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  1. Armanay

    First Sacerdotal Census of Rhodesia

    Name: Milos (Mihail Palaiologos) Office: Priest Location: Santegia Age: 35 Years of Service: 10 Ordained by: Archbishop Yurii
  2. Armanay

    Order of the Exalted Throne

  3. Armanay

    The Isilioleth

  4. Armanay

    Second Golden Bull of Saint Judeberg

    ''Di te ament!'' Father Milos would comment before crossing the Lorraine as he reads ''May we rejoice in the name of faith.''
  5. Armanay

    The Expedition

    Milos would stand behind the colourful cathedral glasses ''Stephanos, may GOD guide us through this expedition my brother. For the virtous ones will follow the path of success.'' he'd say before he starts praying for the journey.
  6. Armanay

    Pontifical Writ of 1659

    ''He who insults the Holy Church and it's members will serve his punishment, remember that GOD is watching.'' Milos would comment as he reads the paper among the pile of other papers in the Cathedral.
  7. Armanay

    The Divine Balance

    The Divine Balance ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lord giveth and, the Lord taketh. It is this holy balance that keeps the world in control. GOD has given us life so we can cherish the Holy Scrolls which he has sent to us and as well as cherish each other in a holy union. GOD has taken life of those who blasphemed his being. Judgement is always served in the afterlife if not in this world for those. GOD has also taken the lives of faithful but he granted them a place in the Seven Skies after. When a flower withers a new one blossoms, a divine balance. No creation of GOD or even the abominations may escape the day of reckoning whether they hold ‘powers’ above other mortals or not. For the Lord GOD is the Most Merciful, Singular, and Omnipotent. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘‘Though the spring flower withereth and the fruit of the tree falleth to the ground, My Word lasts into the eve of the world, and the fruit of virtue cannot rot.’’ Horen 1:1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lord giveth and, the Lord taketh. Without sacrifice there is no receiving, it is all a part of his test and we have to prove that we can serve GOD no matter what he asks. Give no pain and you will receive no pain, judge not and you will not be judged, condemned not and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. The holy and divine balance is not just death and life nor black or white, it is what keeps the world steady. Without the Sun there is no morning and without the Moon there is no night, without them there is no day. Without The Void where would the sinners go? For the Seven Skies are reserved for the virtuous and kind hearted. The children of GOD, heed his calling for he is the righteous, what you give is what you will receive. His balance is the most divine one so acquiesce it. If the Lord taketh there must be a reason and seek that reason before your judgement is made. Every slight, every injustice is to be judged in the day of reckoning. No choice of thine shall be left misjudged or hidden from GOD for he is omniscient. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘‘And I am the Lord God without peer, and My joys are the holy joys, and My comfort is the comfort of the virtuous heart, and all the blessings of heaven shall fall before the righteous who do not indulge.’’ Horen 3:5 ~Deacon Mihail
  8. What does it mean to be faithful? To be faithful is to follow the one and the only true faith but there is more to that to be faithful. To be faithful is to be true to yourself and those around you, to help others and most importantly to leave something behind that will benefit not only ourselves but all those who are a part of the world. A church can be an example for this. Everybody comes and goes through this mortal world but only some leave behind something great. We as all not just humans should work towards becoming a better society where there is no conflict and this can be achieved through following the ethic virtues of the Scroll of Virtue. The Scroll of Virtue not just only tells about GOD but also aims us to make us a better person. It tells about Faith, Temperance, Fidelity, Charity, Diligence, Patience and Humility and thus explaining why it is necessary for all races to follow the Scroll of Virtue. GOD expects us to make this a part of our life for a good reason. He knows everything and anything and there is a reason for his every action and word. When one follows these virtues there is no doubt they will become a better person but also become closer to the Seven Skies and GOD. There is nothing to lose or give when following the virtues. You will actually gain something and that is being enligthened. One may ask that they follow these virtues not in the name of the faith but themselves so what difference does it make? The difference is following the one and the only true faith will only help you become a better person even more because when you are near GOD there is nothing beyond that amount of goodness and righteousness. The faith aims to help and guide not only ourselves but also all of those descendants of the first man and woman. Because we as a whole can only achieve greatness. The greatness that GOD wishes to see us achieve. We are all of his children and creations and we will all go to the Seven Skies or the Void after we leave this mortal realm but the case of the Void is reserved only for the unvirtuous ones where they will suffer in an existence where there is no mercy or faith. So, let the Void be an example for us how a world without any faithfulness would be. Work towards being faithful, leave something that you will be remembered for in this mortal realm ,learn more about the one and the only true faith as it will help and guide you through your journey of becoming a better person and follow the virtues that GOD has prepared for us to find faith, and if not then you will have still earned a place in the skies with all the good folk of GOD. To see the world change one has to change themselves first, this will not only draw you near GOD but leave a better impression for the faithful people around you. ~Mihail
  9. Armanay

    [✓] [Addition] Ritual Of The Three Moons

    Sounds good, +1
  10. I believe she would make a great addition to the team. + 1 from me for sure
  11. Armanay

    [✓] Caminus' Land Charter

    Ser Bennett Ewlind would carefully read the charter in a candle lit room and then he would sign it.