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  1. "Yub" A regally dressed ghoul murmur with the walls of Hexicanum.
  2. "Ztinray ztrikez again!" The figure of rotting flesh stated to a fellow undead, the ghoulish goblin then went about it's regular do-badder activies within Hexicanum.
  3. “Finally, da foker flated.” Goibbled spat upon hearing the news.
  4. “Peeps lok da Hanzer kin!” A rotting ghoul commented to another rotting ghoul, within the walls of Hexicanum.
  5. "YUB" A rotting indivual commented from afar.
  6. "Bozz'Brudda blah iz true!" - "HEHEHEHE!" The regally dressed ghoul cackled within the confines of blackened walls.
  7. I have only known you for a short time, but within that time I have throughly enjoy my time with you. I firmly believe you have made be a better roleplayer. Best of luck with life. o7
  8. "NUH-UH!" A certain ghoul howled as they learned of the massive.
  9. Any RP that involved you...
  10. A Goblin Ghoul - at the behest of their creator, it went about collecting diftwood and other materials needed for fortifications, it commented to a fellow ghoul next to it "Tiz will beb knun az 'Dead-Day'!" Gashadokuro's FIRST, using it's newly gifted axe - lumbered towards a tree, in the distance it noticed the boats in the distance - it recalled it's orders with a rotten smirk
  11. I am not an elf roleplayer by any menas, BUT! I really enjoyed reading over this post, great job.
  12. Upon hearing the news pretaining to its neighbors, Goibbled howled from the walls of the Hexicanum, "Eht will nub mattah!" -- "Zey zhal unly kuw af RUT ag DECAY!"
  13. Jorich out of breath and tired, his small arms and legs having diffcultly traversing the steep retrain, taking out a makeshift doll from his satchel. Created from pine branches and tattered cloth, wood ash scaterred amid the pine needles, the doll crudely resembles a woman's figure. Bending down, he briefly scans the area to see if anyone is in fact watching before he places the doll at the tree's base. After he quickly departs, making his way back to the Crothsad woods.
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