the day's pay before going about distributing pay to the men involved. It wouldn't be until he found himself a bottle deep and alone that he'd reflect on the situation and find his mood soured.
  14. The Metinan Company seeks support personnel for the following: Cook Apothecary Chaplain Surgeon Armorsmith Arcane Historian Pay to be negotiated at time of employment.
  15. Sat within their halls, under the dancing and ever shifting shadows of torchlight Arvedth shakes his head at the document. Just as he'd done when it was proposed. He'd mutter to no one in particular, as if Renault was still stood before him, "There will be no discussion. No intent to adhere. Only feigned moral high ground and empty circular words, Just as the Galfreds spoke of in their letters. Even when the old Elven capital was burned, its people whole heartedly slaughtered and its city brought to ruin, their leaders seemed to forget the history that brought them to that point. As though the
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