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  1. all the way on the very tip of adria, slightly slanted to renatus
  2. Sigismond Varoche grinned, sharing a hearty laugh with Anna at the title she and the duchess chose!
  3. Ser Steiner von Richthofen, a petran knight dubbed so by Archduke Paul of the Petra himself frowned at this evil usurpation from the man's rightful heir and successor, "Fools."
  4. reminds me of that old plugin people used to change their character models- but better! way better
  5. Charles the Bald makes a great point, stay making tiktoks media team, now!
  6. Sigismond Varoche cackled, "You ******* heretics, YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!" the Roach violently shook his head, "You would demand secular investure? You demand the defrauding of the church from true righteous holymen? Shame on you, this is beyond evil."
  7. "Duma! Duma! Duma!" Chancellor Varoche chanted from his dark tower.
  8. Sigismond the Roach smiled the sun's smile, "A true Horen rules the Heartlands, god bless us all!"
  9. Sigismond Varoche picked up a flier from the dirty streets of minitz, wiping it off to read, "Perhaps young Charles would do well under his tutelage..." @Balthasar
  10. Chancellor Varoche nodded, "They shall be done! Ave Adria and it's agenda!"
  11. FOURTH DUMAPALOOZA The Restoration of the Duchy of Adria 19th of the Sun’s Smile, 1903 The various electors of the Adrian Dumapalooza were called and gathered within the throne of the Haeseni King, whom’s imposing form towered above them upon the royal dias, as overseer and chair of the Dumapalooza as agreed by the Summit of Karosgrad. It all began in earnest once the Adrians arrived from their land within the southern heartlands. The Adrians had waited more than five long years for this moment to arrive and they were clambering for the Dumapalooza to proceed swiftly. Calling of the Electors Chair Barbanov began the dumacratic process with the calling of the electorate, consisting of the ancient Karovic houses, esteemed Patricians of Ves, numerous Adrian families and descendants of great Adrian persons. Representative of Pontian IV - Present! Sarkozics of Aaun - Present! Sarkozics of Balian - Present! Barbanov - Present! Rutherns of Hanseti-Ruska - Present! Rutherns of Balian - Present! Carrion-Tuvyic - Present! Ludovar - Present! Ivanovich of Aaun - Present! Montalt of Sedan - Present! Varoche - Present! Montelliano - Present! Ren, Descendant of Watanabe - Present! Kortrevich of Jerovitz - Present! de la Baltas - Present! Ratispora - Present! Jewelbeard - Present! Rutledge - Present! Euler - Present! Songbirds - Present! Opening of the Dumapalooza With those electors present and ready to participate, Chair Barbanov proposed the Dumapalooza begin in earnest. Approval was unanimous! Admission of the ‘Kvazyev’ An unknown alleged Crow came before the gathered electors, beseeching them to grant his ‘House of Kvazyev’ an apparently ‘ancient’ cadet house of Ludovar a spot as an Elector. There was much murmuring, many of the electors wondering who this even was, many also commenting on their heritage. The Chair shortly began the vote to decide whether this Kvazyev should be an elector. The Kvazyev acquired a few votes of approval, with the present Montalt speaking something of democracy in regards to supporting him, however the vast majority of electors saw no point in admitting a cadet of a house already with a vote. And so Kvazyev did not ascend to the position of elector. Admission of Basrid A man named Isa Basrid implored the Dumapalooza to acknowledge his right to electorship, as for the last three Dumapaloozas they were indeed invited… perhaps their disclusion was a typographical error? In all regards however, the electors all permitted Basrid a vote once more. The Chocolate Coin! The elector Stefan Euler spoke on one of the previous matters, the admitting of Kvazyev was decided by him upon the flipping of a chocolate coin by his brother, Jan Euler. The Chair Barbanov sought to see the validity of this, and asked for proof of the chocolate coin. However, Jan had already eaten it and upon hearing this the Chair proposed whether or not that the chocolate coin should be thrown up. This brought much shouting to the usually peaceful Haeseni throne room. After it was found from testing that the man could not throw up from a rare offset from birth; the electorate decided against having the coin be vomited! To expel the Chef! One Elector, Pâté de la Baltas, was to some extent a nuisance to another food vendor as Pâté was selling his own food to the crowds; at the vendors insistence a few calls for his throwing out were thrown. Quickly this devolved into throwing of insults and jeers between those who wished for him to stay and those who did not, alas though Chef de la Baltas remained, being one of the electors himself. To have speeches; and then to table them! The Chair Barbanov proposed that the Duma Houses present a speech on why the Adrian Duchy should even exist; however at this point, many electors were growing impatient with this apparent stalling. Heinrik Sarkozic proposed the motion be tabled, and after this much debate and arguing ensued amongst the throne room, eventually fizzling out. To elect a Duke or Niet! Having grown tired of waiting, Sigismond Varoche proposed a Duke of Adria be elected immediately without any more needless delay. This was voted upon and agreed, with the Chair Barbanov at the same bringing forth that the Ivanovich of Aaun were willing to betray the Count of Veletzia whilst another voice suggested that the Rutherns of Balian had been bribed. The supporters of Adria clamored still to move to a vote quickly to which the Barbanov acquiesced to beginning the process of finally electing a duke, to which there were two candidates, Heinrik Sarkozic, or no one. And so, the Chair Barbanov began calling the electors for their votes: Representative of Pontian IV - Heinrik Sarkozic! Sarkozics of Aaun - Heinrik Sarkozic! Sarkozics of Balian - Heinrik Sarkozic! Barbanov - Abeyance! Rutherns of Hanseti-Ruska - Abeyance! Rutherns of Balian - Heinrik Sarkozic! Carrion-Tuvyic - Abeyance! Ludovar - Abeyance! Ivanovich of Aaun - Heinrik Sarkozic! Montalt of Sedan - Abeyance! Varoche - Heinrik Sarkozic! Montelliano - Heinrik Sarkozic! Ren, Descendant of Watanabe - Abstain! Kortrevich of Jerovitz - Abeyance! de la Baltas - Heinrik Sarkozic! Ratispora - Heinrik Sarkozic! Jewelbeard - Heinrik Sarkozic! Rutledge - Abeyance! Euler - Heinrik Sarkozic! Songbirds - Heinrik Sarkozic! Chair Barbanov announced the results, “To a majority of twelve to eight with the majority of Carrions voting against and the majority of Patricians voting in favour, Heinrik Sarkozic is officially elected Duke of Adria.” This was followed then by a round of applause from all parties for a proper Adrian Duma that followed the chaos of old, albeit there had been no defenestration. Despite issues before between some members, it did seem that a level of respect had come from the proceedings. It was finally decided, after long years of wait, that Heinrik Sarkozic was indeed the duly elected Duke, ascending as Heinrik I, Duke of Adria. Heinrik I var Sarkoz, Duke of Adria, 1903-Present Ave Adria!
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