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    Albreda, 18 Albreda is a highlander, and like her family and ancestors, take pride in their work. Her family brought her up on a farm, teaching her how tend to animals, to harvest crops, and take care of the farm. Her family believed that these skills were fundamental in creating a patient and hardworking child. Though Albreda's interests were elsewhere, such as exploring the fields beyond the farm, much to her parents dismay. They insisted that Albreda should help out around the farm, she always resisted, and became defiant, running off to read a book, or practice her archery skills, not returning until late in the evening. Her parents grew frustrated and punished her, taking away her meals, and forcing chores on her. Eventually Albreda had enough. She waited until the moon was in the sky and gathered her belongings and fled her house, leaving without a trace. She was foolish. She had no plan, but a pit of anger in her stomach. So she walked, and kept walking until she came across Markev, the capital of Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Hungry and desperate, she resorted to petty theft, walking into bars and lifting coins from customers bags. She now lives on the streets of Markev, always wondering when her next meal will be.
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