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  1. Journals of Baroness de Hartcold, Volume 2

    Thomas de Hartcold would still regret not being able to get revenge on Sylvestre for the pain and grief that he have him from him sleeping with his wife to him torturing him on the brink of death
  2. Journals of Baroness de Hartcold, Volume 2

    Thomas de Hartcold would recieve the second lot of his late sides diary. As he read it he would collapse to his knees in grief, regretting breaking his oaths not knowing how much a strain it had put in his wife that he cared for so much. Tears start to stream out of his bloodshot eyes onto his long, scruffy beard. "Oh, my sweet darling Auralia. I would do anything just to bring you back into my life, into our children's lives. We were happy together, yes okay we may of had some falling out in the past but that made our love stronger." The wreck of a man would then wipe away his tears from his eyes, standing up clenching the diary entries close to his chest. He would then raise his head up to the sky, staring to speak towards Auralia hoping that she would hear her from the seventh sky "I will never forget you my love. I will always carry my wedding ring around my neck, alongside the locket of my parents. I promise to you that I will care for our children. And when they are old enough I shall return to you so we can be together" as he finished saying his words he would head back inside his tent going to continue to drink his bottles of whiskey, with some emtpy ones scattering around the floor.
  3. The Expedition

    ((wasnt Romanos buried in Axios though?))
  4. A False Crown

    "But my wife was a former slave and peasant" says Thomas de Hartcold receiving a letter bursting into tears once more as he mentioned his late wife.
  5. Göthan Ministry of Memefare and Propaganda

    You never included me being removed from power by Linette for some petty back chat
  6. A Major Issue

  7. Journals of Baroness de Hartcold, Volume 1

    Thomas would still be mourning the loss of his wife, as he got given a copy of a journal from a scribe. He would slur out his words from the copious amount of whiskey he had been drinking to wash away his sorrows "Oh m-my darling Auralia, I k-knew you had h-hardships as a slave but I never knew that yo-yu went through several masters and a-abuse until you got set free." He would finish talking to himself hoping that she would hear him, as soon as he would finish he would pull out their wedding ring connected to a chain kissing it before he continued to cry and drink away his sorrows with whiskey.
  8. Journals of Baroness de Hartcold, Volume 1

    (can not wait for the next one)
  9. The Order of the Blessed Catherine

    *Cough* Julia Tarsington-Keint *cough*
  10. TJB's FREE Coat of Arms and Seals

    Will do
  11. TJB's FREE Coat of Arms and Seals

    TJB'S FREE COAT OF ARMS AND SEALS Recently people have been messaging me about making Coat of Arms/Heraldry as of late. So i thought i should open it for others that really need and/or want one. I make the shield shapes and coloring myself, however if you want any images such as animals i use some free downloadable images for them instead. Requests should provide as much detail as possible. I.e. Colours, symbols, and perhaps a mock up (even if it is done on paint). More elaborate coat of arms can require the family tree of the house, its notable figures and titles held, as well as connections through marriages. Note: In keeping with consistency throughout historical changes in lotc, I am willing to maintain/update coat of arms and release the psd documents if need be. A thorough blazon/description of the coat of arm may be provided on requests. My discord is: TJBGamer#9681, if you want to to show any images or more detail in a private conversation Here are some examples of the work i have done: HOUSE DE HARTCOLD Made for: Myself HOUSE OF RADOVIC Made for: LoLzboi ORDER OF ST. TOBIAS Made for: Semihilyus HOUSE DE HARTCOLD-YORKE Made for: Jacobcraft04 HOUSE DE CASTRO WAX SEAL Made for: Kukiii House of Palaiologos Wax Seal Made for: ThunderTheTitan
  12. Laid to Rest

    Thomas de Hartcold would receive word about his wife's death from a messenger. As the messenger told him of the news he drops down onto his knees clenching at his chest as tears streamed down his face. "My Auralia... how could... why would anyone... we promised each other that we would raise our children together... we were meant to die together at an old age. What am i supposed to tell Opal and Henry who didn't even get to know you. Seventeen years of marriage together, those seventeen years were the most happiest i have ever been in my life... even if we had some arguments throughout the years but those arguments kept our love stronger than it had ever been before." Thomas would wipe away the tears from his eyes but they would not stop pouring out of his eyes. "I would do anything just to bring you back into this world to help me look after our beautiful children. Forgive me for the times i was not there for you when you needed me most, i will never forgive myself for those times. I want you to know, if you are hearing me now, that you meant everything to me. Please save a spot next to you in the seven skies, for i shall meet you there soon, as i can not live without you. Our children are the only reason i have not ended my life right here and right now." Thomas would remove their wedding ring from his ring finger, tying it around the same chain that he carries a locket of his mother and father on. He would be looking around whilst shaking his head, as if he was having a nightmare on her death trying to save her. He would finally collapse onto the floor, tears streaming out more and more from his eyes as he remembered the fond memories that they had together such as the birth of their eldest daughter, Theresa. He would finally stand up once more, his eyes not full of sadness but of rage "What have i done, oh GOD what have i done leaving my children on their own with no one but their aunt and uncle to care for them. I swear to GOD, that i will hunt every remaining Kha down until i find the one who did this to you" he would say brandishing House de Hartcold's family sword out, waving it in the air as he moved towards his horse, going to ride fast towards the coat to head back to Atlas as quickly as he could.
  13. A Tongue for God

    "Finally, his punishment from GOD did come in the end. Rest well my friend. We will see eachother soon". Thomas de Hartcold says on the boat journey to Aeldin upon hearing the news of his former friends death.
  14. I'm bored, anyone recommend any games?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lumiin


      play LISA on steam. 

    3. HardstyleRaver2


      What's your preferred genre?


      Anyways, I would recommend Arma 3 if you like milsim FPS.

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    4. Belestram