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  1. [!] A flurry of parchments would be delivered to the Province of Rubern, the heart of Helena, Curonia and Haense. The announcement posted upon the public boards and copies sent to their relevant heads. In the late months, I have been named a criminal simply sourcing from my conflictions within this war. Both sides, hold faces that I cherish. Faces that as a girl, I strived to preserve. Yet in the eye of the viper, that is war; I have allowed my bleeding heart to blind me. Recklessness and passion thrived into waves of carnage and such resulted in making foolish choices. Peace is a child’s game; for the heart of man is vengeful and leal. We are the lions of a pride, claws ready to shred when our populace is threatened. But my own remained withheld, I remained idle and allowed the carnage to worsen. I was raised Ruberni, my father and mother nestling me beneath their wing upon finding their cousin’s bastard orphaned and left to wither. Such memories remedied my aching for peace, it made me wish to keep from the violence. Yet, those whom I’d lay my life for have caused the losses; have resulted in such ache I feel now. Left, to mourn my uncle, left to mourn my mindless antics. What I’d give for them, may never have been returned in the equal devotion and with such, I must make a choice. A choice that stings, but is necessary. A choice that will eventually, bring the peace I have longed so desperately to see. A choice to stand with my brethren of the empire, to finally lift my blade from its sheath and defend my Cousin’s crown. These months, I have been a coward - hiding within the shadow of my father; praying to GOD he’d reclaim his throne within the province and end these childish games. But I was left with naught. My biggest regret of such blinded passion is standing idle whilst my father bore my own steel against my mother. A woman whom merely made a choice to take a crown that cried for her saviour, for her to protect a family that was desperate in the crisis we face. That sinking feeling that choked my pits is one I will fail to shake off. With such, all I can do is extend an apology to you mother. That evening I was paralyzed with fear, afraid of what my father might have done if I had refused his request. Though no longer, will I stand and allow people to make the choices for me. For the future of my child, husband and family. My choice has been made. To stand with the crowns and flock with my family. To you, Marius, lay down the war effort - come home and be with your family. Too many have already been claimed by a war with little meaning - most are still healing from the battles prior and our spirits are growing weary. Ave man, Ave Haense. Princess Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich
  2. Looking for skinners, willing to pay USD!

  3. Need some help writing blah, so if anyone knows how to write it and is willing to help me for a post. Do let me know! (Disc Rae#3015)

  4. Chin up Samantha, keep in contact yuh?
  5. Winnie arches a brow whilst Brutus penned the missive, peering over his shoulder. "You write so small!" She huffed before traipsing off to resume her daily shenanigans.
  6. Likely the nostalgia and friendships made over the platform, though the server can throw toxic things a certain way – there are likely more good I remember than bad. Either a Rottweiler or Siberian Husky I remain a mystery Honestly, I’m probably more focused on my position as an ST then roleplay as it currently stands, things have become a little static as of late on the server so I am still trying to find something refreshing to dabble in. He, in return, viciously mauled my face. You’re welcome. Because you’re a big bully, though in seriousness I left most discord servers – likely a mistake on my end. Toss me a reinvite. Erp? Edgy Roleplay? The whole Solomon group in that case, full of emo helves. Dm me ! Me and @WhiteKnight_19 were literally talking about this yesterday. Absolutely, we both miss the old rough and tumble squad from back in Axios. Make Gael 2.0 . Have you tried searching the void, things tend to drift there. May have misplaced them!!
  7. Just past my two-year mark on the server, you know the drill!
  8. [!] A depiction of Young Nord’s send-off [!] Carrier crows are sent out in flocks to the denizens of the Empire. The writing a little misspelt, clearly the writing of a young one. “To the beloved citizens of our ever prospering empire, It comes with troubling news, that the young boy Rhys Nord passed away in his sleep during the early hours of the mourn. It comes with a heavy heart to pen this letter with the aid of my papej to announce the funeral of a strong spirited boy that left us upon the ripe age of nine summers. I would formally like to invite you all to attend the funeral of Rhys Nord in the evening of the morrow, where words will be shared and a feast held in his name shortly after. Even if you did not know Rhys personally, your attending in respect would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Winnifred Barbanov-Alimar” OOC: The funeral will be hosted in Rubern church. At 2 est The feast will shortly occur after the service within the Fort. Contact me for further details! Rae#3015
  9. Looking for someone to play mine and @Keening ‘s daughter. Lyra Vihael – roughly around 20 years old. High elven.


    We ask this to be either a main persona, or a persona you are adament you can spend a lot of time on, we also want someone detailed and versed in lotc!


    If you are interested, please do drop me a message on discord: RaexD#3015

    1. Ducklingator


      I tried to send you a friend request & it didn’t find the discord, but I’m interested!

    2. TheAlphaMoist
  10. A certain ivory haired elfess almost has a heart attack, thanking whatever entity that her nephew was not harmed in his persuit and rightful ascension.
  11. TheIchorDruid


    Changed Status to Denied
  12. TheIchorDruid


    I'm sorry to say, but the allotted 24-hours are up and your application has been... Though, don't worry! You can reapply immediately; I only ask that you submit this current application with the changes I requested. It'll undergo another review, whether by myself or another Community Team member, and we'll see if anything else needs changing! If you have any questions, don't hesitate in contacting me here on the forums or via Discord by sending a friend request; Rae#3015 If you'd like to see about getting help with rewriting your application, please join the New Player Discord! https://discord.gg/KxA6EXT
  13. TheIchorDruid


    Changed Status to Accepted
  14. TheIchorDruid


    Congratulations! I'm glad that I finally get the chance to welcome you to Lord of the Craft's community! It may take a few minutes to have you whitelisted in-game -- if you have any issues, be sure to contact me or another Community Team member and let us know. It's strongly suggested that you join our New Player Discord (https://discord.gg/KxA6EXT ) so you have an easier time contacting other server players and staff alike. If you have any questions, that's also the perfect place to ask them! Doing /creq in-game once you're whitelisted will also let you get into contact with a Community Team staff member if you've got any questions right off the bat. If you want to brief yourself on the Rules again before finally logging on, you're free to do so whilst you wait. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/440-rules/ And remember... if you have any questions, don't hesitate in contacting me here on the forums or via Discord by sending a friend request; Rae#3015 Enjoy!
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