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  1. Y’all ever notice that these crash-storms always happen during orc events?

    1. NotEvilAtAll
    2. HortonHeardAWho


      Orcs are the bane of this server like omfg they should all just quit the game seriously they hurt our community

  2. MangoArt

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    I think we’re already recovering if I’m being honest. Always a few people in the goi and if we’re lucky we can get up to like 15. Obviously not as active as say, Renatus, but its always quality RP as well
  3. MangoArt

    OOC: How do I Orc?

    Orcs live out in the desert on the northern edge of the map, roughly 1500 X and -2000 Z. A new orc player should be an Uruk, as they are the jacks of all trades and Ologs happen to require an extra application. Most people can teach you about being an orc, but remember one thing- Orcs are cruel and bloodthirsty, but also honourable and are quite kind and loyal to their kin. They value spirituality and strength above all- the stronger you are the more respected you are. Disputes are settled via arranged fist fights in an arena called ‘Klomps’ or ‘Honor Klomps’. And whatever you do please don’t start demaning shamanism as soon as you dip your toe into orc RP
  4. MangoArt

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Attica, several months earlier... Dull, echoing footsteps could be heard across the factory as Minister-For-Life Aleksander patrolled the Attican factory. The place was empty and silent, save for the aforementioned metallic thudding of Aleksander’s boots and those of his companion. Beside him walked the owner of the factory, and almost every factory in Attica. The man was corpulent, to say the least, and walked with sure steps despite the curiosity in his mind over what would occur during this meeting. Aleksander had come to discuss business with the factory owner, but had been silent since he entered, simply patrolling and examining the machinery and workers with a trained eye. ”The great Greek navy has suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of those damned Egyptians. We must rebuild, Mr. Petros.” Said the stern autocrat, glancing over to the much shorter arms tycoon. ”I agree fully, sir...” Replied the factory owner, worriedly twiddling his thumbs as he knew this would not be an ordeal he would get out of with his fortune, or vital organs, intact. ”See to it we have a fully operational navy within the next few months, Petros. I shall give you a portion of our sparse budget to do this, but it shall not cover it. I expect you to find a way to raise money. As you know, national spending is what ran us into the ground. So, it is on the noble people of great Ellada, and my gracious self, to bring us up from the muck.” ”Yes sir...” ”Good. Do not disappoint me.” The strength of his dream navy was detailed to Petros over a short briefing, the factory owner rarely getting a word in edgewise. Afterward, the leader of the Federated States of Ellada left the factory and went to speak with his generals and a handful of arms dealers, giving a similar speech for getting their ground forces operational. Aleksander returned to his home giddily, resting and dreaming of future conquest. Within a few months, he had managed to raise his army and prepared to take on his competitors Federated States of Ellada, 2036 Preliminary AP- 50 for Military- 8 on Infantry, 6 on Tanks, 4 on APC, 2 on Anti-Air, 3 on Artillery, and 2 on ‘Hoplites’, an elite shocktrooper unit. As for navy, 6 on frigates, 8 on destroyers, 6 on a missile cruiser, 4 on a submarine, and 2 on a corvette. This leaves Ellada’s beginning armed forces at: 40k men, 600 Tanks, 1,000 APC, 200 AA guns, 150 Mobile Artillery, 2,500 ‘Hoplites’, 2 Frigates, 2 Destroyers, a missile cruiser, a submarine and a Corvette 150 for Investments- 100 on Foundries, 25 on Research, 25 on Agriculture. This adds 13 AP to the greek Warmachine and 1 RP. AP: 19 RP: 6 Spending this turn: 3 AP- The Greeks add another 300 AA guns for protecting the mainland from Turkish or Egyptian bombers 5 AP- The Greeks construct 5 gunboats for added bulk in their navy 5 AP- The Greeks add another 250 mobile artillery to their army, prepping perhaps for a siege 6 AP- The Greeks construct a second missile cruiser
  5. MangoArt

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Your Discord’s name: Mic#7664 Your Nation: Federated States of Ellada Short background of nation: After the EU was completely dissolved, Greece was left in a bad place. Due to the EU being quite simply the only thing keeping them alive, Greece almost immediately ran out of money and food. Due to the lack of money and therefore medicine but the continual stream of tourists, many a disease ravaged Greece. Several regions seceded from the larger nation, calling themselves city states and trying to horde resources for themselves. This only ended in fighting over the rapidly depleting resources, however. Eventually, once Greece had been completely fractured in 2029, a Warlord of sorts rose up. He called himself Aleksander, obviously not his birth name but one he gave his egotistical self. He gained power through his silver tongue and promises to return to the glory of Ancient Greece, much like many a dictator. He spread a message of nationalism and greek power. He installed himself as dictator of his city state after winning the democratic election, making use of a loophole in the laws to give himself absolute power. He rapidly militarized his city-state of Attica, bringing the unemployment rate far down. He slowly began to take farmland, nationalizing farms so that the food could be kept for themselves rather than be exported to Turkey. He eliminated corrupt leadership and halted government spending apart from on the military. In a campaign of blood and slimy politics, Aleksander had retaken greece and pushed into Turkey and Egypt. Government type: Nationalist Autocracy Suggestions/Feedback: Nations standing army/navy: https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=greece (I’m hoping we could negotiate to increase this a bit actually because of the fact that this is a militarized, future greece)
  6. “Hm...t’is could be an oppor’uni’ie!” Shouts a Nayborough, preparing his cart for grape-fruit storage. “Oi’m gonna ge’ so many oi’ems of equal value!”
  7. MangoArt

    Counting of Elves 2k19

    I’ll spare you the trouble and answer for you: too many
  8. MangoArt

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    I full agree but Russian Blue cats aren’t actually blue, they just call that shade of grey in animals blue.
  9. MangoArt

    Pun of the Week

  10. MangoArt

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Are you sure you don’t want Dunshire warclaiming people and changing them to the glorious bernardist party?
  11. MangoArt

    Halfling Nayboroughs (Subculture)

    ((Merci boku, mon ami))
  12. MangoArt

    Halfling Nayboroughs (Subculture)

    Halfling Nayboroughs History Back in the days of yore, when halflings were a young and budding race, they ran around cities thieving and scamming, still burdened by the curse of their dwarven forefathers. Many realized the error of their ways, moving out to small farming communities and adopting simple, minimalist lives. Save for a few, obviously, previously unmentioned. The Nayboroughs, a handful of Halfling Families, kept on with lifestyle for several generations before realizing it, having eventually calmed down although were still burdened by the need for a currency, unlike their country cousins. They moved out in carts, having already formed their own unique culture, and found welcoming people in the first villages they visited. However, this soon began to change as these Nayboroughs began to swindle their neighbors, selling false “magical items” and stealing from storage burrows. These Nayboroughs began to earn quite bad reputations, and so were often forced out of villages they visited- even as they began to adopt halfling customs such as not wearing shoes, not going to war, and generally being peaceful folk. The hardships forced them to have strong family bonds and place a great importance upon marriage and love- despite being the ones that were so larcenous even their fellow halflings rejected them. This did not stop their burning dwarven blood, however, from placing the importance of self-reliance and mercantilism into their minds from a young age. They began to starve and become poorer than they already were, viewed as second class citizens by their own kind and by cityfolk and were refused the free food normally handed out by Halfling villages. They thus became even more larcenous, and some were even driven to violence (Of course, they were viewed as entirely improper and usually cast out afterward- supposing they survived attempting to be violent with a human). For a long time, they became completely unheard of- pawning their wares in remote lands no-one could have ever heard of. Recently, however a family- the Wanderfoots, have returned to this land to barter, scam, and steal. Customs and Values Nayboroughs walk a thin line between Proper and Improper- embracing halfling family values, shunning violence and shoes, not using currency, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol and tea. However, they also still place a lot of value on material possessions and are often dishonest, they ignore the allures of a permanent home and despite valuing family also have a strong preference for a life of self-reliance. As stated above, Nayboroughs love their families more than anything and are willing to lay down their lives to protect them. This also means they greatly dislike the idea of their bloodline dwindling away, and thus often have arranged marriages and typically try to have children as soon as possible. Marriage ceremonies often begin as somber occasions, representing the end of childhood- but by the end, after everyone’s said their vows and they’ve had their drinks it becomes a celebration of the beginning of adulthood. Nayboroughs have a number of strange customs. For one, before eating any meal or even a snack, they will sprinkle pumpkin shavings over the food and say a prayer to the pumpkin god. This is from days long past when Nayboroughs would often have to eat the filthiest, most rotten foods and thus pray that the food would not kill them and garnish it with delicious pumpkin related snacks. Another custom is that all carts must have a cover and curtain with artwork and ornate detailing, the specific design varying by family and telling tales of their family’s exploits. Nayboroughs also end many of their prayers to the pumpkin god with ‘put our souls to peaceful rest when we lay in the dirt with the roots and the pests’, indicating they wish for forgiveness for the actions they take in desperation. From a young age, Nayboroughs are taught the importance of self reliance- as they more than any know that many are not as welcoming as they might seem. They are also taught the importance of material goods and how to feed oneself using even the most useless of items, such as watered down, non lethal snake venom or the skull of a rat. Nayboroughs never let anything go to waste, out of a mix of inherited dwarven greed and necessity- you never know when that rat’s skull might be necessary to earn a day’s meal. Clothing and Appearance Jewelry is a very common accessory for Nayboroughs, showcasing wealth and often having the sort of sentimental significance they love. They tend to dress in typical halfling fashion, although often a little bit spiffier to appear more responsible and wealthy- women will wear dresses while men will wear vests often adorned with gold buttons. Shoes are never allowed. Often, men will wear hats and women will wear bonnets, to protect their fair halfling skin from the blazing sun that they will be inevitably exposed to for days on end. Appearance will vary by family, but typically, Nayboroughs will be on the slightly taller side for halflings due to being introduced to burrows at a far later stage than others. Nayboroughs will also have paler skin, once again due to spending more time in cities than other folk- although some may become tanner as they age due to spending so much time travelling in the sun. Playing a Nayborough Simply contact me if you have any questions, but otherwise- have at it. If you’re looking to have some sort of family, make sure to check out the family pages in Halfling Roleplay- I will likely be making one for the Wanderfoots. So, if you want to play a mischievous travelling halfling with slight gypsy/traveler themes, play a Nayborough!
  13. MangoArt

    An Open Letter To Dunshire

    Gartland shouts to noone in particular “I SHALL GRANT YOU AN ELIXIR OF ETERNAL LIFE IN EXCHANGE FOR LIFTING THIS DEATH-MARK! It cures all hunger! It cures all sadness! It turns feral beasts into civilized tea drinking elves! It will make you so muscular, your MUSCLES will have MUSCLES! Snake oil! The miracle elixir! The potion of strength! The great equalizer! Come one, come all, come and get it!” The rant slowly devolves from selfless lying to a sales pitch to noone.
  14. MangoArt

    Wûrst's Warband

    A drunken Azdrek seems to be unable to control himself as he attempts to speak “L-Latz...da WURST!” The inebriated uruk, quite proud of himself, proceeds to stumble off laughing at his own joke.
  15. MangoArt

    Pun of the Week

    This made me groan. 11/10