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  1. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    Accepted Accepted
  2. MangoArt

    [Yar Culture] Bone Singing (Throat Singing)

    Mograh prepares some tools to help Malog craft the bone masks
  3. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    “Lat’z ain’t a gobo! Get!” ((Denied 😞 ))
  4. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

  5. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz Throughout Krugmar, messengers covertly spread word of a new, budding group. Covertly would be an understatement, the snaga couriers specifically approaching Krugmar-affiliated goblins and them alone, the slaves not even being allowed to read what is on the paper. Should they read what is on the paper, they are executed. The bodies of such curious snagas clog the shores of Krugmar. : ((OOC: This is knowledge ONLY KRUGMAR GOBLINS HAVE. If your character knows this information, then you are metagaming. So please, hold your ‘The orcs are at it again, better stay off the road’ comments.)) General Information Da Nazty Zkulkaz is a private group of goblins unaffiliated with the official Krugmar Military. Instead, they are a company of covert ops/guerilla warfare specialists willing to work for the highest bidder, unless the current diplomatic situation of the War Nation would forbid them from doing so. They are known to utilize three primary tactics -Ranged Warfare -Stealth -Ambush tactics Let those honorable goblins among you not be dissuaded, for even among the Nazty Zkulkaz there is honor. Read further if you are interested. Tactics Although it is common knowledge that the Nazty Zkulkaz utilise stealth, ranged warfare, and ambush tactics, the specifics of these tactics are a well guarded secret. Those that are inducted are sworn to secrecy before being told the strategy of the band. Thus, only those who are members or those for whom it is far too late will ever know just how the Nazty Zkulkaz operate. Join, and you may discover. Ranks Unlike the majority of this nation, we do not bloat our ranks with pointless titles. Instead, there are simply 3 titles within our group. Boss- The leader of the group, currently held by Snikkit. Although they make the rules and decisions for the band, every decision they make can be overruled if the 2 Nobs can agree on it. These position can be klomped for, but only by Nobs. Nobs- As above, they are both those who rule in the Boss’s stead, but they also are able to overrule his decisions should they be able to agree. They are also there to keep order among the Skulkers. This position can also be klomped for, but there can only be 2 at maximum. This is subject to change. Skulkers- The rank and file of the band. That is all. Honor Code Despite the fact that we use tactics our larger brothers might call dishonorable, that does not mean that we are. Honor is a matter left up to an individual or a group, and thus we have drawn an Honor Code so that the falsehood that we lack honor utterly may be dispelled. -Do not abandon your brothers. Just because we use tactics revolving around stealth and speed of foot, does not mean we can abandon our allies. -Do not steal from your fellow Orc. Stealing from pink-skins is perfectly fine, as it furthers the cause of the nation. -Do not lie. Lying is dishonorable. Silence does not count, however. -Disputes among brothers that cannot be solved with logic should be solved via a physical or mental contest. Might makes right, but might is not just in the muscle and the bone. It may reside in the spirit or the brain. -Never go back on a pact. This falls under lying, but should be added for emphasis. A contract is sacred. Application to Join RP Name: Age:: Combat Experience: Useful Skills: OOC: Username: Discord:
  6. MangoArt

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    Mograh snarls, baring a single tusk as she hears the news. “He wuhz ah hozh Uruk. Bubhozh zlavah. Now whu gonna lead mi bruddahz in wagh?”
  7. MangoArt


    “Lat ztrike da head of da znake, da tail will ztill whip latz. Nub gehd tuu cocky, da ratz am ztill aboud.” Said Mograh.
  8. MangoArt

    Arcas Resource Pits Map

    God bless ya
  9. MangoArt

    Birbhead Bounty Photo

    Mograh sees her good friend on the bounty photo and tears it down from any boards she sees it on. “Zkahin pinkzkinz tryna gehd mi bruddah flatted.”
  10. I require T O R T L E L O R E. +1
  11. MangoArt


    From Krugmar, Mograh’Yar cackles like an idiot as she reads her stolen copy of the missive. “Holee ZKAHIN KRUG, mi wuhz righd! Mi wuhz juzt tryen tuh pizz doze ‘umiez off when mi blah’d dey’z leadahz wuhr inbred. Luckee mi, luuuuckeee luuuckee mi.”
  12. MangoArt

    Krugmar Slaving Reform

    Mograh slaps the snaga who keeps delivering messages to non-orcs.
  13. MangoArt

    Krugmar Slaving Reform

    Krugmar Slaving Reform Across Krugmar, missives from Snagagoth Mograh’Yar have been nailed to walls, trees, and given to messenger Snagas to spread word. The contents of said missives are as follows: (Translated for easy reading) “Brothers, sisters. For too long have we inefficiently distributed these resources we call ‘Snaga’, for too long have we pushed them to the brink of uselessness, for too long have we let them escape or run amok. I give you today an efficient system of using our non-uruk laborers. Firstly, let it be known that, in order to raise morale as well as expedite speed at which we acquire said laborers, that we will have regular missions to gather them. This does not prevent one from gathering a small team and collecting snagas themselves, but this will rather be a way to collect them en masse when it is needed. Secondly, in order to prevent them from going to waste, Snagas will have a processing and registry system. Every Snaga must be branded, renamed, and reminded of their place via torture upon arrival. Following this, they must be questioned to determine their worth using a form that shall be sent to individual slavers rather than put in a public place such as this. Thirdly, the enslaving of children or the old is hereby prohibited- it is both dishonorable and useless to enslave them. Should someone have no choice but to take a child, then rather than enslave or kill them, they should be re-educated. Fourthly, no able bodied slave should be put to waste. Make sure to keep them busy at all times, as it is not only wasteful to allow them to stay idle, but idleness could lead to possible escape attempts. As a fifth point,, anyone slaving in the territory of an allied nation (or one under a peace treaty) WILL be subject to serious punishment. Lastly, I would like to make it clear that becoming an honorary is a rigorous process requiring extensive periods of time. Any snaga claiming to be an honorary or any Orc trying to elevate a snaga to the level of honorary without the Rex’s permission or fitting trials will be subject to scrutiny or even punishment. -Snagagoth Mograh’Yar”
  14. MangoArt

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Should take one from each descendant race so we all have equal access