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  1. Full Name: Rickard Kortevich Date of Birth: 1784, 13th Place of Birth: Margave of Korstadt Race: Human Gender: Male Address [If not applicable; N/A]: Margave of Korstadt Imperial Census Completed, [Y/N]: N https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189457-imperial-census-1757-1767/ Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Noble State your purpose for enlisting: Family OOC Username: _NotChris Discord:Chris_#5840
  2. Name: Rickard Kortrevich Age: 11 Areas of Study: History and Culture [MCNAME]: _NotChris [Discord]: Chris_#5840
  3. Hadrian strokes his beard, reading over the appeal. ”Seems somethin’ came of ‘his, maybe ‘hey would like me notes on the matter...” the former Constable of Haense comments.
  4. I have added a book for entry to library and citzenship. IGN: _NotChris IG: Hennian Aldin
  5. ENLISTMENT APPLICATION FOR THE 3RD ROYAL ARMY Full Name: Hadrian Date of Birth: Vanir Place of Birth: Vasiland Race: Highlander Gender: Male Address [If not applicable; N/A]: N/A Imperial Census Completed, [Y/N]: Yes https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189457-imperial-census-1757-1767/ Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Nobility State your purpose for enlisting: Serve my people. OOC Username: _NotChris Discord: You have it.
  6. Hadrian, sitting in his office reading legal reports is tapped on the shoulder by a deputy. ”What?” he looks up to the young man, waiting for him to speak “Th-the Queen... she’s dead.” wide eyed he spoke. ”Out.” he pointed to the door, as the man left he’d mutter ”Dear GOD, what has ‘his war come to?”
  7. Welcome back Bird, good to see that you’re still kicking.
  8. Hadrian, Constable of Haense nods approvingly. ”I hope we find ourselves a man of talent.”
  9. McName: Top_Goon IC Name: Lukas Vanir Residency/ street name, number: Vanir Manor Class/ Title: Nobility, Tavernkeep
  10. Discord (If comfortable): Chris_#5840 IGN: Top_Goon Persona Name: Lukas Aldrik Vanir Persona Age: 36
  11. Franz squinting at the paper presented before him. "Hmmmmm.... looks important." dipping his quill into the ink on his writing desk, skimming down to the bottom, finding the space to sign the paper Franz Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland
  12. _NotChris


    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. _NotChris


    Changed Status to Under Review Your Application has been: From me and the rest of the Application team would like to welcome you to our community! We hope you enjoy your stay. The LotC Wiki has lots of useful information, you can use it to expand your knowledge on lore and such, Wiki Link. The discord like provided, https://discord.gg/eySYjqw will take you to the New Player Discord, join and ask any questions if you have any, It can be a very helpful tool for playing. If you’ve got any questions at all, feel free to message me on the forums, at my Discord, Chris_#5840, or on the server with the /msg Top_Goon command, or the /atreq command will allow you to place a ticket for assistance with myself of one of my colleagues!
  14. _NotChris


    Changed Status to Denied
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