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  1. Games of The Horned Lord - Introduction - The Games of The Horned Lord is a host of competitions to test both the preservation and sturdy will of Ichorians, yet is open to any. Subjected to grueling competitions to prove one’s prowess through a number of themes, agility, strength, precision and balance. These games are commonly held within the Winter’s of the seasons, to prevent the stagnation that the flora itself often remains within. - Opening of the Games - The games will be commenced with an opening prayer spo
  2. A Lady Gwynevere sneers at the contents of the lawsuit, evidently finding clear enjoyment at the incompetence of the Solicitor-General, a digit lofting to rid a singular tear that rolled down her cheek - her ringing laughter remaining. "G-Godan, how my poor papa would writhe in his grave, knowing that his hard works and efforts as Solicitor General was for naught. Simply to see it fall in the palm of a mule -- Godan help the MoJ."
  3. [Point of OOC. This post is only RP knowledge for a select few, less you have been informed either through myself, the Tahorran's or valid RP sources. Please refrain from writing responses!]
  4. [!] Another parchment was delivered by the same ignited companion, rather carelessly dropping the parchment unto the docks of the Tahorran vessels before simply taking to the skies once more. A trail of lingering light following the onward persuit of the Phoenix. "To the Coward of Tahorran, Let us clear the ever lingering lies you spew unto ears that simply heed your gaggle of complaints due to personal qualms. I have presented you a date, to settle issues you picked at, gouging a deepening wounds of conflict that you were persistently and verbally told to stop with peaceful inte
  5. A Challenge to Justice [!] A momentary light would hover above the city of Elvenesse, the blistering shrieks of an ignited phoenix bearing down onward, forward, finding rest at the boats of Tahorran. Within the beak of Valeriya remained a rolled parchment, fastened with the sigil of the Ichorian path. This particular missive seemed to be penned to a certain Skana ap Tahorran. To the one that names themselves Skana ap Tahorran, relative of my nephew, Laetranis ap Tahorran. Upon the date of the 13th of the Amber cold, you opted for cowardice, a mindless
  6. Skin: 10 - Coat Bid: 15 USD Username: TheIchorDruid Discord: Rae#3015
  7. Skin: 10 - Coat Bid: 8 USD Username: TheIchorDruid Discord: Rae#3015
  8. Skin: 10 - Coat Bid: 6 USD Username: TheIchorDruid Discord: Rae#3015
  9. Skin: 10 - coat Bid: 4 USD Username: TheIchorDruid Discord: Rae#3015
  10. ICHORIAN BY DEFINITION: Ichorian is a path for those who are willing to withstand pain and anguish, those who follow this path will serve the aspects alone. For an Ichorian it is the core duty for them to endure pain and agony so that the balance may be maintained. Self-sacrifice is the word all Ichorians learn to uphold for true glory, it is what they shall revel in; for the Aspects can not be served and the balance can not be preserved if those who serve it are not willing to put themselves in harm's way. Through emotions, Ichorians are fueled.
  11. You have been a pleasure to get to know Proddy, take this time to relax and not fret over mineman drama - come back when you are ready chief. Know that there are people waiting your return whom appreciate you, don't be a stranger. As for those bickering over a leaving post, honestly grow up - the purpose of the post is for the man to wash his hands of drama that has been nipping at his ankles, not to drag him back into it.
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