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  1. Reeee! Halflings! Squeals! Midgets! Half Men! Hobbits! Whatever you wanna call 'em, they're havin' a festival


    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Yeah! There's going to be pie eating, darts, shogging, and other fun things!

  2. Does this mean space-golem is non-canon?
  3. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral

  4. I'd hide in my basement or room, barricade it, and then play mineman and discuss the purge with my fellow minemen

    1. NotEvilAtAll






  7. Sometimes, when I'm alone, I RP on mineman
  8. "Ah 'ate teh orcs, but t'is makes me cringe..." Sighs a Halfling, "Why do t'ey 'ate teh Orcs? T'ere are plenteh o' reasons teh 'ate 'em...bu' why? Yah 'umans get teh luxury of 'atin' t'em wit'out cause. Ya don't 'ave teh live through 'ardships teh get teh 'op on t'e Bandwagon! Orcs razed me village an' killed me best friend. Ah don't suppose ye've got a reason ot'ah t'an- t'ey're big green an' smelleh." Merridolph sighs, walking away from the poster as he realized he was talking to nobody.
  9. Merridolph wonders how anyone else would react to a large incursion of soldiers, of a race known for eating Halflings, demanding to be paid... Not to mention, it was a shrine the Halflings were forced to construct and went against their little Halfling religion.
  10. "There's been nay mention of t'e massacre?" Says Merry, swearing under his breath as he looked at one of his best friends' body, sprawled out across the ground covered in bruises, hoofprints, and stab wounds. "Damn Mongrels..." ((Also...EHEM...*Rex's
  11. Fate, I think you're not looking hard enough. But I do agree there are some problems. I just think that activity is shifting to different playerbases that aren't yours, and it creates the illusion that we're losing activity. This happens a lot- playerbases become less active as others become more active. You see that humans are inactive and you assume the whole server is- but it's not true. The RP has shifted to Orcs and Elves, really, from what I've seen. I do agree, however, that Crime RP/Villain RP needs some reworking. Wait I'm confused, you basically just said- 'If there were more people RPing then there would be more people RPing'
  12. Who tf is Burzum?
  13. I think that his comment was a meme, Mabah.
  14. X Marx the spot for a commune


    (Punish me for that terrible pun)

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Why are you Stalin on admitting that your memes are pure genius? 

    2. MangoArt


      I dunno, I guess I've been putin it off. Maybe I should start russian

  15. "Are lat ever NUB snarkie?" Asks Raugrimm'Braduk, having never heard much from this Mr. Fitch than snarky and sarcastic comments...