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  1. How much will it cost for a skin to be shaded?
  2. Riga all over again *facepalm*

  3. Looking for a Skinner who makes armour skin. Pm me on discord for more info.

  4. I'm not longer taking anymore coat of arms and wax seal comissions. Gotta find someone else for the job now 

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    2. Inferno_Ougi


      darn it i was just going to ask you for a coat of arms and wax seal comissions

    3. 16YearOldBloomer


      darn it i was just going to ask you for a coat of arms and wax seal comissions

    4. mitto


      i was just gonna ask for some head

  5. ((Marriage is still on though. Don't see why you should be laughing))
  6. well i dont think the curon/blackreach alliance should be allowed to help then either
  7. ((1. no. two this pact was made weeks ago. but i forgot to post it)) ((before anyone else asks this alliance was made on the 09/08/2018. However i forgot to post it))
  8. The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact Written and confirmed on the 7th of the Deep Cold, 1680 This document will serve to prove that the Southern Accords, between the Duchy of Riviä/House de Hartcold under Duke Thomas I of Rivia, and House Enthelor, under Ithilian Enthelor, has been declared. Article I: Defensive Alliance The signatories hereby establish that both parties hereby agree to support one another with no less than the entirety of their military might, should it be warranted, both in the event of internal or external threats. Article II: Marriage The signatories do hereby establish that the Heir of Rivia, James de Hartcold, and the Ithilian's niece, Estelle Enthelor, will be wedded securing a tight family bond and alliance between the two houses until the sands of time Signed, His Grace, Thomas de Hartcold, Duke of Riviä, Baron of Adylith and Caledonia, Lord of Blackden and Sovereign of the Order of Distinction and Order of the Purple Lion
  9. *smirks* and now another nation is using a wax seal I made. Pm me on discord if you want your own.

  10. 10/10 for people memeing on a family rp post

    1. ryno2


      10/10 keeping it in the family

      Edited by ryno2
  11. If anyone is looking for a free coat of arms for their character/family hit me up on discord. TJBGamer#9681

  12. Fimlin is the best grandaxe

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