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    I've basically stopped updating this
  1. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

  2. 6.0 halfling village ideas thread

    Really? I lived in that village for the longest time, I don't remember that.
  3. 6.0 halfling village ideas thread

    Wrong. We were flocked around a city, not a castle. We just need an accessible biggun castle to hide in. It was not at all accessible, the gate was far, far away from the village and it was an overall shitty city
  4. 6.0 halfling village ideas thread

    In medieval times, peasants couldn't afford walls around their vilages so instead they flocked around a castle so instead of having walls to protect them, they just had a place within walking distance to run to and be safe. Maybe we could build our village around a human castle?
  5. I've been doing school **** and DnD.
  6. What do you mean 'pipeweed rolls'
  7. Mayor Vote

    "Ey! Stop talkin' like t'at! Ah can practicalleh hear ya misspellin' shite." Shouts Andoc as he VERY SNEAKILY puts a ballot in both boxes... The cheat!
  8. Religion in the village

    From what I've been told, Halflings don't really care about religion as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Besides, most Halflings don't really stop to think about religion as they don't really like to stop to think- they're an easy-going people, their cheerful spirit is enough to keep them going in life, they really don't need Faith. But some Halflings that do stop to think about it simply chalk it up to Knox. But no Halfling's gonna care if you start going around waving a Lorraine's Cross, or praising the spirits, or preaching the aspects as long as they aren't running around screaming 'DEUS VULT' and hitting people with shovels and stabbing them with spades.

    [OOC] IGN: micbox2 DISCORD: Mic!#7664 TEAMSPEAK (Y/N)* Not yet, but I think I can find a way. May not be able to do it for every warclaim *TS is mandatory. Uncoordinated soldiers are as bad if not worse than lack of soldiers. [IC] NAME: Yuglix'Yar RACE: Uruk DESIRED FIELD (NAVY/INFANTRY/CAVALRY): Infantry
  10. The Grandaxe Clan

    MC Name: micbox Character Name: Grelta Grandaxe (hopefully) Character Age: 35 Profession (See below): Lumberjack Appearance: A fiery haired female dwarf, with an attitude to match. Deep, ebony shade pupils rest in the whites of her eyes. Rather chunky, but also bulky- a rather normal Dwarf build. Stands at 4'3, and can be found clad in armor with an axe on her hip. Bloodline: Blackaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: (Sorry I used the legion armor, but I honestly can't skin armor for the life of me) Discord (If you have it): Mic! #7664 Timezone: EST Note: I've tried joining this clan before, and ended up shelving the character. If you hold a grudge for that, I'm deeply sorry but I would like to stick with this character.
  11. Elf In A Predicament

    Oh also the elf reminds me of someone I know, idk why.
  12. Elf In A Predicament

    I love this, but there's one thing that bothers me about this- why is the dwarf taller than the elf?
  13. A Racial suggestion

    DIE DIE MANTHING! Lotc skaven when?
  14. An Ancient City

    Upon hearing of this in the Orcish Tavern, Yuglix'Yar nearly spills his drink. He ran back to his home, collecting maps, a walking stick, weapons, and food. He would be out for a while.
  15. A great dude overall! Awesome event ideas, a great RPer, was a very good Rex back in the day, and is overall just a cool and nice guy! Definitely a good choice for the Event Team.