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  1. Great dude! +1
  2. A Raugrimm'Braduk stared at the grave in silence, "His flesh was steel and his will was iron, may he stand stalwart and unwavering in any conflict he meets... Ghash Nagraufom..." He tossed a weapon into the grave, just a simple Axe- Reliable and Strong. "He shall carry this to Stargush'Stroh..."
  3. One of my favorite villain RPs was when my Braduk Ork went banditing alongside a horde of 4 or 5 goblins. He was essentially a runtherd and it turned into a Crouching Tiger-esque fight in the trees with a druid. It ended with Raugrimm and the Gobos being thwarted when they were chucked out of trees onto the cold hard ground and left to die.
  4. It was nighttime in San'Thraka, all the Uruks sleeping or resting in their homes. A horrible crack interrupted the slumber of the village, all looking up and around for the source. Orcs filed out of their homes, before chancing upon a portal in the middle of the road to the city. It was a great, dark, ethereal construct... Then came the monsters. Horrible, corrupted beasts came pouring out of the portal in droves, straight from the realm of Orgon. The uruks took up arms, among them Yuglix'Yar and Vorgo'Yar. A great battle ensued, the beasts cut down easily but more popping up by the dozen. Every uruk that they bit or cut down became one of them, deforming into a terrible husk of themselves! Now there were hundreds of them, the Uruks becoming overwhelmed. Then, what was worse, is from the portal lunged another creature. A vulture-like lesser spirit, followed by a swarm of locusts. The locusts bit at the Uruks, and all seemed to be lost. Vorgo and Yuglix took it upon themselves to save their brethren. The Duo charged the grotesque spirit, axes and swords flailing in the air. They cut at the beast, the creature overwhelmed by the two Uruks. At last, Yuglix went for a finishing blow! The creature dived to the side, falling onto the blade of Vorgo's axe and exploding into a swarm of locusts! The locusts enveloped Vorgo, and the rest of the creatures either died or returned to their original form. The day had been saved, but Orgon remained a threat. Vorgo rested for many days in a sleep-like state...
  5. "Zkahin kommie Ztowtz." Comments Raugrimm'Braduk, before realizing he runs a tavern that doesn't charge people for food and drinks...
  6. Raugrimm wonders who's been giving their slaves head wax, and proceeds to hunt them down and scold them.
  7. A curious young Braduk grabs his battleaxe. He held it in his hands with a relaxed yet cautious grip. He approached the large ship, hoping to see what was inside or aboard the massive vessel.
  8. Name of Spirit and Aspect: Akezo, spirit of Health, Regeneration, and Vitality Blessing: Your wounds might mend quicker and stay cleaner. Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Sacrifice healthy livestock and pinkskins carefully and as painlessly as possible. Name of Spirit and Aspect: Ghorza, spirit of movement, luck, and travel. Blessing: You will have good luck and meet fewer troubles in your travels. Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Travel great distances with a Ghorza totem in your hand, and leave them in various places around the world.
  9. MC Name: micbox2 List in Question: Shamanism (Elementalism) Error in Question: Chek'Lur has died Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  10. Why was Wud banned?

    1. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      For "Bad" Behaviour.

  11. I used to play a homunculus back in the day! Good job with this one, makes me want to return to those happy days as a homunculus! +1
  12. ((Do you mean 'mind was still going' as in their mind was still operating or as in they were losing their mind?
  13. Hi

    Oren got rekt by Dwarves, Courland, and Orcs. Halflings split into 3 villages. Other notable **** happened...
  14. "Radda zimilar to the Ilzpaak." Comments Raugrimm'Braduk.
  15. Yes but that doesn't stop people from calling people in their skype chat with the tired old warhorn excuse. It just allows people not to, it doesn't FORCE them not to.