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  1. Armanay

    College of 1672

    Milos would finish voting.
  2. Armanay

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    This mate is the one to do it if anyone
  3. Armanay

    First Sacerdotal Census of Rhodesia

    Name: Milos (Mihail Palaiologos) Office: Priest Location: Santegia Age: 35 Years of Service: 10 Ordained by: Archbishop Yurii
  4. Armanay

    Order of the Exalted Throne

  5. Armanay

    The Isilioleth

  6. I believe she would make a great addition to the team. + 1 from me for sure
  7. Armanay

    [✓] Caminus' Land Charter

    Ser Bennett Ewlind would carefully read the charter in a candle lit room and then he would sign it.