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  1. "Veletz is reborn again, tyranny spreads under the aegis of soft men," Emilio Varoche left the missive upon his table, before burning it with his lit cigar.
  2. "Heh, good luck getting anything out of grubby hands Marie!" Emilio shook his head, "Though I do feel for you, poor Kovachev."
  3. To his Holiness, It has come to my attention you misplaced my invitation to the dumapalooza, as it has been centuries that my esteemed house has attended them and voted as an elector. It deeply confuses me and my kin as to why I was excluded, was it the machinations of Markus perhaps? Some personal dislike upon my house and person? Whatever the case may or may not be, your Holiness, my house was the last reigning Adrians to rule over the great Golden City of Ves as Dukes, the undisputed zenith of ADRIAN CIVILIZATION and as such I hold an electoral position from such an ancient contribution to Adrian society before it's downfall into these inept and utterly inadequate dumapaloozas that have brought us to where we stand within history today, this hopefully final dumapalooza. I cast my ballot as my selfless ancestor, Paul Varoche casted his centuries ago, I cast it for Ivan VIII Barbanov-Bihar, King of Haense. May your reign be long and prosperous, Emilio Varoche, Count of Varoche
  4. Emilio Varoche grinned, rubbing his hands together at the news, "The Mighty Vandalore is finally-a marrying my niece, god-a bless!"
  5. Seriously though, I think that could be some interesting rp!
  6. Idk man, sounds like you should make some secretive heretical commune that's all good with it then.
  7. Emilio was enjoying Ceicherella's cannoli's, sighing, "You-a know, I haven't-a even seen his face in so long-a, he always was wearing his helm! and-a I don't even think he had leprosy-a!"
  8. If you don't like people's rp, ignore them, simple as. Goes for any sort of rp you don't like!
  9. ISSUED BY THE BARON OF NAPOLIZA 23rd OF HEINRIK’S FOLLY, 1966 AST VAROCHIAN WRIT OF EVERLASTING DISINHERITANCE THE MEAT OF THE ISSUE It is with great reluctance that one must trim the tree that is their family but at times it is a most required necessity. In recent times, one of my own sons, my eldest son, named after myself has brought great shame and disappointment with his actions to the House of Varoche. A recent missive has been released upon his dishonourable and freakish tendencies by the good Jadwiga Jazlowiecki, amongst them the rough handling of a royal prince of the realm and the abduction of children to his illegal barn, and furthermore the holding of children within the Aaunic clinic, though with good intention, was done against their will. Furthermore, this previous incident has resulted in near harm to my own person as some law enforcement of the Church has mistaken me for him and attempted to arrest me! This situation can go on no longer, it must be rectified posthaste! THE SOLUTION With these incidents in mind, there is only a singular course of action that can be taken. Henceforth, Emilio Pasquale Varoche shall be stripped of any right to the titles of the House of Varoche and of our good name, he shall only be known as Emilio Pasquale Roach to us forevermore, or Jrent or Renai, truthfully it matters not to us. Emilio Pasquale Roach IN NOMINE DOMINA DE VESSIA, THE MOST HONOURABLE, Emilio Sigismondo Varoche, Count of Varoche, Baron of Napoliza, Lord of Cors-Suticae and Magistrate of Paridisius
  10. "A momentous occasion, may-a he live long and prosper!" Emilio Varoche said with a smile upon his visage.
  11. "Enswerp? I barely know her, but hell she's a good one!" Emilio the Roach exclaimed as he manned the village's small, cozy tavern.
  12. "The dark one's shall pay," Emilio the Roach sharpened his blade, "The Creator demands-a such!"
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