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  1. TJBMinecraft

    The Siege of Blackreach

    THE SIEGE OF BLACKREACH Messenger and Duke Thomas I of Riviä Circa 1672 Duke Thomas I of Riviä would be gazing out of a window in the Riviän privy council chambers, surveying his land and watching his soldiers drill in the main courtyard. Everything seemed peaceful and quiet until the privy council doors slammed open with a messenger running inside with a declaration in his hands. “Your Grace, the B-barony of Blackreach have d-declared... themselves ind-dependent from our D-duchy!” the messenger pants, stuttering over his speech. The Duke turns around, his face showing intense anger and confusion “Summon the officers, to meet me here in a few minutes time!” he’d command, with great power. As soon as all the commanding officers in the army arrived into the privy council chambers, the doors were slammed shut and locked from the inside not allowing anyone to give away their plans. Thomas I would clear his throat before starting “I took the House of an Cantwell in when nobody else wanted them, I granted them a Barony and what do they repay me with. They repay me with open rebellion! This will not stand, I hereby say we call up our banners and our allies and march to war.” Ser Kuyouch would simply listen to Thomas for a while "Your Grace. Going to war seems to be the only solution" he'd suddenly say "Though try to keep the casualties on both sides to a minimum. Our only targets are the leaders. With no leader, a group or nation falls apart. Then we could take advantage of the chaos after we killed the leaders, and march into the city or whatever that shithole is." he'd suddenly stand up from his seat and walks to a window, looking outside "Those who give, will be given. Those who take, shall be taken." he'd simply add afterwards, sitting back into his seat and sipping from a cup of rum. Theresa would be sitting in her chair with her arm on the table resting her head on it. “I agree with killing the leaders but cant we spare the barony, have new leaders for it, make it our barony again?” Theresa would say calmly, trying to take the most peaceful route as possible*. Leonard would reply to Theresa “Yeah I think we should spare who surrenders to us after the killing of the Leaders, having more vassals would be useful" he would heavily slam his arm on the table, and his eyes would light up “But everyone who tries to stop us should be killed immediately during the siege, those stupids soldiers must pay for what they do” Leonard would say with a smile. Thomas stands up with a grin on his face “So it is agreed then, we go to war” he then turns to his daughter, Theresa de Hartcold “Call up the banners, we march to war within the coming months” WARCLAIM CBs: Rebellion + Betrayal Side A: The Duchy of Rivia + Allies Side B: The Barony of Blackreach [No Allies] Proposed Date & Time: TBD Proposed Rules: TBD in Warchat Location: x. 2115.153 y. 88.87500 z. 3916.755 (somewhere round here) Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: Discord: TJBGamer#9681 Sander#0004
  2. TJBMinecraft

    The Centinela-Rivia Accords

    Duke Thomas de Hartcold I of Riviä would sign the treaty.
  3. TJBMinecraft

    From The Ashes of Old Rises the New

    "Why wont they just give up" Thomas would say whilst escorting his cantwell hostages to the prison cells
  4. TJBMinecraft

    The Pact of Two Baronies

    ((send me a message on discord))
  5. TJBMinecraft

    The Pact of Two Baronies

    (nice to see you using the wax seal I made)
  6. TJBMinecraft

    The Southern Accords

    The Southern Accords Written and confirmed on the 10th of the Deep Cold, 1672 This document will serve to prove that the Southern Accords, between the Duchy of Riviä under Thomas de Hartcold, and Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, under King Sigmar I, has been declared. Article I: Alliance The signatories hereby establish that both parties hereby agree to support one another with no less than the entirety of their military might, should it be warranted, both in the event of internal or external threats. Article II: Free Trade The signatories hereby established do mutually agree to afford merchants from each respective party to trade in each others land free of tax, tariff harassment or any other imposed burden. The signatories do mutually agree that large scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent). Signed, His Grace, Thomas de Hartcold, Duke of Riviä, Baron of Adylith, Lord of Blackden and Sovereign of the Order of Distinction and Order of the Purple Lion His Majesty the King Sigmar Lothar I of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and Aldersburg, Margrave of Rothswald and Adria, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Vsenk, Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  7. TJBMinecraft

    Pact of Two Doves

    [!] The Duchy of Riviä hereby removes themselves from this Alliance.
  8. TJBMinecraft

    Pact of Two Doves

    Thomas I of Riviä would sign the pact. His Grace, Thomas de Hartcold, Duke of Riviä, Baron of Adylith, Lord of Blackden, Sovereign of the Order of Distinction and Order of the Purple Lion.
  9. TJBMinecraft

    The Silvervein Clan

    "W'o teh fock keeps on sayin' t'is fockin' bull shoite"
  10. TJBMinecraft

    The Fat Pope Sings

    Duke Thomas I of Riviä would do the sign of the Lorraine cross on his torso upon hearing about the High Pontiff's death. "May you rest in peace".
  11. TJBMinecraft


    "Yer fockin' kin slayer, yer are a disgrace tu teh Dwedmar race." Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace would grunt spitting on the floor outside the gates of Kaz'Ulrah.
  12. TJBMinecraft

    The Silvervein Clan

    "Wot about me, yer own fockin' grandfat'er?"
  13. TJBMinecraft

    The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition

    Duke Thomas I of Riviä would cheer as the heretic and interbreeder was burned upon hearing news in his keep in Riviä.
  14. TJBMinecraft

    The Silvervein Clan

    "Teh fock did t'is s'oite come frem"
  15. TJBMinecraft

    The Silvervein Clan

    "Nae me fault, t'at my lil' brot'er kicked me out of teh Frostbeard clan"