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  1. A King's Coronation

    Throri would look upon the invitation, scowling upon it "W'y teh fock aren't teh Frostbeard's invited"
  2. Need someone to RP my persona's daughter

    Here is the skin
  3. Your skins may have been stolen!

    Thank god mine have not been stolen yet
  4. The Stonemace Clan

    the ****
  5. The Oakhide Clan

    ((i like it pepto +1)
  6. The Stonemace Clan

    Accepted, Report to the Clan Father to begin your trials
  7. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    Good idea +1

    Former king of Urguan. also known as the Dragon.
  9. Major Grunge Decared!

    Throri 'Warmheart' Frostbeard would chuckle in the tavern upon hearing the news of the grudge whilst caring for his two sons, Thorin and Vardin. "A son w'o declares a grudge against t'eir fat'a and w'o tries to kill t'eir fat'a a multitude of toimes is nae true son"
  10. Hefjhor Akvel

    Hefjhor Akvel (Bear Guard): The Hefjhor Akvel also known as the bearguard in common tongue are the sworn protectors of the Clan family of the Frostbeards. the members of the Hefjhor Akvel are strong brave and skilled fighters but most importantly they are well known for their loyalty to the Clan Father. For one to become a member of the Hefjhor Akvel they need to be either recruited by the Clan Father or the Ord-Thrumm (Captain of the Bearguard). The orders of the Hefjhor Akvel can only come from the Clan Father and the Ord-Thrumm themselves. A member of the Hefjhor Akvel puts the words of the Clan Father at utmost priority before anything else. Members that are apart of the Hefjhor Akvel are meant to always obey the Clan Father's orders even If the order leads to one's death. The Oath: My Clan Father I the embodiment of my clan, I will obey my Clan Father's wishes at all times. The Clan Father's orders are beyond ethical judgement and because of this we will not judge his orders, All enemies of the Clan Father are my enemies, To die protecting the Clan Father is the biggest honour I can have. Ranks: Hefjhor Akvel Ord-Thrumm: The Captain and leader of the Hefjhor Akvel, he is to be chosen by the Clan Father once the previous one. Hefjhor Akvel: A standard member of the Bear Guard. Payment: Being apart of the Hefjhor Akvel does not give you any extra payment or money. However what they are rewarded with for their service is to be remembered in the kron ur da Narvak where their names and accomplishments with be recorded so they can be remembered in history.. Sigil: The kron ur da Narvak (The Book of Glory): Members only, more pages are added every time a new member joins* (Credit to mateolog for creating the original post)
  11. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    "'e be yer Uncle lad, famileh is more important, t'an a man w'o fought against 'is Kin"
  12. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    "If yer werent me grandaug'ter oi would still of killed yer" Throri would grumble out
  13. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    "Yer still attacked yer people, killed some of 'em, w'ilst Oi neva killed aneh of me kin"
  14. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Oi rememba t'at toi well, Oi was t'ere at teh Siege, Oi led a final c'arge tu take teh Krag but teh remainin' forces got wiped out. 'e is a traitor to our Kin