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  1. [!] An official letter stamped with the Ministry of Justice's seal is published by the Solicitor General, Ophelia van Wick https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198114-statement-from-the-solicitor-general/
  2. A RESPONSE FROM THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE 5th of Heron’s Folly 1803 THE CROWN, Represented by OPHELIA VAN WICK of THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, DESIRES TO DISMISS CLAIMS OF THE FOLLOWING PARCHMENT; ❈ SINS OF THE FATHER ❈ The Final Letters and Confessions of Padraig O'Rourke ❈ ON THE GROUNDS OF; After thorough investigations the Ministry of Justice finds that the alleged claims of Siobahn O’Rourke stand as baseless, primarily due to the fact that there is no legal documentation existing of their birth or inherent existence. Imperial archiv
  3. Solicitor General, Ophelia van Wick, idled within the low lit walls of her office, only that of a dim candle provided a guidance for the sleep deprived woman. Prior to a rushing courier barging into her office, she had been catering to a stacking pile of paperwork - such is what kept her awake these days. "Ma'am- Ah.. Your Excellency, pardon me." A young boy spoke up quietly, approaching the paper-littered desk with a parchment in hand "A letter has arrived.. I was told it was rather urgent." Ophelia sounded a tired exhale of irritation, a palm merely offered out to the
  4. Ophelia van Wick opened the parchment with a weary gaze, huddled within a dark office of her temporary lodging - yet a brow raised upon the name of the writer . Thus unlike the various other letters she had left to stack, she began to read "A Haenseni Lady? Irene is, naturally, a fine woman. But Godan you have a curious mind, Franz." She managed a quiet laugh before spending the next few days contemplating her presence.
  5. [!] A courier raven flutters down to the famed Sir Humphry, the contents of the parchment as followed: "Dear Sir Humphry! I am most apologetic you found the just action delegated by myself and my Assistant Solicitor General most unfair! However, I might remind you that naught but misleading information is written amongst your advertisement. Firstly, you were fined a sum of Sixty Marks, a fee that not just you alone were charged with. Mr Reginald was also fined the same sum for his wrongs upon that evening. I apologise my womanly nature upsets you so, for this nature i
  6. IMPERIAL RAFFLE OF 1802 An Imperial Raffle has been arranged to aid in raising funds for the Ministry of Justice, below are the possible items to be won! Each ticket will be priced at 30 minas and a person will be restricted at purchasing a maximum of three tickets. The First Grand Prize is art by @Cobbler The winner of this prize will receive a commission by cobbler, if you are the lucky individual to receive this then the details can be discussed in more detail! An Example of his work: A skin commissioned by @doreebear Another option
  7. THE ANNE AUGUSTA GALA In light of the tragic passing of her Imperial Majesty Anne Augusta, an event that deeply affected each one of our imperial denizens and left behind a deep mourning within its wake. A remembrance Gala has been arranged, an evening dedicated to the feats and accomplishments that Anne Augusta achieved during her reign. Upon the evening it is encouraged all those in attendance don black, a traditional sign of respect when in mourning. First Proceeding- A blessing by Manfried Cardinal St. Julia The evening
  8. [!] An array of notices would be pinned about the city of Providence - the advertisement reading as followed! With my recent introduction to the House of Commons, atop a variety of other responsibilities I find it most difficult to keep track and timetable my own arrangements. Thus, I seek committed and qualified assistance to oversee various responsibilities. What is expected of you?: - Punctuality - Organizational Skills - Communication - Filing Paperwork -Scheduling Abilities What you will receive in tur
  9. From the Office of Representative Ophelia van Wick 12th of The Amber Cold 1799. A Thank You To all of my voters and fellow citizens who saw fit to elect me to the House of Commons I thank you, I thank both the Nationals and the Josephites for their unwavering support in the election as well as their confidence in me as a representative and canidiate. However with the election now behind us, I see fit to declare myself to the National party as they are the party who align best with my own ideals and the interests of my constituents. I wish
  10. VAN WICK VOTE, 1799 A VOTE FOR WICK IS A VOTE FORWARD Ladies and gentlemen of Providence, I am Ophelia van Wick, I am an emigrant of Haense, a nation which my family left behind to start anew elsewhere. I have lived a life of hardship, a rough life where the only thing that separates those who live and those who die is merely their capacity to persevere in even the direst of straits. Growing up in Haense made me tough, both physically and mentally, but most importantly it helped shape the ethics that I still espouse to this day. I am an e
  11. SURNAME: van Wick FIRST NAME: Ophelia Elizaveta ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: No. 2 Selm Street YEAR OF BIRTH: 1778 Are you registered and eligible to vote in Providence District? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? Yes, Cadet of the ISA - though seek to be placed in reserves. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat
  12. A WICKMAS DINNER PARTY With the festive spirits vast approaching and the new Wick Residency finalized, it is with greatest pleasure that Miss Ophelia van Wick opens her doors to host an evening of games and fine dining. It is required to attend this event, one must wear their finest garbs. The evening will consist of various events consisting of charades, drinking contests, gift giving, and best dressed! Please assure you bring an item with you when you arrive, so that Miss Wick might see everyone receives a present at the end of the evening.
  13. (MC Name): TheIchorDruid (RP) Name: Ophelia Elizaveta van Wick (Discord): Rae#3015 Age: 19 What position are you applying for?: Law-Clerk of the OSP Are you registered with the census?: No, there's no census yet as far as I am aware Why do you want to work for the Ministry of Justice?: To serve fair and equal justice, atop of a dire interest in law and order.
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