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  1. Out of curiosity (and trying to figure out if I’ve been being groomed since I first set foot on lotc), opinions on ooc age gaps in relation to ic relationships?

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    2. Telanir


      Can confirm, he does hair very nicely. My luscious locks have never been so well kept!

    3. JasperJohn
    4. Telanir


      Damn, didn’t know you cut your own hair too Jasper.


      also, that monke looks very relaxed 🙂

  2. You ever realize that since you spent a significant amount of your formative years on a server filled with nonces that you failed to pick up on near ******* constant grooming behavior and now have a crisis looking back at how ******* sus a fair portion of the people you knew from age 13 to age 17 you actually were?


    Hm wonder what server I’m talking about 

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    2. Nug


      realizing all the banned pdo ppl u had talked to a bunch and were friends with :XXX

    3. Remyy


      lmao, i feel that

    4. _Hexe_


      nah i got phreeke sense

  3. Pelegren sits, staring deeply at the letter written to him by his last old friend. ”They’re all dead now, then.” He says, swirling ice around in his glass of whiskey and staring through the drink into the painting hanging above his dining room table. ”Here’s to you, old pal.” He takes another long, deep drink from his glass and places it down.
  4. ”Knox dammit!” Shouted Pel, reacting increasingly more with anger than sadness to the recent deaths. He was beginning to fear he’d outlive all his friends as he went to drown his sorrows once again.
  5. ”What the hell happened to the Driftwood-Applebrooks?” Wonders a quite frankly confused and heartbroken member of their extended family, Pelegren Applebrook.
  6. Pelegren was positively catatonic upon hearing the news. Similarly to Micah, he disappeared briefly, spending several days sitting in his burrow on the hunt for the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. ”There goes the last spot of sunlight in t’is Knox-fersaken village.”
  7. A younger Uruk, green in skin and experience, grins with excitement at the prospect of his very first battle. The gravity of the situation has not reached the young man as he marks a page in his journal for his first war poem.
  8. Freelite

    1. Elite_Snipes_


      I appreciate the support gamer

  9. Pelegren sighed deeply, ”Oi told ‘em- don’’ shoot t’e Eel! Harold said t’ere was something following it! Bu’ t’ey did nay listen. Now wha’ever t’ing could kill an eel t’at soize t’inks our shore is a feckin buffet. Dumb bastards.”
  10. Gnome it up Big wheels keep on turning Carry me gnome to see his kin Singing songs about the gnome-land I miss 'ole' 'brandy once again And I think it's a sin, yes Well I heard Mister Gnome sing about her Well I heard old Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Gnome will remember A Gnomely man don't need him around anyhow Sweet GNOME Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet GNOME Alabama Lord, I'm gnoming all o’ you In Brandybrook they love the Thain, boo hoo ooo Now we all did what we could do Now Watergate does not bother me Does your conscience bother you? Tell the truth Sweet GNOME Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet GNOME Alabama Lord, I'm Gnomin’ all o’ you, (here I come Alabama) Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers And they've been known to pick a gnome or two Lord they get me off so much They pick me up when I'm done gnomin’ you Now how bout you? Sweet GNOME Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet GNOME Alabama Lord, I'm gnomin’ all of you Sweet GNOME Alabama, oh sweet gnome... Where the skies are so blue and the Thain's true Sweet GNOME Alabama Lord, I'm gnomin’ all of you, yeah yeh -Ancient Gnome Shanty
  11. “Oi didn’t even know they was datin’! Good on ‘em!” Says a legless Halfling, happy for his sister and soon-to-be brother in law.
  12. So, first the tab system, then the chat system, now /sit?! Are they just trying to give the devs busywork at this point or something? B/c noone asked for these changes.

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    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Whew. The server really is being gutted bare of all the old things people enjoyed. I just hope that this actually decreases lag.

  13. Bring back Old tab!

  14. Pelegren recalls Haense also nearly killing Daisy.
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