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  1. Armanay

    College of 1672

    Milos would finish voting.
  2. Armanay

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    This mate is the one to do it if anyone
  3. Armanay

    First Sacerdotal Census of Rhodesia

    Name: Milos (Mihail Palaiologos) Office: Priest Location: Santegia Age: 35 Years of Service: 10 Ordained by: Archbishop Yurii
  4. Armanay

    Order of the Exalted Throne

  5. Armanay

    The Isilioleth

  6. Armanay

    Second Golden Bull of Saint Judeberg

    ''Di te ament!'' Father Milos would comment before crossing the Lorraine as he reads ''May we rejoice in the name of faith.''
  7. Armanay

    [✓] [Addition] Ritual Of The Three Moons

    Sounds good, +1
  8. I believe she would make a great addition to the team. + 1 from me for sure
  9. Armanay

    [✓] Caminus' Land Charter

    Ser Bennett Ewlind would carefully read the charter in a candle lit room and then he would sign it.