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  4. Within the late evening, a parchment is hurried to the study of Vyasaldris. Her weary eyes flicker to the messenger before dipping their head to him in dismissal- surveying the contents with pursed lips. ”An age where the descendants of our realm are in peril, the Orrir’Ullral will heed the summons.” She’d utter quietly and began scrawling plans for the required arrangements.
  5. A Dual Service Of Remembrance May we remember [!] An array of letters are sent to the family, friends and loved ones of Juan Salinas Ruiz Villalpando de Ponce de Lyons. To the beloved family and friends of Juan, The order of the Orrir’Ullral extends their deepest sympathies and thoughts in such times of hardship. Juan held a special place within the order, as a master of his arts in commissioning Farrador’s first realm maps as well as a jovial spirit that graced the order’s lands. Thus, the order only serves it as righteous to host an evening of remembrance for a beloved companion and celebrate the memories he left us with. The evening will consist of various acts amongst the evening. Those present will be given the opportunity to write a fond memory of the two in small books, sealing them with a gold ribbon and setting them atop a pyre. A Farrodian rite in which symbolizes the cementing of the memory through flame. The second act will be a feast in the name of Juan, where those present can share their memories or tales about the man. A fine selection of fresh venison and pork will be available, as well as fine wines or whiskeys. The final act will be releasing a series of paper lanterns once the evening sets in, there will be a few minutes of silence whilst the lanterns climb the skies. Ut perpetuo requiescunt animae May their soul rest eternally Penned by,
  6. A long since blinded Visaj sits within a quaint corner of the elcihi- reminiscing of the times of old and satisfied with the progression since. A close companion uttering the letter to her, despite the woman’s passive nature- she offers a rare smile. Unknowing of how to properly word her newfound security, she merely offers a ”Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.”
  7. Vows of the Orrir’Ullral Ne‌ ‌a‌ ‌nostra‌ ‌historia,‌ ‌ducens‌ ‌nostrae‌ ‌futurum.‌ Penned by Vyasaldris Elyra 4th of The Deep Cold, 1770 With these oaths may your heart be lighter and your servitude fruitful. The Farrodian Stronghold first settled upon the western Farro pinelands in the winters of 1750, within the year of 1755 the order of the Orrir’Ullral was shortly forged and a collective of people swore beneath one banner. Their first priority beneath this oath was to pursue and slay all beastly in nature; once contracted. Now the years have progressed, their collection has grown and so has the pallet of personalities meaning the need to revise the outdated oaths. One will never be deemed a corvite less these oaths are agreed upon. Section I: Oath of Brotherhood I (insert name) before the ducem corvus and the banner of Farro, swear to always uphold my kin-in-arms. That no hand nor steel will ever spill their blood, no matter the anger, frustration or conflict I may have with them. That I (insert name), understand that this oath may be overlooked should a member of the order oppose a direct threat or danger to my fellow brethren or guild. Section II: Oath of Property I (insert name), will uphold the right to retain property and understand that any bounty found upon a contract inherently belongs to the order for further assessment and study. I also acknowledge that I as a corvite have the right to request a bounty/parts of a bounty if I have justifiable reason. If I wish to request such, I will seek the blessings of the ducem corvus. That also any property found upon my being, that either belongs to the guild or another corvite without adequate justification will result in judgement. Section III: Oath of Preservation I (insert name) swear to never obtain or partake in any contract that serves as a direct offence against a descendant individual under the Farrodian name. No matter the race or nationality, I shall remain as a neutral force. Neutrality is also one of the main pillars of Farro and in turn will act neutrally whilst working for the order or under the guild’s name. Section IV: Oath of Servitude I (insert name) agree to obey and respect the ranks of my superiors. That their intent is to guide the order in a peaceful state of progression. Each representative has their reasoning to be holding the title and that I am in the right to approach the Ducem should I have a concern regarding my superiors or place in the guild. However I also understand that an order given to me by my higher ups must be followed and not disputed- instructions are to maintain order and professionalism. Section V: Oath of Faithfulness I (insert name) oath to remain honest and true in my actions and words, that deceit or otherwise lying is an attribute unwarranted in any corvite. I also acknowledge that any form of plotting against the ranking leaders will be deemed as treason and will be judged as such. Section VI: Oath of Presentation I (insert name) oath to keep my physical presentation clean and tidy, I know that the way one is dressed is the way one presents their banner. I understand that weapons and plates must be kept in a refined state. Uniform must also only be donned when attending guild related matters or contracts, that if I am wandering the realm off-duty that I am to remove my banner plates. Section VII: Oath of Neutrality I (insert name) oath to refrain from pushing any political actions or involve myself in any matters of the same nature whilst either donning my plates or acting beneath the name of the Orrir’Ullral. I acknowledge that the order of the Orrir’Ullral remains as a guild of neutrality and will never delve in national politics. Section VIII: Oath of Knowledge I (insert name) oath to understand and learn about a beast before pursuing contracts in relation to them, that attending a contract unprepared will not only put myself at risk but the guild itself. Punishments and The Strike System: The strike system is a basic tally system that allows both the council and a corvite themselves to monitor their own record. It is a simple system to understand. One receives a strike after a singular verbal warning - once that has been offered to the corvite a strike will be given if the behaviour persists. Strikes will never expire less a corvite goes out of their way to appeal it. If one receives a total of three strikes, it will result in removal from the guild. Section I: How to appeal a strike If one finds themselves receiving a strike they will be expected to appeal it in order for it to be removed from their record. One can do this by approaching the individual whom gave out their strike and discuss in depth what lead to their verdict. Once this discussion has been made, the individual that designated such a strike will then decide if the corvite at hand deserves a chance of redemption. If such is the case they will be assigned a task to complete and if completed with high standards- the strike will be lifted. Strikes are only ever given out if the actions of the corvite are mundane and have no need for a summons. Actions such as disrespect, rudeness etc are all strike worthy. Section II: Punishments After a summons, the council will congregate and discuss the corvites transgressions in depth. Often offering up their opinions and experiences. The severity of punishments often ranges from I-V. Punishment Severity: I- Upon oaths, a verbal warning is often given though if it is a second offence the issue will be raised to a II. II- With still a minor offence yet verbal efforts fruitless, those transgressing against the brotherhood oath will receive another discussion with either the Ducis Gladius, Ducis Legis or Ducem Corvus. Where a strike will be given. III- Upon the more moderate offences, and the first strike already given. The punishment when a case has been marked as a III is often a secondary strike and temporary suspension from the opportunity of contracts until their second strike has been appealed. IV: With cases that serve as severe, a stage IV generally means the corvite’s actions are serious in offence. An individual has received numerous interventions and warnings of their behaviour that has shown no change. In more complex situations, actions may be deemed severe enough to be marked as an IV without the previous I-III needing to be applied; if such is the case a trial must be scheduled. The corvite will receive a temporary suspension from any guild affairs until the verdict is set within their trial and possible lashes- in which would be decided within their trial. V: These cases are not often given out less decided within a trial, however upon rare occasions a V may be given out if a corvite is repeatedly breaking an oath. V’s often mean complete removal and banishment from the guild, if a corvite is deemed as banished then they may not appeal their banishment until a duration of ten years has passed. Upon rare cases, if a transgression is serious enough a person may be deemed as Kill on Sight if the guild deems them as a danger to either themselves or others.
  8. (This post is an updated copy of the one in the Guild’s subforum. This thread will be updated regularly, whenever need) I========== Order of the Orrir’Ullral ==========I ---Founded 17th of the First Seed 1750--- I. The Order The Orrir’Ulral is a guild dedicated to bettering the world we live in through eradicating all that is beastly in nature. Even as the descendant races fight and quarrel among each other, the lingering threat of malignant creatures does not discriminate between race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc. As such, the Orrir’Ulral knows no affiliation and bows to no masters, for we exist solely to rid the world of the beasts that plague it. Our ranks consist of a coalition of farmers, smiths, cooks, warriors, medics- anyone who is willing to support the unending cause of ridding the malformations that seek to prey on the innocent and claim our lands as theirs. II. Recruitment To begin with, the Order of Orir’Ullral is, at the moment, opening up recruitment for new members who show interest. Everyone willing to directly or indirectly help in the growing war against the beasts that lurke the wilderness, roads, and as of recently even our homes, is encouraged to come forth and become recruits. Becoming a recruit, however, does not mean that you’re a member of the order just yet. Instead, you’ll have to go through our trial, and if you do succeed , you will be considered a Corvite, and be able to take on contracts. Even if one is unable to pass their first trials, if the guild deems them worthy enough, they’ll be offered training and discipline to undergo a second trial, similar to the first. Would it happen that the recruit again fails to pass the trial, they’re be sent back, or be found a different function to the guild by the higher ups. We’re trying to find strong and able warriors who can handle monsters, not people to send on contracts to meet their end. III. Code of Conduct This set of principles is designed to ensure that each member of the order is held to the highest of standards. Defiance against these regulations will be met with punishment. 1. A recruit may not begin completing contracts until all basic trials are deemed as complete by the standing Ducis Gladius, or Ducem Corvus. i. A recruit seen completing contracts prior to the basic completion of their trials will be subject to punishment and possible removal from the guild. 2. Once the necessary trials have been completed, a Corvite will be expected to don their uniforms if traveling from the stronghold with intent to complete contracts. i. If a corvite is seen pursuing contracts without donning their uniform, they will be subjected to a strike. 3. Corvites expected to keep their weapons in top condition, each individual sets an example for their peers. Thus a regular care routine is expected to be carried out upon their equipment at least once an elven week. i. Inspections will be carried out upon each person’s equipment, ranging from their uniform- to weapons and extra essentials. If a corvite fails an inspection, they will be met with a strike. 4. Being a Neutral Order, members of the Orir’Ullral and the guild itself will not participate in matters, or take contracts that will push political conflict of any kind. Corvites will be expected to Inquire and Know exactly the consequences of their contracts, and revoke taking one if it leads to the conflicts mentioned above. i. If it’s ever heard that a Corvite has acted to push political conflict as work related to the Order, they will be subject to punishment and possible removal from the guild, depending on the consequences. 5. Our only aim is to slay monsters. Corvites will not be allowed to take on contracts that involve the murder, beating, or otherwise any physical contact to a Descentant. If a Covite is unsure if taking a contract will violate this rule, they have to consult with The Ducem Corvus or Secondus before proceeding. We are monster slayers, not thugs and assassins. i. If it’s learned that a Corvite has taken a contract on a Descendant as a contract or other work that relates the Order into it, they’ll be subject to punishments, ranging from a strike to a direct removal from the guild. 6. Corvites are expected to know their prey before engaging on a contract. It is encouraged and required that they do proper research on the beast, or beasts they are about to slay. Following this rule may very much be the difference between life and death. i. Members of the guild will not be directly punished for taking on a contract without researching what they’re facing. If it’s learned that a Corvite put themselves in danger and got hurt because of their laziness to research, they will not be provided medical care from the Guild, unless it is necessary. 7. Members of the guild will not be allowed to physically harm other members of the guild, unless the circumstances deem it necessary. i. Hurting and harming members of the Order without proper reason will result in a strike, depending on the situation, the punishment is likely to be even greater. IV. Ranks and Structure Ducem Corvus (Leader): Leader and figurehead of the order, their word is absolute and stands over any other ruling from lower ranks, large decisions are brought to the ducem before being approved. - Vyasaldris Elyra ( @TheIchorDruid) Ducis Legis (Right Hand): The Ducis Legis is the right hand of the ducem and second in command of the order, responsible for creating, maintaining guild documents and securing contracts for the guild to partake, presenting them to the council beforehand. The Ducis Legis acts as a political diplomat of the order who ventures and discusses non-aggression pacts and keeps good relations with any nation or settlement. They upkeep the law and summons when dealing with discipline. -Uhtred Mackensen ( @Mathaus) Ducis Gladius (Left Hand): The Ducis Gladius is the left hand of the ducem and second in command, focusing on the military lead of the order, assigning ranks and promotions, configuring formations and specializations of any guild member, running trainings and coordination of the Corvites, assigning Postius’ to aid them in these matters. They are the main pillar and reference for anything military and martial related. Takes part in diplomatic decisions with the Ducis Legis regarding foreign relations, aiding in writing and compiling letters. -Justin d’Epression ( @drtrollado) Postius (Captain): Captains of the Order, experienced monster hunters meant to help the Ducis Gladius with training and coordination of the Corvites, being assigned by the Ducis Gladius to do so, able to host training and do combat trials under allowance of the Ducis Gladius or Higher. -Bernd Wick (FlyingHalfMast) Eques (Horseman): These are Corvites who have both completed their trials, and have successfully and fully tamed and trained a farradorian horse for both travel and combat purposes. These people will be allowed to keep their horses during contracts and use them to fight. Anyone who’s not an Eques will not be allowed to use mounted combat during contracts and risk the horses. Pactios (Contractor): This branch of the ranks, differently from the other ones can be occupied by members and non-members of the guild. Pactioses are people who have the task to go out and seek contracts and present them to the guild. OOC: These are people who will run events. Magister Medicus: Directs the Farradorian clinic and doctors, the Medicus is responsible for its upkeep of supplies, maintenance and training of new doctors. They study and conduct research on any new type of flora and fauna discovered during contracts, focusing on any natural science. They are to be consulted and heard in any matter regarding their field. -Nyree Aviala (Vitalian) Magister Duceo: Directs the Farradorian library, the Duceo is responsible for the upkeep of books, keeping records on hunts and monsters, as well as research on monsters, and giving the knowledge trial. Is also in charge of the academy and is responsible for hosting Lessons. -Otto Wittenbach ( @Etow) Magister Cultura: Is in charge of procuring, managing, compiling, and policing Farradorian culture, as well as Farradorian Festivals and Farradorian Traditions and anything else to do with Culture. -Lillian Grandaxe ( @MC_BreadStick) Corvite (Guildsmen): The common guild member who has completed their trials and essentially knows what they’re doing. Have the right to take on contracts and earn from them. Are given equipment and are allowed to train recruits if so they wish. Also have the right to wear the guild’s uniform and operate under its name. Recruit (Initiates): The lowest rank of the guild. People belonging to this rank have to show themselves, be respectful and show compassion for both learning about monsters and combat. Their engagement with the guild is to be noted. May participate in contracts where other higher ups are involved (Ducis Gladius must be participating in the contract), though they are expected to be much more careful, cannot wear the guild’s uniform, and will not benefit from the hunt, its spoils and the reward unless they kill one of the beasts themselves, in which case they can be given trophies and spoils from the hunt only. Other Roles Other than the main ranks of our order, we also have the other, specific ranks. These consist of roles such as Blacksmiths, Librarians, Medics, etc. For a member to take on one of the roles, they have to at least be in the rank of the Corvite. If a teacher or master in a specific field is available, members may ask to be apprenticed on that particular skill. Master Ferrarius (Master Blacksmith): As it can easily be guessed, the members of the Orrir’Ullral who have understanding and skill on the art of smithing will be asked to take the role of the blacksmith. These members will be asked to forge weapons, armour, and anything else they can to aid the guild. The Order will be aiding these blacksmiths with the materials they need, and the blacksmiths will be allowed to use our forge for anything else they need to craft (long as it doesn’t threaten the guild). (Farrador Stronghold as ordermen and friends dine in celebration of a new hunt!) V. The Services of the Order Now that we’ve established what you will do for the guild, it’s time to explain what the Guild has to offer. Descendants who make Corvite or Higher will be given the following: - Contracts. Being its main objective, the Order of the Orrir’Ullral is made to offer qualified people the ability to hunt monsters and other beastly creatures, and make a profit off it. By joining the guild, you’ll be given specific contracts that we will find and give you from around the continent. You’re free to keep the amount of money you’ve agreed on with the contractor, though 10% of the money will go for the Guild’s upkeep. - Training and lessons on monster slaying. The more time you spend with the guild, the more combat experience you’ll gain. - Apprenticeship. By being part of the Orrir’Ullral, you’ll be asked to share you skills and knowledge of a specific subject with your fellow guild members, either be it Blacksmithing, Hunting, Medical Skills etc. On the other end, the rest of the guildsmen will be asked to do the same, and such growing each other stronger. - A place to rest your head; access to the Fortress of Farrador, the main location of the guild. Farrador is a fortress hidden somewhere in Arcas. The place will only be shown to those who have shown they can be trusted. Once someone becomes a Corvite, they’ll be given a room in Farrador, and will be able to access anything that comes with it, be it the smithy, the farmlands, clinic, etc. - Access to the Guild’s properties throughout Arcas. So far, Farrador is not the only place where our Order resides. We’ve also places and property we own and use in different places throughout the continent, the number of which keeps growing. Those who make Corvite will be given access to the places, and find themselves even more places to rest their head or find other guildsmen. - These and other privileges and Services will be offered to those who decide to join the Order. VI. The Farrador Stronghold Residing within the western pinelands, the place that the Order calls home as of now, The Farrador Stronghold, is a piece of peaceful and beautiful land. The fort itself, being surrounded by the rich and plenty of wildlife offers the members of the Order a prosperous game to hunt when we’re not hunting monsters. Using our bows, crossbows, or even daggers there appears to be more and more wild animals ready for the taking. Atop that, as it can be seen in the paintings, The Farrador Stronghold is the birthplace of an exquisite and unique wine called ‘Maiden’s Blush’, made of the berries and grapes collected right outside the Fort; fermented and made by one of our very own members. For anyone who’s visited, the place always appears to offer a peaceful and cozy feeling, something one wouldn’t much expect monster slayers to live in. Much as it goes with the rules, the place is always clean and tidy, much like the warriors’ armour and weapons, with order and care being one of the guild’s characterising features. VII. Traditions Music, Dances and Festives: Aside from the monster hunting business, the members of the Order tend to fill their day with things less gloomy and less dangerous. At times, would it happen that a good crowd from this Guild stood in a tavern all together, they would assure to remain a lively and musical bunch. Vyasaldris upon occasion, playing the piano for the guild to enjoy! Drinks wouldn’t be rare either during such occasions, be it the tavern’s drink, the drink of Farrador itself, or the drink of the member’s home where the crew gathers. Farradorian Steeds: Horses began first as a one time trial, a test to see if a mount was best for the lifestyle of a hunter. The first was a heavy work breed, pulled from the fields and a second pulled from the plains as a lithe mustang. Each was trained respectively, to obey the slightest tap by their master and to withstand brutal conditions and distractions. From there, they were bred. Crossing powerful stallions with limber mustang mares, the outcome was a lean mixed breed. Wide, large heads with thin bodies and wide hooves with appropriate muscle to be a medium workhorse. They bred for generations, forming a small herd under the watchful eye of Farrador in their fields. The horses became evermore essential, chasing down prey on the backs of animals they had raised from day old foals and spent some eight hours a day with on occasion- imprinting on them. The training is personal, usually left to a single person and their chosen goal with little to interrupt them and their work. Blindfolding the horse during some training, and blindfolding themselves during others. Swimming through rapids, fighting off small predators, going through excessive training to force a bond of trust amongst one another without fault. A horse or their rider can communicate by a single whistle, and either could be forced blind and still survive. Horses are trained to protect their rider if injured, and to lay on command only the rider is to know. OOC Note: Horses at Farrador are actually bred, tamed and trained with proper and realistic RP, each having their own personalities, names, family lines, etc. Essentially having actual immersive and unique horses rather than just stated out steeds. VIII. Applying In order to apply for becoming a Recruit for the Orrir’Ullral, you have one of the following options, choosing either or both of them will suffice. 1. Contact the Ducis Legit or Ducis Gladius, at this time being Justin d’Epression (IGN: drtrollado) & Uhtred Mackensen (IGN: UhtredMathaussen). If the Ducis Gladius or Ducis Legis are not available, contact the Ducem Corvus, in which is Vyasaldris (IGN: TheIchorDruid) 2. Fill out the following Application Form ((OOC: Copy and Paste the Application format, and then post it as a message to this thread)) You will be contacted by one of the guild’s higher-ups as soon as possible: Application: ------------------ MC Name (IGN): Personas (Character) Name: Discord: Timezone: Persona’s Race: Persona’s Age: Any particular skills: Affiliations and Allegiances:
  9. Council of Crows Penned by Vyasaldris Elyra, Nyree Avila and Uhtred Mackensen 22th of Snow’s Maiden, 1773. Table of contents Council origin and role Role of the council Council composition Council meetings Council Trials Section I: Council origin The Council of Crows was composed and arranged beneath the ducem corvus Vyasaldris Elyra; later further developed by herself, Master of Medicus Nyree Avila and Ducis Legis Uhtred Mackensen. With the purpose to uphold and maintain a progressive order throughout the guild, each role hosting its own unique set of responsibilities. Section II: Role of the council The council creates a close circle of trusted individuals, and act as advisers to the Ducem, each person in the council is responsible for maintaining their assigned position, subordinates and paperwork related to their field only. No council member is allowed to cross into another field unless the Ducem or the related council member deems it necessary. Section III: Council composition and roles Higher Council Composed of the Ducem Corvus, Ducis Legis, Ducis Gladius and Postius Ducem Corvus Leader and figurehead of the order, their word is absolute and stands over any other ruling from lower ranks, large decisions are brought to the ducem before being approved. Ducis Legis The Ducis Legis is the right hand of the ducem and second in command of the order, responsible for creating, maintaining guild documents and securing contracts for the guild to partake, presenting them to the council beforehand. The Ducis Legis acts as a political diplomat of the order who ventures and discusses non-aggression pacts and keeps good relations with any nation or settlement. They upkeep the law and summons when dealing with discipline. Ducis Gladius The Ducis Gladius is the left hand of the Ducem and second in command, focusing on the military lead of the order, assigning ranks and promotions, configuring formations and specialisations of any guild member, running training and coordination of the Corvites, assigning Postius’ to aid them in these matters. They are the main pillar and reference for anything military and martial related. Takes part in diplomatic decisions with the Ducis Legis regarding foreign relations, aiding in writing and compiling letters. Postius Captains of the Order, experienced monster hunters meant to help the Ducis Gladius with training and coordination of the Corvites, being assigned by the Ducis Gladius to do so, able to host training and do combat trials under allowance of the Ducis Gladius or Higher. Lower Council Composed of the Magister Medicus, Magister Duceo and Magister Cultura. Magister Medicus Directs the Farradorian clinic and doctors, the Medicus is responsible for its upkeep of supplies, maintenance and training of new doctors. They study and conduct research on any new type of flora and fauna discovered during contracts, focusing on any natural science. They are to be consulted and heard in any matter regarding their field. Magister Duceo Directs the Farradorian library, the Duceo is responsible for the upkeep of books, keeping records on hunts and monsters, as well as research on monsters, and giving the knowledge trial. Is also in charge of the academy and is responsible for hosting Lessons. Magister Cultura Is in charge of procuring, managing, compiling, and policing Farradorian culture, as well as Farradorian Festivals and Farradorian Traditions and anything else to do with Culture. Section IV: Council meetings Meetings are called to discuss matters related to the guild. The higher and lower council attend separate meetings, hosting a full council meeting in specific occasions should it be deemed necessary. The higher council focuses on contracts, guild upkeep, military and other important matters that directly affect the Order. The lower council meets to discuss matters regarding their own fields and less impactful decisions. Members from the lower council may not attend higher council meetings and vice versa unless the situation calls for it. Council meetings may be called whenever deemed necessary by any council member. Section V: Council Trials The council of both Lower and Higher will be expected to stand as judges when trials are called for upon the nature of any laws being defiled. These trials will grant the accused a chance of defence and upon the conclusion the council members will convene; shortly placing their vote to either charge the accused as innocent or guilty.
  10. Rae#3015 Golden gown: 1.3k
  11. Discord: Rae#3015 Bid: Royal Red 1.2k Highlander chest plate: 1.1k
  12. Did I belong? (A pk post) Princess Winnifred had returned to the walls of her homelands for a time of two years, yet no happiness ventured with her return. The tall walls that protected the aging woman, now seemed frail, the faces she had grown to adore were now merely blurs. She was tired, exhausted in fact. Yet being the daughter of Vladrick, had taught her to keep her posture until the support of her legs caved in; and her legs had begun to tremble. For years, her travels in Aeldin had been spent, visiting an array of medical practitioners and mages alike - for she knew her final years were drawing nigh. She had an opportunity to strike the sickness that ailed her upon the early stages, yet the woman was far too prideful to accept the diagnostics of professionals. For months, the same doctors had attempted to encourage the weak princess to travel back to homelands and prepare her loved ones to say the last departing farewells - yet again, pride refused her to do such. She had been known as a relentless warrior, a woman of her time and she couldn’t mar that. Or perhaps pride was used to mask the fear, the fear of being forgotten? Would people mourn her passing? The princess had always been the blacksheep within her lineage, though her spirits, within her youth, as an Alimar were fully intact and many knew that. People had noticed her weakness, but did not truly know the graveness of the situation or just what was causing her frailness. Winnifred wished it could remain that way, but there was going to be a day when they found out, when she no longer drew breath. Thus, she had concluded it was best at least one person knew her circumstances, the closest person to her being; her uncle Otto Sigmar. The steps that Winnifred drew though the newly constructed streets of Reza, were rather unstable; she relied upon the support of a cane to see her through the alleys and avenues. Mobility was quite the chore for the poor women, her joints ached but most of all her breathing was heavily laboured. She gritted her teeth and took a great effort to draw her head upward, proud. Though, the streets of her homelands she did not recognize - in her absence drastic construction had taken place to provide more suitable housing to the residents of the kingdom. Out with the old and in with the new… Winnie chuckled weakly to herself upon that remark, noting that the streets that were new in her youth had now been knocked down to suit the betterment of the new generations. She continued her pursuit through the streets, the populace dipped their heads in greeting as the princess passed - usually she’d return the kind gesture yet now she merely passed them; insistent to find her Uncle Otto before her legs gave in. There he was -- her uncle, Prince Regent, crowded by people all whom yearned his attention. She smiled softly at that, it comforted Winnie knowing that her blood had business to distract them from the hardship that was about to follow. “Uncle..” The woman spoke for the first time in days, her throat tight and gasps shortly followed after her utterance “M-Might…..we speak?” There were a few utterances before the speaking of Otto abruptly halted, the regent turning upon his heel to face his niece. At first there was a calmed smile, yet once he noted the graveness of her frail stature, his grin shortly shifted to a frown. Winnifred attempted to draw a step onward against her cane, towards where her uncle stood - the guards that stood about the regent stiffened to a protective manner - guarding the uncle from his niece. Yet, with a wave of Otto’s hand the soldiers were quickly dispersed. It was a struggle for the regent to aid the princess to the Alimar manor, where she had spent the last few years being in Haense. Winnifred felt the pain of her body grow stronger, squeezing her eyes shut, she endured until she was graced with a seat at their dining table. There was a few minutes silence, of Otto looking the woman’s frail state up and down, whilst Winnifred stared upon the table. “It’s tuberculosis.” She finally broke the choking silence, draping the cloak further around her stature - within the Alimar manor it was well heated, yet the princess still felt a strong chill “Terminal now.” Otto gravely stiffened, fingers grasping the edge of the table “Wh-What?” There was a clear ounce of disbelief in his tone. “I’m very sick, I have been for many years. I merely failed to mention such.” There was guilt laced within her tone, eyes cast towards the window where a low ray of sunlight peered through the panes. “Spent my days ignoring my ailment within Aeldin, until.. an episode rendered my sickness terminal. Doctors.. chided me for my failures to attend appointments.” There was a pause, a flush of anger painting the regent’s features “Why would you ignore the advice of your doctors?!” he held back a bark. “I.. sought treatment, eventually. But it had gotten to the point.. where such an investment was too late. What medicine they had to offer had no effect. I do not know how long Godani is granting me, but I refuse to fall to a sickness. Thus, I seek to ask a favour of you.” There was a stillness in her voice, perhaps a hesitance but the princess had to remind herself that these words needed to be said. Despite what pain it might cause. “The reason I did not admit my ailment years back.. is beyond me. Perhaps it was pride.. Fear? I am unsure.” She continued, at this point Winnifred was rambling “No one nor did anyone, know how sick I was. It was kept bottled, people were already heartbroken over the loss of my beloved cousin Kat. It would have been unfair of me to cut the wound again, so shortly after it had healed.” Otto shook his head a good few times, perhaps in hopes that it was all just a bad dream and he might have awoken beneath his sheets. But.. such was no dream. “Wh-What favour is it, you seek fulfilled?” He forced between a low, tense, breath. “I am.. An Alimar” Winnifred wheezed, almost as if she was gasping for breath- her fit began to worsen as she quickly brought a tissue to mask her coughing. The cough had marred the tissue with blotches of red ichor, which caused the pair alarm before the princess quickly brought the tissue out of sight beneath the table “We are not a lineage of weakness… I will niet let a sickness end my days. I ask you to draw your blade and grant me mercy.” Otto brought his hand upward before slamming it upon the surface of the table, causing Winnie to flinch upon the unexpected impact “No, I will not. You will seek the treatment of your doctors and fight this Winnifred Alimar.” Such hope Otto tried to reinforce into Winnifred merely caused a saddened smile to brace her lips “Uncle..” She moved her hand to rest atop his hand, her eyes pleading “Please. Grant me my last wish, dja? I was raised with a blade in my hand, I still have strength to put up one last fight. Let us draw steel to commemorate my life.” She inhaled a little before continuing “I have spent years, uncle, with that hope. Seeking out a cure, but there is none. Now I am left to spend my days living in agony, and the pain, it is unbearable. Again, I ask of you, please allow me an end a dame is deserved. Wouldn’t you wish for the same end?” A long moment of silence passed, Winnifred shrank against the chair as the pain continued to eb and flow like an intense hearth within her lungs. “You ask too much of me, Winnifred.” He bit his lip before shaking his head. “I am not asking you as my uncle, but as my father. What is life if, I am living it in pain each day?” Those words struck him now, tears beginning to line the regent’s eyes. Those tears that threatened to spill from the regent’s eyes began to fall rather quickly “I-I never thought it would have to end this way..” “Shh, please - do not weep.” She leaned over despite the protest of her weak body, and wiped the tears from his cheeks “Every man in my life has failed me, Vladrick, Markus.. It is why I ask you to grant me this peace.” The prince merely nodded, inhaling sharply before rising “I shall meet you within the ring, would you like me to fetch Markus?” There was a flinch in his tone upon the inquiry before the princess merely nodded in response. ♛♛♛ It seemed like an eternity, the princess spent waiting for her husband.. A man who she had not seen or even sought to converse with for four years. He had chosen the Kingdom over his duties to her, admitted that his love for her had faltered- the news she was given years ago had truly shattered her and was the main reason she ventured to Aeldin. “Winnifred.” Markus’ voice finally rang, at first the tone was rather even though as he rounded the table to see her state - it dropped significantly. “Sit.” She merely gestured to one of the seats, her head was heavy as she stared to the table - the princess beginning to explain her dire situation once more to the man across the table. “Why.. didn’t you tell me, Winnifred?” He seemed to be in disbelief, a hand raking through his hair. Though the expression of the sickly woman remained as stern as ever “The day you broke my heart, was the day there stopped being an ‘us’ and only a me. I remained quiet to protect our children.” She fiddled with the band upon her wedding finger for a moment “Our.. children. You will not let them forget me, will you?” Markus quickly shook his head, brows furrowing upon his forehead “Of course not, I understand what you must do.” Though the words he uttered, his tone did not seem to accept the princess’ choice. “Another request..” She slipped the band from her finger, offering it unto her husband’s palm “Gift this to Viktor, assure that our children wed for love and not for prestige. My father was not so lucky and his departure from the marriage caused a war.” She closed his fingers over the wedding ring, drawing back shortly after. “Of course, they will have the opportunity we had when children.. They will be happy and fulfilled I promise you.” "Thank you." The weary princess flinched upon the wailing of the announcement of the tourney, her head dropped before her arms wrapped around her stature "Go -- they seek your presence." Markus stood and walked over to his wife, his boot clunking on the floorboards as he did so. He stopped beside her and leaned downward to plant a gentle kiss atop her head and spoke softly, "I still hold love for you, that will niet change. Now, I will live with my decisions." Winnifred lifted her hand to cup the cheek of Markus, such a touch was the first in four years - her own touch was ice cold, this close Markus noticed just how pale her countenance had gotten. "You must not guilt yourself with your decisions, you must simply live, live for our children, for your kingdom and house. Remarry, Markus - grant our children a mother that they so desperately need at a young age. I have seen what a motherless childhood does to an infant.. do not let such befall our young." ♛♛♛ The last she intended to discuss with was her eldest, beloved Viktor. As Markus departed, Viktor stepped into the manor- his usual delighted look glowing from his face. Winnifred felt herself smiling softly upon her boy’s true joyousness, it reminded her of herself as a pup. “Mamej!” He exclaimed before rounding the table, the wide toothy smile that blossomed faltered a little- upon seeing Winnifred’s weak state “Mamej, what is the matter?” The mother lifted a cold hand to brush against his cheek, before patting the seat next to her, the boy did not hesitate and instead hastily moved to sit beside his mother. “I’ve missed you.” She spoke quietly, holding back a few tears as an arm wrapped around his waist to hold him against her flank “We must speak like adults now, dja?” “As have I” He exclaimed in a hushed tone of voice “What is it you wished to speak to me about, mamej?” Winnie paused, she never thought she’d have to sit her child down and explain the reality of their family’s future. “I’m very sick, dove.” She murmured quietly, brushing a hand through his curls - a sadness held within her eyes. She then went on to explain the occurrences to her son, from start to finish- of why she originally left to travel, how the sickness came about.. And now what she must face. “U-Uncle Otto.. is going to..?” He was breathless, clutching onto his mother tightly. “Yes, my boy. Your uncle Otto is going to grant me peace, something I need. It will hurt at first, but do not cry for me, instead smile. Hold close what I have taught you, be kind, always. You will need to be brave, Odrin and Ophelia are still very young, they will not fully understand what is going on, so you must put them to ease whilst I am gone. Especially now that your pader is getting older.” “I-I promise Mamej, I love you.. So much.” She wheezed as tears trickled down his cheeks, in which the mother assured to quickly wipe away. “I love you too, little dove..” She uttered before bidding her final farewells and sending the boy to the tourney to be with his father and siblings in mourning. ♛♛♛ The time had come, that the Dame lofted her steel for the last time and entered the ring with her uncle. She had fully donned her plates, aside the helmet, wishing to fight as it was a serious opponent. Yet, she knew just how weak she was, it did not deter her from giving Otto a run for his money. After a struggling pace, aided by her husband- Winnifred entered the ring, swaying in sheer weakness; only just about catching her weight against the wall. Otto stood there with a regretful look stark upon his face, tears still falling as he bowed his head to the princess “Are.. you sure of this, niece?” “Dja, I do not wish to live in pain any longer.” She thrusted her hand from the wall and forced herself to a stand, yet she almost fell again - the head of her blade sinking into the dust to catch her weight before she inhaled sharply “Do not treat me like a fragile thing, during this fight Uncle. You know the intent of the fight.” He glanced away for a moment, teeth sinking upon his bottom lip- he dismissed her comment with a weak and gentle swing of his blade in which Winnie forced her weight to lamely parry the blow. The movement clawed at her body, as if pure fire coursed through her veins. But she persisted, pushing forward to push her uncle half an inch back to free their steel from the parry. This time she feigned a swing towards his thigh, before shifting it to his gut in a weak thrust- such only merely caused a metallic screech to sound against his breastplate. Yet he accepted the blow and allowed his state to stumble back, without an effort to defend himself. “Winnifred..” He spoke in a depressed tone, eyes almost pleading her to change her mind - yet the woman did not step down once a choice had been made. She knew that with swings and blows alike, it was merely going to exhaust herself and her uncle was clearly not prepared to motivate himself to pursue her. Thus she poised her blade and with the adrenaline she was granted, dashed towards him with intent to stab. Otto’s eyes widened, he quickly mimicked her actions - yet, just before Winnie reached the man, her blade dropped. Welcoming the sensation of hot ichor running down her breastplate. “Stupid girl!” Otto snarled before thrusting the blade outwardly and tossing it to the ground, Winnifred did not snarl out in pain.. She had grown a tolerance to it, instead she smiled. Growing rather limp against the stature of her uncle. “I-I..” Otto continued to be lost for words, pressing a gauntlet to her wound whilst she was cradled within his arms. “T-Thank you.. Papej..” She whispered to Otto before the princess drew her final breath. During her last moments.. Phrases of her life, from those she adored soothed her ascent to the seven-skies. ‘You are a bastard, but my bastard’ -Vladrick (Khan/lotcapprovedname) ‘Not of blood, but you will always be a daughter. You are mine, Winnifred, you understand?’ -Ester (Koanda) ’Our friendship is eternal’-Katerina (Benelux) ’You have achieved much, how? I am proud of you’- Otto Sigmar (Pureimp) ‘I love you mamej’-Viktor (Zanthuz) 13th of the Sun’s Smile, 1756 In Loving Memory of Princess & Dame Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich-Alimar A loving wife, mother, dame and friend.
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