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  1. A ghost from the republic of salvus walked by
  2. lol you guys really need to learn to return to form, it's not too hard and you don't need to make a billion stupid rules.
  3. Sigismond Varoche took the flyer from his brother's hands, reading it over before nodding, "Yes this would do Paulie much good."
  4. Hello all! I'm looking for some folks to play a few family members, hit me up on discord if you're interested Illuminare#1776 Stay blessed!
  5. I want asulon ravines everywhere please and I swear to god the cloud temple best be in the very middle of the map
  6. Sigismond Varoche smiled the sun's smile, his face bright with joy as he heard his sister wedding one of his greatest friends, "I'm glad I will soon be your brother!"
  7. Walls are indeed stupid, just kill raiders and bandits, simple as
  8. Sigismond Varoche spoke aloud to himself, having sorted through many different papers in his boredom, "Ah these are the Watanabe, those poor souls, at least they still live to this day, Creator bless that," The roach boy said with a smile upon his visage and a twinkle in his pale eyes before he went back to indulging in his cup of coffee
  9. Sigismond frowned, a sadness to his pale eyes, as he thought to himself, "I thought he'd be fine, at least I had one pleasant conversation with him, may the Creator safely see him to the Seven Skies."
  10. Name: Ser Steiner Alain von Richthofen Age: 24 Do you presently hold a Commonwealth peerage?: No Are you currently an oathed knight of the Order of the Peterine Laurel?: Yes Are you in good legal standing within the lands of the Commonwealth?: Of course!
  11. Steiner smiled at his signature, glad to finally see the constitution published to the world and the masses, "It feels good to be apart of such a progressive state, but there is still much to be done!"
  12. “This is an era of humanity that shall go down in legend, Ave Petraaa!” Steiner proclaimed, truly glad to be apart of such a glorious republic.
  13. Steiner shakes his head at the hysterical Orenians, "It's over, all you need to do is give up the ghost and die, yet you continue to do the same as your forefathers did, the same old stale plan and soon for that you shall stagnate... when that happens we shall bury you."
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