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  1. Did I belong? (A pk post) Princess Winnifred had returned to the walls of her homelands for a time of two years, yet no happiness ventured with her return. The tall walls that protected the aging woman, now seemed frail, the faces she had grown to adore were now merely blurs. She was tired, exhausted in fact. Yet being the daughter of Vladrick, had taught her to keep her posture until the support of her legs caved in; and her legs had begun to tremble. For years, her travels in Aeldin had been spent, visiting an array of medical practitioners and mages alike - for she knew her final years were drawing nigh. She had an opportunity to strike the sickness that ailed her upon the early stages, yet the woman was far too prideful to accept the diagnostics of professionals. For months, the same doctors had attempted to encourage the weak princess to travel back to homelands and prepare her loved ones to say the last departing farewells - yet again, pride refused her to do such. She had been known as a relentless warrior, a woman of her time and she couldn’t mar that. Or perhaps pride was used to mask the fear, the fear of being forgotten? Would people mourn her passing? The princess had always been the blacksheep within her lineage, though her spirits, within her youth, as an Alimar were fully intact and many knew that. People had noticed her weakness, but did not truly know the graveness of the situation or just what was causing her frailness. Winnifred wished it could remain that way, but there was going to be a day when they found out, when she no longer drew breath. Thus, she had concluded it was best at least one person knew her circumstances, the closest person to her being; her uncle Otto Sigmar. The steps that Winnifred drew though the newly constructed streets of Reza, were rather unstable; she relied upon the support of a cane to see her through the alleys and avenues. Mobility was quite the chore for the poor women, her joints ached but most of all her breathing was heavily laboured. She gritted her teeth and took a great effort to draw her head upward, proud. Though, the streets of her homelands she did not recognize - in her absence drastic construction had taken place to provide more suitable housing to the residents of the kingdom. Out with the old and in with the new… Winnie chuckled weakly to herself upon that remark, noting that the streets that were new in her youth had now been knocked down to suit the betterment of the new generations. She continued her pursuit through the streets, the populace dipped their heads in greeting as the princess passed - usually she’d return the kind gesture yet now she merely passed them; insistent to find her Uncle Otto before her legs gave in. There he was -- her uncle, Prince Regent, crowded by people all whom yearned his attention. She smiled softly at that, it comforted Winnie knowing that her blood had business to distract them from the hardship that was about to follow. “Uncle..” The woman spoke for the first time in days, her throat tight and gasps shortly followed after her utterance “M-Might…..we speak?” There were a few utterances before the speaking of Otto abruptly halted, the regent turning upon his heel to face his niece. At first there was a calmed smile, yet once he noted the graveness of her frail stature, his grin shortly shifted to a frown. Winnifred attempted to draw a step onward against her cane, towards where her uncle stood - the guards that stood about the regent stiffened to a protective manner - guarding the uncle from his niece. Yet, with a wave of Otto’s hand the soldiers were quickly dispersed. It was a struggle for the regent to aid the princess to the Alimar manor, where she had spent the last few years being in Haense. Winnifred felt the pain of her body grow stronger, squeezing her eyes shut, she endured until she was graced with a seat at their dining table. There was a few minutes silence, of Otto looking the woman’s frail state up and down, whilst Winnifred stared upon the table. “It’s tuberculosis.” She finally broke the choking silence, draping the cloak further around her stature - within the Alimar manor it was well heated, yet the princess still felt a strong chill “Terminal now.” Otto gravely stiffened, fingers grasping the edge of the table “Wh-What?” There was a clear ounce of disbelief in his tone. “I’m very sick, I have been for many years. I merely failed to mention such.” There was guilt laced within her tone, eyes cast towards the window where a low ray of sunlight peered through the panes. “Spent my days ignoring my ailment within Aeldin, until.. an episode rendered my sickness terminal. Doctors.. chided me for my failures to attend appointments.” There was a pause, a flush of anger painting the regent’s features “Why would you ignore the advice of your doctors?!” he held back a bark. “I.. sought treatment, eventually. But it had gotten to the point.. where such an investment was too late. What medicine they had to offer had no effect. I do not know how long Godani is granting me, but I refuse to fall to a sickness. Thus, I seek to ask a favour of you.” There was a stillness in her voice, perhaps a hesitance but the princess had to remind herself that these words needed to be said. Despite what pain it might cause. “The reason I did not admit my ailment years back.. is beyond me. Perhaps it was pride.. Fear? I am unsure.” She continued, at this point Winnifred was rambling “No one nor did anyone, know how sick I was. It was kept bottled, people were already heartbroken over the loss of my beloved cousin Kat. It would have been unfair of me to cut the wound again, so shortly after it had healed.” Otto shook his head a good few times, perhaps in hopes that it was all just a bad dream and he might have awoken beneath his sheets. But.. such was no dream. “Wh-What favour is it, you seek fulfilled?” He forced between a low, tense, breath. “I am.. An Alimar” Winnifred wheezed, almost as if she was gasping for breath- her fit began to worsen as she quickly brought a tissue to mask her coughing. The cough had marred the tissue with blotches of red ichor, which caused the pair alarm before the princess quickly brought the tissue out of sight beneath the table “We are not a lineage of weakness… I will niet let a sickness end my days. I ask you to draw your blade and grant me mercy.” Otto brought his hand upward before slamming it upon the surface of the table, causing Winnie to flinch upon the unexpected impact “No, I will not. You will seek the treatment of your doctors and fight this Winnifred Alimar.” Such hope Otto tried to reinforce into Winnifred merely caused a saddened smile to brace her lips “Uncle..” She moved her hand to rest atop his hand, her eyes pleading “Please. Grant me my last wish, dja? I was raised with a blade in my hand, I still have strength to put up one last fight. Let us draw steel to commemorate my life.” She inhaled a little before continuing “I have spent years, uncle, with that hope. Seeking out a cure, but there is none. Now I am left to spend my days living in agony, and the pain, it is unbearable. Again, I ask of you, please allow me an end a dame is deserved. Wouldn’t you wish for the same end?” A long moment of silence passed, Winnifred shrank against the chair as the pain continued to eb and flow like an intense hearth within her lungs. “You ask too much of me, Winnifred.” He bit his lip before shaking his head. “I am not asking you as my uncle, but as my father. What is life if, I am living it in pain each day?” Those words struck him now, tears beginning to line the regent’s eyes. Those tears that threatened to spill from the regent’s eyes began to fall rather quickly “I-I never thought it would have to end this way..” “Shh, please - do not weep.” She leaned over despite the protest of her weak body, and wiped the tears from his cheeks “Every man in my life has failed me, Vladrick, Markus.. It is why I ask you to grant me this peace.” The prince merely nodded, inhaling sharply before rising “I shall meet you within the ring, would you like me to fetch Markus?” There was a flinch in his tone upon the inquiry before the princess merely nodded in response. ♛♛♛ It seemed like an eternity, the princess spent waiting for her husband.. A man who she had not seen or even sought to converse with for four years. He had chosen the Kingdom over his duties to her, admitted that his love for her had faltered- the news she was given years ago had truly shattered her and was the main reason she ventured to Aeldin. “Winnifred.” Markus’ voice finally rang, at first the tone was rather even though as he rounded the table to see her state - it dropped significantly. “Sit.” She merely gestured to one of the seats, her head was heavy as she stared to the table - the princess beginning to explain her dire situation once more to the man across the table. “Why.. didn’t you tell me, Winnifred?” He seemed to be in disbelief, a hand raking through his hair. Though the expression of the sickly woman remained as stern as ever “The day you broke my heart, was the day there stopped being an ‘us’ and only a me. I remained quiet to protect our children.” She fiddled with the band upon her wedding finger for a moment “Our.. children. You will not let them forget me, will you?” Markus quickly shook his head, brows furrowing upon his forehead “Of course not, I understand what you must do.” Though the words he uttered, his tone did not seem to accept the princess’ choice. “Another request..” She slipped the band from her finger, offering it unto her husband’s palm “Gift this to Viktor, assure that our children wed for love and not for prestige. My father was not so lucky and his departure from the marriage caused a war.” She closed his fingers over the wedding ring, drawing back shortly after. “Of course, they will have the opportunity we had when children.. They will be happy and fulfilled I promise you.” "Thank you." The weary princess flinched upon the wailing of the announcement of the tourney, her head dropped before her arms wrapped around her stature "Go -- they seek your presence." Markus stood and walked over to his wife, his boot clunking on the floorboards as he did so. He stopped beside her and leaned downward to plant a gentle kiss atop her head and spoke softly, "I still hold love for you, that will niet change. Now, I will live with my decisions." Winnifred lifted her hand to cup the cheek of Markus, such a touch was the first in four years - her own touch was ice cold, this close Markus noticed just how pale her countenance had gotten. "You must not guilt yourself with your decisions, you must simply live, live for our children, for your kingdom and house. Remarry, Markus - grant our children a mother that they so desperately need at a young age. I have seen what a motherless childhood does to an infant.. do not let such befall our young." ♛♛♛ The last she intended to discuss with was her eldest, beloved Viktor. As Markus departed, Viktor stepped into the manor- his usual delighted look glowing from his face. Winnifred felt herself smiling softly upon her boy’s true joyousness, it reminded her of herself as a pup. “Mamej!” He exclaimed before rounding the table, the wide toothy smile that blossomed faltered a little- upon seeing Winnifred’s weak state “Mamej, what is the matter?” The mother lifted a cold hand to brush against his cheek, before patting the seat next to her, the boy did not hesitate and instead hastily moved to sit beside his mother. “I’ve missed you.” She spoke quietly, holding back a few tears as an arm wrapped around his waist to hold him against her flank “We must speak like adults now, dja?” “As have I” He exclaimed in a hushed tone of voice “What is it you wished to speak to me about, mamej?” Winnie paused, she never thought she’d have to sit her child down and explain the reality of their family’s future. “I’m very sick, dove.” She murmured quietly, brushing a hand through his curls - a sadness held within her eyes. She then went on to explain the occurrences to her son, from start to finish- of why she originally left to travel, how the sickness came about.. And now what she must face. “U-Uncle Otto.. is going to..?” He was breathless, clutching onto his mother tightly. “Yes, my boy. Your uncle Otto is going to grant me peace, something I need. It will hurt at first, but do not cry for me, instead smile. Hold close what I have taught you, be kind, always. You will need to be brave, Odrin and Ophelia are still very young, they will not fully understand what is going on, so you must put them to ease whilst I am gone. Especially now that your pader is getting older.” “I-I promise Mamej, I love you.. So much.” She wheezed as tears trickled down his cheeks, in which the mother assured to quickly wipe away. “I love you too, little dove..” She uttered before bidding her final farewells and sending the boy to the tourney to be with his father and siblings in mourning. ♛♛♛ The time had come, that the Dame lofted her steel for the last time and entered the ring with her uncle. She had fully donned her plates, aside the helmet, wishing to fight as it was a serious opponent. Yet, she knew just how weak she was, it did not deter her from giving Otto a run for his money. After a struggling pace, aided by her husband- Winnifred entered the ring, swaying in sheer weakness; only just about catching her weight against the wall. Otto stood there with a regretful look stark upon his face, tears still falling as he bowed his head to the princess “Are.. you sure of this, niece?” “Dja, I do not wish to live in pain any longer.” She thrusted her hand from the wall and forced herself to a stand, yet she almost fell again - the head of her blade sinking into the dust to catch her weight before she inhaled sharply “Do not treat me like a fragile thing, during this fight Uncle. You know the intent of the fight.” He glanced away for a moment, teeth sinking upon his bottom lip- he dismissed her comment with a weak and gentle swing of his blade in which Winnie forced her weight to lamely parry the blow. The movement clawed at her body, as if pure fire coursed through her veins. But she persisted, pushing forward to push her uncle half an inch back to free their steel from the parry. This time she feigned a swing towards his thigh, before shifting it to his gut in a weak thrust- such only merely caused a metallic screech to sound against his breastplate. Yet he accepted the blow and allowed his state to stumble back, without an effort to defend himself. “Winnifred..” He spoke in a depressed tone, eyes almost pleading her to change her mind - yet the woman did not step down once a choice had been made. She knew that with swings and blows alike, it was merely going to exhaust herself and her uncle was clearly not prepared to motivate himself to pursue her. Thus she poised her blade and with the adrenaline she was granted, dashed towards him with intent to stab. Otto’s eyes widened, he quickly mimicked her actions - yet, just before Winnie reached the man, her blade dropped. Welcoming the sensation of hot ichor running down her breastplate. “Stupid girl!” Otto snarled before thrusting the blade outwardly and tossing it to the ground, Winnifred did not snarl out in pain.. She had grown a tolerance to it, instead she smiled. Growing rather limp against the stature of her uncle. “I-I..” Otto continued to be lost for words, pressing a gauntlet to her wound whilst she was cradled within his arms. “T-Thank you.. Papej..” She whispered to Otto before the princess drew her final breath. During her last moments.. Phrases of her life, from those she adored soothed her ascent to the seven-skies. ‘You are a bastard, but my bastard’ -Vladrick (Khan/lotcapprovedname) ‘Not of blood, but you will always be a daughter. You are mine, Winnifred, you understand?’ -Ester (Koanda) ’Our friendship is eternal’-Katerina (Benelux) ’You have achieved much, how? I am proud of you’- Otto Sigmar (Pureimp) ‘I love you mamej’-Viktor (Zanthuz) 13th of the Sun’s Smile, 1756 In Loving Memory of Princess & Dame Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich-Alimar A loving wife, mother, dame and friend.
  2. ((Apologies formatting won't be present due to being on phone.)) Winifred released a breath, a long pang ached the elderly princess - she felt that pain again. The events of her adulthood had left it's mark, thoughts lingered. "Markus'.. abandonment. I swore to continue my years without Haense.. live my life without. Yet.. the loss of my beloved cousin beckons me back. Dearest little crow, you were far too gentle for the cruelness of this world. Rest at ease, look after my father's, my mother's." With that, the aching princess began her ventures to return to her homelands from the comforting harbours of Aeldin.
  3. Howdy! Drop me a message on discord Rae#3015
  4. Any skinners able to skin an outfit in reasonable time? Willing to pay USD!

    1. _Sug


      Willing to do for free depending on what you need

  5. First Annual Haenseni Treasure Hunt! 12th Jula and Piov, 303 ES IN GRAND CELEBRATION OF THE SAFE DELIVERY OF THE ROYAL TRIPLETS– A treasure hunt is to be hosted in merry celebration for the recovering welfare of our dearest Queen and rejoice for the blessing Godan blessed upon us. Such a treasure hunt will consist of a total of three hauls. Each haul will be a combined gain of blades, drinks and jewels alike! Each ticket purchased will be for a different haul. Ticket 1: Haul One Ticket 2: Haul Two Ticket 3: Haul Three Each ticket is priced at fifteen Mina - each Haul will contain a different variety of treasures, these will only be found by answering a riddle upon the purchased ticket. Answering the riddle, will inform you the location of each Haul. There is not a Haul per person, rather first come first served. However, those who purchase a ticket will be given a participation gift! In order to purchase your tickets please do find Her Highness Winnifred. Tickets will be sold throughout the saints week and will stop an hour before the event is to commence. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt OOC INFORMATION DATE: 18/01/20 TIME: 3 EST LOCATION: Reza, Haense - gather within the square where a countdown will commence!
  6. Celebration of Crowlings 10th of Joma and Umund, 302 ES IN REJOICE OF THE NEWS, THAT THE QUEEN MAYA IS WITH CHILD– a celebration of the soon, new addition to the royal family will be held within the townsquare of Haense. There will be a variety of events held during the days festivities. There will be prizes for the best dressed of both the gentlemen and ladies present, beverages and food served, The parched crow’s drinking competition, where the winner will be crowned with a selection of bottled beers and spirits. Her Highness, Lady Winnifred also seeks those whom seek to sell their goods and wares during the hours of the celebration. If merchants wish to set up shop, please do send word. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt OOC INFORMATION DATE: 9/01/20 TIME: 7 EST LOCATION: Reza, Haense
  7. Format: RP Name::Quillian Caermeonn MC Username: TheIchorDruid Discord: Rae#3015 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: To witness a map that my character should have been on but I unfortunately did not witness. What Skills Can You Bring?: Druidism, first aid and thorough martial experience
  8. OATH NAME (and house if applicable): {Princess Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich | House of Kortrevich and Alimar } DEGREE OF KNIGHTHOOD (Arma Patrina, Crow Knight, Marian Knight): Crow Knight AGE: 30 LIEGE LORD: King Andrew IV CHAPTER/ORDER (Order of the Crow or Marian Retinue): Order of the Crow Do you, Winnifred Kortrevich swear now upon the blade of Gaius Marius, the first Hochmeister of our earliest order, that all you say now is true, and that you have come to receive your knighthood? Response: It is. The truth is the burden of all knights, one that only the diligent can bear. Will you be true in all things, even if it may lead to your demise? Response: I will. To bear this burden, a knight must be strong. Will you be strong of spirit, and resilient to all forms of temptation? Response: I will. In order to be strong, a knight must be brave. Will you be courageous against your enemies, and to defend the helpless, even if it may cost your life? Response: I will. In order to be brave, a knight must have honor and loyalty, lest he fall to sinful ways. The knight must be above reproach, his honor and allegiance unquestioned. Will you be honorable and loyal to your king, your people, and above all else, to God? Response: I will. When you take this oath, you will no longer be a man. You will be a knight, invested with holy responsibility by God himself. Do you accept this burden that God has placed upon you? Response: I do. Now for your oath. Do you swear to be brave, strong, and true, as all knights must be? Response: I so swear. Do you swear to be honorable and loyal, to never forsake your vows nor your allegiance? Response: I so swear. Finally, do you swear to uphold all which is holy and good, and to honor God in all your actions? Response: I so swear.
  9. If you had these experiences, then such should be evident within your behaviour and sadly it is not. As I mentioned, you have been known to be sensitive in heated situations, to be spiteful and quick to jump. Such qualities I do not think should be involved in these kind of situations, we have a moderation team for a reason. It is our responsibility (or should be) to tackle these issues, sadly such has not been the case as thorough guidance has slackened since Pun. All the team needs is direction and guidance. Those two months, should have been spent training our current moderation team and to haul it out of the mess it is now. Not spent creating a bottomless team that is likely to fall through.
  10. Feedback and Concerns. First of all, as some of the vague comments mention above, this frankly does not fix anything. The responsibilities that are highlighted within the ‘Safety team’ are the responsibilities of the moderation team. It isn’t logical to spend two months – designing a new team. Those two months could have been spent retraining the current moderators, or briefing moderators to truly handle such fragile situations. This team serves nothing but to increase the current staff rota. Moderators have already been tasked with less and less to approach. Ban appeals being now handled by community team, now the safety of our community being handed to a team pulled from thin air. Without going into black and white details, there were numerous complains that you had been harassing a player. As discussed, there were some concerns but if you truly wish to lead a team that prevents these cases. You may need to practice before preaching. From my encounters with you, you’ve had a tendency to be quite sensitive and quick-tempered. Something that cannot be the case when dealing with such serious incidents such as harassment or paedophilia cases. Second point, Harassment cases are literally the responsibility of the Moderation team. Removing these cores, quite frankly makes the team look useless. The issues highlighted above could have been quite easily resolved had moderation had the correct time to be guided through a more useful procedure. Concerning Ggt, Narthok and Swifty Again, situations that shouldn’t be the ‘safety teams’ concern, you spoke your responsibility was to make the community feel safe. Handling banned players is not something you should be focusing on. If a moderator is believed to have been abusing any evidence they were given and banning unjustly it should be taken to either management or the administrator responsible for the team. Not yourselves. So my questions? What becomes of moderation? Have any of you any form of moderation experience? Do any of you have any experience in handling serious cases such as harassment?
  11. [!] A flurry of parchments would be delivered to the Province of Rubern, the heart of Helena, Curonia and Haense. The announcement posted upon the public boards and copies sent to their relevant heads. In the late months, I have been named a criminal simply sourcing from my conflictions within this war. Both sides, hold faces that I cherish. Faces that as a girl, I strived to preserve. Yet in the eye of the viper, that is war; I have allowed my bleeding heart to blind me. Recklessness and passion thrived into waves of carnage and such resulted in making foolish choices. Peace is a child’s game; for the heart of man is vengeful and leal. We are the lions of a pride, claws ready to shred when our populace is threatened. But my own remained withheld, I remained idle and allowed the carnage to worsen. I was raised Ruberni, my father and mother nestling me beneath their wing upon finding their cousin’s bastard orphaned and left to wither. Such memories remedied my aching for peace, it made me wish to keep from the violence. Yet, those whom I’d lay my life for have caused the losses; have resulted in such ache I feel now. Left, to mourn my uncle, left to mourn my mindless antics. What I’d give for them, may never have been returned in the equal devotion and with such, I must make a choice. A choice that stings, but is necessary. A choice that will eventually, bring the peace I have longed so desperately to see. A choice to stand with my brethren of the empire, to finally lift my blade from its sheath and defend my Cousin’s crown. These months, I have been a coward - hiding within the shadow of my father; praying to GOD he’d reclaim his throne within the province and end these childish games. But I was left with naught. My biggest regret of such blinded passion is standing idle whilst my father bore my own steel against my mother. A woman whom merely made a choice to take a crown that cried for her saviour, for her to protect a family that was desperate in the crisis we face. That sinking feeling that choked my pits is one I will fail to shake off. With such, all I can do is extend an apology to you mother. That evening I was paralyzed with fear, afraid of what my father might have done if I had refused his request. Though no longer, will I stand and allow people to make the choices for me. For the future of my child, husband and family. My choice has been made. To stand with the crowns and flock with my family. To you, Marius, lay down the war effort - come home and be with your family. Too many have already been claimed by a war with little meaning - most are still healing from the battles prior and our spirits are growing weary. Ave man, Ave Haense. Princess Winnifred Ophelia Kortrevich
  12. Need some help writing blah, so if anyone knows how to write it and is willing to help me for a post. Do let me know! (Disc Rae#3015)

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