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  1. Demetrio shrugged, not caring much anymore, “Just burn them all already-a.”
  2. A fellow John, laughs from the shadows, though his stature was much shorter due to his age.
  3. An aging Illatian signed the charter though he had not a clue what Thyra is.
  4. Demetrio looks at this, “Matthias, you are nothing more than an undead piece of filth.”
  5. Demetrio looks at this, his visage skewed with disgust, “I swear to the Creator, Orenia Delenda Est.”
  6. Demetrio weeps in Illatian, his visage sullen at the loss, "They-a will pay with-a thousand lifetimes-a for this-a crime!"
  7. Written 1717, 12th of Owyn’s Flame My dear friends, I write to you this day of my execution of Matthias Rutledge, a traitor to the Golden Republic of Ves and before that a traitor of Adria, though I have paid dearly. It has been shown time and time again the the Rutledges are nothing but dangerous degenerates not worthy of their titles or power. Let it be known that any sighting of Matthias from this day forth, is the sighting of an undead. Such abominations must be and shall be destroyed for the glory of the CREATOR. Though for this great service I have now been imprisoned by the disgusting, heretical followers of Owyn, and now by the hour they are slowly torturing me. They have by the hour been slowly removing my fingers, this is why I make this letter with post-haste. But now friends, remember that Matthias is undead, and that his family is nothing but degenerates. It seems now they have removed my final finger, and now I must write with naught but my mouth! Sincerely, Your Rightful Prince, Demetrio
  8. Demetrio signs the lorraine for his old raevir friends.
  9. Demetrio frowned at this for a moment, before a smile grew upon his visage, “Ah Alfredo, you may of-a been an enemy, but you died well. A shame I-a never got to ask you about my letter. Either-a way, may-a you walk the Seven Skies in peace”
  10. Demetrio recalled the event, saying of it, “Ah, sad si. The last true man of-a Ves has fallen, but-a he died with honor unlike so many of his foolish comrades.”
  11. Demetrio nodded to this, though a frown was upon his visage, "How long will the pretender Jose continue to-a torture his family with his false claim? Especially his poor little sister, the-a poor poor child."
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