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  1. A roach hears of the news, he smiled the sun's smile, "This sounds pretty fun, if you ask me!"
  2. Sun Tsu sheathes his katana to make a statement, “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
  3. I think there should be an illatian roleplayer too, no?
  4. John the Roach simply rolled his eyes
  5. honestly, the server would be hundreds of times better if staff was more like staff back then.
  6. Stefano Jose chuckled as he read, “I still want to fight you, Sabir,” the man said, recalling his letter from many decades ago...
  7. Marcos frowned, perhaps a tear in his eye as he beheld the news to his ears, “I will miss you, dear Valic.”
  8. John the Roach Varoche smiled at his acquaintance, “Keep on fighting the good fight, Simo, keep on!”
  9. Many unfortunate things happened to it...
  10. An Illatian ghost puffs away on a superior cigarette brand... “Clearly these will lack the qualities of any good palina...”
  11. John frowns, “Horrible way to go, truly...”
  12. An old Salvian royalist laughs at the claim of ‘in Atheran Salvus’ from the Seven Skies, ”We only ever had a chancellor, fool! A good man, David Campos was... perhaps if us royalists made him king, if only.” the man sighed, shaking his head, yet still chuckling.
  13. Marco wonders why this was necessary... ”Cool story.”
  14. John the Roach Varoche chuckled as he read the judgement, talking to himself as he often did these days, “First the Lorrainians and now me John? I’m sure you’ll pay for your sins someday... but alas, it’s a good thing I left Helena years ago. But do watch yourself, dear cousin, I will remember this gross abuse of power.. as will my family...”
  15. “This-a is going to be epic-a!” Marco Anastasio Montelliano said with a grin, “Truly-a.”
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