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  1. Emilio smiled the sun's smile, "Oh I can't-a wait!"
  2. Emilio Varoche scanned the letter the messenger boy had delivered upon him, reading it, "Well, I do look forward to attending!"
  3. Count Varoche sat upon the top of his tower, enjoying a bowl of grapes as the gentle sea breeze refreshed him. He read the patent, smiling the sun's smile, "God bless, his Majesty-a, I shall send some Roach Red for the regency to enjoy."
  4. "I wonder where Sergi of House Sala is, I don't think he'd like this." @sergisala
  5. "Most curious..." the Roach said, "Maybe someday- ah no that's a pipe dream."
  6. Emilio read the paper, nodding along to it, "Ah how wonderful, this is a much better use of the girl's potential."
  7. "United we are strong," A roach said, wagging his finger
  8. "I love the Eulers," Emilio said, having finished the entire case of Euler Max Stefan gave him, "I hunger for more."
  9. An Illatian shed a tear at the horrid news, "One of my greatest friends, a man of honour, he never forswore me... unlike so many others."
  10. "Shoot... I won't be able to make it," the Count of Varoche said, "Maybe Leutwin can go in my place."
  11. This would probably be one of the best ways to retain new players, have a big bad evil for them to help fight. Not too hard of a thing to think up, but it seems so for too many these days.
  12. Emilio Varoche coughed as he looked up from his bed to his mother Anna, her words barely a whisper before the roach responded in utter surprise, "the crown prince is dead, no... no that cannot be, he must be alive. My cousin cannot leave us like this..."
  13. "I'm truly curious to see how long a Renatian duke can remain at peace... suppose we'll see," Emilio shook his head, eating his slice of pizza.
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