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  1. John laughed, laughed, and laughed before finally speaking on this missive, “I did tell my fellow John and cousin he was a fool, but who knew he was an oathbreaker and adulturer as well!” John then stopped his laughing, before running off to kis His Supreme Eminence’s ring!
  2. John the Roach chuckles, “Really an amazing story, I never knew William was such an author!”
  3. “Yes, I concur! Another victory for the Holy Orenian Empire! Hurrah!”
  4. “Sir John, my dearest Cousin, you claim to defend the Empire, you claim to protect the Empire, you assured me of this in person. Yet you will disband the only imperial vassal that does not host bandits, that hunts bandits upon the roads and ensures the Empire is a safe place for it’s denizens. What a fool you are, truly, I’m am beyond disgusted by your conduct and foolishness. You’re more blind than me! And I am actually going blind!” John the Roach Varoche stated, a dominant frown upon his visage as he simply shook his head to no avail and squinted his eyes, though he muttered one last prayer for Lorraine, ”God bless Lorraine.”
  5. John the Roach chuckled, an amused smile upon his visage, “Then God wills it, I’d say!”
  6. John the Roach nods, a smile upon his visage, “Another victory for the Holy Orenian Empire!”
  7. I personally prefer when I bandit, to rply bandit someone, as I am only on this server for the rp after all, but there are times when there simply isn’t any time for such and the person you’re trying to rp with is simply incapable of rping properly.
  8. “Carry on Carrion...” A certain old Illatian said, a frown upon his visage.
  9. John shakes his head in complete disgust, “Disgusting creatures, the lot of them!”
  10. “I remember that time me and my good friend killed 10 kadarsi, good times si, very good times!”
  11. John frowns as he doesn’t seen his name on the invitation... though of course such eventually turns into a smile of happiness for his dearest sister.
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