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  1. Emilio Varoche plucked a lemon from a lemon tree.
  2. Emilio Varoche peered upon the missive, swiping a roach off of it as he did so before seeing it's vile lies in regards to his grand-nephew, a gutteral almost insectoid scream erupted from his mouth in rage, "They-a dare profane my grand-nephews name!? If-a I ever find you cowardice Bel Aurum-a, I shall-a pry thy eyes out and burn your fingers to dust-a!"
  3. Emilio Varoche hears of the news, reading the missive, "This... this is truly the Golden Path. We all tire of the folly of cowards." the Roach uttered, as his gutted a fish from his tower.
  4. The Wedding of Lord Demetrio Varoche and Lady Austina Temesch et Martiel ISSUED FROM THE COUNTY OF VES 12th OF SIGISMUND’S END, 1980 We, Lord Demetrio Sigismondo Varoche, heir to the County of Ves in Aaun, and Lady Austina Helane Temesch et Martiel, have found our perfect match in each other. Our journey together began through a kind introduction by the Countess-Dowager of Martiel. From the moment we met, we felt an extraordinary connection that led us to forgo the traditional courtship period and enter into a marriage filled with love and promise. We invite you to join us in celebrating our union and to share in our joy as we step into our future together. May our marriage be blessed with joy, harmony, and unending love. ITINERARY The ceremony of Demetrio and Austina shall take place within the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisus. A prayer to Saint Juliu of Paradisus shall be intoned by all, to bless the marriage and couple so that they may live long and prosperously. Then their oaths shall be made to one another and to the Creator. Following this the party shall move from Whitespire to Ves, to begin the festivities that accompany such a grand occasion. Once arriving at the lands of Ves, the couple shall depart upon a short journey on a rowboat. The success of their journey shall show how their life as a couple will go together, though if said boat sinks or flips doesn’t necessarily mean their marriage might not be a success. Following this short journey a great and traditional Illatian feast shall begin within the palace of Canossa on the cliffs of the Lanacletti mountain range. There will be much Roach Red for the entire Heartlands to imbibe upon, and plenty of pasta, including a special dish of Timpano for all to engorge themselves with. INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: To the Heartlander Confederation His Royal and Apostolic Majesty, Charles II, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree. Her Royal Majesty, Adalia I, Queen of the Petra, and her royal pedigree. His Highness, Johannes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his noble pedigree. His Grace, Aurel von Theonus, Duke of Vohenheim, and his noble pedigree. His Grace, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen, and his noble pedigree. The Right Honourable, Emilio Varoche, Count of Ves, and his noble pedigree. The Right Honourable, Friedrich von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten, and his noble pedigree. The Right Honourable, Atticus & Wilford Reinhold, Counts of Anairgrid, and their noble pedigree. The Right Honourable, Krzysztof Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Philip Halcourt, Baron of Artois, and his noble pedigree. Her Ladyship, Katrin Stafyr, Baroness of Feldkirch, and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Diexmont de Rosius, Baroness of Rosius, and her noble pedigree. His Lordship, Léon Henri de Ardennes, Baron of Gotfridcher, and his noble pedigree. To the Kingdom of Balian His Royal Majesty, Alexandros II, King of Balian, and his royal pedigree. Her Royal Highness, Princess Ariadne Casimira, Baroness of Tuvia, and her royal pedigree. His Grace, Marcel Vuiller, Duke of Aquiliae, and his noble pedigree. Her Grace, Viktoria vas Ruthern, Duchess of Reutov, and her noble pedigree. The Right Honorable, Achillius d'Arkent, Count of Salia, and his noble pedigree. The Most Honorable, Tristan de Lyons, Viscount of Enderoca, and his noble pedigree. The Most Honorable, August Temesch, Viscount of San Adriano, and his noble pedigree. The Most Honorable, Viviana Vilac, Viscountess of Valio, and her noble pedigree. The Honorable, John Galbraith, Baron of Cascanova, and his noble pedigree. All citizens and allies of the Kingdom of Balian and Heartlander Confederation. To those Personally Invited by the Couple The Comital House of Varoche The Viscomital House of Temesch et Martiel The Comital House of Augusten The Honorable, Fleur Halcourt, Baroness of Campagnon, and her noble pedigree. Her Ladyship, Wilhelmina Emma Temesch, Countess-Dowager of Martiel. Her Ladyship, Dame Monika von Augusten. Her Ladyship, Feliska Sarkozic, and her noble family. OOC: Saturday, June 15, 4:30 pm EST @ Whitespire’s Chapel, Aaun. S I G N E D , His Excellency, Demetrio Sigismondo Varoche Visdomino of Adruzzo, Heir to the County of Ves. Her Ladyship, Austina Helane Temesch et Martiel.
  5. "Addio convenanto," Emilio said, waving to it.
  6. Xan is dead? But what if the harbingers return?
  7. Emilio Varoche wept for his beloved royal cousin, remembering the day he waited for Edmund's will amongst his fellow council members of the time and the relief he had when John was named heir, "We chose a glorious path that day, thank you cugino for leading us all these blessed years!"
  8. "God Bless!" the Roach exclaimed at the grand news
  9. my emperor, my sweet emperor to be beamer
  10. ISSUED BY THE COUNT OF VES 23rd OF HOREN’S CALLING, 1978 AST THE DESIGNATED SUCCESSION OF VES; And other joyous news THE SUCCESSOR OF THE COUNTY OF VES It has been a long period of time that Varoche and now Ves has stood without an official heir to my wondrous and beautiful county. After the loss of my former son and heir to utter insanity I believed it wise to forego designating an official heir for a while but in recent years one of my sons has shown himself as a capable and shrewd candidate. My favored son, Demetrio Sigismondo, has shown himself to be a true Illatian and a true Vessian, worthy of continuing the name of Varoche and assuming Vessian leadership. As such he shall be declared from this day forth to be my co-lord and quasi-mayoral figure of the City of Adruzzo, as the Visdomino of Adruzzo. He shall maintain such a position until my departure from my office as Count, either through death or abdication, where he shall then assume all responsibilities as the Count of Ves and patriarch of the Varoche Estate. THE NEW LADY OF VES The impromptu wedding of Count Emilio and Ciecherella upon the lakeshore of Sigismond’s Rest In more recent news, there has been an addition of a new family member, specifically through marriage. It was a joyous summer day, a day in which the lake of Sigismond’s Rest was calm and peaceful with only a few lazy low hung clouds, brightened pink by the setting sun. It was on the day, the 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1978, that I, Emilio Varoche was wed to the good Illatian lady, Ciecherella di Ciecherelli, with the Deacon Ser Stefano Montelliano officiating the wedding at the behest of Bishop Jean Saint Godwin. Ciecherella will serve as a good Countess of Ves, she has provided good counsel to me and my family for a number of years now and this wedding has been a long time coming for both of us. IN NOMINE DOMINA DE VESSIA, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Emilio Sigismondo Varoche, the Count of Ves and Varoche, Baron of Napoliza, and Lord of Cors-Suticae
  11. Emilio Varoche lamented the disapearance of the Lewes, save for his niece Laurene, remembering a time they were around far more regularly in his youth. Though he did pour a glass of wine for himself and his son, Demetrio, celebrating their own promotion and reclamation of a land their famiglia lost many centuries ago, "All things change with the seasons, perhaps someday Virdain will rise again, perhaps-a." @PufferfishTrash
  12. Emilio frowned, "Why does dragon fight dragon... how-a humanity is-a confused.."
  13. I honestly hate and love this idea at the same idea, on one hand it's cancerous, on the other though? I can have cacti where it makes no sense to have them.
  14. "A new capital for a new nation! Ave Heartlandia!" Emilio exclaimed, rubbing his hands together.
  15. Name: Emilio Sigismondo Varoche IGN: Illuminare Age: 53 Province: Aaun Address: A tavern room Campaigning for: (Lord-Mayor or Garmont Assembly) Lord Mayor of Whitespire Discord: Illuminare
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