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  1. He means ALL of us. Honestly I agree with him, I shouldn't be arguing. It's sad I have nothing better to do than argue on the forums, imho.
  2. Accusations, Judgements, Criticisms, IT IS ALL THE SAME THING. It boils down to this: We're telling you that you wouldn't make a good LM, not that you're a bad person or that you should kill yourself or something. But what you're doing at this point is just being aggressive, you're insulting us for doing what you're supposed to do on an app. arockstar said the events in my ET app were bad, I didn't call him a bigot or something or yell at him for being anti-ginger or something or saying that he had done something god awful in the past that was worse than my events. I just calmly said "Okay, he doesn't like it, that doesn't mean it'll get denied. I can improve on them my next app, and there's no need to worry." Like, the defendant in a trial doesn't get upset when a witness provides useful evidence. He doesn't call them a liar or insults them, he just has to keep it in. He doesn't freak out or anything because that's what he was there for, and he was expecting it.
  3. Ok since when were these the salem witch trials? We're providing evidence, and if you weren't expecting to be assessed or criticized or judged why did you make an app? Also, we aren't judging YOU we're judging your performance as an LM. We aren't insulting you or hating you, we're pointing out flaws of yours that could be incompatible with the rest of the LT.
  4. ...did you even read the synonyms. Do I need to tell you the definition of synonym, drfate?
  5. J synonyms: evaluation, assessment, appraisal, analysis, judgment; Judgement is a listed synonym, drfate. LOOK IN THE SYNONYMS BEFORE YOU SAY THEY'RE TWO DIFFERENT WORDS.
  6. Two things, I believe the definition you presented was correct but also the one he was using, and you misinterpreted it. Also, it's wikepedia and isn't something you should cite as I have learned from many reports and papers in the past.
  7. Honestly, LMs kind of have to be cooperative. From your conduct OOC and IC I've seen you aren't all that cooperative with others, and I feel like you'd be better off proposing lore with your independent attitude. Not to mention, you keep ignoring people's criticism and instead using it to insult them in a much more hurtful way than they did you. You don't seem at all mature enough, kind enough, or even hard working enough for the position and although I feel like I don't know you well enough to dislike you, I certainly wouldn't want you as an LM. Sorry, bud, but -1
  8. Here are my three reccomendations: Orc, because WAAAAGGHH (Jk, but we have a neat culture and need more people.) (I KNOW YOU SAID NOT TO SUGGEST BUT WE STILL GREAT) Halfling because...Halfling! WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO SAY??!!! Or Hou-Zi, be a monkey man like me.
  9. A letter is neatly written in standard ink and sent via Halfling Mailman all the way to the enchantry. Dear Enchantry, My name is Merridolph Applebrook, formerly of the village of Reedsborough and now of Mellsbury. I am well versed in the world, but desire more knowledge if this world and the others. I do not possess the arcane gift, though I hope to obtain it through hard work and study. Enclosed is my application to the Enchantry. Thank you for hearing me. From, Merridolph "Merry" Applebrook. ((In character information)) Name: Merridolph "Merry" Applebrook Race and Age: Halfling, 64 School of Arcane known(Magics Known): None yet, but I hope to master the Arcane arts. Why do you wish to join the Enchantry?: Not knowing magic myself yet, I would enjoy learning it. I do not simply desire power or wish to bring harm to anyone, however if you believe knowledge is power I do technically desire power in the way that I desire knowledge which is power. I hope to learn, for one, of the world around me and even other worlds such as the void so I can understand them and thus gain the knowledge I seek. The other reason I would like to learn, is to protect my people. We are small folk, who can't really defend ourselves whatsoever, so being able to tap into the gift would be very convenient for us. Do you understand and accept the Enchanters Codex?: Yes, and I swear my loyalty. ((Out of Character Information)) MC Name: micbox MA/SA's for listed magics: N/A
  10. ?/10 I have no idea what the hell that is. When rating mine, look closer. It's a baby with a character sheet T-Shirt (It should say NERDS: Reproduce in the cutest manner, but they cropped it wrong.)
  11. I don't quite remember who you are but your signature memes are cool so welcome back.
  13. "...sorry, wub?" Remarks Grovmar'Gorkil, staring at the letter and the reactions it's getting. "Am mi having zome kind of psychotic epizode?"
  14. Good for you! :)
  15. Make an Orc! Or A... Halfling