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  1. Enlightenment


    Marco reads the paper, "Whoever wrote this is a heretic, amico."
  2. Enlightenment

    Bring back Temp Creative

    If the staff is so worried about people abusing LC, why don't they just create a build staff team that uses schematica to ensure that there is no such abuses?
  3. Enlightenment

    The Caras Eldar Report: Week One

    Marco chuckles, remembering the rather successful raid he attended, and the few elves he killed during it.
  4. Enlightenment

    Writ of Excommunication

    ((Idk if it was TJB's de Hartcold, but I do remember stabbing a de Hartcold in Renatus-Marna for an execution.))
  5. Enlightenment

    LET THE FLAG RISE! [Kadarsi Sultanate]

    Al-Rahman nods in approval from his grave, a smile upon his face.
  6. the dominion will soon fall btw


  7. Enlightenment

    Writ of Excommunication

    Marco hears of the news, chuckling, "It's what the unGODly elf-loving reiters deserve."
  8. Enlightenment


    I've regretted joining 90% of the groups I've joined on this server.
  9. Enlightenment

    Requesting Tile Negation

    Well, we shall find a better home.
  10. Enlightenment

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    Bring back Oren
  11. Enlightenment

    A Call to all Farfolks

    Al-Rahman nods his head, "Praise Allah!"
  12. Enlightenment

    Lotc Patreon

    I can't support this, Tythus doesn't need any more minae to buy steam games.
  13. Enlightenment

    Payne's Art Thread

    Minae* Otherwise, this art looks really damn lowkey, my dude.