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  1. Ladders and Raids.

    I don't see the point. If folks shift the rules to allow ladder placements, there will just be buttons every which way making the change pointless. Unless folks are rolling some awful looking ladder carts in and out of a region. That's a whole discussion within itself though.
  2. A Mayoral Ascension

    Elderman too makes passive aggressive comments and chuckles at the parchment making this announcement.

    Nah. Cannons and other sapper devices, sure. Infantry arms, absolutely not. Same deal with any of this steam and potential fix-all invention nonsense. If I, or many of the folks present, wanted anything to do with a steampunk or renaissance server, we would have signed up for a steam punk or renaissance server. (ref to steam tech due to ref of Warhammer)
  4. A parchment is pinned to many of the sign posts of the eastern roads. It reads as follows: Band of the Respite The Nest has been burned. The parchments, cast to the wind. All remaining forces are to ready themselves for re-training. As we are pressed for time, the clandestine nature of our work is to be retired. Following a rift in the sky and a skirmish with the unknown, the following losses have been suffered: Raider Unit: Humphrey of Strom Heinrich of Strom Zin'Thuan of Oaken Helm Sapper Unit: Frelny of Old Kaedrin Enarin of Old Kaedrin Metthias of High Rock Albred of Hag's Peak Auxilliary and Occupation: Dremli Stonetongue Aldremithin Rockbain Franz K. William 'The Butcher' Blanerin Fron Alvin of High Rock Robert Thane Higgs Tholumin of Torm 'Shoe' Bart the 'Half Hander' Goddard F Creator take them into his merciful embrace. Secondary Return the Berserker. Last seen departing for the field of blades, unarmed and unequipped. It is essential that this is done quickly.
  5. Username RancidHound Timezone EST Group/Nation: Marked / Lodge / Event Guild Have you ever held a staff position before? Yes. Have you ever been banned before? No. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? Low fantasy quest events oriented around decisions and their far reaching outcomes. List three factors you feel play a part in quality event and expand upon them Dynamic - For an event to be worth a greasy damn it needs to let the players do as they damn well please. Ditch the scripted ideas in favor of letting those partaking write the greater portion of the narrative. The ET needs to, ultimately, react instead of attempting to direct. Theme catering - As a member of the ET, it is essential that staff approaches a group prior to throwing some RP onto them. Failure to do this results in forced unengaging RP that impacts precious little for the playerbase. Learn what the playerbase wants, what they enjoy and set a difficulty to match. Quality effort - Don't just set some half-assed giant 'evil because evil' villain with a limitless mob spawned army unto players. It cheapens the experience, shows the acting ETs inability to create and drops the expectations of those attending drastically. Events should be finely crafted, reviewed and deployed with both purpose and care to bring an interesting experience. If a staff member just isn't 'feeling' it, they shouldn't be running the event. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate, and why? None. A team is meant to bring a mass of skills and abilities, each complimenting the next. A series of repeats results in the same ****, over and over. Variety with each and every person taking control of a set angle provides a well rounded and thoroughly solid experience. Provide three event scenarios of the styles you listed above Honestly, I feel the 'Write a scenario' question does little to nothing for showing the quality of an ET member. It shows the writer's ability to create something where they've control of each and every little piece, something a competent ET member will not only surrender but will adjust to quickly. Instead, I would like to toss a few things I've worked on prior. Minor systems and etc that have been used in Mordskov and see use in the current set of 'Lodge' events. This work ultimately creates a more engaging and entertaining experience for those partaking. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nR1X50Pl5RXLx0QNdeFI1BfbUFHT_iC3EI00Q-Vsbxc/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/12zfy_peJPdboqEZJpmOfSl3evt4_b4i34ujYAEjUYZ8/edit Why do you wish to become an Event Team Actor? Whilst a player can slap on some skin and provide an event without the PEX, the PEX offers things we, as normal players, simply do not have. Additional tools make for a more engaging event. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Diligent, excessively so. As for weaknesses, I share the same diligence with my work away from all this so, there may be times I simply disappear for anywhere from 1 - 3 days to tackle a contract. How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? Evenings and weekends. Roughly 3 hours or so.
  6. ask the toxic Australian anything

    3 silver coins. Who you buying?
  7. (Open Discussion) Why OOC is ****

    War claims should require a more considerable casus belli and actual land claims should require the ability to actually settle and use the land. Ownership for the sake of ownership is worthless garbage. We, as a server, are effectively self-raiding the server and leaving voids that don't do much of anything for the server itself. For example, when a group of LoTCers hops ship, for a week, during their bans or whatever, they tend to go to some low cap RP server. They effectively become the server powerhouse, own literally everything on the server from land to the best gear and just when they have the chance to provide a legitimately interesting roleplay experience for the actual players of the server, the ban or whatever drove them from the server is up / gone and a gaping void is left in the low cap server as their conquering overlords depart. The same things being done there are done here, all the time. Thus we have the regular six month cycled war with the same groups over and over. As for raids and the generally lackluster behaviors of the players in regards to conflict, this is mostly due to the staff's inability or will to enforce the server and forum rules. The moment their rulings are contested or a group begins to ***** and moan, it's VERY common for a GM, FM or Admin to just bend, letting the player(s) that have broken the rules go on doing as they damn well please. Another common issue I've seen with shifts in administration is the removal of blacklists, perma bans and shortening of bans in general. As young adults, I understand the desire to be liked and understood by the folks around you but, this ultimately results in power being taken advantage of.
  8. Dislike the notion of a mage being able to yank someone into their own personal domain whilst under attack from behind. Should something like this be implemented, why would we allow folks to disregard the standard rules for most magic, being the requirement for line of sight? Another thing, items and etc brought into the mindplane are reduced to mana upon departure so, how would one have structures or objects within the plane if they're just barren spaces upon creation? Personally, I am completely against the notion of Cyber Dens and Magical Safe Spaces pocket dimensions. Something this powerful should render the caster worthless for quite some time, not just their NPC assistant.
  9. Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    I'd be for VAs if they were just a form of basic agreement stating that you've read the rules, understand the rules and when you break the rules or attempt to evade / abuse them, you are willing to be punished to the fullest extent and in turn, you may partake in villainous RP. After being violenty abducted and lathered in Barbecue sau- I must say, this idea is one that will be instrumental in the reformation of villainous RP as it forces the community to truly adhere to the staff's views of quality roleplay whilst presenting the need to expand upon one's characters.
  10. Given the malicious behaviors of the playerbase, I wouldn't honestly trust this to be done in a responsible and entertaining manner. Nothing keeps folks from discussing what they'll allow with those they wish to RP with.
  11. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    When ol' dude applies himself, he puts out solid work. Wouldn't be against seeing a run from him as long as it was kept professional.
  12. Current Username: RancidHound Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Temp#1670 Timezone(s) you mainly play: EST What group/nation do you consider to be your main? N / A - Don't care for skype politics and teamspeak regulations / enforcement. Free roaming / Old Marked crowd would be the closest thing. Have you held a staff position before? Yes. Do you currently hold a staff position? Nope Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Nah Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? Nope What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) Low to no fantasy dungeon, hunts, regional and etc. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. Difficulty: An engaging and interesting event should be appropriately difficult and adjusted to the group currently partaking. Setting up a routine set of events that don't adapt and adjust just leads to a boring and blatantly repetitive process. There's no character progression in something that doesn't require your characters to adjust their tactics, their equipment and their approaches. Pre-Planning between parties: Simply jamming 'special important events!' down the throats of folks that don't particularly enjoy the themes or situations presented is a great way to make the player base lose faith in the team. As such, prior comms between those partaking results in a more tailored and enjoyable experience. Simple bounties being the exception. Dynamic with the possibility of long-term loss: As this is an RP server, no one person or set of people is the protagonist, antagonist or etc. This is how things should remain. With that in mind, folks shouldn't be entering events thinking they're going to come out of the event as the victor long before they even enter it. Ignorant decisions should have seriously negative repercussions both short and long-term. Be it the inability to 'win' the event, serious increase in difficulty or the death of the characters partaking. Fear of screwing up leads to far more realistic and wise decisions that typically add to a more enjoyable RP experience. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? Absolutely no one. If the ET was meant to be a one or two man show, there'd be no need for a team. If anything, a team needs the collective talents of a group that compliments instead of x number of folks trying to be just like someone else. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: 01 - Standard bounty event. Nothing too telling or crazy. Essentially easy to reproduce events that give folks with guilds that exist ONLY to chase bounties things to do. Create the collector / story teller, decide on the difficulty of the event through considering what creatures to use with what environments. Research / refer to the current lore Add in a few variables, create a general theme for the story to be told in and toss in minor incentives, be it minas or RP items. Let folks play the hero, should they come out of the event on top. Example: Rabid Bear event. Huntsman of town X posts bounty. Players arrive to a maimed hunter who gives them a location, speaks of the bear and its violent nature. Gives minor hints of what to expect, what happened when they came across the beast and how they failed. Players go to, preferably, prepared area and event begins. Bear emerges and attacks players in way mentioned prior by the hunter. Depending on the path of action taken by those present, the bear is quickly defeated or thrusts itself onto the poor soul that didn't take the hint and they potentially die, retreat or etc. Bear moves on and changes initiation of event to keep the matter dynamic. 02 - Social and Combat event. Same Deal as bounty but with added in sentient life. Create a situation in which the story teller is in need of something but the target is clearly capable of communication and outright desires it. Much like the standard event but you need to, even if only briefly, develop the character(s) that are on the receiving end of this bounty. Give them a story to their side and make the general situation grey instead of black or white. Example: Bandits in an abandoned church. Townsmen post a collective bounty on a band of lawless men that occupy a nearby chapel. The standard reasons of, "They're robbing us! They did this, they did that. Etc Etc" is given. Players head out. Arrive to location. The bandits are a group of homeless men that were forced from their home for X reason which could be resolved by the players, assuming the men are telling the truth or they could simply opt into killing the men and collecting the bounty then and there. 03 - Short - Long Term group integration on an OOC level. You sit down with a group, nation or town. Speak with their players, their town leader and so on. Develop a general themed story with the players of this group and provide them with a series of stories that ultimately end with varying outcomes based upon the actions of those that partook. Example: This isn't so simple and the matter is time consuming. It should, ultimately, result in a series of events that all effect the main theme in some way. Lets say a trade caravan with odd stones arrive in a town. The merchants try their damnedest to peddle these stones and depending on how the players react, the stones, which were ultimately cursed, are part of some unknown ritual or etc. A series of bad things occur in result of the purchase, destruction or etc of the stones. Players can then seek out the merchants and attempt to gather more info on what's happening or they could attempt to find a means of cleansing the curse, which in turn, allows them to further progress and head for the eventual end-goal of Items or the return of peace. -- These are all very basic ideas to essentially show the planning or broad idea that would go into it. There would, of course, be much more thought and planning put into the matter. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? Nation oriented RP bores me. SSDD. I'd have a lot more fun RPing with folks in situations that literally can not be provided by political / national RP. What strengths would you bring to the team? Diligent as hell when I need to be or when its needed. I absolutely prefer to take an active role in things, even if it's acting as a prop or plot device. Quick to catch on to literally anything and I'm not a yes-man to basically anyone or anything. If something honestly comes across as half-baked, self serving or outright bad, I'll voice it and without intent to inflict harm or ride someone's backside. The intent would absolutely be to improve the general idea. What are your weaknesses? I don't have patience for a lot of folk's BS and I don't care to speak circles when a simple, "Of course," will do. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? Few hours daily if I've got nothing planned.