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  1. A Short Drop an a Sudden Stop On the 10th of the Grand Harvest 1849, the sky was dim and the clouds grey with a bitter chill around the air. Deep within the Bastion of the newly renovated city of Providence an aging lions eyes closed for the very last time. In his final hours, the elderly senile Hartcold roamed around Providence chanting to himself in support of the Hartcold's fighting on the frontlines alongside the dwarves against the Holy Orenian Empire and it's horde "Ave Urguan! Ave Sedan! Ave Hartcold!". The man proclaims armed with only his walking cane, only to be arrested by members of the ISA for heresy. He knew what that meant, he saw his own father executed by the same people 30 years prior during the Sedan Rebellion. For a brief while he was imprisoned within the dingy walls of the Bastion. Although he knew he would meet his fate in this city, he still kept a sense of humour about himself asking the guards if he could get cushions for his poor back - his request was not granted. Within half an hour of his imprisonment, the 6'5, 273lbs Hartcold was forcibly frogmarched towards the centre of the Bastion, the mans cold blue eyes meeting the gallows. Many me would fear this fate, but not this lion. He took his upcoming death with pride, knowing he was dying for a cause he believed in. A cause his father fought and died for...a cause his sons also fought and died for. The man stood at the gallows, looking down at the amassed crowd of priests, soldiers and a singular Hartcold watching his final moments. Ivan var Ruthern, tied the rope around his neck proclaiming "John Frederick Hartcold. You are charged under the ORC with CH 208.01, on Injured Majesty. You are also charged with being a heretic as well as an enemy of the Holy Orenian Empire. The sentence for such actions is death by hanging. Do you have any last words?". Hearing this question, the brave Sedanian looks towards the crowd and up towards the sky with a smirk before opening his lips "Jingle bells, Oren smells, Urguan rules the day. Oh what fun it is to kill the ******* ISA". With the end of his final words, Ivan Ruthern muttered "May Godan save vyr soul" as he pulled the lever with John Frederick Hartcold dropping, the rope breaking the man's neck almost instantaneously. And with the fluttering of the crows wing another Lion was dead within Orenian soil, Requiescat in Pace John Frederick Hartcold 1780 - 1849
  2. Favourite nation that you rped in and why

    1. Oridfrai


      Gimme da link rn

  4. John Aurelius Hartcold, Viscount of Fauconberg watches as his men prep themselves for war. The Hartcold heraldic standard fluttering in the wind bearing the heraldic charges of the house "Temperance gives us boldness men" John says smiling as he looks on "What makes the grass grow. Blood blood blood!" John says chanting as he himself prepares himself for the impending skirmishes to come.
  5. John stands by side with Leapold, dipping his head as he silently prayers for the deceased goat
  6. John Aurelius Hartcold slaps the back of his cousins head "No Alexander, no. We are supporting Caius on this one"
  7. 1) gonna have to kill me first. 2) I have played lotc since 2017 so 4 years .. almost 5. 3) Because I can't remember much of what happened in the early years anymore. 4) If I magically remember what happened - yes 5) Manchego 6) uhm i don't really know? 7) I ❤️ Haense 🤨 Don't think so
  8. I can yes - best herald in the game on Lotc (that actual knows how to do it correctly)
  9. 🤭 IDK Am i? 1. Richard stabbing out Kuyouch's eye with a walking stick. 2. Favourite movie rn would be...Kingdom of Heaven OR The Last Duel (two fantastic Ridley Scott films). 2. Genetics ain't it 3. Wanna bo'le o' wa'er
  10. 1. Got to be...going into Carolustadt and being surrounded by 20 renatians and dragged infront of Ricky's char just for a meeting with the crown prince 2. Duchy of Rivia again...my little independant settlement on Atlas - as with maturity you learn a lot of things; as such there would be things i would do completely differently now than what i did two years ago. 3. Favourite LOTC military uniform skin - well got to be the Imperial Renatian Legion one under Mog. But i also like my own military skins that i have made tbh (sounds a bit narcissistic but it's true) 4. got to be a solid 8 - conquered half the map and pretty much kept it that way throughout the entire map (also defeated norland like twice under Mog) 5. War rn = bad, war in the past (Axios - Atlas = good). The new war proposal does have potential but it also doesn't - not being able to conquer capital tiles sucks as it means no nation can properly grow to the size of previous nations e.g. Kingdom of Oren, the fifth empire, vanderguan etc etc etc
  11. 🤔 Good question, ig whenever. I've got an alt after all that i can use for spare persona slots
  12. Never properly done one of these before - may as well try something new to celebrate my b-day. So it's now AMA time (yaaaay)
  13. John Aurelius Hartcold hears upon the news of the death of the so late so 'King of Rozania'. The viscount would not weep, cry or even mourn the mans death instead he would be partially belated at the news "The man didn't get the death he deserved for ordering the murder of my father in the streets...he is lucky the House of Hartcold did not get our hands on him otherwise his death would of been long and painful...i shall not pray for him or his family...they claim to be canonist but did so to try and hide away from the righteous bringing fury upon them for their sins" John sighs as he looks up to the sky with a short and brief smile as he rocked his daughter in his arms "You can rest easy now father now that your murderer is no longer in the land of the living...nor in the seven skies with you"
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