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    I love history, especially everything that has to do with Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire. I also like the Napoleonic Wars era and the American Revolution war. Pretty much everything haha :P

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  1. A Bastion of a Man

    (( :'(
  2. [Accepted] [Trial]Ioannis' GM App

    Best Greek I know +1
  3. When a Chapter Closes, Another Opens...

    "And another one opens" responds a man, looking at them from a small distance.
  4. When a Chapter Closes, Another Opens...

    "First my father, now my brother... death has ripped apart my kin!" A young boy said and looked up to the sky. He stood firm, nor happy nor sad and began singing a song for the losses of his brother and father.
  5. [Denied] [ACTOR] periklis02

    He's greek +1
  6. The set of an Eagle

    It was a cold day, like every other usual winter day. The aged man Romanos, who was very ill for the last decade, woke up on 23th of Umber Cold, 1637 knowing it’s his last day in this vile and cruel world. He took his walking stick which was resting next to his old wooden bed and began the long journey back to Riga, the former Capital of the Kingdom of Courland. A Kingdom he served with undying loyalty until the very end of Courland, which was dissolved a few years after Tobias Staunton’s death. The man could see the great walls of Riga, even though he had very few to little strength he continued walking towards the city until he stopped in front of the gate, where he turned his head upwards and noticed the old yet proud banners of former Courland. A tear came out of his eyes as old memories could be remembered. Romanos after a brief moment gathering his strength, he began walking again further into the city until he faced the broken town square. He dropped to his knees, almost instantly and closed his eyes as he remembered Erin Lockley, the woman he loved until his last day. Romanos could almost see her walking around the square with her horse, Snowflake. She was a remarkable woman. It was her kindness that enchanted him many many years ago when she gifted him a strong and loyal horse, even if they lived in different and rival Kingdoms. She was already engaged to a man from the North and he knew there was nothing he could do to change her mind, even after when he confessed his feelings. However, he remained by her side, in both happy and sad moments and eventually became close friends until her sad and unexpected death which crashed him and never could recover from her tragic death. Many minutes later, he stood up and walked all the way to the Palace, where he could remember the King and the other nobles cheering after the victory of Courland against Haense. He could remember his Amelia, the woman he finally married and gave birth to his children. A woman he didn’t truly love from the first time and he saw her as a mean to imrpove his prestige and legitimacy, however he grew to love her but not as much as he loved Erin. Romanos could hear the speeches of King Tobias within the palace and dropped another tear before he left to visit San Adrian, the Capital of Santegia. Another Kingdom his served with loyalty until he left for a voyage in order to recover from his illness without informing anyone. When he returned his found out he is no longer the Duke, nor he is within the Privy Council but his son. He didn’t blame anyone for he knew it was his own mistake. Upon reaching the town, memories of the successful Rebellion that dissolved the Principality of Evreux returned, smiling a bit because he kept his promise to King Tobias, moments after the King’s death. He promised him that no Orenian would set foot in Courland, and if they did, they’d find death and blood. The aged man asked for a priest in order to confess his sins and Father Solomon answered the call. A few hours later, he left his last breath in the tavern of San Adrian, surrounded by friends and family members such as his two sons, Marie & Demetrius and Stephanos. Romanos made many friends during his lifetime, and many more enemies due to his allegiances with Courland and Santegia. He lived a semi happy life because he never managed to be with his other half in the mortal world, something he hopes to change up in the seven skies.
  7. A man would exit the main door of the Manor and looks to Marie, listening to her and fakes a wide smile to her, before giving a proper and real smile to his kin and begins to walk away. After he made sure he is away enough from Marie, he'd mumble to himself, "I wouldn't feel so safe if I were you," He turns around a little and smirks, before he'd begin walking away.
  8. A young man rubs his beard upon reading the declaration and slowly nods to himself, "Maybe, now is the time..." he mumbles to himself, preparing himself for the upcoming conflict.
  9. Theodosia Rosaline Darcmora

    Its always good to see more Greek names around :D
  10. Don't Break PvP More

    RIP Blacksmith profession...
  11. [Accepted] Torkoal_Tom's AT Application

    Torkoal can be very toxic sometimes (I know from experience) I don't think we need toxic people as AP staff for the sake of the community. -1
  12. [Complete]Santegian Prince for Sale!

    "Santegia does not negotiate with terrorists, and learn how to spell" Loukas says, arming himself.
  13. "Hagios Lothar has free housing, and taxes free," says Loukas