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  1. Best lore ever, and good thing me and blackhand7 are friends. +9001
  2. simatra


    This is cool lore, I get a samurai feel from it, just saying. But overall very cool.
  3. The Mad Poet would have heard the news, and just shake his head, then say to himself “She should have fought back, last I knew her no one could have done this. Idiot girl probably forgot her abilities and let this happen, such potential wasted, although I knew her for decades, I cannot say that I am sad.”
  4. At first I thought this was a good idea, then I remembered all the people my persona wanted to kill, being carefree in the CT where he couldn’t punish them. I already think CT should be less completely immune, and maybe have an alternative where people can’t hide from everyone in the server who hates them.
  5. I was a bandit as a pink name, what about if a new player bandits their monk guide? Also, some items not on there are shotgun, stick, chocolate milk, frying pan, and cannon.
  6. At the very bottom in tiny text it says April fools. All of you are amateur's.
  7. Glad I am not the only one then. Also thanks for not punishing me for this. Everyone in the darrowwmere discord was wrong. Thankfully.
  8. Sorry I mixed up the I and A in Telanir, going to edit the post to fix it.
  9. Who did? I was only pointing out that Telinar is most likely the green ninja.
  10. So there have been a lot of people discussing who Telanir really is, and some pretty convincing posts, but now onto one of the most important questions. Is Telanir the green ninja? Now I know what many of you are thinking, that they already have a green ninja, as shown in Lego Ninjago, but they never said there could only be one. We know little about Telanir, but you can start to make sense of it all. Does anyone know who his father is? I do not, so it could likely be Lord Garmedon. For whether or not Telanir might remove this post, give me a warning point, or even ban me, that only supports my theory that Telanir has the great power that the green ninja has. So, with all of this solid evidence, I would like to top it all off. The green ninja is known to have massive amounts of power, and that includes awesome karate. We also know that Telanir is in such high a staff position that anything is possible, so if wonted they could become a master at martial arts. So now i close off by saying that I believe that it is certain, that the amazing staff member we all appreciate and respect called Telanir, is really Green Admin Telanir Shapiro the ninja.
  11. The Mad Poet would be watching from above millstone, in his mask. He would notice a tear drop down, and call out to no one in particular, “I will do what must be done, although some may see Evindal as horrible, I wish I was able to thank him for what he has done for me.” Then he would walk away, his mask moist as tears ran down the cracks of it.
  12. No. You will be stuck with your account for all eternity.
  13. I would help, but I am broke. Good luck on paying your bill. WONK WONK WONK!
  14. “Wow, such a power grab here, truly.” The Mad Poet would remark after hearing some people discussing it, then continue on his way.
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