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  1. (2 characters to mention) Chek gladly signs his name! NayM: Chek'Lur ((Mc Name: micbox Ziege'Ox cackles at the poster, spitting on it and going to march back down the street.
  2. "Ey! T'ats me!" Shouts Merry, presumably about the darts booth picture.
  3. Posters are hung around Krugmar (Translated from Blah for Simplicity's Sake) Undead, Monsters, Daemon-Spawn, and Dark Mages have caused problems for our people, nay, for all of Axios far too long! They must be stopped, before they become a bigger problem! They are evil, and their activity has been subtly rising. Sure, now it's just in the westerlands, but sooner or later, they will come to our fair city and wreak havoc on our people! We must stop them before it's too late! So join me on a crusade against the undead, my Brothers! I may not have Legs, but I have more sense than anyone not going up against such a mighty threat! We shall win glory for our people, safety for Axios, and untold honor! So fight with me, my brothers! Fight against the undead- For glory, for honor, for a better life! -Chek'Lur
  4. Ziege'Ox, the grandson of the powerful Snawt'Ox, proudly beats his chest in pride of the Ox family name! He then returns to his work, devising a brilliant machine.
  5. MC Name: Micbox and Micbox2 Skype Name: None O' Yo Business (That's literally the name), if that doesn't work, [email protected] Timezone: EST Age: 14 Do you have Discord? (you need to): Yup Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: I indeed do. As a generally easily bored person, I've found myself digging through accepted lore and core lore on the wiki/forums. Also, when I'm bored, sometimes I look at applications and see what they're like. I've almost had a second hand AT education seeing why these things were denied. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I can definitely collaborate with others. Although I can be stubborn sometimes, I always look toward what's best. I want to be an AT member because many times, I've seen new players with out a clue what to do. But ATs help prepare them for LOTC and help adjust them to it once online. I think that's an admirable job that honestly doesn't get enough credit! I think I would enjoy experiencing a newb's childlike wonder with them, and helping them to both preserve it but also grow in knowledge of the server. I enjoy talking to people, and of course helping people- I've always been that way. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I, to be frank, miss my childlike wonder from when I was a Newb. I enjoy observing people enjoying theirs while it lasts, and I can help them to make it last. If they don't have a good experience as a new player, they might quit! Not to mention, I like to talk to people and help people. It's a trait of mine. I can be a bit of a motormouth, even online, which can come to an advantage when you need to keep a new player interested. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: I think that the New Applicants should be referred to the core lore section of the forums, or just the lore section, because the wiki is fairly outdated. HOWEVER, I'd also like it if instead of having to have just '3 pieces of lore', I think they need three pieces of RELEVANT lore. Could you imagine someone who has no idea what orcs/elves are but has an expansive knowledge of some obscure town in the middle of Tahn? Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: Not really, that pretty much sums it up. Tell me a joke: What's Sauron's favorite flower? ORC-hids. (That or EYE-rises)
  6. I have a very strange way of keeping fit that I don't reccomend: Run in circles when your bored and leave your house to walk aimlessly for hours.
  7. What a shocking scandal! Egad!
  8. Never really been into Anime, but I hear Death Note is good.
  9. This is clearly the best song every made in the world...
  10. I'd say I'm an RP starter and a wanderer
  11. Say, you like linguistics? I'm only 14 so I still have a lot of career options ahead of me, but I'm considering a career in linguistics. I'm damn near fluent in Latin (but not quite there). So you seem cool! Oughtta come back!
  12. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only Trekkie on LotC...

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      My dad is a Trekkie, but he doesn't play LOTC

    2. Time Lady of Kittens
  14. I don't know you well enough for me to have anything against you :)