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    I've basically stopped updating this
  1. MC Name: micbox Character Name: Grelta Grandaxe (hopefully) Character Age: 35 Profession (See below): Lumberjack Appearance: A fiery haired female dwarf, with an attitude to match. Deep, ebony shade pupils rest in the whites of her eyes. Rather chunky, but also bulky- a rather normal Dwarf build. Stands at 4'3, and can be found clad in armor with an axe on her hip. Bloodline: Blackaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: (Sorry I used the legion armor, but I honestly can't skin armor for the life of me) Discord (If you have it): Mic! #7664 Timezone: EST Note: I've tried joining this clan before, and ended up shelving the character. If you hold a grudge for that, I'm deeply sorry but I would like to stick with this character.
  2. Oh also the elf reminds me of someone I know, idk why.
  3. I love this, but there's one thing that bothers me about this- why is the dwarf taller than the elf?
  4. DIE DIE MANTHING! Lotc skaven when?
  5. This is truly a tragedy. I can't do anything, considering I'm not even old enough for a work license so I can't give money, and I'm far from New York. But, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Meanking. You can make it! (A light hearted GIF, to keep your spirits high. It's also motivational...kind of.)
  6. Upon hearing of this in the Orcish Tavern, Yuglix'Yar nearly spills his drink. He ran back to his home, collecting maps, a walking stick, weapons, and food. He would be out for a while.
  7. Zongot carefully pens a letter from an undisclosed location, directly to San'Raakh. "Mi iz currentlie away un buzinezz, buhd write mi if lat needs mi to write."
  8. I feel like a good portion of people would get letterbombs.
  9. "Latz lack of education iz bafflin'. Da Rex agh Zhamans started out wanted tu zpread da plague, but den Orgon turned on uz agh wi dezperately tried to contain id agh kill Orgon. Da plague did nub deztroy da continent, id waz da zpired dat wi gave tuu much power." Said Yuglix, going to walk out of earshot of Felix. He silently wonders how Felix always finds him whenever he says something Anti-Oren.
  10. "Lat akt az if wi did dat intentionallie. Wuhz lozin' owr original home agh owr greatezt leader nub punizhment enough fer owr miztakez? Doez uz doin' da zame ting tu lat, unintentionalleh agh dezperately tryin' tuh fix id, excuze lat fer tryin' to deztroy uz? Lat iz aktin' a like a child, arguin' wit zomeazh elze ovah 'HE STARTED ID!'" Spat Yuglix.
  11. Yuglix begins to laugh uncontrollably as he reads the paper, crumpling it up and tossing it aside. "Dey blah dat WI flat innocent children, dat WE flat deir nobility... Dey deztroy owr nation, agh WI are da bad guyz?! Wi iz juzt gettin' revenge, wi iz juzt klompin' in da name of t'oze lat DIZHONORED agh FLATTED. Agh...wub da zkah iz lat talkin' aboud 'Azh antagonizt iz rizing'?"
  12. What? I gave genuine feedback :O
  13. Be a Halfling of the Applebrook family
  14. A great dude overall! Awesome event ideas, a great RPer, was a very good Rex back in the day, and is overall just a cool and nice guy! Definitely a good choice for the Event Team.
  15. I made a thing describing Halfling activity in a nutshell this map:



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      Haha lol, at least when we made Pendlemere things got better instead of worse

    2. MangoArt