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  1. “Box dem too!” Cried a skeletal goblin clad in chainmail.
  2. . . . A certain goblinite Darkstalker grinned, polishing it's bones for the upcoming battles.
  3. bring back the black emote color!

  4. "Yub" A regally dressed ghoul murmur with the walls of Hexicanum.
  5. "Ztinray ztrikez again!" The figure of rotting flesh stated to a fellow undead, the ghoulish goblin then went about it's regular do-badder activies within Hexicanum.
  6. “Finally, da foker flated.” Goibbled spat upon hearing the news.
  7. “Peeps lok da Hanzer kin!” A rotting ghoul commented to another rotting ghoul, within the walls of Hexicanum.
  8. "YUB" A rotting indivual commented from afar.
  9. "Bozz'Brudda blah iz true!" - "HEHEHEHE!" The regally dressed ghoul cackled within the confines of blackened walls.
  10. I have only known you for a short time, but within that time I have throughly enjoy my time with you. I firmly believe you have made be a better roleplayer. Best of luck with life. o7
  11. "NUH-UH!" A certain ghoul howled as they learned of the massive.
  12. Any RP that involved you...
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