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    I love history, especially everything that has to do with Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire. I also like the Napoleonic Wars era and the American Revolution war. Pretty much everything haha :P

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  1. Anyone wishes to be part of a loving family? Contact me!

  2. [Accepted] [Trial]Ioannis' GM App

    Best Greek I know +1
  3. [Denied] [ACTOR] periklis02

    He's greek +1
  4. A man would exit the main door of the Manor and looks to Marie, listening to her and fakes a wide smile to her, before giving a proper and real smile to his kin and begins to walk away. After he made sure he is away enough from Marie, he'd mumble to himself, "I wouldn't feel so safe if I were you," He turns around a little and smirks, before he'd begin walking away.
  5. A young man rubs his beard upon reading the declaration and slowly nods to himself, "Maybe, now is the time..." he mumbles to himself, preparing himself for the upcoming conflict.
  6. Theodosia Rosaline Darcmora

    Its always good to see more Greek names around :D
  7. Don't Break PvP More

    RIP Blacksmith profession...
  8. [Accepted] Torkoal_Tom's AT Application

    Torkoal can be very toxic sometimes (I know from experience) I don't think we need toxic people as AP staff for the sake of the community. -1
  9. [Complete]Santegian Prince for Sale!

    "Santegia does not negotiate with terrorists, and learn how to spell" Loukas says, arming himself.
  10. "Hagios Lothar has free housing, and taxes free," says Loukas
  11. Demetrios Palaiologos

    I'm the second one :)