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  1. Sorry Han...i like you but it's a no from me
  2. John Frederick Hartcold frowns upon hearing the news about the death of his great great aunt as he sat in Haense "Right...i shall visit providence once more to pay respects to a family member"
  3. So not only so you edit my MoJ skins without my permission but you then also claim you made the hat and the hat is yours all because it's a different colour? Shame on you, Shame on you!
  4. In your opinion who is the best coat of arms maker on the server?
  5. Tiberius John Hartcold scratches his head in bemusement wondering where the hell the women and children came from "How peculiar...i do not recall ever seeing any women and children in Sedan during the rebellion apart from my own daughter, and i know that she is alive and well"
  6. Keep your chin and head up high Proddy, i wish you well for the future. Stay safe my man.
  7. RP Name: Tiberius John Hartcold MC Name: TJB_Minecraft Voted: Yes
  8. Tiberius John Hartcold frowns at the death of Sir Basileios Baelius "I remember him fondly...especially when he approached me to make such a fine coat of arms...may he rest easy in the seven skies now"
  9. Looking for some players to play some members of my char's family - hit me my discord up if interested Thomasjb2002#9681

  10. Tiberius John Hartcold, the King of Arms for the Imperial Crownlands and Kaedrin sighs as he reads over the documents "These Coat of Arms are...hideous for they do not abide by heraldic rules not mine of course! No no - the ones i make follow the rules...for shame to the person who made some of them...for shame!"
  11. TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom this notice shall come; TIBERIUS JOHN HARTCOLD, Imperial King of Arms for the Imperial Crownlands and Kaedrin, who presides over the Imperial College of Arms therein, duly presents his post in greetings. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Imperial College of Arms in Kaedrin that His Imperial Highness, Princes Philip Aurelian of Crestfall has, upon desiring to be wed to Amadea Ulyssa de Sarkozy, been granted a majority in the eyes of the College of Arms and therein ability to bear arms distinct from his predecessors; and, whereupon the date this
  12. Good luck Space, stay stafe. I wish you the best in your endeavours. I shall miss the rp we did together
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