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  1. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who want to pay their respects, far from any other places in the wildlands. It is said that the gifts put there disappear, this could be a thief or the mad poet back from the dead. The coordinates of his memorial are -2312 / 41 / -388. What does the memorial service, one might ask? Well, The Mad Poet is said to have a long history, once a soldier, a jester, a spy, and many other things, countless deeds, most bad of course.
  2. Tom Bombadil, love that quote, along with the first sentence in the book, but the cake sword sadly died.
  3. When This knife comprised of any kind of pie, pumpkin, strawberry, cake, egg, poop, urin, wood, silver, gold, live ferrets, live bears, live owls, live cats, live bats, a bat, a bear, a cat, or even a blueberry pie, touches a living thing, then that thing will be consumed by the pie and turn the pie into a pie shortsword, then a pie sword, then a pie longsword, then a pie greatsword, then a pie. all with the same properies, except for the pie, which is just a normal cow pie. (pile of cow poop)
  4. simatra


    The Mad Poet would raise his hand and say “I have no idea whats going on, and i’m also an elf, but yeah, I support this?”
  5. simatra


    better than the first app I made.
  6. I think that Banditry Rp helps the server as it gives some people fun as a profession, and it gives a risk to travelling on the roads, as ithats makes it more realistic RPly, along with the fact that it also can turn out badly for the bandits as ive on multiple occasions did a two man bandit on a single person and died due to them calling pvp and being rather skilled at pvp or having magic and killing both of us. I think that there shouldnt be any mid crp or pvp join ins as that helps both bandits and victims so its balanced. and i think that you shouldnt be allowed to kill anyone unless they are in any way not doing as you ask, ive once had three bandits come to my own house in the wildlands and kill first my neighbor, and they then killed me after i watched, though they later got combat blacklisted there is another situation where someone did meta knowing that i had a cult through ooc methods and only new my ooc name but stopped me on the roads with the traffic of 5 people in the area, which had no way of knowing it was me and they got to kill me without any RP, despite my best efforts to have some. Ive shown two bad examples of banditing here and ive come up with a few rules to fix banditry. Rule one: no ooc stalling, such as contesting emotes or such, if you have a problem /modreq to get some resolution. Rule two: the bandit can only take either 50 percent of your mina or inventory, or the 3 most valuable items, this is a way to prevent people fro taking everything. Rule three :if the victim isnt cooperating than the bandits can incapacitate the person and have them go maybe three IRL minutes before they get up, and the person must give up all their items.
  7. simatra

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC name:simatra )) ((Discord: The Mad Poet | simatra#3216)) ((Timezone:PST)) RP What is your name? My name is The Mad Poet, although I also go by Temp. Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I seek membership in order to better serve my fellow man and to stop the threat of banditry. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have Watched it performed twice, have seen some people that had it effect them, and have been told stories of it, never used it, for no one has taught me. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I only study poetry, i do not have any magical power or teacher. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? The lowest i can attain, for i do not see need to have rank, all ranks can help serve my fellow men. What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? I hope to attain Acolyte, and if skill or service permits, maybe up to Vanguard When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Whenever I am available, i prefer to bend around to when others want to meet Please accept me, i hope to help serve.
  8. a pie sword isnt as almighty as the cake sword and if the current cake sword doesnt get approved then i will add in the factor “if you role below a 10, which you must roll before every attack, then you will turn into cake, having gloves decreases your chance of turning to cake, bringing the required role down to 9 maybe eight considering the current loremag was put on halt 🙂 i read this thinking, hey, its not a meme suggestion, thn realised that everyone i talk to about it calls it that, also the flavor is optional, depending on what flavor cake you make. also we need to bribe the st with mina to get this approved
  9. The cake sword is a cake that when used to attack someone will kill the person being attacked by turning them into a cake (you cannot loot the person for all their items turn into cake) and the attacker must have a glove on or they will turn into cake. The role to survive the cake sword is role a 17+ out of 20. The cake sword is able to, is it has consumed 100 people (and there is moderator approval) turn a 10 by 10 area into cake.
  10. simatra


    Metagaming is using out of game knowledge or things your character should know to act or make a decision revised
  11. simatra


    ok do I just say my revised metagaming definition or redo the app
  12. simatra


    ooh whatll it be accept deny or pending
  13. simatra


    His grandfather burnt down a forest causing his family to get banished. Now he wants to kill his grandfather and redeem his family and will go to any lengths to do it. His family has always taken to the more bandit-like side of life since then. His family bears no seed now because they have forsaken all relations to his grandfather. He knows no regrets an will always strive to get his main priority done above all else.
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