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  1. [OOC: Keep in mind that although all of these things are accurate IRP, the knowledge or announcement of these things are not. Any information regarding personas mentioned within this post is not to be considered common knowledge. This was my first persona on the server that I’ve been playing for over 4 years now, so I became very attached to him, here is the story of his life and death.] Recently, the Anthroparion known as Philos met his end in a duel with a mage. He lived a long life before that, though many of the stories are lost to time. One of the few records of his life is in entry 6, before he became an Anthroparion. It is unknown what happened to him in between writing this and when he emerged again, but he was much different from the man who Kariv had known. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193771-character-diary-sivians-notes/?tab=comments#comment-1788171 [OOC: The character doc that I had made for him. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hKEP3ctgyCqDjIWMMMIZqfWLkDOpQ8A4Qnt3L7Ua7tg/edit?usp=sharing ] Shortly after having become an Anthroparion, when talking to his creator: Learning of the fate that comes to him, of losing his soul, The Mad Poet is furious. He treasured his soul above all else, it was a major part of his being. He begins to feel lost, shattered, he is not The Mad Poet anymore. The creator tries to calm him, he tries to reason with the man who is now unsure of himself. With the complete death of The Mad Poet, rain began to pour. … However, that was not the end. He discovered an ability. He was an experiment of this mad alchemist, and this ended up leading to a discovery. He did not die. His body, with this mysterious vivacion, could reform itself. He was the second Anthroparion to ever be made, and the last one left from his time. His creator, having tried to play God, had created something that would have lived on for eternity. Philos, what came to be his new name, his new identity, after his previous self had Shattered, would die countless times, the vast majority self-inflicted. He found only one goal remained, and that was to reunite with his soul. The true fear that he would be utterly gone after his death, with no afterlife awaiting him, or the Anthroparion mind, they both had a looming psychological horror they faced, that of the certainty that there was no afterlife. When it all ended, things would just go black. The soul would never know that the body had lived on, they were truly forsaken creatures. … One day, Philos met up with a friend of his, named Juniper. They met a friend of hers named Lanre, and after chatting, Philos and Lanre decided they wanted to spar. Philos said the words that he believed to be the truth, “I am immortal.” so that Lanre wouldn’t hold back. There were spectators, bets on who would win, and yet the duel concluded in a blazing fire destroying the body of Philos. In his last act, he threw his head out, to give himself a few more seconds. For the first time, after dying hundreds of times, he had felt true pain. He experienced mortality again. He knew he was dying, and so he gave out his last words. As the eyes of the head dimmed, the last sign of life on the corpse finally burned out, after the long decades the body had to live well past its expiration date. It was a fitting end for this one of two brothers. Kariv Siv, his brother who had died long before him, had died in a similar way, in a duel. Both were untimely ends to their tragic lives. Fitting. At last, the Sivs are truly at rest. … The fears were right. As the head loses consciousness, all that is left is black. In misguided hopes to revive it, the head is stored, preserved, but there is no afterlife. This initial experimentation by a man who tried to play God, has finally come to an end. There is no more pain, no more death, no more life. There is finally nothing.
  2. Really interesting and well written. Thanks for the neat lore post.
  3. I think that the sign warp system was better, personally, because including the soul stone thing for all warps can be tedious and confusing, especially for new players. When I first saw it I, after around 4 years, needed to be walked through it. Although yes, I am small brain, so are many other players. I think warp signs was best, they are overall so much simpler. Also I liked when CT was a place on the map, so you didn't have to warp away. Sometimes I like just walking out of CT, seeing the scenery of the temple, like we did on Arcas.
  4. Full name: Victor Felix de Ravensburg Summers’ old: 38 Clerical role: Priest Diocese of Service: Nescia Minister of Ordination: Pontian IV Racial identification: [!] “Human, child of Horen” had been filled out on all admission forms [!] Sex: Male [Username: Psymatra ] [Discord: sim the sophist#2631 ]
  5. A Thesis on Devout Life Written by Acolyte Felix Life that is lived for GOD is by all means lived with the right intentions. The living of life under the teachings of The Scrolls can be done in many fashions, all with their contributions to the church. The greater goal of all should be to live the life that their reading of the scrolls sets out for them. A lowly peasant with nothing could be just as great a monastic worshiper as a noble giving up all they have. A warrior who struggles not to make the sin of giving in to wrath could turn their blade to hunting abominations, patrolling roads, or being a holy warrior serving the clergy. Even a non descendant, who believes the teachings, could try to spread the word and serve in any way they can, forsaking their heritage. All can live a devout life, it is only that there is no one way, as the scrolls are for everyone, and GOD is forgiving of those who may not be able to serve the same as another. Of all the paths set out in the scrolls, the one that spoke most to me as fulfilling the most of what is asked for us, is the life of the monastic and selfless. To dedicate your life to having little, and helping others provides the most opportunity for others to thrive. And, as you let others live a life to reach GOD, you are therefore doing the most you can for him. In this lifestyle, you avoid wrath, as you live to benefit others, you avoid all gluttony, greed, and lust as you are living a monastic life, and as you avoid those sins, you also surpass trying not to sin, with your demonstrations of dedication to GOD showing how humbled you see yourself as next to him. Although, if everyone were to live a life like this, then it would be a waste, and we could not thrive, so this style can only exist thanks to the sacrifice of others that live differently, to create this opportunity, as we are never great by ourselves, we need our fellow man and GOD for true greatness. He who would reach heaven alone does not deserve it, for he has not been able to guide others with the path he blazes forth. A passage from the holy scrolls that I feel greatly helps represent this is, “...in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not be idle, nor forget your duties in favor of sloth. (Virtue 4:8)” This is a great reminder of the dedication needed, so the dedication needed to willingly live a life of hardship and selflessness is a way to directly do as was asked of us. Most importantly with this lifestyle, however, is to truly live a humble life. If you offer all you can, then accept less, such as giving another a carpet to sit on and sitting yourself on the floor, giving them your soup so that you may eat stale bread, you may speak of it, but not gloat, for “...in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not be idle, nor forget your duties in favor of sloth. (Virtue 7:8)” This shows us the hardest aspect of this lifestyle, feeling humble about living humbly, so it is important to suffer in silence. If you give someone else your coat so that you may be drenched in the rain in their stead, you need not beg thanks, or mention it for praise. We should all seek to live a devout life, in whatever path that we may most greatly serve in. Whether that be turning your skill to use for the church, or giving up your wealth to live humbly, there is something to be done. It is most important to live for GOD, and I would gladly offer my appreciation to all who live such a truly noble life.
  6. *Sweats in being on both sides.*
  7. Oh, how happy I am for these happenings.
  8. One of them was directed at The Mad Poet, but I’d like to point out I normally just grab their throat or use another weapon, I only occasionally use the sword. That said, I am honored to be included in this list. I also feel you have to know Nozoa in order to have you described in this, that’s a good half of the comments, people saying they were called out.
  9. The Mad Poet would still be unsure of his question.
  10. The Mad Poet would ask a question to himself, as he considered this happening, "Do they taste good?"
  11. The Mad Poet would emerge from his tower to the balcony, then look at at the sky and whisper out "Could The Progenator have come?" Before leaving to look for the cause.
  12. The bee Movie Play. So I have decided to try to do something never done before, create a bee movie play in LotC. This is an idea I had, where we dress up as bees, name a persona as the character names, and have a play. Whether this is a meme is unclear. But I ask all of you to try to help my endeavor in making this. We will need a few things for this though. -Actors, several people to paste in script for their character. -Location, a place to host this. What would be best is if staff could approve us having it in a protected area so terrorists or such can’t sabotage this. -An audience, I am doing this for you, LotC players, to watch and enjoy. I will host a poll in the discord server for the time and date. Join the discord! https://discord.gg/ddWh5m Credit: HighOOCly/Deleted account for inspiration, and Neo for inspiration. These are some of my best LotC friends.
  13. Best lore ever, and good thing me and blackhand7 are friends. +9001
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