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  1. these flowers hide up and hide from the high elves, let them live without fear!
  2. I am trying to get more killed right now, so sadly not. Also, good spirit though!
  3. [!] Along many road signs, there would be flyers posted, and the text of each flyer would be the same. “There is a tremendous problem at our hands, and I plan to get the ball rolling to stop this. The high elves are too greedy, too incest, and they are like flies bugging all of the good races. I am a wood elf, I know, it brings to mind bad things, but I am not a druid, nor do I wear bikini's or otherwise do the stereotypical wood elf things. I am like the rest of you, and wish to put a stop to this high elf rise nonsense. Just to get the ball rolling, if you write a message to me on one of these flyers, I will be sure to notify you of where I will pay you for helping with my cause. If you wish for payment, bring me the head of one of those cursed high elves, and I will give you 100 mina. This offer is merely a start, and only is applicable for the first 5 that notify me.” There would be no signing, and the messages would be stenciled, so that no one could track him down. (OOC NOTE: This means that if you come up to me IRP all like ‘Oh, yeah I’m going to arrest you for that.’ I can call meta. A reply to my flyers would be either replying to this post, or PMing me. simatra#3216. Also, yes this is a meme post for those of you wondering.) (OOC: these livestock are all hiding up here scared of the high elves! )
  4. simatra

    A Shepherd's Call

    The Mad Poet would tear off one of the papers, reading it over and mutter,_“Must be some kind of cult.” Then he would see something out of the corner of his eye, and swiftly leave the area.
  5. simatra

    The Hemlocks

    The Mad Poet looks apon the paper, he takes note of all the rules, then would let out a sigh “Well, looks like there is growth showing, let the Hemlocks be great.”
  6. This person doesn’t meme, then what is the point of having a forum account you do not meme on?

  7. Name: The Mad Poet Why do you want to join: Because I was told to, but I do not want to. Skilled or needs training: Scythe, bow, dagger, sword. No needed training. Particular Skills or Faults: Killing without remorse, but I have 7 personalities in me and kill too often. Desired position: King of ruswick. (OOC) Discord: simatra#3216 Time-Zone: PST (pacific standard time)
  8. So, will ggt and swifty be unbanned? what about lewarmonger?
  9. Honestly, it does seem a little over the top. Although yes, he may have done bad things, this is him admitting to it then questioning the system when he served the punishment then nothing changed. Anyone here who has no free time during the break, must have something wrong with them. He wanted to play Lotc during the break, yet this messed up system is completely blocking him.
  10. The Mad Poet watches from a bit away, having just arrived to see the mighty place of Ruswick in a sudden flurry of commotion, his only thought to run down, yelling. “HAIL RUSWICK!”
  11. “This is the best quality musical art that has graced my ears, the day I received this message was the best. I will remember, hagheeeuwallagh, the most heartfelt message forever, may the moon shine on these blessed musicians! -TMP”
  12. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who want to pay their respects, far from any other places in the wildlands. It is said that the gifts put there disappear, this could be a thief or the mad poet back from the dead. The coordinates of his memorial are -2312 / 41 / -388. What does the memorial service, one might ask? Well, The Mad Poet is said to have a long history, once a soldier, a jester, a spy, and many other things, countless deeds, most bad of course.
  13. Tom Bombadil, love that quote, along with the first sentence in the book, but the cake sword sadly died.
  14. When This knife comprised of any kind of pie, pumpkin, strawberry, cake, egg, poop, urin, wood, silver, gold, live ferrets, live bears, live owls, live cats, live bats, a bat, a bear, a cat, or even a blueberry pie, touches a living thing, then that thing will be consumed by the pie and turn the pie into a pie shortsword, then a pie sword, then a pie longsword, then a pie greatsword, then a pie. all with the same properies, except for the pie, which is just a normal cow pie. (pile of cow poop)
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